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You Leave Me Breathless - AnSh OS

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PS 1. Inspired from the brilliant idea by my sweet antenna partner - Khushi.Loved you buds Hug

PS 2. This time I have kept most of the dialouges of my OS in english and added translation of hindi ones just for our Pyaari Phirangi Yasna...I hope you enjoy it baby!Have stolen an idea or two from you!Wink

PS 3. - Main OS in blue...translations in pink.

PS 4.- A few translations. Kamarbandh - Belly chain,Waise - By the way,Sarpanch - Head of the village.


You Leave Me Breathless

If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we'd say I do

And if we had babies they would look like you
It'd be so beautiful if that came true
You don't even know how very special you are

You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me


Just out of a warm shower, Anandi let out a soft groan as the cool winter breeze fluttered past her towel clad body. Surprised by the sudden eeriness that floated in the room, she tiptoed to the other end of it and bolted the big spring line window. Relieved about her seclusion in the room, she hummed happily to herself and undid her fluffy towel, the only covering that draped her damp figure. A coy smile crept to her lips as she snuck at her unguarded image in the mirror. This was exactly the way Shiv had seen her last night. Their first night – In the real sense! Thinking back on it now, she felt a twitch between her legs, making the sensation of his lingering touches all the more perceptible. To her, everything about the last night felt absolutely beautiful and ecstatic. She was still recovering from her reverie when she suddenly heard a commotion at her back. Anandi froze as she realized that the voice she heard just an instant before came from somewhere within the room. Unable to fathom what to do, she quickly grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her nude frame and turned around. A massive chill passed down her spine as she looked at her eye-candy husband treading in miniscule steps towards her. She felt her breaths becoming excessively warm as she felt his gaze moving across her towel-clad form. She felt extremely shy and rousedBlushing

"I am really sorry; I was just here to give you a surprise. Didn't know you were already out" he whispered in an embarrassed tone noticing how she held the towel close trying to cover herself, making him fleetingly worried that she regretted what happened between them last night.

Blushing a flaming scarlet, she tried to move, trying to get around the fact that she needed to speak in order to make her husband come at ease.

"You wanted to give a surprise or a shock Mr. Shekhar?" gathering the necessary courage in her throat she mumbled teasingly. No, regret wasn't what he saw in her eyes. Not even an iota of it. He felt relieved and happy.

"It was just a mistake wifey, but I must say, a very beautiful one" he smirked lingering the back of his fingers on her soft, sun-kissed arms making her wheeze deeply. He grinned widely when he saw her blush deepened at his touch.WinkEmbarrassed

"Shiv please what will the maids think…it's been minutes we have been here. Please let me change" she flushed furiously, trying hard to recover from the tingle of his leisurely grazing fingers.

"Won't you like to see your surprise?" he asked raising his brows.

"Surprise!! You really mean it? I thought you were just kidding"

"Okay then look it for yourself" holding her from the waist he turned her towards the bed and gestured her to look down. On the bed was neatly laid a beautiful yellow Chanderi Saree and some matching ornate jewelry – his personal favorites from her wardrobe. A tearful smile tucked the corner of her lips as she stared back at him bemusedly. Day by day he was becoming all the more breath-taking with his surprises.

"It's beautiful Shiv" she sighed looking fondly at him.

"But it's your saree only…I just picked it from your wardrobe" he spoke softly wiping out her tears.

"That's what makes its special" she gasped making his cheeks evince a shade of rosy pink.

"Then wear it quickly na…I want to see how my selection looks on you"

"Ok…but for that you will have to go out"

"Why? Don't worry I will close my eyes"LOL

"Huh! As if I trust you on that!"Tongue

"But I know you trust me…I am such an innocent chap"Shocked

"Yeah! Too innocent to be true. Now just go out and let me change Shiv…and please change those stinky jogging shoes" giggling she pushed him out of the bedroom.A heavy sigh escaped her smiling lips as she bolted the door and rested her back on it shying. Her husband surely had his way with her.Embarrassed

As a few minutes passed, Shiv noticed that Anandi had unbolted the door of the bedroom but didn't inform him. Amused he gently opened the door and scanned the room for her. A profound aroma mesmerized his senses as he felt a gentle hand press cover his eyes from behind.

"Ready to see your surprise Collector Sahab?" she whispered excitedly from the back.

"Oh! So someone is learning some romance tactics from me, I am impressed" he teased still blindfolded by her soft palm.

"Shiv please! My feet are hurting. Please show me some excitement so that I can take in some credit of surprising you. But ouch my feet…uff why are you so tall??" she whined trying to balance herself on the tip of her toes. Grabbing her from the wrist that shielded his eyes and keeping a hand around her waist he leapt her into a twirl and planted a soft peck on her lips. Her eyes almost popped at his surprising gesture. Unexpected heat coursed through her at the touch of his caressing lips against hers. "Well now you know why I am so tall" he winked softening the kiss.Blushing

She squealed as he brought her down on her feet. "You are such a mischief-maker Mr Shekhar. I will have to set you straight. But before that tell me how's this saree looking on me?" seeing the anticipation in her gleaming eyes, he pulled back and scanned her from head to toe. She looked ethereal in the pastel yellow draping. The jewelry he selected went well too with her sindoor adorned maang giving the perfect touch.But something seemed missing. Something very important.

"Sarpanchjee don't you think something is missing?" he asked looking quizzing at her.

"Missing? What?" she mumbled checking herself in the mirror.

"Don't know but something is missing"

As she pondered more at his words, a sudden smile crept to her lips. She understood what he was missing.

"Do you mean this?" drawing out the diamond studded kamarbandh he had gifted her last night from the drawer of her dresser; she raised a brow at him.

"Oh! Yeah. That's it" his eyes gleamed as he saw her looking happily at his latest gift.

"See I always know what you want. And you say I am a 3 on 10"

"Well now I think you score a bit better…but still not 10 on 10" he chuckled closing the distance between them and caging her waist in his strong arms.

"Oh really? And may I know why am I still lagging behind in collector sahab's rating points?"

"Well! You still don't know what I really want" he winked clutching her closer.

"Achcha! And what's that?"

"A sweet little angel just like my Anandi" whispered moving closer to her ear making her eyes pop out of her sockets.

"Dhat!" she patted him on his shoulder and hid her face in his chest. Gently pulling her apart, he kept a finger under her chin and made her look into his eyes.

"Why? Don't u want a little one in our life?"

Her eyes moved intensely across his impassioned face as she noticed the genuineness in his eyes. The very thought that one day he would be the father of her kids made her feel stirred and dampened.

"I do Shiv…I really do" she exhaled as a silent tear escaped the corner of her eye Embarrassed

"Then we will have to work harder Mrs Shekhar" wiping her tear he stole another kiss.

"But then I don't want a little Anandi. I want a little Shiv" she whispered as they slowed down to catch a breath. He was about to pace up again when suddenly the ring of the phone broke their moment of intimacy.

"Uff! Perfect timing" he groaned grabbing her closer.

"Shiv let me take the call…it might be important"

"No! let it be na…we are into something important too"

"Shut up!" she tried to push him away but couldn't move him an inch.

"Shiv pls may be it's someone from Udaipur or haveli. Pls let me take it"

"Don't worry they know it's Sunday and we must be busy"

"Ufoo Shiv pls. And waise why haven't you changed your stinky shoes yet. You are such a lazy bum Mr Shivraj Shekhar" she said patting him playfully on his rear ROFL

"OUCH!" he pulled back making a face and rubbing the spanked cheek. "Sarpanchjee this is not fair!!"LOL

"Naughty students deserve this" she giggled and went to attend the call. It was dadisa on the other end of the phone. Smiling she took the call and greeted dadisa with a natural happiness in her tone. A few minutes passed since Anandi was on phone with dadisa but she continuously noticed him roaming around in the room.

A cheeky grin spread across her lips as she saw him sulk with his arms crossed on his chest. Keeping a hand on the phone she pulled the receiver a bit away and said, "Shiv I would have to rush to Haveli just now. Can you please help me wear the kamarbandh till I wind up with call. Please its urgent". Shiv felt his heart skipping a beat as her words sank in. His wife was surely upto something   naughty. Blushing gleefully at his dumbstruck face she chuckled under her breathe and strategically turned her back towards him and waited for him to do the honors.

A hefty breath escaped her mouth as she felt him curling his hairy arms around the skin of her waist. She felt heated up as his chest pressed against her back with his fingers gently working under her belly.. Her heart did a massive flip as the cold chain of the kamarbandh rolled along her waistline. She was sure she didn't register a single word Dadisa said on phone. She felt aroused and hypnotized as he slid his fingers under the chain and adjusted it gently grazing the back of his fingers all along. All she rode on at the moment was air. Just thin air. Huffing she closed her eyes and let herself melt in the passion of the moment BlushingHeart

"Sarpanchjee its long done" she heard him whisper naughtily in her ear. An embarrassing flush stained her cheeks as she realized she had been just awestruck and lost while dadisa blabbered on phone and he looked teasingly at her. The call was long finished and the kamarbandh fastened efficiently around her waist.

"Ohh!I am sorry. I mean thanks" shocked at her own behavior she tried to look away out of extreme shyness.

"So what did dadijee say?" he was surely in a mood to be playful with his lady.

"I will have to rush to haveli right now. Some old Sarpanchs are showing up. But don't worry I said to dadisa you won't be coming. I know you get bored in such meetings"

"Ohh so someone is really close to 10 a 10 on now"  he winked but noticed she was still lost and blushing hard.

"Anandi that's all dadisa said to you in such a long call?" he asked trying to look innocent.

"Urmm…No..may be more. Actually I didn't hear most of it…I think she said something about Jagiya…don't know what" she confessed blushing hard and hid her face behind her hands. He grinned looking at the way she was responding to his proximity. He was about to crack another of her teasing jokes when suddenly the doorbell snapped the two of them out of their thoughts.

"I will just be back Shiv" heaving a sigh of relief she ran away with a leap in her step leaving him in one of his most mischievous smiles. Panting, as she opened the door, she felt the floor beneath her feet slipping.It was Dadisa and Jagiya standing in front of her eyes!

"Dadisa aap yahan?"

("Dadisa is it you?")

"Arey chori ismein itna chaunkne ki kya baat hai?Maine kaha tha na tujhe phone pe…agar Shiv beta nahin aa pa raha to main tujhe raaste se le lungi. Main jagdeesh ke saath bazaar aayi thi. Ab tu akele aati kya haveli?"

("Yes kid its me! And why are you shocked? Didn't I inform you I and Jagdeesh will be picking you up on our way. Would you have come alone.")

"Haan dadisa main aajati" she bit on her own tongue realizing she had said her feelings aloud.

("Yes dadisa I would have" she bit on her own tongue realizing she had said her feelings aloud.)

"Kya? Kya kaha tune chori" dadisa asked surprised.

("What did u say?"dadisa asked surprised)

"Nahin kuch bhi to nahin dadisa. Aap baithiyena. Jagiya tum bhi baitho. Main abhi Shiv ko bulati hoon"

("Nothing dadisa…just nothing. You please be seated. Jagiya you too. I will just call Shiv")

Her heart pumped heart against her chest as she thought about the intimate moment she just shared with Shiv. She still couldn't believe what she did. It felt so embarrassing and awkward. Still red-faced she called out to Shiv and informed him about dadisa and Jagiya's arrival. As he learned about his guests, Shiv walked to the hall while Anandi excused herself to prepare tea. Treading closer he bent down to touch dadisa's feet and took Jagiya's hand in a friendly handshake.

"So Jagdeesh how's hospital? I hope you are enjoying being back at work" Shiv asked with an idea of a casual conversation.

"Yeah Its good Shiv!" Jagiya fumbled as his eyes moved across Shiv and Anandi's simple yet beautiful haven. At the core, it had an Anandi's feel to it. The little indoor plants…the landscape paintings…the plain curtains…everything was simple and bland. Just as Anandi liked it. A thick lump formed in Jagiya's throat as his eyes stuck at Anandi and Shiv's wedding picture hanging pride fully on the main wall of the hall. He felt suffocated and cursed. She was the same Anandi he has had no grudges being removed from his family picture by Gauri. And here was a man sitting in front of him who felt boosted and honored getting to be snapped with her. An excruciating guilt and worthlessness gripped Jagiya's heart as the painful thoughts flooded his mind.

"Arey chora ye teri garden pe chot kaisi" ("Son whats this bruise on ur neck?") Shiv gulped on his own juices as dadisa's impulsive question snapped him out of his composure. The words upheaved a similar effect on the already tense damsel in the kitchen.LOL "If the kamarbandh tying was not enough!!" she thought to herself.

"Woh kuch nahin dadijee bas choti si chot hai. Aap chinta mat keejiye apne app theek ho jayegi"

("Dadijee don't worry its just a minor wound.It will heal itself")

"Arey nahin Shiv kisi bhi chot ko ignore nahin karna chahiye…dikhayo kaisi chot hai. May be u need some medication." being a responsible doctor Jagiya tried to check the wound only to be stabbed straight in the heart. Well it wasn't an injury but a love bite. Jagiya felt as if someone had pushed him down a 100 storied building.ROFL His whole body seemed to be broken into uncountable pieces.

("No Shiv just show it to me. You shouldn't ignore any injury. You might need medication" being a responsible doctor Jagiya tried to check the wound only to be stabbed straight in the heart. Well it wasn't an injury but a love bite. Jagiya felt as if someone had pushed him down a 100 storied building. His whole body seemed to be broken into uncountable pieces.)

Now before Jagiya or Dadisa could say anything more and make her husband all the more embarrassed Anandi rushed out of the kitchen with 4 cups of tea.

"Dadisa aap chai leejiye na" fumbling she handed the tea to dadisa, Jagiya and Shiv. She relaxed thinking finally things were becoming normal. Smiling faintly to Anandi both Shiv and Jagiya took a sip from their respective cups of tea, but halted in a big surprise.

("Dadisa please have tea") fumbling she handed the tea to dadisa, Jagiya and Shiv. She relaxed thinking finally things were becoming normal. Smiling faintly to Anandi both Shiv and Jagiya took a sip from their respective cups of tea, but halted in a big surprise.

"Kya hua? Sab theek hai na?"Anandi asked innocently.

("What happened? "Is everything ok?" Anandi asked innocently.)

Not understanding what to say to her, Shiv and Jagiya looked at each other with dumb faces. A cheesy smirk touched the corners of Shiv's lips as he realized what really happened with his wife. Giggling he continued to sip on his tea forcing Jagiya to follow the suite leaving Anandi amused.LOL

"Thari bhale howe chori!! Yeh kya kiya tune?" Dadisa made a sour face as she took a sip from her tea.

("What have you done stupid dirl?") Dadisa made a sour face as she took a sip from her tea.

"Kya hua dadisa?"

("What happened dadisa?")

"Chori iss chai mein tune shaker ki jagah namak daal diya hai!!"ROFL

("You have put salt instead of sugar!")

"Kya namak!!" Anandi exclaimed making shiv stifle a giggle at his wife's stunned face.

("What salt!!"Anandi exclaimed making Shiv stifle a giggle at his wife's stunned face.)

"Dadisa humein chalne chahiye. Anandi haveli apne aap jayegi" Jagiya spoke gawking at the floor.

("Dadisa I think we should leave. Anandi will come on her own" Jagiya spoke gawking at the floor.)

"Par chora hum to yahan Anandi ko lene aye the na…phir akele kahe jawenge"

("But Jagdeesh we have been here to pick Anandi…then we should take her along")

"Dadisa pls chaliye na…mujhe kuch kaam yaad aagaya. Pls chaliye" Jagiya almost dragged Dadisa out of Circuit house leaving Shiv spurt out the giggles he had been holding back.

("No dadisa pls come lets go…I have some urgent work.") Jagiya almost dragged Dadisa out of Circuit house leaving Shiv spurt out the giggles he had been holding back.

"Shiv you are so bad…you are laughing at my dadisa. I hate you!"

"As if you don't know whom I am laughing on. Anandi salt? I mean really??Salt??" his eyes were almost watering now.

A naughty giggle escaped Anandi's lips as she looked at him laughing like a fanatic. She couldn't believe what happened to her. Her husband surely had strange effects on her. Rofling at their own stupidity the two of them collapsed on the sofa – Giggling, huffing and hung upon each other like two romancing kites Day Dreaming

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dsupriya IF-Dazzler

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Wow Muku, amazing and outstanding, best so far. You really outdid yourself this timeEmbarrassed

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blushing IF-Stunnerz

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you are truely Mailka of Romance Day Dreaming

Jagya's jalan was mindblowing ROFL

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QuagMyred IF-Rockerz

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I bow down to the Malika - e - Kalam!!!Clap

What an awesome picture of AnSh!!!Day Dreaming

Its ethereal...sensuous...Blushing

Loved itEmbarrassed

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 11:49pm | IP Logged

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Malika-e-kalam take a bow Clap

I am speechless Embarrassed

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Muku dear thank you very much for thinking about me at the time of writing. Love you Hug

 It is an awesome story and I really liked it. It is so sensual.

I must say that I really like your writing style. Clap

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this was hot n romantic...ajee is did sjee control himself
and jagya lol
tht was cherry on the cake ;-)

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