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Asha Negi's Eastern Eye interview!!

krishnaria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Asha Negi's Eastern Eye interview..this interview is really special for us ArVians as three ArVians(Sadi,Sakshi and Ria (myself)) themselves hosted this interview.Credit :Asjad Nazir twiiter ID @asjadnazir 

here u go guys..its a fantastic interview..great answers by Asha NegiBig smile


Interview Transcript

ONE of the most popular stars on 
TV, model-turned-actress Asha 
Negi has regularly beenlighting 
up the small screen and enchanting her legion of fans. 
The crowning glory for the former beauty queen has been a starring role in Zee TV serial  Pavitra 
Rishta,where she plays an intelligent, beautiful adopted daughter. 
While hercharacter Purvi has 
been widely appreciated by fans, 
critics and industry professionals, 
the chemistry she generates with 
on-screen love interest Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani) has become the 
show's biggest talking point.

Eastern Eye got three of Asha's 
biggest fans ' Sadi Kapoor (18), 
Ria Krishna (20) and Sakshi Maggo (18) ' to ask her searching 
questions in turn about life, love, 
work, hopes for the future and her 
co-star Rithvik Dhanjani.

Questions by SadiSmile

Sadi: What is your fitness mantra? 
Asha: OK, let me tell you I'm not a 
fitness freak. It's only for the 
screen that I try to stay fit. I am a 
big time foodie ' I love eating junk 
food, ghee, parathas along with 
anything and everything tasty in 
the world. I'm never a regular at 
the gym. (Smiles) Thankfully I still 
somehow manage to make myself 
look fit.

Sadi: Who has been your favourite co-star?
Asha:  My all-time favourite would be Ram Kapoor. I can never forget the day when we shot for 
Bade Achhe Lagte Hain  in Australia and I had a 
scene with him. Frankly speaking, I was extremely 
nervous. Firstly, he was so senior that I used to 
shiver whenever I had a scene with him. Secondly, 
I had only got my lines just 10 minutes prior and being a newcomer I 
was not very good at it. 
But he made me feel so comfortable that if there would have been someone 
else, I'm sure they would have got irritated. 
Although I know I didn't really do it well, he 
still praised me for my work. So, my favourite will always be Ram Kapoor. 
I really enjoy being with Jia (Mustafa), 
Shruti (Kanwar) and Rithvik (Dhanjani) also.

If you could play a role from another show, 
which would it be?
I have always been fascinated by Hannah 
Montana (in the TV serial of the same 
name). So I think I would love to play her 
character as it is a glamorous, typical girly role.
Which is your favourite holiday destination?
I love beaches and mountains. Basically I love 
nature so it can be any place which has beautiful 
beaches, or green beautiful hills. Though I really 
wanna make a tour to Europe soon.

What did you want to grow up to be as a kid?
When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher.

What has been the most memorable moment in 
your life?
It would be when I was on stage receiving the state 
crown for Miss Uttarkhand. That was my first step 
toward my present career.

Have you ever fallen in love and what would your 
ideal man be like?
Yes, I have been in love before and I really wish to 
get a husband like Hiten sir (Hiten Tejwani). A true 
gentleman, down to earth, always positive and a 
caring, loving and loyal husband.

Who is your role model?

My role model will always be Sakshi Tanwar. I love 
everything about her. Even though she is so senior 
in the industry, she has no tantrums, is extremely 
sweet, grounded and so talented. I just love her 
and always want be like her, carrying myself with 
the respect and dignity she has.

What are your New Year's resolutions?
I haven't planned any resolutions for this year. 
(Laughs) Though I thought about being a regular 
visitor to the gym, but I don't think I will be able to 
maintain it. I just pray God gives me 
strength and patience to overcome all the 
difficult times in my life.

And finally, do you believe in luck? 
Of course, I do believe in luck. I think luck has 
completely favoured me in that without much of 
struggle I got to work with such senior actors and 
with (production house) Balaji.

Questions by Ria(Me)Smile

Ria: What is your dream role?
There are many roles, which I would want to play. 
They include Kajol's character in Kuch Kuch Hota 
Hai, Kareena Kapoor's role in  Jab We Met and 
Parineeti Chopra's role in Ishaqzaade.

What career would you have been in if you were 
not an actor?
I think I would have been working in a multinational company.

Is there any role or genre you would like to experiment with?
I think I really want to try something in action. I 
get goosebumps when I watch actresses doing 
stunts. I just love that stuff!

Out of the roles you have played 
to date, which do you relate to 
more ' Purvi (Pavitra Rish ta) or 
Apeksha (Bade Achhe Lagte Hain)?
I think I am somewhat like Purvi; 
the way she believes in being selfdependent, and I am also a very 
happy-go-lucky kind of person.

Tell us something special about your co-star 
Rithvik Dhanjani?
Rithvik is the most hard-working person I've seen 
until now. He is multi-talented and good in almost 
everything. I really get inspired by him and am 
very happy to have a co-star like him at the start of 
my career. Also, he really cares for his friends and 
is always ready to do anything for them.

Your chemistry with Rithvik is highly appreciated. 
What do you attribute this onscreen magic to?
I will give the whole credit to Rithvik and our director Partho Daa. I was zero in everything when I 
was new to Pavitra Rishta. Rithvik and I used to 
work out scenes before shooting and improvise 
them. Also initially I used to get scolded by my 
director for not performing. (Laughs) But trust 
me, those scoldings really used to work.

What is your style of dressing away from work ' 
Indian or western?
Although I love wearing Indian, on a daily basis I 
prefer western outfits as it's more comfortable. I 
love saris, lehangas and cholis.
Who are the people who make your day?
Since we spend more than 12 hours on set, the 
people there are more like our family now. They 
are the ones who start our day and include the 
make-up guy, hair didi, spot dada, dress dada, 
cameraman, director, co-actors and all the others 
who work hard on the show. They are the people 
with whom I spend my whole day. So I think their
smiling faces, pranks and things like that play a 
vital role in making our day.

What things are you most possessive about?

(Smiles) I am super possessive about my pickle ka 
dabba, which my mom has given me. I don't like it 
if anyone else tries to have even a single piece 
from it. I love pickle!

Finally, you recently joined Twitter. How is it interacting with your fans?
Oh my God, that's like my other family. I start my 
day reading their tweets and my day ends checking my Twitter messages. I must say I've got really 
connected with my fans. The love, the care they 
show is very touching.

Questions by SakshiSmile

Sakshi: What exactly attracted to your present 
profession of acting?

I always wanted to be an actor, though earlier I 
didn't take it seriously. But when I was working for 
a multinational company in Bangalore, I realised 
that was not my cup of tea. I can't just sit in one 
place and do the same thing 
every day. I figured it was time 
to make an effort to bring my 
dream of being an actress to 
reality. Since childhood I used 
to fantasise about it. I used to 
make faces in front of the mirror, ask my sisters if I looked 
like Kajol. I used to cut my hair 
like Preity Zinta's every time she had a new look.

How tough was it living in a city like Mumbai 
initially before your acting career began?
Frankly speaking, it wasn't really difficult. I had 
good friends who helped me find accommodation 
before I came to Mumbai and after that the roommates I had loved me just like my own sisters. I 
have been very thankful to God for this ' he has 
always made my way easy.

How did you feel when you met Rithvik for the 
first time?

The first day I met Rithvik, I thought he was very 
English, and thought of himself as being a dude 
and very non-desi. A few weeks later I realised he 
is completely the opposite, so desi and so Indian 
in his heart. I had never thought we would gel so 
nicely as we have on screen. He is one of my best 
buddies now.

What do you most like about Rithvik and would 
you ever consider dating him? 
There are many things I adore about him. He 
cares a lot for his loved ones. He makes an effort 
trying to keep everyone happy around him. Which 
gal wouldn't want such a sweet guy in her life? But 
we are more than happy being such great friends.

How do you cope with link-up articles in the 
press about you both?
Either we just ignore it or if there is nothing to do, 
we sit together and laugh at such rumours.

Your fans want to see you and Rithvik together as 
leads in another show. Would that be possible?
Well, I am nobody to say that I would love to do 
another show with him, but that completely depends on destiny.

What is a typical day in the life of Asha Negi?
Usually my day starts at 7am. I hate getting up 
early, but I have to reach the sets by 8:30am. The 
whole day is spent shooting and let me tell you, it 
really bores me if I don't have any of my three buddies on set. I usually pack up around 9pm, come 
back home, have dinner and then go to bed. Whenever I have a day off, I go out shopping or visit a spa 
because I love pampering myself.

What do you do in your spare time between  
shooting scenes?
Whenever I have spare time between scenes, I go 
off to sleep or talk to my family on the phone or I 
chill with my dress dada, make-up dada and hair 
didi. Trust me, even that is fun!
Where do you see yourself in three years' time? 
Although I wish to enter Bollywood, I wouldn't 
mind being well settled in 
Tellywood three years 
from now.

Finally, would you 
like to give a message 
to your fans?
I would say that it's 
only because of you 
guys that I am at the 
position where I'm 
right now. It's you 
who have made Arjun-Purvi. The love 
and support you all 
have been giving is 
undefinable. We truly and completely 
respect it. We 
want to entertain you the 
same way 
or better 
in the future also.

- Asjad Nazir                

p.s  i m so thankful to Asjad Sir to give me such a wonderful oppourtunity to be a part of this interview and connect to  the wonderful Asha Negi!Big smile
Big smile

sorry for the poor image quality and if any mistakes! 

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tfs behna Hug

But cant read anything Unhappy

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style14 IF-Addictz

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Thanks for sharing Ria.Hug Awesome interview.Thanks for the written transcript too dearHug

Finally Manged to read the interview. Ashu is so cute and frank, love that about her.

She doesnt like to go to the gym but shes thankful shes managed to make herself look fine.
Her Fav Co Star is Ram Kapoor and enjoys being with Jia, Shruti and Rithvik.
She'd love to play the role of Hannah Montana.
She wanted to be a teacher when she was young.
Her memorable monment was when she won Miss Uttrakhand.
Her Role Model is Sakshi Tanwar.
If not an actor, she would have been working in a Multi National Company
She would love to try Action Roles if got the chance.

Tell us something about Rithvik:
Rithvik is the most hard working person Ive seen till now.He is multi talented and good in almost everything. I really get inspired by him and am very happy to have a co star like him at the start of my career. Also he really cares for his friends and is always ready to do anything for them

Your chemistry with Rithvik is highly appreciated. What do you attribute the on screen magic to?
Asha: I would give the whole credit to Rithvik and our director. I was a zero in everything when I was new to PR, Rithvik and I used to work out scenes before shooting and improvise them. Also initially I used to get scolded by my director for not performing(Laughs). But trust me, those scolding really used to work.Big smile

How did you feel when you met Rithvik for the first time?
The first day I met Rithvik, I thought he was very Englist and thought of himself as being a dude and very non desi. A few weeks later I realised he is completely  the opposite, so desi and so Indian in his heart . I had never thought we would gel so nicely as we have on screen. He is one of my best buddies now.Big smile

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okay guys updated with all the interview questions..Big smile


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Tell us something abt ur Costar Rithvik?

Rithvik is the most Hardworking person I've ever seen until now. he is multi talented n good in almost everthing .i really get inspired by him n im very happy to have a costar like him at the start of my career.Also he really cares for his friend and always  Ready to do anything for them Smile

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AshaNegiFan Goldie

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tfs, but cant read anything Ouch

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thanks for sharing RiaHugHug
finally managed  to read whole interview
and i just love Asha 
she has mentioned everyone..from make up didi,spot boys,rithvik jia shruti,her director to hiten tejwani..she is the most down to earth person i ve ever seen..(after rithvik ofcourseWink)
ohh she wants to play Hannah montanaLOLLOL
and also Kajol in KKHH,and parineeti in ishaqzaade*coughs and looks at peaches*LOL
omg she used to cut hairs like preity zintaROFL
lol she thought Rithvik was english and non desi ROFLROFL
i adore their friendship..they are great with each other as friends as of nowLOL
i just love asha even more after reading this interview..!!
awesome interview guys...
thanks again for this interview Ria,sadi and sakshi!!!

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omg she is crazy LOL i use to ask my sis if i looked lyk Kajool. I use to cut my hairs like Preity zintaLOL

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