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Our Angel's Int. On TT ( Written Upd.)

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Heart First Time I'm Posting Something On TL Forum .. Heart

 The Written Update Of Our Angel's Interview Named " Special Shout Out With Anupriya Kapoor Aka Tani Of Tere Liye " ..

The BackGround Song Was So Lovely " Jiya Re " ( And Our Angel's Darling Smile And Blushing .. Haayee Damn Cute & Adorable Just Like Her ) .. HeartHeart

Reporter Sheetal Di Asked The Questions To Anu ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Hi Anupriya , Welcome To TT  .. "

Anu - " Hii .. Thankyou ( Smiles ) :D :D

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Message For Your Fans Who Are Missing You Onscreen .. "

Anu - " I Know And I Think Yeh Question Pichle Dher Saal Mein Bahut Baar Aaya Hai And I Was Said The Same Thing That I Know They Are Waiting But I Can't Just Pic Up Anything Just Aise Hi .. I Need A Reason To Pick Up The Show And I'm Still Looking For A Reason .. Jis Din Mujhe Woh Solid Reason Mill Jaayega Kisi Project Ko Leke Ek Andar Se Feeling Hogi Main Aa Jaaungi But Agar Andar Se Mujhe Nahin Karne Ka Man Kar Raha Hai Kuch Toh I Can't Push Myself And Force Myself Too Just Pick - Up Any Random Show " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Life After Tere Liye How Are Days Spent " ?

Anu - " Initially Thoda Sa Mushkil Hota Tha After My Show Got Off - Air Kyunki Itna Day - Night Karne Ke Baad , Itna Saara Time Mill Gaya Suddenly Mujhe Toh Woh Thoda Sa Neend Ke Timing Par Problem Hote The Toh Neend Nahin Aati Thi Because Round The Clock Kaam Karte The Toh Pura System Bigad Gaya Tha Par I Think Ab Kuch Mahino Se I'm Sorted And I Work Out , I Meet Friends Jinse Bilkuli BaatChit Band Ho Gayi Thi ..Ab Unse Milti Hoon .. Ab Kabhi - Kabhi Movies Jaati Hoon , Then I'm Meeting My Relatives , My Sister Is Getting Married In Bhopal So I'm Busy With That So Abhi Time Nikal Raha Hai Matlab Abhi Ghareloon Cheezoin Pe Aur Apne Upar Dhyaan Dene Pe Zyaada Dhyaan Hai But Yes I Am Looking Forward To Come Back To Small Screen But Pata Nahin Kab " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " How Long Till Wee See You Back OnScreen"

Anu - " I Don't Know , I Have Done Some Shoots In January Jinka Approval March Mein Aana Hai , So Aur Anyways Abhi Jin Shows Ke Liye Main Reply Ka Wait Kar Rahi Hoon .. Jin, Jo Ek - Do Shows Mein Main Believe Kar Rahi Hoon Ki Achaa Karenge Aur Maine Look - Tests , Inblindings Ki Hai Woh Sab March Se I Think Floor Pe Jayenge Aur SabKuch March Se Thoda Speed Pakdega .. So Not Before March " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Where Have You Travelled To Since The Past Almost 2 Years " ??

Anu - " Actually Main Iss Time Maine Pichle Dher Saal Mein I Have Travelled Vid Jahaan Main Pehle Nahin Gayi Thi But Aisa Kuch Bahut Extensively Travel Nahin Kiya Hai .. I Went To Dubai , I Went To Singapore , I Went To Hong - Kong Then Bhopal And Delhi Toh Aana - Jaana Matlab Har Week Laga Rehta Hai Then Puna .. Then I Some Parts Of Gujarat Then Yaa Thats About It So I'm Travelled It Itna Hi I Have Travel .. Theek Hai Abhi Aur Time Mill Raha Hai Its Dekho Abhi Aage Kahaan Jaate Hain Travelling Ke Liye But I Love Travelling People .. I Have Actually Said This Alot Of Times That I Love Travelling So Bahut Zyaada Travelling Ho Gayi Hai Abhi So These All Holiday Pause That You Can See .. (Laughs & Smiles ) :D :D

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Your Favourite Holiday Destination " ?

Anu - " Any Hill - Station Or Any Cold Place , I Like .. I Am Delhi Hick So Mujhe Zyaada Garmi Suit Nahin Karti Jab Ki Wahaan Garmi Bhi Hoti Hai But Garmi Samhau Mujhe Suit Nahin Karti Hai Like Cold Places Like Nainital In India And Kullu Manali And Ooty And Bahara Main Jab Main Dubai Gayi Thi Last February Mein Toh Wahaan Par Bhi Bahut Thand Thi Matlab Woh Cardigans And Sweaters And Shaul Wagairah Use Karni Pad Rahi Thi So I Think Any Cold Place " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Friends From The Industry " !! ?? ??

Anu - " Very Few Of Them But Unhe Pata Hai Jo Mere Friends Hain Unhe Pata Hai Ki Friends Hain Aur Jo Nahin Hain Unhe Bhi Pata Hai Ki Woh Mere Friends They Are Not My Buddies , They Are Not My Friends .. I Make It Very Clear Ki You Are My Friend Or You Are Not My Friend .. So They Know It .. I'm Draws That Line " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Have You Been Shopping Much " ?? ??

Anu - " I Have Been Shopping Like A Mad Woman .. I Mean Itna Saara Do Saal Mein Ho Gaya Hai Aur Itne Bags Mere Padein Hain But Mujhe Pahnein Ka Mauka Nahin Mill Raha Hai Because Aise Kisi Function Mein Ya Wahaan Abhi Travelling Kar Rahi Hoti Hoon Aur Aap Apne Normal Casual Wear Mein Ho Ki Aap Comfortably Travel Kar Sako But Jo Dresses Maine Laake Rakhi Hain Woh Mujhe Pahenne Ka Dher Saal Mein Time Hi Nahin Mila Because Pata Nahin Kyun Nahin Mila Hai But Nahin Milaa Hai So Shopping Bahut Hoke Rakhi Hui Hai .. Store Kiya Hua Hai Maine " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Do You Drive " ?? ??

Anu - " No , I Have A Driver .. I Don't Know How To Drive .. Forget About Loving .. I Don't Know To Drive " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " What Movies Have You Watched " ??

Anu - " In 2012 , I Only Watched Two Movies .. That Was Talaash And Jab Tak Hai Jaan And Usse Pehle I Saw Band Baaja Baaraat In 2010 , 11 , 10 .. So Thats About It , Last 3 Years Mein I Have Seen These Three Movies " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Do You Miss Being On TV " ??

Anu - " SomeTimes I Do , Because Kabhi - Kabhi Kya Hota Hai Ki Aap TV Pe Kuch Aisi Performances Dekhte Ho Ya Kuch Aisa Dekhte Ho Jahaan Aapko Aisa Lagta Hai Ki Shaayad Main Hoti Toh Yeh Karti Yaa Agar Maine Yeh Scene Kiya Hota Toh I Would Have Done It In Such Way Or In A Particular Way .. Kuch Ceezoin Ko Dekhke Lagta Hai Ki Yeh .. Yeh Mujhe Karna Chaahiye Tha .. Aisa Lagta Hai Ki Kabhi Because You Are An Actor And Aap Uss Mould Se , Uss Frame Se Kabhi Totally Kabhi Baahar Aa Hi Nahin Sakte Even You Know 40 Years From Now .. Toh Kabhi - Kabhi Aapko Lagta Hai Ki Yeh Humein Karna Chaahiye Tha , Ki Yeh Shaayad Hum Aise Karte Ya Waise Karte Ya Differently Karte .. Toh Kabhi - Kabhi Kuch Cheezein Dekhke Lagta Hai But Not All The Time Because I Also Enjoyed My Personal Life And My Personal Space " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Why Don't We Get To See You In Award Functions " ??

Anu - " See , Meri Shows Aur Meri Kahin Pe Presence Ya Yeh Har Cheez Ek Cheez Se Judi Hui Hai Ki Main Yahaan Jaa Rahi Hoon Ya Jahaan Act Kar Rahi Hoon , Jahaan Perform Kar Rahi Hoon Wahaan Mere Hone Ka Koi Reason Hona Chaahiye Aur Wahaan Mere Karne Ke Liye Kuch Hona Chaahiye .. If I'm Doing A Show , I Left Miley Jab Hum Tum Because Wahaan Mere Liye Karne Ke Liye Kuch Nahin Tha .. I Did Tere Liye Because Wahaan Mere Karne Ke Liye Bahut Kuch Tha .. So Award Functions Mein Agar Main Perform Kar Rahi Hoon Then U'll See Me , Agar Main Nominated Hui Hoon U'll See Me .. But Aise Hi .. Without The Reason .. I Just Not Like Going To Places Because Jahaan Mera Kaam Nahin Hai Wahaan Mujhe Jaana Pasand Nahin Hai Whether Its Personal Life Or Professional Life .. So Mera Uss Award Function Mein Jahaan Main Kuch Ad Nahin Kar Rahi Hoon Value Then I Rather Not Go There " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time" !!

Anu - " I Am Cooking These Days .. Baking Alot These Days .. So Ya And Then I Tried Learning Driving But Woh Kyunki Travelling Itna Chal Raha Tha Toh Regular Classes Ho Nahin Paayi Toh Woh Chuuth Gaya .. Then I Gym .. Then I Meet My Few Friends Jo Thode Se Friends Hai I Meet Them .. Week Mein Ek Baar Ya Do Baar Aisa Toh .. I'm Just Bahut Relaxed Aur Chilled - Out Life Chal Rahi Hai Meri " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " No Rumours Or Controversy Sorrounding You . What Could Be The Reason " ??

Anu - " Thats Because I Am Very Clear About What I'm Doing , What I'm Want And What I'm Do What .. Toh Agar Aap Mujhe Muuh Pe Puchloge .. Main Uska Black And White Mein Jawaab De Dungi Toh Uske Baad Controversy Create Hone Ke Liye Kuch Hai Hi Nahin .. I Will Never Walk Of Saying That I Don't Want To Talk About It .. I Will Give U An Answer Jo Sach Mein Hain Aur Jab Mujhse Hi Aapko Answer Mill Jaayega Toh Aapko Oppurtunity Nahin Milegi Ki Aap Kisi Baat Ko Tor - Maror Ke Koi Rumour Create Kar Sako .. So " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Any Types Of Behaviour Which You Dislike "..

Anu - " Yes , I Hate Insensitive People , I Hate Liers And Selfish People .. Actually Har Insaan Selfish Hota Hai But Their Are Certain Points And Certain People Jinke Saath Aap Selfless Hote Ho .. Toh Har Kisi Ke Life Mein Woh Kuch Log , Kuch Incidents Hote Hain Jahaan Par Aap Sensitive Hote Ho Aur Selfless Hote Ho But Aise Log Jinhe Sirf Khudh Ka Faayda Dikhta Hai .. Jo Dusron Ko Use Karte Hain , Manupilate Karte Hain , Ek - Dusre Ke Kandhe Par Banduk Rakh Ke Chalaate Hain .. I Cannot Stand Such People And Agar Aise Log Mujhse Interact Bhi Karte Hain If I Come Across Such People .. I Make Sure Ki Unhe Meri Baat Se , Body Language Se , Mere Expressions Se Pata Chal Jaaye That I Hate You And I Don't Wanted You Around Me .. So I Hate Such People .. I Hate Insensitive , Selfish , Manupilated People " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Lastly , A Message To Your Fans " ..

Anu - " I Think Jo Mere Fans Honge Aur Jo Meri Soch Ko Follow Karte Aaye Hain .. Mera Nature Jaante Hain Unhe Itna Pata Hoga Ki Shaayad Main Aur 2 Saal Naa Dikhun Ya Ho Sakta Hai Kal Dikh Jaaun .. But Jab Dikhungi So They Will Be Happy To See Me .. Woh Episode Dekh Ke Ya Mera Scene Dekh Ke Ya Kuch Kaam Dekhke Yeh Nahin Bolenge Ki Yeh Kiya Matlab I ' Mean We Did Expected SomeThing Else Out Of Aur Yeh Kiya Because Har Kisi Ke Fans Chaahe Woh Kisi Ke Bhi Fans Ho Kuch Expectation Rakhte Hain Isiliye Aapke Fans Hain .. Toh Aapko Unhe Agar Aap Unhe Kuch Achaa Nahin De Sakte Ho Toh Kuch Ganda Dene Ki Zaroorat Nahin  Hai .. So I Strict To It .. So I Just Want To Tell Them Ki Jab Aap Kuch Dekhoge Toh Aap Yeh Nahin Bologe Ki Yeh Kya Kiya .. U'll See .. Are Wah .. U Know That Expression Will Come Out Of U .. So For That U Have To Wait .. Tab Tak Mujhe Nahin Pata .. I Just Want To Wish Them Happy New Year Is Abhi - Abhi Hum 2013 Mein Aaye Hain And Happy Lohri Jo Abhi - Abhi Gayi Hai .. So , Just Enjoy Your Life .. Aapko Kisi Bhi Cheez Ke Peeche Bhaagne Ki Zaroorat Nahin Hai .. Just Live Your Life Wth Athics .. Stay - Grounded - Hooded And I Think .. Think All The Things Will Fall In Place .. Aapko Kisi Cheez Ko Chase Karne Ki Zaroorat Nahin Hai Agar Aapke Kismat Mein Hai Toh Aapko Mill Jaayegi Aur Nahin Hai Toh Ache Ke Liye Nahin Hai .. So Thank God Every Single Day Of Your Life .. Aapko Jo Milla Hai Aur Jo Nahin Milla Hai Har Cheez " ..

Sheetal Pandya Di - " Ok .. Pleasure To Talking To You Anupriya "..

Anu - " Thankyou :D :D ( With Her Bright , Angelic & Her Darling Smile ) " :D :D

Sheetal Pandya - " Thankyouu .. Thankyouu So Much " :D :D


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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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thanx for the update shivu..
god bless APK..

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Day Dreaming

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hey thanks

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Thanks for updating, Shivu..

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Luvly update shivu..

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Thanks for updating.

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