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PSH NL Express #9

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Phir Subah Hogi Express # 9

Welcome all to the 9th Newsletter of our forum Titled as
PSH Express for 15th to 31st Jan 2013


Summary of the Fortnight - Chalhov
Best & Worst Scene of the Fortnight - Vinnie
High & low points of the Fortnight -Julie
Blunders/Bloopers of the Fortnight - Payal

Most Romantic Scene of the Fortnight- Ash_arti
Disappointment of the Fortnight- Julie
Emotional Scene of the Fortnight- Sandy
Best Dressed Male & Female Character of the Fortnight - Rozey

Scene of the Fortnight- Ash_arti
Rating & Picture of the Fortnight - Omaramdas

Summary of the Fortnight - Chalhov

Part 1

TVS looks at The fallen flowers and says your God is in front of you but you don't understand. Sugni thinks is TVS behind all this bad omens   but Sugni does not and tells Adi has saved her. TVS threatens if he can break the mangalsutra then he can harm Adi as well. Sugni  is scared. Suman warns Reva to be careful otherwise Sugni will be in her place as TVS loves her.Champa is sitting in the temple and crying and accuses Sugni for her misfortune. Sugni tells her to speak truth they decide to complain on TJS and DV.Police come to arrest DV but he hides and the police tells JT to have false witness ready so that DV can escape .

Suman is fooled by Hukum and Naganiya and they take money from her and perform a false Yagna so that Suman can have children. DV and his men kidnap Champa but is stopped by TVS who beats all of them and rescues Champa warning DV that he is alive because of Kuhu he then hides Champa.

Suman asks some money when sugni refuses ,Suman tries to snatch the keys MS scolds her and praises Sugni. Suman warns Reva to be careful otherwise Sugni will take away all the property from them. She plans to kill MS with the help of Baba.TJS keeps watching Kuhu lustfully and then tells her about DV police case and keeps fingering her when she cries and hugs him. Saroj also comes and she has a thoughtful look when she watches TJS.

Sugni  goes and tells Adi everything she and Champa did . Adi gets romantic and wants to come close but Sugni stops him.MS watches and decides to arrange their sughaagraat next day. TVS is very angry to know this.

AdiNi romancing and by mistake Adi removes mangalsutra and sugni feels its a bad omen. TVS dreams of all his moments with Sugni.Suman plans of seducing bushan fails & he falls asleep. A frustrated Suman finds that she has been cheated by Hukum and Naganiya.Suman threatens them but they beg her to pardon them. She buys Hukum and in turn tells Naganiya she will look after her and Tinkle and Naganiya reluctantly agrees. Sugni is dressed up by Reva and Suman for the suhaagraat. TVS conspires and instructs Bums to kill Adi. He then goes to MS showing some old letters Adi had written to him saying he looks after Adi like a son and he has realized Sugni  is Adi's wife and wants to mend the relations by organizing a SR for them at the farmhouse .MS is happy and calls Adi and tells about the SR at farmhouse organized by a changed Vikram. Adi agrees and TVS is happy.

Reva and Suman bring a dressed up Sugni to MS who praises her for her beauty. Sugni refuses to go to farmhouse for SR when she hears TVS has organized it but somehow Adi convinces her.

Adini have a romantic moment and Adi says he will die if SR won't happen and Sugni tells she will die first and they will be together for 7 lifetimes. DV again ill-treats Kuhu and JT beats him saying if he does not treat her properly then TVS will see their doom. He then rings up Reva and tells about TVS hiding Champa and asks he help in finding her to save DV .Reva agrees she thinks what TVS has in mind about the SR

Naganiya goes and tells a reluctant and scared Hukum that henceforth they have to stay at haveli and she dreams of the good times she will have there. Suman tells TVS about Reva going to find Champa. TVS rushes and catches up wih reva and Champa and he slaps her. Champa also tells him the truth about his murder attempt by Reva and how Sugni Adi saved him.TVS is very angry and fires a shot at Reva's hand injuring her and warns her that if anything happens to ADINI she will have to face the consequences and goes to stop the happening.TJS comes with his men asks his men to takes away Champa somewhere  Suman the cheat and scoundrel has two timed everyone. TJS asks her to come out and he thanks her but she asks him to remove all the obstacles from her path TVS,Reva MS and make her the owner of the haveli. TVS reaches home and realizes Adini already left for SR.

Part 2

TVS quickly starts for the farmhouse and tries to get in touch with Bums but he is unable to get the connection .TVS remembers all his moments with Sugni and also how he ordered Bums to kill Adi the 1st time and how he escapes.TVS gets illusion that Sugni is standing on the road nd to avoid her he getds involved in a accident and faints. Adi and sugni are happily going to the farmhouse and then she sees a temple and asks Sita maiyya to give her a Suhagins death.  Meanwhile TVS regains consciousness and he sees a temple he goes there but is unable to climb the stairs he asks God to pardon him and pray no tragedy should befell Adini. Bums watches ADini go and follows them but before that he rings up TVS unable to get his mobile he send an SMS and follows them. TVS comes to the road slowly and forcibly steals a vehicle and goes to the farm house to stop Bums. Reva tries to put the blame on TVS for her injury and trying to kill Adini but MS does not believe her and then the picture of Adini falls and MS is apprehensive.

Adini reach the farm house and like the arrangements there they have lovely romantic moments both of them very happy and Bums is following them to shot Adi but he is unable to get proper aim. Meanwhile Adini go to a dam site and as they are strolling TVS also comes there and before they can say anything Bums shoots Adi but it hits Sugni in her stomach and she falls into the water Adi tries to catch her hand but he is unable to Both Adi and TVS are devasted and stand nearby Adi keeps calling Sugni to come out as its their SR. Meanwhile All come and Suman says TVS killed Sugni but Adi refuses to believe saying he is like his father all leave and TVS is alone talking to himself MS slaps him saying he killed Sugni and finished all.

A leap of six months is shown

TVs is shown roaming everywhere in different places he plays dangerous games which may be fatal to him but someone is always there to save him  like they say jake rako saiyyan maar sake na koi(one who God protects no one can kill/harm them). He keeps getting illusions of Sugni everywhere he goes  and finally he lands in Banaras. Meanwhile at the haveli Suman has taken over everything with the help of JS and DV and lording over it and all are treated like servants there Hukum is her keep. She drinks openly with JS and DV while other family members act as their servants and Bhusan seems to have beome a jogi and Naganiya has all the jewels she wants but finds life very hollow always trying to protect her husband from Suman's grip. A girl is shown who appears like Sugni but very chirpy buying puja items going to temple but praying from outside and helping the poor outside. TVS is also shown walking everywhere like a vagabound and giving money to a poor boy who asks him. A man called Bunty introduces himself and tells TVS he will take him somewhere but TVS asks him to leave him alone. A red light area is shown with ammaji and Bunty  talking together about customers and  a women is shown dancing and many men throwing money on her. Just then her daughter who is sick comes crying and the woman pleads she will take her daughter to a doctor and come back. One seth refuses to leave her and pursues her as she runs away and asks Sugni/Chulbuli to save her . Sugni tricks the man takes him some where to a room then blindfolds him and feeds him mirchi (chillipowder) and beats him up with the help of her friends that man runs away. Ammaji comes and mock scolds her for making a client go away  and asks her to take her dance classes and not get involved in scraps otherwise one day she will have to face problems.. Sugni reluctantly does so after an unsuccessful attempt to send away the dance master.

At TVS mansion Suman tries to find fault with something Reva has cooked and insults her while S comes and placates her but she gets up without eating. JS and DV ask suman why she is tolerating MS. She tells them because of some property which is still in her name. Suman tries to seduce Hukum sing a song but then at the last minute he escapes and gets scolded by Naganiya not to give in otherwise they will also be thrown out or ill-treated like the rest once Suman has a child. Hukum takes her to task for agreeing to come to Haveli and selling him. Naganiya comes to Hukum who is gardening and tries to placate him and tells that she will think of some plan so that they can steal/pilfer lot of money and run away.

Sugni/Chulbuli is with a man Diwakar babu who comes to take her out and amma warns him he can take her out but not touch her.Chulbuli wants to know whether he has brought the biggest car to Take her and he says yes and takes her out he wants to take her out to a restaurant but she wants to go to a marriage party but Diwakar says no one will allow a girl like her inside .Meanwhile TVS is also walking in the same route but he does not see her in the car.

Naganiya incites Hukum to steal the keys but he is afraid and Suman comes there and asks what he is doing there .Naganiya hides and somehow Suman is convinced Hukum is alone but she warns him he cant escape her advances anymore and she has a gift for him in the room and he is afraid.  

Chulbuli meanwhile enters the mehendi function and tells everyone she is her to put mehendi and some  get their mehendi  by Chulbuli meanwhile Diwakar comes there and tells her she cnt come here as she is from a kotha and all insult her and then he wants to take her she refuses to go with him and start walking. Meanwhile TVS is walking and remembers all moments with Sugni and o re piya in the background. He come to a place where shooting is tking place and a stunt scene is being picturised and the man is injured and he offers himself. All try to stop him but he says he will sign on papers and if something happens they can say he committed suicide then he starts  the tunt. He does it and then falls down injured. Sugni who is going that way stops and sees him TVS opens his eyes and says Sugni  even in the last moments I see you and loses consciousness. She takes him to a hospital and treatment is given to him and he recovers after an operation. She is there waiting  in the hospital. TVS regains his senses and asks who brought him here thinking he is not allowed to die. The doctors tell him a girl brought you here.


Best & Worst Scene of the Fortnight - Vinnie


 The Best scenes  came after the  six month leap. Gulki's character came back strong as  Chulbuli/Sugni.

 1. Vickram Singhs re entrance and the game of Russian Roulette  were brilliantly executed. Varun's poertrayl as a hunted , gulty man was very much on point and excellently played.

2. Chulbuli Entrance was also strong and the scene where she dealt  with the lustful Thakur were very much in flavor of the early days of  Phir Subha Hogi. It was funny with out being idiotic and it was  executed  well.

3. Chubuli's reaction at meeting Vickram for the frist time , and the hospital scene were also  well done.  The Chemistry between the  Varun and Gulki is evident even with out much dialogue. .


1.   Before the Change...Jwala Singh was still looking at his daughter in law in a lustful way. Watching her in the privacy of her bedroom, in appropriately touching her.  All of this being tolerated by an oblivious  Kuhu.  Badly handled by the creatives .

2. Sugni's death scene was also badly handled. A lot of loop holes, she fell off a cliff she was standing no where near. The whole scene came off as  half planned and badly executed.
3.Post the six months leap  the dinner scene at the table  where Suman is  Ordring every one around. It was a waist of time, it neither  enhanced the suspense, nor did they answer any questions that were  left  open after the leap l  Questions like 
a) Where was  Adi?'
b) How did Suman become so powerful
c) No mention of Sugni by any one, so we had no idea  what the family thought of her death, where they happy, sad, neutral?

  Until next fortnight. Happy watching every one!!!

High & low points of the Fortnight -Julie

High Points
  • Finally the truth about Reva's plot to kill Vikram was revealed. 
  • The six month leap is greatly welcomed on the show and from what has been shown so far, there seems to be alot of potential.Star
  • Hukum and Naganiya got an opportunity to live in the mansion. Despite all the luxuries, they realised that family is very important.
  • Watching MT, Jiji and Reva work as servants is very entertaining. Hearing MT missing TVS and realising his importance is an added bonus. A little bit of justice is meted out.Star
  • TVS got a makeover and he looks fabulous!!! Day DreamingGreat to see the CVs kept the essence of the character when he refused the offer to visit the brothel and his helping the little boy with cash to take care of his sick mother.Thumbs Up
  • Chulbuli is just like the Sugni we had at the beginning of PSH. 
  • We have alot to look forward to in regards to Sugni/Chulbuli. Whether she is a look-a-like or Sugni with memory loss. But which ever way the CVs go, they have an opportunity to fix the mess they made. 

Low Points
  • Jwala lusting an touching his D-I-L.Pig
  • Champa has been swept under the carpet for the time being.
  • Suman purchasing a man to give her a child.
  • No mention of Gulabiya whose character was so important at a point in the story where her daughter dies.
  • The episode of Sugni shot and dying was very poorly written. Emotions were premature.
  • Vikram needs to divorce Reva otherwise we will be watching the same story, different verse.
  • We need to find out how Suman has so much power at the mansion despite not owning any property.

Most Romantic Scene of the Fortnight - Ash_arti

The most romantic scene was the day of Adini's suhaagraat. Adi & Sugni reach the farmhouse which has been decked up for their suhaagraat. Adi cannot keep his hands off sugni and tries to be very romantic with her.They sing and dance together and dream of a happy life together. Sugni says she doesnt mind dying in his arms and loves him a lot. Adi says we are united for the next 7 janams and nothing can separate us.

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Bloopers of the Fortnight - Payal

- TVS shouts Adi but does not say get on to the ground now

- Sugni was nowhere near the edge so how does she fall down the cliff

- Sugni has stomach wound. Gulabia got shot at point blank range and survived. TVS survived 3 stab wounds. So why not Sugni ?

- TVS stands by and lets Sugni fall when he could have helped Adi to pull her up

 This was set up for Sugni to survive (that's why she fell in water. Water tends to close wounds to up !!!!)

 - Chubuli tells the ladies at the Mendhi function that she is a good dancer and so that is her job. The way she was speaking it would appear that she does not understand that a kota it starts with dancing and then moves to protitution (This is no different to Rai and Sardhakai). How can she live in that place and not understand that? Is she that naive? If this is Sugni with memory loss than a memory loss generally means you supress certain traumatic events. You do not forget activities that are second nature to you such as walking, talking and neither do you forget commom sense or general knowledgeLOL.  Please CVs know the basic facts about the condition you are showing (a simple google search will give you enough basic knowledge)Angry.

-Chlbuli grabs TVS's arm to help him up to take him hospital and no effect. However his hand accidently brushes her's on the trolly and "Current laga" ?  What happened - delayed reactionEmbarrassed?
- IS TVS in the same hospital as the one he was when he was stabbed? It certainly looks the same including the positioning of the minitoring equipment and the art work? But last one was near Mawari and this is in Benaras. Have Indian government issued a decree that all hospitals in the country have to be identical down to the doors and handlesROFL

Disappointments Of The Forthnight - Julie

I have to say that Jwala ThakurPig has really sunk to such a disgusting level by lusting after his D-I-L. Now he has taken it a notch up by using every opportunity to actually touch and hug Kuhu.
After the leap, Champa seems to have disappeared. No mention of her being dead or alive. Another rape case being swept under the carpet. Very poor on the part of the CVs on this.Angry

The leap was greatly welcomed on the show but the last episode before the leap was poorly written. Sugni falling off the cliff when she was no where near it to begin with was laughable. Aditya's reaction was definitely forced and premature. Sadly both Aditya and Vikram did not make any attempt to find her in the water, and everyone just accepted her death quite easily. Not the kind of reaction one would expect from these two men who love Sugni as much as they say.ShockedShockedShocked

In her greed for money and property, Suman has actually purchased Hukum. A first in the bedia tribe, it would seem, where a thakurain has purchased a male member of the Bedia tribe. This development leaves a person confused on whether to be happy a man now gets to feel LOLhow the bednis feel to have  their bodies used by thakurs daily or be disgusted that yet another woman on this show has sunk to gutter level.Confused

We also, need to see just how Suman was able to gain power over the family.

Emotional Scene of the Fortnight - Sandy

Scene: 1.

Digvijay and his Goons kidnapped Champa from his Uncle's home, while the villagers looks on. He threatened to kill her for betraying and filing charges against him for rape.
Champa weeping bitterly, pleading, and apologizing to him, but her pleas were ignored, and shove her into the jeep and drove away to a seculed area, where Vickram intercepted him.

Scene: 2.

Drunken Digvijay entered the bedroom, while Kuhu adorned her Maang with Sindoor, he knock it off her hand and it fell to the ground. He accused Kuhu of his present condition/state and slapped and dragged out of the room.
Kuhu was emotionally upset, pleading with Digvijay to stop treating her unkindly and unjustly.
Thakur Jwala Singh slapped Digvijay and rescue Kuhu from his cruelty.

Scene: 3.

Vickram confronted Rewa and questioned her, why is taking Champa to Thakur Jwala Singh, she remained silent.
Vickram slapped , threatened her with a gun and shot her on the arm.
Rewa was hurt, angry, and accused Vickram of ruining her life, by falling in love with Sugni and ignoring her, and admitted her involvement in attempted to murder him. This revelation shocked Vickram, and he realized his mistake/blunder in accusing Adi and Sugni for attempted murder, {wanting to get rid off him}. A huge misunderstanding created by Rewa.
Vickram's overwhelmed by this realization and left abruptly, while Rewa and Champa looks on.

Scene: 4.

Vickram was driving at neck-speed to reached Adi and Sugni, before Bumsukhai do.
While driving, Vickram imagined Sugni standing in the middle of the road, he surve to avoid hitting her, and had an accident.
Vickram became conscious, and imagine Sugni telling him, she wouldn't let no harm come to him.

Scene: 5.

Vickram walked limpingly to the Mandir, but faltered at the step, and pleaded with God to have mercy/pity on him, and save and protect Adi and Sugni from impending disaster, or else he'll have to repent for the rest of life, for his wrong-deeds{wanting to get rid off Adi}
Vickram grimancing with pain, as he slowly gets up and headed towards the road for help.

Scene: 6.

Vickram was calling and running towards Adi and Sugni, who were walking hand-in-hand along the dirt road.
Adi turn around and was surprised and shocked to see Vickram, the same moment, Bumsukhai , who were on the dam/bridge, within sight, mistakenly shot Sugni in the stomach.
Vickram and Adi were dumbfounded,shocked, speechless. Sugni looked at both of them, and she fell of a cliff.
Adi grabbed onto her hand, while she was dangling. He holds onto Sugni's hand for dear life, but Adi grip became loosen, and Sugni fell into the water.
Vickram ran to the area, where Sugni fell into water and screamed her name.
Adi was heartbroken, devastated,completely shattered, as he hysterically pleading to Sugni to stop playing games and come out of the water.
Vickram looks on dumbfoundedly and torned by the incident.

Scene: 7.

Family Members{Rewa, Maa Saheb, Jiji, Suman and Bhushan}, arrived at the scene, where Vickram and Adi were. Adi approached
Maa Saheb and told her to command Sugni to come back instantly.
Suman blamed Vickram for Sugni's demise, he remained silent.
Maa Saheb slapped Vickram, as he confessed he's responsible for everything.
Everyone left, while Vickram stood there, disheartened and desolated.

Scene: 8.

Vickram walking aimlessly, brokenhearted, devastated, grief-stricken and shattered, with no destination and purpose in life.
Vickram wanted to end his misery and pain, he entered into a Saloon and challenged another gentleman to play a game of 'Russian Roulette", which might ended his life.
Fortunately his Police came and the game ended.

Scene: 9.

Maa Saheb, Jiji, and Rewa status downgraded to merely servants of the Haveli.
Suman, Thakur Jwala Singh and Digvijay  joined forces and took over the running of the Haveli.
Maa Saheb looks on solemnly and dejectedly as her santity of her Haveli became inauspicious, with Suman and her Cohoorts drinking

Scene: 10.

Vickram became a wandering recluse, as people are whispering about his peculiar behavior, his near death challenge to end his life.
Vickram' soul is tormented and solace eludes him. Everywhere he goes he sees Sugni's illusion pricking at his conscience.
Vickram left the village and went to Banaras to find peace of mind.

Scene: 11.

Vickram's desperately wanted to ended his life. He decided to performed a dare-devil stunt for a movie shot. The Direction taught him insane for trying such a death defying stunt, and he caution Vickram, but he behave nonchalantly about the issue.
Vickram performed the stunt and landed on the corner of the road injured. Chulbuli spotted the unconscious Vickram and took him to the hospital.
Chulbuli waited patiently for any news about unconscious man she brought to the hospital.
Finally Vickram woke up and the Doctor told him, he is fortunately, that a young lady save him
Vickram solemnly and depressingly taught to himself, that any attempt he made to committed suicide, someone is always there to save his tortured soul.

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Best Dressed Male & Female Character of the Fortnight - Rozey

Best Dress Male : TVS
Stunning in Black Embarrassed, his facial expressions and his style of dressing express his emotions of pain, regret and sorrow.
Hats off to him!!


Best Dressed female : Sugni / Chulbuli
After seeing her in different syle of dressing, this one just made an impression, perfect hairstyle, jewellry and fantabulous clothes.
Truly a stunning beauty queen


Best Scene of the Fortnight - Ash_Arti

Scene 1

The turning point of the show came in this scene where Vikram gives supari to Bumsukhia to kill Aditya when he leaves with Sugni to farmhouse for his Suhaagraat.

same time Vikram comes to know that he had a huge misunderstanding regarding Sugni's intentions and she had never wished him ill. A desperate Vikram comes to save Aditya & Sugni but unfortunately by the time he can stop Bumsukhia who was to kill Aditya ends up shooting Sugni. As a stunned Vikram & Aditya watch Sugni faals off the cliff to her death.

Scene 2

Post 6 month leap the scene is set in Benaras which has brought a wandering Vikram to this place by fate. We are shown a Sugni look alike called Chulbuli who is a dancer and works in a Khota. While many are confused if she is Sugni or someone else this scene sets the stage for future story.

Rating & Picture of the Fortnight - Omaramdas

Ratings of the Fortnight: Star Star Star Star Star


Can i just be honest and say i didnt know what to really rate the show for the last two weeks- the story went to complete emptiness but i am giving this new storyline a shot.

Picture of the Fortnight

So who's excited for the new story- i am sure all the sugvi lovers would be rejoicing. Maybe the ratings would go up again. The power couple is back again together - peeps dont over this and over analyze this - just let the story flow.

A big round of applause to Vinnie, Sandy, Julie, Chalhov , Oma & our new participants Payal & Rozey for chipping in on time and providing us with new segments. Thanks a lot guys its due to your effort that our Newsletter is looking so good. Your work is very much appreciated. Clap Clap Clap

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Thanks every one for a job well  done!!!!

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Great everyoneThumbs Up

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rozie IF-Dazzler

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Fantastic job to everyone Thumbs Up, and as always really enjoyed reading the newsletter Big smile

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Good Work every One
There was One scene when Vikram going out of mandir in search for some car and stops one car .. take out the driver and steal the car Just like the GTA game .. I loved it it was so funny part
The best thing this week - No ADINI LOL 
Varun badola was awesome he always great but this week he was rocking dashing and  handsome
What a new Look ... Awesome Clap
Even Gulki got a new Look and it was goood

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I myself posted it ''TVS/Thakur Vikram Singh needs complete makeover''.
And thanks to the CVS and the Producers seems that they all went to ENT Specialist to check their ears, coz they are listening to what we are trying to say.  Thats very nice.And wonderful job everyone.Clap

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