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Asya OS: I'm Sorry Zoya

Ablazed_Enigma Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
At night - 11:30 pm
Zoya's bedroom :-

"Ouch! It hurts so much.. Allah Miyan, why do bad things always happen to me? Why me ? I'm I such a bad person ? To an extent that so many people hate me? Or maybe they hate my kindness ? What did I do ? I'm just the kind of person who believes in justice.. Was that my mistake? I'm myself confused.." Confused ..a suffering Zoya said, sitting on one side of her bed, staring into the dark sky. She paused for a moment as a tear ran down her rosy cheeks. "Why does Mr. Khan always blame me for everything? Why ? Why ? He judges me even before letting me complete my sentence. He thinks he is always right.. What does he think of himself?"
I don't even know why I'm still living in his house despite of his rude behaviour. I think it would be better for me to leave his house. He'll then have no one to blame.. Ya.. this is the right decision!" Zoya thought to herself while she stood up painfully and started to walk gingerly towards the wardrobe.. She packed her things up with the little strength that was left in her right hand. When she was all ready, she slowly opened her bedroom door and slipped through the corridor towards the main door found in the living room, where everything was dark. She managed to fight with the darkness with the help of her mobile and reached the main door. She carefully opened it, making sure no noise was made..

Asad's bedroom :-

An anxious Asad was lying down on his bed, flashbacks flashing in his mind. Yes, he was thinking about Miss Farooqui, The Miss.Trouble!
All the flashbacks of Zoya's struggle to remain alive kept him awake. 
He felt beads of perspiration on his forehead, he was feeling guilty, maybe. He kept changing sides from left to right.. right to left. He just wasn't being able to fall asleep.
[Who could fall asleep after being so unfair to someone?.. He was unfair to Zoya.. What he did was actually unforgivable!]

He suddenly stood up. An idea popped up in his mind.. Yes, he was ready to excuse himself to Zoya. He was ready to hear Zoya's taunts.. He was ready to bow down in front of Zoya and ask for forgiveness.. but.. but.. will she... will she...forgive him.. ?..Will she ever forgive him for what he did ?
Asad started to feel guiltiness take over him.. 
But.. He was Asad Ahmed Khan.. "The Lion" .. and... a Lion never gives up.. He will, undoubtedly ask for forgiveness even if the answer turns out to be a negative one..

He decided to check on Zoya if ever she needed something. He energetically made his way towards Zoya's room.. Surprisingly the door was wide open.. He peered inside and was struck by astonishment to find the wardrobe's door open and empty..  Zoya was not there either. Her brother-in-law and sister's photo was no longer on the wall which could mean only one thing, ZOYA LEFT THE HOUSE! 

Asad quickly rushed to his room, took his car keys and left the house, worry visible on his face,in search of Zoya.. 

Near some Railway Station:-
Zoya, unaware of the kind of place she was in, lied down on a bench clutching her bag with her bandaged hands. The silence and the dim lights made the place look creepy. She sensed danger around her but she thought that she was strong enough to fight anything coming in her way. She was not right this time. She was Miss Farooqui after all, The Brave Girl!.. she thought.. 

"Wah! Such an innocent face.. hmmm.. Beautiful.. Wah! Those lips.. Those eyes.. Wah!" said an unfamiliar approaching man's voice. As soon as Zoya heard that, she straightened herself on the bench. The man provoked her once again by saying: "Hey! wanna come over, beautiful?",the man bursted into laughter as his friends joined him. The man's devil laugh sent shivers down her spine.. as if the cold was not enough for her, now trouble was awaiting her.. and no one.. absolutely no one was there to save her from those goons.. 

The man took one more step towards her and grabbed her bag. He started to empty it, thinking it contained money.. but it did not contain valuable things..He was thinking of giving up his search when his eyes were attracted by something.. a chain locket..It was made of gold..
But... it contained something precious to her.. something very precious.. and now, now the man will take it.. she didn't need the chain locket but the precious thing found inside it bothered her.. she was going to lose that..

"Please! Leave me alone! Please.. I won't tell anyone about you all. But Please give me the photo inside the locket.You can take the locket afterwards. Please.. I beg of you! pleaded a desperate Zoya..

The man opened the locket and soon a grin formed on his face. "Hmmm.. who is this? interesting.. Ha ha ha.." the man mocked at her and removing the photo from the locket, he threw it on the ground. Zoya extended her arm to pick it up but the man crushed her hand with his foot which made Zoya cry in pain.. "Ouch!"

Evil laughter could be heard around a crying Zoya..
Zoya could not bear it anymore.. she felt dizzy.. It was as if everything around her was moving.. and suddenly everything became blurry. She fell heavily on the ground with the photo in her hand..

The man gestured his evil friends to pick up Zoya.. As the men bent down to pick her up, someone from behind  hit them with his foot and in the twinkling of an eye they were lying down on the ground. Afraid of the well-built, tall man, they ran away leaving behind their "boss". The latter, at the sight of Asad, started to tremble like a leaf. He carefully put the locket on the ground and escaped from Asad.

Asad sat down on the ground, beside a weak Zoya, cupping her pale face, he started to cry.."I'm really sorry,Zoya.. I'm soo sorry..I  tried really hard to forget you but I just couldn't..and now..look at your state.. you are in a pitiful condition once again because of me.. if only I had listened to you yesterday. You were not at fault.. You only tried to help my friend.. but I..I was so possessive about you.. that..that I just couldn't bear the fact that you were with him..I didn't understand you. I thought that you and him.. you.. you..were.. oh no.. what I did was not good at all. Why did I not listen to you? Why ? why ?
But then, you only ended up getting into trouble while helping him with his family issues.. and..and you got injured..That man! I'll get him jailed..
Oh no..once again..., today.. you are so weak.. so weak.. Please forgive me.. Please.. Zoya.. open your eyes.. I love You.. I love you, Zoya! Please open you eyes, if not for my sake then for Ammi and Najma..They will worry about you.." Asad said,crying and  holding Zoya's delicate hands close to his heart.. His eyes caught the photo.. the photo in her hand..the photo which was in the locket chain.. 
She loves me, maybe.. he thought to himself..
Seeing Zoya's condition, he picked her up and carried her to the car.. He carefully laid her down on the back seat and started the car.While driving, he constantly kept checking on Zoya. He was worried about her..

At Home:-

Asad put her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. He went to the kitchen and came back with a tablet of pills for weakness,a glass of water and some biscuits in case she got up during the night and felt hungry or thirsty, she would not have to get up. He put the tray on a table beside her bed and tried to make her come to her senses in order for her to take the pill. She slowly opened her mouth some minutes later and swallowed the medicine up. 

Asad lied down by her side, Zoya's hand in his. 
He wasn't able to fall asleep. All the bad things that happened to Zoya kept reminding him of all the mistakes he did from the beginning. He felt like punishing himself for whatever he did.
He soon switched from the bed to a sofa, which he put beside Zoya's bed. 
Zoya was in deep sleep. She was looking so cute, just like a baby cuddled in her blanket, her soft eyes firmly closed. She is so beautiful, he thought..

In the morning in Zoya's bedroom:

As Zoya slowly opened her eyes, she was surprised to see a mesmerised Asad staring at her. Asad, realising she was awake, quickly got up from the sofa and moving towards her bed, hesitantly said: "Umm.. good morning... ho..how..ar...are yo...you do...doing.. Zo... Zoya..?"

"Zoya? Did he just call me by my name?.. Zoya ?", Zoya thought, a bit surprised by the change in Asad..

"Ya. I'm okay Mr.Khan. You don't need to worry about me. Anyway I'll soon be going away from you and your life. You'll soon find peace. You should be happy. I'm actually quite surprised to find you enquiring about my health. Since when did you become so concerned about me?" Zoya asked.

[Meanwhile in Asad's thoughts]
You'll go away from me? from my life? What will I become Oh my dear? Zoya.. stay ..please.. don't go..i'll be so lonely without you.. You are the light which brightens my life.. I just have no idea how I fell in love with you.. please...Stay..you can punish me.. do whatever you want .. but please.. don't go.. my love..my life.. Broken Heart

Asad was dumbfounded.. He didn't want Zoya to know about his feelings for her because he feared rejection but he couldn't let her go like that. He should gather the courage to express his love. What should I do? he thought, confused.

"Zoya, I want.. to... tell .. you...som...some..something.." Asad said, his eyes facing the floor. 

"Go on, Mr khan. Anyway, since when did you start to ask permission before talking to me? Did you change for real or are you pretending..playing with me.. my feelings?" Zoya retorted back, realising some seconds later that she had pronounced the word "feelings" .. Did I just say that? Zoya thought. Ermm

"Zoya, please, listen to me.. don't tell anything until I finish my lines. Give  me a chance.. One last chance..." Asad replied.

"Okay" Zoya said.

"Zoya, if possible... please forgive me for everything I told you since the day you came to my house.. I'm feeling really sorry.. I just shouldn't have said all those things.. I have hurt you so much..I know that. And today I'm here in front of you, begging you to accept my forgiveness, if possible..I never trusted your words. I've always taken you for an idiot, a modern,immature and spoilt brat. You are what you are. I've always tried to change you.. but.. now.. I've realised that you are perfect just the way you are. You are a sweet girl.. always ready to help others even if you end up into big troubles.. You are so generous.. so kind at heart.. I never realised that you possessed all these good qualities because I was always busy in criticising you, your way of dressing and all. And as if all this wasn't enough for you, I even misunderstood your character. I thought that you and my friend were in a relationship.. Oh no.. I'm such a bad person.. I'm so bad.. or maybe it was my possessiveness which made me think so.. yes.. I LOVE YOU.. I fell in love with you.. don't know when.. but..but.. I realised my love for you only after seeing your struggle.. Please don't leave me like this.. stay back.. I love you and want you for the rest of my life.. please.. ..but..but if you don't love me, its ok.. its ok..I won;t mind... you decide.. anyway who am I to decide what you should do...but the thing is... I want you by my side.. forever..and ever...Zoya.. my love.." Asad said, on his knees,crying behind Zoya's back.

A teary eyed Zoya turned back and rushed to Asad and got down on her knees.. She hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear : "Oh, Asad! I didn't know that you loved me this much.. and.. and.. I love you too.. Didn't you realise this?.. You should have by now.. Didn't you see your photo.. in.. in my chain locket.. Yes.. I love you.. and will always do..and.. you don't need to apologise yourself.. I can see it.. in your eyes.. you are regretting what you've done and said to me.. I'm glad to know that you love me too.. but.. what will we tell Phoopi? .. Will she ever agree to get us married?"

"You love me tooo ? Do you ? Oh..  this is such a great news! .. Oh.. Ammi, don't worry about her.. she'll agree.. infact.. she was the one to suggest me to marry you at first.. but.. but.. my ego didn't let me agree.. I was so stubborn.. but now.. now that.. you're here.. I can live a peaceful life.. I won't feel guilty for the rest of my life.." Asad said kissing Zoya on her forehead.. They stood up and headed towards Dilshad's room to announce her the good news..  they will get married... soon.. very soon.. and.. what could be better than this?.. a happy ..married life.. with the one you love deeply.. the one you care for.. and mostly the one you trust.. and vice-versa...

They led a happy life in the company of Dilshad, Najma.. and... their twins.. Zahra and Asif.. 

The End..
Hope you liked it.. Smile
Ignore spelling mistakes! :p

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hey it's a good Os, sad though. both AsYa r suffering. it seems dey r in love already with each other but havn't confessed.and Asad had thought her to b involved with his friend and been rude to her, just like he always is. i hope u'l cont. soon.

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sophie420 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Nice OS!
Please continue it soon!

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Loved It Conti Soon.

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
hey awesum plz pm me wen continue...

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nice  one

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jazmeen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
it was so good and somthing diff
 plz do write the misunderstandng part in backround plzzz would love to rread that plzzz

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Nice OS!
Please continue it soon!

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