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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Weekly Synopsis:28Jan-1Feb 2013

yhm_craze IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 11:48am | IP Logged
I am back with the synopsis for this week and was a frustrating week for me in the SNS world..I can literally imagine Koki trying to move forward but Hetal and Gopi are dragging her back and Urshi are giving high-fives to each other Dead...after Urmi even I am getting SNS nightmares Ouch..Without further cribbing here's the weekly rant...

1. Rashi - how pathetic can you get???: Yes pathetic is the only word that comes to my mind after watching Rashi this week. She was going mad for a kid and went crazier after getting a kid Confused. She rejected Ahem and Jigar's khandaani childhood sweater and clothes respectively...threw KinWal out of MM for not taking prior appointment to meet Vansh and made Meethi run from one corner of MM to the other with her non stop orders Dead. Well all that went kaput once she came to know that Vansh's real mother exists and wants her baby back thanks to a bizarre mandir scene where the real and fake mother bumped into each other (Thakurji ka chamatkar!Silly). So for now Rashi's aim in life is to keep Vansh away from his ma and the fake adoption papers away from Koki Wacko

2. RaJi & GoHem - who is the ideal couple?: Well for me this was the only scene worth watching this week other than the KinWal scenes. The CVs showed the glaring difference between the 2 couples beautifully...where Ahem is a content family man now who is on cloud nine around Gopi and Meera even if he spends a crappy day in office. What was endearing to watch between GoHem is the mutual respect and appreciation for the contribution they make for the family and for each otherClap. On the other hand we have RaJi - I really feel horrible for Rashi. She has everything, a loving family where everyone cares for her (yes, even Ahem) and a comfortable life..but nothing seems to be enough for herOuch, and Jigar - really I have ranted so much against him what should I add here? He has no control over anything and after more than a year of tolerating everything silently I think the cracks are showing (but I have no hope since CVs hate his characterDead).
So while GoHem are content in their own small worldTongue, the RaJi room only had sulking facesOuch

3. Urmi's dreamland: Urmi certainly seems to dream a lot about  Koki LOL..but fear not Urmi, CVs love you. So go ahead, you can steal as many children as you want Angry..this track is another perfect example of having to lie a hundred times to hide one lie..Urshi are going on digging a deeper hole for themselves and so far their case is strong what with Gopi ("I love Rashiben") and Hetal ("Javadena is the motto of my life") on their side. Koki is fighting a lone battle till now, but for Vansh's sake, I wish Koki gets an opportunity to hold her pallu and give a victorious angry glare to Urshi..

4. Kinjal is in love!!HeartHeartHeart: Well the heading is for anybody who still had doubts about Kinjal's feelings for Dhawal LOL. Kinjal is now going all out to woo her husband, even cooking for him! Silly(Someone pinch me!!) and Dhawal is basking in all that loving attentionEmbarrassed. Dhawal is now playing the hard to get knight in shining armour under Falguni's guidance and Kinjal is determined to win over her pati parmeshwar! Today Dhawal announced he is waiting for a love confession..what do you guys think..when is it going to happen?? Dont throw chappals at me but I have a feeling Kinjal will come to know about Dhawal and Falguni's "Operation Kinjal"LOL

That ends my rant for this hope for next week - 
* This track ends soon with Vansh reuniting with his mother (I am not going to fool myself by hoping for Urshi getting punishedDeadDeadDead)
* Gohem are able to pacify Meera on their own without Rashi's help (Modis will need to dance and make faces to pacify Rashi now after Vansh is taken away from her LOL)
* I dont want a passing reference but an actual scene showing Ahem playing with Meera (how difficult is that CVs???AngryAngryAngry)
* Koki gets a vacation (I dont ever see  Koki rest!!!! she is always prowling around like a watchman!CryCryCry)

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Fabulous synopsis Clap

Sorry Deepa im so busy in this weekend that y cant write long post.. Sorry Ouch

i hate Rashi n Urmi.. They are sucks Urmi or her emotional atiyachar on Rashi Dead Rash become partner in this disgusting crime.. How can Rashi does all pathetic things when she itself understand the fect.. Really Urmi influance make Rashi worse.. Any ways now lets see wht will these both evil did with poor girl n has mother.. Imsure UrShi gets her blackmail on the name of good up bringing of Vansh..may be...may be as Harini said..Rashi bring her in MM as servent of might be as guest..or then girl n Jigar had affair.. Embarrassed hmmm interseting though.. Wink

in this whole week we get one fantastic GoMeeHem scene.. awww Ahemji..turely turely adoreble..Embarrassed some time i cant behieve is this The Ahem Parag Modi..Mr.Arrogant..omg he become so so change.. Who itself can not took one glass of water... Now he love to do his daughter n Wife chorse.. Shocked isn't it shocking...!! Really this guy come a long way.. I love it when he said to gopi.. Kya sare kaam tum hi karogi kuch mujhe bhi karne do.. Day Dreaming seriously Ahemji knows how much his wife doing work in MM n +Meera care alos.. Big smile and before that we get Ahemji's old anger avtar.. Embarrassed after a long time...its pleasure to seen him in this anger avtar... Day Dreaming then we get heard his name but cant get his glimpse Disapprove we heard Ahemji playing with Meera... Dont know when we get going to watch this..Ouch cvs are so so involved in Rashi saga they forget other character.. Especially Ahem n Meera.. Angry hope my finger crossed soon we get to watch MeeHem scene beside hears.. Wink

after GoHem.. KinWal are rocked.. Really Dhawal ji is to good.. Dhawal just pushing Kinjal i want she spoke out her feeling infront of him... Dhawal ji is all ready to hear 3 magical words to Kinjal.. Omg im desperatly waiting on that day... Day Dreaming

How can i forget abt poor Koki.. The only person who smell UrShi KK.. I pitty on Koki Baa n Hetal didnt do her work..wht she want to do.. Dont know why always when Koki going to do something these two brainless Woman poke their leg.. I seriously didnt expect all from Baa whtz wrong with her?? How can she let things so easy...if Koki had doubt so let do her clear na.. Forme Baa n Hetal are equally crime partner of UrShi they both give them toll or they become suceed in their all plans.. Dead i wish n i want without telling anyone Koki went n verify the papers from the lowyer..n also go n check other formality in oprhanage then surely Urmi curel truth will come out..Confused let see wht cvs did plan for us.. Ermm

Thanks dear.. For such lovely synopsis..sorry if i didnt give replay properly... Big smile

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Ritu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Very nice post. Clap 
You are so right about everybody. Rashi has been the most annoying and arrogant person. Ever since she stole vansh she has been acting like a brat. Angry She thinks that she is the queen as she has a son. Dead She has been ill treating her family members who have stood by her and always been supportive of her. Ouch She just sees money all the time and uses Vansh to get what she wants. Sleepy She doesn't deserve any happiness. Smile  She has to be punished in the most severe way possible for keeping a child away from its mother and also urmi is no less. Censored
I feel that Gohem are the ideal couple.Embarrassed They are very patient with each other and they respect each other.Clap Raji i feel are too immature as since this whole pregnancy track came along they have just been arguing and Rashi has been acting like a baby. Ouch
Urmila is a big fat idiot! Angry She herself is a mother and despite this she separated a child from his mother! Dead How would she feel if someone took Rashi far away from her?! Censored
Kinwal have been amazing this week. Loving their track. Embarrassed

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Nice post dear
i like Gohem and Raji the ideal couple that was wonderful scene and Gohem was just amazing loved their maturity the way they share each other work was so nice
another unforgettable movement is Kinwal hug Smile

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-nilani- Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Excellence post DeepaTongue
Last Week Loved Gomeehem Scenes with KinwalTongue

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Theta14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
i'm really disappointed with our rockstar baa!! 
koki u rock but failed for baa and mota bhabi
and really feel bad for vansh mother. he lost her child...and urshi r doing so worst thing ever...
urmi stole a child and rashi help urmi for hiding vansh from her real mother...
i res my case 

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Fantastic DipsyTongue You have the talent to put things briefly yet so clearlyStarStar

This week has made me do some searching.. Well yes.. A part of me wanted to understand Rashi and give her the benefit of doubt about the way she is acting.

However I try, I cannot justify her need to be selfish and that is what Rashi has been all week. She was selfish before getting Vansh, she was selfish when she got him and now she is being selfish when she realized that Vansh is Golu and his mother wants him back.

Are tears of Rashi the only one that need to be assuaged? Those tears are more out of self pity than for anything else.. Hence my sympathies for Rashi is totally out. Unfortunately she is firing from her mother's shoulders now and is staying out of the actual mess. 

She wants to have the cake and eat it. I find it abhorrent that she will play with the real mom to get what she wants and then give all this the name of love. Chi Rashi is all I can sayDead

The only good thing about this is the way Urmi totally is not involved with KinWal giving them a chance to blossom. I do think Falguni and Dhawal will both get caught soon LOL and Kinjal will be madly angry.. But somehow I think Falguni will get through to her and make her see what we all know is staring at her face. Kinjal loves Dhawal and wants a life with him. She is learning to make food, his favorites and expects him to hug and protect her Embarrassed So cute.. The only good thing this week.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot and how could I.. Embarrassed The GoMeeHem moments.. though short and only for a few minutes, it was refreshing to see how Gopi and Ahem are faring as parents. Ahem's total involvement with his daughter and GoHem's appreciation for each other is awesome as it is sweet. I wish the CVs show us more around them and less around UrShi.

The most irritating part I think is the fact that though a child is about its parents, Vansh has been about Rashi and Urmi. Jigar is just in the back as a wall paper. The very telling scene when Jigar was irritated with Rashi was the only pointer that all is not well. However for the rest of all this adoption drama, Jigar has been absent and that is really bad.Ouch How can the Cvs make the blunder of letting the father not pay any role in the adoption?Dead

But with this goldfish family and with Baa joining the ranks for this track, UrShi are getting away with it and poor Koki seems to be in the loss of words around them. It is like all these people conspiring to bring the MM house down and Koki is the lone fighter.

I have a feeling that the real mother will somehow be brought to MM and then we would get more drama as the truth slowly unveils and Rashi is caught in a web of her own lies. Monday might reveal allSmile

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doc4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Fantastic Synopsis!! Clap  Been a great week!! Tongue Thanx!! Big smile

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