FF - Twister Ends! Part 20 Page 18 (Page 6)

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Ennathu Bhuvana purushan Velayuthama??? Lakshmanan ku Velayutham better option...

Ithulayavathu Deepa and Kanagu ku kalyanam panni vayingapa pls... Prabhavum Suchi yum eppidiyo poi tholayuranga..

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Originally posted by viswai123

Ennathu Bhuvana purushan Velayuthama??? Lakshmanan ku Velayutham better option...

Ithulayavathu Deepa and Kanagu ku kalyanam panni vayingapa pls... Prabhavum Suchi yum eppidiyo poi tholayuranga..

rofl! Deepa &

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Episode 6

She got up in utter shock, "What?"
He casually replied, "I'll sleep on the couch here and you sleep in the bed. I don't want to take risks. Then I'll be the one to land up in jail."
She looked at him little annoyed at the last sentence and then realized what he said was true. 
It had to be freaky to find a nameless girl and the girl attempts suicide in his own house. 
She felt foolish for having attempted suicide, when she looked at the sleeping face of Tamizh on his couch, facing her. 
With eyes closed, he said, "Sleep. Please don't do anything foolish." 
She smiled and rested her face on the pillow, facing him, admiring him in his sleep. Slowly, sleep caught up with her. 
It was barely one hour, someone started banging at the door frantically. It was Thulasi who woke up first. She got up. 
The banging was obvious, not small knocks. 
Tamizh also woke up irritated, "Who on earth is itt..?". 
He turned to look at the girl, who was looking frightened. 
She asked, "Who? Why?" 
He sat up straight, "Don't worry! I'll check." 
He got up and went to the bedroom door. 
He turned and told her, "Don't come out." and he went out. 
He opened the door. He found an anxious Anand standing there, "Anand?" As soon as Anand saw Tamizh, he let out a sigh of relief. Tamizh looked confused, "What happened?" He answered him sarcastically, "I should ask you that! What happened? The night duty police found your bike and mobile in the alley. Since it is my jurisdiction I went there and do you know how freaked out I was?" Tamizh had almost forgotten about it, "Oh that! Ya...hmm..sorry for the trouble." Anand couldn't accept it, "You are a man of law too. You are an undercover cop. How could you? No courtesy to call and tell me." Tamizh, "Ada. I didn't have my mobile also. I thought I would tell you tomorrow." Anand looked a little satisfied with the answer, but, "Why aren't you inviting me inside?" he asked him suspiciously. Tamizh looked at him debating within himself if he should allow him. Anand didn't seem interested in going in, he asked him, "Are you alright? What is that car outside? Looks pretty costly." The girl seemed to have trouble with the police, so he decided not to tell him anything, "What car? Not mine. Go home. I'm very tired", slamming the door at him. Anand looked shocked at his behavior. They were friends and this was a usual thing; slamming the door on the other's face, but definitely not in this kind of situation. Anand left the place, determined to investigate later.
Tamizh went back inside the room. He saw Thulasi standing with crossed hands, fully awake, "You are police, right? Why didn't you tell me?" Tamizh, walked towards her, "I just work undercover and technically no one should know it. Then why should I tell you?", He went closer to her, that she had to walk back till she hit the wall. He went so close to her that her heart started beating fast. 
"So, now you know." 
"So?", she managed to ask.
He put his hands on the wall jailing her.
She couldn't believe her eyes. This man, who was so quiet and calm all this while, what was he doing now? He went closer to her. 
Frightened, she asked, "What are going to do?"
He looked at her sarcastically, "I think I have to kill you for this."
She pushed him forward, "What? No!" and looking here and there for a weapon of protection.
He started laughing, "What a changeover! Go sleep!"

"Get up! Get up!"
Thulasi was shoving Tamizh. Pulling up the bed cover over his face, he said, "Just 5 more minutes!"
"Huh? Wake up, Tamizh."
He woke up irritated at the nagging. He looked at his watch, "Come on! It is just 8 and it is a Sunday.", going back to his bed.
Thulasi, "Wake up, Tamizh. You have to go to the RTO office."
Tamizh sat up straight, "Ok! Fine! Stop nagging me! You are worse than my mother."
Thulasi sulked childishly. He woke up and went to the washroom to freshen up. He came out and saw her sitting in the bed, worried. He saw that she was looking cute and childish. He then shook the thought of his mind, "I'll go buy breakfast and come." 
She looked up, "What? Why? Don't you cook at home." Tamizh nodded his head no.
She got up, "Well! I took the liberty to make food today."
Tamizh, "Really?" surprised, "Wow! Is there stuff to make in my house? I didn't know."
Thulasi replied, "Yes! There was flour and salt. More than enough to make breakfast", making her way to the dining room.
Tamizh, "Really? What did you make?" following her, "Chappathi?", enjoying the aroma.
Thulasi, "Stuffed with methi. I plucked spinach from your garden."
He eagerly sat down to eat, "Thank you, Thulasi. Even more weird. You can remember how to cook and not remember your name?" 
She smiled and hit him, "Eat fast. You should go to the RTO office."
"Why are you living alone? Don't you have a family?" 
Tamizh who was enjoying his breakfast, stopped eating. 
Thulasi realized she had stuck the wrong cord, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to know. Sorry if I disturbed you. Eat." 
Tamil saw how disappointed she was. He smiled and continued eating, "Nothing as such. I'm the only son. Parents divorced. 3 days with father, 3 days with mother. That was my childhood. What are looking at? Yes. The 7th day. I don't know how I lived my childhood. Now I'm earning and I live alone. But still they are behind my back to marry me off to a rich girl for their benefits. This is my story in nutshell." 
Thulasi silently said, "Oh!" 
Tamizh continued, "But I'm happy. I have good friends. I have always tried to keep myself happy and easy going. Living my life today", smiling and winking at her. 
Thulasi, "Who will you marry?" 
Tamizh stopped eating again. 
Thulasi, "I mean, do you have a girl friend? or will you marry the girl your father says? or the one your mother says?" 
Tamizh smiled again, "No one." Thulasi blinked in surprise, "No one? Why?" 
Tamizh, "The concept of marriage has baffled me. Even love. When they kept on pestering me, I even decided to marry my best friend. But she rejected me. I don't blame her. She never wanted to live in India. But for me, the only thing that is my own is my country. I love my grandmother. You should meet her once. You'll not want to die. Grandfather was a military man and she used to tell me stories..."
Thulasi wasn't interested in his grandmother stories, "But why? You are handsome. intelligent. kind. generous. Any girl would want to marry you. She is stupid to have missed you."
Tamizh, "Huh?" looking at her surprised. She was eating casually. She looked up, "Do you want more?"
Tamizh, "No", getting up, "It's time. Let's go."
Thulasi, "Let's go? But you said you'll go."
Tamizh, "I can't risk you being alone here."
Thulasi, "No. I won't suicide. And I won't come out in this dress", looking down at her badly wrinkled dress.
Tamizh looked at her from head and toe, "Hm..I might have a solution."
He went in and brought back a cover, "Here. Take this. My grandmother gave it to me to give it to my wife. Now I know this is not going to be of any use to me. You have it."
Thulasi looked at him a little amazed at what he was saying. Did he realize that he was giving away the saree which was meant to go to his wife to her? He gave it to her and saw her expression and it looked like he had understood what he had just done.

(To be continued...)

Valentine's Day Spl. 
It will live up to its nameTongue!

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Lol found this part amusing, so Tamil works undercover?  Precap seems interesting. 

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Great continuation Gisel ... sent shivers down my back when I read the part where Tamizh walked up to her and she backed against the wall ... ClapEmbarrassedClap
Now you've got me looking forward to Feb 14th ... Day Dreaming

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nice part gisel...!!!Smile
looking forward for feb 14...!!!Day Dreaming

i can imagine the plot of the fiction different from the original...!!
this ff is really a powerful TWISTER...LOLClap
thanq giselWink

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good changes gisel, parents divorced and TA having a grandmother here..Maybe T can have one too and the grandmothers can be soulmates (rofl)...
T knows cooking and that too specialised stuff too...great reading! now looking forward to next n next...

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Episode 7

He was sitting in the hall, reading his newspaper. 
She opened the door and stood there in the door way, ''I don't want to come. You go'', she said feebly. 
He looked to see her draped in a beautiful cream white crepe saree with small blue flowers for a border, with simple but exotic designery. 
He could see that she was standing there uneasily. 
He got up. 
She went back hitting herself in the closed door of the bedroom. 
It was very evident that she was uncomfortable. 
He said, ''But, you have to come!'' and left the house expecting her to follow. 
To his surprise she didn't. 
He went back in, saying, ''You are the one who is wasting time now.'' 
She didn't budge. 
He got annoyed and held her hand to pull her. 
She just made herself free from his hold but didn't move, ''Don't come near me!'' 
Tamizh looked annoyed and confused at the same time, ''Huh? What's your problem?'' 
''Same question back. What's your grandmother's problem? Normally you gift a humble kanchipuram saree to the daughter in law. But this'' being uncomfortable again. 
''Oh my God, I thought you had a serious problem. This saree looks nice on you. Now come'', again holding her hand. 
She glared at him that he looked taken aback, ''Did I say the problem is with the saree?''
Being more uneasy, she mouthed something. 
''..blouse hook is in the back..'' 
''What?'', not hearing it properly. 
She repeated the same but this time very loud that he started being uneasy. 
She continued, ''I managed the hook..but..the wire..I can't tie it..." slightly turning.
Her hair covered her back. Unwillingly and slowly, Thulasi took her hair and put it in the front. She closed her eyes tightly and bit her lips. She liked him but this was too fast, too fast; that she wished didn't happen. She felt weak. But, she had no other option. Tamizh could feel himself going weak. He could feel his lips going dry. Was he starting to sweat? He wiped his forehead, as he saw her. He couldn't help noticing the nape of her neck and the 'leaf-like' tatoo. He slowly took his hand to hold the thread. He saw that his hands were shivering. He looked away and then swallowed and turned back again and took the threads and tied them in a knot. Unknowing to him, a smile escaped his face and he silently cursed his grandmother comically under his breath. His finger-tips brushed by her shoulders when he was tying it. An electric shock crept through her and she jerked, which Tamizh noticed. She closed her eyes feeling more embarrassed. When she knew it was done, breathing in and out, she turned to go, thinking he would have left by now. But, she bumped her head into his. Both of them rubbed their heads; looking at each other. She looked at him. He was looking at her keenly. She noticed that his look had softened. Was he also starting to like her? Casually she looked at him, he was looking at her with the same look. It was getting creepier, now. Why was he looking at her like that? Again she gave a casual look to see if he was still looking at her; he was. This time she kind of felt that he wasn't looking at her face a sudden moment of realization she took a step back and crossed her hands over her chest. He became annoyed and looked up to her face and then he realized that he might have given a wrong impression. He took a step closer and put one hand on the door railing above and took the other hand next to her...
"Stop! What are you doing?", closing her eyes tightly and looking down.
He didn't answer. He held her chin and made her look up. She also slowly loosened at his touch, though inside she was fighting within herself to not yield in to whatever he does. 
With their breathing deepening and heart pumping faster, he brought his lips to her lips and slowly kissed her, holding her cheeks in place. She couldn't resist it, but no; this wasn't right! She didn't know him! She didn't know her! No!
She opened her eyes to see him standing with his hand on the door railing only. It was her imagination. She let out a sigh of relief. Now that she knew he hadn't kissed her, she didn't mind a kiss from him. He held her chin and made her look up. She opened her eyes wide. That was an imagination, right? But this? Was this for real? Then, he slowly took his hands down her neck to her pendant and said, "This looks like a pen-drive." and he removed the pendant and it came of easily and indeed it was a pen-drive.

Password incorrect
Only one more trial allowed.
Tamizh turned to look at Thulasi who was leaning on the chair and looking at the computer screen.
"Is this really necessary? No driver's license. No identification. Finally we find a pen drive and it is password protected...arggh...", hitting the table with his fist.
She looked at him with a puppy face. He got annoyed and got up, "Come. Let's go to the RTO office."
"One minute."
He turned to look at her.
"I don't what to say. But I'm sorry if I'm annoying you so much. Let's go to the police station. Let law decide my fate." 
"But you told me not to go to the police."
"That wasn't me. Was it?"
"Don't talk nonsense and come with me."
She smiled much to his surprise, "I knew you would say this. I wasn't wrong. Promise me that you will never leave me. Promise me that you will always be by my side."
Tamizh looked confused.
She held out her hand asking a promise.
Breathing out, he went and kept his hand over hers...

(To be continued...)

In a split of a second, Charu realized how much she missed him and picked up her keys setting off to meet himEvil Smile.

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