FF - Twister Ends! Part 20 Page 18 (Page 16)

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Episode 16

Tamizh calmly, "Ok. I will not call you Thulasi again", remembering how she had told her friend that she wanted to be Tamizh's Thulasi always.
Thulasi, "Register marriage today morning before Deepa left for America. But I still don't get it. How did I agree to marry you in the first place? Explain in detail. What happened?"
Tamizh closed his eyes remembering the accident, the suicide attempt, the gradual falling in love, the tree-house, the register marriage because she didn't want to go to America.
Thulasi snapped her fingers at his face, "Mr. Tamizh. Can you please explain?"
Tamizh sat down on his chair lost for words. How was he going to explain the love between them? It was a magic that they had shared. A special magic that was never going to come back. He could clearly see it in her eyes. No love. No sparkle. The girl he had fallen in love was different. Confused and not at the same time. Scared and not at the same time. She was the side that this girl didn't possess. Was there any way she would come back? 
He didn't face her, "Thulasi...sorry. Shruthi. How am I going to explain everything to you? How am I going to explain the love between us?"
Thulasi, more angry than shocked, "Love? What? So this wasn't a marriage of convenience?...I don't believe you", as she turned away crossing her hands, annoyed, "Do you have internet connection? I have to talk to my friends."
Tamizh, "Yes." and went inside the room. Thulasi followed him. He took his laptop and gave it to her. She started working on it. She opened her Skype account first. She saw that Deepa was online and called her. Deepa came online. 
Thulasi, "Deepa! Can you hear me?"
Deepa, "Hi Shruthi. Oh..sorry, Thulasi. How are you? I'm at Heathrow Airport now. The flight takes off again to JFK in 15 minutes. So? How is everything going? How is Tamizh?"
Thulasi, "Deepa?" Why was she also calling her Thulasi? Why was she asking about Tamizh?
Deepa, "Shru...It's going to take time before we get used to Thulasi. Anyway, you have no idea how happy I'm for you. I have never seen you this happy before. You are so lucky. You and Tamizh should have a wonderful life. Kalyani and I will take care of this bid. You take rest for a while. Have a nice honeymoon. Give us a call when you are ready to take over the company base in India. Bye for now. Boarding has started. Love you." and she cut the call before Thulasi could ask for more answers. She turned to look at Tamizh who was biting his nails looking away. She went near him, "Please. Tell me what happened. I will believe you." Tamizh turned to look at her. The innocence hadn't returned, but there was hope.
Tamizh, "The accident was day before yesterday...You passed out after telling me not to call anyone."
Thulasi, "Yes, I remember."
Tamizh, "And after that...", ...he starts narrating..., " rained heavily and.." he stopped.
Thulasi, "And? What happened?"
Tamizh helplessly looked at her. How was he going to tell her? How would she react to it? He would be a cheat to her. He would be someone who had used an opportunity. She would never realise the mutual love they had had for each other. 
Thulasi, "Mr. Tamizh?"
Tamizh, "Huh? Han. And then it was there when we decided to get married."
Thulasi, "Just like that?"
Tamizh, "Huh?" He looked at her to find more patience in her than what he had seen in the last couple of hours.
Thulasi, "It is so funny. I thought of ending my life? You saved me in time. It's so cinematic. I wish I could remember all these things. So what happened later?"
Tamizh continued skipping what had happened in the tree-house, "Anand came after the rain fell down from the swing and your past was back. Thulasi was gone."
Thulasi, "That was so cute. I'm so sorry. I can't remember anything. Tamizh. This is more like a story than a part of me. I can't relate to it. I have to go. I...I don't know what to say. I don't even know if this marriage is legal."
Tamizh, "Ya. I know." sadly remembering how adamant Thulasi was to learn Shruthi's sign from Deepa for signing the marriage certificate.
Thulasi, "I have to go."
Tamizh, "Let your passport come. It will come only after 45 days. 45 working days excluding Saturday and Sunday. Till then you can stay here and carry on with your life. I will not disturb you." and he went out of the room. Thulasi looked after him, feeling sorry for him.
Tamizh went and sat in his chair feeling lost. *Tring. Tring* What was happening in his life? *Tring. Tring* Was there any chance of him winning her back? *Tring. Tring*
Thulasi shook him to reality, "Phone." handing over his mobile to him. He took it, "Hello amma...What?...No!..." alarmed, turning to look at Thulasi who was confused "...I want to talk to her now. Give the phone to her...Fine. I'm coming." and he cut the call.
Thulasi, "Where are you going?"
Tamizh, "To my village. My grandmother. She is sick. I have to go", getting up and going inside the room to pack. Thulasi followed him inside, "What about me?"
Tamizh stopped, " it is ok with you, you can come with me." 
He paused when he saw that she was silent, "You can stay here. I can give you a credit card and some money. Is that ok?"
Thulasi, "No. I will come with you. I have never been to a village. It will be a new experience." 
Tamizh smiled for the first time in two hours, "Good. We will leave in another hour. Be ready. I will go and hire a car." 

(To be continued...)

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Thanks for the new chapter! Your story is really interesting! I feel so sad for Tamizh! Eppo seeruvanga?

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wow gisel...
next village creative...!!
thanq for the next part...!!!
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woohoo you started next seriesBig smile
wish tulasi remenbered Cry
waiting for next part
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Episode 17

Tamizh, "The car is here. Shall we go?"
"Ya. Sure."
"I'll take the baaag...What? I mean. Sorry."
"Is there a problem?"
Clearing his throat, "uhm..It won't be nice if we reach the village with you dressed like this."
"Why? This shirt is just perfect for me."
"Yes. It is. But, we are not going to America."
"Hm..But I like it", admiring herself in the mirror. She was wearing his shirt and jeans, "I don't want to travel in a saree. Let's go."
Tamizh looked after her, amused; before carrying the bags to the car.

Tamizh was driving while Thulasi was sitting in the passenger seat enjoying music and admiring the scenery outside.
"Mr. Tamizh, I think we should have more constructions for providing shades and look at the land...They are so barren. We should bring in the more green plantation technology they use in..."
Tamizh wasn't listening. He was smiling to himself thinking about how talkative she was and is. Suddenly he stopped the car. She jerked forward not expecting the break, "What happened?"
He turned to look at her with a small smile admiring her surprised face, "How about a cup of tea and some snacks?"
Thulasi looked out of the window to see a small tea shop opposite the road, standing alone in the highway. Tamizh got out of the car followed by Thulasi. The boy who was working in the shop came running towards them least bothered about the cars passing by.
"Ai careful, " she called out to him. Tamizh just smiled hearing her.
"Anna. Ena venum?"
"Rendu tea. Rendu vada."
The boy ran back to the shop to get the order.
Thulasi, "Tamizh, this is so wrong. There should be a Stop sign and a zebra crossing and the speed limit. There are cars going at the speed of 200 also. There is so much to add in the agenda."
Tamizh started laughing much to the annoyance of Thulasi, "Ein? Ein sirikireinga?"
Tamizh, "Welcome to India, madam. Inga nee neyakirathu mathiri onum panna mudiyathu."
Thulasi, "Ein panna mudiyathu? If we believe in it, we can. I was born in this country. Just because I lived all my life in America doesn't make a difference. These are my roots. If everything can be perfect in America, so can it be in India. All over the world Indian engineers, doctors, architects and labourers are in high demand. All of us go to another country and make it better but not here."
For the first time Tamizh listened to what she was actually trying to say and understood the passion and commitment she had for the work she was actually doing. The boy came back bringing the food. Thulasi took the tea glasses when she saw that he was lost in thoughts. "Hello. Tea vangikonga. It's too hot."
The tea glass being hot she trusted it into his hands, who jerked at the sudden heat, spilling the tea all over his shirt.
"Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to."
"It's ok, " wiping off the tea. He gave the glass back to the boy and paid him the money before going to change his shirt. When he took off his shirt, Thulasi noticed the bullet mark on his shoulders and touched it to feel it. Tamizh who was searching for a new shirt looked up at her. For a moment both of them lost in each other's eyes. Thulasi was the first to come out of the gaze when a drop of water fell down from the heavens to her cheeks. She looked up at the fast moving clouds. It started to drizzle.

The rain hammered on the car's metal roof and Tamizh slowly steered the car through the wet darkness.
Thulasi exclaimed her unhappiness, "There are no proper streetlights. And what a road! Phew!"
With the indicator on, he moved the car slowly on the bumpy road towards his house battling the rain. "I hope your grandmother is alright. Why is she not admitted in the hospital?"
Tamizh stopped his car, "The doctor comes to our house."
Thulasi, "Why did you stop the car?"
Tamizh, "This is my house." pointing to the window on her side. She turned to look at a grandeur house behind a grand gate. The view wasn't clear, thanks to the rain. A lightening struck giving a better view.
Thulasi looked at it in awe, "Wow. Is this by any chance the house of Chandramukhi?"
Tamizh just laughed and took his phone to call someone. An oldman came with an umbrella and opened the gates and rushed to Tamizh's side. Tamizh opened his door. The guy, "Thambi. Vaanga", holding the umbrella for him. Tamizh, "Epdi irukeinga anna?" 
"Nala irukein, thambi. Elarum ungalukaga thaan kathutu irukanga. Vaanga polam."
"Oru nimisham. Enum oru koda iruka? Ein kuda oru friend vanthirukanga."
"Illa thambi. Nan poi eduthu varen", handing the umbrella to him and going inside. Tamizh went to Thulasi's side of the car. She opened the door and came out. Tamizh, "He has gone to get another umbrella."
Thulasi, "We can go in this one. Why bother him in this rain?" holding Tamizh's hands on the handle. Both of them looked at each-other at the feel of the touch. They looked away being conscious, letting go off the handle at the same time and holding it again at the same time. Tamizh cleared his throat, "Let's go." holding the handle. Thulasi just nodded yes and both of them walked slowly towards Tamizh's house. They walked in silence, both of them conscious of being close to each-other. The man came with another umbrella. Thulasi was about to take it when Tamizh said, "Poi bags a eduthirunga anna." 
"Seri thambi, " and he left with the umbrella to take the bags. 
Tamizh was enjoying his wife's company when the front porch lights came on and the front door opened. An elderly lady came out with the servants of the house. Tamizh, "Patti?!" leaving the umbrella to Thulasi and running forward to greet her. Tamizh, "Ena patti ithu? Unaku odambu seri illanu amma phone pannanga. Nee ivalo themba iruka?"
Patti, "Murugan irukan da en kuda. Enaku onum agathu. Nalakalichu unaku kalyanam athuku thaan apdi oru poiya sollirunthu."

(To be continued...)

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ore shocking newsa la irruku...ShockedShockedShocked
didn't expect this unexpected twist...tamiluku mariage aa..

then,that umbrella scenes where good...!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

thanq for the wonderful part


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Great chapter! Really unexpected! Kuttima irrukum pithy Vera kalyanama!
Antha village feeling apposite irriku and also with Patti's poi solli kalyanathuku varravaikirathu! Your romantic scenes are too good!

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Great part thanks.

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