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So it is February? The month of loveDay Dreaming!
A friend asked me, "I want to see Deepak and Shruthi in a different adventure without the people around them disturbing. Only them." 
She asked this before I decided to be away from Thendral.
 And I did promise her. I'm here to keep my promiseWink
Deepak and Shruthi, the Best Jodi awardees of Sun TV, in a total different light. 
Anything can happenWink. I hope you all enjoy it.


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The FF has no resemblance to the serial whatsoever but the basic characterization for the purpose of imagination remains. It's purely fictional. Not intended to hurt anybody's feelings. Set in a totally different era, the relationships seem to have changed for good. Things will get clear as the story proceeds...

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Episode 1

The sky was dark with obvious sparkles from the stars above. The alley was silent occasionally interrupted by a dog howling far away. Trees from both sides forming a canopy with leaves rustling against each other in the cold monsoon night. It is in one such cliche nights that the story begins.
The soft hustling of the dried leaves on the ground broke the still silence of the misty night. A guy's silhouette appeared at the horizon, he was walking pushing his bike. And when he was near a lamp post, he parked his bike and took out his phone and dialed a number and took his phone to his ears. 
All he could hear is the "Your call is waiting. The number you have called is busy. Stay on the line or please try again later..." 
He has been hearing this the whole day. 
In frustration he looked up to the sky shouting his lungs out, "BRAMAHA! What's your problem? Why are you playing with me? I'm going to try again and she better pick the phone." 
He tries again.
This time the ring did go. 
He held his breath praying, "Pick up. Pick up. Pick up." with his fingers crossed with so much force. 
Two rings and , "The person you are trying to call is busy. Please try again later." 
He looked blank in shock, it was so evident that the person on the other end didn't want to talk to him. He slid down by the lamp post, feeling dejected and sat with a thud on the footpath. The phone fell off next to him, "Is it all? Is she never going to talk to me again?" 
He swallowed hard. A moment passed by as he looked at the darkness ahead searching for nothing. 
He took his hands to his face breathing in and out slowly to keep him self calm and slowly looked up. 
The light from the lamp post fell on him revealing a handsome looking guy in his late twenties with worry written all over his face.
*Nokia tune*
He took the phone with so much happiness in his face, "Hello! Charu?" not even reading the caller ID.
He hears a man's laughter on the other side. Looking confused, he checks the phone ID, "Oh! Anand. Tell me. What is it?"
Anand, "Hello Tamizh! It's Saturday night and we are waiting for you to come to the usual party. Again a fight with Charu? What are you doing, man? What is this between you guys? I don't understand. You guys fight all the time."
Tamizh, "Anand I'm really not in the mood to talk to you right now."
Anand, "No wait. Now you better come here. Everyone is waiting for you."
Tamizh, "But..."
Anand, "No buts. Multiplex Mall in another 15 minutes. You get me? If not you are so going into jail tomorrow morning. Come on Tamizh. You are a take-it-easy guy. What happened today? Well that's the reason you guys fight sometimes. But anyways, come soon. Everyone is waiting."
Tamizh chuckles, "Ya. Sure I'll come. After all just one life. I'm so not allowing anyone to control it."
Anand, "Now that's my boy. Come soon. Party is gonna start." and he cut the call.
Tamizh, "Very true. Come on, Tamizh. Let's go rock the party!" and he gets up enthusiastically and wipes off the dirt from his denim jeans, "Who am I kidding? I can't go there. They will tease me." going in for a mood swing, "Hm...will Charu be there? Maybe I can make up for what happened today. I should have asked him if Charu was coming too." looking at the phone again and smiling looking at the wallpaper of him and Charu together.

Meanwhile at a discotheque in the mall, 
Anand, "Here Shamila and Charu. Have a coke." and he handed over coke cans to two gorgeous looking girls dressed in jeans and shirt sitting. 
Shamila, "Where is Tamizh? Is he coming?"
Anand sitting on the couch next to a stranger, "Ya. Of course he will. It would have been one of the silly fights these two always have." sipping into his coke.
Shamila turned to Charu, who looked less cheerful than usual, "What happened?"
Charu, "Oh. Its nothing. The usual thing.", but it was evident from her tone that it wasn't usual, unintentionally she was fiddling her watch thinking something.
Anand leaned forward, "Wasn't that the watch Tamizh gave you on your birthday?"
Charu snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her watch, "Yes. It was his gift." and for the first time she looked at it keenly.

Tamizh, "I'm never gonna reach the mall." walking slowly pushing his bike.
His bike wouldn't start and he had to walk all the way to the main road now before he could take a lift or something. Just then he heard a motor sound in a distance, "Is that a bike?" turning around to the sound. Two headlights appeared in sight, "Wow! It's a car!" and he parked his bike and stood at the middle of the road waving frantically. 
When the car neared him he noticed that, the car was coming at high speed. For a second, he thought the car didn't have control and it would hit him. The car speed near him, the driver seemed to have come to senses at the last minute and the car took a sharp turn to the right missing Tamizh by inches but hitting the bike and overturning twice. Tamizh covered himself from the sparks that emerged and slowly looked up when the overturning came to a complete halt. 
The car was straight thankfully. 
Slowly but steadily Tamizh looked around; the silence was becoming scary now. The place was still deserted. 
He walked towards the car calling out, "Hello? Are you alright?" 
No response. 
He went near it. 
It was a latest model Volkswagen car looking still safe after the overturning. 
He went closer to the driver's seat, "He..llo..?" 
It looked like the driver was a lady. He could see that she was lying on the steering and with her long silky hair covering her, "Hello?"
He slowly put her hair to the other side; in the process revealing a simple leaf tattooed on her neck. 
He looked towards the other seats and saw that she was alone. He carefully held her by the shoulder and held her up. 
He held her unconscious face. 
Her mascara was running down her cheeks indicating she might have been crying. There was no blood. She wasn't cold either. He could feel the warmth. She wasn't dead, for sure. 
He should call the ambulance. 
He took out his phone to call; only to notice to his dismay that the phone had switched off because of low battery.
 Again breathing in and out for a couple of times to stay calm, he held her chin and shook her, "Hello? Madam?" He went closer to her face. He could hear her breathing. 
He shook her a little more violently, "Madam?" 
The lady slightly opened her eyes moaning softly in pain, "Madam? Are you alright? Do you have a phone? I can call the police or ambulance."
The lady jerked at the mention of police, "" in a faint voice; shaking her head with so much pain, " call nyone..they'", she swallowed, shutting her eyes and went back to being unconscious. 
He tried shaking her again, "Who will kill you? Madam?" 
He looked around helplessly at the deserted place and then he looked at the girl in his arms. 
She had just called him Deepak. Everyone calls him Tamizh for that was his nickname; only people in the professional frontier knew him as Deepak. 
Who was this girl? Dressed up in bridal attire? Driving a world class model car in the middle of the night? And the crazy part was she just instructed him not to call anyone, was she really in danger? Did that indirectly mean that he was in danger too? What the hell should he do now? 
This had to be the worst day of his life.

(To be continued...)

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wow Gisel enne FF ithu, I don't like it..Charu and Tamil lovers a?! Ponge paErmm...Gisel bayanthutinge laROFL, chumma thaan sonnenanLOL
Its SUPER oru writer na summa va, you are rocking!!Clap
I like it soo much, its different from the other FF's oru semma twist pa..continue Gisell can't waitDay Dreaming
btw who is that girl in the car? Thulasi ya?
Ama ippe vathu sollunge ean Charu and TAmil lovers? Ean inthe kolaveri?? Tell meLOL..

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Originally posted by Hollie24

wow Gisel enne FF ithu, I don't like it..Charu and Tamil lovers a?! Ponge paErmm...Gisel bayanthutinge laROFL, chumma thaan sonnenanLOL
Its SUPER oru writer na summa va, you are rocking!!Clap
I like it soo much, its different from the other FF's oru semma twist pa..continue Gisell can't waitDay Dreaming
btw who is that girl in the car? Thulasi ya?
Ama ippe vathu sollunge ean Charu and TAmil lovers? Ean inthe kolaveri?? Tell meLOL..
ROFLROFLROFLExpected reaction! 
TT ku romance ezhuthi bore adikuthu athan oru change ku TCku romance ezhuthulamnuTongue!
Adutha jenumathila nadakira kathanu assume panikoTongue!
Antha ponnu Thulasi a irukalam illamalayum irukalam. Wait and readWink!

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First of all Thanksss Gisel Hug (You know why LOL)

Like Hollie I also got shocked Shocked TA&C lovers ah?? Shocked But itsss soo nicee, puthusa iruku. I read it when I went to bed, you wont believe but I got scared and couldnt sleep for few mins LOL Its very mysterious and thrilling Shocked Love the script, keep rocking.

Lets come for what you have asked me:
Critics I dont have. Big smile I think its Thulasi in the car. Somehow have a feel that the car accident is some drama by the girl and her people. Its maybe a trap for TA? Im not sure, ore thrill ah iruku.

Keep rocking Gisel. Superbbb Clap

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The T/CConfused romance put me off ... till i came to a part of another girl Ermm Question  ... then I thought to myself ... aha a mystery ... can't wait to see what will happen next ...
Great beginning Gisel ...ClapDay Dreaming 

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hey tamil and charu together Confused
its yummy yummy giselEmbarrassed
waiting for more...Smile

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