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S2: While you were sleeping Ch39A&B PG135 21/04

Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
hello friends i'm back to disturb everyoneLOL
Well my story has completed its 150 pages limit, so now it's time for season 2Wink
for all those interested in the first part:

Now here's Chapter 22A as promised, sorry while writing it turned out to be a bit long, hence splitting it in 2 partsWink

Chapter 22-Part A

"Theek hein, but i promise you by the end of this day, your answer will be yes," Arjun said and gave her a wink.

"So much over-confidence?" Riya replied shyly.

"Not over-confidence, but simply love," he said back.

"We'll see," Riya said shyly.

"Abhi se churu karte hein nah," Arjun said and pulled her in his arms. He went close to her ears and whispered lovingly, "Ri you are looking so lovely today, i wish that i could take you somewhere and hide you!" and gave her a light kiss on her ear. He shifted slowly to her lips, and said "Yeh tumhare hont muhje pagal banate hein," he closed the distance between them but just at the last instance he drew back and looked at Riya taking deep and hurried breaths.

"Ri, bimar ho kya? Why are you breathing so fastly?" he said jokingly.

"Aisa kuch bhi to nahin," Riya said and looked outside and tried to calm her senses.  She had a secret smile, Arjun was going to be very handy.

First Arjun took her to one shopping mall where he pulled her straight to a jeweller's shop.

"Can you show us the best unique designs for an engagement," Arjun asked the manager there.  The manager made them sit, and soon lots of designs of rings were presented to them.

"Riya choose karo nah," Arjun asked Riya.

All the rings were very beautiful and very very expensive. How could she make Arjun buy something so expensive.  She drew closer to Arjun's ear and whispered to him "Nahin these are too expensive, i dont want to take anything!"

Arjun looked angrily at her and whispered back to her, "Dont worry i wont become poor after buying any one of them for you! Now be a good girl and chose what you want!"

"Please rehene dijiye nah," Riya pleaded gently.  But Arjun was adamant to buy something for her, so he will buy.  In the end Riya had to accept defeat and said, "Theek hein, since it's your gift to me, then choose it yourself.  i have complete trust in your choice!"

"woh to hoga hi, after all meine tujhe jo chuna," Arjun teased her.

Now Riya had put him in a strange dilemma.  Arjun didnt know much about buying jewellery for girl.  He stared for a long time at the rings in front of him, when suddenly something caught his eyes.  He picked it up, and thought, "Riya will like this one for sure."

He turned towards Riya and made her wear it, and like he had guessed it was also of perfect size.  He turned towards the manager and said that he'll buy this one and went to complete the payment formalities.

Riya was left alone for some few minutes, and she was admiring the ring that Arjun chose for her.   It was a perfect choice, neither too big nor too heavily embedded with diamonds, it was a simple and lovely ring just like she always wanted.  After paying for the ring, they both left there.  Riya turned to go back to their car, when Arjun pulled her by her hand taking her to a boutique selling sarees.

"Riya, aaj shyam ke dinner ke liye, ek saree choose kar lo," Arjun pleaded to her.

"Lekin Arjun mere paas already kitne sarees hein," Riya said.

"Please dont argue with me my princess, kabhi to mera baat maan liya karo," Arjun said a bit disappointed. 

"Theek hein, aap phir se jeet gaye.  Aur iss baar bhi aap hi ko choose karna parega," Riya said.

"Mein aur saree.  Riya mujhe in sab cheezon ka koi knowledge nahin hein," Arjun replied.

"Phir bhi, i want you to choose it, since i want to wear something of your choice," Riya persisted.

Finally after a long time, Arjun chose a red net saree for her.  It was adorned with stones and black sequins.  With this saree, they also got a blouse as gift.  When Riya saw that blouse she was shocked.  The blouse was a complete backless one with only one single dori holding it.

"Arjun ask them to change it, there's no way i'm going to wear something like that," Riya said.

But Arjun was starting to get a bit mischievous, and he wanted to see Riya in only this one, so he blankly refused to change it.

"You said nah you'd wear something of my choice? So? And besides you'll be dressing for me only nah Riya, aur mujhe se kya sharmanan?"

Finally they left the shopping mall, and Arjun drove them out of the city.  After almost one hour of driving, Riya was getting anxious to know where Arjun was taking her.

"Hum kahan ja rahein hein?"

"Bas ek aur ghante, aur hum apne beach house mein hoge," Arjun replied concentrating completely on the driving since it was raining heavily outside.

"Beach house par?" Riya said to herself.  She felt a bit nervous going alone with Arjun to a beach house, but she knew that her Arjun was a gentleman and that she could trust him completely.

After almost one hour later, they finally reached the beach house.  And fortunately for them, the weather was sunny here.  As soon as they reached there, Arjun took her inside and she was surprised to see that lunch had already been ordered and arranged beautifully on a table facing the seaside.

"The washroom is on the first door, go and freshen up, then we'll have lunch together," Arjun told her.  While going to the washroom she had a leisure look at the house, it was a lovely one and perfect for outings.  It was also a very big one.

After five minutes she joined him back.  He led her to her chair, pulled it for her and waited for her to sit down, and only then went to take his seat.

The lunch was very good, and both shared their likes and dislikes. It was a magical moment for both of them.  After lunch, Arjun took Riya for a stroll on the beach.  They walked hand in hand talking about anything that came in their mind.  When tired they would sit down on the beach to rest. After some time, Riya wanted to walk with her feet in the water.  But Arjun hated walking in the water.  But Riya persisted, released herself from his hold, and rushed to the sea. When she saw that Arjun wasn't following her and was standing there watching her, she felt a bit annoyed and thus ended up by splashing water at him. She laughed when she saw him dripping with water. 

"So you wanna fight with me?" Arjun replied mischievously, and he ran towards her and without giving her any time picked her up in his arms.  He walked a bit deeper in the water and threw her in the water.  Riya emerged from the water within a few seconds, "Yeh apne theek nahin kiya," and started splashing water on him and dragging him also completely in the water. Soon they were playing like kids in the sea.  After a long time both were tired and decided to return back to change from their wet clothes.

so how was it?
sorry for any spelling mistakesEmbarrassed

Part B coming by tomorrow morning hopefully, otherwise it'll only be up on Monday...

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Character Sketch Part 1:

Character Sketch Part 2:

chapter 1:

chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4A:

Chapter 4B:
Rathore secret fiancee revealed, CS od shaina

chapter 5A:

Chapter 5B

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10

chapter 11A:

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chapter 12A

chapter 12 B
Page 82

Chapter 13

Chapter 14:

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chapter 16:

Chapter 17 Part A:

Chapter 17B:
Page 106

Chapter 18A:

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Chaper 18C:

Chapter 19A + Note:

Chapter 19B + Chapter 20A

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chapter 33;

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Chapter 37:

Chapter 38A and B:

Chapter 39 A &B:
My Ariya Index:

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naughtykittyyy IF-Dazzler

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1st of alll con grats 4 ds thrd drClap
wooo my assmptns r updt mein to shuru se hi blshing blshng mmont hayBlushingEmbarrassedBlushing
1st it strt in da suv arjunnn EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed suv mein hi strt ho gayaaa bt almost kiss miss ho gaya
khayr koi baat nahi jaldi ye wish puri kar denaWink
he choos a prfct ring 4 his princss hr choicSmile 
den he chooss saree 4 hr too...nice choic red best part to hay wo almost backls blous part ...mschvious arjunnBlushingBlushing refuse 2 chng it(ab wo ayse refus kyu na karega...LOLLOL  bevkuf to hain nahiEvil Smile...n pahennewali uski riya hayWinkLOLEmbarrassed)
den der playng on da bch like kid Smile dey hv full masti...
bt da mn point cm hr now dey drnchd so needd 2 chng drss Evil SmileWink...
now ri vi saree wali gtup mein ayegi
 rain start hogi
n mera arjun vi hoga
n meri n ri ki blshng vi strt hogiiiEmbarrassedLOLWink 

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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey dear congrats on thread 2...I wish this ff will go on...

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Luna92 Senior Member

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congratz on new thread..Tongue

lovely partClap

arjun riya ko shopping par leke gayaShockedEmbarrassedBig smile

normally boys girls k sath shopping pe jana nahin chahte hein..LOL

wow red saarreee...Day DreamingEmbarrassed

and beach house..Day Dreaming super cool..

thanks for the PM dearSmile

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prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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Congrats on the new Thread!!

A very good opening to the new thread...Quite romantic and fun filled update...

Awesome...loved each and every bit of it..
Almost a kiss...oouucchh kiss miss hogaya..

waiting for the next romantic update!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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-Keerthi- Goldie

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congrats on new thread..

Nice update.. Smile

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