Jeannie aur Juju


Jeannie aur Juju
Jeannie aur Juju

||JAJ OS Contest Voting||

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Hello dear Mitrams!!! First of all we would like to thank all the participants Hug

We are here with the much awaited OS Contest Voting Big smile.

As we got good no. of Participation, we are proceeding for Voting round Thumbs Up. Before proceeding to vote, please do remember the following rules Embarrassed.


 Please Vote for 3 Entries.
Please go through all the entries before voting. 
 Do NOT Vote for your own entry.
 Do NOT advertise your own entry. If anyone is seen doing so, u will be disqualified.
 Last but not least, Do NOT Create MID's for voting.
 Last date for Voting is 15th February, 2013

PM me asap if any of the your entries are missing.

Refer next post for the OS Entries.


Swetha & Tanya

on behalf of

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Entry 1



Its new year. Jeannie was very excited to celebrate her first new year, being a free bird after 2000 years.

"good morning juju!" she greeted Vicky. 

He flashed her a grin and asked her why she was so happy.

"Its new year juju! and I'm celebrating with you! Isse zyada mujhe kya chahiye.. main soch rahi thi, ghar mein kyoun na ek party ho jaye?"

Vicky smiled, "party toh hogi! Priya jo plan kar rahi hai... "

Jeannie frowned at that, Vicky decided to change the topic.

"acha jeannie, what's your new year resolution?" 

Jeannie blinked, "yeh resolution kya hota hai juju.."

Vicky laughed at her innocence, "mitram, resolution means taking a decision.. aane wale saal mein khud ko badalne keliye aur acha banne keliye, log aksar resolutions lete hai.. ab bolo what's your resolution?"

"mujhe kuch nahi badalna.. main jaisi hoon, vaisi theek hoon, hai na?"

"Ji nahin! ok, your resolution will be no masti and no shaitaani... samjhi?"

"par juju..  masti  na karoongii toh aur kya karoongi?  aur mai shaitaani toh bilkul nahi karti, juju.. please "

"acha, tum shaitaani nahi karti? are kitne logon ko tumne pareshaan kia! Doctor, Chatur ji, Vela... ab no shaitaani, masti karo but no shaitaani."

Jeannie agreed reluctantly.

"poochogi nahi meri resolution kya hai? " Vicky asked her. 

She rolled her eyes, "teekhi mirchi ko khush rakhna..?"

"nahi.. apni Jeannie ko sambhalna.." Vicky smiled genuinely, "jo pichle saal hua, woh is saal  nahi hoga. main tumhe khona nahi chahta Jeannie.. "

Jeannie gave a watery smile, "sach juju?"


Before she could feel shy, there was a knock on the door. She was about to disappear when vela entered.

"Vela tu?" Vicky squeaked, "what a surprise! tum yaha? aaj monday hai yar.. aur office hai!"

"I know Vicky. Isiliye aaya hoon.. aaj 31st, yaani naye saal ki raat. I wanna do something special. do you guys have a plan?" Vela asked the duo.

"no special plans vela, just Priya ke yahan party hai.. " Vicky responded .

"mere paas ek badhiya plan hai!" Jeannie exclaimed.

"kya?" Vicky and Vela were excited.

"kaal yantr.." she smiled.

"kaal yantr?" Vicky  and Vela were confused.

"haan! Duggu ne mujhse kahan ki saal mein ek baar mein kaal yantr mein safar kar sakti hoon.. aur do hazar saalon mein kya kya hua woh sab dekh sakti hoon!" 

Vela was confused but Vicky got the hint, "kaal yantr.. time machine! kya hum sach mein apne past ko iske zariye dekh sakte hai Jeannie?"

"bilkul.. "

It was decided, the three of them would go on their maiden trip through the time at six pm that evening. Vicky couldn't wait to go time travelling. Who knew life could be so fun.. all thanks to Jeannie!

After office hours Vela returned with Vicky. After relaxing for a bit, everyone was ready. Jeannie quickly summoned the kaal yantar (time machine).

A huge structure appeared, which was akin to the time machine seen in hollywood movies. Vicky was gawking and Vela pinched himself.

The magnificient door to the time machine opened and a voice was heard.

"Meri pyari pothi.. khayal rahe,  musibaton se door rehna aur ek ghante tak safar ka maza lena. raaste mein kaal yantr ka ajooba tumhari madad karega... "

Jeannie jumped up in excitement, "thank you duggu dadi!"

They almost boarded the ship when Vela stopped them.

"Hum jayenge kahan?"

"kaheen bhi.. "  Vicky answered him, "Jeannie mujhe yeh dekhna hai.. ki taj mahal bana kaise.."

"aur mujhe Wright brothers ke yaha jaana hai! " Vela grinned.


"woh kya hai na.. Jeannie mujhe early 19 th century mein chod dena. phir dekhna.. aeroplane inventor hoga Vela, telephone ka inventor hoga Vela aur... "

"world war ka shahid hoga Vela.. " Vicky sniggered.

"yes! aww no.. " Vela frowned.

"Vela its already six pm! chalo.. hume saat baje tak vaapis aajana chahiye.. chalo Jeannie. Isko na dinosaur ke yahan chod dete hai. "

"kya Vicky, mazak tha yar!" Vela shook his head.

Jeannie laughed and they set off.


"mere kaal yantr ke Ajooba.. madad karo, lejao hume waha jaha hua sabse badaa hadsa.."

Jeannie's magic time machine began rotating at high speed before disappearing into thin air.
They landed on what seemed like a warplane.

 Vicky shrieked, "Jeannie! yeh Hiroshima hai.. mujhe nahi marnaa!"

"kaise pilot hai aap juju.. mujhe na wars bahut ache lagte hai, dekho kaise bam giraa rahe hai! maza aaraha hai.. hai na? " 

"Jeannie woh diwali ka bam nahi.. atom bomb hai! niklo yahan se! Are Vela.. tujhe kya hogaya.."

"atom bomb ko kabhi dekha nahi na.. " Vela was like 'chalo dekhlete hai.'

" accha tu yahan ruk.. main boss se kehdeta hoon tu world war mein shahid hogaya.." Vicky was about to leave.

"tu harbaat pe mujhse naraaz hota hai.. ruk main bhi aaya.. " Vela caught up with them.

Then they appeared in what seemed like a backyard. Two brothers were working on a miniature aircraft.

The Wright brothers! Vicky shook his hands with them, "I'm your huge fan!"

Vela frowned, "aeroplane mujhe invent karna tha.. "

Jeannie elbowed him. The two brothers were confused.

"We're a failure! Looks like you are mistaken. We don't have any fans. You see the engine won't work. Its like we failed again.. our aircraft won't fly!" one of them exclaimed.

Vicky told him he was a pilot from PA, he's from the future. 

"I am working in an airlines because you succeeded... " 

He encouraged the two brothers that they'd definitely succeed in their experiments and boarded the time machine again. 

"aage kaha jaana hai. .. haan! chalo dinosaur se milte hai.. " Vicky laughed.

Soon they were in the ancient land where only beasts survived.

Vicky was amazed as he saw a huge dinosaur as he got down from his ship.

"Vicky yeh mazak nahi.. humare ship ko kuch ho jaye, isse pehle niklo!" Vela was panicked.

A large flying dinosaur was about to attack them. 

"lets go juju! mere jaadu se hum ghar vaapis nahi jaapayenge! hurry! ship mein chad jaao.. "

Somehow they managed to escape. Later, they saw how taj mahal was built, had dinner with Akbar badshah, took a photograph with Birbal, listened to Tansen.

It was ten minutes to seven. Ajooba warned them to quickly wrap up their tour.

"ab bahut hua past.. chalo ek aakhri baar future ki taraf chalte hai.. " Vela suggested.

Vicky found it appealing. 

2121 AD! 

As soon as Jeannie's time machine landed by a roadside. Alarm went off. Spot light was focussed and Vicky saw several space ships buzzing at a height above them.

"Jeannie tum hume mars pe le aayi ho kya?" he asked.

"no juju.. yeh apna planet hai!"

"Par yeh log apne nahi bhaago!" Vela shrieked in horror as he saw some weird creatures approaching them.

"ruko unke saath ek aadmi bhi hai.. " Vicky held on to his tie.

The officer approached, "tum logon ka aise aana mana hai.."

"are yeh hindi bol raha hai!" Vela laughed.

"Yeah.. any problem?" the only human officer glared at him.

"aliens yaha dharti pe.. ?" Vicky wondered aloud.

"hmm.. its 2121 you see and the world didn't end. It just expanded, " the officer explained.

"we should go.. " Vicky muttered and the officer nodded.

Five minutes to go! 

"Jeannie, hume apna future jaanna hai thoda, jaldi karo!"Vela pleaded. Jeannie directed the machine to the near future.


An elderly Priya was seen shouting from kitchen. She was voicing her kids and her husband to get ready soon. Everything was a blur, time was running out and Jeannie and others couldn't even get down.

But Vicky clearly saw the photograph hanging on the wall. what the.. it was Priya and Vela? He eyed Vela who was shocked as well.

Scene shifted to what looked like Vicky's house.

Jeannie saw herself  teaching some magic tricks to some children, all aged under 12. Her kids? Where was her husband? A voice could be heard saying " Jeannie bachon ko mat bigaadna.. "

Vicky wondered, why did it sound familiar? that voice.. was his??

Before the three of them could see Jeannie's husband approaching them, everything went pitch dark. The 3 were once again in Vicky's home.

~~ few hours later

The party began at Priya's home. Vicky felt sad, not because priya married Vela in future, but because he warned Jeannie not to come and she obeyed.

 It was 12am, Priya wished him happy new year. His mind was still lingering over her, his Jeannie.

"kyoun nahi aayi tum?" he wondered and that was when everything went still. 

It was as if everything froze except for his clock which went back to show exactly 12 am.

His gaze shifted around, "Jeannie?"

"Happy new year juju.. " she hugged him and they shared a smile before everything was normal again.

"Vicky!" Priya was whining at him, "ab cake kaatein?"

He pocketed the rose that Jeannie left for him and whispered back, "happy new year Jeannie... "

He'd wish her personally later. For now it was him and Priya, but looking back through time he knew.. it would be him and Jeannie.. forever!


Entry 2

Juju aur Jeanine (Janu )  and Vela and Priya( pooh) ka Safar to jeanine land!!

Juju and Janu(jeanine) after there reception hosted by Vela and Pooh( Priya) in Mithram land at JAJ Forum they  leave to honeymoon to Jeanine land. They both are so tired from past few weeks and things happened so fast that they did n't even thought marriage will happen,still in disbelief they both pinched each other and felt the touch of each other ,Juju said to Janu  is this real r am I still dreaming.Juju it is real,u look so cutie sweetie pie and says to Juju u r my best friend,soul mate in the whole world,no matter what I will not let u out of sight for a second.Juju says,with out u my life is empty and u r my sweetie pie and you r my life Janu.
   They went back few weeks  in to flash back,where things looked bad and Janu ki Duggu Dadi  convinced every one.At last Juju aur Jeanine shaadi ke bandan me jud Gaye!! With jolt the car stopped suddenly and both came out of there thoughts.Bhai! Kya hua? Asked Janu .Driver says he was just trying to avoid the speed breakers .Here,Juju says thodi saawadhani  se drive kar na!In couple more hours they will be in Jeanine Land.There was lot 
of silence btw both of them and Janu fell asleep and Juju noticed Janu sleeping ,moved close to her that she can rest her head on his shoulder.Looked at his wife and thought how beautiful she looked!Janu in her sleep was mumbling Juju muje chodke matt Jana !She was holding juju's hand so tightly and Janu what r u doing? U almost broke my hand and Janu came in to her senses and tells Juju that Goozbazooka said he will take me with him to Jadoo Land  and she will never again see her Juju.Oh Nama sunke! Juju  can't control himself and started laughing like child.Kuan hi a Goozbazooka ! Janu u had a bad dream!  
Aab! Tho believe karo humari shaadi ho Gaye and hum hamari honey moon mannane keliye Jeanine land ja ra hi! The thought of Goozbazooka taking her away from Juju made her shiver and gave her goose bumps.Ye deke! Juju held her so tightly with his arms around her, like a comforter,where Janu can 
feel his warmness of his skin and Juju kissed her on her forehead and said mai hoo na! Hum se thum ko ,koye alag Naye kar sakthi! Mere Jan !
  They finally reached Jeanine land! There they had a surprise waiting for them.
     Here in Mithram land at JAJ forum both Velu and Pooh tied the knot with the Mithrams of JAJ Forum.Where Pooh used be upset when every one used to call her by that name.Later reliazed she likes Pooh better then Priya.Velu and Pooh decide to go to Jeanine Land for honeymoon.They booked two master suites ,one for Juju and Janu and one for Velu and Pooh.They drove to Jeanine land  and surprised Juju and Janu.Friends became best friends and also celebrating there honey moon in the same hotel.
        The end

Entry 3

Juju Aur Janu(Jeanine)  AUR Vela Aur Priya ka honeymoon in Jeanine land!
    It was springtime which is the best time of the year  of all the seasons,thru the window of their suit juju heard the chirping sounds of the birds and fresh air which brought fresh scent of spring blooms.Juju opened his eyes  and looked around realized that it is morning.He turned around saw that Janu sitting in the sofa and was in  deep sleep.He looked at her face and thought how could he stay away from her all these years.That is the  dedication and respect they have for each other that made their relation more strong over the years.He saw Janus face and for a miinute he thought of kissing her on her forehead .Then he thought no  I will not wake her up.He lifted her up and laid her on the bed. Janu's face so clam and he thought to himself kitna shanth aur cute hai ! He thought she will wake up. But she didn't.
 He thought about last night .Both couples checked in to their respective suits.Janu and Juju are very exhausted after a long drive.Janu said to Juju thum ye duniya me sab se aacha juju hi! She kissed him on his forehead and touch of hers left juju speechless. He doesn't want this go out of hands.He caught her by her waist kissed her softly on her silky lips and they both enjoyed each other until they got tired .They both slept on the bed in the comfort of each other arms. juju thought how come she is sleeping on the sofa,then he remembered  Duggu Dadi telling him about Janu's sleep walking.Then he took a deep breath and thought thank God.She did not get out of the hotel in the night.He said to himself he had to be extra careful.
      He ordered room service with their favourite breakfast.He ordered booke of red roses ,Pan cakes with maple syrup and hot  chocolate.The phone rang and that was Vela on the other side.He asked juju are you guys ready .He said give us one more hour and he hung up the phone.Janu woke up to the ring of the phone.She remembered last night incident and her face turned red looking at juju.Juju  was surprised to see Janu being shy.He went and sat next to her,Janu hid his face in his laps.Juju ran his finger thru her hair and said ,Baby muje baahut buk hi! Janu said let's Order room service.Juju said buudu o booke nahi!Janu ko samaj aye and she hid her face almost in to his chest.She can hear the heart beat of Juju and can smell his perfume.Juju took her face in to his hands and kissed softly on her lips.They both started exploring each other ,they helped each other in unbuttoning and were in each other hands enjoying their juices.They saw Vela calling them didn't bother to pick up the phone.Until they were tired and reached eternity .Juju turned on the radio and the song started playing.

Pee Loon, Tere Neele Neele Nainon Se Shabnam
I shall feel the dew from your deep blue eyes

Pee Loon, Tere Geele Geele Hoton Ki Sargam
I shall enjoy the melody of your wet lips

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
With you I found Love 

Tere Sang Ek Khumari Hai
When with you I feel elated 

Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
I find peace with you

Tere Sang Bekaraari Hai
So do restless

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Lagta
Without you, I don't see life

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Sakta
Without you, I can not live

Tujhpe Hain Haare, Maine Vaare Do Jahan
I have lost and gave away my world for you

Kurbaan Meharbaan
I surrender, your kindness

Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
I surrender myself

Sun Le Sada, Tera Kurbaan
Please listen, surrendered to you

Hosh Mein Rahun Kyun Aaj Main
Why should I remain in conscious today

Tu Meri Baahon Mein Simti Hai, Mujhmein Samayi Hai Yun
You are here in my arms, united within me

Jis Tarah Tu Koi Ho Nadi, Tu Mere Seene Mein Chhupti Hai
Like a river, you are hiding in my heart as if 

Saagar Tumhara Main Hoon
I am the ocean for you

Pee Loon, Teri Dheemi Dheemi Lehron Ki Chham Chham
I shall feel the rhythm of your soft waves

Pee Loon, Teri Saundhi Saundhi Saanson Ko Har Dum
I shall feel your soft breath for ever

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy 

Shaamko Milun Jo Main Tujhe
When I meet you in the evening

Toh Bura Subah Na Jaane Kyun Kuchh Maan Jaati Hai Yeh
I feel morning may feel bad for

Har Lamha, Har Ghadi, Har Pehar Hi Teri Yaadon Se Tadpake Mujhko Jalati Hai Yeh
Eevery hour, every moment burns me with your memories 

Pee Loon, Main Dheere Dheere Jalne Ka Yeh Gham
I shall slowly drink the grief of burning

Pee Loon, Inn Gore Gore Haathon Se Hum Dum
Oh my love, I shall drink from your fair hands

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

"with you i feel at ease, yet i feel shy" said Janu and Juju held her in his arms and dropped her gently in to the Jacuzi with song playing in the back.They forgot each other.

   Vela and Priya gave up on them and they made up their plans.
     The end.

Entry 4

Vela aur Priya(Pooh) ka honey moon!
       Vela after making calls to Juju,no   one picked up the phone.  .He was not worried about Juju because while passing there  suite.he saw the sign do not disturb.He got the message and he planned alot for pooh.He remembered about last night.They checked in to the suite.He noticed Priya and said,why r u very nervous.She said Velu ,don't get upset.I am not ready for this.Velu said don 't tell me u r still in love with Juju.Velu bit is tongue for saying that,He thought she will be hot like chilli pepper,other nick name tiki mirchi.Instead she was very calm,that bothered him.He went and asked what is the matter?Pooh says don't dare to repeat again and I am over it.I am not ready for honey moon,can we be like Mithrams until I am ready.He was disappointed but he never let it show on his face.He agreed for it.They made plans for next day.He heard Priya's voice and came out of his thoughts.
    To rectify last night mistake,he asked  her to dance.She didn't refuse.The song was playing.
Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu
Thoda Sa Dard Tu Thoda Sukoon

Just remain as you are,
You are a bit of pain,a bit of relief

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu
Dheema Dheema Jhonka Ya Phir Junoon

Thoda Sa Resham Tu Humdum 
Thoda Sa Khurdura
Kabhi Daud Jaye 
Ya Lad Jaye 
Ya Khushboo Se Bhara

You are a bit of soft like silk
You are also a bit rough
At times you run away,
Or you fight 
Or are filled with fragnance

Tujhe Badalna Na Chahoon
Ratti Bhar Bhi Sanam
Bina Sajaawat Milaawat
Na Zyaada Na Hi Kum
Tuhje Chahoon Jaisa Hai Tu

I don't want to change you even a bit
You don't need any rectification
Nothing need's to be added or taken away from you
I love you as you are

Mujhe Teri Barish Mein Beegna Hai 
Ghul Jana Hai
Tujhe Chaahon Jaisa Hai Tu

I want to get wet in your rain
I want to dissolve in it
Mujhe Teri Lapat Mein Jalna 
Raakh Ho Jana Hai

I want to burn in your fire
I want to be reduced to ashes

Tu Zakhm De Agar
Marham Bhi Aa Kar Tu Lagaaye
Zakhm Pe Bhi Mujhko Pyaar Aaye

Though you give a wound,
But you also cure it
Due to this I even love the wound

Dariya O Dariya
Doobne De Mujhe Dariya
Doobne De Mujhe Dariya

Let me drown,river

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu
Thoda Sa Dard Tu Thoda Sukoon

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu
Dheema Dheema Jhonka Ya Phir Junoon

Haath Thaam Chalna Ho
To Dono Ke Daye Haath Sang Kaise
Haath Thaam Chalna Ho
To Dono Ke Daye Haath Sang Kaise

If we have to walk hand in hand,
Then our right hands can not be together

Ek Daaya Hoga Ek Baaiya Hoga
Thaam Le Haath Yeh Thaam Le
Chalna Hai Sang Thaam Le

One hand has to be left and the other has to be right
Hold my hand
Beacuse I want to walk with you
   They both enjoyed  the song,they Were still dancing,Velu noticed the change.She is getting comfortable and as he promised,he want to stick to it.This is the song Vela played on his guitar and sang this song and proposed her in JAJ Forum.She was dancing but her mind was racing with all the thoughts.Her guilt factor kicked in and tears started rolling down her cheeks.Vela noticed this and asked what happened?She said sorry for spoiling their first night.Velu wiped her tears and said no baby you didn't .we are friends first and then lovers.
 Priya is only child for Pratap and she lost her mother at very young age.Pratap gave her what she wants because of that she is stubborn.Vela called Priya,what r u thinking?Thinking about me !He gives a kiss on his forehead.Vela looked at the watch and said OMG.The time was 4 pm.Vela said,we have very less time,let's go on long drive.Your mood will get better.
  They went on  long drive,he turned the radio on, the song Ishq Sufiana Sufiana.. Started playing,they both love the song .Which means love to wards God oor a completep surrender to beloved.They looked at each other and Priya extended her hand and held  Velas hand tightly.On the way they can see the wildflower patchs over the pastures,it looked like some one covered the grass with blanket of flowers.Being spring season,the flowers are in full bloom.what season can be better than spring is the air and Pooh stays stop the car,I want to pick some wildflowers.she picked some blue bonnets and realized it is getting dark and it looks it will be raining.The rain started and they both are drenched completely.They ran to the near by barn.Where Priya hugged Vela and vela kissed each other and enjoyed their reunion until they got tired.
  The End

Entry 5

A magical world'.

Its was a normale day for jeannie she waked up did what she always those in de morning.

She was realy bored and wanted to do something special but what. She thought why not go for shopping. She went and came she was opening the door but she found somee noise in the living room she opend the door and was too shocked to see how was sitting on the chair.

It was her dugu, dugu your here i can't believe you came back i missed you so much we will have so much fun now. Vicky was coming home from work and saw two people in de living room did someone found out about jeannie pleas god let it me velu. Her opend the door and saw jeannie and dugu he was to shocked to react my god i can handel one jennie now again have to handel two ow god pleas help me.

Juju look meri dugu came back and we are going to have so much fun arent we dugu.

Yes we are jeannie but not here we are leaving WHat! Jeannie and vicky screaming. What do you mean we are leaving jeannie is staying here with me she cant leave.

But she has to visit her family so she is coming with me come jeanie we are going . you cant go what about me can i come. Jeannie looks at dugu pleas can he come with us, but jeannie no human went there how can he go pleas dugu oke but lets go.

Dugu and jeannie did magic and they left with vicky to the magical world.

He didnt believe what he sa wit was so beautiful'''''''''''''''''''.

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vote for 3 entries...otherwise they won't be counted

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#1, #2 & #5 Smile

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of course 1 3 and 4 but 1 is the best and no other numbered story can match it was really fantastic and osom Tongue Embarrassed

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the 1st entry is the world ever fantastic ! TongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueTongueEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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