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   Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


We hv a new TB Article for PV where PV,GC and KS all r tagged .. so plsss comment 3 times within 24 hours to increase the buzz points and CM ranking of our show Embarrassed

Yash to remarry in Punar Vivah

Dont panic after reading the article because AarYa r destined to b together and there will b no 3rd marriage of Yash .. so let us enjoy the suspense and wait for the climax Big smileBig smile


Episode Take

Today's episode gives me some relief since Yash takes Aarti into confidence and tells her that he is deliberately giving in to the demand of the kidnapper because he knows the mastermind is from his family only ...pheww Big smileBig smile... Yash knows he is taking a big gamble here and if he is not able to track the kidnapper before this marriage , then he will hv to sit in the mandap and marry this girl but he has a certain belief in himself that he will track down the kidnapper before this marriage and the way Yash is playing a smart game with the kidnapper , I m sure Yash will succeed in his mission Thumbs Up

I loved the way Yash is actually finding out the proofs and clues to catch the main mastermind with a cool brain Thumbs Up...

Yash knows that main mastermind is someone from family only or else a random kidnapper will never want Yash to divorce his wife and marry another girl in which the kidnapper will achieve nothing LOLLOL... I loved the way Yash takes Aarti to their bedroom when she was panicking about Ansh in front of all because Yash just cannot see people like Bua taunting Aarti in this condition Thumbs Up and so he takes her inside and explains her beautifully that he knows Ansh is nearby only and someone from family only is involved Approve...

Aarti searching fanatically for Ansh outside while Ansh helplessly watching his momma from that garrage room but just cannot go to her was a very emotional moment Cry... Only Yash understands Aarti's pain here and so when he saw noone in his family is believing her that Ansh is nearby only , Yash simply takes her inside because he just cannot see people making mockery of his wife's emotions and longing for his son Embarrassed

Yash was actually trying to hide his plan from Aarti because it seems he himself is not sure whether the gamble he is taking here will work or not Ouch but today when Aarti gets the clue of Ansh from that magic flower in garden and starts panicking , Yash had no option but to tell Aarti that he knows Ansh is nearby only and he too is trying to find out the real mastermind , reason why he is doing this drama of accepting the kidnapper's demands ,so that whoever is involved in the family gets a bit relaxed and overconfident and then he can find out the culprit ClapClapClap...

Today one thing is clear , Yash still has no idea about who is the mastermind but he knows its someone from the family only and to prove the same to Aarti , he deliberately tells his family that he wants to do this fake marriage with the girl just to see if this discussion with his family reaches the ears of the kidnapper and it does LOL and that Phone call of kidnapper nails the fact that its someone from the family only and it could b anyone from SP to Pankaj-Vidhi to Mr.Dubey to Buaji because when Yash talks of fake marriage , almost entire family overreacts and opposes the idea with the excuse of how no good family will accept the offer of fake marriage for one night Ouch...

I wonder who is the person who was writing those dialogues in paper for Akash to recite it on phone to Yash Ermm... That hand looked like SP or Mr.Dubey's hand from back but then that dress looked like its some woman .. mayb Maya bua ?? Confused... CVs r surely misleading us here by just showing the hand of that person and then a flying dupatta type which could b a saree or just a kambal .. So in short CVs really want to keep the suspense intact regarding the main mastermind behind the kidnap Ouch... Whoever is the mastermind , its clear that the person does not want to harm Ansh at any cost since he warns Akash not to harm the kid at any cost but at the same time the person is desperate to separate Yash-Aarti  Ouch... The person definitely cannot stand the unity of Yash-Aarti here and so the desperation to get Yash married to someone else ... It could b out of revenge , hatred ego anything ..This is first time I guess I cannot say who is the mastermind since my doubt after today's episode goes on everyone ConfusedLOLLOL...

Yash is definitely playing a very smart game by going as per the instructions of the kidnapper not only to make sure Ansh is safe but also to find out the real culprit from his own family Thumbs Up... When Yash talks of sending his last gift to Ansh , I feel Yash might b planning to send that spl GPS Watch to Ansh via which he can track down Ansh easily Wink... Noone in the family knows about the watch and so Yash can easily send it as gift to Ansh Embarrassed...

 What I feel is this cat and mouse game between Yash and Kidnapper will go till the climax point of the marriage and we might see huge marriage fiasco where the real mastermind will b finally exposed and in the meantime to keep the suspense intact we might see the entry of this new girl and her family and then the initial marriage rasams too since the kidnapper will accept Ansh's gift from Yash only after Yash does the first marriage rasam ... Ermm

While I m enjoying the suspense and the way Yash is playing the CID  game with kidnapper , on the flipside  I really want to meet this new girl's family who r overnight ready to give their ladki ka marriage with a guy who is father of 3 kids and his 2nd wife is preggy with his kid too Stern Smile... why will  a rich family choose such a groom for their daughter unless this family is bankrupt or something and so they r ready to strike a deal with SP and Scindias via this marriage  ?? Confused.,..I hope CVs show the reason behind this family accepting the marriage proposal of Yash Smile...

Overall today's episode beautifully worked for me because the suspense is kept intact but at the same time I m loving how Aarti now knows that Yash is planning it all to reach to the main mastermind in his family Thumbs Up... At least Aarti can relax a bit seeing Yash has most of the things in control and he knows what he is doing Smile

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Do, pal ruka, khwaabon ka kaarvaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan
Do pal ki thi, ye dilon ki daastaan
Aur phir, chal diye, tum kahaan, ham kahaan

A epic masterpiece StarStarStarStarStar

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Post in Main forum Embarrassed

Do Pal Ruka AarYa ka Kaarvan and Became Classic

I think I hv lost the count of how many times I caught this epic sequence Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... Separation .. the pain ... the longing ... the emotions ... never looked so so beautiful on screen ... what top notch direction , camera and flawelss performance by GC-KS  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

Whenever a stage comes in Yash's life , when he feels he is loosing his precious loved ones forever , he goes and sits on that bench all alone to relive the memories of that person ... He did it for Arpita post his punarvivah with Aarti ji which was more of a compromise that time and today he does it once again when he is about to loose Aarti today with whom he is madly in love now CryCryCry... But Aarti is not ready to leave him at this stage of life ... She joins Yash on that same bench and now the bench has only memories of AarYa sitting together and cherishing those beautiful moment of their punarvivah  when they decide to leave their past baggage and start the beautiful journey of their love  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... Yash stretches his hand to Aarti and pulls her in his arms Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Aarti rests her head over his shuolders , grabs his hand tightly and cries her heart out while Yash tries hard to keep a check on his emotions making sure he is there to console Aarti without falling weak himself Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

Yash cannot see tears in Aarti's eyes ... He goes onto wipe off those tears in her eyes and carass her face lovingly just to feel her touch for one last time before he goes on to play the biggest gamble of his life CryCry... Aarti takes his hand into her hands and both their hands gets locked up in each other's grip ... a grip so tight and strong ... even they cannot unlock it now Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Their hands together r making a silent promise of being together forever even if they r physically separated today because their soul has become one long back Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

Now its Aarti's time to stretch her hand and pull Yash back to her when he was about to leave Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... Yash gets up from the bench and was about to leave because he just could not see his Aarti ji in that condition , Aarti grabs Yash's hand , stops him and passionately hugs him to cry her heart out once again  and Yash too could not handle it anymore ... he too puts his arms around Aarti protectively and closes his eyes emotionally to feel the moment for one last time before disaster strikes  CryCry... aah what a hearttouching yet passionate moment  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming ... we get AarYa's first passionate complete hug with Aarti passionately sticking in Yash arms and his hands around her back possessively but in such a painful situation ... Who would hv thought that we will get our first passionate AarYa full hug in this situation CryCry... But thats AarYa for u LOLTongue... they redefine romance and also prove successfully that pain and longing indeed looks really beautiful and passionate on screen in any love story when u hv such class actors like GC and KS portraying the pain of love so beautifully on screen ClapClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Slowly the time of separation arrives CryCry... Yash finally leaves Aarti's hand and walks off in opposite direction with tears in his eyes while Aarti has her final emotional breakdown in front of that same bench where few mins back both were sitting together reliving their moments post punarvivah ... CryCry... A sacrifice which both r making to redefine the selfless love they have for each other Thumbs Up... No bitter misunderstandings , ugly fights or OTT drama ... A separation which is out of selfless love and immense pain to save their son Ansh who is one of the main reason of their punarvivah and love journey to start ... today both r protecting the same reason ..that is Ansh ClapClapClapClap ...

Whoever made this ugly plan to separate AarYa might hv got his/her temporary win by giving both such a painful separation but what that person failed to understand is that even if they r physically separated , their heart and soul will remain one and its their selfless love for each other which will give them the final victory in the end Approve...

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                                     THOSE THINGS THAT ARE PRECIOUS 
                                         ARE SAVED ONLY BY SACRIFICE

This isn't the first time that Aarti & Yash are faced with divorce papers when their son Ansh has been kidnapped. The first time he got kidnapped, Aarti and Ansh were kicked out the house because Yash took a bullet that was meant for Ansh.

Days later Yash and Aarti were served divorce papers due to the elders Scindias' creating a misunderstand between them.  


Now their son is once again kidnapped, Yash & Aarti were served with divorce papers by the kidnapper and had to sign them in order to get their son back. 

Here are two people who the first time around didn't want to let go of each other for the sake of their children and they weren't even in love back then. 

The wrongdoers want them to walk away from one another and despite being in love they obliged. Yash & Aarti are two of the most selfless people I've ever met. 
With a heavy heart, Aarti signed the papers after Yash who had already signed despite their elders fighting to keep them from giving in to those ridiculous demands. 

Yash decided to get remarried (as per the kidnapper's demands) in 24hrs that news left Gayatri, Yash/Aarti shattered.

SP kind of confused cause he is getting what he wants (Aarti away 4m Yash) but he still lost cause their separation will only be physical cause Yash's heart & soul will always be with Aarti.


And Boa who has always been envious of Aarti, extremely happy that she could do a victory dance but instead she opted for being the one to choose the girl, Yash will have to marry.  

Yash let them all know that he & Aarti are only doing this for the sake of their son's welfare and that noone will ever take Aarti's place in his nor PayPal's lives. 


Yash's love for Ansh & Aarti gave him the courage to take such drastic step. It is Aarti's love that gave him strength to be able to walk away from his soulmate. 

Two lost souls finally got a second chance at love something neither one of them thought possible and just when they were dreaming of a future together. They had to say goodbye!

With one last touch, look and warm embrace, Aarti and Yash part ways, this feel of separation is gonna be hard on both of them. But their souls were, are and will always be connected.  


No matter what Yash & Aarti will always be walking together. This is not goodbye, it is just an "I'll miss you" until they meet again.

                                                  EVER HAS IT BEEN 
                               THAT LOVE KNOWS NOT IT OWN DEPTHS
                                       UNTIL THE HOUR OF SEPARATION


Another great episode with lot of suspense one thing I can say is that our Yash is very smart Cool Clap Clap Clap

It commences with Aarti crying in the garden, she talks out loud to Ansh telling him that his dad Yash loves him very much and that he is putting everything at stake for him, he is giving up his happiness for Ansh...She goes on to say that Yash is going to marry another woman, she asks Ansh where he is?? as she can't live without Yash, she asks God to send Ansh to her and to make up her messed up life...Awww my poor Aarti, she literally can't live without Yash, don't fair Darling the God have always been there for you both and this time around they will be there as well Hug Hug

Aarti is still crying, she lefts up her head a little and sees the plant in the garden, she wipes her tears away and runs to where the flower is...She wonders how it got there then she remembers her talk with Ansh regarding the flower and how he had put one in his pocket while she kept the other one in her pallu. Aarti says that is the flower she gave Ansh, and that the one she had, she never put it there, she wonders how it got there...See I told you Aarti, the Gods will always be there for you cause they never let their devotees down Big smile

Aarti calls out to Ansh, the latter in the meantime climbs up on the sacs in the storeroom, he calls out to the former as well but she doesn't hear him because his mouth is tied...Aarti thinks of  going to Yash and goes inside...Mother-son were so close yet so far away, my heart was breaking for them both Ouch Cry Cry

Aakash comes and tells Ansh to be careful as the latter is about to fall the former catches him, Ansh starts hitting Aakash...he gets furious and is about to hit Ansh when he stops and thinks about how no harm shouldn't come to Ansh, the latter goes and sits down and is crying...Aakash thinks that the family have problems between them and that Ansh is caught in the middle...Aakash calls his partner in crime and tells him/her that they should keep Ansh somewhere else, he goes on to say that he will keep him at a safe place...Aww poor Ansh, he was crying his heart out Cry Cry...Aakash you are confusing me but it is true the adults have their problems and they are involving an innocent kid in their mess Angry Angry Angry

The Scindia family is in the living room, SP says that the wedding will happen tomorrow and seeing that it is their first marriage they want to make it big to which Yash say no that it should be simple...SP tells Yash that he knew that he would say that so he talked to the family and they are coming tomorrow...Seriously I could understand that it's the family's first wedding, but the Scindias know why Yash is getting married well I guess I should be happy that SP talked them out of the grand wedding but I really feel sorry for the girl cause it's her first marriage and to a man who is in love with his pregnant soulmate Ouch but my AarYa heart is happy that despite the farce of a marriage, Yash's heart and soul will always belong to Aarti Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Just then Aarti comes running into the room, she tells Yash that she saw the plant that she gave Ansh outside which means that he is somewhere around leaving everyone shocked, Yash runs out as SP tells Pratik and Pankaj to go and help Yash with the search...Finally the brothers are doing something even though it is because SP asked them, oh well better late than ever  Tongue LOL the look on Yash's face when Aarti utter the words that Yash was somewhere around, I don't know if he was shocked or he was trying to tell Aarti to keep quiet but GC was awesome w/ his facial expressions Star Star

Boa says that the kidnapper is crazy to keep Ansh here, she goes on to say that Aarti has gone mad...she continues to say that Ansh is lost and now Aarti is about to lose Yash...Aarti asks boa why does she hates her so much? she tells her not to forget that Yash is only marrying for Ansh's sake and to show that he values relationships but boa wouldn't understand that...thank you very much Aarti, that boa needs to shut the BLEEP up she doesn't know the values of relationships cause she is a heartless person who wants to destroy her family just because she is unhappy Angry Angry Angry

Yash and the two Ps return and say that they couldn't find Ansh anywhere, Aarti asks Yash to check again, she tells him that she heard Ansh...Aarti is hysterical, Yash holds her and takes her away from there...Seeing Aarti this way makes G3 cries...Awww i swear that Aarti was about to have a nervous breakdown, the way she was screaming and pleading with Yash to go and look again Cry Cry Cry...I love how Gayatri is constantly showing her support Clap Heart

Boa in self thought says that Aarti will suffer like this today and one day later she will be out of Yash's life away from him and her happiness as well...Why so much bitterness boa?? you need to let it go before it consumes you completely Angry

Yash brings Aarti into their room, the latter says that no one believes her and asks the former to please believe her...Yash closes the door and tells Aarti that he does believe her, he proceeds to say that he was right the kidnapper is someone from their family...Yash shares his suspensions with her, he tells her if it wasn't someone from their family their divorce wouldn't matter to the person and they would have wanted money...Way to go Yash you finally put it together only a family member would ask for a divorce instead of money Clap Clap Clap

Aarti wonders who could it be, Yash tells her that he, himself doesn't understand that maybe but before he could finish his sentence, Aarti tells him that they can't point fingers at anyone w/t proof it would be disrespecting their relations and that they already made that mistake by doubting SP...Yash thinks what they should do and then tells Aarti that there is a way...I love them putting on their P.I caps and working together that is when they are most powerful when they work together so come what may those two will always be victorious as long as they work as an unity Thumbs Up Embarrassed Wink

The entire Scindia family are in the living room, SP wants to know why Yash has called them all there, Vidhi says that she doesn't know only that Yahs asked them all ,to come just then Yash arrives with Aarti, Shobha and Dubey.

Yash goes to SP and tells him that they all know why he is marrying again due to circumstances so that they can get Ansh back...he tells them that he has thought of something, he says that marrying the girl like that he is being unfair to her and that he should tell the girl why he is marrying her...he goes on to say that if he breaks his relation with Aarti and marry someone else then they will be able to get Ansh back, Yash says that the girl could help them as they will do a fake wedding and get Ansh back...Hmmm well telling the girl would be the right thing to do but Yash my love, I don't think you family especially SP and boa would go for it Ouch Angry

SP asks Yash if he has lost his mind, the former says that the girl is from a well respected family and that the problem is with their family not hers so why would they let her daughter go through with a fake marriage...Yash tries to reason with SP, the latter tells Yash is he wanna keep his relation with Aarti to tell them ans he will talk to the girl's family...he goes on to say that for they own reason they can't ruining another woman's life...Hmmm so SP, you are ready to lie to the girl's family doesn't that make you a kind of a hypocrite when he blasted Aarti for keeping something about her past from you all Ermm Ermm Ermm 

SP leaves and Vidhi says that SP is right and asks Yash how could he think of playing with someone else's life, boa says that this idea of the fake marriage can't be Yash's idea but Aarti...Pankaj says that no one will ever agree to the fake marriage, he, Vidhi and boa leave...Please why don't they all shut up, I would really love to see Vidhi and Pankaj in AarYa's place what would they have done??? I need to get a lot of duct tape and shut some of the Scindia members up Angry Angry Angry

G3 looks down and leaves the room as well, Dubey signals Shobha to go and talk to Yash which she does...Shobha tells Yash that all of them are right and that it can't happen, Dubey agrees with Shobha and says that for Ansh playing with the girl's life and emotions is wrong...Shobha maa goes on to tell Yash to think properly and to do what he wants, she leaves with Dubey...Yash looks hurt, well I guess it is like what Samana said in the previous thread, what Yash is going through now is like the game whenever he thinks he is about to win another obstacle arises making things more difficult for him and just like the game Ansh is the key to Yash being successful Big smile Big smile

Aarti comes up to Yash and tells him that she trust him and that he can't do no wrong to any woman, he respects women so much and that she knows that he is being bound to a forced relationship and that she knows him very well and that he will step up to the situation nicely, u can't make a mockery of marriage so why did he talk about a fake marriage...Yash was about to answer but gets interrupted by his phone...Hmmm what are you up to Yash?? whatever it is, I really hope you know what you're doing??? Was it to see which one of you're family member would step up and say yes to the fake marriage??Ermm Ermm Ermm

Yash answers the call and Aakash on the other line tells him that he thinks that he is very smart, the former is trying to do a mockery of marriage...the latter goes on to tell Yash that if he doesn't do what he tells him then he will lose Ansh...Aarti is listening as well as Yash put the phone on loud speaker.

Aakash tells Yash to remember that he won't get Ansh, Yash tells Aakash that he won't do a fake wedding that he will married for real, he asks for one request...Yash says that after his marriage Ansh will go away and like he is attached to the little angel, he wants to send him a present before that please...Aakash agrees and says after the first rasam happens then the gift will be given but they will check first that he isn't playing with them, the former goes on to tell the latter that if something goes wrong that what happened before will happen again that he will reach the kidnapper but not Ansh...Hmmm did Aakash and his accomplish gave too much away in that phone convo, I think so...SP would have never agrred for a gift to be send to Ansh nor boa, the only one who would have done that are the Dubeys, Gayatri, Vidhi, PraDi & Pankaj...damn the list is still long Dead Tongue Wink

Yash says no that he won't do any wrong, Aakash says alright then the gift will be send, Aarti says the kidnapper just called so they can trace the number..Yash tells her that he called from PCO so they is no point in trying, he goes on to tell her that she said they can't point fingers without proof, now he has got proof...Please Yash do share with the rest of us, teh suspense is killing me, I'm very happy that you got the proof...I can't wait for what comes next Clap Clap Big smile

Kratika Sengar & Gurmeet Choudhary where brilliant, yes call me biased but those two can do no wrong when it comes to acting they are flawless Star Star Star...Aarti little hysterical outburst in the living room was well portrayed by KS, my heart was breaking for her Clap Clap Clap

GC's expressions were no less, the way Yash was looking at Aarti when she came in running and said that she saw the plant she gave Ansh and when he told his family about the fake marriage Clap Clap Clap

Take a bow guys, you were outstanding Heart Heart Heart

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What does Swayambar mean?? Confused

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@Jyo: (copy-pasted 4m previous thread)...You've killed me with that pic-take of your Hun Cry Cry Embarrassed that was just breathtaking, the way they captured the love, the pain and the yearning of not wanting to let go...KS & GC were mind blowing Heart Heart Heart

Take a bow my friend that was a master pieceClap Clap Clap

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Nice title Jyoti

very nicely written and pic analysis Zetter & Jyoti

Love is Strength...

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Lovale title and pic jyo..For the first time i really was sad seeing yash-aarthi situation.Seems Yash is having a big plan..How much both love each other..Scindia entire family is witnessing it..I just pray it must not yash father..Otherwise whole family would see worst version of yash

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