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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS: THE NIGHT to forget Pt 10

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Links to previous parts: Part1

THE NIGHT to forget

Part 10

Khushi was screaming in pain all alone. She was imploding, feeling like she couldn't breathe ''Aaah!'' Her face turned tomato red and she was squeezing her eyes so hard with that ray of hope that the pain will vanish. She clenched her hands, but it wasn't helping the pain go away.

Arnav finally knew the truth, finally. He felt that excitement rising in the pit of his stomach and couldn't help his happiness ''Khushi's carrying my baby! Oh my God I'm the Father, I'm going to be a Dad!!!'' But to his dismay his joy came to a halt when he clicked onto something. ''Oh no...Khushi! I treated her so bad.'' He recalled how he said the worst things to Khushi regarding the baby being Shyam's; how he insulted his own child; the amount of times he made Khushi cry. Then he remembered how Khushi once said after his insults ''One day you'll regret saying that'' Arnav's face dropped; he couldn't believe it. He regretted every little thing. His anger rose like never before but this time he was fuming at his self. He looked down at the bed where the sonogram picture was. He lifted the picture up and gazed at it with guilt and pain ''I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry'' He touched the image and a tear fell from his eye. He couldn't believe himself, he got up in anger and started pacing and thinking. He lashed out his anger and punched the wall, denting it. He then realised Khushi wasn't there as he looked around. ''Khushi should've been back ages ago. It's almost evening now, where is she?''

Khushi was helplessly crying out her pain. The pain wouldn't stop and Khushi didn't know how to make it stop ''Aaah!! ARNAV JI!''

''Khushi?!'' Arnav heard Khushi's cry for help ''... I should never have left her dammit!'' Arnav started worrying like mad. He wanted to beat himself up. He ran outside, got in the car and speeded into the road. He found the scrunched up sonogram picture on the passenger seat. He unscrunched it and recollected how he grabbed it from Khushi's hand and scrunched it up; his guilt increased just when it felt like it couldn't increase any further. He kept the picture in his hand and held onto it tight. Arnav's face was trembling with fear and apologetic guilt. As he was driving, he was looking from right, to left, all around searching for Khushi. He was on the road back towards the hospital. The sun was setting and he was getting even more worried ''Dammit she's been out almost all day! Why the hell did i leave her!!! Where is she?!'' Suddenly he spotted Khushi from afar, collapsed and kneeling against a tall wall. Arnav's eye's widened in disbelief as he saw Khushi's face in distress; his anger increased at himself ''No...Khushi''. He speeded straight towards her and the car screeched as it parked. Arnav jumped out the car running to Khushi and knelt down. ''Khushi...'' ''Aaah!'' Khushi grabbed onto his hand piercing her nails into them with all her might. ''Khushi are you in labour???!'' ''No, i'm playing rugby-Aaah!'' Arnav couldn't bear seeing her in the mercy of pain; he had to act fast. He lifted Khushi into his arms to take her to the car. Khushi held tight onto his shirt piercing her nails into his chest now, but he didn't notice his pain as he was drawn deep into her's, of which didn't compare. ''Khushi i'm so sorry. We'll get you to the hospital right away'' As they were in the car, Arnav was dying with worry whilst Khushi was dying in pain. Khushi took hold of his arm squeezing it really tight; a shot of guilt ran through him, he had never felt so bad in his life. They finally arrived at the hospital and Arnav carried Khushi, rapidly getting into the hospital. Khushi was taken into the hospital room and although he had never been so scared in his life Arnav followed, trying to comfort her bravely. ''Khushi breathe, you're going to be fine. Just breathe'' Khushi was struggling to breathe all she wanted to do was cry. Arnav was feeling very sympathetic, it killed him that he couldn't do anything to lessen her pain. He took hold of her hands and held on saying ''you can do this, you're the strongest person i know Khushi. Come on, breathe'' Khushi listened to him intently and started breathing in and out, crushing his bones as she squeezed onto his hands with all her strength. ''Arnav ji i can't do this! I-I-I can't...Aaah!'' Khushi was sweating from her head, her hair came undone and her face was intense. Arnav moved her hair back and cupped her face ''Come on Khushi, stay strong...For our baby''

Khushi looked up at Arnav and said ''What did you say?'' ''Khu...'' The nurse interrupted and said ''It's time...Sir, you should step out..'' ''No, I need him here!'' Khushi snapped. Khushi didn't want Arnav to go, she wanted him right by her side holding her hand, being her strength. Arnav smiled in relief to her reply then gazed at her sypathetically.

He didn't think he ever felt so much in love with her before like he did now. Khushi screamed and all the way Arnav gave her words of support and comfort. Khushi gripped onto his hand even tighter, gave out one final ounce of strength and out came a beautiful crying baby. Khushi gulped in a deep breath and both her and Arnav looked up as the nurse held the baby; she cleaned the baby up, wrapped it in a blanket and said ''Mr and Mrs Raizada, it's a girl'' The nurse handed the baby over to Arnav who looked at his awe inspiring baby girl. He suddenly was hit with a new, strong but beautifully pure feeling- Love. Unconditional love that he didn't know could ever exist for him. Arnav teared up, overwhelmed, grinning at the same time at this tiny baby who was curled up in his hands. The baby opened it's eyes to a proud father and lessened it's crying. ''Oh my Gosh'' Khushi's tears flowed down her eyes like a waterfall after she saw Arnav holding their daughter. She smiled at her view before it started to get dark for her and she fell faint. Arnav turned to Khushi and to his sudden dismay, saw her fall unconscious making his heart jump. ''Doctor!'' The doctor hurried to Khushi's attention and took the baby off Arnav's hand, telling him to leave the room. The baby screamed it's cries making Arnav's worries increase. ''Doctor, what's happening?!'' ''Sir you have to leave the room'' The doctors led Arnav out of the room, and shut the door. Arnav's panic shooted off the charts, his heart was thumping and he felt sick being in the unknown. He paced along the corridor, back and forth, outside the room Khushi was in. His thoughts were running through how inhumanely he had treated Khushi and how after everything he did, she still stayed positive. ''How could I? I accused her of being with Shyam. But now i know she was telling the truth...How couldn't i believe her?!... So much! I accused her of so much! When i found out about them at the start i went straight to Shyam, but not once did i ask her!'' He realised that everything made sense back then, even when she told him the truth; It was blatantly obvious that there was nothing going on but he avoided it all. She told him she was pregnant but he immediately accused her of the baby being Shyam's ''Dammit! How could i be so stupid?!'' ''You two are absolutely disgusting and that's exactly how your kid's going to be'' ''OH! Are you getting angry now? Because i spoke ill of the monster of a child growing inside of you?'' ''How could i talk like that?! She was carrying MY daughter dammit! I crossed the limit!'' He then remembered how he tried to force her to have an abortion. ''I couldn't stand the thought of that baby. Scrunching that sonogram picture? I knew i had a connection to that baby, but...Dammit!'' He recalled how he left her heavily pregnant on the road alone, how she went into labour alone ''She must have been petrified. Dammit!'' Arnav whacked the wall with his fist in his sudden fit of rage. ''I ruined her life, forcing her to marry me!'' Tears fell from Arnav's eyes as he shut them tight and he turned to kneel the back of his head against the wall ''She cried so much, she cried everyday and i just let it happen...I felt she deserved it'' Arnav clenched his teeth ''And now she's fighting for her life!... I took away her life from the start!''

Arnav called his family after a while letting them know what was happening. He restricted them from coming but there was no way they could sit at home restlessly.

An hour passed and the doctor finally came out of the operation room; Arnav rushed to the doctor impatiently ''Doctor, what's happening?! How's Khushi?!'' ''Mr Raizada, Mrs Raizada heavily haemorrhaged...there was alot of loss of blood, we're doing the best we can... but...'' Arnav's eyes widened in anger and he grabbed the collar of the doctor ''...WELL THEN DO BETTER! Don't you dare let anything happen to her?!'' Tears of anger and pain were pouring from Arnav's eyes along his red tense face. ''W-we'll do our best sir, just please calm down'' The doctor went back inside leaving an angry Arnav thinking the worst. ''If i don't get the chance to be a better man for Khushi and prove myself, I'll never forgive myself!''

A short while after, the whole family from the Raizada mansion joined Arnav. ''Chote what's happening? Is Khushi bhetiya okay?'' ''Nani, i don't know...the stupid doctors arent saying anything yet'' Arnav clenched his teeth and just then the doctor came out. Everyone crowded him and NK asked ''Doctor how's Khushi ji???'' ''Mrs Raizada's vital signs were unstable and her bleeding was extensive so we gave her a blood transfusion. Mrs Raizada will be fine'' Every one smiled a relief and Arnav let out a deep breath in happy relief. Anjali then asked ''Doctor can we see her??'' ''She's resting right now, but maybe it will be suitable for just one person to go in'' Arnav insisted to go in and the family agreed.

Arnav stepped inside seeing his sleeping Khushi attached to drips looking exhausted and vulnerable; it pained him to see her like that. Beside her was the cot with their daughter in it. Arnav looked over the cot awe-struck by his sleeping angel of a daughter, tucked in so peaceful and cute. She looked just like Khushi, the resemblence was breath taking for him. Arnav smiled, he was new to this and still couldn't believe HE had a daughter, HE was a father; becoming overwhelmed, he gave her a kiss on the forehead before he turned to Khushi. He sat down on the chair beside her bed and put one of her hands between both of his, holding it softly but securely. He gazed at her with guilt for minutes before he said ''I'm so sorry Khushi, I'm so sorry!'' A tear fell from his eye as he squeezed it shut in shame. ''I should've believed you. I should have listened to you... Why didn't you tell me Khushi? Why didn't you tell me you had our beautiful daughter growing inside you? That we slept together? I'm so sorry for the way i behaved with you... I'm incredibly sorry Khushi'' Tears fell from Arnav's eyes and he rested his head onto his hands that were holding hers. He lifted his head and said ''But i'm here now and i know the truth. I'm going to make it right this time, I promise.'' Arnav lowered his head looking down and shut his eyes before he said ''I love you Khushi''

Precap: Arnav's eyebrows creased as he turned around in confusion. ''Khushi what are you saying?'' Khushi replied in a broken voice ''I don't want you near my baby.''

Thanks for reading, please do comment, I love hearing from you all Wink
**Updated: Part 11
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im first and love it damn the precap is interesting

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Phew Khushi and the baby is alright..
Arnav had done a lot of damage to Khushi. 
Exciting precap.
Continue soon.
Thanks for the PM. Big smile

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Poor khusi thanks for the pm dear

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Amazing update,thank you for pm.

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Amazing update..waiting for next part..

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Great update. Glad to know that Khushi and the baby are fine.
Arnav deserves it and precap is what it should be.
Loved your SS right from the beginning.  Good work.Thumbs Up

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awesome update , very interesting precap , i hope love will concure all the hurdles in the end , waiting for the next part

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