Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Happy 5th Anniversary KDMHMD : Deshians In Love

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A hearty welcome to each an every Deshians to the...Hug

5th Anniversary Celebration Thread 
of Our Evergreen Show
Kis Desh Mien Hai Meraa Dil

DIL- Deshians In Love

Deshians are in love.. For past 5 years we are deeply in love with a beautiful Desh. It makes our day more bright and night more glowing one. It brings a smile on our face even in toughest mode of life and make a lone tear to wet our cheeks when the truth how badly we miss them hits us...

5 years back, 2008 March 3rd, a show launched on star plus very calmly. The Launching event of the show was simple. It was not crowed with celebrities. A launching room decorated with roses and ribbons was not there . Media and press people were not running to get interviews or news. The producer of the show or any people never claimed the show to be a part of their life. The Hero and Heroin never had lakhs of fan following at that time..nor there were fans who want any particular people in this show..The heroin was a fresh face and Hero was not even fixed completely at launching time. The show never got any dream launch nor much promotions before its launch other than the fact that The new show actually replaced a superhit serial by the same production house.

But as an old proverb says "The Best comes with Silence". It didn't took days for the show to make viewers fall for it. It was not a simple love was a love saga .. The show was 'kis desh mein hai meraa dil'.  it revealed the beautiful journey of an eternal lovers Prem and heer portrayed by talented stars harshad chopda and Additi gupta. The show and couple became a talk in town in jet speed. Falling in love with these adorable couples was so natural that viewers even not aware when it happened. People who accidently came across the show while swapping between channels crazily searched everywhere for the story and scenes they missed..just so magical..

 what's so special in Prem and heer that made millions of viewers to go crazy and still dying to see them? Is their love story had a complete 'real life' element? Obviously no. Premeer's love story followed fairy tale theme in which both prem and heer fighted the entire world for their love.Prem Juneja was a perfect son , brother , lover , Husband and father and was matured and well aware about his every emotions. Heer Maan was an innocent , shy  girl whose world revolves around prem and his love. Every thing had perfection.  Is viewers watched for this perfection? Again a big no. Then for what?? The answer is simply 'premeer'

  It wasn't for the first time in television, wind carries heroines dupatta to hero every time they come across. But when wind made heer's duppata to cover prem's face , prem closes his eyes to live that mment and heer slowly stops walking sensing an unusal feeling arising inside her..viewers heart beat raised to the peek.. Indian tele screens had witnessed to 100's of eyelocks before..but when prem's chocolate brown eyes drooled and searched himself on heer's almond shaped eyes, deshian's eyes refused to look aways from screen..  When prem's hand held heer's together making  us go ohh.. it became phhandooh ..

Not only prem and heer, Each and every character in kis desh , made a special place in viewers heart with their simple and amazing acts. Among them preet and meher always adored by deshians because of their cuteness. And every one loves premeer's angel , chahat as their own. While lalit, Harman , nihal, kulraj , kiran remained as positive through out the show, manmeet , rishab , daljeet , ash, gayatri, veera , maya, viren made their identity by making other's life hell. Many times the entire world tried their best to separate premeer forever. But Like their Jodi, their love was eternal and it survived in each and every storm..

Our madness reached new levels each day and 2008-2009 turned to be a golden period on every deshians life. Due to some conflicting issues between channel and PH , kis desh shifted to noon slot and later to the ending of the desh era. But show's going off air cant put full stop to premeer's love saga. Kis desh and premeer continued to live in hearts of millions of fans. They smiled, blushed and cried in deshian's desh and will continue to do in future too..Because similar to Prem and Heer, Deshian's  craziness for desh is unlimited and love is eternal..

And this eternal love and craziness made fans to make a 5th Anniversary special Online magazine. It is for the first time in television industry that Fans make a online magazine on the show's anniversary..that too for 5th Anniversary.. Well, Everything is possible in love..

Yes..Deshians are In Love


Here Comes the Kis Desh Anniversary special Online Magazine DIL

can read it completely  here 

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Preet's entry: 
Prem gets hurt very badly. He asks Preet to come and help him. The love between the two brothers surpassed everything. Preet felt his brother's help and he came. He cleaned Prem's wound and both played the match. India won the match and surely because of the brother's unbreakable bond. This bond which reminds of Ram-Lakshman remained unaltered in the entire journey of desh.

Preet and Harman protecting Prem:
Epic and intense scene which shows the unbreakable bond between the three brothers. Preet and Harman come at Prem's office, Ash's friends try to go at Prem's cabin. By joining hands and by standing in front of Prem's cabin like 'bagwaan' protecting Prem, Sameer and his friends couldn't do anything against Prem.

The real meaning of Maa:
An emotional scene of gayatri and premi. Prem is heartbroken to see that why Gayatri didn't give him support when Daljeet openly revealed the truth that gayatri is not the one who gave birth to prem. Then Gayatri explained emotionally  that a Mom is not only the one who gives birth to a child, she's the one who gives the love and strength to him is powerful. 'Mamta pehte se pedha nahin hoti dil se pehda hoti hai'

Heer at Shiv Mandir before she meets Prem:

Before she meets Prem, Heer is at Shiv Mandir and cries. She asks God why she went through so much pain in her life why she has lost her parents and why her brother and sister have to suffer. Her tears fall down on the ground, not only one but two... a sign from God that she'll no longer be alone in her pain and that her soulmate will come very soon her Prem.

Prem and Bauji reconciliation:
This is probably the best reunion ever between a father and his son. Lalit realises his mistake and asks sorry to Prem for hurting him. The emotion depicted through Prem and his Bauji is intense and deep. This shows that even if misunderstandings come in life it is important to forgive the one who've directly or indirectly hurt you because life is so short to hate someone.


A simple phrase like "Main Hoon Na", best describes the amazing bond between these 2.  In reality they were step brothers, but you'd never know it from looking at them.  They always stood by one another, offering unconditional love and support, acting as each other's strength, to the point of one giving his life for the other.


Preet- Heer:

This Devar-Bhabi relationship was unlike any other we witnessed.  Heer had full faith in Preet's abilities, when the burden of family responsibilities fell on his young shoulders.  She stepped into Prem's shoes and bolstered Preet's confidence every step of the way, to the point of even agreeing to marry Rishap Rampal, in return for investing money in Preet's company.  For his part Preet stood by his Bhabi though thick and thin.  Not only did he help Prem and Heer find each other, but during the height of Rishap Rampal's plot against the Junejas, Preet was unwavering in his support and defense of Heer, even when her own sister Meher had turned against her. 



The 2 sisters' love for each other knew no bound, especially after they were orphaned by their parent's tragic death.  Heer faced many trials as she struggled to provide for Meher and herself.  Meher too never mentioned the daily harassment she suffered at the hands of Daljeet. Each one always sought to shield the other from further grief.  A misunderstanding, caused by Rishap Rampal, did at one point come in between them.  But the remorse felt after it was cleared up served to strengthen the sisterly bond even more.



The special bond between a brother and his sisters was perfectly highlighted in the relationship between this trio.  Kidnapped in his youth, Nihal's reunion with his sisters, Heer and Meher, was a source of utmost happiness for him.  Kind-natured and ever sacrificing at heart, Nihal performed his brotherly duties many times.  From rescuing Meher during the after-math of a storm, giving his entire savings to save the Juneja house, to never voicing any complaints while struggling to keep his own marriage afloat, this brother did it all.

Heer and Meher felt a connection to Nihal even before they discovered that he was their brother.  When Nihal was being slandered by Veera, both sisters stood by him convinced of his innocence.  Heer even withstood being separated from Prem and banishment from their home, as a punishment for defending her brother's honor.


Eid ka chaand versus sarsoon ki khethi?  That's how Preet would compare his full head of hair with his Bauji's balding one.  These 2 initially shared a strained relationship, with Lalit never having any expectations from his careless and irresponsible youngest son.  But what happens when that same son is forced to grow up almost over night?  Preet surprised Lalit by shouldering all responsibilities at a time when the Juneja family was reeling not only from Prem's death, but also financial ruin. This father son relationship got a new leash on life, as Preet proved he was the son his father had always wanted him to be after all.


Everyone loves the hero.  You know the guy who rides off into the sunset with the girl after he's just saved the town from all the bad guys.  But what about the villain, the baddie, the negative or evil character?  It's a dirty job but some one has to do it.  And love 'em or hate'em you'll have to admit...that in a story the real entertainment begins when the villain makes his/her entry.

Daljeet Maan:

 Sugar and spice and everything nice is definitely not what this villain was made of.  "Hai main marjawan!"  Don't let this villain's petite size, painted nails, and comical jibes fool you one bit.  Greedy to the core, she carefully crafted a plan to have her daughter marry Prem Juneja, while reducing Heer and Meher Maan to penniless orphans.  Like an unwanted commercial interruption Daljeet disrupted the lives of the Juneja family more than once.  Each time wrecking more havoc than the first.

Ashlesha Maan: 

A chippette off the old block?  Definitely.  Though not as smart as her mother, she was equally vengeful. She initially sought to marry Prem for his riches, but fell in love with Preet instead.  Blaming Heer for things not working out between her and Preet, she made it to look like Prem slept with her...leading to a 6 year separation between Prem and Heer.  Like her mother she made repeat entries too.  Each one more dangerous than the next.  Her final revenge...a charge of attempted rape against Prem.

Rishap Rampal:

A pointy chinned man with a sharp nose and smirk you'd like to wipe off his face, he had a personal vendetta against Prem.  Presuming Prem to be dead, Rishap unleashed his wrath on the Junejas instead.  He bankrupted the family, played foul with Veera's feeling, and emotionally tortured Heer, to the point of forcing her to the mandap, all at a time when she was still grieving Prem's death.

Is it Manmeet or Prashant was the question of the day with these deceiving twins.  Already married to Daljeet's older daughter, Prashant plotted with Daljeet to have Heer married off to a mentally ill Manmeet.  Whenever the need arose Prashant filled in as the respectable groom to be.  Of course on the day of the would be Manmeet behind the sehra.  At stake was the valuable Mann family land, and Prem's hand in marriage for Ashlesha.


Viren Juneja: 

With some villains you'd personally like to kick their butt.  This is one of them.  His boy next door looks concealed a real wolf in sheep's clothing.  He secretly plotted with his brothers to rob the Junejas of their fortunes.  The plot eventually resulted in Preet's death.  But he didn't stop there.  He tried to take Preet's place by marrying his grieving widow Meher.  How low can you get?


Let's fall on the sofa

This has to be one of the cutest scenes, picturized on one of the cutest jodis ever.  Lodi festivities are going on and Preet is missing.  Meher goes looking for him, only to wind up chasing him after he makes a snide remark about her weight.  She slips, he catches her, then let's both of them fall onto the sofa below.  "Kamar mein nahin dil mein kuch ho raha hai", confesses Preet.  One of the first of many signs that the love bug has bitten him.   


Kasauli log house scene 

After spending the night out in the snow, and accomplishing their mission to reunite Premeer, Meet finally have the family loghouse to themselves.  Meher wants to go home, but Preet insists they stay and spend some "quality time" together.  Meher is confused, and Preet's mood is diffused, until Meher finally realizes what he means by "quality time".  A cute nok-jhok follows until Meher finally orders Preet to stay to which he simply replies, "Aap ka hookum sar ankhoon pe"...a definite turning point in Meet's relationship.


Dance at Herman's engagement

Preet leads Meher to the dance floor, and tells her she's the most beautiful one at the party.  Meher looks behind her and sees a girl dressed in modern clothes and begins to cry, mistakenly thinking that Preet was talking about that girl.  Preet wipes her tears and pacifies her by admitting that she is unlike any other girl.  "Tum mein ek sadghi hai'aur khubsoorati'sadghi mein hoti hai".


We're having a baby

Preet wanders into his bedroom and finds Meher knitting socks.  At first he thinks they're for him, but his happiness knows no bounds when he learns that he's going to be a father for the second time.  "Khushiyaan bantne se badti hai", he proclaims, and runs to share the good news with the rest of the family.


Roses flashback scene 

This beautiful flashback scene, shows Preet surprising Meher with a bouquet of roses.  Meher accidently pricks her finger on a thorn and Preet throws the flowers away saying that he doesn't want anything around that will hurt his Meher.  "Agli bar kante nikal kar laoon ga", he promises.

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No words still he understands her feelings. She wore it because its his wish. Unconditional love and understanding of Prem and Heer.

Prem is standing looking at moon. Wind chimes around him. Two white doves. His coat in his hand. He runs fingers over his hair. He turns hearing Heer's trumbling voice 'Prem'. Heer wearing green western outfit. Her tensed fingers clutching her dress which is about her knees. She held held her dress over her chest fearing it would fall down. Prem admires her. (Meri rang mai plays in the BG) Quickly he notices her uncomfortable with that outfit. He is worried. She gives a mixture of shy and uncomfortable smile. He walks slowly to her. He wipes her tears shaking his head. He wipes her other eyes tear. She cries. He cups her face with his right palm and consoles her. 

He covers her with his coat. Heer surprised. She looks at him with a shock. He is calm and tells her 'go and Change your dress. You are looking beautiful. I'll see you in this dress when you wear this dress with your heart.' Heer cries. He 'i'll see with my heart. Heer with tears looks down. He touches her chin. Lifts her face. He 'Heer, you tell anything. Wear anything. Do anything. I love you. i loved you. i'll love you always.' He smiles 'change'. Heer with more tears. He cups her face lovingly.
Prem, Heer surrounded with wind chime and two loving doves. Moon witness them too.

Confident Heer wants her Prem to express himself to her, jealous Prem wants to move away yet not ready to share his love for her with anyone.

Heer 'you like drinks and woman. I'm infront of you. bottle is there.' angry Prem 'neither want drinks nor you. leave me alone with my sorrow.' Heer 'sorrow? You never care about others.' She runs her finger along up his chest and rounds her hands around his neck 'then what kind of sorrow you have?' Prem angrily pulls her hand away 'enough. Don't come near me. I hate talking to a girl like you.' Heer 'you only told me. He went off. Forget him. I did the same. My Prem' he angrily interrupts 'your Prem. Don't call him your Prem. If he hears this, he will hate you.' he turns his face away and looks at her 'leave all this. I want to sleep.' He leaves. Heer gives him a mischievous smile.

He knows she loves him yet he wants to hear from her. She likes to express her love to him with her loving kiss.

Prem 'your gift. Diamond ring.' Heer 'I liked. Do you know? Diamond is girls favourite. Girls loves diamond.' Prem 'only diamond or person who gave diamond.' Heer 'ofcourse. Loving the person who gave diamond ring.' Prem anxiously 'who?'. He drawing lines lovingly on her shoulder. Heer with a teasing smile 'ma..., babuji..., Preet, Meher, Harman, Kuldi. they all done this.' Prem face changes as he tells other family members name one by one. Heer 'all of them loving more. I'm also loving them more.' Prem angrily goes away 'good love. Do love them like this.' Heer gives a teasing smile and walks to Prem. She taps his back. He ignores. She runs her finger on his chest from behind. He smiles. She kisses his cheeks. He turns to capture her into his loving cage.

Mother is the one gives rights for their child to a father. Heer gives him rights, Prem proud to be father of their Chahat kisses her expressing his happiness.

Heer 'Prem, i can't give you anything more than that.' Prem 'what is it?' Heer 'you see.' Heer hands over him picture of Chahat.' Prem lovingly runs his finger over Chahat picture. Heer 'Papa.' Prem looks at teary Heer. Heer tells about Papa. Heer tell about not able to return Chahat's birth and baby times to him. 'but today i'm giving a relationship. Daughter relationship. From today you are Chahat's papa. Chahat is your daughter. today papa can call Chahat as his daughter. and Chahat can call him papa.' Prem hugs Heer. (Kis Desh mai hai mera dil BG) camera rounds around our Premeer still hugging with tears. Prem relases her from his hug. Looks at chahat's picture. 'thank you. i'm happy. I'll not tell her she is my daughter. i'll be happy when she calls me papa.' He surprises Heer with a kiss on her cheek.

Rasgulla is very tasty because its in his Heer's hand. he licks her fingers because he likes her more than Rasgulla.

Prem is sadly standing. Heer 'oh my husband mood is bad. I know how to correct it.' she goes and takes a bowl of rasgulla. Prem looks back with a slight smile. He walks with a smile to her. He stands before her. He is about to take a rasgulla 'give me rasgulla.' Heer moves the bowl away with a teasing smile. Prem looks at her with a loving smile 'feed me.' Heer takes a rasgulla and squeezes it. Prem opens his mouth. She takes it to his mouth and moves back. She teases him twice. Prem catches her wrist in the third attempt and takes her hand to his mouth to eat the rasgulla. He licks her thumb, index and middle finger.

Heer lights her parent's pyre and Prem senses her pain.
"ek ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi hai aisa lag raha hai ke ye aasmaan ye taare ye hawaye ye fizaein mujhe kuch kehna chah rahi hai ... aisa lagta hai jaise mera yaha ana koi ittefaaq nahi tha kisi ke haatho ki likhawat thi shayad jise hum taqdeer kehte hai "
well there is nothing more to say beyond those few words said by PREM ... the kismat konnection begins .. her pain is his so is his love meant for her!!

Heer is crying on the terrace and her tear falls on Prem's cheek.

"ye zamana bahot bura hai iss zamane ki shart nibhana bahot muskil hai .. aajao prem"
our heats were thumping badly after prems return ... and then we got this scene .. the tear sliding down heer's eyes reaches our prem and well that was some indication of their eternal love and bonding "mohe piya milan ki aas" in the BG was definitely making us think ye dono kab milenge!

Gaurav[Prem]-Heer Shiv Mandir Scene. Heer finally sees Gaurav[Prem].
"waqt wahi hai par thoda tham sa gaya hai sama wahi hai par thoda ghum sa gaya hai raaste wahi hai par thode kho se gaye hai main bhi wahi hun par thodi... nahi kuch bhi nahi ... "
the heartwrenching desh track and our symbolic shiv mandir.. do we want anything more ??
"itte dev kahin kisi mod pe kisi rah pe sayad judaa hona pade par ye yakeen tha ki mod se age wapas tum mil hi jaoge manzil jahan bhi ho hum saath jayenge na jane kyun raaste aise bichde ki wapas jud hi nahi paaye tum apni raah chale gaya main aj wahi usi raah khadi hun palke bichaye ek put ek dhundli si tasveer banke aj bhi wahi sama wahi pal hai jab humne pehli baar ek dusre ko dekha khoya apne apko par is baat ki khushi thi ki tumhe paaya paya bhi to aise ki tumhi meri har raah tumhi har mod tumhi har manzil dhadkan kehti hai .. ab bhi iss desh mein hai meraa dil"
and yes finaly jud gaye tukde tuti tasveer ke .. heer in prem's arm .. like the first time they met .. and frankly those dialogues still give me goosbumps
"pata nahi tha ki raahe phir wahi le jayengi .. tum aage badh jaoge main wahi reh jaungi .. pata nahi tha ki wapas mulakat hogi par aj tumhe dekh kar aisa lag raha hai ki pata nahi tum khwab ho ya hakeekat tum bhram ho ya mera yakeen"

prem tells heer to remaary main rahu na rahu tum hamesha raho
prem is back but he has to go away and it felt as if we will go mad .. we wanted to heer catch hold of him , kiss him and knock some sense in him 
"heer main chahta hun ki mere jaane ke baad bhi tum jeeyo .. main rahu na rahu tum hamesha raho . akele nahi kisi ke saath"
well seriously ishq valla karde challa ... but ofcourse our heer is heer " ghar basaungi par tumhare saath .. tum kahin nahi jaoge"
well we could feel prems anxiety and his need to know that heer will get love but mr.thickhead needed to understand neither heer nor we can let it happen ...

Prem kicks Heer out of the house because of Gayatri.
ok trust me guys when prem said "ruk jao heer" i literally wanted to put a bulldozer over gayatri and hit prem with a rod .. but ofcourse we can feel his pain too with heers ... and when he says "kuch chaiye to le lo" i was like its you she wants idiot .. its you.. well i was really heartbroken to see this side of prem juneja who believed his mother blindly and it fits my list 

Prem accuses Heer of cheating on him with Rajveer.
if there is a scene i want to delete from desh's library then it has to be this 
prem juneja went crazy and my heart broke for heer
his long strides down the stairs told us that a storm is coming
from his small whispering accusations to angry beating .. everything just broke our heart and we knew whats coming next 
and the way he says "mere hisse ka pyaar diya hoga na tumne" well that really made me want to strangle him and well yea he got slapped ..well his anger reflects his passion and i can't deny i found it really sexy .. ok ok i am not drooling !!

Prem asks Heer not to leave him.
ok the scene starts and we can see a broken prem standing in tears and yes he catches hold of her hand { trust me if my man would have done that i would have taken him to bed .. last night forgotten .. well that man has to be prem juneja ofcourse hehehe } the way he was appologizing .. or can say grovelling made me cry and well heer you acted too quickly here and this is one scene i want to strangle you in .. how can she "ab tum mere nahi rahe ha"... 
and the scene is followed by 

Premeer go seperate ways.

a crazy prem running on the platform .. man that guy can do anything .. and in that crumpled look he looked .. YUMMY! 
"tum wo insaan hi nahi reh gaye ho jisse maine pyaar kiya tha "
"ek galti ki sajah tum mujhe poori jindagi dogi"
well i donno but only that guy can do a mistake and still we were cheering for him wanting him to bring back heer
the payal faals .. the dupatta waves for a last time and heer leaves "do dil bichde do dil haare hum iss kinare wo uss kinare"

"Kise Awaaz Doon" on Prem.
"main to apni galti ka paschatap kar raha hun par tum to apni jindagi jee hi sakti ho na"
the sing ... the highway .. the dark night .. and prem ki tanhaai .. we can see he is broken .. hurt by someone he loves .. kept away from his daughter and we can hear him saying "kisse awaaz dun" the relaization that it was his kid made him realize how lonely he was and well that song and prem did connect to our soul that night .. he alone caught hold of the camera for so long and made us gasp well that's called "prem juneja effect"

drunk prem

rain blood alcohol and prem is a maddening combination 
"chan se jo tute koi sapna"
we find him in streets alone, punishing himself , looking angry , broken and that obsessiveness touched us .. well comeon we love possesive obsessive drunk prem 
well the way the bottle touched his lips made me think so many things {lets not go there}
"tumne aisa kyun kiya heer tumne ye inzaam apne sar kyun liya "
the man was angry at himself , angry for letting her go ... one hell of a crazy lover we saw that day.

ok audience i was supposed to write only 5 scene but i got carried away in my track i still have many more scene i can include in the HEARTWRENCHING list but i don't want joota chappals on my way by other writers so m gonna satisfy myself with 9 .. it was pleasure watching those scenes back .. well i was glad i went through all those videos and dates .. i can feel the desh fever again !

PH soap scene

 He falls on her...she looks at him...both are lost in each other...and both are so closed...this is Prem and Heer soap of their scenes that left our heart dhak dhak-ing...Prem shirtless Heer's hair opened...and then romance starts and PHans are PHreaming and PHrooling!!!

PH intense eye look scene

Prem catches Heer's hand and makes her come to sit with him while Gayatri is sleeping peacefully...their eyes blooms...and eyes speak!!! Prem is lost in Heer's eyes and can't stop admiring her and her beauty...the intensity of this scene left us PHead!!!


PH almost kiss

Prem catches Heer's arm and both come close...more closer...and more closer...he wipes Heer's face and then dhak dhak!!! Almost kiss happening and PHans lost in PHland!!! Heer closes her eyes feeling shy...Prem is so close to her!!! ROMANCE AT ITS PEAK...

PH's first night (suhagraat)

Premeer become ONE forever...Prem teases her by telling that it's time for them to start a family...Heer is shy and both confess once again their love each other...Heer surrounded herself to Prem and he politely taken her...

PH 'rasta rokho scene'

This is probably their very first romantic scene...the innocence and cuteness in their eyes can't be describe into words...we feel the scene and the shyness...Heer stops Prem from coming at her house their steps meets their eyes meet...a magical moment which will be always remembered...

Hum Hai Is Pal Yahan

Premeer were separated by Prem's mom and their siblings Preet and Meher worked out a plan to bring them together, for this Premeer are meeting at a couples only club and the result was this dance. Premeer missed each other , the minute they lay eyes on each other the romance starts, they forgot about the surrounding and got lost in each other's feelings. Prem never letting go of his Heer pulls her towards him for back hug and they sway to the music. The meaning of the lyrics can be clearly seen through Premeer's expressions in their eyes, the way the hands connected , held between them, the smile in Heer's face simply glowing, Prem was totally lost in her. They were a perfect example of how a couple so deeply in love should dance.

Bol Na Hal Ke Hal Ke

 Juneja's throwing a party, everyone looking at their best, beautiful setting and has to wear a mask , take a number so that Preet will announce who he pairs for a dance. Heer's number was paired with an old man, this made Prem angry so he interferes, pushes the man, picks up that number and takes Heer to dance with him, while Preet was watching. Music starts, camera shown towards Premeer , it was funny and sweet at the same time:, funny because Daljeet Chachi was angry, her Ash could not dance with Prem and end up with an old man while Prem staring intently only at Heer. Heer was surprised to see Prem , she tries to remain calm but becomes shy and looks down. Prem holding Heer so close, even while she tries to move away he won't let her holding her so protectively. What made this scene special is the sheer intensity shown through their eyes, the passionate feeling that came through slight movements of hands of Premeer, looking so beautiful as a couple, they made the song beautiful while everyone else looks on them.

Premeer dance in rain. 

What's special is Prem was declared dead by everyone but Heer refuses to accept that in her heart and she imagines her Prem dancing with her in rain with live band playing in background. Heer's innocent smile shine through her beautiful big eyes that shows the happiness of meeting her Prem after waiting so long. Heer puts her hand on Prem's shoulder ever so softly and kisses his eyes, forehead with so much love and care, while Prem too seem excited, happy , never taking his eyes off his Heer. The dance was spectacular and magical in many ways that it keeps us glued to the tv screen watching the sizzling chemistry of Premeer: we saw happiness of two lovers meeting, their yearning, exuding passion, the warm feeling of being together all this was expressed through their twinkling eyes, cute smiles , the way they swayed to the music, the way they were touching the face or holding hands. Through out the dance we feel Heer's pain that touch our heart as the whole scene was created because of her unbearable separation from her soul mate, to an extend she is in another world of her own, very heart wrenching.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 

A very passionate, hurt, jealous, full of feelings Prem and an adorably cute and beautiful Heer, who feels helpless begin the dance with partners they were forced into, however soon go in their own dream world where only Premeer exist, as their shadows are shown being together in that scene dancing. This signifies Premeer are connecting their soul, even though they are physically holding someone else's hands. Prem's expression in his eyes show pain and displeasure of losing his soul mate who is engaged to another man, while Heer also displays same hurt feelings through her eyes. Both Prem and Heer could not take eyes off of each other, they redefined chemistry, despite being away from each other, they were together in mind and soul. It's a unique scene, shows separation and togetherness of Premeer in one shot: very romantic, passionate, hot couple literally leaving you shocked as sparks fly watching them perform.

Kal Ho Na Ho..

 An adorable and romantic scene with. Prem playing mandolin and Premeer transform from two bodies into one soul. Prem puts a finger on Heer's mouth to say "live the moment and forget the rest of the world". Soon lights dim, full moon is shown then white snow flakes outside the window fill the ground. Background may have changed but Premeer were unwavering, perfectly in sync and swaying beautifully to the music. Their unwavering attention towards each other displaying passion, body language showing the high comfort level they share, beautiful couple with sizzling hot chemistry who touch our heart and keep us glued to them, a treat to watch without ever getting bored.

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:05am | IP Logged

Harshad and Additi, the two actors who made Prem and Heer and their love saga eternal forever. The chemistry they shared both onscreen and off screen is still remain as unbeatable. When ever they come together , as Harshiti, they literally burned the screens and made millions of fans hearts goes crazy for them. They way they complimented each other still make everyone to wonder whether god can create two people who can give a competition to these two.
They are Cute, Adorable, Lovely, and Hot at same time. They seems mature and sweet but becomes carzy and childish when they are with each other. They way tease each other and they way they talked to each other are still echoing in every deshians ears.Even after 3 years viewers still craves to see harshad and additi once again as Harshiti.

Some times people wonders what so special with these two which makes their fans go so crazy still now. Well,it is something which only god can answer. Is it because ofthe way they complimented eachother? or the way they made our heart beat level cross 1000s? No one have a answer.

There was a naturality and honesty in every off screen segments and TV performances of Harshiti. They never acted infront of camera while capturinf off screen moments. They never acted like best friends from day one. Their relation progressed naturally and it is evident in every SBS, SBB, IF segments.There was an awkwardness between them in first few weeks. Harshiti barely talked in off screen segments in 2008 marche. Then slowly it started to fade fade and comfortable level increased. They started to talk with smile, the enjoying each others company and teasing each other to the core.

Not only in offscreen segments, Harshiti created magic on dance floor too.In 3 years harshiti gave a number of passionate ,awesome , wonderful , graceful , outstanding, mind blowing performances on different occations starting from Ishq hua in Star parivaar awards to Bin tere in Ajab Prem Ki kahani. 
Words will fail to describe the beauty of the performance and the sizzling chemistry of Harshiti that burned the dance floor .. 

It seems like pages and paragraphs will never end, if it is about HarshIti. They are truely magical. And Miss them too much on screen. We hope one day God will answer prayers from millions of heart and  HarshIti will back to surprise us..
We miss u HarshIti..

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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:07am | IP Logged

DEsh ... PremEer ka desh ... Deshians ka desh ... PHreamers ka desh 
hello ! ... we are alive ... still drooling and Phrooling .. like besharams ... jinhone saath chor diya hamara unhe bhi salaam namaste ! ... aur jo saath hai .. unhe main dikhaungi PHingoli ka video once more .. but later ...
It's been maddening few years ... well i haven't been a part of the forum since the beginning but since that" Jag diya rasma ishq nahi janta dil betaab hai tujhko hi manta " there was no looking back .. i was hooked .. addicted .. tempted .. lusted ... and in luv ... 

being a part of desh forum wasn't easy .. to be accepted by fellow deshians was not easy .. to love premeer unconditionally wasn't easy ... but things happen and for me now if there is IF then it's all bcz of our desh ... 

i made sissy's { selvy di , surya di ...} ... then there were my sautans ( pari , sia di } ... then there was my bari sissy in law ( kavya) .. and now i have a beautiful small sweet sissy in law - check our R stats .. ppl think we r crazy hehehehe luv ya {vrushi} ... and i have a competition aka prem ki dost { priya} 
hehehe and i love my title {official ASH} .. tsk tsk ... i will announce about our new competition later aka JUGNA hunt for heer .. kyunki apni JUGNI {priya} is dore daling on prem ..unsuccessfully tsk tsk and prem will divorce heer coz of sweet me ... so heer and JUGNA fixed ... :P 

anyway jokes apart i haven't seen the evil sisters aka noorie and nabiha in long time ?? where are they ... talking about gayab ppl we also have our forum ka BHAI ... aka waqas no more making premeer siggies ?? and his FB stats read {ALIVE} .. so u better come back 

our desh forum is still maddening // and well thanks to our lazy moderators {makes faces } at khushi and nandini .. ouch they haven't kicked me outta forum .. its a bliss .. coz whenever we r upset we go all berserk on them and i donno how they tolerate us !! .. hats off ... we luv u guys ... ( one thing i love about them is they don't do kich-kich) like other mods ... and that makes me feel like kissing them ... eww ... prem will be upset if i do so ... kissing plan cancelled 

ufff ... i can go on and on ... this is what happens here ... :p so whoever needs an entry should get an appointment with a doctor .. as soon as possible 
and ofcourse how can i forget our item bombs who come once in a month to drop bombs on our forum from MARS ( ahem ahem ) but we are always ready to fight ETs ... and we play offensive .. so BEWARE 

its been 5 years and we still love premeer .. ofcourse i can't love heer as much as prem " sautan saheli is fine" but there is a line ... :P 

i hope this goes on for years and years .. and i can bet u all won't get any more crazier than u r .. !! 

lots of love and wishes 

aishu .. aka ASH .. ! mwaah


Happy Kis Desh Anniversay Deshianz!!!!!


This date holds a very important part for all the Deshians and for me as its when we got our Prem and Heer… and its already been 5 years….  Happy Birthday Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil … hope we get to celebrate many more in the coming years….

On a summer's day long, long ago
I fell in love and I'll never know
Just what it was that made me feel
So drawn to her, what the appeal
That set my pulses so to race
When e'er I gazed upon that face
Of one who was scarce but a child
Yet even then could drive me wild
I'll never know the how's and why's
I lost my heart to Hazel Eyes
But when I got that long sought kiss
I knew I'd found my Perfect Miss
My elfin girl from down the lane
And I'll never let her go again

For how could I describe our love?
Romantic love, all hearts and flowers
No way to count the days and hours
Spent in self-indulgent wishes
And thoughts of long awaited kisses
Of sweet embraces, tender sighs
And gazing into love filled eyes
Oh yes, it is that kind of love

The love we share is all these things
A love that has no need of rings
A love you never need to doubt
A love I cannot live without
A love to last us all our days
A love I'll share with you always

- Jim Sharman - 

  - Sadi


"Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil" what should i say about this show...It has been 3 years since this show has been off air but still i can see the same affects of this show and specially our Premeer on Our deshians.
First of all i like to congratulate the entire cast of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil on the 5th Anniversary of the show.
Till now i haven't watched the show, like I used to watch KDMHMD.
I still remember that day when i started watching KDMHMD. It was 29th April'2008 I'd seen the Rasta Roko Scene...and after that I was like..."wow" and from that day only I'd became the fan of this show...and specially the fan of Premeer on-screen chemistry.
In this Balaji has shown the greatest family bonding and the reletionship between Prem-Gayatri, Prem, Preet and Harman (Prem-Preet specially), Prem-Lalit,Heer-Lalit, Heer-Meher, Prem, Heer and Chahat or Heer,Meher and Kulraj. And the also actors had done the great job, they putted their soul into that characters. It was outstanding Clap
And the most important thing of this show that still had affect on me was Premeer/ Harshiti jodi... seriously i just can't forget them...all the romantic which has been played on this maybe their nok-jhoke scene, phingoli, emotional/ sentimental scenes or may be it was their dance sequences...still it made me fall for them all over again...seriously 

Congratulations "KisDesHaiMeraaDil"


'Wishing a very happy 5th anniversary to kis desh and all Deshians...5 years ago we got a beautiful show to cherish and a magical love story that touched our hearts forever Prem and Heer redefined the meaning of true love...we can't forget them they'll be always with amazing show like this comes only once in a lifetime...a warm thanks to all kis desh cast team production house writers and everyone related to this show for giving us such beautiful moments!!! -



Congrats to all kdmhmd team Well and Harsiti how do i thank them ... no words.
They have made Premeer so real its hard to tell if i am watching T.V. or a Heer ranjha Play .cant really believe that kdmhmd end and we are celebrating 5th anniversery  I have loved one "fictional" couple who were totally real and who made the word "love" somehow very interesting..

There are no words to thank HC and AG for making Prem and heer so alive, that we feel they are part of our lives..
Never have I been obsessed abt any show before this nor do in future.. HC-Ag star in some other serial, then maybe..But of this show and its lead cast are unparalleled..
Thanks to the creative team and everybody else involved for making this such a unique show..especially rekha modi for her some breathtaking dialogues and the camera crew..

And biggest thanks to deshians for being who they are and making this show more interesting and memorable..At times, it was really difficult to feel any positivity in the show, but coz of the forum and its rocking members, everything became smooth and rocking!
so thanks to u guys for simply being there..




One day bunch of people entered my living room through the show Kis Desh hai mera dil. They stole my heart through their amazing acting. They gave life to every character in that show. Prem and Heer became amazing couple with amazing chemistry and unconditional love for each other. Preet and Meher made me crazy with their humorous acting. 
Bunch of fans analysed every bit of the show. Our dream went on and on. Oh. Now the show went off air 3 years back. But the memories in our heart are fresh. We now celebrating 5th anniversary with same love towards the show and its cast.
Happy Kis Desh 5th anniversary to all.


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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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5th Anniversary Contest  Winners  

Winner for Siggie : Faiza ( -Faiza- )Party     



Runner Up for Siggie :  Liana ( -Liana- ) Dancing     



Winner for Avi :  priyahmt     Party 



 Runner Up for Avi :  priyahmt     Dancing 


 o n g r a t u l a t i o n s    - gifts are on the way Big smile




 Written by aishwaryagayen 



Made by  Maria.Creationz  


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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:10am | IP Logged

























Prem-Gaytri: ( Write up by ummesulaiman )

Can a mother hold her step-son dearer to herself than her own?  Gaytri proved she could.  Her love and support for Prem surpassed all expectations.  The fact that Prem loved his mother the most was also evident from the start.  But love can turn sour and go to extremes.  It can spurn jealousy and seek revenge.  So too Gaytri's love showed many shades.  Prem's love however remained consistent throughout this mother-son relationship.





























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JugniPH IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:13am | IP Logged






































































































































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