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||Kya Huaa Tera Vaada Completes 1 Year||

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Welcome my dear friends. Hug

Today i.e 30th January is a special day for the Cast n Crew of Kya Huaa Tera Vaada. Oh yes its been a Year the show has gone air. Today Kya Huaa Tera Vaada completes 1 year. ClapParty

Join me in congratulating the Entire team of the show. Big smile

Congratulations to the team of Kya Huaa Tera Vaada for ur successful completion of 1 year ClapStar.


About the Show

What's the show all about?? Embarrassed

Pradeep Singh and Mona Singh are a young couple living independently in Mumbai in a nuclear setup with their 3 kids- Bulbul, Rano and Rajbir. They have been married for 12years now and they have dealt with several situations together in the past. Pradeep has stepped out of his father's business and house and wants to carve his own niche. Mona has stood by him in this endeavor. Inspite of that Pradeep and Mona's pot of joy is spilling over- they have 3 children and a life which revolves around work and children.

Their biggest achievement, the children, is also what has created a wedge between them. Mona whose only priority was her husband today has 3 kids screaming for her attention and at times even demanding it. Here is the classic case of a woman who ceases to play any other role except that of a mom.

Lets see how the show started...

Summary of the Episode - 1

Pradeep dreams his big day of giving important presentation to his team. Mona makes her kids ready for school.Pradeep disappoints Bulbul in getting new tennis racket for her. He informs Mona to get ready for evening party at his Boss's place. Pradeep was very keen that Mona looks good and presentable before all the other wives especially the Boss's wife.

Mona sacrifices to buy a tennis racket for Bulbul. In the evening while Mona was ready to leave for the party, her youngest, ranbir comes out from his room dressed in a shervani. Mona's heart goes out for him.

Pradeep was disappointed to see Mona in one of her old sarees. The Boss's wife has a good time flaunting herself and putting down Mona.

At home, after the party, Pradeep enraged with Mona's behaviour, yells at her and blames her for spoiling his only chance to get this promotion. Bulbul thanks him for giving a new racket for her. Pradeep realizes and feels guilty for screaming at his wife.

Mona understands his side and tells him that he was right to react that way as it was a very important step for his future and that he desperately needs this promotion for the family.  The couple smiles and goes to bed along with their kids.

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Cast of the Show

The show has got some good actors and specially the return of Mona Singh for which many of us had hopes for this show and also for seeing Mona again in daily shows after 7 yrs.

The show has taken 10yrs if leap in the month of December. Let's see the Cast of the Show before and after leap... Smile

After Leap

Mona Singh as Mona Pradeep Singh - Pradeep's wife.

Sargun Mehta as Bulbul Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's elder daughter.

Siddhi Karwa as Rano Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's younger daughter.

Yatin Mehta as Rajbir Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's son.

Apara Mehta as Suhasi Alok Singh - Pradeep's mother and Mona's mother-in-law.

Bhuvan Chopra as Alok Singh - Pradeep's father and Mona's father-in-law.

Ibrar Yakub as Manoj Alok Singh - Pradeep's younger brother.

Ekta Saraiya as Mallika Manoj Singh - Pradeep's sister-in-law and Manoj's wife.

Alka Amin as Mrs. Singh - Mona's Mother.

Raunaq Ahuja as Tarun Sarkar - Anushka's adoptive brother and Taani's husband.

Priya Chauhan as Taani Tarun Sarkar - Pradeep's younger sister and Tarun's wife.

Deepak Qazir Kejriwal as Balbir Bhalla - Anushka's present husband.

Mauli Ganguly as Anushka Balbir Bhalla - Pradeep's ex-girlfriend and Balbir Bhalla's wife.

Neelam Sivia as Anika Pradeep Singh - Anushka and Pradeep's daughter.

Sanjay Nath as Harsh Ruea - Vihaan's father.

Mohit Malhotra as Vihaan Harsh Ruea - Anika's ex lover.

Lily Patel as Daadi - Mom of Harsh Ruea n Daadi of Vihaan

Hiten Tejwani as Jatin Chopra - Mona's admirer and Vihaan's uncle

Before Leap - Old Cast & Cameo Roles

Pawan Shankar as Pradeep Alok Singh - Husband of Mona and boyfriend of Anushka (Dead).

Khushbu Takkar as Bitto - cousin of Mona.

Suyash Kumar as Kukreja - Immediate Boss of Pradeep.

Suyash Kumar

Buddhaditya Mohanty as Surinder Suri - Pammi's husband and Pradeep's best friend.

Delnaaz Irani as Pammi Surinder Suri - Mona's best friend and Surinder's wife.

Nandini Sen as Devashree Sarkar - Anushka & Tarun's mother.

Chetan Hansraj as Shaurya Mitra - Anushka's ex-husband (Dead).

Darshan Pandya as Vineet Raizada - Anushka's friend & Mona's ex-finacee

Maneka lalwani as Priyali Vineet Raizada - Vineet's wife (Dead).

Maneka Lalwani

Farida Dadi as Smriti Raizada - Vineet's grandmother.

Gajendra Chouhan as Mr. Chopra - Jatin's father.

Gajendra Chauhan

Prachiti Mishra as Mrs. Chopra - Jatin's mother.

Karam Rajpal as Madhav Chawla - Taani's ex-boyfriend.

Jia Mustafa as Jia Khurana - Taani's best friend.

Karuna Varma as Mrs. Bhagat - Acquaintance of Anushka. (Dead)

Karuna Verma

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Story so far

Kya Hua Tera Vaada is the story of Pradeep and Mona Singh, a young couple who live in Mumbai with their three children. Between all their work they try their best to find time for each other. But every time, their children, is what creates a wedge between them. The plot revolves around their lives twelve years after their marriage.

The wedge between the couple is defined when Pradeep starts an affair with Anushka, his old college friend whom he had been in love with before agreeing to an arranged marriage with Mona. When the affair is revealed, Pradeep leaves Mona and moves in with Anushka, filing for divorce from Mona. Thus begins Mona's battle for her own identity and her children to show Pradeep and Anushka that she is more than just a mere housewife.

Finally Mona gets a job in Vineet's company, who has joined hands with Anushka's company. As time passes Mona proves herself and becomes the vice-president of the company along with Anushka. In all this time Pradeep realizes his love for Mona and thinks of giving a second chance to their marriage but they cannot.

Vineet falls in love with Mona and expresses his desire to marry her. But Mona is not ready for it. Soon, Mona and Pradeep's divorce procedure starts. Mona's father-in-law gets a heart attack and makes Mona and Vineet promise that they will get married. Pradeep hears this and asks Anushka to marry him.

Meanwhile Anushka's old husband, Shaurya Mitra comes back pretending to be her cousin brother, and later he blackmails her for money. Anushka tries to steal money from the company locker but fails. Finally, she steals the money Pradeep's father had arranged for Mona's wedding. But when she is caught, she blames Shaurya for stealing the money.

Anushka then sells a property as she has to give him 1 crore and get their marriage certificate back from him. But Shaurya has a second copy and he plans to give that to Pradeep. Anushka finds it out and gets into a fight with him and eventually killing him. Same time Pradeep comes into the murder place and the police accuse him to be the murderer. The same night Mona and Vineet's wedding is to be held, but Mona getting the news tell the police that last night Pradeep was with her and he is not to be accused and she saves him. Pradeep also tells Anushka that he will no more marry her as she is least bothered about him, he is just a fantasy for her.

In a crossover episode of Kya Huaa tera Vaada and Bade Acche Lagte Hain (another Ekta Kapoor series), a party is organized by Ram Kapoor and Rajat Kapur. In the party, Anushka first points gun at Priya Kapoor (played by Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram Kapoor gets shot in an attempt to save Priya. After that when Anushka tries shoot Mona, Pradeep comes in between to save her and is shot. Both Ram Kapoor and Pradeep are admitted in the hospital and are critical. Priya and Mona are together praying for their husbands. Ultimately Ram Kapoor is saved and Pradeep dies. Now, the story takes a ten years leap.

Ten Years Later

The Story moves forward, The kids of Mona & Anushka grows. Mona's daughter Bulbul is same like her, sweet, simple, caring and selfless. Now it is Bulbul's turn to get married, but Bulbul doesn't trust any man anymore because of the experience her mother went through 10 years ago. Mona then decides to make Bulbul meet a guy at the 5th anniversary of her restaurant.

Bulbul and the guy, Ajay, start to go out. But, Bulbul's mind is elsewhere, she gets a chance to visit the local jail. There she plans on meeting Anushka, but finds out that she has been taken out of the jail 5 years ago. Bulbul gets upset and the story goes to Anushka, who is currently residing in Australia. Anushka gets married to the richest man in Australia, Balbir Bhalla.

On their wedding night, Anushka keeps on begging Balbir to buy her Mona's restaurant. But, Balbir reminds her that he has taken Anushka out of jail on one condition, which is not to mess around with Mona's life. Mona then finds out that Ajay was actually using Bulbul for revenge because Bulbul had opened up his friend's dark secrets.

Bulbul's boss gets bribed and terminates Bulbul from the job against the co-operator whom she had exposed earlier. Anushka finally buys Mona's restaurant. Mona is really happy that the new owner Mrs Bhalla is Punjabi. Soon Anushka doubles the rent of the restaurant. When Mona finds out about Bulbul losing her job, she meets the owner of the company, who coincidentally is Jatin(Mona's Admirer).

Vihaan's dad wants him to go and settle in Mumbai, so he proposes Anika. Rajbeer gets scholarship for Australia. At the same time Anushka's family and Vihaans family come to India. Rajbeer gets to know about Anushka's visit and he keeps his mouth shut in front of his family.

Next day Bulbul gets promotion from her boss Jatin as for that Jatin gives Bulbul to shoot the marriage of Vihaan and Anika. When Bulbul reaches the marriage hall she forgets the camera battery and then Mona comes to the hall to give the battery where Anushka sees Mona and Bulbul together. Anika was supposed to go to the Mandir but instead goes to a Disco. Vihaan finds her in the disco dancing with someone else. He gets depressed.

Finally Bulbul and Vihaan meet.anushka comes to know about ruia's bankcrupcy. then she tries to convince anika about breaking the marriage. anika comes back after getting away from marriage venue and breaks her marriage with Vihaan. Balbir gets heart stroke n as per his will, Mona also gets the share n the restaurant will be her's for ever. Vihaan starts his career as a low level employee n under Bulbul.

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What was good, What
went wrong, How can it be gone, what's good after leap??

Many of us were very disappointed with the plot it went before leap n most of the viewers lost interest on the show n also vent out their frustrations when the plot was spoiled by the CV's.

Let's see the Pro's n Con's of the show till date Embarrassed

What was good and What went wrong?

The show has started with a good pace and good plot of life after 12 yrs of Marriage and how a middle class family cope up with this.

Pradeep unsatisfied with his life at both personal n professional front n how he is desperate to get a promotion for giving better life for his family members. Mona being a house wife, how she manages the household n their 3 kids. Balancing with her kids n hubby n making sure none are disappointed by sacrificing her wishes.

All went well but introducing Anushka's character within 2 weeks of the show aired, was not been digested immediately. As per the plot, they should have shown a bit more of how the family are managing and all. But with Anu's entry, the story started taking diff. route. Wacko

Before we could accept the plot, Pradeep n Anushka's One night stand and all turned up side down n slowly Pradeep cheating on Mona, Anushka showing Mona low in front of Pradeep, n the separation. Ermm

Then came the Jatin's entry n had some hope but it was all gone with in few episodes. Then re-entry of Vineet Raizada. Most of us have accepted the track of MoNeet and were waiting for their marriage and loved the track to the core Day Dreaming. We liked how Mona became independent but only for a while to our disappointment. Ouch

Soon tables turning around, Mona still the same who cannot take her own decisions, playing with emotions of Vineet (opinion of most of us), that unwilling engagement, supporting n forgiving Pradeep who changed suddenly after knowing abt Anushka n Shaurya Mitra's reality.

Mona's character was shown so much Mahaan, low and confusing during this track that we were almost irritated with the character Angry n feeling sorry for Vineet. Then came the track of Pradeep being accused for Shaurya's murder n thus Mona fooling Vineet during the Karvachauth n later breaking the engagement with him. And after Pradeep's death, she decided to be all alone. Dead

What Viewers Wished??

Most of us have expected Mona to become independent and taking her own decisions without any dependency or interference. It could have gone in two ways for which the story have gone wonderful.

1. Either she becoming independent as a single mother n raising her kids, taking her own decisions and be frank in deciding not to marry so that there won't be any heart breaks or fooling with emotions. But it didn't happen. Ouch

2. Getting Married to Vineet but still raising her kids with her own principles which many of us expected to go gr8. But even this didn't happen. Dead

After Leap

The story though will be of similar plot of Mona - Pradeep - Anu replacing with Bulbul - Vihaan - Anika. But here it is a different track that was shown and it went well till date n viewers are accepting this new track which is far better than old one.

Bulbul, a strong, independent girl with principles of her own but no faith in love n fairy tales. Unlike her mom, she takes decisions of her own and can face any odds. She is a reporter in News Channel n promoted as Editor recently. She didn't forgive her father till date.

Vihaan, a charming young eligible bachelor n richy rich, who any girl will dream of. He believes in love n fairy tales. He is head over heals in love with Anika but all his dreams shattered on the day of his wedding with Anika confronting that she loves his status n not him. Ruea's are completely bank rupted n thus Vihaan decides to take position of normal employee in his own news channel as he wanna make his own identity.

Anika, a pampered spoilt brat of Anu, who like her mom habituated to love only money n nothing else. She hates Pradeep as she was told all lies abt him. She loves her mom n can do anything for her. The most immature character who likes all luxuries n dreams only n only big.

Unlike before leap, the story after leap has much scope to take interesting plot. A stubborn girl who doesn't  believe in love, a sensitive heated boy who was heartbroken due to love failure, a spoilt brat high thinking immature girl who believes only her mom without knowing the facts Star.

There are still few things which we didn't like even after leap.

Mona still the same, dependent on her in-laws n cannot take her own decisions, panicking for small / big things n getting over excited all the time or disappointed for small things. Dead

Rano, who was chubby lil girl, now shown as too much modern which was difficult to digest immediately. Confused

Hope this time the CV's won't disappoint us with their crappy plot unlike before leap. Once again wishing the entire team of Kya Huaa Tera Vaada for completing 1 year Star, me taking leave. Embarrassed

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Credits for the 1 year siggy - Anu (Anu93) Thank u dear Hug
Glitters n blinkies - glitter graphics
Summary of Episode 1 - Set India site
Story so far - Kya Huaa Tera Vaada Wiki Smile
Text Banners & layout - Swetha i.e me Embarrassed

Thank u all Hug Please do join me in congratulating the team of the show. Smile

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Congratulation to the team of KHTV Party

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Congratuation whole Team,Cvs  and Cast of KHTV .Clap
congratulation All KHTVionsHug
Thanks Swetha for Beautiful ThreadStar

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