Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Iss Riddles Ko Kya Jawab doon? Riddle 34 open

abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 7:38pm | IP Logged

It is a known and accepted fact that we all love everything that is related with the saga called IPKKND- right from the epic scenes which defined passion for us- the not so epic scenes that made us imagine long into the night- about how it could have been better if it was showed in a different way- of some things which was perfect for the show- that we wouldn't trade it for anything else- for a few other things which were not so perfect ' which opened gates for numerous discussions on it' In short, the show was imperfectly perfect for us just like Arnav and Kushi were to eachother'

Coming to this post- How many of us boast about knowing everything about IPK? Herez a small test- I shall post a some riddles depicting something related to IPK- and all you have to do is to find it out'

Everyone is welcome! Hug Do not restrict yourselves to answers- please feel free to post your own riddles or questions ' anything related to IPK universe here'

Here is one for the starters- I am keeping it simple and easy


Riddle 1:<resolved by FLGirl ; explanations on page 3)I am married more than once,
Myself, to and am, an epitome of dance!
Well known to have short fuse,
Alas my spouse wouldn't even wince!
My eyes is enough to burn her energy,
Her vitality in me is a universal decree.
Her charge as well as mine
Runs a long list of miles so fine
Though what brought you here-in
Is pretty much into her margin
I did help her a bit in her sketch-map
For her innocent young favorite!
All it took was a simple swap
To seal them with a tradition so tight!
Who am I?

Riddle 2: (Resolved again by FLGirl; Explanations on page 4)
The very first time when you saw me'
I was beckoned to tend to a certain he'
I knew the hurt was something more
Than what I was asked to behold for sure
I thought the source was lingering close by
Holding him, possessing his thoughts, emotions fly
Until I realized the source was the destination alright
When I went along to proclaim his right
I knew then the root of pain was a remedy too
When in a magical moment, I saw him woo
Alone by the night, his demeanor eliciting coo
There again- I spanned between them, binding the two
Who am I?
Riddle 3:[solved again by FLGirl; answer at page 10)
He adorned it on her with fakeness
And she defended it from a flare no less
But it was all it took for realization to hit
Thrusting the unwed into a popular strategic drift
Neither the one who had it was content
Nor the one who valued not the eminent
Bound not to each other- one out of helpless wrath
The other as well but for accepted kin's failed math
What is it?


Riddle 4:[solved by Acyma; Answer at page 15]
My first is my product of misery and Pain
While my second makes those woman swoon
The third is something I am called
In the arena where I make my butter and bread
Only some of these mirror my actual self
But all of these are what I define myself
Succeed did I with mask so apt
But one did dare to pull it apart!
Who am I?


Riddle 5:(cracked by Stp007, Answer on page 21)

I was taken by someone tall
After I was left out by someone short
Surprises behold! I was wrapped and all
To be gifted to one who held his heart
You wondered how I hadn't rotten by time
I was rejected again alas, What a Shame!
What is my name?

Riddle 6: (resolved by Chocochips- answer at page 26)
I was proclaimed to be rather'
Unknown to one but cherished by another
Happened for a few and Dreamt of by her
Taken too lightly by one other'
But pity the one who cherished me 'oh!
For winds of destiny took me away from woh!
What you sow 'so shall you reap
But I had to make many others weep
For a fault of one whom, for gains, had to feign
But it's always like that' for I come with pain
Come what may-I will always reign
For blessed are those who are loyal and darn
I actually contradicted first of second
As much as I actualized second of third
Who am I?

Riddle 7(resolved by Win7- Answer at pg 30)
A promise of happy time did it spell?
Mistaken identity, for heaven, of hell
Thoughts in hopes of revelation bloom
But all it brought was a dread of gloom...
A folly speech which was foul to the core
Re-bounce it did not to two but four
A pair ignored while the other blocked
Distressed in a part that whooped
Of nothing but truth morphed
Blame the damned fate
A misplaced trust broken too late'
Do you know what is mentioned here?
Then spell it out- don't you fear!

Riddle 8 (resolved by Racheal- answer at page 31)
Roar all you might, I farq not!
I have got a life and that's all I got!
Invade I would into your thought
Because with you nobody fought!
A deal, the first of its kind- meant a lot.
To loose I did dare, spitting fire so hot
Into unknown territories our minds trot
Pained you were- misunderstood and caught
Between reasons and my next destined spot
what is the scene I am talking about
Riddle 9(resolved by Racheal again- answer at pg 34)
I shall ask you the answer first
After which you give me the question next
Confused are you? Don't feel bad,
For not many understand my tad!
Only a few are gifted to see beyond the fumble
Once you get it then laugh out loud with the dimple

Who am I?

Riddle 10 (Courtesy: Eccentrica; Solved by Mrinalini; Answer at pg 35)

I might have been abstract,
That didn't diminish my power to cause opposites to attract
Me who's associated with the color red,
For that is when I first raised my head.
My absence meant life was mundane.
It was in my presence that feelings didn't feign.
Some say I'm only synonymous to grief,
Millions beg to differ; they say those moments were brief.
Till day it's me they hum,
My existence is what always distinguishes the humdrum.
What am I?

Riddle 11:(Answer at page 40)
A touch to rejoice and a touch to despise I vouch!
She pursued me to purify the latter much!
But did I take her cherished tinges too?
Thank god, No! Her cheeks still looked red
Then I met my timeless friends under that shed
While one is often around them ' Like me too
The other is so enticed by her doe shaped eye
Then he came along seeking her ' oh my my!
Now tell me who we all are- woo hoo hoo!

Riddle 12 (Solved by Zuzana, Answer at pg 45)
I watched the magic weave as their faces lit
But people only watched as I coughed and spit
Then help came to me from one of a kind few!
But did she bite into more than she could chew?
I stood there motionless as she tried her best
Only to assure the annoyed about my short rest
Then a pair of eyes fell on me- letting out a husky whim
He twisted me and turned me ' then pulled me towards him
That was all I needed to breath into life, I gave happy roar
He let out a lazy smirk- alas this time only for her
What am I?


Riddle 13(Solved by Stp007- Answer at page 46)

He breathed into her vision, his promises to heal
She asked him for hopes of love behind the veil
A lost sense, a fairy-tale lift in the colorful haze
Laced with words that opened up a new phase
The stains taken away with care so tender
An answer so magical that makes you surrender


Riddle 14 (resolved by Chocochips- Answer at pg 50)

Concealed in my existence lies a secret
That made him bother and fret
He tried to make me oblige to his lot
He seeked me- and would stop not!
I escaped him with all my might
Then one day- lady luck he sought!
Drenched in his sticky plot
I peeped out only to be caught
Things can terribly go wrong mate!
Unless you safe guard me, double trouble rate!


Riddle 15: (Resolved by simu aka Shanthi - answer at pg 60)
None knew about my mistaken presence
Oh no, Not even the one into whom
I got myself breached with my essence
Oh the fear and panic did loom
When I was detected at last
Getting rid of me-is all but in vain
Can anyone eradicate me by throwing my crust?
Do all you might -moan, cry, whine'
I am here to stay- for some time more
I shouted out loud, and sealed that pride
Do you have me in you too for sure?
Like the ones who proclaim what they hide'

Riddle 16 (courtesy Chocochips- Cracked by rocking meenu- ans pg- 58)
Twisted and turned, that's how I roll,
Yet I reside in every single soul.
Secrets and deception can hide in my matter,
the biggest fool of wiseness leads the discovery of the latter
With sleepless night to test me through,
With known beloved's Ways, suspicions brew
Nor the one after my test nor the one who changed me
Had triumphed over a brainy sea
Wrong was I, with no fault of mine
Had I caught the culprit then
I would have twisted it to ten!
What am I?

Riddle 17 (resolved by Aquagal- Answer at pg 61)
The first time I arrived, I came with a sound
So distinct, that you would have turned red
In fact, I was expected much before
That's what makes me enthralling to core
For some I tugged their heart
For some sleep seemed so far
Some jumped in maddening way
When out of the blue, I hit one day
The day I hinted my arrival, a pause in the reel
Such a tease- not fair- oh my god - you did rant
With my lingering spice, you let out a squeal
Look at me again and again- to stop you cant!


Riddle 18( resolved by prpk525; Answer on pg 67)

No one wants me; I have an Ugly head
But I do come anyway as a guest unwanted
She despised me when I came one day
She tried everything possible to send me away
But it only doubled her trouble so much
I gleefully bubbled up at many a stretch
He screamed at her, he said he doesn't care
Then he left her with me to brood over


Riddle 19( cracked open by Mayukatta, ans @ pg 70)
I am the first and I am gold and red
I am special, for I wasn't expected
I came home because of something green
When in green, can someone wean?
I was left for her but alas she went blue
Rest assured, everyone panicked out of clue
Then I was covered in chiffon so orange
The wait was long- a walk in the lounge
A peek or two or glance won't yield fellow,
All you need is one shot of yellow
I let out a jingle, a melody, a clink'
But did he smirk? Why did she pink?
Riddle 20 (Arhifairytale solved it; Ans @ pg 74)
She put me on her to prank and cheer
In a smooth swipe, he took me off her
His act symbolized something pure
Promising much more naughty lore
Rejoice did you, with sure a roar
When he gave me back to her
But I was thrown away on the floor

What am I?


Riddle 21(resolved by rockkingmeenu; ans pg- 76)
I am with him for most of the time
I fit with him ' as perfectly as I could
I whisper into him anything under the sun
And he shouts or talks as per his mood
We are a pair to admire in a way
Inseperable two as everyone say
I and my sister are always apart rather
He either has me or my sister
Otherwise he is with our big brother
Now it's all gone- for he has his new found pleasure


Riddle 22(Solved by Mayukatta Ans pg 82)
People like to shower me on others
Like when one misses a string of stone's
Or when snow white wanders out lone
But a valiant few keep me with themselves
Should I mention the accidental break?
Or the one with foursome back from the trek?
Sometimes they sort me out with handiness
Like the time when sacred found place
Amidst the sunny and lively space
Sometimes I am pushed into emptiness
Oh then I know I won't survive
Because they are pretty much in love
What am I?
Riddle 23(Mayukatta solved it; Answer at pg 83)
She liked me a lot
But we had to separate
He wanted me for her
I went with him for her
They caught me with him
A huge drama did loom
He finally sent me for another
But realized another was her
I knew I was destined for her
Spell out my identity

Riddle 24(Solved by PRPK525; Ans at pg 86)
Ten in wish for only one
Found at last that's a twin
No luck it was a mystery
You wish it was history
Missed one just like the one
Used to make two as one
Riddle 25(courtesy Mayukatta;Solved by scarlet167; Ans pg 91)

You might have treasured me.
Make me the precious one in the world.
But some one broke me in to pieces.
Eventhought the one treasures me more than you do.
No one cared to bring me back.
you may have many of same kind.
But iam the only one that they had.
do you remember me know?

Riddle 26(courtesy Mayukatta; solved by Abavi; Ans pg 92)
She asked me as a gift.
Almighty he may be still he cant get me.
But he said he has a similar one with him.
Cant say he lied.
When he displayed his one.
I peep for a look.
What the!! He got me there.
And she gave him the prize.
Riddle 27 (resolved by Mayukatta; Ans at 95)

I have seen him in love ; I have seen him in fear
I have seen him care;I have seen him shed tear
I have seen him sitting lost; as well as in his scary most
I have seen him loose control; I have seen him shout
He is my master; and I am his slave
He has me completely in his control
When he grabs me with his hands, I shudder
His actions turn me on, making me splutter
Other can't even touch me without his yes
If you try ' beware and pay the price'
Riddle 28 (courtesy mayukatta; resolved by prpk525- Ans at 105)
I was there just before.
But just gone for few minutes.
Well he got me first.
And then he made me a epic.
if u haven't got me yet.
This is for you.
Seeing me there made you take a deep breath.
But what followed later was just not my part
Riddle 29(resolved again by prpk525; explanations at 114)
you can't make me wait
I would be gone if you are late
Not gone forever by make
You can always bring me back
If you know where to get me
I treat everyone the same
I don't see if you are down in status or up
I don't see if you are a child or grownup
I do sometimes help in rabbaveys
Be it from up or down- both ways
What am I?
Riddle 30(courtesy-Arhifairytale resolved by prpk525; ans at 100)
Something happening behind the curtains
All knew except one
One accident one prank
Damage had just been done
Though the time was less to mend
All was forgiven in the end
Riddle 31(courtesy: mayukatta; resolved again by prpk525; explanations at 112)
I was not in his world.
But at last I was meant to be there.
But he has a world .
Nor I know it before nor you.
And iam the queen there.
Well iam not if you say no.
He cant keep me away once I was there.
Because it was his loved one who planted me there.
may not be for him but i was there.
He never saw me coming.
you never saw me again
But I was there for ever later

Riddle 32(courtesy: mayukatta; resolved by Rocking meenu; Ans at 113)
One day I met a prince
He cant see my crying.
He can buy the whole world for me.
Well what he brought was world to me.
I saw  tears in his eyes that were never shed.
I caressed him.
And dare not to push me away.
Well some one thought the same that he is a prince.
You very well the prince.
But do u know me enough to say who iam?
Riddle 33  
I was not what she thought I was
She wouldnt have dared to come near 
after what she thought I was.. 'cos
she didnt approve of those kind I'm sure!
But to my surprise, she caressed me first
with a sly smile- kissed me with her lips
to say I was stunned would not be just
for I was feeling more than that - eeks
for I thought for a sec, that I have done 
what I was not supposed to indulge in
then she realized I was not the sinful kind
Happy she was - but more moved by the gallant mind
Spell out my identity

Riddle 34

we are a unique pair of sisters...
very different yet similar in clusters
we have been associated
with the precious kind
one of us has a heart where secrets lies
and the other proclaim to be heartless
it's so difficult to get close to the secret
one has to pay with their self-respect
but truth is more disgusting and filthy
that you would think the payment was easy
But things need to be done sometimes
desperate measures for desperate times

PS: I shall update this post with whichever riddles are posted further in the thread, and only mentione the page number for the solved puzzles ' so as to not spoil it for the new comers.

Happy cracking!

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FLGirl Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Not as easy as you make it to be - ha ha ha

I am taking a wild shot at this one . ASR?

I have my doubts though - cause "I am an epitome of dance" doesnt exactly describe ASR. But ASR is my answer  (for lack of a better one) and waiting for the verdict

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..SSNAIR.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
abt Sashi Gupta?

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abavirocking meenuanurao.66--sumana13--

BarmeenForever Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
Arnav Singh Raizada! 

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FLGirl

Not as easy as you make it to be - ha ha ha

I am taking a wild shot at this one . ASR?

I have my doubts though - cause "I am an epitome of dance" doesnt exactly describe ASR. But ASR is my answer  (for lack of a better one) and waiting for the verdict
No dear it is not ASR- the reason is same as what you mentioned- ASR is not an epitome of dance
good try- try againBig smile

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..SSNAIR..

abt Sashi Gupta?
Not at all
I know why you guessed him- he is also married twice...Smile but no where in the show it was mentioned that he or garima loved to dance- poor guy he wasnt even in his own legs for half of the showWink
thanks for the try- try again

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by _RheeluvsBarun_

Arnav Singh Raizada! 
good try - but no the right answer- try try...
I think I should give you all a hint- concentrate on the last two lines...

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aneelovesarshi Goldie

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Shyam is it?

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