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KR ss HOPE #2 (last chapter pg.51) updated (Page 22)

nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
plz LIKe

Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Wow amzing update yaar realy good
I hope there plan will work
But ye nani ko ka kuch karo kabab me haddi ban rahi hai

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Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2013 at 5:48am | IP Logged
It's heart less update yaar
Update soon

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arshafever Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 8:58am | IP Logged
do read the note in the next post Smile


Rey broke the hug from Sharon.. all were trying to console him.. every1 were in tears by seeing his condition.. no one knew what to do.. as both rey and kriya were right on their respective places.. the gang didn't understand to take whose side.. both of them were their friends and both were in pain..

R: guyzz pls mujhe kuch time ke liye akela chod do.. I just wanna be alone..

Sh: but rey how can we leave u alone in this state..

R: pls Sharon.. 4 sometime leave me alone.. plss

Sw: lets go sharon.. lets go guyzz.. he needs to be alone.. let him understand his life.. usse khud ko samjhne ke liye time ki jaroorat hai.. let him be alone 4 sometime..

Swayam passed an assurance look to rey n they left..

On other hand kriya was also in same condition.. kriya and misha were in fire escape..

K: mish pls mujhe akela chod de.. I want sometime..

Mi: noway dude.. m not leaving u alone now..

K: mish please.. try n understand..

From behind kabir came..

Ka: lets go mish.. give her sometime alone..

And in this way even kabir and misha left kriya in fire escape.. kabir-misha and the gang met at college entrance.. none of them knew what to say.. so all just dispersed silently .. leaving all the decisions to destiny now..

Here kriya in fire escape n rey in basket ball court were just sitting blank.. none of them cried.. coz crying was not a solution.. they were just thinking how their life changed.. from strangers to enemies to friends to special friends to "acche dost se kuch jyada" n then their separation.. then the new hope n now again the separation.. they were just thinking why the destiny was so cruel to them.. whenever they got hope destiny snatched it away from them.. was their story really not meant to be completed.. ??

So they just sat remembering their past.. their fights.. happy moments.. sad moments.. n what all happened today..

Kr: m sry rey.. shayad maine kuch jyada bol diya.. but main kya karu.. my heart still doesn't believe that u were just attracted to me.. coz ur eyes speaks volumes.. but jo maine dekha.. usse undekha kaise kar doon.. kaise bhool jau jo taani ne kaha.. jo maine dance camp mein dekha.. kaise..??

R: kyu mujhe itna bura lag raha hai.. jo kuch bhi kriya ne kaha woh sab sach hi toh hai.. bhool gaya tha main usse.. uske pyaar ko bhoola diya .. sirf uski baton pe believe kiya.. trust nahi kiya uss par.. apne pyaar par' shayad kho diya maine usse humesha ke liye.. 

(both of them are at different places)

K: even after all this.. chahe world mein kuch bhi ho jaaye.. one thing will never change rey.. n that is I love u.. aapki jagah meri life mein koi nahi le sakta..

R: I know m wrong baatcutter.. but my heart always belonged to u and it will always belong to u.. I love u .. tumhari jagah meri life mein koi nahi le sakta' koi nahi..

This song was going on in background..  ( ) 

Next day in college.. the college was going as usual.. everyone was busy in their work.. the whole gang came in atrium.. everyone was sad.. kriyaansh also came.. kriya greeted everyone.. rey looked at her.. kriya looked at him.. but none of them spoke anything.. and left for their respective work..


Nil: guys this is not done yaar.. hume kuch kara padega.. I cant see both of them like this..


Sw: I agree nil.. none of us can see them like this.. but some things should be left to time.. time heals everything.. kriya and rey are meant for each other' destiny has always brought them together .. n m sure it will bring them together this time too..


Vi: but time hi toh nahi hai.. 5 din mein kriya NY jaa rahi hai..


Sh: swayam is right guys.. hume kuch nahi karna chahiye.. jo hoga woh dekh lenge.. 4 now just leave them .. I have a feeling things will get all right soon..


The whole day passed like this.. kriyaansh did'nt even try to talk 2 each other.. whenever rey would see kriya he would change his path.. taani saw all this and somewhere she was guilty.. she always wanted rey to be with her but she also wanted to see rey happy..


T: kya jo kuch bhi maine kiya woh galat tha.. I dnt know..


In the evening kriya was sitting in the rehearsal hall and completing her formalities 4 NY..  she was tired so she went aside in a corner where bottles were kept to drink water.. meanwhile the college was over and everybody left.. but rey came to rehearsal hall to dance thinking may be by dancing he would feel better..


He entered and directly went to plug his ipod.. but when he turned he saw kriya.. same was the case with kriya.. she turned after drinking water and saw rey.. both of them were lost in each others eyes.. as if universeji wanted them to be together.. light went off and kriya screamed in fear.. she was hell scared .. she ran and hugged rey tigtly..


k: rey rey.. aap yahi ho naa.. pls mujhe chodkar mat jao.. mujhe..


r: andhere se bahut darr lagta hai..??


kriya looked into his eyes and remembered past incidents when in similar way she was in his arms..


r: dnt worry baatcutter.. main idhar hi hoon.. tumhaare paas.. tumhaare saath..


k: humesha..?? (she said so innoscently lost in his eyes)


r: yes.. humesha.. forever tumhaara.. chabilal.. linecutter.. yours and only yours reyaansh singhaania..


both of them were lost in each others eyes.. it was 8 pm and it was time 2 lock the college.. so the watchman came with a torch.. he came to rehearsal hall to check if any1 was there but couldn't find anyone and hence locked the rehearsal hall and left from there..


(kriyaansh were little in a corner so watchman could not see them)

On hearing the closing of door.. kriyaansh jerked apart.. rey realized what did he just say and changed the topic..


R: yeh awaaz kaha se aayi.. baa.. kriya tum yahi ruko I ll check..


K: hmm..


Rey went and saw that the door is locked.. ab kya karu..?? kriya ko bataunga toh hyper active mode mein chali jayegi n khamaka tension bhi legi.. ek kaam karta hoon swayam ko call karta hoon.. he took out his mobile to dial swayam's number but his battery was dead so his phone got switched off..


R: damn.. iss battery ko bhi abhi dead hona tha..


K: rey.. kaha ho aap.. sab theek hai naa..


Rey followed her voice and went near her..


R: woh actually its 8 so watchman rehearsal hall lock karke chala gaya.. I guess he didn't see us.. n mere phone ki battery bhi dead hai so I cannot even contact anyone..


K: what.. aise kaise.. ab hum kya karenge.. raat bhar yahi.. no this is not possible.. kuch toh karna padega.. and kriya went in her usual hyperactive mode..


R: whoa whoa.. relax.. kuch nahi hoga.. y dnt u call someone..


K: ohh yea naa.. she took out her phone but there was no network in her mobile..

K: no network..


K: hey universeji kaha fasa diya aapne mujhe..


R: relax.. main kuch karta hoon.. he took her mobile and went some corner.. there were some candles lying there.. so he lighted few candles.. (kaise woh mujhe nahi pata.. just imagine kar lo waha candles thi n match box bhi.. )


Soon the rehearsal hall was lighted enough that they could see each other.. both of them sat leaning to mirror silently.. suddenly there was some noise so kriya grabbed rey's arm very tightly.. rey was shocked on that.. kriya turned and saw rey.. both of them got lost.. their just mere touch was sending electricity down their spines.. there was only cms of gap between them.. both of them were lost in each other and the candle light and the ambience was not helping much either..


R: hum dono aise kyu hai.. kyu itna pyaar karte huye bhi ek doosre se alag hai..


Rey was lost and so was kriya that they were not in their senses as to what they were speaking..


K: galti aapki hai.. aapne mujh par trust kyun nahi kiya.. kya humaara relation itna weak tha..


Both were silent.. they didn't knew what they were doing.. rey was so lost in her.. he started moving closer.. and there was only few mms of gap left between them.. kriya lost all her senses when his breath was hitting her face.. slowly slowly rey leaned on her and made her lie down and came upon her.. he pinned her hair behind her ears..


R: I love u kriya.. I really love u.. I cant even imagine my life without u.. please come back to me.. ek chance do mujhe.. I swear I ll prove my love..


And slowly he kissed her forehead.. kriya closed her eyes in return.. he kissed her eyes then came down n kissed her cheeks.. kissed her jawline.. kriya was totally in a trance.. she wanted to push rey but her heart just didn't allow that.. he slwly came down n kissed her throat.. neck .. shoulder and bit it.. kriya just moaned his name in return.. he slowly started sliding her top..


But just then there was a thunder outside and rey came back to his senses.. he realise what he was doing and just got up.. even kriya jerked up on realizing how weak she became in that moment..


R: sorry..


Both of them felt very ackward and created distance between them.. both had there heads down and recalled what just happened.. and rest of the night they didn't speak a word..


The night passed.. next day every1 came in the college.. they all went to rehearsal hall and what they saw just shook them.. kriyaansh were sitting leaning to the wall.. and kriya's head was on rey's shoulder and rey's on kriya.. they were looking so cutee..


Sim: awwhh they look so cute..


And the gang started whispering among themselves and trying to find what did exactly happen between them.. by all this noise kriyaansh woke up.. they realized in what position they were and got up.. they remembered what all happened and unknowingly a blush appeared on their faces.. they both saw each other..


Kriya collected her belongings and started moving .. she remembered what all rey said yesterday.. here rey was thinking kriya got even more angry on her.. n he was thinking what to say about last night's incident and how is he goona manofy her..


Kriya reached the door and looked back at him.. the whole gang was just still and watching what is exactly happening over there.. kriya turned and spoke..


K: rey.. u remember aapne kal kya kaha tha..


R: woh ..


K: fine rey.. u want a chance right.. here's a chance.. u have 4 days.. prove that u love me and u were not attracted to me..


She said and winked at him .. her cheeks became red and she left from there smiling.. here rey was shocked.. infact shock will be an understatement.. he was standing with a O expression..Shocked


R: did she really winked..?? is this real.. swayam did she just say she gave me a chance or m I dreaming..

Sh: ofcourse yes stupid.. its reality..


And rey started jumping like he did after their fire-exit confession..


R: thank u thank u thank u universeji.. ohh goshh.. she is way too unpredictable..


Gang was confused at what did just happen yesterday that kriya gave him a chance.. but all were happy for both of them.. it was sign that son things will be perfect..


R: uff.. here I come baatcutter.. ab tumhe mujhse koi nahi bacha paayega.. ramaira.. tumhara chabilal aa raha hai tumhe apna banana ke liye.. (he said all this in his mind.. and was smiling widely) 


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arshafever Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 8:58am | IP Logged
so finally i updated.. n i guess its pretty long one.. n as every1 was bored of sad track .. i just started a happy track.. from here on rey will try to manofy kriya.. n y kriya gave him a chance n her pov will be shown in the next update.. 

i hope u all like the update as u always do.. if u didnt like the story line plss feel free to say so.. i ll make the changes accordingly.. all the critisim welcome.. Smile

n lastly most important thing.. this was my last update.. i have my 12th boards starting from 1st march.. so m gonna be inactive now.. so dnt ask 4 any update before 20th march.. i hope u all understand.. Smile

as usual my demand 50+ likes.. though i ll not update even if its completed bt still i expect these many likes by march.. Tongue

enough of my bak bak..
sanjana.. Embarrassed

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Madhu_ArSha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Arre reswa. . . .
Me 1st. . .
Hehahaahaaa. . . .
Unress. . . . .
Yuppiee. . . .
Me first. . . . .
Me first.. . . . .
Me first. . . . . . .
*dhinchika dhainchika*
*dhinchika dhainchika*
*dhinchika dhainchika*
so cuming 2 the update. . . . . .
The update was awsome. . . . . . . .
Finaly sad part se khatam hoke,we got such an refshng and new start. . . . . . .
Haiyye. . . . . .
Kriyaansh ka rh ke scens was superb,romantic, hawwttt,and
the last part was super amazing. . . .
Our kriya,our diva. .
Winked on rey and gave him 2nd chance to prove his love. . . . .
Wow. . .u dnt knw,how m so so so so so happy aftr reading dis update. . . . .
Haiyeee. . .u knw,u made my day opps sorry actuly night. .
Woww yaar m super excitd 4 d nxt update. . . . . . .
Pls pls pls jitna jaldi ho sake utni jaldi update karo. . . . .
I just cnt wait 4 d nxt update. . . .
Update super soon. . . . . . .

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J-chan Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Amazing update diBig smile . . . Loved it . . . Kriyansh scene was awesome Embarrassed . . .finally kria is giving rey a chance . . . Yay!! . . .rey ko bohut hardwork karvanaTongue . . . P.s.-really sorry for unresing so late . .

Edited by jaanvi_Arsha - 21 March 2013 at 1:12pm

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Dead_Nightmare IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Update na

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