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SwaRon FF- KiSmAt CoNnEcTiOn NOTE (Pg145) CH-43 Pg 143 *Aug11, 14* (Page 5)

Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2013 at 4:06am | IP Logged
nice nice nice concept sakshi beta, jaldi update karo baccha Tongue

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Suni1986 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2013 at 5:20am | IP Logged
nice concept dear
really waiting for 1st chappy
update soon

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Sneha_Shantannu Senior Member

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Posted: 20 February 2013 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
fab !!! Continue soon :)

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Anu_TanHa IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 February 2013 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Sound interesting & awesome concept Smile
please update soon & pm me

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WhisperOfDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2013 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
awesome prologue sweety!! damn cute...
a totally different concept n looks like will have to wait...
but continue sooon Ishii!!Big smile
coz i luved this strt!!

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sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Hey Friends''the first Chapter of this FF''..
I hope you all will like it'..
Have a happy reading''.

 A gorgeous girl of age'22'was sitting on the bed' a beautiful wedding dress' "ghunghat" just waiting for her Husband'.

She was remembering her past few days' from when she met a boy who became her husband'.just moments ago'.till the time of her marriage'.
She smiles but not hearty smile remembering those moments'


She came from the college'.and knocked the door of her house' A lady of about 47'opened the door'.
Girl- Chaachi'( she hugged her')
Chaachi- Hey'Sharon beta'..
They both went inside'.
Sharon sat on the Sofa'.with a thud'..threw her bag' at side' and shouted'..
Sharon-Renuka  Chaachi'.mein bohot thak gayi hun..jaldi khana do'..
Renuka (  from kitchen )- Shona'mein yahi hun'sunai de raha hai'chilla mat re..and..jaldi fresh to ho jao mein nashta laga deti hun'..
Sharon- Nahi'mujhe pehle kuch khane ko do'fir mein jaungi'.
Renuka- Aajkal bohot nakhre karne lagi ho'.jab sasuraal jaogi tab bhi aisehi nakhre karogi kya'.!!
Sharon-Arey chaachi'aap bhi na'' itne jaldi aap sab ko chod ke nahi jaungi'
Renuka- Vo din jaldi hi aane wala hai'.
Sharon- Matlab'? ( She stood up in shock'and went to the kitchen..)
Sharon turned her Chaachi facing her''
Renuka- Are calm down'kal tumhe dekhne Ladke wale aa rahe hain'.
Sharon- Whatt !!!! Itne jaldi'( made a cute sad face )
Renuka- Hmm..meri Shona'.( She cupped her face..and kissed her forehead ) and ye lo..Naahsta taiyaar'..
Sharon- Hmm''
Renuka- And'.kaisa hai naashta ??'..
Sharon shooked her head and said- Yummy'.my favourite Noodles'.
She finished her meal'and went to her bedroom'..
She received a call from Simmi'
Sharon- Hello'!!!
Simmi- Hi''sweety'..hoowz you'??
Sharon- I am fine'.and aaj achanak se phone kia ???
Simmi- Hmm' know ek good news hai'.
Sharon- Kya!! Jaldi bol''
Simmi- Nilesh proposed me'and we are official couple now'
Sharon- Ohh'..great !!! Ye kab hua ???
Simmi- Aaj'.and yaar'.mera to ho gaya kaam'tera kya chal raha hai..?
Sharon- Ahaann !! Fir shuru ho gayi tu'mujhe abvhi koi interest nahi hai yaar'..I just want to persue my studies'.
Simmi- Hmm'..tum aur tumhari studies !!!
Sharon-  Vaise'..Congrats'yaar..
Simmi- Thank you''.are haan''Nil is calling me''mein baad mein baat karti hun'.
Sharon- Okk'..babye'..
Call disconnected'..
Sharon laid on the bed''.and slept for an hour'..
At night'She , her father ( Gautam Rai Prakash ) , her chaachi,and her chaacha'.sat for the dinner'
Gautam- Baitho beta'mujhe tumse bohot zaruri baat karni hai'.
Sharon- Yaa..Dad'boliye'.
Gautam- Umm'..beta kal Sunday hai  tumko dekhne Ladke wale aa rahe hai''
Sharon ( Her eyes widened )- Whatt !!! Kal''aur itne jaldi'.??
Gautam- Haan'beta'..kal hi..islie tum 12 baje taiyaar rehna'..
Sharon- Dad'abhi to meri padhai bhi puri nahi hui hai'aur mujhe koi interest bhi nahi hai''
Gautam- Sharon'tumhe to reason yaad hoga na'..
Sharon- Ohh'yaa'but'!!
Gautam- Please'..
Sharon- Ohhkkk'..
They all had Dinner silently..and Sharon remembered her Convo with Simmi'.
As she was moving towards her bedroom''when'..
Gautam- Sharon'ruko'ye lo Envelope''aur ise khol ke dekh lena'..
Sharon- Isme kya hai'..??
Gautam- Tum'hi dekh lena''
She took the Envelope and went to her room''
She sat on her bed...and immediately opened the Envelope'..
She found a Photograph of a Boy'.he was little decent looking'.and she found a chit'she opened it'and it was written'." Shivam'your future husband'."
She  was nervous and tensed as she was not ready for this Marriage because she thought the right age of marriage should be atleast 24 years'..but couldn't deny as it was the dream of her mother'.( Her mother died due to Cancer ) to get married before her studies get over'.and as she was in the final year of her college'..

She then kept the envelope in the drawer'and then laid on the bed'thinking about Shivam'.
Many questions were arising in her mind'like'."Vo kaisa hoga" "Vo mujhe ache se rakhega ki nahi" "Uski koi girlfriend to nahi hogi" "Uska nature" many more'..

Thinking about Shivam''.she didn't get to know when fell asleep'..

Morning Time'.
His father came to her room and he knocked the door'she was sleeping'.she in a sleepy mode'.went up to the door'.and opened it'..
She was amazed to see his father there'.as he never used to come and wake her up..
Sharon- Dad'aap' subah ( yawning )
Gautam- Sharon'abhi 9 baj gaye hain'aaj 12 baje ladke wale aa jaenge na'..
Sharon- Ohh'.shit'..mein bhul gayi thi'.
Gautam- Acha ab jao Breakfast kar lo'.
Sharon- Yup'..
She freshened up'and had her breakfast'..
She was helping her Chaachi in Kitchen'.and then at near about 11:15 am'she went up to dress herself'' she wore a beautiful Suit'..
She was looking lovely'.
His father came to her and hugged her tight'.
Gautam- Sharon'bohot achchi lag rahi ho'..
Sharon- Hmm'..beti kiski hun'..
His father smiled and went to the hall''

After an hour Shivam's Family arrived the house'..
They all were amazed to see the Mansion'..THE RAIPRAKASH MANSION''
Her Father welcomed them''
Shivam came with his Mom and Dad'..
They all sat and the talking session atarted''
Shivam was eagerly waiting for Sharon''..He wanted to see her' to her'.and many more''..

After sometime Renuka brought Sharon'.
Shivam eyes were shocked to see such a beautiful girl infront of him''
His mom and Dad smiled seeing her'''
Sharon came and touched their feet'.
They asked some questions to Sharon''She was little nervous but then gave nicely every answer'..
Shivam's family liked Sharon very much'they happily chose Sharon as their Daughter-in-law'.
Then Sharon and Shivam went to Balcony for some time''

Shivam- Sharon'.umm'..tum is Shaadi se koi problem hai kya'??
Sharon- Nahi'to'aapko aisa kyon laga ??
Shivam- Nahi vo tum bohot nervous thin a'islie'
Sharon- Ohh'nahi !!
Shivam- Vaise tum bohot khush rehti hogi na'.itne bade ghar me''its beautiful'
Sharon- Hmm'.thank you'..
Shivam ( In mind )- Bohot hi zyada rich hai ye'sahi ghar hai )
Sharon ( waved her hand infront of his face )- You here ??
Shivam- Oh..ya'.and'.tumahri hhhobbies ??
Sharon- I love dancing'. reading novels'painting'.aur aaki..?
Shivam- Achi hai'.and meri to watching Romantic Movies'.and I love being married ??
Sharon- Huh..?? Means ??
Shivam- Are chill babes'. ( She was uncomfortable when he called her babes..) I mean ki mujhe Shaadi karne ka sapna pehle se tha'.
He then kept his hand on her'She hesitated and smiled a little'( fake one )'.Shivam did not liked that'..
Shivam- You are comfortable..??
Sharon- Umm'not that'
Shivam- ohhkk'no problem ( Smiled )
Sharon smiled on that he understood her'..
Sharon- Umm'.tell me'about your family'they live you ??
Shivam-'s just that I do job and my Mom Dad lives in Nagpur'.we will go to Mumbai'
Sharon- Ohkk'..and after this Marriage my Family will move to London'.
Shivam- Hmm'
They talked for some more time'..
She wanted to tell him that after marriage she wants to continue studying and also'she will move a step ahead not now but she was nervous and was highly hesitating'
So in hesitation nothing came out of her mouth'..she thought to tell it on the day of their marriage''
They both came out'..
The family was talking'giggling'and enjoying'
Sharon sat beside her Dad'
Gautam- Sharon'are you'???
Sharon nodded a YES'.
Shivam's Dad- Ohh'.great'.and what about you Shivam'.(turned towards shivam)..?
Shivam- Dad'I am ready for the Marriage'..
Shivam's Mom- Aww'.Son'..( She hugged her )
everyone was very much happy'They ate sweets'..
Sharon and Shivam decided to have dinner with each other' some Restaurant'
At Restarant'.
Shivam- Hey'sit na'.
Sharon sat on the chair'.
They ordered Some delicious dishes'.
 Sharon liked it''as a friend'.not as would be couple'.

Next day was the day of their Engagement'..

Sharon (In mind) ' Shivam'.ko mein kaise bolun'meri nervousness mujhe pareshaan kare ja rahi hai'
Par bolna to padega'..aane do unko fir unse baat karti hun'.
She was little bored'.Shivam was with his friends'asking for some tips..for this night'.
Shivam after few minutes came to Sharon'..
He opened the door'..She instantly raised her head up'..He locked the door'.and then came and sat on the bed'..
He was about to see her face by raising up her Ghunghat'when'.she shifted little back'.
Shivam- Sharon'..
No response from her'..she raised her head'..
Se slowly took up the ghunghat from her face'
He was leaning close to her'..when Sharon said'..
Sharon- Shivam'voo'..ummm'.not now'.
Shivam- Huh..?? You mean'?
He shifted back'.
Sharon- Vo Shivam'meine aapse kaha tha na ki I was not comfortable'
Shivam- Hmm'.and'..
Sharon- so'still I am not ready for taking this marriage to next step'.
Shivam- Abhi bhi'.you are not confortable'..means why so'.?
Sharon- Means'I just want to be friends'.till I be Comfortable'.
Shivam- Ohh'.
Sharon- Please'. Don't mind'and I want to ask something'.
Shivam- Ya'Ask'( he was little unpleased with her' )
Sharon- Umm'that can I continue my college??
Shivam- College''Ya you can'.
Sharon- Ohkk'..thank you'.very much'( Smiled )
Shivam- (Smiled but fake ) Hmm'.
Sharon- Very much sorry'..
Shivam- Are I said na ki It's OK'.
Sharon simply nodded !! she knew he did not liked that'..but she could not force herself'.
Sharon- Acha'.I am going to change my dress'.where is the washroom..??
Shivam- This'( Pointed to his left..)
Sharon went to the Washroom'changed into night suit'.
Shivam meanwhile was irritated as to still she was not confortable' He didn't wanted her to join college'.but he thought that'..she will be free and will soon accept him as Husband''

Sharon came to the bed'..she was going to sleep'.. She adjusted some pillows between him and her'.so as to avoid contact'..
He irritated'.grabbed the Blanket and slept off'.
 Sharon( in mind) Sorry Shivam'.but I can't help'.
She switched off the lights'..and tried to sleep''
She once again went to past day'.i.e. the day of their Engagement'.

End Of This Chappy
Hmm' friends'.your turn'..
turn to hit like tab and shower your precious comments'.
Will be waiting for your response'..Hope you all liked it'.
Demand- after 25+ likes'.and pages demand will be given from next update !!


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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Lol I m first guruji.Give me some credit for my stalking skills..:p
Coming to update
Sharon is married to chee-vam.pura duniya me aur koi nahi mila.Arghh he is such a cheapster,he married her because sharon belongs from a rich family.Disguisting.Simmi-sharon convo was really nice.
Mr. Jerk is behaving nicely with sharon.I hope he won't convert a bubbly sharon into a serious girl..:(
Looking forward to next part
Update soon as u r free now :p

Edited by sadiyaswaron - 11 March 2013 at 11:53pm

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sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2013 at 12:51am | IP Logged
res for Shinnysim...

Straberry girl Hug 
Firstly m shocked and surprised that Sharon got married to Shivam, Pheww i still can't digest this...Oki now lemme move on... LOL Beautifully penned down update liked the way you started it  from her sitting and waiting  for Shivam that created suspence, and then the way back to the  past how she met him and all was wonderfully penned down...but i wished this all had happened with Swaron Embarrassed but still this was a very intriguing i seirously can't wait to read the next chappy wanna see how you will unfold this story...m soo excited...lekhin jaldi hi Swaron ko milade... Tongue LOL Aur iss Shivam se peecha chudale...Awesome chappy swettiee..luv u...muahhzz Heart 

Edited by sakshibshah - 11 March 2013 at 1:05pm

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