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SwaRon FF- KiSmAt CoNnEcTiOn NOTE (Pg145) CH-43 Pg 143 *Aug11, 14* (Page 21)

sakshibshah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Thanks so much for the response'I am glad you all are liking this FF'.
Here's the next chapter of the FF'
Enjoy'Sorry for the grammatical mistakes'.

Recap- Sharon in Simmi's house...Sharon took Simmi to separate room...

Sharon grabbed Simmi's hand and took her to a separate Room..they both sat on the couch'
Simmi- Haan Sharon'.bolo'.tumko kya baat karni hai.??
Sharon- Simmi, I am in a dilemma yaar'
Simmi- Hey'come to the point yaar'
Sharon- It's just that shivam is behaving weird'
Simmi- in what sense..?
Sharon- See'lemme clear it Shaadi Fully meri marzi se nahi hui'I hope you know..( remember chap 2 ) and just for my family sake I did it'.and still mein comfortable nahi hun'ye closeness se'mujhe abhi aage nahi badhna hai'and I can't force myself'.
Simmi- Hmm'
Sharon- and Shivam agreed to this'but sometimes its intentionally or by mistake', he hugs me..aur kabhi bohot gussa aa jaata hai'kal bhi yaha aane se pehle unhone mujhe hug kiya , meine bohot rudely baat ki'..meine kuch galat to nahi kiya na'
Simmi- No babaes'you are not wrong'and this may be by mistake'.
Sharon- opar abhi Shaadi hue do din hi to hue hain'
Simmi- Relax'Sharon'.don't worry'.agar future mein kuch hua'.mujhe batana'mein nilesh se keh dungi..vo zarur is matter p[e kuch karega'as of Laayer hai yaar vo'.
Sharon- Hmm..( still disappointed )
Simmi- Try to understand him'and make him understand him nicely'and yeh rude behavior'.its obvious yaar..ho jaata hai'no worry'and vo to is baat ko bhul bhi gaya hoga'
Sharon- I hope so'and tujhe bada experience se behavior ke maamle mein..hmm hmm..( chuckles)
Simmi- Not yet babes..( wink )
Sharon- Pretty soon'( smiles )

Simmi also smiled'.
Simmi- Acha tell me'one thing'yahi baat hai na'.???? Ki tu kuch chupa rahi hai mujhse'???
Sharon- Me..nothing as such'.jitna tha utna bata diya'now I am a bit relaxed , Thanks yaar'
Simmi- Most welcome babes'.

Both hugged each other'.
Broke the hug:
Simmi- Chalo'bahar chalte hain'
Sharon- Ohkay'

They both went outside where all were present'
Rey- Kahaan'they tum dono ??
Simmi- Kaam kar rahe the guys'
Swayam- Umm..okay..ab kya Karen ?
Neha-  Hum sab Dancing'
Rinni- Haan'sab dancers yaha par dance na ho aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya , haina ??
Amar- Haan..Linni'tum tahi  teh lahi ho ( Haan..Rinni'tum sahi keh rahi ho )
Nilesh- Gimme..the beat guys'
Vicky- Dhin dhin chak'
Nilesh- "Time ne diya hame Golden Chance..
Utilize karo ise karke Dance..
Dil se karenge hum ye kaam'
AAj ki Shaam..hai Dosto ke naam'
Dil dosti Dance'
Dil Dosti dance'."

All stood up and did the step'Dil Dosti Dance'
Swayam- Wohoo'.
All- Yay'Dil Dosti Dance'

All danced , fun masti full on Dhamaka could be seen'

Night Time:
Sharon , Simmi , Neha were in the kitchen'making Dinner'
Rinni , Aashi'Taani were gossiping'
  Bharat , Amar , Nilesh , Vicky were watching a comedy show on TV and were enjoying'
Swayam was busy in listening Songs..whereas Rey was talking to someone on mobile..
All were busy in some or the other thing'.when:

Simmi- Guyss'( shouted from Kitchen ) Come inside..Dinner time'
All came inside except Swayam'
Swayam was in no mood to come'his eyes were closed'he was engrossed in listening.
In Kitchen:
Everyone sat on the chair'
Sharon- Hey, Swayam to yahan hai hi nahi..
All looked around'
Rey- Haan'ye kahan reh gaya..
Taani- Vo to hall mein hai'listening songs'
Simmi- Sharon'please'use bula ke le aao.
Sharon nodded..

She went outside'saw Swayam and smiled..
Sharon- Swayam'
No response'
Sharon came close to him'
Sharon- Swayam'.
Still no response'
Now she kept her hand on his shoulder..and tapped..
Sharon- Hey'Listen Swayam..
Swayam shook off her hand'
Now Sharon was irritated..she forcefully' pulled out the earphone'from his ears.

Swayam- Kya hai'yaar !!!! Who'
Swayam turned around'but stopped at sudden'
Sharon was standing keeping her hands on her waist'
He stood up from the sofa'
Swayam- Vo'tum ho..
Sharon- Nahi'My Ghost..! Kitni der se awaaz de rahi hun'sunayi nahi aata kya ??? ( a bit louder.)
Swayam- Are to kaan me earphone tha kaha se sunayi dega ?? Kuch to sense lagao.. ( same way )
Sharon- tumko koi shoulder pe tap kare'vo bhi mehsoos nahi hota..
Swayam- Abhi disturb karna zaroori tha ??
Sharon- Listen Mister' Dinner ready tah'Simmi ne bola tumko bulane ke liye'islie bulaya , ana hai to aao nahi to baithe raho'yahi..BHUKE'

She pushed him harsh and he landed on the sofa with a thud'
He was amazed..shocked'at the force'
She made a Diva look and went to the Kitchen'

Swayam *in mind*- Siren..Sharon'
Sharon*in mind*- huh ! Dumbo kahi ka' Dumbo Swayam..
She grabbed a chair and sat
Vicky- Swayam kaha hai ?
Sharon- Hoga kahin'
Vicky- Tum ab tak kahan thi ??
Sharon- Usko hi bulane gayi thi'b..
(cut by someone)
Swayam- Mein aa gaya yaar'
Sharon- Dumbo' (Slowly )
Swayam- Kya kaha tumne'???
Sharon- tumse matlab'
All were looking at them and exchanging looks..

Rey- Wohoa'gys'kya hua ??
Swayam- Ye Siren'kitna chilati hai !
Sharon- What the hell'tumne mujhe Siren kaha'
Swayam- Han'Siren Sharon..
Sharon- Tum'Dumbo Swayam'
Swayam- Tumhe to mein dekh lunga'
Sharon- Kyon abhi mein invisible hun kya ???
Swayam- Huh'!!

All were poised off between'their fight'
Simmi (shouted)- Guysss STOP !!!

SwaRon- Huh'!
SwaRon exchanged looks'

After some time'  
All were heading to the Rooms'where they had to sleep'..
Then Sharon's cell rang'
Sharon- Excuse me guys'
Saying this she went to Balcony'.
She picked up the call'
Sharon- Hello..Shivam'
Shivam- Hy babes'kaisi ho ?
Sharon- Bohot achhi hoon'
Shivam- Mujhe miss nahi kar rahi..??
Sharon- Umm'. Abhi tak to nahi'kyon ??
Shivam- Itna enjoy kis ke saath kar rahi ho jo meri yaad bhi nahi aa rahai'?
Sharon- Friends ke saath'
Shivam- Ohh'

Here all were laughing , chatting'teasing each other..
Shivam could hear the voices of girls as well as BOYS..!

Sharon- Hmm..
Shivam- Vo'kon kon hai vaha'.?
Sharon- Huh..! are  itna ghuma fira ke puchne ki koi zarurat nahi hai'yaha boys bhi hai'
Shivam- N'n..nahi'mera vo matlab nahi tha'
Sharon- Huh'to fir ???
Shivam- Umm..vo'han'tumne khana kha liya ??
Sharon- Haan'
Shivam- Kal ghar jaldi a jana..
Sharon- Mein time se aa jaungi'apko chinta karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai'
Shivam- Ok'sweety'
Sharon- Bye..
Shivam- Are ruko'suno to'

Vicky.. Taani' called Sharon's name..
Sharon- Coming guys'
Sharon- Mein apse baad mein baat karti uhn'and she kept the phone'
Shivam was amazed to see her behavior'
Shivam*in mind*- Do din hue nahi kuch zyaada hi tevar dikha rahi Sharon..aane do usko'!!
Here Sharon was not happy'she was not feeling nice..after talking to Shivam'
she went in the Room..
Swayam- Lo aa gayi Siren ji..
He spoke this sentence but everyone didn't listen as they  werebusy in themselves'
Sharon heard him but then also didn't paid any heed to what Swayam said and just sat beside Taani..
Swayam noticed her changed behavior'as she didn't replied'to SIREN word'!
He felt that she was disturbed'.he felt bad as he spoiled her mood'.
Sharon just looked at him'
He, in a second, silently mouthed a "Sorry" to her..
She didn't give any expression'and looked away'

Swayam sensed something but then busied himself in other things'
They all chatted for a while'and all went in the Room except Sharon'.
Simmi- Come Sharon'
Sharon- Thodi der se aati hun'
Simmi- Any problem ??
Sharon- Umm'n'nah , nothing'you go I'll come soon.. (fake smile)
Simmi- Ohkay'

Simmi went to sleep'..
Sharon went to the Balcony'she rested her head on the wall'.and was thinking about her Married Life..

Sharon*in mind*- Why is this happening God..! And what is this happening !! Mere Shaadi ke do din baad hi Shivam kuch ajeeb behave kar rahe hai'mujhe itna ajeeb kyon lag raha hai'aisa lag raha hai ki jo hua sab kuch galat hua ! Mein kya karun kis se bolu'kya ghar jaake Shivam ache se behave karega mujhse'? I hope so'.mujhe unpe trust karna chahiye'but fir bhi kabhi kabhi insecure feel karti hun..GOD'please meri help karo'.

While talking her hands were joined as praying to God and looking up'
when someone'tapped her shoulder..
Sharon jerked and saw the person..and turned away'
Sharon- Please go'.Swayam'
Swayam- Tum yaha itni raat ko kya kar rahi ho ??
Sharon- Hawa se baatein kar rahi hun'kyon..koi problem..?
Swayam- Sorry !

Sharon turned to him'
Sharon- Kis baat ke liye ??
Swayam- Vo shayad tumhara mood off tha and meine tumhe Siren bol diya tha..
Sharon- Ohh'huh leave it'
Swayam- Abhi bhi tumhara mood off hai na ??
Sharon- Hai to hai'please tum jao yahan se'mujhe akele rehna hai..
Swayam- Share karna chahogi ???
Sharon- Personal'!

Swayam made a face.."Pakka"
Sharon glared at him'Swayam made a "OK" face and turned back to move'

Sharon sighed'and covered her face with her palms'.
Swayam just turned back to take a glance of her'
Swayam*in mind*- Personal'I can understand Sharon..huh! I know tum itni close ho nahi mujhse ki sab baate share kar sako'! Kaash aisa din kabhi aaye'

Swayam shooed off the thoughts and went to his room'pugged the earphones'and laid on the bed'still thinking about Sharon'
It was also the reason that he was attracted towards her'in the first meet only'
After sometime Sharon also went to sleep'

In Drawing Room:
Rey- Mazaa aaya yaar Simmi..memorable trip'
Simmi- Hmm'will miss you all guys'
Sharon- Same here.. ( looked down )
Swayam- hope ki hum sab fir milenge jald hi..
Neha- Haan..

It was time for everyone to leave'
Everyone hugged each other'
Vicky hugged Sharon'and Neha too'
Then Swayam also came towards her'and Sharon unknowingly hugged him'but after realizing broke it instantly'
they shook hands'
Simmi had tears in her eyes'.
Sharon hugged her tight'.
They all went off'


End of this Chappy.
Hope this wasn't too boring'hope u all liked it...
hit like'n shower ur comments'
Will be waiting for it'
Next update after 38+ likes..

For PMs add
-SwaRonWorksPm- to ur budy list.

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
See who is here Cool.Hehe lol sorry guruji for commenting soo late.I was really busy.
Coming to update
Loved sharon-simmi convo.Its good that sharon share her insecurities with simmi
Lol swaron fight LOL I really love tom n jerry ROFL
Mujhko usko marna hai uss cheevam ko Angry Idiot
Wohuuu swayam asking sharon if she is fine or not.Ahem koochiee koochiee hota hai haan Embarrassed
Waiting for next part

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.....pujan..... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
amazing update...

siren sharon n dumbo swayam...LOL

kaash wo din bhi aaye...

sharon ke baare me sochte sochte hi so gaya...Wink

iss cheevam ko yaha se bhaga diyo jaldi se...Tongue

n give us swaron soon...LOL

Edited by .....pujan..... - 11 May 2013 at 1:22pm

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Wow seems swayam falling fr r diva

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tanhawalaswaron Groupbie

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
it was an awesome update! seriously, Swayam hoping that some day they'll be able to share each others personal thoughts! awww.

Kitne pyaare hai yeh dono!

thanks for the pm!


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Suni1986 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
It was nice update

sharon nd simmi bond was nice
swaron fight was amazing n swayams name given by sharon was amazing
sharon disturbed cuz of shivam
sharon not able to share anything with swayam
swaron unintentional hug was nice

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Sneha_Shantannu Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Loved this Chappy Sakshi..
Amazingly written...
Swayam attracted to Sharon..WOW !
He wants a day to come when shar. will share her thoooughts...OMg..

Shivam !! Arghhh..
hope sharon realizes ki Shivam is not gud fr her...

update next sooon...plzzz

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-shenz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 1:37am | IP Logged
awesome sakshi..
Sharon n Simmi's bond is so strong..
Siren Sharon n Dumbo Swayam.. that was aww so cute..
Sharon was upser n Swayam was sorry.. feeling guilty.. wanted Sharon to share her state.. problem..

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