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~Happy Birthday Avani~

.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Avu<3

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.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

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(By Radha)

(29th JANUARY,2013)

NRIians on a conference call-

Avani: Hi all!! how are you people?

Nanz: Hi Avu and everyone else too!!

Nikki: yeah exactly!! you know there is going to be a special interview of Rati di tomorrow.. 
they are going to show on sbs..

Yukti: oh no.. im not free tomorrow :(

Avu: why uk where are you going?

Yukti: nothing special.. have some work..

me: I have exams coming up :(

Avani: I'm very very happy that there is something on rati di tomorrow..

Ishi: why whats so special tomorrow?

Avani: You people know na.. don't pretend you don't know..

Nanz; no seriously avu wts there? 

Avani" bp?? don't act smart with me ok..

Nanz: What are you talking about avu? Tell me fast or lets talk tomorrow.. im really tired.. its 2am here.. 
im off to sleep! Goodnight guys!

Avani: b.but?

Yukti: yeah even im feeling sleepy..goodnight!

PD: goodnight all!

Everyone said goddbyes and disconnected the call..

Avani was left disaapointed .. 
Avani to herself: were they pretending or they really don't know.. everyone is really busy in some work or the other.. 
*sigh*  I'd better sleep npw.. I don't feel like staying awake till 12 now..

What she didn't know was at that very moment there were a lot of things going on!

On phone-

Radhika: Everything is done then?

Shilpa: yes, yes the hall is booked!

me: I've given the order for the cake.. will get it while coming..

Yukti: Now part 2 of the plan!! everyone knows what to do right?  N don't forget peple.. don't call her today night!

The night passed and the next day arised..30th of January..

Avani used to rise with excitement at every phone call, but would be dissapointed seeing it was not from any of the NRIians
At 4pm

Just then her phone rang: 

Avu: hello?

Nanz: Its me Avu, Nancy.. 

Avu: I knew you would call in the end NANZ! YOU REMEMBERED FINALLY?

nanz: what are you saying? oh do you mean that siggy you requested from me? Go to my account and..

Avu: Oh not that!! ughh.. go im not talking to you..im very angry right now..

Just then the doorbell rang..

Avani disconnected the call and went to open the door..
She opened the door and-


Avani was left open mouthed!!

All the NRIians Yukti, Nancy, Nikhila, Moona, Shreyu, Me, PD, Khushi, Kheya, Ishika, Radhika, Sandeep, Sachin,Mahesh,
Shilpa,Moksha and Pinky were standing before her!

Avu: :o :o Wh..what..

PD: How was the surprise?? Happy Birthday! :) Sorry for not wishing you earlier but then it wouldn't be a surprise right? ;)

Avu: omg! I was suspicious at the beginning ut then i really thought that you all had forgotten my birthday!

Moona: Get ready now.. we have to leave for the party!

Avani got ready fast and we headed for the party,,

On reaching the party hall we found that there was dark eveywhere..

Ishika: what happened to the lights..

before anyone could do more than wonder.. lights were on and a shower of petals fell upon Avani..

Avu: omg.. wow.. this is wonderful.. 

Radha:  actually we didn't do this petals thing.. who did it? Did any of you plan this?

Yukti: no.. who did it then? 

Just then someone came walking towards avani..

Avu: Rati ! :O

RP: Wish you a very very happy birthday Avani or princess as you like yourself to be called! ;)
Let me tell you, before you all wonder, these petal thing was planned by me.. I came here and saw that you all were not here so i decided this little surprise ! ;)

Avu: omg..I can't believe! I never expected..

RP: I had promised you all that i would be always there for you all.. as you all are always there for me.. in all ups and downs.. wouldn't i come for gudiya's bday! ;)

Avani was on cloud nine!! We all went in to cut the cake..

All: Happy birthday tooo youuu.. haaapy biiirthdayy to dear avani.. happy birthday to you..

Rati was in a very mischevious mood that day.. when avani cut the cake she picked up the cake quitly and put in on Avani's face!
Then all of us followed!! 


Sandeep: Hey Rati, this is Sandeep, naam toh suna hi hoga? The great SaTi follower..

Rati: Hi Sandeep! ermm.. SaTi? whats that?

Just then Mahesh interrupted..

Mahesh: Not so fast Sandeep,  Rati you know me right..remember Mahesh? 

Rati di remembered the funny incident that had happened at surhi's birthday and started laughing! :D

Rati: omg.. how could i forget that.. btw Sandeep what is sati?

Sandeep: Its Sandeep+ Rati .. SaTi

Mahesh: Rati, let me tell you Rama that is Rati plus Mahesh is more famous ..

Sandeep: No Sati

Mahesh: RaMa

Sati.. RaMa

Rati di started laughing seeing them fighting.. they both were so lost that they didn't see Sachin come there..

Sachin: Rati, please come and dance with me..

Rati looked once at Sandeep and Mahesh and went away to dance with Sachin!


Avani: you know right now its neither sati nor rama.. look there! :P

They both looked at sachin dancing with rati and went running there!!

Rati, sweet as evr danced with all of them, especially with Avani..!!

While leaving Rati di to Avani-

Happy Birthday once again Avani.. and here is a small gift for you!

Avani opened it .. it was a pic of Rati with all of us!!

Avani: omg thank you so much Rati!! I'll never ever forget this birthday!! Thankyou for making my day special!!

With that happy note everyone left..

Moona: Rati di please come with us.. me and Nikhila will drop you..

Nikhila: Yes di come with us!!

With that happy note the party ended! 

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.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

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Wishing you a very happy birthday Avani ! May god give you all the happiness and success<3 and enjoy your day to the fullest. You are one of my bestieee. Love you loads God knows how many times you've cracked me up with your non sense and humourous talksROFL Seriously girl ! you always widen my smile with your comments. You are someone with whom everyone would love to chat. If in real life I were given chance to meet one among all NRIians, my first choice would be you. Yes I seriously want to meet you one day! The insane, crazy, cute and smart avaniROFL I love you yarHug Ek hazaron meri Sisa haiDancingROFL And who can forget the nicknames and short forms?ROFLROFLROFL They are internationally famous on IFROFL And the most famous one is your JVCoolOkay okay no need to blush after listening his name otherwise you'll also be trapped in his pinknessROFL. There may be thousands of hillarious convos and chats we had together especially with Nancy and Radha. And By God all those will make you insane  if you sit up reading them again! ROFL Recent one we had in CC that chatting via songs...

This is my favourite convo of yours

Idle .Avani.


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Originally posted by likaboss

Originally posted by preethimadhavg

Originally posted by -PrincessAvu-

Originally posted by ShreyuArTi4eva

Originally posted by -PrincessAvu-

Originally posted by preethimadhavg

"Punar Vivah" of RishTa where people will says "Yeh RishTa kya kehe latha hain" and RishTa says "Pavitra Rishta"

then Indira says "Phir shubaah hogi" 


Bang on! ROFL ROFL 

Im waiting for this subaah to arrive Embarrassed

m wandering subah hoone k bad indu kya bolegiLOL

sab khatm hoke bhi kuch to baaki haiLOLROFL

ek hazaaron mein naya hero hai Embarrassed ROFL 

@bold OMG ROFL

And we fans will sing "bade achche lagte hai" ROFL ROFL 

Oh God this was so hillarious ! Avani you are so funny yar.LOL..And saath  saath intelligent and creative bhi Embarrassed I love how you debate when anyone says anything against RP or Indira..Moreover I am fan of your writing skills <3 No one can write intros of NRIians better than you.Hug I've tried writing your intro. Don't know how did it come outErmm Aur maine toh suna hai, you top your classShocked Awww my intelligent sisa I am so proud of youHugI know you'll ace your further exams. LOLMay you achieve all you goals.HugLove ya..Bhagwaan tujhe aashirwaad de, aur tujhe JV jaisa pati de ROFL

Janam din mubarak ho Avani jiEmbarrassed
Ahh meri BP happy happy happy HAPPY Birthdaay!!!!! Hug BP//EHM//SISA//Sid ki Behen Embarrassed Big smile wish you all the happiness and success and everything in life Hug Hugalso one day you become a very good doctor Hug
god knows how much fun i have when i talk to you LOL your seriously funny yaar ROFL we have so much memories together <3 be it on AT/FB/CC sometimes all the places at once LOLand the convos we have had ROFL the most memorable one that MN one ROFL and in the future dont know what other pagal things we will talk about LOL love you yaar! also hate you for showing me uncut wala PBM Ouch do you know how crazy you made me after showing that ROFL and the i love you one Embarrassed ROFL you are seriously one of a kind LOL let me do some more tareef Ouch okay you can be really sweet at times Embarrassed and khadoos also Stern Smile esp when you make fun of my firanginess CryLOLYour a awesome debater! love how you can shut people up LOL and oh your creative mind ROFL the nicknames you have given everyone! i think you made BP/DhakkuLOLPD/MB/the wrestler one EmbarrassedLOL LS/LK/BBJ? not sure who made that one LOLand your latest one being SISA ROFL how did you even think of that LOL and ofc you are bherry smart Cool love how you love RP Embarrassed but next janam is still mine Stern Smile and your love for JV ROFL ... http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3090463&TPN=23 << remember this thread? haha we had lot of fun talking about banaya there BP LOL and all NRIans did so much masti and drooling Day Dreaming
okay back to your birthday LOL Happy birthday once again Hughope you enjoy this thread , first time making something like this LOL and love you Embarrassed Hug 

Name: KHEYA 
Message: On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

StarHappy Birthday AvaniStar
Many many happy returns of the day!EmbarrassedMay god bless you with you success,happiness and joys!Big smileParty

It was first in RP's birthday thread we met..Embarrassed and we have a gala time over there isn't itLOLEmbarrassedThen through our discussions in AT we soon became friendsBig smileYou are a sweet,friendly,straight forward and a Ermm little crazyy just like meCoolROFL..love yaHeartHAVE A BLASTCoolPartyON YOUR DAY BIRTHDAY  GIRL!!

HOT q:CoolHow much old you turn today??LOL
How did you celebrate?Embarrassed
Describe me in 5 wordsEmbarrassed

Name:shreyaBig smile,Dhak dhak girl for youROFL
Message: ummm ok first of allLOLHappy birthday Avu darlingHugwish you many many happy returns of the dayPartylove youHugOn Your Birthday''
Cherish the warm and
happy memories of the past year.
Look ahead to newer and happier experiences in the coming future.
There's no end to the surprises that life could spring on us;
But hoping that they all be pleasant ones especially for you.
This comes to fondly wish that exciting things keep happening to you, and good fortune smile on you.
Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!

Wishing you all the greatest things in life,because someone so special as you are deserves the best.  May every dream of yours come true.

You are complete mixture of fun,intelligence,sweetness,naughty,cute,innocent,,,

You're such a special frnd,its always pleasure talking to you anytime,,just cant get enough of yours Banaya/Banana rants and not so latest JV talksROFLand i was so happieshhhtt whn i got to know you r also a true confused hopeless ArTian just like meROFLtrust me i seriously miss chating wid u guys alot..bt cant help as m internet less these daysROFLand thankyou for giving me so special nameLOLLOL,,anywyz m so sure no one is left in NRIZ whoz nt teased and renamed by youROFLplease keep all these quality of urs wid urself alwys as these things of u makes u so much special and.thanks for alwys being so grateful n supporting  to meHugEnjoyy ur day,,veryy best wishes on this bday!
StarDedications(siggy/VM/OS etc):
Hot seat questions:Your most memorable moment of ur life

Your favorite color? LOL

- What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

- Your most special birthday memory?

fav movie?

fav outfit?

fav food?

ur best buddies in NRIZ?

Name:PD Big smile
Message:Happy Birthday Avani Hug God bless you Smile
Dedications(siggy/VM/OS etc): Let me tell you a small story about my VM makingTongue. I got this idea long back but I use to be lazy to implement it. One day I got your birthday PM from Radha then i felt I need to do this VM by the time of your birthday and present you. So from then I worked with dedication and made "Mein Heroine Hu" VM(small one). I want to stop myself from posting it till your birthday but i am afraid what if it is bad and posted the little one Embarrassed
but when you people loved it i couldnot stop myself from completing or posting the entire VM LOL and in that way i posted your birthday gift before itself, hope you donot mind Embarrassed

Here is the VM for you("Mein Heroine Hu") : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqeFB4dBwig&feature=youtu.be

Enjoy your birthday Party

Name: Moona Embarrassed 

Message: Happy Birthday Princess Avani Hug Have a rocking Birthday and Nani is always praying for u LOL May u get everything in ur life. Stay happy and May God Bless u. 

Hot seat questions:

I'll ask on ur Birthday Evil Smile Hope so LOL


Name: Shreya ( HDInShi)

Message to Avani :

A Very Happy Birthday Avani !! May this year bring you all the happiness & success that you always asked for... and have a complete blast on your birthday, party as much as you can! This is the least i could do for you on ur birthday, hope you like it !


Hot seat questions: 

1) The craziest thing you've done in your life so far?

2) What language would you love to learn and speak?

3) What's your favourite song at the moment?


Message: Here's wishing you a very happy and fun filled birthday. Hope you get loads of presentsWink. May all your wishes come trueEmbarrassed
Dedications(siggy/VM/OS etc): Don't know how to do thisUnhappy
Hot seat questions:How has 2013 been so far. haven't seen u around for quite some timeSmile

Name: Radha
Birthday msg: Wish you a very very happy birthday my TP HugHug
Aaah.. from where to start!! We've had quite enjoyable and memorable moments!I remember the first day you stepped on the HD forum.. you were quiet at that time.. and then! I used to love your non stop chatters.. which resulted in me giving you the name talkative princess!! Then our avurayu gang, i love it how the way u me n yukti used to post at the same time!! what fun it was! and the mn drooling!! that was fun too!! It has always been a pleasure talking to you Avu im so grateful to have you as a friend!!
Enjoy your birthday!!


will post on the birthday thread..sorry for the delay
Hot Seat Questions:

How did you celebrate your birthday?
Something that you love about yourself?
5 best frinds on nri-
Something about me LOL
Why do you love jv? LOL
Why is this your favorite smiley(Smile) ? ROFL
PBM or sajda?
Choclate or icecream?
Rati or nupur?
more coming up on the thread..

Name: Sandy Baba Cool (credit: Princess Avani, the best nickname creator in this forum Embarrassed LOL

Message: First of all, I wish you a very very happy birthday Avani! May God bless you and give you good health, peace, success, prosperity, happiness and joy in your life. Enjoy your day to the fullest with your family, friends and loved ones. Embarrassed Hug

Avani, you have quickly become one of my best friends in this forum. Embarrassed We did not know each other very well before I made my comeback last November of 2012. In fact we had hardly interacted before. LOL But your straightforward, jolly, fun-loving and talkative nature easily paved the way for us to know each other better and become friends. Both you and Nancy deserve equal mention for getting me heavily engaged in CC talks and our lovely although rare spamming sessions. Big smile The establishment of Bhatakti Aatma Gang (BAG) and our activity will never be erased from my heart or my memory. LOL I wish we could find some time for chatter putter as we did before, like those days when we used to finish CCs in the matter of two or three days. Day Dreaming I have had some seriously funny, great (and stupid too) moments with you. LOL Your constant teasing and leg pulling of me and my delightful SaTi dreams by posting demoralizing MayUr pictures and videos has left a memorable mark on my mind. Embarrassed LOL And how can I forget the favor you have bestowed upon me by inventing my famous nickname Sandy Baba? LOL I really love this nickname even though I am no baba. LOLYour naughtiness has never taken a break since I got to know you. LOL At times you can be really sweet and crazy and a bit smart too (remember when we called you a meterologist? Wink). LOL I like to see you this way, and I am really grateful to have you as my friend. Embarrassed So I hope you always remain the same as you are Princess ji. Big smile Have a wonderful birthday! Loads of love! Embarrassed Hug

Hot seat questions: Since you had no mercy or pity on this old baba during his reign as HOTW Ouch, he is thirsty for revenge for the countless questions you asked him. Evil Smile LOL But I will take into account that it is your birthday. Embarrassed So, here are a few quite simple questions. Big smile

Q1 - What would you gift Rati Pandey if you were given a chance to attend her birthday party? 

Q2 - If you were given a chance to go back in the past, which happening would you like to have again?

Q3 - If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? Why? Big smile

Q4 - What is your best asset? Wink

Q5 - Name three things you do not like about yourself. LOL

Q6 - What do you like best about me? Embarrassed 

That is all for now. Be ready for more though. ROFL

Once again, Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Avani!

Name: Shilpa (ur ranting partnerBig smile)
Message: hey avu wish u a very very happy birthday...may all ur wishes come true...may god bless u with d best of health, wealth, happiness n succcess...:)
u knw i luv calling u avu n gudiya...:) i really dnt remember our 1st meeting...bt im sure it was in RP AT... i hv met everyone thr only...lol...also we used 2 rant a lot in d AT n throw r frustration around...thank god we got fb later...we got more vocal thrLOL i always feel nice ranting wid u esp abt ur favsLOL luv 2 always read ur comments n posts...they r spot on...n u n nanz 2gethr make a crazy chatter box duo...luv 2 read ur convos...Big smile can nvr figure out ur shortforms...they r always ready evn b4 d full formLOL
hey u r a very chirpy, bubbly, cute n intelligent person...u make convos light-hearted...very friendly as well...stay as u r...keep smiling n chattering...Big smile
Hot seat questions:

1) Siddharth or Shahrukh?Embarrassed
2) Wud u like 2 c RP in a negative role sumday...?
3) Rati in a new daily soap after HD or in a reality show...?
4) ur choice of Rati's co-stars in her nxt show...?
5) any actress u like other than RP...?
6) u r stuck on an island wid tata s_ _ _LOLwat wud u Shocked

hehe time for a very special message Embarrassed this message is from JV himself <3 , Avu's pyaar Blushing 

Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai 
Sooraj ne Gagan se Salam bheja hai
Mubarak ho Aapki Naya Janam Din
Tahe-Dil se Hume ye Paigaam bheja hai ;)

(right now Avani is becoming a tamatar...move on to the next post Embarrassed )

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.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged

Avu must be most excited for this part Embarrassed 

The first gift , actually has a lot of meaning behind it Embarrassed ROFL ahh yes our Avanis very post on India-Forums.com Cool was on Kasauti Zindagi Ki forum Shocked LOL 

okay i wont embarrass her any further ROFL 

^ Avani is very fond of this serial and komolika LOL 
Avu your dream car is a BMW? thanks rads for asking her this question on her slambookCool
hope you like the colour! no return policy Stern Smile Do drive it Cool 

Okay now some proper gifts LOL
From me your fav jodi Embarrassed 

From UKEmbarrassed

your fav scene
Mayank tumhari body bilkul aamir khan ki tarah hai...QSQT wala nahi...ghajini wala...arrey sharma toh tum bilkul juhi chawla ki tarah rahe ho haanROFL I dont know how to stack avisOuch so simple ones made for you

MN so close *dies*

From Raddy Embarrassed

Siggies for you Embarrassed 

From UK


From Boss Cool 

From Moonz Embarrassed 
Ermm tried Siggies 4 u. They r not good but u have no choice but to accept them LOL

Our cute RP Embarrassed

My Sid Embarrassed Ok ok our Sid LOL 

From Shreya (HDInshi)
A Signature for Your BdayEmbarrassedHeart

Nupur Embarrassed

Indira Embarrassed

From Dhakku darling Shreya--Ms ArTi4ever LOL Embarrassed 

could make just 1 sig fr u,,though sid is mine bt m giving him to you fr 1 dayCryCry..hope you'll like itLOL

From IshiiEmbarrassed
Here is something for you!You were missing them badly and so ..


From Sandy Baba Embarrassed 
Okay, do not laugh. LOL I made my first real siggie. I am still learning all this. LOL I hope you will like it! Embarrassed 

last but not the least something from the whole gang Embarrassed 
NRIZians Forever Cool

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.ByGod.Nancy IF-Stunnerz

CSI Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged

Your Birthday Cake Embarrassed RP is feeding it to you , and since i made the cake its very yum so shes eating it aswellROFL  

Veg food for Avu Embarrassed Your veg nah? hope im right LOL 



Intro write up - UK , Ideas and all RaYuCy LOL and creations by boss Cool 

Edited by likaboss - 29 January 2013 at 9:05pm

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loveuratidi Goldie

Joined: 12 March 2012
Posts: 1100

Posted: 29 January 2013 at 11:57am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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AblazedEnigma.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 September 2010
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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Happy bday ABHug

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ashne IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Lovely thread Nancy. Hillarious OS Radha. First time I'm also there in itEmbarrassed. Thank you for inviting me for the party. The SaTi/RaMa talks were awesome. Happy to note that Rati didn't run away after hearing both their declarations.

Happy Birthday, Again AvuParty

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