Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT: Episode Discussion Thread 30/1 Monu JM Gumi

-RadhaRani- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 9:56am | IP Logged

Welcome to the Episode Discussion Thread of 

You can discuss everything related to the show here!!!


1. Please reserve posts, page 2 onwards.
2. Please post in the thread after that day's episode starts.
3. Do not quote any member more than 3 times.
4. Do not bash any actor or character.
5. Please do not discuss any actor's personal life.
6. If you are new,  please introduce yourself to other members in the thread.

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NeelimaSJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:00am | IP Logged

Nanhi leaves the temple and Beera continues looking at her all mesmerized. A few men in the street lech at her and Beera watching this folds the sleeves of his shirt. He puts his arms around the lechers and says she is your "Bhabhi". The men refuse to accept that asks him to leave. Beera continues to mock and threaten them. He asks them to stop it or they will get a "kantap" ROFL Beera gives them all a "kantap" LOL

At Vyas house, Nanhi crying in front of the mirror having FB of seeing Mohan. Megha knocks on the bathroom door and Nanhi quickly washes her face. Nanhi opens the door and Megha asks her if she met her new Editor. Nanhi says everythnig is fine and walks into the bedroom.  The lights go off and Megha lights a candle. Nanhi asks her to let it remain dark as it is good sometimes. Nanhi says I wanted to ask you  if someone hurts you and that person comes in front of you what would you do? Megha is taken aback and asks "meaning" Jiji listening to all this from the door. Nanhi says she met the girl who years back called her father(Amar) a thief. Megha asks her if she spoke to her? Nanhi says it is not that easy. Nanhi asks Megha what would you do if Mohan Bhatnagar comes in front of you? Megha is shocked and remains silent. At the same moment Mohan is shown entering Juna Mohalla. Mohan has FB of his moments with MNA and looks at Vyas house.

Megha asks Nanhi why she is bringing this in between and she tries to walk away. Nanhi says I want to know will your resolve weaken or will you forget everything and remember the good moments? Megha asks Nanhi to stop it and asks Jiji to stop her. Megha walks away when Nanhi opens the window which overlooks Mohan's house. Megha looks out with tears in her eyes. Nanhi says you are one who asks me to move on, to forget Mohan Bhatnagar but you are the one who has closed the window which overlooks his house for 12 years. Nanhi asks Megha why doesn't she follow what she preaches? Megha walks to the window and looks at Mohan's window and cries(Megha's Nazm playing in BG). Megha has FB of moments spent with Mohan. She shuts the window and then opens it. Jiji watches this with half a smile on her face.

Mohan standing in the street looking at the house. FB of MM past shown(new NBT song playing in BG). Megha says it doesn't matter if the window is open or closed. I will never weaken irrespective of who comes in front of me. Nanhi is pleased and hugs Megha and says you are very strong Mom, I was getting worries unnecessarily.

Mohan lost in thoughts when a paper plane lands at his feet. He looks up to see a few kids playing on a terrace. They ask Mohan to return the plane. Mohan does that and it falls down.  Mohan apologizes and  walks away(Mohan's nazm playing in BG). The paper plane flies away and lands at Megha's window.

Megha notices the paper plane and looks out of the window. She is about to pick it up when Nanhi comes and throws it out of the window. Nanhi and Megha hug. Megha looks contemplative. 

Mohan in his house thinking about he was in the Mohalla, so close to Megha yet so far. Nanhi sits in front of her camcorder. Megha continues looking out.  Nanhi walks away from the camcorder. Mohan thinks that soon enough we will be together when I bring Addu back to you.

Precap: Nanhi drops Megha off at the school. Guru arrives there to drop RJ out. Nanhi apologizes to Mohan(who has her back to her). Mohan says if you want to apologize then apologize to yourself. Nanhi is shocked and crosses her fingers. Mohan turns around and Nanhi looks shattered.

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-RadhaRani- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged

Megha's Nazm

Us Roz Darwaaza To Band Kiya Tha Maine
Kdhidikiya Bhi Tabse Kholi Nahi Hai
Phir Kyun Yaado Ke Daricho Se Jaakhte Ho Tum?
Kyun Mere Piche Bhaagte Ho Tum?
Nahi--Mere Paas Tumse Kehne Ko Kuch Bhi Nahi Hai,
Naahi Main Sunta Chahti Hoon Ki Tum Kehne Kya Aaate Ho,
Mat Aaaya Karo Baar Baar Yaha,
Ab Kuch Bhi Tumhara Nahi Hai,
Mat Yaaya Karo Kyun Ki,Yaha Ab Kisi Ko Bhi Tumhara Intzaar Nahi!

Male version

Rashte Hai Wahi
Hai Wahi Pe Manzile
Lekin Hai Aaj Bhi,wo Ruke Se Fashle
pyar Jo Tha Zindagi
Kho Gaya Jaane Kaha
Reh Gaye Hai Darmiyaan Joothe Kuch Sikhwe Gile

Dil Ko Hai ShaQ Magar Sayad Hum Phir Miley


Rok Na Paaya Aaj Apne Aap Ko

Aakhir Aa Hi Gaya Un Galiyo Main Dobara

Kitne Kareeb Thi Tum Mere

Par Phir Bhi Itni Durr

Bhout Jaldi Hamare Bich Ki Dooriya Khatam Ho Jaayegi

Jab Main Addu Ko Dhoondh Kar Tumhare Paas Le Aavuga

Bas Megha Thoda Intzaar Aur

Beera--- Kantaanp nahi kaaya kabhi tum logo neLOL MakhanchoooLOL


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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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I gotta say this that I'm finally liking Beera LOL He's definitely a fun character , but please someone change his wardrobe ! Tongue

The "kantaap" moment kept me entertained and made me laugh my heart out ROFL So yes , he is needed for the comic relief in the show LOL

Moving on ,the best part of the episode .. Mirchi Madam spoke up Embarrassed Guys , you know what? I really missed AS a lot Ouch So yes ,loved her performance in the episode ! She was extraordinarily fabulous in portraying the layers of emotions .. Star

On one side , she goes to close the window , but ends up staring at Bhatnagar Villa and crying bitterly and badly , eventually closing the window at the end - that was done by Mrs. Megha Bhatnagar who loves her hubby and waiting for him Embarrassed 

But again, she opens the window and claims that she does not care at all about whoever comes in front of her ,and that she won't be weak just to assure her daughter , i.e. being a mom , but while hugging Nanhi, she again fell weak as her eyes were stuck on his home .. So yes , I was right since the beginning .. She's torn between the two roles in her life Ouch 

I loved how Megha's eyes narrated a different story that her words were not supporting at all Embarrassed AS was bang on in it Clap Her verses (which scared the wits out of some people :P) ended up describing her heartache and pain Cry 

She closed the door of her heart , but Mohan ji keeps on peeking in through the window , but guess she's in a big denial as always LOL The more she wants him to go away by telling him that no one is waiting for him, the more she longs and waits for him , to be with him , to love him and be loved by him Day Dreaming 

Actually her problem is that whenever Mohan is not around her ,she softens up for a second yet keeps on convincing herself that she has moved on , and her struggle that she is literally forcing herself not to love him shows up clearly , but whenever he will come in front of her , she is gonna go in denial mode and become mirchi madam , but behind this rough mirchi madam is always gonna be a soft-heartened wifey who , somewhere, is still waiting for her hubby to return to her , and bringing happiness in her world Ouch

Coming to Navika , I really wonder if Mohan's blood is running in her veins or Amar's .. Man she's completely like her Spiderman Embarrassed As soon as she understood that she became weak in front of the person she "hated" , she did not wait for a moment and immediately confronted Megha what she's gonna do ! The girl was confirming herself that her mother won't react the same way as she did, that they both are happy with each other , and that they need no one, but both the mother-daughter duo ends up loving him , longing for him ,waiting for him Day Dreaming

I absolutely loved the paper plane symbolism , though I was sad to see Nanhi interfering when Megha was gonna pick it up Ouch *sigh* This journey is definitely not gonna be easy at all Ouch Hope Nanhi realizes sooner what the fate wants ! 

Finally coming to my Mohan Bhatnagar Embarrassed Let me hug this guy tightly Hug 

His feet took him to his world , Juna Moholla , and to the spot where the love of his life , whom he was yearning for , was just a few steps away yet he stopped himself from meeting her ,and how difficult it had been for him Cry She was so close to him , but he walked back , remembering the pain he thinks he had given her unknowingly , and the promise he made to her Cry I really can't see him like this Cry

The BEST moment for me was when he threw the paper plane back at the kids , but when it ends up falling down , how sweetly he smiles while holding his one ear Embarrassed 

How the heck did he manage to smile in such a pain when he had to hold himself back from embracing his happiness? Cry Seriously , when he smiled with tears in his eyes , I was so desperate to hug him once and tell him that he's gonna be successful in his mission, i.e. in getting back his love and smiles filled world again and these days of separation and pain shall pass soon Cry

Btw I was confused about one thing .. Why didn't Nanhi make her video entry ,but just looked at Mohan's house and left ? Was this because she thinks that her mom is doing fine and being strong ? Enlighten me please Embarrassed

Finally the precap .. So Miss Navika Bhatnagar was happy to see her mom strong and sort of "moved on" or better I should say , she was content to convince herself that Mohan Bhatnagar does not affect her or her mom , but again the moment she faced the same person , she was frozen and numb Ouch Waah waah ! Oh yes , she "hates" him and she "really" does , does not she , guys and girls? LOL

Lastly , just want to say that I'm loving Season 2 no matter what .. I'm loving how my MM are craving for each other , even though one of them is trying not to be affected with the mere mention of the name of the other , but sadly , she forgot that no one has control over his/her heart , and that the heart is the king , not the mind Embarrassed Beautiful is all I'd say for the episode ! Day Dreaming

Hats off to the writer, director , Kunal , AS and Jayashree Clap Also Shaleen Sir for the great music , and Subhrat Sir for the heart touching and soulful lyrics Clap

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 9:24am | IP Logged

Awesome episode as we got to see a Meghan dedicated lot of minutes today.

Things i liked, in chronological order - 

1) Beera's personality LOL exuding rough rightful confidence, kanpuriya accent and style of talking. Hats off to this actor siddharth, he's making his own place in all our hearts hopefully. Being from an urdu background, i never expect to come across certain slangs of Pak, of karachi in indian shows and of course i have been watching NBT for so long now, by now i have been used to discovering hindi / indian slangs a lot, both in NBT and in the forum of course. But today came as a pleasant surprise, when Beera called those cheapsters as "Makhanchooo" ROFL   Its the word we use for such dumbo guys in pakistan and i use it such a lot in my everyday language LOL Ahh, more reason to love Beera from now on, he seems like my own Hug  LOL 

2) Navika's confrontation with her mother, her raking up the memories and interrogating megha on issues that Megha keeps best buried deep deep down inside her. Wonder how long Megha might have kept the window closed had today not happened? She finally did close the window to signify and reinforce the last lines of her verses - "no need for you to come here anymore as i have nothing to say to you, no one awaits you here. Neither do i want to listen to what you have come to say here "
it sure cheered up navika (who is surprisingly so earnest at keeping spiderman out of their life, she seemed like trying to protect megha from the heartbreak that nannhi sees lurking in the near future) Anyways, both mother and daughter, have their own ways of holding onto mohan, one expresses it through strong denial and the other shows it through her aloofness!

3) Liked the paper plane fielding Clap  Mohan throwing the hawai jahaaz signifying the struggle the commitment and his resolve he has to get back to Megha and restore his position in her life, but the plane just fell short into the street, indicating that unfortunately his efforts so far have all come to naught. Megha comes towards the plane but nanhi intercepts her hand to pick up the plane before her and throw it away, clearly made me feel like whenever Megha comes across Mohan, even though it will cause her lots of sweet heartache , but she might just feel like yielding and opening up to mohan (giving him a chance to speak at least, even subconsciously) but Navika will come in between them and will be a source of discouragement for megha, a kind of distraction which might just cause megha to revert to backfoot only.

Lovely episode Smile

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -MohanKiMeera-

p.s. aaj main bhi analysis karungi .. seems like a good epi :D

LOL  LOL Aww matti pao, chutki LOL

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Abhi toh MM paper rockets udha ke ek doosre ko messages pass karenge ROFL

40 saal ke umr mein yehi sab karna tha inko ROFL

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fari-

LOL  LOL Aww matti pao, chutki LOL
mtlab? Ouch

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