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Love has no boundaries. Virika/Virman FF (Page 9)

little.angel56 Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 5:26am | IP Logged
I loved it, 

how swamini came to face the truth herself!

And finally way clear for Viren!

please plate soon!

this was bombastic!

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little.angel56 Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged
I am loving how Swamiini is accepting Viren and virat slowly because of their good works!

aww, viren and virat!Embarrassed

nice! Sharma family Angry

Raj and Sheila! , in your face dude!

please plate sooon!

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..Amrita.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 6:04am | IP Logged
i lovd the way swamini is slowly loving viren & virman...continue soon

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Wara082007 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 7:03am | IP Logged
It is a great story ...

Just read all the parts :)

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-vish- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
just read all the parts
superb story...loving it
happy...karan truth is out n virika can be together :)
thanx for pm...continue soon!!

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x.Henna.x Goldie

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Finally a senior member Smile, I dedicate this chapter to little.angel56, laurenza.carson, amritaluvskryan, vishwa94, Wara082007, surbhi1994, Virika-luv, sweetdollashita, jeevi7, Syed695, pinky.padda,  jia123sagar, Virika11, nehla.neha, krystu05and to everyone else and to all silent readers for taking time out to read  my story and like and comment on it. Next update Tuesday.

Panjab University is real, it's in Chandigarh, I have researched it, I haven't made it up.

Chapter 7

A week had passed, Vanshika and Swamini become friends, Jeevika's ankle had healed and Nani was back to her old self, but Nani was still cautious over the Sharma family, she wanted Jeevika to be married to a nice man, who would love her even after death, she knew that there is only person, who would love her granddaughter like that and that person is Viren, she did want them to get married, but she knew of Swamini's judgement of both of the Vadhera brothers, but as long as she is living for she would only get both her granddaughters married to man they loved and no one else and no one would stop her. She thought to herself I have to talk to Jeevika and Swamini. Swamini had gone to buy vegetables so this was the perfect time to talk to Jeevika.

Nani: Jeevika. - Jeevika came out from the kitchen-
Jeevika: Yes nani, did you want something.
Nani: Yes, I want to talk to you, sit down. -Jeevika did as she was told-
Jeevika: Talk about what, nani?
Nani: Viren and you. -Jeevika was shocked at what her Nani had said.-
Jeevika: Viren and me, but why?
Nani: Jeevika, I know that Viren love you and you love him aswell.
Jeevika: That is true.
Nani: I want you to marry him.
Jeevika: But Nani-
Nani: No buts Jeevika, I don't want your life to be ruined, by you marrying the wrong person, marriage isn't a game.
Jeevika: I know that nani, but Buaji?
Nani: As long as I am here, you will be marrying Viren and you don't worry about Swamini, i'll take care of her.
Jeevika: Okay nani.
Nani: Where is Manvi?
Jeevika: Nani, Manvi has an exam, she at uni.
Nani: Oye, I forgot. -They both laughed-

Jeevika went back to her room, she was slightly worried at what Bua would say but she had full faith in her Nani, which was one of the reason, Manvi and her always confided in their Nani then their Bua because their Nani is more understanding.

Panjab University

Virat and Manvi were at university, they were having their final exams and then thy would both be free from university and start working. Manvi stood with Virat as his exam would start earlier then her exam. He remembered his brother had told him to think of something or someone special that would bring him luck, the things that him luck brought him luck was his family and Manvi.

Manvi: Virat, you there? -She waved her hand in front of his face and he snapped out of his thought-
Virat: Sorry, what were you saying Manvi?
Manvi: Don't be nervous Virat, you'll get high marks in this exam, you've been working hard.
Virat: I know, I know. You'll do great as well Manvi.
Manvi: I don't know, I haven't put in a lot of work in studying for it, because of this whole Karan drama.
Virat: Do I have tell Jeevika, your still thinking of the whole Karan drama?
Manvi: No Virat, you know Di, she'll scold me.
Virat: Well don't think about him and think of something or someone that brings you luck.

As soon as he said that, Tina had walked up to Virat, not caring that Manvi was with him and spoke to him.

Tina: -flirty tone- Heyy Virat.
Virat: Hello Tina.
Tina: I know you'll be thinking of me in the exam, I bring everyone goodluck.
Virat: Not really Tina.
Tina: Don't deny it Virat, oh and tell your brother to ring my sister. She'll cheer Viren up.
Manvi: Oi Tina, get lost.
Tina: Ergh, Manvi I heard your sister's engagement was taking place.
Manvi: Well, you heard wrong, she's not getting married.
Tina: Well according to my sources, they told me that Jeevika was going to get engaged to Karan. Poor Viren, he was played by worthless Jeevika.
Manvi: Get your facts straight Tina, my sister is not getting engaged, and she is still with Viren.
Virat: Bye Tina.
Tina: Bye Virat.

Manvi was still fuming that Tina had tried to flirt with her Virat and had called he sister worthless, Virat knew that Manvi was still angry and realized that he had to go into the hall so he hugged Manvi and told her that she's the person he wants to be with, they also wished each good luck again. Manvi then made her way to the hall were he exam was taking, she thought of Virat's words and thought of her sister and Virat.

Chaudhary House

Jeevika was in her room, still in thought about how Nani would convince Bua, she then took her phone and sent a text to Viren if he was free as it was almost lunch.

From Jeevika, To Viren: Hey Viren, it's almost lunchtime, you free? x

She waited for a reply, but he knew he might be busy so she went downstairs and Nani motioned for her.

Jeevika: Yes Nani.
Nani: I don't Swamini accusing you of anything, so when she comes home I want to go out and spend sometime with Viren or a friend.

Jeevika nodded her head in reponse to Nani, she kept looking at her phone to see if Viren had replied or not.

Vadhera Firm

Viren was busy doing some work on the computer, he then heard a beep on his phone and saw the text from Jeevika, he wanted to be free for lunch but he had told his dad that he didn't have any plans so he said he would work through lunch, he was lost in his thoughts on how to reply to her, he didn't notice that his dad had came in and his dad had saw the text.

Vikram: Viren, Viren. VIREN! -After his dad shout he came of his thoughts-
Viren: Sorry Dad, I was-
Vikram: Who's Jeevika?
Viren Errr Jeevika is-
Vikram: I want the truth Viren.
Viren: Jeevika is girlfriend.
Vikram: What? Why didn't you tell me earlier? You two would have been married by now.
Viren: Dad, it's not that easy.
Vikram: Viren, I don't understand.
Viren: Her Bua at first didn't like Virat and I but her mind is slowly changing and her Bua also wanted Jeevika to marry someone else.
Vikram: Huh, I see, well you reply to Jeevika that you free for lunch and go see her.
Viren: But dad, all this wo-
Vikram: There's nothing else left but this, so I'll take it home and Virat and you can finish at home.

Viren nodded in reponse to his father and swiftly press the reply button to reply to Jeevika's text message.

From Viren, To Jeevika: Hey Jeevs, Sorry was talking to my Dad, I am free for lunch, I'll meet you at the lake and don't worry I'll bring the food.

Chaudhary House

When Jeevika heard her phone and read the reply from Viren, she squealed quietly and wanted to jump up and down but heard the door open so she didn't, her Bua walked in and Jeevika helped her put the shopping away and Nani motioned for Jeevika to leave.

Jeevika: Bua, I was wondering, if  I could go for a walk, to get some exercise.
Bua: Jeevika, I don't think you should, your ank-
Jeevika: Bua, excerise keeps us fit and healthy, which would be good for my ankle.
Bua: Okay, you can go.

As soon as Swamini said that, Jeevika had left the house, Nani saw the happiness on her face and knew that she was going to meet Viren, Nani then turned towards her daughter and spoke.

Nani: Swamini, sit down. I want to talk you about something.
Swamini: What about?
Nani: About Jeevika.
Swamini: What about Jeevika?
Nani: I'm still worried about the Sharma family and I think we should Jeevika married now.
Swamini: But to who?
Nani: Look, I know your traditional and Jeevika and Manvi have both never gone against any of your decisions, not once even if it means sacrificing their own happiness.
Swamini: I know, I just want both of them to have everything.
Nani: Even if it means both of them marrying someone who won't love them?
Swamini: Ma, what are you trying to say?
Nani: I'm talking about Viren and Virat.
Swamini: What about those two brothers?
Nani: Knowing the fact, that you didn't like them, they still faced you and helped our family, just to change your judgement of them, so that you see that they have good qualities in them.
Swamini: I know and I know that they are good people.
Nani: I want Jeevika and Manvi to both be happy in her married life and not be unhappy but I want them both to be married someone who will love even after death.
Swamini: Okay.
Nani: I want Jeevika to marry Viren.
Swamini: Did Jeevika say anything to you about Viren?
Nani: Yes, both sisters actually tell me things that they are afraid to say to you.
Swamini: What have they said?
Nani: Jeevika loves Viren and Manvi loves Virat.  -Swamini was shocked, that both sisters couldn't tell her this.-
Swamini: Don't worry, Jeevika will take her own decisions about who she wants to marry herself and so will Manvi, I will not force them to marry someone they don't want to marry.

Nani smiled seeing her mission of getting Swamini's approval on not just Virika but on Virman as well. Swamini then left for the kitchen, so thought to herself I will talk to both Jeevika and Manvi when they come home.

The Lake- An hour later

Jeevika reached the lake before Viren, she went to towards the railing and stood there waiting for Viren, Viren came a few minutes later with a picnic basket, he brought extras just incase their younger siblings came here after they finished the exams. Viren walked up to Jeevika and put the basket down and placed one hand on her eyes and one hand on her waist and pulled her into him, Jeevika knew that it was Viren because of all the warmth she felt in her body and she also felt safe with him.

Jeevika: I know it's you Viren. -He took his hand off her eyes and turned her around-
Viren: How did you know it was me?
Jeevika: The first reason is because the only person I meet here is you and the second reason is because I felt the warmth in my body.

Viren smiled at her and took her hand and they both sat on a blanket that was laid out on the grass.  Jeevika looked inside the picnic basket and saw the food.

Jeevika: Viren, really this much food? I do like to eat but I also like to stay healthy.
Viren: Jeevika, it's not all for you, it's just in case Virat and Manvi come.
Jeevika: I see.

They both ate first so they could spend some time talking to each other. After 30 minutes of them both looking at each other while eating they both were finished and Viren sat next to Jeevika and took her into his arms.

Viren: So Jeevika, how has your day been?
Jeevika: It is great and you?
Viren: Why is your day great, is it because you get to see me? My day is awesome, since I'm here with you.
Jeevika: Well your partly the reason, but there is another reason.
Viren: What's the other reason?
Jeevika: You'll have to wait, till Virat and Manvi come.
Viren: Well what if they don't come?
Jeevika: Then you'll have to wait till we get home and I'll tell over the phone in the presence of our siblings.
Viren: Come on Jeevika, just tell me, or I'll tickle you.
Jeevika: Don't you dare Viren.

Viren used one had to pin her to the floor and used the other hand to tickle her.

Panjab University

Virat's exam had finished a couple minutes ago, he decided to wait for Manvi, so they could go to the lake and spend some time together, Manvi's exam had finished and he saw people coming out of her hall, Manvi came out and saw Virat and ran to him and hugged him. They were still in each others arms when Manvi spoke.

Manvi; Virat, you waited?
Virat: Of course, what type your other half would I be if I didn't wait for you.
Manvi: You do have a good point.
Virat: Well, I am a future lawyer. Shall we go to the lake?
Manvi: Of course, lets go.

Virat took her hand and led the way to his car, he was a gentleman and opened the passenger door for Manvi and closed it when she sat in the seat, Virat hurried over to the driver's seat and quickly sat inside, he quickly drove to the lake, so they could spend lots of time togther.

The Lake

The reached the lake quickly and Virat opened the door and helped Manvi out, he locked the car and they walked towards their spot, they saw two people in their spot, they decided to sit somewhere else until they heard Jeevika's voice.

Jeevika: -She was laughing and stopped- Viren, stop, -she then continued to laugh-
Viren: No't until you tell me Jeevs.

They were shocked to see their siblings like this, they walked up to their siblings and Virat and Manvi and they both  coughed, Viren and Jeevika both separated and they saw Virat and Manvi standing up, Virat and manvi knelt down next their siblings and Manvi said.

Manvi: Dii, what are you doing? - she winked at Jeevika-
Jeevika: Manuu, shut up -Jeevika then hugged her sister- How was the exam Manvi?
Manvi: Di, don't ask I don't want to talk about it.
Virat: So bhai, what were you doing?
Viren: Jeevika wouldn't tell me something unless you two came so i tired to tickle it out of her, but she didn't give in. Now that you two are here, Jeevika tell us.
Jeevika: Okay, okay, I will tell you now.
Manvi: Hurry Di.
Jeevika: It's about Viren and I.
Viren: What about you and me?
Jeevika: Naniji, is going to talk to Bua about me and Viren.
Manvi: Di, stop talking in code and tell us.
Jeevika: You guys, still don't get it?
Virat, Viren, Manvi: NO!
Jeevika: Naniji, is going to talk to bua about our marriage.

They were all gobsmacked at what Jeevika had said, especially Viren.

Viren: What?
Jeevika: After Manvi had left for uni and Bua had gone out, nani sat me down and told me how she wants me to be happy after married life and that she wants me to marry someone who will love me after death aswell, she wants me to get marry to Viren and that she'll make that happen. Then I said what about Bua and nani said that she'll talk to her abut it.
Mani: Congrats Di, what news.
Virat: Do you think your nani, will be able to convince your Bua.
Jeevika: Virat, I have full faith in her.

They foursome stayed at the lake for a while and after two hours at the lake, they all headed home. Jeevika and Manvi walked home as they didn't want to risk Viren and Virat getting into trouble with their Bua. As soon as they entered, Nani smiled at Jeevika and Jeevika took it as a good sign. Manvi sat down next their Nani.

Manvi: Nani, where's Bua?
Nani: She's in the kitchen.

Swamini then came out and hugged both Jeevika and Manvi, both sisters didn't understand why they were being hugged. Swamini sat them both down.

Swamini: Jeevika, Manvi, I have taken a decision regarding both of you.
Manvi: What decision Bua?
Swamini: That you both will decide, who you want to marry and I won't force you marry someone you don't want. I know who you both want to marry, but we will have meet their family first.

Jeevika and Manvi were both happy, that their Bua wouldn't force them to marry someone that they didn't want to marry, they could now both marry into the Vadhera house, knowing that they had the full blessing of their Bua.

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jia123sagar IF-Dazzler

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brilliant update

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-ayeshabfd- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Woah! Just read it all in one go!! This is seriously awesome!! LOVE how All of them are like detectives! & Karans such a jerk, I want to just punch him in the faceLOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. Please update soon, can't wait,,
oh, oh and you potrayed the emotions perfectly, hats off girl!Clap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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