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Episode 181 Discussion: 29th Jan 2013 (Page 2)

_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged
confusion confusion..

RK and Madhu, these 2 people are hopelessly in love or 2 hopeless people in love? Confused

yet again the epi. was low on logic and high on bewakoofi...

RK was hit behind his head , and he was hit so many dandas on his back..he went to the hospital in emergency , next minute he was out of danger, next he was up talking to Madhu and after 5 mins, he was allowed to go back home where Dips ne tayyari kar di Confused  (WHAT tayyari?ROFL) next he's abs fine enjoying his drink , woh bhi neat ! Cool

shamsher Trishna scene was good, but i didn't like Malik's acting tht much Stern Smile Madhu joined him ..the blame game...but the scene fell and when did Trishna know that RK was producing the movie for her ? saari duniya par blame, bittuji (ne koi chaanbeen nahi ki), RK (ne gameplan banaya revenge ke liye) , Balraj (came to Trishna, Trishna didn't go to Balraj) but Trishna baby is innocent Dead forget feeling remorseful, she's tht shameless to pass the blame !! I was desperately waiting for Madhu to defend RK but aaj bhi nahi Cry dekha? hopeless case.. she was reminded of  RK's cold behavior n she ran to him !! arre 2 baatein toh suna deti Angry

RK Madhu scene was power packed dialogues, bas ek bechara hopeless lover who's guilt ridden n is scared ke Madhu might leave him ShockedLOL seriously? i didn't get it how he came to this conclusion ke bec. of all this, madhu will leave him...toh that's why he admitted in front of her ke it's ENTIRELY his fault Ermm   Madhu doesn't need any reasoning or explanation..LOL i love her Hug Leela u were abs right, she's very different from the rest of the telly heroines...

their "tumne meri jaan bachayi" and maine apni jaan bachaiye was Sleepy and the hug Sleepy

the very next day the case is in the court? that was real quick ! usually it takes 1-2 weeks to file the chargesheet only ! initially, the accused is produced in the court for tht bail /remand permission, the case proceedings take very long to start...nyways this is MB land so i'll ignore it...what i found very funny was TV channels taking Padmini's interview n asking her "apko kya lagta hai court ka faisla kya hoga" ROFL WOW ! i've never seen that happening ke ACCUSED is being asked to give a statement , it is not allowed in the first place...then the lawyer is telling PAdmini ke hamara case kamzor ho jayega , aap boliye ROFL the judge must be D'oh of the filmi family 

poor episode overall...tomorrow will be no better i'm sure..i think Padmini will not speak at all Sleepy i hope 20 mins usko bolne ko na kehte rahe bas

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Seriously, my curiosity still remains. 

  • How did Trishna know that RK was promoting her ?
  • How was Roma able to release herself from her captivity ?

And come to think of it, together their filler tracks added around 40 minutes approx of drama for Roma (all 8 episode clubbed together after re-entry) and around 120 minutes approx of drama for Trishna (23 episodes clubbed since Dec 2012).

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Ananya05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Even though we had a nice, long Rishbala scene today, for me star of today's episode was Malik. Trishna needed somebody to sunaofy her right then as there, and who better than Malik. Ahh!! Just loved the scene. He reprimands her for putting everyone's life at stake for her career, asks her to stop shedding crocodile tears. Clap

RK on a guilt trip, is unable to meet Madhu's eyes. He asks her to leave the hospital and attend to her mother. Madhu senses that RK is deliberately avoiding her, and is visibly disturbed by this. Poor girl! Already so much to go through, now another mystery of husband behaving strange.LOL Radhaji also asks Madhu to go to police station and tells her that she will take RK home and deepali is doing some tayari. Confused ConfusedNow I do not understand how after having beaten so badly, having problems in breathing, he is discharged from the hospital the very same day, and itna blood loss hua...itna maar trace, no bandage for any injury...Confused Shocked Shocked  sar par ek sirf ek chhoti si patti..Confused

Cut to police station, we have Trishna-Madhu confrontation regarding RKs involvement. I did not understand why Madhu was not able to defend RK, even after Bittuji clarifying the matters to his bhabhji then and there D'oh Angry. Only reason could be to grip our nerves as to what might happen LOLwhen Madhu confronts RK. Interestingly, we still don't know how Trishna got to knw abt RKs business with BSC. D'oh

Cut to entertainment room LOL.RK seems to be terribly guilty and back to his drinking Ouch. Madhu comes in(Madhu, apni maa ka kuch to khayal kiya hota. Direct bhaag ke pati ke paas chali ayi ROFL). Guilt ridden RK and overwhelmed Madhu. He is so deep drowned in the pool of guilt and shock with the horrific turn of events inadvertently brought about by his error in judgement , that he asks her ke tum mujhe chhodke to nai jaogi? Shocked LOL.Poor guy! Cry Even without him speaking much, she understands his inhibitions and ensures him that he is not at fault, and its only because of him that she is alive today. No talking, no explanation needed. Day DreamingSach me RK! Kya dramatic wife you have!! Kabhi roothne-manane ka mauka milega bhi ya nai pata nai. Biwi to waise hi mani hui rehti hai! LOL
VD and DD were spot on in this scene, barring of course the hug.Sleepy

Cut to High court for Padmini's case hearing.Shocked Direct high court? ShockedThat too the very next day? ShockedItna high profile case hai kya? Oh!! Got it! Superstar RK ki sasuma ka case jo hai! LOLSo, to remind us viewers that RK still is a superstar, we have him wearing those signature sunglasses(with the same maroon shirt that we have seen him wearing at least 10 times Disapprove Sleepy), having a stern expression on his face while media people are firing him and Madhu with all the questions. Thank god, director ko yaad agaya ki they had introduced RKs character as a superstar.LOL

Now, I am really irritated with the way they shoot these close up scenes between RK and Madhu. Today, when he was wiping her tears, and she was putting her finger on his lips to silence her, I felt they are not actually touching each other. Its damn annoying when it s so evident that they are not actually doing it. Please, if DD and VD are so reticent, it is cameraman's job to show such scenes in a more convincing manner. Most of the times I am like Pinch during their close up scenes.

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Interesting episode and the story moves forward.
Episode starts with RK beating himself up for being the harbringer of current tragedy unknowingly. He has a hard time facing Madhu and so wants Madhu to leave and  take care of her family first without offering any explanation. Very RKish reaction!  Madhu needs some reassurance and warmth from her enigmatic husband to get over her shock and gather her strength but his cold behaviour leaves her feeling confused.
Padmini is still in shock and Trishna continues to entreat her to speak. Finally Shamsher has had enough of Trishna's dramatics...he blows up blaming Trishna for the current tragedy. He rightly states that Ballu was determined to kill them so he was expected to react the way he did however it was Trishna's duty to forewarn the family to ensure thier safety. If she had done so, they would have taken steps to take care of Ballu instead to being taken unaware of him and being in mortal danger. Madhu too gets angry at Trishna. Trishna initially tries to explain that she hid the truth because she saw it as a way to realize her dreams. When Shamsher and Madhu do not buy it and and tell her to stop talking about her dreams, she points a finger at RK.Bittuji tries to explain but Madhu seems shell shocked. She goes back and confronts RK and tells him not feel guilty for his role in his entire fiasco. I loved this sequence for many reasons-
1) The shock and disgust on Madhu and Shamsher's face when Trishna's explained that the reason to hide the truth was because she saw it as a way to achieve her dream.
2)When Trishna  blamed RK, Shamsher has an odd look on his if he can't believe how low Trishna has fallen.
3)Trishna has always placed her dreams on priority and has expected her family to stand by her without a thought for how her demands or reactions impact her family. She asked Madhu to help with makeup on her engagement day incurring Mukund's mother's displeasure or later cursing Madhu for loving RK who was responsible for breaking her dream. In past her family has always ignored Trishna's self-centeredness and chalked it up to her ambitious nature. For the first time they are truly seeing and realizing how selfish Trishna has been all this time. On the other hand Trishna initially tries what she has done in past -talk about her dreams ...when that does not work she starts blaming RK for it. I thought she hated RK, why would she take a movie if she knew RK threw it her way. 
4)I loved that Bittuji started defending RK as soon as Trishna accused him. He almost seemed panicking at the thought of Madhu misunderstanding rk. I guess he fears that Madhu has become an emotional anchor for his chief and RK will revert to his old ways in her absence. It is quite endearing how loyal he is to Rishbala.
5) I never expected Madhu  to believe Trishna. Part of the reason is that Madhu alone knows why RK was trying to fix everything. There was so sense in him putting his life at stake to save Madhu if this was some elaborate plan for revenge. I liked how she went back and confronted him and comforted him. While I expected her to take care of her mother first but then her mother has rest of family with her. On the other hand RK has no one but her so he is her priority.
6)RK is still plagued by his insecurities. He is guilty because he feels responsible for bringing back Ballu in the life of Maliks but more than that he is scared that Madhu will walk away from him when she finds the truth. He seems to be bracing for the axe to fall on thier relationship anytime. Madhu has her work cut out for her in long term- RK despite all his attitude is still very unsure and vulnerable when it comes to personal relationships.
The show ends with RK asking Madhu to trust him and next day in court when the Kundras and Maliks arrive at court and are hounded by the media.
As expected Trishna is being sidelined by her family who are immensely angry with her. Padmini is still in shock, Rishbala take an another step of trust in thier relationship. Radha comes across as strong woman who stands by her son and daughter-in-law.
The court drama starts tomorrow...

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zoya_naziya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
It was quite a decent episode..

Finally Malik has found his voice back and yells at Trishna for having concealed about Balraj's coming back and he tells her to stop shedding her ghadiyali tears... Madhu follows it up... Trishna's dreams and ambitions are so much ingrained in her conscious and sub-conscious mind that she can never resist the lure of it and she verbalized it ... 

Magically Trishna knows that it was RK who was behind her launch and hence conveniently puts the blame on RK... Even Malik seems fed-up of her blame-game and outlandish allegations...Yet again Trishna is instrumental  in helping Madhu understand the reason behind RK's aloofness..

RK and Madhu behaved true to their nature... RK in feeling guilty of having ushered in the Balraj hungama in Madhu's life and the fear that he might lose her after the truth is revealed... Madhu allays all his fears ,guilt and giving no scope for him to apologize. She says that it was a play of fate and he couldn't have done anything about it and reminds him that the reason she is alive today is  bcoz of him... 

Even before Padmini has come out of the shock and even responding, the case has already been moved to the court... They might have as well atleast said, a few days later or sth of that sort... 

As Shri said in y'days EDT, Roma is given so less footage... She could have brought Padmini out of the shock... She could have rendered a tight slap to Trishna... 

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MarathiMulgi

Shantata !!  Family Court jari hai. Ballu murder mukkadame mein aaj Judge Madhu do aropiyon se sawal  jawab kargi.

One is guilty of crime by ignorace of the presence of evil and  another one is guilty of crime by withholding the knowledge of the evil.

I absolutely loved Madhu when she sits on RK's hospital bed and asks "muzse koi kuch galti ho gi kya"? I just wanted to hug  her and cry with her. At the same time I wanted to hit RK hard on his already bruised head and knock some sense into him ki you bozo talk to her and tell her everything. You know she will not only forgive you but sympathize with you as well for your good intentions towards Trishna. Just open up to her and let her tears do the magic. ( I will stop blabbing on this before I completely lose it. Smile )

I am happy that after the first shock is over, Madhu takes upon herself to question Trishna. I thought that Roma would have beaten her to it but anyways.

Trishna shows us today that her true calling is not film industry but politics. She displays all the qualities to become a politicain. Trishna deftly shifts the blame from her to RK  She has not an iota of shame about her own role in this event. Truly Ballu's daughter. She should probably catch the  next train to Motihari and take over the reins of whatever is left there, become a local politician. Best way to exit out of this serial. But we all know that will not happen. The only conclusion of why Trishna still lingers in this serial is, maybe  CVs will cook up some further vamp role for her in RK-Madhu love story in future episodes.

RK on the other hand is drowning in remorse and does not at all want to come up for air. It is once again up to Madhu to be the wind beneath his wings so that he can soar high in the sky to see the panoramic view of their life together. (sorry lost control here a bit. Big smile)  And that is what she does. The moment Trishna puts blame on RK, she immediately rushes home. Not for a confrontation but to clear this misunderstanding that he is not to feel guilty since his intentions were good. Madhu is indeed a hatke heroine of Hindi serial today  (as Leela pointed out correctly in the earlier post). She does not give any chance to RK to apologize and he is aquitted of all the charges against him.

I wish they had shown a convo however brief between RK and Bittuji when they realized that how their good intetions regarding Trishna nosedived and it all went to hell. That particular camaradie would have given us an inking as to how much aparadhi emotion RK is feeling. Poor guy. No good deed goes unpunished.

I liked that last segment where media is hounding them and asking all kinds of insensitive questions to RK and Madhu. I wish they would add  some papparazi scenes to explore that particular aspect of showbiz.


Very good review Clap And that para on Trishna was hilarious. LOL  

Last two paras...Hmmm we can only dream...Beti ka maa se milna nahin dikhaya, how can we expect other lesser important but REAL things to happen in MB World. She reached Police station and bahar se hi waapis mud gayi apne ghar LOL

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Angeena

Crocodile tears and color changing chameleons ... Trishna is all that and more.

Here, before I go ahead, how did she know about RK bringing in Balraj?

Mallik's accusation's were spot on. Madhu .. perhaps a bit more fire and anger on her face would have been better. I was hoping that Roma would play some part in this. When Trishna starts blaming RK, Mallik's face says it all. He can't believe the stuff spouting from his daughter's mouth.

Why can't Trishna feel even a grain of guilt? Or is she just not able to believe that her decision has caused her family so much trouble and is looking for someone else to blame because the alternate is unbearable to her?

Madhu and RK's interaction was good. She tackles him and his problems as only she can.

Finally a media presence Thumbs Up. I wish they were shown more. The precap was ok. The promo was better.

Where are the Bhatia's? I know extra stuff is not shown in MEIEJ it is what makes the show unique .. but I wish they would give some screen time to the supporting cast. The Bhatia's almost died .. surely they have something to say .. Trishna too .. even if not to others but when she is alone at least to herself some reaction.. Even Roma.


Good review.Smile

Supporting cast...can be shown if they bring leverage to Rishbala Wink LOL  Poor Supporting cast. Imagine the ignominy that Shamsher had to live in the last three episodes of last week...Fightmaster just getting tied up and able to do nothing. So today, he got some footage LOLby being a discerning man and father, who knows when to reprimand his wayward daughter, if still unable to protect them LOL

What does Raza Murad feel everytime he has to utter to Sikky (Sikander), "aaja chal bar mein chalte hain"  ROFL Poor Roma, saari detectivegiri gayi chane ke khet mein. 

Wish the CVs and us could know, how are they getting the TRPs.January first week was good. Next two weeks VD was on vacation. The 3rd week, there was TRP drop. Tomorrow we will have 4th week TRP. This shall sort of tell us.,..what is actually selling, the romance, the family drama or the action drama  or balance/mix of everything,

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bhakti2 Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Hi, all - already see about twenty ideas here I would not have thought of!  (As usualLOL)

But for some reason today the lack of logic didn't bother me too much, as today was the day (ironically) for halla boling from all the right characters.  Except Padmini.  But more on that later.

It was good to see Malik finally finding his voice, even if it took awhile and he unleashed it all on Trishna in the street.  (In front of the "Mumbai High Court", according to the sign, which for unexplained reasons seems to be temporarily located in some back gali of Sajjanpur or somewhere. All we needed were two policemen in their innerwear shirts chewing paan on the stairway and. voila!  Set complete.  It's MUMBAI, location scouts...metro hai.  

And speaking of this magic village court, Shri is right.  We cannot even fast track the murder cases of the highest international diplomats in India - how did they get Padmini into trial at nine o' clock the morning after the murder? Actually, a case like this in reality would not be given a fast track at all. And particularly considering that stars prefer to avoid public court and the like, I do not think the speed of trial can logically be explained by RK's status.  So in this aspect the show was just swimming around in the fairy-tale waters of soap-land.

The other halla bols from today were good, too.  RK was able to speak his worries, which must be a new task for him.  It was a good touch to show he even needed his old crutch of daru; it illustrated how untried this territory is for him.  He really did think she might leave him and the thought was enough to bring the whiskey back to his hand - his old way of dealing with indescribable pain.  But his new way - letting Madhu help him access his feelings - was the saving of the situation, as she was the next halla bol (softly, I know, but with instant conviction.) Her firm words dispelled the clouds of guilt hanging over him.  Today I really appreciated both of the characters - Madhu does not waver one instant in her sense of loyalty, and RK, once back on firm ground, is able to focus both on his sense of righteous anger (at Balraj) and his concern for the situation of his sasumaa.

But the shiny new award for halla-boling today goes to...BITTUJI!  When he came barreling up to the papparazzi, I actually cheered out loud for him!  As usual, he is effective, to the point, and draws no attention to himself other than the minimum needed to get the job done.

So except for Padmini, everyone is talking up a storm.  The precap is absurd.  Were there no credible witnesses that they have to rely solely on Padmini's testimony?  Let's think...who was there? Umm, only an entire baraat, a team of naach girls, Madhu, RK, Trishna, Malik...okay, you get the point.  But, I mean, even if Padmini has lost the ability to speak for life (which, don't worry, she hasn't.  TRP's are at stake hereLOL), there would be a gaon's worth of eye witnesses to start the ball rolling.  The only person in the whole epi who should rethink hallaing bol?  Padmini's lawyer D'ohSheesh.  Hai na?

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