Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq


Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq
Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq

||JANTKI OS Contest Voting Round - 1||

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Hello dear Junoonians!!! First of all we would like to thank all the participants Hug.

We are here with the much awaited OS Contest Voting Round 1 Big smile.

As we got good no. of Participation, we are proceeding for Voting round Thumbs Up. Before proceeding to vote, please do remember the following rules Embarrassed.


Please Vote for 4 Entries.
Please go through all the entries before voting.
Do NOT Vote for your own entry.
Do NOT advertise your own entry. If anyone is seen doing so, u will be disqualified.
Last but not least, Do NOT Create MID's for voting.
Last date for Voting is 8th February, 2013

PM me asap if any of the your entries are missing.

Refer next 2 posts for the OS Entries.


Swetha & Tanya

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So Ready to read the entries Wink No more delays, presenting to u the Entries now. Plz go through all n then vote. Embarrassed

Entry 1

~Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain~

It had been one year since Prithvi and I started staying together because of our child marriage. His behavior changed towards me- he was kind, gentle now- and I had fallen in love with him. Yes, believe it or not, I was in love with the man who was imperfect for me according to the society, but perfect according to me. I was just too scared to go and tell him that I loved him.

I sat on the bed, remembering the day I fell in love with him'

I was walking in the village, going to buy some vegetables at night. After buying bringles, onions, tomatoes and potatoes, I was heading back home.

"Oh, why is this laundiya roaming around late at night?" I heard a familiar voice slurring- it was Laakhan.

I ignored him and started walking faster. Then I realized that there were more men with him.

"Stop laundiya! Or MEERA! I don't want to make you!"

My speed increased and I was close enough to running. Suddenly, Laakhan grabbed my hand.

"You are a beauty and I need to use you right now'" he said and pulled my pallu off my shoulder and I screamed out loud.

"Stop you b*****d! How dare you touch me?" I tried to run, but tripped and fell down. They were laughing as they came closer to me.

"Who is there?!" I heard a manly voice- it was Prithvi! The men including Laakan looked up at him. He was furious, and was walking quicker than ever. His eyes had turned red.

"How DARE you touch MY WIFE!!" he roared and began to beat them up. I felt different when he said that this time- my heart was beating faster, there was an adrenaline rush in my body and I felt I was floating when he said that.

I couldn't remember when he finished beating them; he picked me up wordlessly and carried me to our house. My eyes were fixed on his face. For the first time I realized that he was extremely good-looking. I felt protected in his arms. His eyes looked like pools of chocolate, his angular nose and jaw made me weak in the knees and his lips- they were looking so soft, pouty and kissable. I realized that he wasn't just my husband by rituals, but he was my soul-mate. I was madly in love with my Rambo Singh'

I snapped out of my trance as soon as I heard him scream my name.

"What happened, Prithvi?" I asked him.

"Where are my goggles? I can't find them anywhere! And I am getting late! Data has called me earl-"

I held his face and made him look at me. That move shut him up as well.

"Prithvi, calm down! I know where they are kept- in the cupboard. Now you take deep breaths and wait- I am getting them."

I left his face and felt sad because I did that but there was no time to think about all that! I ran in and found them. Grabbing them, I ran out again and gave it to him, grinning. He smiled and my knees became jelly.

"Ahem, you ARE forgetting something!" I told him

He looked at me, puzzled. I walked upto him and looked in his eyes.

"Mr. Prithvi is SO busy that he doesn't even have the time to straighten the collar of his kurta!" saying so, I made it alright, smiling at him.

"I don't need to bother about such things because my wife is there to do it all!"

I blushed slightly, he didn't know what he did to me when he said the word 'wife'! He didn't know that I was hopelessly in love with him.

"And remember to come early today, it is new year!"

Smiling at me, he went to the jeep and drove off- I waved till the jeep was out of my sight. I went inside the house, red-faced. If he only knew what he did to me'


Today was New Year's day, we were celebrating alone at home. Not exactly celebrating, we were just going to be together instead of going to the grand party that Papa was giving.

It was 8 at night and I had just finished preparing the dishes.

"Prithvi?" I asked him as he walked passed. Making my dupatta alright, I walked upto him and smiled. "Go and change na? We should start our 'party'. And by the way, what is your new year resolution?!"

He looked puzzled, "What is a new year resolution?"

I laughed, "It is something that you would want to do in the upcoming year. Like for example, work harder."

"Oh, okay. Meera, I will tell you my resolution later'not now." Saying that he walked away and I was puzzled.

We sat down after finishing our dinner to watch some TV- I persuaded him to get me one! I laughed while we watched Housefull 2 and found Prithvi staring at me.

"What happened?"

"I was thinking about my resolution'it is'"

I turned, facing him, "What is it, Prithvi?"

"Never mind, I will tell you later"

Soon, the song 'Do you know' began to play on the TV and I made him dance with me. He was confused initially but I made him hold me by my waist and I rest my hands on his shoulders as we danced. He became comfortable and began to twirl, whirl and swirl me. I laughed and danced along with him. The song ended as he dipped me and looked in my eyes- I was lost in his again.

Gently touching his cheek, I asked him about his New Year resolution.

"Mine is to'to keep loving you like the way I loved you last year."

My breath caught in my throat and I looked at him in shock! He actually loves me! I can't believe this! He made me stand again as I looked into his eyes.

"Prithvi, do you really-"

"No, I don't! I-I'you are too good for me. I am not even that educated and u are Delhi kii padhi-likhi city bred girl. You can have ten thousand males falling on their knees, begging so that u can be with them. I don't consider myself worthy enough, Meera'please forgive me for saying that"

He walked out of the room and I had an epiphany- Prithvi and I surrounded with our children while I am telling them a story, us looking happy and blissful. One of his arms was wrapped around me while our children were playing, running as they took the vision ahead with them. Happy tears rolled down my cheeks as I ran out to find him.

I heard the villagers while I ran out searching for him, "Ten, Nine, Eight!"

I saw a manly figure standing knowing that he was my Prithvi.

"Seven, Six!"

I yelled out his name and he stopped.

"Five, Four!"

I pulled him close to me.

"Three, Two and One!"

My lips covered his for a searing kiss. He was shocked initially but responded slowly. I took it slow as well because he was new to all this- I had still kissed my ex-fiancee. Things were different this time, not because Prithvi was a first-timer, but because I was IN love with him.

I knotted my hands in his hair, pulling him close to me. Hesitantly, his arms wrapped around my waist and I smiled against his lips. Gently, I deepened the kiss, helped him to learn, and tried to shower as much love as possible.

Now I think he had had enough of me taking the lead. He said against my lips, "You have been kissed by a boy before, now see how a man kisses you!"

I couldn't stop back a moan- he was so correct, Aakash was nothing like him! I found myself pinned to a tree and his lips found mine again. The kiss became urgent and I knotted my fingers in his hair, pulling him impossibly close to me.

I felt his lips brushing against my neck, kissing, licking, nipping and sucking and I moaned his name out loud.

"Prithvi!" I held him tighter than before.

His lips reached my ear and he said, "Love, as much as I want to go ahead, I can't. I can't and I won't. We need to get married again as child marriage is now a crime in our country. I want to see you wearing a bright red lehenga, blushing as I make you wear the varmala, mangalsutra and finally the sindoor. I want to see the happiness on your face when you have your graha pravesh. I want to see the want, the need and love in your eyes when I make love to you that night. But not tonight."

I nodded and hugged him, "Yes you are right Prithvi. If you don't mind then I will go back to Papa's tomorrow'and come back soon as your lawfully wedded wife!"
I felt his body shake as he laughed and kissed my hair, "By the way, what was your New Year resolution?"

I smiled, "Mine was to tell you that I am in love with you. But looks like you have done that already!"

He cupped my face and kissed me lovingly, with full of love. I returned the kiss with the same amount of passion. The stars shone and fireworks were everywhere- the ones in my mind and the ones that we happening actually.

I kissed and made up for the lost one year in his arms, waiting for the day we would finally become one.

Entry 2

New year Res' 'Don't talk to me'

It had been one whole week since their marriage that Mithvi had successfully completed without chopping each other's heads off yet.

Yet another fight had started between them over food, and household utensils.
'Enough'bass karo' screamed Meera her lungs out. She was hungry and tired for the last two days Prithvi hadn't fed her with proper food. He had only provided the dried Roti and Onion that Meera refused to eat.

'Mere pe awaz mat chadao' Prithvi yelled back with same amount of anger.  But this time he was completely fed up with the city girl 'Sehar ki chori' aka Meera's demands.

'Dekho tumhe jo karna hai karo, mujhe kuch suna nahi hai samjhi' demanded Prithvi.

Before Meera could reply, her eyes had become blurry and her hands in the air tried to say something, but soon she lost her balance and was about to hit the concrete. Prithvi held her arm with his and pulled her to his chest.

Meera had literally crashed onto Prithvi's chest, he was frightened for the last few times he remembered how weak she got when she fainted. Prithvi laid her on the cot, and rubbed her hands with his as they were cold,  'Hey bhagwaan, abh kya hogaya isko' worried Prithvi silently.

He hurriedly brought some water from the mud vase and sprinkled on her face. Meera's eyebrows moved in reaction, seeing that Prithvi sighed. However, Meera muttered something in her unconsciousness, Prithvi kept his ears close to her mouth but he couldn't hear it clearly.

Then he neared his ears more closer to her mouth almost touching it, 'Prithvi'.' muttered Meera.

In an immediate response Prithvi whispered 'Haan bolo Meera' he replied in husky voice.

'Prithvi'' she muttered again.

Prithvi had moist eyes in fear, 'Ye meri zimedari hai, mai ye kaise kar sakta hoon' thought Prithvi, 'Daatta ko kya kahunga mai' he thought yet again.

'Prithvi'' she muttered again. This time Prithvi was irriated and in anger he shook her shoulder and said 'Aeee Ladki aage bhi kuch bolegi kya'

Soon reality hit Prithvi's mind that she was unconscious 'Meerraaa'' whispered Prithvi in pain. He couldn't see her like that at all. Even though he might hate her, but he couldn't let see her die no way.

'Prithvi mujhse baat mat karooo' Meera yet again whispered in her unconsciousness, but this time she completed her sentence.

Prithvi was taken aback on the New Year's Eve.  PRithvi remembered how once Datta Thakur had told him about a tradition that mostly people in the city followed 'New Year Resolution' 'Naye saal ke badlav'

Meera's whisper pierced Prithvi every second from then on. His clock had struck 12 o' clock at night, and he had decided to make Meera's New Year Res to come true let it by hook or crook.

Even if it has been just a week, however from the last few days, Prithvi had gotten into an unbreakable habit of seeing 'The ladki' aka Meera in front of his eyes everyday as the dawn hit in the morning, and the as the twilight formed.

But Prithvi had decided to let her Res come true, he held her hand in his and slowly said 'Aee ladki, tum chahti ho ki mai tumse baat nahi karu, toh vohi sahi'
Saying so Prithvi hesitantly stared at Meera's innocent face, he noticed few strands of hair that fell on her face, he quickly but hesitantly tucked the few strands of hair behind her ears.

'Tum aisi shaant si bilkul achi nahi lagti ho' whispered Prithvi before going back on his side.

He lay on his bed watching Meera every few seconds to start with, to see if she was alright. Soon as Prithvi's sleep took over him he woke up every hour to check upon Meera. He was scared just for the sake of the words Daatta Thakur had spoken to him.


The dawn hit his face like never before, as he hadn't slept in for a while now. It was a peaceful sleep that he had got today. It was like a huge burden had left him as he wouldn't be talking to Meera.

'Itna bhi mushkil nahi hai' Prithvi muttered as he woke up and sat upright on his cot. He glanced over to Meera, but she wasn't in the room.

'Abh ye kaha gayi..uff ye musibat' Prithvi once again whispered to himself.
Meera walked in with a towel tied on her wet hair and few loose strands of hair played on her face. Meera saw Prithvi glaring at him she questioned, 'Ohoo Rambo singh chaukidari karke uth gaye aap'
Prithvi was about to speak but remembered his promise, he nodded in reply and went for a shower.

Meera knocked the bathroom door, 'Oye Prithvi, mujhe kuch paise chahiye saman kharidna hai' Meera informed him.

Prithvi did not utter a word to her neither did he mumble to himself. He was quite, mourning in silence.

'Ye Rambo singh ne kuch ulta seedha kha liya kya jo kuch bol nahi raha hai' thought Meera.

Meera shrugged her shoulders and went on to do her house chores, Prithvi was out of the bathroom he dressed up and left without uttering a word to Meera.
'Aaarey Rambo singh, sunoo toh' called Meera from his back. But Prithvi did not reply, he left as if he didn't hear a word.

'Rambooo singh'' Meera continued but her calls were all in vain.
Meera went to the idol she had in her room, she was about to complain. But before she could say a word she saw 200 rupees left for her on the table.

'Aarey wah Rambo singh, kya kamaal ka kaam kiya h tumne' appreciated Meera with a smile.

Prithvi had come back to get a file he had forgotten to take along with him, but he was lucky to see Meera smile because of him. After a week it was today when he saw a smile creeping up on Meera's face.

Prithvi's heart was fulfilled; he was smiling inwardly in a reply to her smile. It was magical for the first time ever.

The silent treatment had been working, as Meera was impressed by Prithvi's antics. Meera hadn't left a stone unturned to inwardly impress Prithvi with her antic i.e. by making healthy homely food for the first time.

As Prithvi had left some money behind for Meera, she had sensibly used it to buy grocery and prepared mouth-watering dishes for Prithvi.
Meera had been tired waiting for Prithvi for lunch, but he skipped that he was planning on skipping his dinner that's when Datta Thakur himself dropped Prithvi home as his jeep's tier was flat.

Meera waited intently for Prithvi's arrival, she was excited to see as to How Prithvi would react to her food and cooking. Prithvi walked in to his house compound, saw Meera.

'Aagaye tum, jaldi se haath muh dho lo mai khana lagati hu' said Meera excitedly for the first time ever.
'Aarey wah ye mera intazar kar rahi thi' thought Prithvi.

Yet again, Prithvi was about to yell at her for something he had spotted in his compound but he controlled. He did as she said, 'Kya baat hai Rambo singh, aaj bahut hi badle badle se lag rahe ho' thought Meera in her mind.

He obeyed just as Meera had asked too, she was pleased with Prithvi's sudden behaviour but she was clueless. 'Aaoo Prithvi baito' she requested him.

Prithvi sat in front of her, and had the delicious dal, chawal and pyaz. Few minutes later, as soon as he was done he burped as he was full. He wanted to appreciate her for the fantastic cooking skills but his promise kept him sealed.

Meera was astonished by the response, which Prithvi gave her. She was completely dumbstruck.

Meera was about to question Prithvi but he was long gone to sleep immediately after his dinner.

'Arrghhh' Meera reacted frustrated. 'Tareef nahi kiya toh bhi theek hai, lekin kuch toh bolte na Rambo singh' Meera yelled in frustration. It was well heard by Prithvi but still there was no response from his side.

His sudden silence was killing Meera slowly from inside, but at the same time Prithvi was enjoying it.

Few Days had passed by, just the way Prithvi had promised; it was yet another complete of another successful week of their marriage, and a week of Prithvi's silence.

It was the final point of Meera's patience. Prithvi came home just like every other day and today once again like every other day Meera had prepared dinner for both of them. It was slow but soon Meera had stop saying things to Prithvi directly.
Meera had served the food on Prithvi's plate, he sat and silently had the food. Suddenly, Prithvi said 'Aaahhh'.'

'Kya hua Rambo singh' questioned Meera with a smirk playing on her lips.

'Aaahhh pani'pani' came out Prithvi's voice.

'Maine kuch suna nahi' teased Meera.

'Aaahhh Aahhh pani pani'' Prithvi's eyes had turned red due to the amount of chilli powder that Meera had used in her curry.

Prithvi got up and ran into the bathroom washed his mouth thoroughly. Meera saw his wince increasing, she felt pitty for him and brought a glass of milk that was left over from the morning.

Prithvi, made weird noises due to the chilly, 'Ye lo Rambo singh pi lo' said Meera.
'Humko nahi chahiye tumhari koi bhi cheez' replied Prithvi.

'Aarey wah, zuban hai matlab, mujhe laga koi sher ya bhalu ne kha liya hoga' said Meera firmly with watery eyes.

His voice had sent a sudden vibe down her spine and heart;  'it is completely refreshing to hear his voice' felt Meera.

Prithvi bit his tongue once he realised that he had broken his promise, though he talked to her after a week.

'Tumhe kya hogaya tha Prithvi, baat kyu nahi kar rahe the tum?' Meera questioned with a firmness in her voice.

'Tumhe farak kya padta hai, mai baat karu ya na karu' justified Prithvi

'Aarey tumhe pata hai ki, kitna mushkil the ye ek hafta' questioned Meera.

'Mushkil kyu? Humara jhagda nahi hua isliye kya' asked Prithvi mockingly.
Meera walked towards Prithvi while he walked backwards, mujhse kyu nhi baat kar rahe the tum she asked firmly with a sudden wifey right.

'Meri marzi' replied Prithvi.

Prithvi couldn't control his anger,  he walked towards Meera where she walked backwards 'Yaad hai tumne hi mujhe kaha tha, mujhse baat mat karo Prithvi' he recalled Meera's words

However, Meera couldn't remember 'Ye maine kab kaha' she questioned
'Jab tum behos hogayi thi tab tumne kaha tha, voh bhi uu kya bolte hai Naye saal ka badlav bolkar' kaha tha confirmed Prithvi.

Meera could remember parts of the wording, suddenly jumping onto Prithvi with words 'Mai tumhe kahungi kuwe mai kud jao toh tum karoge kya Rambo singh' Meera interrogated him.

'Nahi' he replied

'Fir maine kya bol diya ki mujhse baat mat karo toh tum mujhse baat nahi karoge kya?' questioned Meera with moist eyes. 'Nahi' he replied immediately.
'Mera matlab haan', replied Prithvi staring down at Meera's moist eyes.

'Ye kya haan nahi laga rakha hai, javab do Prithvi' Meera asked solidly.
'Karunga na baat tumse, aise kyu puch rahi ho, abhi kar toh raha hu na mai' rectified Prithvi.

Meera's moist eyes had soon started flowing and Prithvi had a smile glued to his lips with Meera's reactions.

Meera inwardly smiled with the water streaming down her eyes, she crashed onto Prithvi's chest embracing him tightly. It took few seconds for Prithvi to sink into the situation and he embraced her back.

Shortly Meera realized how his quietness killed her completely, she hit his chest lightly with her fist and said, 'Dekho Rambo singh vaps kabhi aise mat karna varna anjaam bahut bura ho sakta hai'

Prithvi cupped Meera's face with his index finger and thumb making her eyes meet his, his smile widened furthermore with her concern and sudden love he saw in her eyes.

'Nahi karunga meri Jhansi ki Rani'

Meera's eyes had almost popped up in shock with his words, but her eyes had widened furthermore, with the sudden feel of his lips crash on her cheeks. 'Chonko mat, mai hi hu' Prithvi confirmed shortly kissing her forehead assuring his life to her.

Meera in excitement kissed him back on his cheek, but soon Prithvi dunged his head into her hair embracing her once again and his cheeks turning crimson red.

Entry 3

... He bridged their worlds...

She watched in horror as the woman beat up the child with a broom stick !

"Hey , stop that', she shouted "You can beat a child like that".

The woman turned at her angrily, "Stay out of this, he is my nephew and I can do whatever I please with him. He deserves to be punished for disobedience".

Meera swiftly walked up to the woman and freed the child from her grasp. She pushed him behind her and said, "Let me talk to him please, I'll make him understand".

"Hmmmph" snorted the woman, "Take him home with you for all I care. One mouth less for me to feed".

Meera watched her stomp away, and turned to the boy hiding behind her skirt.

"You can come out now, what mischief have you been up to now?" she admonished in mock anger.

The lad smiled at her through broken teeth, he reminded her of a pixie, with a mischievous smile and an unruly mop of hair.

"Bhabi, you handled Mami wonderfully, now take me home and give me some laddus", so saying he grabbed her hand and tugged her towards her house. "And since mami has permitted you to take me with you, I'm going to stay with you tonight", declared the young imp with a twinkle in his eyes.

Meera smiled and ruffled his unruly hair. 

Home, she mused, the word didn't surprise her any more. It was more than a month since she began living with Prithvi.

She gave the child some sweets and began preparing for the night meal.

For the whole world they were a newlywed couple, starting their life together. Only they both knew how far that was from the truth. They were just waiting for the uproar regarding their marriage to settle down. Then she would go back to Delhi and resume her old life.

But Delhi seemed a distant dream now, she hardly thought about her life there. She almost didn't mind if she never went back.

She and Prithvi had settled to an uneasy but peaceful routine. He was up at the crack of dawn and out of the house before she awoke.

She would awake a while later and begin her day with cleaning the house and making breakfast. Then she left for the village school where she helped the woefully inadequate staff in whichever way she could.

By the time she returned home it would be nearing lunch time. She'd quickly rustle a simple meal of rice and curry or roti and salad. She didn't like eating alone so she didn't bother too much about what she ate.

Prithvi never came home for lunch. He would come home while she was away at school, finish his bath and have the breakfast she kept for him and go back to work. He would either go to check on the granary or the fields or go with Datha to help with the panchayat work.

He always washed up after he had had breakfast. She always found the kitchen clean for her to cook the next meal. The washed vessels were stacked to dry out. He refilled the huge brass water pots with water from the well, which she could use for cooking and drinking. He saw to it that there was enough firewood for her to use.

If anyone had told her a couple of months back that she would be living a total rustic life with no modern amenities whatsoever, she would have scoffed at them.

She had had her share of disasters in the kitchen; the meals were either undercooked or charred. Brunt and nicked fingers bore testimony to her trials in the kitchen.

Prithvi didn't complain, not once, he just ate whatever she served and left without any comment whatsoever.

Now, with help from her mother and Prabha she had learned to master the art of churning out a respectable and palatable meal with relative ease.

He always returned late at night, after she had turned in. In the soft glow of the kerosene lantern she would watch him serve himself dinner and go to the courtyard to have his meal.

He had shifted his charpoy in the corridor, and usually retired awhile after he had his dinner.

She marveled how two people could be so near yet so far. It was like they had come to an unspoken agreement never to come in each other's way.

Now and then, they were invited to the haveli to partake in some religious or social gathering. Or she would decide to go to the market or temple. She just had to ask him and he would be there promptly to pick her or drop her.

 The only time they shared some light-hearted banter was when Jeevanlal come to visit them. He always got them relax and let their guard down. His antics had them laughing together without reserve.

The sound of Jeevanlal fiddling with her ipod brought her back to the present.

Soon she had made rice, dal, rotis and baigan subji. She'd cut some fresh vegetables for a salad too.

"Come Jeevanlal, let's eat", she called the child who was out listening to songs on her ipod.

"Let's wait for Bhaiyya", he called back.

"No, he'll be late '."

"There he is", shouted the imp and ran outside on hearing Prithvi's jeep.

He's back early today, she thought as she walked to the door.

She watched as Jeevanlal flung himself at Prithvi who, with a deep laugh picked him up and hoisted him up his shoulder, tickling him at the same time.

The child shrieked with laughter and tried to escape from his hold.

Meera watched with a smile on her face. He was so good with the kid. He would make a wonderful father, she mused.

He saw Meera at the door, she was smiling, She looked almost ethereal in the soft glow of the lamp.

He put the child down. Jeevanlal was talking nineteen to a dozen, telling him how Bhabhi rescued him from his Mami's wrath and how Mami had asked her to take him away.

"So, I'm to stay here tonight", he announced. "And hurry up; we are waiting for you for dinner".

Prithvi smiled and patted him on his head, "Go set the plates, I'll freshen up and come in a moment".

The child skipped away happily.

Meera was watching him intently, for a while they stood there looking at each other.

"Bhabhi, I've set the plates and filled up the jug of water, now come on and serve quickly"

Jeevanlal's voice broke the spell and she hurried into the kitchen.

Soon Prithvi joined them and the three of them sat down to eat.

Meera was busy helping Jeevanlal with his dinner. She asked him to be careful as the curry was still hot. She then tore up his roti into little pieces so that he would find it easier to eat. She admonished him when he stuffed his mouth with too much rice and then tried to speak at the same time.

Prithvi was watching her with a smile on his face. When Meera looked at him enquiringly he shook his head and resumed eating.

When they were done eating, "Go and sit outside the two of you, I'll clean up and join you there".

Disregarding her protests, he pushed the two of them outside.

As usual Jeevanlal wanted to hear about the city of Delhi from Meera and she told him about the various places in and around Delhi.

"Let's all go to Delhi once", said Jeevanlal as Prithvi came out of the room.

"Sure" said Prithvi as he settled on his charpoy. "Your Bhabhi will take us around and show us the place" he said looking at Meera with a smile.

"Of course", she answered. "And don't forget Agra, you have to see the Taj in the moonlight"

"What Taj?", questioned Jeevanlal immediately. And Meera told him the story of the Taj Mahal.

"So the Emperor and his wife loved each other very much. Just like you and Bhaiyya", finished Jeevanala giving Meera a very pleased look.

Meera went red on hearing this and she was at a loss for words.

"Com'on you imp, let's make shadow puppets" interjected Prithvi and managed to distract the child's attention.

Soon the two of them were busy making various shapes with their hands and fingers and watching the images in the shadows thrown by the lantern.

Meera got up and went to her bed, she lay down on her back and stared at the ceiling, what was she doing with her life? She felt like a rudderless boat being carried away by the waves. She seemed to have no control at all on her life.

At least earlier there was the hope that she would go back to Delhi and Akash. But as days passed she and Akash just drifted apart. Now he hardly called and she sadly realized that she didn't miss his calls either.

In her heart she knew it was all over between her and Akash, even if she returned to Delhi, they would not be together again.

With a start she realized she had thought "if she returned to Delhi" and not 'when".  Did that mean that she had no intention of going back ? But what was there to keep her here? Soon the hullabaloo of her child marriage would die down and she would be free to leave.

But did she want to leave ? And more importantly did Prithvi want her to leave ? "Of course he did,' she admonished herself. 'Why would he want her to stay? She was just someone he put up with temporarily. After all he would be too glad to get back to his earlier carefree life'.

Just then Prithvi came in carrying a sleeping Jeevanlal in his arms, "Is it alright if he slept with you here? It's too cold outside".

"Sure" said Meera, getting up immediately and straightening the sheets. Gently Prithvi lowered the sleeping child and turned to go out.

"Prithvi" called Meera, "You should be sleeping inside too, it is quiet cold outside today".

"No, I can manage '" began Prithvi, when she interrupted him.

"Please, you could fall ill", she said gently.

He looked at her for a while and nodded.

The two of them together got his charpoy inside and made the bed for him.

"Thanks", he said and smiled at her.

She smiled and nodded. She turned down the wick of the lanterns and carefully got into bed beside the sleeping child. She covered the two of them with the quilt and closed her eyes.

Several minutes later Prithvi heard the soft sound of breathing from the other bed. He turned towards them, propped himself on his elbow and watched them sleep.

Meera's arm was thrown around the child and Jeevanlal had gripped her palm in both his hands. They looked adorable together. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

She would make wonderful mother, thought Prithvi wistfully. He lay on his back and stared at the ceiling. Once again it was going to be a long night!


Entry 4

You are mine!

Few months passed away for Prithvi and Meera's marriage. As days passed by they developed feelings for each other but were scared to express it. Though they lived under the same roof but they were far away from each other. In front of the world they were one but in reality they weren't. Both feared that they might lose each other if they expressed their feelings. Meera thought Prithvi hated her and Prithvi thought the same about Meera.

After Prithvi left for his office; Meera drowned in her own ocean of thoughts. "Should I tell him? No no! What if I lose him forever? Does he love me? Of course not! Or does he? Urghh! I wish there was a way in which I could know." Her thoughts were disturbed by the ringing of the phone.

She answered the call.

"Hello, Meera it's me Akash!" Akash said. Akash is her best friend. "Hi! Akash. What's up?" She asked. "Miu guess what? I have arranged a Valentine's Day party at my farmhouse. You and Prithvi have to come! And remember I am not asking you to come but I am telling you." Akash said. "But; Akash I' I mean we can't come." Meera said hesitantly. "No Miu! You have to come and I don't want to hear anything else. Okay now bye and see you tomorrow sharp at 8:00pm." He hung up saying it.

"Now what?! I know Prithvi will never come. Oh God!" Meera was tensed thinking what will be Prithvi's answer.


 At evening Prithvi returned home. Now the biggest fear of Meera was what will happen if he denies? "But what's the harm in trying?" She thought.

"Ummm'. Prithvi!" She called him in a low tone. "Hmmm" He answered. "Prithvi actually' umm' Akash called today and he invited us to his farmhouse tomorrow." She said it in a go. "Farmhouse? But why?" Prithvi asked raising his eye brow. "Ummm' he arranged a Valentine day's party and invited all of his friends and us as well. I said yes to him." Meera said. "Ummm'' Okay fine we'll go." Prithvi said just to make Meera happy otherwise he hates going to parties. "Thank you!" Meera said with a big smile. Prithvi was delighted to see her happy. After so many days he saw her smiling.


Now Prithvi was lost in his thoughts, "Yes tomorrow will be the perfect day to tell Meera that how much I love her. I don't care what will happen after my confession but I will tell her."

Prithvi couldn't sleep properly. It seemed like the night won't end for him. Finally he drifted off to sleep.


Both of them woke up a bit early than the other days. Meera was making breakfast when she saw that Prithvi was back from his morning walk.

She quickly set the table and served him food after he was back. The she went back to the kitchen to clean up. By the time she was back she saw that he finished eating and he was doing some office work. Suddenly her eye fell on the bunch of red roses and a chit was there which said, "Happy Valentine's Day"

That made her day. Prithvi stole a few glances of her. He smiled seeing her so happy.

Meera was on the top of the moon now. "He'he bought it for me. He DOES care for me!" She thought when a big smile crept on her face. She passed by him saying "Thank you" softly.

He smiled at her.

Meera got ready and came out of the room. Prithvi just stared at her. She wore a black and red saree. She was looking so beautiful just like an angel. Prithvi was awestruck. "You look beautiful." He whispered. Meera lifted her eye lids and looked at him with her big, round eyes. Prithvi cursed himself for saying this. But he couldn't control seeing her beauty.

"Ummm' Thank you." Meera said softly. Prithvi could see her blushing and he smiled at her.

It was 7:00 pm when they started from their house to Akash's farmhouse and they reached exactly at 8:00pm. Seeing Meera and Prithvi; Akash ran towards them and he hugged Meera. Meera too hugged him back; but someone didn't like it.

That was Prithvi. He knew that Akash and Meera were childhood buddies but he still felt uncomfortable. They both broke their hug and then Akash's girlfriend; Sunheri said, "Akash I can smell something burning." She teased Prithvi. "Don't worry Prithvi, Miu will be yours." Akash said and then the duo laughed; while Meera and Prithvi were embarrassed.

"Ladies and Gentlemen; well there is no party without dance and today is Valentine's Day so dance is MUST! Music!!" Akash said loudly.

The DJ played the song "Bahoo ki Darmiyaan"

Both Prithvi and Meera felt uncomfortable. Then Prithvi asks Meera, "Will you dance with me?" Meera smiles and nodded a yes.

Both goes to the dance floor when the music starts.

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

Prithvi twirled Meera twice and they both danced passionately. His hand was on her bare waist. For the first time they were so close to each other. They were dancing for the first time.

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan

"Meera" He whispered. His warm breath was kissing her face. "Hmmm'" Meera replied. "Meera I want to say something to you." Prithvi thought it would be the best time to say it to her.

Khulte badn hote labhon ki ye ankahi
Khulte badn hote labhon ki ye ankahi
Mujhse keh rahi hai ki badhne de bekhudi
Mil yoon ki daud jaayein nas nas mein bijliyaan

"I don't know how will you react after hearing this but I want to tell it to you today itself. May be I won't get this opportunity again." Prithvi said. Meera was damn scared now. "What will he say?" Meera thought.

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan

"Meera I'" Prithvi stammered.

Aasmaan ko bhi ye haseen raaz hai pasand
Aasmaan ko bhi ye haseen raaz hai pasand
Uljhi uljhi saanson ki aawaaz hai pasand
Moti luta rahi hai saawan ki badliyaan

"You?" Meera looked at him questioningly.

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Baahon ke darmiyaan

He closed his eyes and said, "I love you Meera" That's it! She wanted to hear these three pure words from him from months. Her ears were longing to hear it. Tears off happiness rolled down her cheeks. Prithvi was confused now. "Meera' I'. please don't '" Before he could finish she said, "I love you too!"

Wait! Did he just hear that? Did she just say I LOVE U to him?

"I love you" She repeated again. "You do?" Prithvi whispered. Meera just hugged him and he was all shocked but happy as well. Both were on top of the moon.

Prithvi hugged her possessively and said, "You are mine! I will never ever leave you or hurt you! I love you! I love you" He said with his eyes closed.


The song was over and they snapped back to reality. These 5 minutes were just heaven for them. It was a start of a new love story. Love story of Prithvi and Meera.

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Entry 5

Change Of Dress or Heart?

" Koi kuch bhi kahe , mere Prithvi Bhaiya to sabse sundar hain , " said Jeevanlal.

Prithvi was sitting on the pond bank , reflecting the sky above , overcast with cloud.           

He threw a stone in the pond  , made a face  and said , " You think so ?"

" Of course , hatte katte jawan hain aap , pure Gao mein'"

Jeevanlal stopped mid sentence . Akash was coming by the side road  , looking like straight out of a movie in a white shirt and faded jeans . Jeevanlal burst out , " Kitna sundar hain na ? "

Prithvi remembered ( in fb ) the expression of Meera gazing at Akash last night .

He stood up with a suppressed snarl , " Gao me garib logo ke beech filmstar jaise kapre pahenega to kar kisi ki ankno mein sundar to lagega hi . "

His subconscious jeered , " Since when Meera was gao ki garib larki ?"

Akash had  overheard his words . His face hardened and for the time being he forgot what he had come to say to Prithvi .

Next Scene

Akash came put of his rented hut , took a deep breath and slowly started towards the temple .

Pujariji came out of his quarters , saw Akash n said , " In this simple Dhoti Kurta , your simple pure heart's beauty is reflected even more ."

Akash blushed and touched his feet .

" Whom are you talking to ?" Sunheri came out of the temple . Then she noticed Akash n for a moment just gushed inside ,"Oh my God"

She said in a coy voice, looking down, "You'um are lokking really very nice in this clothes."

Next scene: The chain of thought shattered, Aakash turned to his back slightly irritated, "Why do they always giggle so much ? And, why are they all looking at me ? For the last few days I'm even wearing the local dress to stay incognito.

Jibanlal was sitting under a tree at some distance, and was babbling continuously, completely oblivious to Prithvi's bad mood, " You know nowadays every woman in the village comes to take water from the pond after dark , I don't understand why'.Even mom.."

Prithvi gritted his teeth n for a fleeting moment considered throwing Akash into the pond because he understood the reason " Isn't Akash looking like a complete fool in this attire ? He lacks grace n walks in a funny way. He looks fat in dhoti n kinda short too. He can't carry it."

But very unfortunately all the women in the village had a very different opinion about the matter, including '

Sunheri came to the pond, put down her vessels n stole a glance at Akash, surrounded by his mysterious pathos, a perfect combination with the melancholy dusk.

"Are Sunheri bitiya , what are you doing here ? " asked a village woman . All the rest were exchanging glances full of hidden meaning , " Huh ,as if we don't know ! "

What happened to the servants of the Haveli and there are two wells inside the Haveli premises . Have they dried up ?" piped in another .

Sunheri ignored them and their indications  , " As if they have all come to fetch water at this ungodly hour . Hypocrites !"

Jeevan puzzled , gave a poke on Prithvi's shoulder , " Prithvi bhaiya , why even Sunheri didi ?"

Prithvi gave him a red look , " Can't you sit silent for a moment ? Get lost ! Who told you to tail me all over the  place ?" Jeevanlal smartly answered , " Are nehi main to yaha Akash bhaiya ko dekhne ata hu . He is very nice to me , let me listen to music from his phone . He's a full man , hatte katte '"

"Great ! So , Jeevanlal has also fallen in his trap." Prithvi thought viciously .

Later at night , Prithvi's house :- Prithvi lying on the cot , with arms folded behind his head , train of thoughts running .

Prithvi 1 ( Sensible Prithvi ) : " What is your problem with Akash ? What has he ever done to you ?"

Prithvi 2 ( Prithvi like Prithvi ) : Yelling , " how can you say so ? He's destroying my life by '.

Prithvi 1 : " By what exactly ?"

Prithvi 2 : Fumbling and searching fpor one of Akash's unforgivable heinous crimes 'but he can't frame anything , well' except'but he stamped on that thought'no'surely ..not that '

Prithvi 3 ( Wise subconscious ) : Ahem ahem 'may I suggest ?

Prithvi 2 : Shut up you idiot , you know nothing .

Prithvi 1 : ( Sharply ) What ? Let us hear .

Prithvi 2 : Now pleading , " we are wasting time . Let's drink Daru all three of us . Won't drink Sharab though , I've promised my wife . ( Rather proudly )

Prithvi 1 : " Don't try to change the topic

Prithvi 3: ( Non chalant, cool) He's plain dying of jealously, because the girl he loves, Meera'( Vehement head shaking by Prithvi 2) Ohh yes You've fallen for her hopelessly.

Prthvi 1: Eyes bulging out dumfound.

Prithvi 2: Caught in the act , head down.

Prthvi 3 (sternly) : You are hopeless. I've to take charge or you'll lose the girl.

                                                                 Next Scene:                                         Tailor shop at village market. Prthvi jumped down from his jeep n said to the tailor, " Show me some nice shirt n jeans. "

Tailor: "Sure. Er..for whom ?"

Prithvi: "For me ofcourse."                  

Jibanlal came panting n running in Prithvi's room, "Prithvi vaiyaaa" Meera came out of the kitchen n asked "What's the matter ? He's not at home." Jibanlal informed "I was playing with some of my friends in the field n suddenly we saw a fair, tall n handsome sahari babu driving vaiya's jeep by our field. Prithvi vaiya wasn'tin the car. We've never seen the guy before. So I came to ask Prthvi who was he n why was he driving Prithvi's car."

Meera frowned. Fair, tall, handsome urban stranger? Who is he? What is he doing at Baragao.

Prithvi stopped the car beside the village market n reviewed the day's list of work in his mind. Then got down from the car n started walking through the market. Faces turned wherever he went n group whispering became audible. Who is the guy? Quite a dashing fellow'What is he doing in this village ?

Lakhan was drinking tea in a tea-shop with his friends when his glance fell on Prithvi, "Aab ye nayi chiriya kaun hai Be? Chehera to jana pahechana sa lag raha hai. Kaha dekha hai ise ?"

He started following Prithvi from a distance .

Prithvi reached the grocery shop and took out the order slip from his jacket pocket , the shopkeeper jumped on his feet , arms folded , awestruck , " kahiye sab , main kya kar sakta hu ?" Prithvi chuckled n took off his sunglasses , even then the shopowner couldn't recognize him .Prithvi realized it must be the absence of his moustache , he laughed , " Arre Gopalji , main Prithvi ." Gopal's mouth fell open , "Prithvi !!!!"

Prithvi was driving away from the market , his head full of thoughts , he never knew he was handsome , no body seemed to have noticed him this much ever before . And now he could feel the glances of people on him everywhere and the effect he was creating .

He was shaken by the reality but deep inside he was enjoying it every bit .

Sunheri was playing close attention to the animated conversation between the village women in the  Ghat . One of them was saying , " All of a sudden , there seems to be an outpour of good looking guys from Mumbai in our village ."   Another woman said , " How do you know that the new guy is from Mumbai ?" The first woman said with full confidence , " Arre , dekhte he pata chal jatii hain , aise chore sirf Mumbai me hi hote hain ." A third woman guessed , " Could be a friend of Akash babu ." A number of woman chorused , " Yes , quite possible ."

Sunheri was by now burning with curiosity  to see the guy , she fished out as much information as possible from the woman and then started towards home thoughtfully .

Laakhan saw the new guy went away in Prithvi's jeep , driving it himself , he stood there with hands on waist , "Ye mamla kuch samajh main nehi aa raha , pata karma hoga ke ye kaun hain ."

Sunheri was entering the Haveli absent-mindedly and almost collided  with Prithvi , she froze and her heart started beating very fast , " What a guy ! What is he doing in our house." She thought . She now totally understood the stir he created in the village . This guy has something you can't miss even in a crowded  road  with his tall person towering over everyone and his fair sharp features etched sharply in his clean-shaved face . Before she could gather herself back from her running wild thoughts and say something the guy went out with a curt nod and as she ran after him he's gone .

Prithvi's house : Meera was busy in her household chores , but her mind was on the news that Jeevanlal brought in the morning , " Who was that young stranger ?"

Prithvi parked the car outside his house and got down . Now he was feeling so nervous that he could clearly hear his beating heart , " Will Meera laugh at me ?" Till now he was feeling very confident , but as he took a step inside the house he found his confidence ebbing away . He had done it all for Meera , he wanted to look different for a time , he wanted Meera to '.

Meera was taking out dry clothes from the wire. She stopped n looked at Prithvi.

It's as if the world stopped at this moment ( Prithvi 3 assessed Meera's expression. Surprize > Confusion> Look of recognition > Followed by utter denial > Incredulity') Prithvi's chest swelled out in a feeling of utter triumph. Yes!

But unfortunately Jibanlal came running excitedly from some where breaking the spell. "Lakhan chacha collided his car with a tree" Prithvi chuckled.

(Lakhan was following Prithvi in his car n when he heard the stranger's voice ,calling out to Jibanlal in the field, well..it came as a surprise.)


Entry 6

Glass Bangles

I walked into the house dejectedly. It was another day of pretence, another day of rituals, another day of lies. All the ladies in Barahgaon had given us newly-weds gifts that we could use in starting our life together. Traditionally speaking, a girl could want nothing more than a wedding present from her mother. But all I got each time I looked at Bittu was either a cold glare for the deed I had done or a sympathetic one for the condition I was in. I couldn't explain why, but a part of me wanted her to give me her blessings in a material form as a keepsake, so I was disappointed that she didn't.

I couldn't express this in front of anyone close to me as Pitaji would fuss over the issue, Prabha thakurain would probably not be able to do anything about it, Bittu would berate me for taking this wedding seriously and Prithvi, well, I didn't think he cared anyway. So I just pondered everything in my heart, hoping this feeling would go away and I would, in fact, realize that this marriage was all a "naatak".

Giving all the presents we'd received a look of disinterest, I walked over to my bed, noticing that Prithvi hadn't come home yet. As I sat on my bed, I noticed a little gift-wrapped box near my pillow. "That's strange", I thought, "I'd kept all the presents away." But curiosity had the better of me and I slowly opened the box and lifted the lid to see the most beautiful set of bangles I had ever set my eyes on. There were glass bangles the perfect shade of my favourite colour, intertwined with glittering stoned ones and a few delicate golden ones. Only Bittu could know my favourite colour!! She had sent me a gift after all! Grinning like a little kid who got her candy, I put them on to find them fitting like they were custom-made for me. I ran to the mirror and shook my hands to hear the jingle of the bangles. I couldn't stop admiring their beauty and how elegant they made my hands seem.

As I was parading my new bangles before the mirror, I suddenly saw Prithvi and Bittu's reflection in the mirror. They seemed like they had been talking. Bittu suddenly came and held me by the shoulders. "Miu, stop it! Stop acting like you're pleased with everything that's happening around you! And get those bangles off! Only married women wear these glass bangles!"

Saying this, she took my hands to break the bangles and it was at that instant that I saw an expression in Prithvi's eyes that I couldn't understand. Fear? Possessiveness? Anger? Concern?

Something came over me in that instant and I stopped Bittu. She looked at me in shock, then at Prithvi in anger and stormed off muttering, "You don't know what you're doing, Miu."
I had stopped Bittu!
WHY had I stopped her??
I suddenly felt the wetness of my emotions as they flowed down my cheek without my control.

After she had left, I turned around to face Prithvi who had his eyes lowered to the ground. I walked up to him, lifted his face and let my eyes question him. All he said was, "I remembered the day when you put on the bangles I had bought Sunehri with Dulhan Maa's help and she yelled at you. I saw you so happy when you wore them and also the hurt when Sunehri asked you to remove it. I just felt that you hadn't smiled since the marriage, so what could be better than bangles! I just saw these at the baazar when I was out shopping for the vegetables and thought the colour would look beautiful on you.  And I knew you wouldn't wear it if you knew it was I who gave it to you, so I left it with the rest of the gifts on your bed. I'm really sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to." He turned and walked to the window, staring out into the night.

"Woh itna bhi bura nahi hai...", Prabha thakurain's words echoed in my ears.

I knew love was concern for the other, but love for a person who wouldn't love you in return was something I got to see that day. He was shattered by the insults hurled at him for being an orphan, but still saw to it that the one who had a family was happy. I walked to Prithvi and slipped my arms around him, feeling him stiffen at my touch.

"Thank you, Prithvi. The bangles are beautiful."

I didn't want to know what was going on in his mind, I just wanted to be close to the person who gave me a reason to smile on a day when my own mother couldn't. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all.


Entry 7

It hurts when someone you trust the most hurts you.

"It was me!" Lakhan said letting out an evil laugh. Prithvi's eyes almost popped out after learning the truth. Horror struck him. Lakhan waved his hand I front of his face. "What?!" Lakhan laughed again. "You know what you just have strength but no brains. You are so Prithvi that you couldn't identify my handwriting. What have you done? You are so dead!" He laughed again and he continued, "What will your Data think about you? Leave it! Let's make this death game more interesting and funny! What say?! If your Data Thakur gets to know he will obviously ask you to bring that city girl back safe and sound. How about you bring her back now? Can you beat death and then bring her back that too alive?" Lakhan finished while Prithvi rushed towards his jeep, hardly heard what Lakhan said.

 The only thing he had in his mind was, "I have to bring Meera back safe and sound." He drove to the same place where he pushed Meera towards her death. He was all tensed and scared but for that innocent soul who did nothing. At last he reached his destination. By the time he reached it was evening. He was about to climb down the cliff when he thought, "What'if she' she.." "No nothing will happen to her. I will save her." Finally he gathered courage and climbed down. He couldn't trace her. It was difficult for him to spot her as it was pitch dark. He climbed down more knowing that he is inviting his own death. If he tripped once he will lose his life for he didn't care about it.

 He looked here and there and he saw a few traces of blood. He clenched his fists and hit a tree. Why? Why didn't he think twice before taking such a step? He went further and saw a stole which was stuck on the edge of a rock. He took it and tears rolled down from his cheek.

He was walking then suddenly he stumbled over something and he fell beside that thing. He opened his eyes and saw it was none other than Meera. She was lying there unconscious. Blood oozed out from her head. There were few scratches on her hand and cheek. Her leg was bruised as well. Every single scratch, cut and blood pricked his heart. He went near her slowly.

"Please' Prithvi don't kill me!" He remembered her words before he pushed her down mercilessly. He touched her palm to feel her pulse but he couldn't. He cupped her face and he loudly said, "Meera' get up!" He shook her. But she didn't response. "Meera!!!" His voice echoed a few times as his scream was very loud.

Then he suddenly noticed that she was breathing but very slowly. He sighed in relief. He took a few steps back and leaned against a tree for support. "Thank you God from saving me from grave mistake." He finally picked her up and climbed up carefully. Finally he reached his jeep and took her to his house instead of Haveli. He placed her on his bed. He dressed her wounds and the he went to bring some water. He sprinkled it on her face. She gained consciousness but she was muttering, "Water.." Prithvi made her drink the water. Slowly she opened her eyes.

She touched her head as it was paining. But horror struck her when she the person who tried to kill her. She quickly got up from the bed and so did Prithvi. She was about to fall down when Prithvi tried to help her but she said, "Please'. Prithvi don't kill' me" That hurt Prithvi a lot. He expected her to hate him. But, instead she was scared of him. "Meera.." He said softly and went towards her but she went back.

"You know it hurts a lot when someone whom you trust the most hurts you. Although I didn't like you but I trusted you completely. I never thought that you hated me so much that you wanted to kill me. Prithvi I never hated you. But you did. I am right? Yes I am so stupid. You still hate me! God knows why you saved me but the truth is YOU HATE ME!" Meera said while sobbing. Slowly she fainted but Prithvi grabbed her and placed her on her bed.

He hated himself so much. She hated him now! She hated him. He cursed himself. Her words echoed in his ears, "You know it hurts a lot when someone whom you trust the most hurts you" He cried the whole night thinking what he has done. Things were different between them now. Now he cared for her but she is scared of him.

Will things be sorted out or God had something else stored in for them? Cry

Entry 8


This OS takes place after Prithvi throws Meera down the cliff, but finds her dead when he tries to save her. The funeral has taken place, Meera's truth has come out and the village is aware of Meera having been Daata Thakur's daughter.

Prithvi stood near the window, watching the raindrops patter again the glass in the night sky. He remembered once watching Meera dance in the rain; how the problems she had faced in the village had all disappeared when she danced; how the rain took away all sorrow.He thought of the chants that were sung as they burned Meera's funeral pyre; how no one, except Daata thakur, shed a tear for the girl who had just died; how Lakhan had smirked in victory.

Why did I do what I did? How could not listen to what my heart said? How could I believe that Daata would want to kill his own daughter? Why did I not bother to find out the truth before killing her when she claimed to be innocent right upto her last breath? WHY?!

He had not realised how and when, but he had started loving her. The fights, the arguments, the nok-jhok, everything. And he had murdered her, the only person he had ever lost his heart to, in cold blood.

"Please come back. I'm sorry. I have never said this to anyone, but I LOVE YOU."

Crying out in grief, he picked up the bottle and took a swig, feeling the alcohol burn his throat. But even alcohol couldn't numb the pain he felt. Angered, he threw the bottle down. It shattered and broke in the silence of the night. "Just as I destroyed her life", he thought.

"Please come back, Meera...Please...come...back", he continued to slur as everything went blank.

Good Luck to all Participants Thumbs Up

PM me asap if any of ur entries are missing Embarrassed

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Entry 1

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Thank you so much swetha , was waiting for it , will read all the entries and vote then .

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Entries 1, 2, 3 and 7

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will read then vote :)

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Sweta, can you plz change the color of d entries that are yellow? Can't read a single word of the yellow posts. If you please change them into some better perceivable colors like blue or green, then only can I read all d entries n cast my vote justly n fairly.
I m sure other members will agree with me.

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