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Bv Times #6 |Kahin Pyaar Khile Toh Kahi Dil Jale|

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..::BVTimes office::..

Khushi busy thinking about something and frown in between

Don enter in office saw her worried.. but decide to ignore it..Evil Smile

Khushi: Do you think this is important to doAngry .. mera matlab hai ham ye nahi karege to nahi chalega kya..Ermm

Don: what tu keh kya rahi hai khushi are important hai isliye to kar rahi hai na ham inti mehnat LOL

Khushi: par yaar iski jaurut kya hai tuje nahi lagta ye kuch jyada ho raha hai... ek aur nayi musibat le rahi hai tu..Stern Smile

Don: nayi musibat par ham to nl par her month kaam karte hai.. Confused

Khushi: Nl what mai nl ke bare mai baat nahi kar rahe thi.. mai to tere shya at ke bare mai bol rahi thi.. wo musibat jaurui hai kya.. AngryLOL

Don: badmai sochege, abhi presentation kare.. LOL

Khushi: nahi.. muje abhi baat karni hai Angry

Don: badmai khushi.. LOL

Khushi:  badmai kyu muje abhi baat karni hai..tu wo hi karti hai jo tu chahti hai..this time khushi will be winner.. WinkLOL

Don:  thik hai this time you are the winner.. the great khushi aur wo ye chahti hai ke ham  shya at ke bare mai baad mai sochege.. to chalo presentation karte hai is that fine.. Embarrassed

Khushi: ha chal kyu nahiCool, yes dekha maine kaise apni baat manwali Evil Smile

Don:  ha sach mai manvali.. really good.. Wink so get ready for presentation.

Don & khushi: Lets commens our monthly presentation.  Our news letter...

BalikaVadhu Times #6
kahin pyaar khile toh kahin dil jale


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(BY vedo)

Note from Vedo: So to make things fun, I've hidden a question in the summary! Find it and pm me the answer...the first person who does so correctly will get a prize siggy from me!! :D


Week 1: Jan 01 to Jan 05

DS agrees with Ira's request to postpone AnSh's pagh phere ritual. Nathu, a worker and almost like a member of the Shekhar household, is introduced. Sanchi refuses to go with Anandi to the Mandir because she does not want to be embarrassed. Anandi overhears her. Daddu leaves to attend a military event. Lal Singh (LS) tries to get Jagya to return to home to no avail. Jagya requests LS not to tell the Singhs of his whereabouts and gives him 'Imli ki goli' for his mother. Nandu complains about being an only child. Basant is pained to hear this and shares his woes with Bhairon, who suggests allopathic medicine. Basant is relieved at his brother's advice and decides to try the medicines before talking to Daadisa.

Vishnu (the guy who Daadisa paid to find Jagya) sees Jagya but then looses track of him. He later sees LS in the same place and wonders if the two met. Anandi surprises everyone by wearing a simple sari instead of her traditional ghagra choli. She pointedly asks Sanchi if she'll still feel embarrassed from being seen with her now. Sanchi is mum while the others look at Anandi with pride. Nathu introduces himself to Anandi and serves her sweetened curd. Vishnu brings Daadisa up to date with the progress in his search for Jagya.

Bhairon and Basant consult with LS. Anandi is surprised to see her room transformed. She remembers Shiv's words about making the second night of their marriage the first night and is scared. She then remembers some moments with Jagya. All throughout dinner she is scared thinking about the night to come while Shiv is eager for the same. After dinner Shiv rushes to the room and lovingly decorates it. Anandi sees this and is unable to go in. She goes to the study and tries to call Sumitra to talk but does not get through. The reason for this is because J had called the Singhs at the same time.

Shiv searches for Anandi and finds her in the study. She pretends to be asleep. Shiv carries her to their room and tucks her into bed. He disappointedly blows out all the candles he had lit and sleeps on his side of the bed. Seeing this Anandi has tears in her eyes. Jagya is remembering his time with Anandi when suddenly a woman holding a baby collides with him. Seeing her state he tries to help her but she fiercely refuses. During the exchange he gets burnt. The woman runs away from there and a group of men approach Jagya, asking about her. He points them to the direction she went. They follow her and take the baby away from her. The man thanks Jagya for his help and takes the lady away. She looks angrily at Jagya. Anandi wakes up and recollects the events of the previous night. She sees that Shiv is not there. She joins the rest of the family who are outside. Upon not noticing Shiv there her eyes search for him. Ira informs her he has gone jogging. Shiv comes and Anandi serves him tea. Mahi informs him they are going for a picnic. He asks Anandi to help him find a missing file. Anandi is nervous.

Anandi apologizes to Shiv. He brushes her apology aside and then reminds her about their pre-marriage promise of spending an entire day together, totally alone. He tells her they won't go for the picnic with the others. Anandi refuses to lie and goes downstairs. Shiv says to himself that they will not go for picnic; he wants to know her better to understand her fears and hesitation. Shiv fakes a stomach cramp and manages to get both his wife and himself out of attending the picnic. Anandi, not realizing he is faking his illness, goes to make ginger juice for him. He comes to the kitchen and Anandi, startled, drops the glass of juice. He tells her he was just pretending so they could spend time together. Anandi is very nervous. He goes closer to her and is about to kiss her when the doorbell rings. LS checks up Sumitra and gives her the 'Imli ki goli' Jagya sent, though he does not let her know J sent it. Daadisa tells LS Jagya will come home soon as she has paid someone to find him. LS feels guilty about not being able to tell her where J is exactly and resolves to talk to Jagya once more about returning home. At his clinic, a man brings a woman for Jagya to treat her. It is the same man and woman Jagya met the night before.


Week 2: Jan 07 to Jan 12

Jagya treats Ganga and during the process tries to question her but is rebuffed by Ratan Singh and his mother. He sees that her mouth is gagged and she is crying. AnSh receive a gift from Ashi. She sent a clock for them with a lovely card. She also sent a nightie for Anandi which she tries to hide from Shiv but he sees it. He tells her that this gift is not for her but for him. Nervous, she tries to go from there but he tells her to go get ready, as he is taking her out. They drive around Udaipur and stop at a sari store. Anandi asks the shopkeeper to show her lots of saris. Shiv asks her why saris so suddenly. She tells him she wants to and he questions her if it's because of Sanchi. He reassures he she does not have to change for anyone. She explains to him that someone has to make a start to better things with Sanchi and so what if she's the one doing it. She warns him not to come between 'Bhabhi-Nanad'! Shiv is convinced but he says he'll agree to her only if she calls him by his name. She blushing does so. They share a few cute moments together in the sari shop.

The Shekhars come back from their picnic. Mahi and Sanchi convince Anandi and Shiv to call each other by their names. Shiv gives Anandi a note asking her to meet him outside. Later she goes out and sees the place decorated beautifully with candle lanterns. With teary eyes she looks around and has flashbacks of some intimate moments with Jagya. Shiv hugs her from behind and tells her he called her out here to tell her how much he loves her. She is pained. When he turns her around he is shocked to see her in tears. She tells him she's unable to do this and falls to the ground, sobbing badly. She shares her feelings and inability to move forward with him. He consoles her saying he knew all along what was going on. In this scene, what does Shiv say to Anandi that makes her know he was aware of her pretending to sleep? They talk and he promises not to even touch her until she is ready. Together they light a candle, reinforcing their bonds of friendship and Anandi thanks Shiv for making her and everyone else so happy.

Shiv tells Anandi he can increase her happiness even more and he proceeds to call the Haveli, surprising them as well as Anandi with the news that they'll be returning to Jaitsar. The Singhs wonder what will happen if Anandi comes to know about Jagya leaving and decide to lie to her and Shiv. Anandi thanks Shiv again and tells him she'll never tire of doing it. He tells her that he had a selfish motive behind the action and Anandi tells him that this can't be termed as selfish since he always thinks of others before himself. Anandi is concerned that his family will be sad at this decision to leave but Shiv says that they would feel bad when he tells them the next day but he will manage. Daadisa calls up the Shekhar residence and tells Ira to send Sanchi with AnSh. Ira, who didn't know AnSh were going back to Jaitsar, is upset. Later, Shiv comes to his parents' room and explains to the why the sudden decision to go back to Jaitsar. They are not happy but agree with him nevertheless. When he and Alok leave Sanchi uses this opportunity to fill her ears against Anandi, saying she is taking Shiv away from them and making him closer to the Singhs. Jagya sees Ganga being mistreated by her husband and mother-in-law. He tries to interfere but is rebuked by the mother-son duo.

Ira is very upset that AnSh are leaving and Choti Maa consoles her. Jagya learns Ganga's story from the man who works at her house. The entire Jaitsar gets to know AnSh are coming back and everyone is excited. Jagya thinks that both Anandi and Ganga have had a hard life, but Anandi is the luckier one because she had the support and love of the Singhs.

Daddu come back and gets to know AnSh are leaving. Ira, still upset, emotionally asks Anandi to perform her 'chulha rasam'. AnSh console Ira, assuring her that they will come to spend time with the family every weekend. In Circuit House, the Singh are cleaning and decorating the house for AnSh's return. Ira warns Sanchi to behave when she goes to Jaitsar. Shiv helps Anandi to make halwa and in the process her finger gets hurt. He carefully takes care of her while she stares at him. They serve everyone the halwa and Anandi gets 'nek' from everyone. Alok remarks that Sanchi should learn from Anandi. Sanchi is very annoyed at this and she yells that she can't do such things which only a servant does. Daddu shouts at Sanchi and she goes to her room. When everyone turns around they're shocked to see Bhairon, Shyam and Nandu at the door.

Fortunately it turns out that the trio at the door doesn't hear anything. They're impressed by Anandi's new look in sari. Alok congratulates Shyam for his forward thinking. CM is going with AnSh & Sanchi to Jaitsar and promises Ira to talk to Anandi and make her become freer with them. Ira's mood changes. We see scenes of Ganga being mistreated by her husband and MIL. AnSh are given a grand welcome back by everyone. It ends with Shiv asking for Jagya.


Week 3: Jan 14 to Jan 18

Shiv asks where Jagdish is and DS lies that he has gone to Jaipur for some work. Anandi comes to know that Sumitra is sick. She also comes to know that Jagya left. She is very upset that her family hid this from her. She is also worried about the promise that Shiv made on behalf of Jagya. DS assures her that Jagya has changed; hence he is still in Jaitsar zilla. All are stunned that she knows this. Upon questioning she tells them how she hired Vishnu to find Jagya. She then tries to convince Anandi to complete the rasam but Anandi refuses and runs out of the house. Shiv follows her and tries to console her but she is sad, hurt and confused. She begs him to take her home.

Shiv tells DS and the others that they'll complete the Pagh Phere rasam another time and the Shekhars leave. DS is sad and so are the others. Ratan tries to molest Ganga but at the same time his third wife, Padma comes and he leaves Ganga alone. In CH, Anandi is standing by the window getting FBs of talking to DS on the phone. She is sad she couldn't pick up on their sorrow. Shiv comes and she suddenly hugs him with force and cries. He is about to hug her back but controls himself. He tries to make her see reason and promises to bring back Jagya to his family. Jagya sees Ganga and tries to encourage her to raise her voice against the abuse she is enduring. She tells him off and goes away, leaving him shocked. Shiv's button is broken and he is about to wear another shirt but Anandi stops him, telling him she will sew it on back for him. They share coy eye locks whilst she does so. Shiv notices her efforts to come closer to him and says to himself that he'll give her so much happiness that she won't hesitate to accept him and his love in every way.

In CH, Anandi asks for permission to visit the Haveli and apologize for leaving the Pagh Phere rasam incomplete. Choti gives her permission. Anandi requests Sanchi to go with her but she refuses. When Anandi leaves, Sanchi starts to badmouth Anandi and her care for Jagdish. Choti Maa tries to make her see reason but she refuses and leaves. In the Haveli, Anandi apologizes and makes amends with everyone telling them about Shiv's promise to find Jagya soon. Sumitra, Bhairon and Daadisa tell her it's not right to involve Shiv in the family's problems as this would be an injustice to him and his family. Anandi understands and assures she won't ask Shiv to find about Jagya. Ganga is abused by everyone in the house. Ratan Singh and his family plan to take away her baby and get rid of her. She overhears them and is shocked. Anandi comes back home and brings jalebis which Daadisa had got made especially for her. Choti Maa relishes them and offers Sanchi some, but she refuses to eat any. Shiv comes home and brings jalebis for Anandi too as a surprise. Sanchi tells him that his surprise has no value as Anandi already got jalebis from her family. Anandi handles the situation deftly by tasting the jalebis Shiv got for her and mixing them with the ones Daadisa gave, saying that there can never be too much sweet. Shiv and Choti Maa are happy. Shiv tells Choti Maa he has to go for an orphanage inspection and asks to take Anandi along with him. CM teases him saying Anandi is his wife; he can take her anywhere he wants. Shiv thinks to himself that after visiting the orphanage all of the Singh's problems will be solved.

As Anandi and Shiv arrive are leaving for their visit to the orphanage, MK comes with stuff sent with Daadisa. Shiv comments on how much the Singhs care for everyone and they have given Anandi a lot of love. He wonders if he will be able to love her as much. She assures him that he and his family are already giving her the same love. They leave for the orphanage and share some eye locks during the drive. AnSh arrive at the orphanage and are shown around. Afterwards when they are distributing the things they brought, a little girl asks for a blanket for her Doctor Bhaiya. The girl takes them to the room, where they see that her DB is none other than Jagya. Anandi and Jagya talk and she tries to make him agree to go back to the Haveli but he refuses. Shiv steps in and gives a long speech after which Jagya agrees and they leave the orphanage. As they are about to go Jagya remembers some work he has to do and tell AnSh he will do his work and then meet them. We then see Ganga bringing a kadha for the man who works in their house. At the same time Jagya arrives there and gives them his phone number in case they ever need his help, esp. Ganga.

In the Haveli, the Singhs wonder why Anandi and Shiv have decided to come by so suddenly. As they are discussing this Anandi and Shiv walks in. Shiv tells them he has good news and calls the person in. Everyone is shocked to see Jagya. They're all overwhelmed and hug him. Anandi tells all it was Shiv who found Jagya and we see a flashback of how Shiv sent J's photos in all the villages and took the help of the police to look for him. Anandi and Shiv complete the Pagh Phere rasam and leave. After they leave, Daadisa see Jagya looking a bit sad and consoles him. Nandu comes home and is overjoyed that his brother is back. Anandi and Shiv visit the temple and pray for their families and each other's happiness. They have a convo after leaving the temple, where Anandi thanks Shiv for everything and Shiv thanks her also for her love and care towards his family. Anandi says she doesn't accept his thanks because his family is also her family. They have a cute convo wherein Shiv tricks her into saying that she loves him.


Week 4: Jan 21 to Jan 31

Shiv tells Anandi that Shivraj Shekhar...meaning he is right in front of her so she should tell him how she feels. She smiles and runs off. J is spending time with his family. Daadisa sees the burn on his arm and asks him about it. He tells her it's from his latest mistake whilst having a flashback of showing Ratan Singh which direction Ganga ran. AnSh come home and tell Choti Maa all that happened. She is very happy and informs them of Ira's Sankranti plans. Shiv appoints Anandi as his official charki holder and she proudly accepts. The Singhs shower Jagya with their love and he feels guilty. In Laxmibagh, Padma (RS's third wife) and Ganga have an altercation over Ganga's son. Bhairon and Sumitra plan a surprise for Jagya.

Whilst making up their bed, Anandi tries to make a step forward in her relationship with Shiv but then rethinks it, coming to the conclusion that she would be wronging Shiv and insulting his love if she does so now for the wrong reasons. Shiv comes and allays her fears, telling her they'll move forward when the time is right. Padma fills Ratan Singh's ears against Ganga so he decides to throw her out of the house and keep her son. Ganga overhears them and is scared. The surprise the Singhs have for Jagya turns out to be that they're handing over the hospital back to him. He is overwhelmed by this and reluctantly accepts.

Everyone congratulates Jagya and encourages him. He makes everyone emotional by saying his nameplate should be changed from Dr. Jagat Singh to Dr. Jagdish Bhairo Singh. In her excitement Daadisa wants to celebrate Sankranti in a big way and invites AnSh, Choti Maa and Sanchi to the haveli to celebrate. Choti Maa is reluctant at first but is forced by Daadisa. Sanchi and Nandu fight over Shiv or Jagya being the better kite fliers, both supporting their brothers. They bet that whoever wins will do the other's bidding for the entire day. Ganga plans to escape with her son from her abusive family on Sankranti. Jagya overhears Lal Singh telling Basant and Gehna to come for IVF and is happy for them. Anandi and Sanchi talk about J and Shiv's kite flying skills. Anandi doesn't put Shiv down but also tells Sanchi that Jagya will be a strong competition. Sanchi thinks to herself that her brother will prove them all wrong by winning the competition.

Choti Maa tells Ira about Daadisa invitation and Ira is very upset as she had wanted the Shekhar family to celebrate at Kesarbagh. Choti Maa manages to console her. Later Anandi talks to Ira on the phone and tells her that she will refuse Daadisa's invitation but Ira tells her not to. Anandi apologizes to Sanchi for their not being able to go to KB for the celebrations. Jagya has flashbacks of teaching Anandi how to fly a kite. Jagya gives his support to Basant and Gehna and assures them he will be there for them in their IVF procedures.

In their room, Anandi shares her concern over Ira with Shiv whilst he shares his concern over the kite competition with her. She teases him for being afraid and he assures her he is not! They wage a bet that if he wins, she'll have to do what he says and vice versa. Anandi then says there is a way to make both their families happy for the festival. The next day AnSh, CM & Sanchi surprise everyone at Kesarbagh. They're all happy and Ira blesses Anandi for understanding what was in her heart. Daadisa gives Jagya new clothes and he finds out that she used to get new stuff for him at every festival even when he wasn't there. He is overwhelmed by her love. In KB, Anandi and Shiv donate clothes to the needy and get blessings. Anandi calls up the Singhs and tells them that they'll be late as they've come to KB. Daadisa realizes her mistake and compliments Anandi for taking care of her new family.

Anandi happily does a few rasams, first with Ira, followed by Alok, Mahi and Sanchi. As per one rasam she has to touch Shiv's feet but he stops her saying theirs is a relationship of equals. He gifts her green bangles and she is very happy. Anandi has a FB the first time he bought her the same kind of bangles. Choti Maa teases him, saying she thought he would bring some expensive gift. Anandi assures her that the bangles are priceless to her because they remind her of her childhood. Sanchi is desperate to go back to Jaitsar. Shyam's parents come with Varun in tow. Varun is reluctant to go up to the roof because of his incident. AnSh, Sanchi and Choti Maa arrive and all are happy. We are introduced to a new character, Pappu...the MK of Circuit House! Pappu and MK argue over who is better...Shiv or Anandi. Daadisa breaks up their tiff and makes them hug!

Mahi, Daddu, Ira and Alok share some fun moments after the rest have left. In Haveli, all are up on the roof selecting kites and chattering away. Sanchi picks a kite for Shiv and he asks Anandi to touch it for good luck. She blushingly does so. Shiv tells her to hold the charki but Sanchi grabs it before she can. Shiv is about to tell Sanchi to let Anandi have it but Anandi silences him with a look. Instead he warns Sanchi to hold the charki properly and not divert her attention to her phone. Jagya gives Varun binoculars so he can enjoy the kite flying from afar too. The kites are let up in the air and the fun starts. Sanchi drops Shiv's charki when Varun sees a lizard and yells. Shiv gestures Anandi to pick it up and she does so happily. Sanchi is upset. MK accidently drops hot tea on her feet. Jagya offers to apply a balm and they go downstairs. When they go, Varun tells Shiv to cut Jagya's kite but Shiv refuses saying that it would be cheating. Ganga is worried about how to get away from her husband, who to turn to and then remembers Jagya giving his number.

Sanchi badmouths Anandi in front of Jagya while he is applying balm on her burnt feet. He just ignores her. Ganga tries to call Jagya but is unsuccessful because he left his phone on the table on the roof. Jagya manages to convince Varun to fly a kite and everyone is proud that he is genuinely making an effort to change. Ratan Singh slaps Ganga in front of guests making her even more determined to run away from there. Shiv teaches Anandi to fly a kite and they flirt. Jagya is a bit jealous and sad.

Ratan Singh notices Ganga missing and is furious. As Ganga is about to board a bus, she bumps into someone from the village. Ganga gets on the bus and prays that the man won't tell anyone he saw her. The kite competition is on in full swing. Shiv instructs Anandi on what to do and seeing this Jagya is sad. He remembers his kite flying days with Anandi. Ratan Singh threatens the man who saw Ganga and his wife reveal that they saw her on the bus. He and his gang immediately leave after slapping the man. The kite competition continues with lots of cheering on both sides. Jagya notices Anandi's slightly worried face and breaks the string of his kite. Everyone congratulates Shiv for winning but Shiv is not happy because he knows he didn't win, Jagya made him win. He tells Anandi this and she is shocked. After the competition is over, the family enjoys a song sung by Bhairon. All are happy. Ratan Singh and his men manage to catch up with Ganga. They take away her baby and beat her up badly.

Ratan Singh and gang continue to beat Ganga. Sanchi sees her through the binoculars and alerts the others. Jagya looks through the binoculars and after seeing it is Ganga, he jumps off the balcony and runs to her aid. By the time he reaches her Ratan Singh and gang have already left with her son. AnSh, Bhairon and Basant also reach there. AnSh and Jagya take Ganga to the hospital. When asked how he knows the girl Jagya keeps telling the others it's a long story. Daadisa worries for Jagya and AnSh. Anandi calls the haveli and lets them know the situation. Choti Maa and Sanchi leave for CH. In the hospital, Jagya is very upset seeing Ganga's condition. AnSh have a convo where Shiv is concerned for the girl and Anandi tells him not to worry as Jagya is doing her treatment. They talk about the hectic day and agree to keep the fact that Jagya lost the kite competition on purpose a secret. Shiv comments that he can't believe this is the same Jagya who wanted to sabotage their relationship. Anandi advises him not to try and understand Jagya. She says that sometimes in life, people can become confused and loose themselves. He comments that she never lost herself to which she replies that she might have if he hadn't come into her life and supported her and they have an eye lock. Jagya is listening to their convo with a sad, sour face! They notice him and he snaps out of it, telling them that Ganga is still unconscious. Shiv advises him to involve the police but Jagya refuses saying that he won't do anything until Ganga comes to her senses. He firmly promises to get Ganga her rights. Shiv tells him not to take the law into his own hands and he nods. Shiv also tells him that he has their (AnSh's) full support and can come to them anytime for help. As Anandi and Shiv are leaving she trips and Shiv immediately supports her in the crook of his arm. They have an eye lock and he gently tells her to be careful after which they continue walking out. Jagya watches their close exchange with teary eyes and a sour expression.


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(BY Khushi)

This month's emotional scene was of various emotions... anger, frustration, helplessness, inhumanity... was the one the brutal scene of BV history. An innocent kid was separated from his mother by some inhuman and his mother was beaten up badly.

The victim of domestic violence n husband's betrayal, Ganga managed to escape from her ratan's house but was caught n trapped at jetsar by Ratan and goons. They snatched her baby n beat her up mercilessly. 


(BY tista)


Shiv, for spending some quality of time along with Anandi , pretended to have stomach ache and tired to avoid participating into the picnic with his family and started making fuss having so much pain with a funny expression. But as usual Mahi caught his drama and started to blackmail him for reward as he  helped our bechare Collector Saab in his mission and escorted Shekhras to the picnic so that his Shiv bhaiya and Anandi bhabhi  could spend some time together and our poor Shiv had no other choice but to obey his younger brother's wish''.after all  kuch paane ke liye kuch khona toh padhta hi hai nah '..LOL


(BY nniks )

Shiv was as usual staring at his wife in the mirror and realized tht his button was missing giving us a peek at his ummm...Sprouty chest.
Anandi jumped at the opportunity and offered to sew the missing button.Very slowly and carefully she sewed the button gazing at him frm time to time..both being affected be each other's presence...after some eyelocks and some more peeks at his chest which drove all anshians into frenzy..Finally she cut off the thread with her teeth getting really close in the process.
This left Sjee as well us shell shocked !!


(BY AryaS)

Can anyone forget the second wedding night of Anandi and Shiv?


Anandi pretending to sleep and Shiv realizing it and blowing out the candles. My heart went out for him.

Anandi watching this with tearful eyes...'feeling for Shiv.  My heart went out for her too for her helplessness.


Both Shiv and Anandi were sad and made all of us sad too.  Unhappy

scene starts from 2:58

video courtesy ' Suchi


(BY Malika)

For a big change there were very few bloopers this month except a few minor ones like Jagiya jumping off the terrace of badi haveli and landing safe and sound safe and sound like a Spiderman, or the Shekhar family raving about a totally changed Anandi despite her looking just the same in sarees LOL

But the best of all was on 17 January episode, when Jagiya tells Shiv that he will have to resign from the government dispensary before leaving Laxmiganj.Now acc. to BV time it has just been 3 days since J left haveli on the day of AnSh wedding and within 3 days he managed to get job in a Government medical center.The interesting point here is that when he came to Jetsar from Mumbai on Anandi and Shiv's sagaai he was all empty-handed.He didn't even carry his MBBS degree with him.Then how come he got a job in center is something to really ponder over! Ermm



(BY ritzi12)

The dialogue of the month goes to Shiv when he comes to rescue J from Orphanage LOL Jokes apart tat dialogue and sequence was much needed and well executed and crucial point of story !

Heres it : Jagdish aapne apneparivaar ke baare mein nahin apne baare mein socha .Jabki anandi ne apne parivaar ke baare mien socha woh  chahe toh jaa sakti thi   aapke chale jaane ke baad  par usen aisa nahin kiya. Aap apne problems se bhag ke yahan a gaaye aur bhaagne se aapki takliff toh kaam nahin hui na ab dekiye ap bhale hi yahan aa gaye par ab bhi aapko dukh hain .isliye laut aaye ghar jagdish ! 

woof itna lamba dialogue . But CVs highlighted the fact that J ka prayshcit ie repentance was infact palaya i.e escaping . SO J got an eye opener through shiv who showed him his true prayshit laid in facing and living with his family not running .

On a lighter note  "hamein milla shya ka milaap "WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


(BY AnjanaYYZ)

Ratan da Rat
Is a lying cheating tomcat
He beats Ganga with a bat
He drinks like a silly fish
And stinks like rotten dish
He is worthy only of hate
Death should be his fate


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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

What do we love about AnSh?

Their chemistry?
Shiv's unconditional love?
Anandi's respect towards Shiv?
What ever the reason may be, one thing is common amongst all anshians that we love the awesome understanding between them. Specially the maturity that shiv has shown towards Anandi.

The best episode of the month is definitely the episode where Shiv forces Anandi to reveal her insecurities. The way he handled her after that was amazingly portrayed. Not only did he figure out that Anandi was not comfortable with him in moving towards the next level. He made sure that the circumstances lead to such where Anandi herself is confronted with the demons of her past.

After the much needed talk, Shiv promises Anandi to give her space and time. So that she herself can willingly come to him.

Here is the perfectly shot scene...

The Best episode of the month of January


(By khusi_* )

On 26th jan...some rituals...random chit chats...n the perfect example of dragging


(By khusi_* )

What happened this month!!LOL Anything?? Ok lets see'.Ermm

Shiv's promise to anandi

AnSh's thank you and sorry

Jagiya's grand home coming again' by AnSh

The kiddish bet n never ending sankranth celebration

The brutal incidence against gangaDead

Anything else ??Ermm...yes'random chit chats of shekhars n singhs''and nothing else'.LOL

So the rating of the month is 2Star out of 5Star


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(By  dixie123)
ShivRaj Shekhar

After being selected as irritating character for last month, Shiv is back to being the best  by becoming an understanding, mature 'jeevan saathi' and a caring human being that he always has been.
He was trying to be the perfect hubby for his newly lawfully wedded wife by wanting to give her all the happiness in every possible way that she deserved. But, when he realized that his advances were stressing her out, he gave her the support that she needed fighting back his own disappointment and tears. He promised not to touch her until she  reached the comfort zone with him needed to consummate their marriage.
Being the smart and savvy collector that he is, he understood the situation that Jagya had put himself and his family in after disappearing for the second time. Using the powers he had in hand, he managed to search Jagya, showed him the right path and united him with his family thus bringing on a smile and calmness back on his wife's face and her family. 


(By  monamie111)

(By 55Shobha)

This month costume of the year goes to MR.Shivraj Shekhar for his sober white shirtEmbarrassed


(By  surabhi01)

After marriage there is natural hesitation and fear without reason in woman  which is responsibility of man to free it .this responsibility increases more in remarriage

    8 jan 2013


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(By ritzi12)

The winner siggy is

(By tohru )

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  DonIsback)

The winner avis is...

(By Vedo )

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By VerboseG )

(By vedo )

AND here is the prize of the winner



(By  surabhi01)

The Winner is (VerboseG)

Name of topic -Main  shiv  hoon

Name of topic maker -Ginu

Date of posting this topic -23 jan 2013

Time of posting this topic -12:33 am

this topic has get 57 likes and run till 10 pages

link of this topic -

and here is the prize



(By roberoi )

Here is my selection for ss of the month by Chahat11

AND here is the prize


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(By  Don_theEvil) 

Bakra of the Month


mahi snach his patang using his talent.. mirchi pakoda is useful to make duddu throw his pathan and he run to eat pakoda... poor daddu not realize that mahi made him bakra of this month.. 


FunCare of the Month

this month funcare award is goes to none other then basant.. i never thought i will even try to give him this award but suprisingly this month his tuti huvi patan made him win award.. when is he dancing with dore only ...LOL, indeed funcare of the month


Glycerin of the Month 

No doubt he is glycerin of them month normally this award is choose for female in television history bus in bv world jagya choose this award himself being  rondu queen of jaitsar...he is indeed glycerin of the month this time.. as he keep crying this month snatching this title form anandi.  


Band Baja Barati


The Real Band baja of barati specialist.. the way he  bajavofid and daajhiya udao andolan of jaggya palyan marathon..was recommendable.. he actually find his real reason to run off and even made jagya to accept it and make him come back  home.. love his dhajjiya udhao dialogue as he become band baja barati of this month to making jagya realize his mistake with style.. 


Khatra of the Month

There is not khatra of this month as ansh is having secure relationship and no one is hurdle for them same goes to jaga to even ratan is not khatra to there relationship because there relationship is not start really and dont know if any scope in future or not. so for me not khatra of the month this time


(By DonIsback & khusi_*)

and here is the prize


For writing more then 26 os on ansh... she bless us with her writing.. for us.. she is lifeline in this forum who love to read about ansh.. so here is she is choose for special award of this month 
And here is the prize

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Let Me introduce 

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- Vedo(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-
Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-
khusi_* (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-
piya_anshian (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian (back up - tista)
Romantic scene of the month-nniks (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-AryaS(back up -Malika)
Blooper of the month-Malika(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-
AnjanaYYZ(back up-Don_theEvil)
Best Character of the month-
dixie123(back up piya_anshian)

Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-
55Shobha(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-Don_theEvil(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-
VerboseG(back up - adi2512)
Most active thread of the month-
surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-roberoi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-don_theEvil)
Siggy of the month For jaga-monamie111(back up- Ks_shreya)
Avi of  the month-Ks_shreya(back up - Hina13)
VM of the month-
saraluvRaghaVi(back up - Sidra08)
Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Sidra08(back up-saraluvRaghaVi )

Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- vedo, khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL, intro OS- Don_theEvil

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


 Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by khusi_* & Don_theEvil . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* orDonIsback or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now.  Enjoy this new year's 6th edition OF BV Newsletter.there is not session jaga couple this month as no avi and no siggy introduce by members in this month and other volunteer for two section didn't submit there session to anshbalikvadhu. we wanted to remind them hence further please send your session on time so we can include them.. 

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