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ArHi FF:Behind the Curtain#3 [c18-pg48]Note Pg74

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Hello my dears .. 
It's the third thread .. Party
Thanks you very much for all your encouragement. I appreciate each and every comment from you..
Thanks for all of you


For who don't know about behind the Curtain. 
Well, if you want to read an intense, serious, or mature FF, then you are in The Wrong thread.. :S
If you want a simple, lighthearted love story, Here you are :P.

The general concept of this FF is taken from the famous novel/Cartoon" The Daddy long legs" .. 

If you don't know anything about "The daddy long legs" and want to know about it, Check : Here
Only the Scholar ship + Idea of the latter to an anonymous person are taken from the novel. All the other things ( The latters/e-mails content + the events ) is my own imagination.


The concept: 

Khushi was facing a financial problems in paying her educational fees, and she decided to stop her studying in pharmacist college. Howeverhe got to know that the fees had been paid by someone, who asked the college's administration to not reveal his identity to any one, includingKhushi.
This man who paid Khushi's educational fees and sponsored her education was Arnav, who had heard his bhabi- payal , talking to her sister - Khushi - about this problem. He hated seeing Khushi depressed and not optimistic as he used to see her since he met her. so he paid the fees and asked them to hide his identity for his own reasons.
Khushi was determined to thank this man who helped her to pursue her study and her dreams in any way. She got his e-mail address as the only thing she know about the man who helped her. Then she decided to e-mail him in daily basis and consider him as her new friend and her wall of secrets, without knowing who is he. 
She is e-mailing him, and these letters are playing an important role in Arnav and Khushi relationship. 


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ArShi FF : Behind the Curtain

Chapter [ 16 ]

It lasted more than he expected. It's not a complain, just a comment! He was enjoying the sense of her velvety, delicate lips on his cheek. he was enjoying her hair that was dancing and touching his face, and intaking her scent. He was enjoying his own internal rhythm.. he was enjoying every and each bit of the situation. He unconsciously tightened his hold on her when he felt her lips, started to loss it contact with his cheek. But she left.. he opened his eyes to see her from her back. Her hand trying its best to free herself. But he wasn't ready for that yet to free her, he did not get enough of her. He wanted more.

"There is still one thing you should do"

She froze as she heard his husky voice. And she slowly turned to him with a pleading eyes, before squeezing them shut as she said: " p... please.. don't .. don't ask me to ... to...'"

He understand what she tied to say, she didn't want to do the thing that he wanted her to do, the most!

He sighed in frustiation, then said: " Don't worry .. I just .. I want you to help me to pack my bag.."

She instantly opened her eyes, and finally, she eye contacted him!, She asked him: " What..!! .. Why ?!"

" I will go to Mumbai .. a business trip..." 

She was startled to hear that! She couldn't say anything, she only kept staring into him

"when will you go!!" she asked after some seconds, still in her previous state.

With one hand rounding her waist, he took his phone which was in the comodino with the other hand. He checked the time and then said: "after 1 and half? ?an hour.."

Her eyes widened as it shocked her! She thought that he will go tomorrow or within few days, but she didn't expect that he will go tonight, now!

" Why .. Why didn't you informed m-..I mean us.. earlier ?!"

He straightened his back as he said: " because I took the decision to go just few hours ago.."

She asked him hesitantly, as she felt that she is asking too much: " Ermm .. W..Why are you going there !?"




Though he hate when anybody ask him too much like that. But surprisingly, he liked the way Khushi was questioning him as if she have all the right to question him and he have to answer her. He smiled and said: " There some problems in Mumbai's branch which need a rapid intervention from me or Akash. Akash told me that he cannot go there for some reasons, so, I decided to go." .


She nodded and moved her gazes down. He sensed her disappointment with this sudden news . " Do you want to come with me !" he asked her in a serious tone! She raised her face with a wide eyes, she stared at him for few second, wanting to make sure if she heard right. " N..No .. of course no .!"She looked at him irritated and tried to stood, but his hand was there to draw her back. " Who will help me to back my bag?!" He said with a warm smile.

He didn't prior-planned to ask her that, he was planning to ask Om Parkash to come and pack it as usual, but he decided to ask her to pack his bag, as he want to spend as much time as possible before leaving. 


He stood and walked with her toward his wardrobe, He brought his medium size suitcase, put it down, then said:

" You know how to pack a bag, right!!"

" She looked at him with furrowed brows and said with arms akimbo : " Of course.. in the last week I had packed many bags: Bau ji , Amma, and bua ji's bags, and also my bag when I moved here.. So don't worry" She replied.

She turned to start packing his bag. He was standing behind her folding his arms, staring at her, gratify his eyes, and fill his memory with her as he will miss it the coming days.

He saw her turning to him and saying: " Arnav ji .. you have a lot of suits, which ones you want me to pack for you !"

" choose for me .." he said, wanting to dress up according to her taste. 

He saw her smiling widely, before turning to choose for him suits. She took few minutes checking all his suits, then she chose some of them. She also chose for him some ties. Meanwhile taking about him and his clothes. she said that "grey and blue "suit "Arnav ji" while the "brown" doesn't, saying that she liked him when he wore that suit, and disliked his appearance in the other suit.

She added to the bag socks, hygiene kits, towel and his medicines box. When she was about to close the bag, he prevented her by holding her hand. She looked at him, and see him drew a drawer, took out some undergarments and put them inside his bag. She felt awkward by seeing him packing his underwear, she busied herself with her dupatta no to see his intimatewear, though she she couldn't prevent her curious eyes from stealing some looks at it.

" Why you are blushing ?!" she heard him and looked at him, to see him folding his boxer.

" I'm not"  She said as she turned her face, she become more embarrassed after seeing his smirk as if he had noticed her stolen look.  

She heard him giggling. she knew that he was laughing at her, but she ignored him.

She turned when she heard the sound of zipping the bag.


She saw him standing and she stood with him.She saw him approaching and her heart's pluses started to increase as he was looking at her with his dark brown eyes intensely. She gulped seeing him very close from her. He held her hands in his and raised it up while saying: " Khushi .. "

He couldn't complete as the they both jumped in surprise as they heard the door opening and "Anjali ji" saying : " Chotte ! Is it true that you will go to Mumbai after just an hour! why haven't you told me earlier!"

Khushi pulled her hand instantly and walked away, allowing Anjali to see and bid her brother a goodbye.

She heard them talking, Anjali asking him to take care of his health while he telling her that he will do and no need to worry. She decided to leave the room, to give brother and sister some a privacy and to avoid Anjali ji questions. As she stepped out his room, she turned, she saw him looking at her his eyes asling her to stay. she felt that he want to stop her, but Anjali was hugging him.

She smiled a faint smile, and waved her hand in a goodbye, before.. she had walked away ...






He was in his car, very frustrated, he was planning how he would bid Khushi a goodbye since he decided to leave! But no, no thing of what he had planned happened! she didn't asked him when he will return back then he will tease her, and there is no tight hug!

After "Di" had come and interrupted them, he planned to go to her room later and bid her a proper goodbye. But unfortunately, he did not find her in her room! And when he asked Om Parkash about her, he told him that he saw her walking outside the mansion..

 And now, he is waiting in his car since 10 minutes in hope that she will return back and he can see her before leaving! But she didn't. He was  upset! He thought that she too wnt to bid him a proper goodbye, but no, she left the mansion without even trying to talk him before his leave.

His phone rang, it was the third time that Aman was calling him to remind him that the jet will depart soon.

He sighed in frustration, gave up and drove his car.






She woke! In fact she couldn't sleep well, when she returned back, she came to know that "Arnav ji" had already left!, and Om Parkash ji told her that Arnav ji asked about her before he left. She was upset, mostly, with herself!

She took her phone to check the time, it was 5:15 am. She sat in the bed, signed in her e-mail and start writing to her mysterious friend.





Dear My mysterious friend,


How are you hope that you are fine.

First of all, Sorry sorry sorry sorry :""(! I'm very sorry! .. Yesterday I doubted that you misused Arnav ji's photo!. It's all because of the Rakshas :|

He fooled me and made me confess that I sent that photo to someone xo! Then he told me that he was just playing pranks with me, and his prank made him know that I really sent his photo to someone :s .!

He was very angry at me and to calm him down, I told him about you and why I'm mailing you! we talked about you for sometime, he was shocked to know that I trust you though I don't know who are you!

He then explained to me the danger of blindly trust a stranger. I was partly convened with what he said, but still I don't consider you as a stranger, you are my friend! .. We reached some conclusions. I hope you will not be hurt in any form, but I decided to not share every thing with you! I really regretted sending Arnav ji's photo, not because I don't trust you, but it's really bad to share things with others that people will not like if they came to know. Also, I will not share the privet moments. Arnav ji told me that the privet moment between two people are unsharable .. and since my "privet moment" are only with him, I cannot share them with you!

Devi Mayia, I don't know how I will be able to not share it, but I will try :( ! However, I will let you be informed about the progress of our "relationship" in my own way :P. 

I told you yesterday that I promised him to do what he will ask me whatever he will ask, and you know what! It's become 3x :O .. I will not tell you what were the punishment exactly, but the first two, were.. beautiful punishments, I wasn't comfortable when doing them, but , its will always remain in my memory! =). I think if I wrote what were the punishment, I will never dare to say about it beautiful, this is an advantage of the new way ..

The last punishment, I can tell you what it was! I was worried from what he will ask, but I'm sure that he understood my uncomfortable and hence he asked me to help him to pack his bag ! I was shocked to hear that. He told me that he will go in a business tripi. I was . But he told me that it was sudden and an argent trip. We packed his bag together. And when we finished and when we was about to bid a goodbye in a way that.. I don't know how it would be, but from his eyes, I felt that it would be beautiful :(. But we did not bid a goodbye properly as Anjali ji came. I left after waving my hand to him.. I was having hope that we will met again before his leave and we will bid a proper goodbye.

When I was waiting for him, I remembered that when I packed his medicine that was no glucose tablets! And I was worried that he will suffer from another hypoglycemia, so I decided to go and bring to him a glucose tablet from the pharmacy and give it to him before his leave. 

I went and I bought it, and when I was in my way to return back, there was an accident !. It was horrible accident. Thanks to Devi Mayia that the man survived and still there for his wife and his 6 years old daughter who were crying badly and praying to Devi Mayia to save him! I felt bad for them.. and I remember the same situation that happened 15 years ago, the difference was that I was crying alone.. and that my father, died..

I stayed there to know what will happened to that man, and thanks to devi mayia, the man survived. No one deserve to face a parent loss. Till now, even though Bau ji and Amma ji treating me like their real daughter, and I consider them my real parent, but still I cannot forget my biological parent ... Ermm , their death anniversary is very close. 

Anyway, As I reached to the mansion, I ran to his room, but I did not find him :( .. He had already left, and when Om Parkash saw me he told me that Arnav ji had asked about me.

I was very upset!. And now I'm worried about him! Hypoglycemia is a very serious issue and could lead to some bad effect if the person did not deal with it properly. And that Rakshas did not take care of his health :/! During my short residence in the Raizada, mansion I noticed that he always skip his meals, always forget the to take his medicine, it was always Anjali ji or Nani ji who remind him to take it!

Unfortunately, I don't know his number, and I cannot ask anyone about it. to tell him to buy glucose tablet and to ask him to take care of his health. :''( ..

I also don't know when will he return back! He did not told me, and I forgot to ask him! But I think he will return back soon as it just a business trip! I hope so..

Sorry for sending this mail very early today, I hope it did not bother you in anyway!.. I just couldn't sleep for many reasons, and I thought of mailing you.. : ). 

P.S: it has been long time since the last time you sent me an e-mail! I hope that you are fine!






He was deep in a sleep when he heard the mail notification. Though he was still did not have enough sleep as he slept late yesterday. But the e-mail notification forced him to wake up. He leaned his back against the head bored, rubbed his eyes lazily, took his phone from the comodino and start reading her very ,very early e-mail..




He was surprised to read that Khushi has told her " Mysterious friend" the full truth behind her decision of not sharing everything, he thought that she will just stop sharing these things with the "Mysterious friend" and will talk in general thing. But No, she told him the reason, and she too still talking about everything in her own way.

When he heard about her description about his " punishment" a wide grin formed in his face! He hadn't expected her even to confess and admit to herself that it was " beautiful", but she had confessed that to him! Sorry, to her " mysterious friend".

He expected her to stop talking about her feelings or the progress of their relationship to the mysterious friend, but no she didn't! And he don't have any problem with her new way. It was not very clear for anyone, except for him and her, who shared those moments ! ..

"!. "So she like it, and she act as if she didn't !" he thought and smirked, imagining her reaction of the other things wish to do with her.. 


And when he read the reason why she left, he felt a very pleasant feelings swept over him! She left to bring glucose tablet for him!. It was strange that he liked her caring for him, though he never really like it when Di or Nani did it, it made him feel that they treating him like a kid, but it was totally different with Khushi!.He felt a sting in his heart as he read about the accident and her talk about her parents, he can understand her feelings as he lost his parent too. He can imagined her state when she was writing that, and he wished if he can console her. Make her open her heart to him, and he open his heart to hear, to share their memories and feeling together. he sighed and continued reading. 


He liked that Khushi wanted to call. She cannot call him as she don't know his number. He too don't know her phone number.. after some seconds of thinking, he knew the way he can got her number.


He looked at his hour and it was 6:00 am .. He called Aman, who had just woke up and asked him to go to the office, and send find Khushi's file that her collage gave him when he sponsored her education, then send it to him via fax.

 After he took a shower and had his breakfast, he received the papers and found her contact details including her phone number. 

He took few minutes to decided her "name" that will save in his phone .. " My love" " Sweetheart" was the first things that crossed his mind, he tried to wrote them, but he felt something wrong, it was very typical and will be embarrassing for him if someone saw it!. He thought of another name suits her more and he decided to save it " Chatterbox", he remembered her reaction that day, when he called her chatterbox the first time . 

While he was looking for her number, he noticed her birth date ( 8th Janyary, 1991) which mean that only 2 days left for her birthday.

He was planning to return back after 4 days, but it seems that he should double his efforts to finish the work within 2 days. He know how females care a lot about birthdays, Last year when he forgot his Di's birthday, it took for her 2 days to forgive him for that big mistake, he sighed as he remembered that irritating drama.

And Khushi, the filmy girl, would love to have a special birthday. He rolled his eyes as he has to think how to make her birthday special beside finishing his work in Mumbai just in 2 days.


He checked his phone and it was 8:15." She must be in her way to her college" he told himself.

He pressed call.. After some second, he heard her dulcet voice: " Hello !... Hello ?! ..who is this ?! .. will you talk or should I end the call !! .. you! don't waste my time and tell me who are you and why you are calling ?!"

Every time he opened his moth , she was asking him to talk while she didn't give him a chance to reply, she was a real chatterbox.

" Ok as you like, I will end the call" he heard her saying, before he said:

" Khushi Wait.."



She was on the taxi, not in a really good mood when she recived a call from anonymous.. 

When he finally talked, She recognized his voice, he was "Arnav ji" She said with a wide grin:

" Arnav ji ! .. Are you Ok, Have you reached Mumbai!"

" Yes .. "

" When?!"

" around 12"

There was a gap of silence between them. until Khushi said, in a soft tone:

" When will you return back ?!"

" Why you are asking ?! have you missed me in these few hours?!" he said teasingly.

She smiled widely, She remembered the last three months, when he was hardly talking with her, but now, he is talking to her freely..  She said: " What , I missed you !! no at all, but it seem that you are missing me, and that's why you called me after these few hours" She replied in the same teasing tone.

" Yes I'm " he replied in a way that made her heart beats hearable for her and for the taxi driver.

" Ermm.. Arnav ji , Seriously ,, When will you return back !!" her voice was begging him to tell her the truth.

"After few days" 

She smiled, and then started telling him what she wanted to say, she asked him to buy the glucose tablet, to commit to the three meals, and to not forgot to take his medicine in time. He told her that he will, and asked her to call him, whenever she got a chance.. to remind him about all these things!. 

When she ended the call, she heard the old man, who was driving the taxi asking her with a warm smile: " Your husband ?!" 

She looked at him through the mirror, she couldn't reply.. was she behaving as if she was his wife, she wondered!.. 

" N..No uncle ji, he is not" She said with smile, then tried to hide her red face from him behind her book.

The old man looked at her and smiled a knowing smile.



* Sorry for the mistakes 

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Hello my dears .. how are you .. 

Back after the longest gap..

Two times when I decided to write thIS update and then to post it, the fan of my lap got damage .. Confused.. but honestly it wasn't the mail reason of this late update :|.. 

apologieses for the very late update, hope you still remember this FF .. LOL

Thanks you for all your comments and likes on Chapter 15, It was the peck of # likes and comments ( I know,the last 5 pages were mostly asking for the next update (: ) .. 

and I hope you will like this chapter, though I know it's not up to the mark, specially after this long time .. but still, I'm waiting for your opinion and comments..

Chapter 17 - Pg 25

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New threadDancing

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Such a sweet update!

She was behaving so cutely!

& aww she went to get some glucose for him and he went

Nice one by ASR in getting Khushi's number, forget family when you have the personal file LOL

ooo i wonder what he'll do for her birthday!

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so sory for my late was busy with my studies...
It was sooper dooper update...n party time for ur new thread   Party[:D/]...the mail was so nice, i mean khushi is so innocent, i just lov her...n atlast they got their phone no. Embarrassed

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