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                          Mangolishious Musings

A cheeky chuckle escaped Anandi's lips as she watched her virile husband sucking onto his mango like an innocent two-year old, totally oblivious to his white shirt smudged with pulp stains.

"Shiv teri shaadi ho gayi hai ab...ab to aam theek se khana seekh le..apni shirt ki halat dekhi hai...Anandi kya sochegi" Ira chided, forcing a naughty grin tuck the corners of Anandi's lips. Stifling her inclination to laugh, she handed him a towel and with a mischievous smirk slipping her lips, she spilled, "Waise ma aap meri chinta mat keejiye...mujhe to pehle se hi pata hai ki collector sahab aise aam khate hain" Surprised by the unexpected revelation he bit his own lounge in embarrassment and looked down blushing.

"Kya! Anandi iss ne tumhare ghar pe bhi aise hi...?"Ira was flagger basted. Anandi nodded giggling as Ira wiggled her eyebrows in her son's direction.

"Shiv!!...Anandi ke ghar pe sab ne kya socha hoga?". Ira almost scolded making Anandi chortle under her breathe as she saw her husband listening to his mom's scolding with puppy eyes.

"Nahi nahi ma aisa kuch bhi nahin hai.Balki dadisa ko to bahut achcha laga ki Collector sahab bilkul desi tareeke se aam khaate hain. Han bas main aur taisa apni hansi rok nahin paye..." Anandi teased leaving everyone across the table in giggles and her husband in a cute pout LOL

"Anandi this is not fair..." he sulked crossing his arms on his chest.

"Arey kyun its not fair? Zara humein bhi to pata chale CollectorSahab apne parivar ka kitna naam roshan kar rahe hain.Kya sochengi kalyani jee ki Prem Kishore Shekhar ne apne pote ko theek se khana bhi nahin sikhaya" Dadu reprimanded now making Shiv annoyed and Anandi enjoy his adorable puckered face act TongueLOL

"Dadu ye to kuch bhi nahin...aap woh Sanchi ki psychology professor Ms Kavita wali baat bhool gaye" Mahi winked to Dadu enticing a stern glare from the expected direction.

 "Mahi agar tune uss din ke bare mein kuch bhi kaha na to teri khair nahin" Shiv's threatening almost amused Anandi, soaring her curiosities about the incident.

"Mahi bhaiya bataiye na,,,,aisa kaunsa raaz hai jiske khulne ke darr se Collector Sahab itna ghabra rahe hain?"

"Actually woh kya hai na Anandi bhabhi..."

"Mahi NOO!!" Shiv glared.

"Shiv bhaiya chinta mat keejiye Anandi bhabhi apko bilkul nahin dantengi" Mahi joked hi-5ing dadu as everyone else across the table tried not to laugh. Shiv couldn't believe how his family was so badly after him that too in front of his wifey.

"To suniye Anandi aaj se 8 mahine pehle ki baat hai. Actually badi mom ne Sanchi ki psychology professor ko lunch pe invite kiya tha. Aur humare pyaare Shiv bhaiya ne apne mango eating habit se uss bechari Ms sophisticated Kavita Sinha ko itna embarrass kar diya ki usne Sanchi ko apne bhaiya ke liye table etiquette classes suggest kar di"ShockedShocked Mahi slopped the raita oops broth leaving the entire Shekhar clan except Shiv in mighty giggles ROFL

"Aur ye to kuch bhi nahin hai Anandi...uske baad jo Sanchi ne Shiv ko daant lagayi thi...Shiv ki shakal dekhne layak thi" Ira kidded putting salt on Shiv's wounds LOL

"And And And Anandi bhabhi...Sanchi Shiv bhaiya pe itna kyun bhadki thi...iska raaz to Shiv bhaiya khud bhi nahin jante"

"Mahi ab bas bahut ho gaya...chup chaap khana kha" Choti ma gestured Mahi to keep quiet.

"What?!! Tu kya kehna chahta hai Mahi?? Choti ma aap logon ne kya baat chupayi hai mujhse??"

Hearing Shiv's innocent question now Ira, Alok, Dadu, Sanchi and Mahi looked at each other seriously and broke into a prance giggling like mad people.

"Woh kya hai na Shiv bhaiya aap na bahut bhole hain"Embarrassed

"Mahi bakwas mat kar aur mujhe bata kya chupaya tha sab ne mujhse"

"Oho Shiv bhaiya aap abhi bhi nahin samjhe! Ms Kavita yahan lunch par yuhin nahin aayi thi...woh to aapko dekhne aayi thi.I mean shaadi ke liye.Aur aapne unpar itna ahcha impression choda ki bechari dinner chodke hi bhaag gayi" Sanchi mocked Shiv as he gaped at his family members like a bemused ape. And in all this while Anandi had a blast at the expense of her rib-tickling family and her innocent husband LOL

"I can't believe this...dadu papa mom...aap logon ne mujhe bina bataye...oh god this is so embarrassing!!" super-annoyed shiv walked out with a hefty steps.

"Papajee this is not fair...itna bhi koi kisiko satata hai kya...bechare ko kitna bura lag raha hoga Anandi ke saamne ye sab sun ne mein" 

"Mom aapne bilkul sahi word uss kiya...bechare Shiv bhaiya"Mahi was rolling on ground now.
"Bas Mahi bahut ho gaya!!"

"Choti ma...aap chinta mat keejiye main dekhti hoon"Anandi reassured with a smile.


A sweet smile tucked the corner of Anandi's lips as she saw her husband huffing to himself angrily in their bedroom. His puffed cheeks tickled an uncontrollable urge within her to pull them tightly but she gave away the thought trying to concentrate on her work. Seeing her enter the room Shiv faced her with his back and tried to act aloof.

"Waise mujhe nahin pata tha ki Collector Sahab ko itna gussa aata hai...hmm ab to lagta hai mujhe thoda extra careful hokar rehna padega"Tongue

"Anandi pls aap jaiye yahan se mujhe kisis se baat nahin karni..mera mood kharab hai"

"Kyun kyunki Ms Kavita ne aapko reject kar diya" Anandi needled deliberately to annoy him moreROFL

"Urmm...aisa kuch bhi nahin hai...aap jaiye na Anandi...mujhe abhi kisi se baat nahin karni" covering his face with blanket he acted to sleep.

"Achcha baat nahin karni to aam to kha leejiye"LOL

"Anandi aaj aap mujhse nahin bachengi..."

"Arey maine kya kaha?Aur agar mujhse narazgi hai to iss aam ko kyun saza de rahe hain aap. Balki aapko to iss aam ka thanku kahna chahiye!"Wink

"Aam ka thanku?Aur who kyun?"Confused

"Arey issi aam ki wajah se to aap mujhse mil paye...agar Ms Kavita aapko uss din aam khate hue na dekhti to who ofcourse rishte ke liye han kar deti"

"Par aap itna sure kaise ho sakti hain ki Ms Kavita mujhe pasand kar hi leti"Tongue

"Ofcourse main sure ho sakti hoon...kyunki main aapki patni..."Anandi froze to her place realizing what she had said. Her relapsing talkativeness had been a constant reason of concern for her in the recent past. A huge grin spread across Shiv's face as he sprang into upright position hearing her words.

"To sarpanchjee aap ye kehna chahti hain ki koi bhi ladki mujhse bahut asaani se impress ho sakti hai" Shiv teased jerking her slightly on the shoulder. A rosy blush stained her cheeks as she felt his sturdy shoulders brushing against her tender ones, sending an undercurrent down her spine. Trying to change the topic she looked away and looked around for something to start the conversation with.

"Aap jaldi se apni shirt utar deejiye..."Shocked Shiv's face dropped as he heard Anandi mumble in a trance.ROFL It was strange she didn't realize what she said. As she turned around to see his jaw-dropped face, her own words sank in, this time realizing the double meaning, forcing her cheeks to evince a scarlet red hue.

"Aaa..mera matlab hai ki agar abhi saaf nahin ki to daag rah jayenge...aap isse saaf kar leejiye" mortified with her own stupidity she ran to the washroom as Shiv followed her with baby steps still trying to recover from the mini heart-attack LOL

Her heart fluttered hard beneath her chest as she watched the shirt strip off her husband's masculine physique. For a moment she wished to run her fingers on those curvy biceps and feel the strength they manifested but immediately gave away the thought feeling embarrassed at herself. As he took off his shirt and handed it over to her, she dropped it on the floor out of nervousness. She tried hard to look away but her eyes were glued to him making him feel unguarded and shy. A passionate silence fell over as their foreheads clasped and eyes met over the bend down. Something melted within her as she looked down his deep eyes. Something had surely changed since she last saw him in an almost similar situation. He was no longer the same. Nether was she.

Trying to break the eye-contact she looked away and picked up the shirt with an impulse.

"Shiv aap chaliye main abhi shirt saaf kar deti hoon" she fumbled trying to look away. But as soon as he was about to walk away she called him from the back.

"Shiv woh..."she gestured towards his chest..."Woh actually aapke..mera matlab hai ki..."

"Kya hua Anandi...??"

"Woh actually aam..." fumbling she closed her eyes and heaving a deep sigh she stepped closer to him. Her breathing was heavy and shallow. Treading her hand upwards she gently rubbed off the mango pulp that was stuck to his chest. Her movement was so slow as if she tried to commit every inch of him to her memory. A thick lump formed in his throat as he felt her fingers linger beneath his under-shirt and caress his heart softly, invoking a massive hormonal rush in his veins. Gathering himself into composure he let out a deep sigh and whispered, "Anandi baki sab to theek hai but mujhe thodi si gudgudi ho rahi hai"LOL

Shocked by his words she immediately pulled her hand away hurting his chest by her nail.

"OUCH" he winced as her sharp weapon bruised his innocent torso.Tongue

"Ohh god I am really sorry Shiv...woh maine ekdum se haath jhatak diya. I am soo sorry ...aapko zyaada to nahin lagi na..."

"Relax Anandi its si kharonch hai"

"Aaap aaiye main dawa laga deti hoon"

"Relax Anandi...choti si chot hain...apne aap theel ho jayegi"

"Shiv chup abb...main kuch nahin sun ne wali. Apne aap kaise theek ho jayegi...aap rukiye main abhi aayi" she scolded in her typical teacherjee mode.

Soaking cotton into his after-shave she carefully dabbed it on his wound while blowing it continuously. A heavy sigh escaped her mouth as she felt his chest muscles flex coz of the sting.

"Bahut jal raha hai kya?" she asked with concern etched across her face.

"Hmm..bahut" Shiv mumbled forcing her to roll her eyes above. A look into his eyes and her heart skipped a beat. Her mind almost went numb and throat tight as she saw an array of questions flooding his eyes. The questions that made her self-doubtful. She knew he didn't want her to restrain her emotions so mercilessly. He wanted her to speak surrender. But she couldn't and she didn't know why. At one moment she wished to melt in the warmth of his arms but at the other she feared to let him close. And the contrasting emotions didn't let her live in peace. His proximity inflicted a surge within her she was neither able to surpass nor withstand. Baffled by her own contradicting emotions...she strode away from Shiv and ran downstairs.

A faint yet painful smile touched his lips as he saw his tormented wife run away. He could feel her breaking but he knew it was necessary for her to gain the confidence on herself. Determined to bring her at peace while keeping her introspection intact, he pulled on her favorite blue shirt and walked downstairs Embarrassed


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Aww Malika that was such a nice one.hope here is another part to it...loved the rishta joke..poor saachi

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That was amazing Malika, I was rofling just as much as Mahi was !! Loved it to the core ! Am a huge fan of your writing, always checking the BV forum to see if u have posted a new FF or not !! AnSh were amazing as usual, I wish we get a scene like this in the show, you always depict AnSh's character and their essence so brilliantly !! :)

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Very sweet oneEmbarrassed

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Yet another awesome one Malika.. Clap You are a Star in weaving these kind of beautiful stories on AnSh. Not only are your stories so wonderful, the most important part is everyone in your story is so much in character. That makes me love your writings all the more.
Coming to this story, I see mention of Bhola Bhala and Bechara from you !! LOL What a tease you are !

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very nice malika...thank you for treat Hug

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very nice 

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