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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS: THE NIGHT to forget Pt 9

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Links to previous parts: Part1
THE NIGHT to forget
Part 9
''You got shoes...for me?'' ''Khushi you haven't got any shoes, it's not like you can walk around bare foot for the rest of your pregnancy'' Khushi opened the 50 boxes of shoes. There were sandals, slippers, the lot. Khushi's smile widened in amazement gleeming with joy at all the shoes. Arnav gave a half smile trying to look non chalant. Khushi picked a pair of shoes that she wanted to wear but couldn't reach her feet to put them on because of her huge belly. Anjali intervened saying ''Chote help her put them on then'' Arnav cleared his throat, took the shoes off Khushi's hand making her gaze at him with wonder. Khushi couldn't believe that without objecting he was willing to do it. Arnav bent down and like Prince Charming he slipped the shoes onto her feet and they fit perfectly. Khushi was shocked that they fit ''they fit? Wow, you know my size!'' Arnav got up then Anjali said ''Amazing! Just imagine 2 months left until we have a little one near by and you'll be putting shoes on them'' Arnav looked at Anjali and got serious when he remembered what the doctor said about Khushi giving birth and having a possibility of dying. His anger rose and he stormed off upstairs.
Arnav was sat on the bed with his hand cupped together covering his mouth and nose; he was fuming. Khushi came in ''I wanted to say thank you... For the shoes? What happened?...Why did you go off like that all of a sudden?'' ''Khushi just leave me alone!'' ''Why are you so angry all of a sudden?! I'm the pregnant one!'' ''That's right Khushi YOU are the pregnant one! YOU are the one who's going to risk your life on that baby! Have you forgotten?! You heard with your own ears what the doctor told you!'' ''Again?... What is wrong with you?! I told you i'm going to have this baby no matter what, why are you so affected by it?'' ''Well it doesn't matter now does it? You can't do anything about it now anyway!'' ''I can't do anything about it? You mean have an abortion? You shallow man! I don't understand why you're caring about me dying so much?'' ''I don't care!'' Khushi froze there with shock for a couple of minutes almost surprised that he didn't care, when for real he cared so much that made him mad. ''Well then why are you so bothered?!'' ''...because unfortunately everyone in this family is fond of you so if anything happens to you then they'll be crushed, especially Di and i'm not okay with that!'' ''Well you've forgotten Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, everyone is fond of the baby that's on it's way too! But for some reason you don't seem to care about the baby!'' ''That's right i don't care about the baby, i couldn't care less!'' Khushi looked at him with anger and dissappointment then calmly said ''one day you will regret saying that''
Khushi walked out to make her way downstairs until she met with Shyam. Shyam was angry hearing that Arnav saved Khushi from falling and got her 50 pairs of new shoes. Khushi just rushed past him avoiding seeing his peverted smile. Shyam was getting desperate: he begun to conspire a new plan to make Khushi meet with an accident and effectively losing her baby.

It was one day later and Khushi was still avoiding talking to Arnav; she couldn't even look him in the eye.
It was driving Shyam crazy that Khushi was coming closer to giving birth and he had to take all his chances to make Khushi have a miscarriage. Shyam was hiding outside Arnav and Khushi's room by the pool side waiting for Khushi to come out. As Arnav came into the room, Khushi went by the poolside just standing around in the fresh air. Suddenly Shyam came from behind and pushed her in knowing she couldn't swim and slipped away. Khushi screamed as she fell in and was struggling to keep her head above the surface of the water. Arnav heard this from the room and ran out to see what the screaming was about. Seeing Khushi drowning in the pool he immediately jumped in and picked her up and got her out. He carried her to the bed and lay her down. Khushi was unconscious and Arnav begun to panic; he put his ear to her chest unable to hear her heart beat. He performed CPR on her all the way saying ''Khushi wake up dammit!'' Finally Khushi coughed out the water jammed in her lungs and was breathing heavily exhausted. ''Arnav ji?'' Khushi slowly opened her eyes to an angry but worried Arnav hanging up the phone ''Khushi what the hell was that?! Are you okay???'' Khushi sat up on the bed ''s-somebody pushed me'' ''What?! What do you mean somebody pushed you? Who could've pushed you? There's nobody around except me'' Khushi looked at him accusively ''Don't look at me like that; i saved you!'' ''You saved me?'' Just then Anjali came in with a doctor ''Chote, Khushi ji, what happened? Why did you call the doctor?'' ''Khushi fell into the pool. She thinks somebody pushed her, but i'm sure she slipped or something'' Khushi looked at Arnav angrily as he made her out to sound delusional. The doctor examined Khushi and concluded ''Khushi will be fine, she just needs to take alot of rest.'' Anjali asked worried ''and the baby?'' ''The baby is okay too. I gave Khushi a sedative, she'll be resting for a while'' Anjali left to show the doctor out. Arnav was left there looking at Khushi asleep for ages. He came and sat beside her and stroked her face with wonder. She looked so innocent yet he felt it was a facade. Deep down he knew she wasn't capable of anything wrong but he'd just remind himself of the ''facts'' that just told him not to believe in Khushi's innocence. He accidentally, during his moment of thoughts, lay his hand over Khushi's pregnant belly. Suddenly he felt the baby kick which made his thoughts jump; he was struck with a rush of feelings. ''Whoa! What was THAT?'' Arnav gazed with narrow eyes, astounded by what he just felt. He put his hand over her belly again with reluctant curiosity, to only feel it again, but more intense. Arnav felt emotionally attached; he felt that connection again, like he did when he saw the ultrasound for the first time. ''Wow! Amazing'' Arnav was bewildered; a smile rose on his face. ''Wow...Is that'' He then looked over her and saw her pregnant wide belly like he forgot it was there. Suddenly, making him angry, he clenched his fists and teeth like he was defeated. He became angry thinking about the baby; how it was Shyam's and how Khushi could die because of it.
Shyam was stood right outside the room looking at Arnav sat beside Khushi. Shyam was fuming that Khushi was fine and didn't know what he could do next ''I can't do anything more for now. I must wait''
Khushi woke up later on that day to a worried Arnav sat beside her. ''Khushi'' Khushi looked away from his face scowling. She tried to get out of bed then Arnav said ''What is it? I'll get it for you'' Khushi looked at him with a raised eyebrow ''I'm going to take a shower, move out of my way'' Arnav got up and looked at her as she walked into the bathroom. He thought to himself ''two accidents in two days? Am i meant to believe that was just a coincidence? Maybe Khushi was pushed? But then how's that possible?'' Arnav left his theory to rest for the time being because he was unsure about the situation, but trusted there was something fishy. He shaked his head and left the room.

2 months finally passed and Khushi's due date was over due which was driving Khushi crazy. She'd sit restlessly everywhere, flip with anger on every little thing and eat like mad.
Arnav and Khushi were on their drive back from the 4th doctors appointment that week, concerning Khushi's overdue pregnancy. Khushi had a sonogram picture on one hand and with the other she was holding her pregnant belly talking to her baby ''Just how long are you planning to stay in there for? Hmm? This is not fair, i can't bear this any longer. Somebody kill me now!! I just want this baby out!!'' Arnav was fuming hearing her say this. He stopped the car in immense force and said ''Khushi get out'' ''KYA?!'' ''I said get out!'' ''Why? What did i do? You can't throw me out in this condition, are you crazy?!'' Arnav got out of the car and opened Khushi's side of the car door. ''Arnav ji what are you doing?'' Arnav grabbed the sonogram picture off her hand, scrunched it up and chucked it somewhere inside the car. He then undid her seatbelt and grabbed her elbow pulling her out. ''Arnav ji what are you doing?! Why the hell did you do that for?! What's wrong with you?!'' Khushi was confused but highly angry. Once Arnav got her out the car he made his way back in the car. ''Arnav ji what are you doing? I'm pregnant!!! I don't even know where we are!'' Arnav got in the car, put his seatbelt on and started the car engines. Khushi looked through the window, banging and yelling ''Are you just going to leave me here?!'' Arnav just drove off in his arrogant way thinking to himself ''How can that crazy girl talk about giving birth like she's forgotten what could happen? No, above that she talks about someone killing her instead?!'' Arnav was imploding with anger, outside his senses leaving Khushi miles back.
Khushi stuck in the middle of nowhere couldnt find any transport nearby so she started to just walk in her painful situation. very few cars passed by her but didn't stop to give her a lift. Khushi was draining out all her tears of pain and her anger was driving her crazy. ''I cannot believe he actually...just left me out here! I cannot stand that man. That arrogant, selfish, stupid, bigheaded, rude, judgemental, hypocrytical, egoistic, haughty MAN! I hate him!''
Arnav reached home thinking Khushi will ride on some taxi home. ''Stupid girl, she should learn to keep her mouth shut. How can she talk like that when she very well knows what could happen to her when she gives birth?!'' Arnav undid his buttons of his blazer and aggressively chucked it on the bed clenching his teeth. As much as he tried to avoid the thought, he couldn't stop thinking about how Khushi could want Shyam's baby; it was partially the significant reason why he didn't want her to have the baby-because it was Shyam's.
Khushi was struggling as she walked down the isolated roads in such pain, holding her huge belly with both hands. ''We'll get home soon, don't worry- Ow!'' Khushi felt a sharp pain in her stomach but then dismissed it after it stopped and continued walking at the speed of a tortoise.
Arnav was sat there on the bed in deep thought when Anjali walked in. ''Chote, Khushi ji kaha hai?'' Anjali was looking around '' she's just gone outside for a while, she needed some fresh air'' ''Chote how could you let her go out on her own? She's in no condition to be on her own right now'' ''Di, she'll be fine, don't worry'' ''You Chote will never change... Anyway Chote, what did the doctor say?'' ''Everything is normal, Khushi's just going to have a later delivery day.'' Arnav noticed that Anjali was upset so he asked ''Di, what's wrong? Why do you look so upset?'' ''Kuch neh Chote...Well Shyam ji's going on his long trips with his clients again. He promised me it would be the last time like nine months ago. He said he was only going for a week and ended up going for a few months last time; orelse i wouldn't care as much.'' Anjali pulled her sad face. ''Di, don't worry, he'll be back before you know it. It's normal...'' in the middle of his sentance Arnav stopped when he realised something. He then told his sister ''Don't worry Di, all trips aren't the same. He won't be gone long; infact you should arrange a special send off for him'' Anjali agreed and made her way out. Arnav then quickly shut the door in a rush and thought to himself ''What the! Shyam was away nine months ago?... How does that make sense? But can't be-she's nine months pregnant though.'' Arnav ran through all his thoughts, running through all the possibilities. He paced back and forth when it finally hit him and he stopped completely. A few minutes later he said in shock ''Shyam's not the Father!'' Arnav started to breathe heavily unable to think straight. ''Khushi could never have gotten with Shyam if he wasn't here...but then who's...the...Father?''
Khushi was still walking, she'd stop every once in a while, but had to continue. ''Driving home from the hospital takes long enough, walking home will take longer! That Arnav Singh Raiza-Ow!'' Khushi felt that pain again. ''What the...What is it with these pains? Ooh-Ow! Ah'' Khushi's pain was getting stronger. ''Ow! OW...No no not please, not now!'' Khushi knew exactly what what was happening. Suddenly her water broke and Khushi slowly bent to the ground leaning against a brick wall along the side of the road.
Back home Arnav was contemplating about how Khushi got pregnant. He was a little relieved and slightly happy it wasn't Shyam's baby, but now he had no idea. He sat down at the side of the bed, when he felt something poking his feet. There was a corner of some card or paper or something underneath the bed sticking out. Arnav bent down looking under the bed to get it; he then saw something else under the bed too. He pulled both the objects out. The first object was the sonogram picture that he once flicked out of sight after he found it lying outside of Khushi's bag. The second object was one of his white shirts that wasn't so white but rather dirty. Arnav observed the shirt confused as to how it got there ''What the?!'' Arnav found a red lipstick mark on the collar of his shirt which added to his confusion. ''How on Earth did that get...'' Arnav froze. A couple of minutes passed before him eyes widened as he finally recalled the night Khushi and him spent together.
When they were both drunk and made their way home early to an empty house. Arnav chased Khushi all over the house until they ended up in the bedroom and he fell on top of her. They confessed their love for eachother ''I love you Arnav ji...More than anything in the world'' ''I love you so much dammit'' He finally layed his first kiss on her soft hot lips, then taking it further. They undressed eachother letting go of their clothes anywhere and everywhere and finally became eachothers, consummating their marriage.
''Ofcourse!... I was too drunk to remember!''
Precap: ''Arnav ji i can't do this! I-I-I can't...Aaah!'' Khushi was sweating from her head, her hair came undone and her face was intense. Arnav moved her hair back and cupped her face ''Come on Khushi, stay strong...For our baby''

Thank you for reading, please leave your thoughts and hit the like button if you enjoyed
**Updated: Part 10
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aaj mausam hai suhana...phele commant karneka bahana...Dancing

wow  such a wonderful update...
shoe's i loved it...
shyam is going somewhere..thank god.. better usko iss duniya se beejtho... 
Arnav know the truth now..and lots of thanks for anjali to drop the hint...
The way he find the truth..u r brilliant...i didn't expect this way he will found...
one thing made me angry he left khushi alone in this condition...AngryAngry poor khushi...i hope he will be there for her rescue... 
waiting for next update...

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Finally Arnav realised it is his baby!

Precap is awesome! Loved it!

Please continue soon!



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Damnit ASR just leaves his heavily pregnant wife on the road..
Finally he realized that the baby is his..
Owh the baby is coming.. Big smile
Thanks for the PM. 

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Are you joking me!??!??!?!?!? ahhh Iwana rip Arnav Singh Raizadas pretty little hair out of his pretty little head!!!! AngryAngry

Not one did he stress out a pregnant women but he left her to fend for herself knowing how close(overdue) her date was!!
Hes ok with the baby now that he knows its his>?!?!? its a baby! an innocent life! even if it was shayms baby it wasn't going to come out of the womb to Diya Ho background music. ConfusedOuchAngry

Children soak up love! they love the people who love them back.

sorryEmbarrassed as you can tell I'm not very impressed with our Haridwar graduate Hero.

honestly if he think that saying 'our baby' during that labor is going to make everything magically better; then he has another think coming( no I'm not talking about the marriage, I'm more mad at him for all the things he said about the baby)

side note: did ASR marry Khushi to protect his sister and her baby???? shouldn't there be a baby around...Confused and if shes not preggers then why is shyam still at RM??

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Precap is nice.. I can't wait for next update... Thx fr the pm..

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Loved it please update soon

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atlast Arnav realised...Big smile

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