The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

kisha os- silent tears (Page 2)

Fate.Intervined IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2013 at 1:06am | IP Logged
amazing os...
loved it...
thnx for pm...

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keshiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2013 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Hey nice OS Embarrassed Really liked itEmbarrassed

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My_loveis_gone Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 1:12am | IP Logged
first of all thanks to all my frnds and u guys who like and coment on my os. thanks again.

kiya come in class. she start pretending that she dont know anything. everyone told her about kd but she ignored them.she start avoiding everyone. everyone become tensed with her that behaviour. when anyone talked about kd with her, she pretended that she dont care. pidi did not said her anything becuse he had given the promise to kd that he will not said anything to kiya and will not blaming kiya for this. one day boby and panchi come in lockar room. they slightly open the door and saw kiya in tears which make them shocked. kiya was touching the lockar of kd and saying- i miss u stoneface, pls come back. boby made the video and they shown this to all buddies. now all the buddies understood why she is behaving like that. they make a plan. when kiya entered in the class, pidi shout- samar kd bhai will not coming back . a tear come from kiya's eyes which did not go un-noticed by buddies. all the buddies start talking about kd but kiya left the class. she went back in lockar room and start crying. she said to herself- kd, pls come back. i cant live without u. i m sorry for what i did.  then she heard something and turn her face. she was shocked to saw all the buddies there. boby come near her and wept her tears. she could not take anymore and hugged to boby. now kiya gujral was crying and everyone was shocked to saw her condition. she was constly saying- boby pls muje kd chahiye. ranveer ,u r my buddy pls i need kd. and saying that she fell on her knees. then she relised something and get up with a jolt. she run to pidi and start pleading- pidi, pls tell me something. kd tera best frnd tha. usne tumhe kush toh kaha hoga.pls pidi. pidi did not take anymore. he said- m sorry kd bhai. saying that he take out a paper from his bag and give to kiya.and said- maine yeh kd bhai ke bag se nikala tha jab wo class me ro rahe the. unhe nahi pta ki jeh mere pass hai. may be wo tumhe dena chahte ho par dekar nahi gaye. kiya open that and start reading

kiya, i msorry, for what i did to u. pls forgive me,
i hurt u, u deserve better than me.
just forget me,
being with me nothing good can come through.
But one thing I promise is,
I will never forget you.
The memories we shared,
that went by too fast.
They're all a part,
of my wonderful loving past.
But we both knew we couldn't continue,
under these conditions.
There was so much love there,
but too much distance.
Please forgive me,
for the choices I've made.
I just want you to be happy,
but please don't let the memories fade.
I have cried myself to sleep,
time and time again.
And I'm just waiting for the day,
that maybe we can be one again.
It's just right now,
is no time for pain and love to mix
Maybe we can happen again,
sometime later in life.
Just move on for now,
don't be a sacrifice.
You are too amazing,
to lose forever.
I'm not going to forget about you,
not now not ever.
No one knows,
how much this is actually hurting me.
Free from this pain I call myself,
is what I wish for you

kiya start fainting and about to fall but boby cought her. they took her to hospital. doctor told that its due to stress. kiya said to boby- why only me boby. god always snatched my happiness from me. what i will do now boby? main kaha jaon? main usko nahi bhool nahi sakti. kitni assani se keh diya usne ki muje bhool jao but how i can.
boby- everything will be fine kiya.

kiya's pov
i open my eyes and saw  around me.i relised i was in hospital. then boby come to me. she console me that everthing will be fine. everyone come and console me. then doctor asked them to leave me alone becuse i need some rest. they left the room. after sometime doctor dicharged me. we were going back in home. all buddies were in Ranveer's car except kd. i was thinking what will happen if today kd also with us. will he sit in ranveer's car or the fight again start between them. a smile come on my face but then reality strike me and i feel pain in my heart. it was just an thought. will he come back again. could i see him again. i again lost in thoughts and whishper kd. all the buddies start staring to me. boby said i should not hv take stress. we come back home. days start passing.

after 3 month later
3 months passed after kd left the school. everyone begain their new life. now nobody talked about kd. i know that, they all r doing this for me but inside, they r missing him. i m pretending to be happy front of them but inside i m shatered. we all tried many time to find him but all in vain. he left the city. his father and little brother in mumbai. but he alone left the city. his brother missed him so we all start spending time with him. yesterday we gone to meet him. he is a cute boy like kd. we know, how much we tried but we cant fill the kd's place in his heart. he still miss his brother. when we first time meet with him, he told many secret of kd to us. he told how kd got beaten in boxing match for money becuse he needed money for his school fees. he told that kd did not sleep correctly from the day when he spoiled my drink.kd's brother said that kd want the apoiogy from a girl which missunderstood him. i feel guilty thinking that kd did not sleep due to me. kd's brother did not know i m that girl so he always start tounting that girl in front of me. he did not know that he is saying all this bad things about me in front of me. ranveer and others tried to stop him but i stop them and said them not tell him abvout me. from that day we start enjoying his tounting. he always said " agar wo ladki mere sahmne aajaye na toh main uske dant ( teeth) tod dunga." we start laughing on his kiddish behaviour.  sometime i also join him and start saying like "dant(teeth) nahi uss ladki ki toh neck tod deni chahiye." in my home, i always start thinking about kd which hurt me. so i start enjoyed his brother's company. i remember that day when me, ranveer, pidi, panchi, juhi, samar and boby, we all give him gift a new cycle. he was very happy but then he start crying. it remind him of his brother kd. we feels also hurt after saw him like that.
now i know tomarrow we hv to gone delhi for song and dance compdition. we r 7 members in buddy team. kd left us but jaitly sir again start buddy project.

next day

 we reached in delhi. we complete our compdition.we was about to go back but then juhi shout-kd. i froze at my place. i turn my face to saw him and yes, he was there. but what he was doing on bike? then he start his bike and leave. 9 bikes were behind him and 5 bikes were ahead. o shit, its a bike race. but no, its not only a bike race but its a death race. omg , i feel scared becuse the way from which they hv to run their bikes was on the dangerous place. i turn my face to others, they also was scared. boby and juhi was shouting kd's name. i wished it could be dream but no it was reality. then a bike sliped from his way and fall in the river. i feel scared. then after sometime race was over. kd was on 2nd no. he collect his money. start his bike and left from their.

kd's pov
3 months r passed when i left the mumbai. as like other days i reached for race. yes now i m a bike racer. i open my bullet and saw her pics. then i start my bike and race start. last time i won the race but today i hv to lost it. yes i m losing this myself becuse i need money and raj told me that if i loss race from him then he will give me the double money. i accept his deal and when i was about to crossing the winning line, i decreased race of my bike and raj won th race. i collect my money and left from their. i parked my bike in my little house which i took at rant. i come out from my house and start walking toward the temple. i feel someone is chasing me. i stopped and turn but there was nobody. i shook my head and went near the temple. i saw a woman was siting near the temple. i always come here what never saw her. may be she foegot her way. i was about to go forward then i heard her voice. "aaj second no par". i asked her- what about u talking. "about ur race" she said me. i asked- how u know? she said- i know everything. bdw tumhe dar nahi lagta? i mean agar kush ho gya toh. i start laughing and replied- itna kush toh ho gya, ab kya hoga? i left my family, my school and ki..but then i stop when i relised what i about to said. she asked me- what about ur bro? i replied- i will be back to him but she cut me and said- when? i was speechless becuse i did not think about that. she again said- tum apne bhai ke pass baad me jaoge par tab tak uska khyaal kon rakhega? i was shattered. why i could not think that? bdw why r u taking part in this race? i replied- becuse i need money, for complete his every wish i mean for my brother. "he need u not money" she replied. (silence) she again asked-" what about kiya?" i was shocked to hear that. i shout- who r u? she said- i ask u something. i was about to go what she again said from my behind- she is waiting for u? "she did not love me" i replied. she asked- who said? was she said? "she said she hate me" i replied. she again said- that mean she did not said that she did not love u. i asked becuse i was confused- what u mean? she said- nafrat pyar ka hi ek roop hai. i was thinking i heard this voice before but where, i could not recognised. she again whishper- ur frnd pidi and others missing u. ab toh tumhara enmy bhi tumhe miss karta hai. i ask- who?  she replied- non... ranveer. now i understood who is this. i turn her face to my side. omg yaa she was panchi. i was shocked to saw tears in her eyes. she asked me why i left them.
kd's pov end

pidi went near kd and slapped him. everyone is shocked but kd knew that it will happen.
boby come to stop him but he said- boby pls its b/w me and kd. tum log dur raho.
pidi- samjta kya hai tu apne apko. ayega, dost banayega aur ek din unko shodkar chala jayega. best frnd bolta tha no muje. bahut achi yaari nibhai hai.
kd- sorry pidi. maaf karde yaar. tu toh mera bhai hai.
pidi- ek sharat par.
kd- kya?
pidi in kd's ear- tu boby ko purpose karne me meri help karega.and phir kabhi aisa nahi karega.
kd- done.
pidi hugged kd.
all meet with kd.
ranveer come near him and said- kaisa hai?
kd- acha hoon.
sometime silent and then both hugged each other.
 then kd turn his face and saw kiya.she was in tears.
kd said to all- chalo, royal chale. all were confused that why kd not talked with kiya but kd winked at them. they noode and went back in ranveer's car. kd start his bike. kiya was staring to him. kd stop bike near kiya and said- chicklet, baithna nahi?
kiya- tumhare sath?
kd- kyon koi problem hai?
kiya wept her tears and said- no, i mean u forgive me?
kd- not yet but i will, if u will be gone with me on my bike.
kiya smiled and hugged kd. kd also hugeed him. both were crying badly. buddies saw that and left from that.
kiya- tum attitude me ache lagte ho stoneface. rote huye nahi.
kd- tum bhi chicklet and both start laughing.
kd saw i tear in kiya's eyes and wept the tear.
kiya- nobody notice this tear when they told that u left mumbai. so that time it was silent tear. but today u notice it
kd- that silent tear was due to pain but this is tear of happiness.
kiya- yaa, which is not silent now becuse someone already saw this.
kd- who is someone?
kiya- keshav desai i mean kd.
they both smile and they knew that it is a begning of new love story.

guys pls coment and like

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutiepie0412

Lovely update...Kisha were awesome in this...Great work! Thanks for the pm

thanks dear
Fate.Intervined IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
loved it esp..last part...
thnx for pm...
..WitchGrave.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 3:57am | IP Logged
Wow awesome vis it was awesome
Stoneface and chicklet in a cute avatar
-Razzy- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 7:04am | IP Logged
ohh finally a happy ending Dancing
i really loved the way u expressed kisha feelings hereClap
aww KD seeing kiya's pic before he races everytimeDay Dreaming
kiya wid KD's lil bro , soo cuteEmbarrassed
thnx for the pm dear Hug
hey can i knw ur name ?
i m razz btwBig smile

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