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"For your information SIR, wo operation meri wajah se nahi balki aapke wajah se fail hue the. Ab aap samje ya samjhao" she roared in front of him and then left his cabin slamming the door. She moved out and stood in front of 3 people who were standing like statues. "WHAT??" she roared again. All 3 nodded negative. She shrugged her shoulders and went to her cabin.

Chotu: are yaar, mujhe laga tha ke world war 3 tho Arjun Sir aur Rathod Sirke beech mien hoga. Par now I think its going to be between him and Aisha.

Shree: sahi kaha tumne Chotu. attitude dene mien tho Arjun Sirke baap lagtha hai. kahi ye dono bhai-behen tho nahi?

Riya: Shree, tum kuch bhi bola jarahe ho. Aise kuch nahi ahi. She is just angry with him and that's all. After all uske 8 mahine ke kaam jo barbad hua hai?

Shree and Chotu were about to pull her legs when Rathod told them to meet immediately in the hall. They all assemble.

"So guys its Christmas eve, aur commissioner Sir ne party pe invite kiya hai. I hope you all remember ke waha dress code hai. be ready by 8 and reach the venue. Aur Rawte don't make scene now ye kehke tum dress code follow nahi karenge.

Arjun: meiene aisa kab kaha SIR?

Aisha: oh tho inhe dress code se bhi problem hai? not only with others work.

Arjun: Aisha tum fir shuru hogaye? Tum jaate ho ke uss din..(frustrated) forget it. mien bhi kisse samjha raha hu. Riya, Shree come to parking lot, soon.(he goes out)

Rathod: kya hai ye Aisha. Why do you do that always? Shree tum ready hojana, we'll pick you up.

Shree: its ok Sir, I'll come with Chotu to the party. Haina Chotu?(chotu confused. Still he nods the head. Rathod and Aisha leaves)

Riya: are yaar, in dono ke jhagda kab khatham hoga? (she goes to her cabin to get her bag)

Chotu: ye pick up karne wala idea kyu?

Shree: budhu, hum kabaab mien haddi kyu bane.

Chotu: matlab?

Shree: we all know about Arjun Sir and Riya. But did you notice Rathod sir and Aisha? Kuch chal raha hai kya waha pe?

Chotu: yaar thu marwayega. Un dono ke beech kya hai?

Shree: wait and see brother.(Riya also come in by that time.)

Chotu leaves with Rathod and Aisha. Shree goes with Ariya.

Ariya's SUV:

Riya: kya hua Sir? Tensed lagrahe ho?

Arjun: ye Aisha apne aapko samajthe kya hai? meine jaan bhujke thode na kiya tha.

Riya: its ok Sir, she will calm down

Shree sitting behind was listening to all these. He messaged Chotu: waha kya haal hai? here Ri manaufying Sir

Chotu smiled from Rathod's SUV. Aisha was fuming. Rathod was trying to relax her. "relax Aisha. Tum janthe ho usse. Uska attitude kabhi control karna mushkil hai."

Chotu messaged: Same here. Atom bomb and AK 47 together.

Shree: unme bomb kaunsa hai?

Chotu: your choice. For me its Aisha. (Chotu smiles again. Aisha notices it. rathod stops SUV near Chotu's home.)

Aisha: what happened Chotu? Kiska message hai?

Chotu: wo Shree

Aisha: tell me Chotu, you and Shree are just friends right?

Chotu: of course Aisha. Aur nahi tho kya? (he notices Rathod smiling) Si aap smile kyu kar rahe ho? even you too? Mere ghar aagaye hai. c u in party (Chotu rushes out. Aisha is laughing aloud. Rathod is lost in her smile)

"Aisha tum bhi na? kuch bhi bol datha ho?( he was just gazing at her)

Ariya's SUV reached Shree's home and he went in.

Riya: tho chalen Arjun?

Arjun: (first lost In her words) tumhe dual personality syndrome hai kya? Sabke ssamne SIR, aur akele hothe hi Arjun?  

Riya: you prefer SIR ya Arjun?

Arjun: your choice mam. (he smiles and tries to touch her face)

Riya: Arjun hum abhi bhi Shree ke gharke samne hai. I think we should go.

He sighs and starts again and reach Riya's home.

Arjun: ab koi problem nahi hai na? ( he cups her face) waisa aaj teekhse batha nahi paya. Merry xmas.

he kisses her forehead. She blushes and closes her eyes. he is amused at her submission so he slowly moves to her lips. Riya opens her eyes and pushes him aside. "hey that's not fair!"

Riya: everything's fair in love Arjun.(she opens the door) jaldi aajana. I don't like to wait(she tells in his tone and he raises his eyebrows. She winks and goes to her home, while he drives to his home)

After 2 hours, Arjun is honking his SUV. "hm.. aaj firse late. Of course aaj ithna taiyyar bhi hona hai?" he honks again. Within a few seconds, he lets out a gasp. There in front of him was an angel in a cute white gown. She looked so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off her. She moved to him, she too was amazed by his looks. He looked dashing in that black 3 piece suit. But what she loved was the love that he had in his eyes. "kya hua Arjun mien achi nahi hu?"

Arjun closed her lips and moved closer to her. "kuch kami hai"

"what?" she looks at her dress worried. Suddenly she feels his hands over her waist pulling her close to him. She was shocked at the proximity. He looked tenderly at her yes and moved closer to her. Slowly he kissed her lips. She was numb for a while, but later she responded. Within a few minutes, she was blushing and catching up her breath. He raised her chin and looked at the color in her face. "hm.. ab kuch missing nahi hai" the air was so cold, there was a slight snow in the air. She hugged him gently and he wrapped his arms around her for a while. she loved him warmth. "ab chale?" she nodded and drove to the party.     

Shree and Chotu were already in the venue both in black. When Ariya came in hand in hands, both of their mouths were hanging. "yaar kya couple hai?? aane do Riya ko, aaj usse nahi chodunga."

Chotu: bad luck Shree, aaj usse Arjun sirse koi alag nahi kar sakthe. Dekh kaise chipakke khada hai.

A few minutes later another couple entered. Even Arjun's mouth was wide open now. Rathod- in 3 piece black suit and Aisha- in a gorgeous white saree. They looked perfect.

An hour back, Rathod was waiting infront of Aisha's home. She came out in a while in a beautiful white saree and hair tied above. His eyes were glued on her. She missed a step as she came close to him but he caught her instantly. She could feel his hands around her shoulder and was looking with a new feeling in his eyes. He slowly raised his hands to her head and took out her clip. The hair fell down to her shoulders. He then put some strands of hair behind her ears. "you look good now" she was simply shocked. In a second, Rathod wope up and left her. Both were embarrassed. "chale?" he asked without looking at her. They drove to the party.

In the party, Asiha move towards Riya and Rathod towards Arjun. the 2 groups stand a bit far away.

Riya: wow Aisha, you look great. Aur waise kya entry maari hai tumne?

Aisha: chup karna Riya. (she blushes)

Riya: wow, Jhansi ke rani tho sharma bhi rahe hai. kahi Rathod sirke asar tho nahi? (Aisha is silent and smiles)

Arjun: Aisha ke saath kaafi ache lagrahe the tum.

Rathod: stop it Arjun, kya keh rahe ho tum.(he abruptly stops and moves towards commissioner).

Aisha goes towards Shree-Chotu and Riya to Arjun.

Riya: dal mien kuch kaala hai na?

Arjun: hm… mujhe bhi kuch aisa hi laga. Dakthe hai

The music fills the air. "ishq wala love…." The party begins. Arjun asks Riya's hand for a dance. She blushes and goes to the stage. They are lost in each other and forget the audience. The whole team is so happy for them.

Commissioner: are Rathod, why don't you enjoy the party. Tumhare team mien ek aur lady hai.

Both Rathod and Aisha are embarrassed again. He asks for a dance. She reluctantly take his hands and move to the dance floor.

Riya: Arjun, see baath aage bad rahe hai.

Arjun: good ab hamare kaam aur aasan hoga.

Riya: waise where is my xmas gift?

Arjun: xmas gift tho nahi hai. par ek new year gift. Aur uskeliye tumhe dec 31st midnight thak wait karna hoga.

Riya: that's not fair Arjun

Riya: all is fair in love dear. I promise it will be your best new year till now. (suddenly he stops) what's going on??

Riya: kya hua?

Arjun: ye Shree, Sheen ke saath kyu dance kar rahe hai? (its been a while that Shree was with Sheen. Riya knew about it)

Riya: ek dance hi tho hai. relax.(but she knew it was more. Shree and Sheen were lost in each others eyes)

Arjun comes back to her and all enjoy the party happily.

Dec 30:

"team we have a situation. Kal raat se new year celebration shuru honewale hai. har jagah party hoga, masti hoge. It's the best time when loads of drugs flow through the city. Khabar mile hai, ke kal raath keliye bohot khas stuffs Mumbai mei aaya hai. commissioner sirke orders hai, ke alag alag party mien jaake waha se unlogonko pakandna. Our team is assigned to Xperia Disco, jo is shahar ke sabse khas drug handling discos mien se ek hai."

Arjun: lekin waha jaake situation handle karna easy nahi hai. agar khas stuffs aarahe hai tho uska security ka bandobasth bhi kiya hoga.

Shree: ha sir, Xperia mien only selected members hi jasakthe hai. ya tho fir wo teanagers hona chahiye, ya fir bohot rich log.

Aisha: aur bhi log ja sakthe hai Shree. You missed a few.

Shree: matlab?

Aisha: matlab waha, club dancers, drug peddlers ke kuch khas log, jisse bohot zyaada connections hai, wo sab jasaktha hai.

 Shree: and how do you know that Aisha?

Aisha: mujhe nahi, Nadiya ko sab patha hai( she gives a triumphant smile.)

Rathod: no way Aisha. I wont let you go there. Patha nahi kithne logonko ye patha hai ke tum Nadiya nahi,ek ETF officer ho. I cant take such a risk.

All are shocked at Rathod's concern. Even Aisha. But she handles well

Aisha: its ok Sir, yahi tho hamare kaam hai. trust me, I can handle this. Aur saare team bhi wahi hogi.

Rathod: we will be there, par tumhara Nadiya banna its risky. We won't be able to watch you always. Riya: wo akeli kyu jayega sir? I can help her. Mien bhi Aisha ketharah dancer banker jasakthi hu.

Arjun: don't talk rubbish Riya. Aisha inn sab halathonse kaafi experienced hai. and Nadiya did well in her work. She knows how this people work. Nadiya is the best person who can handle this situation. Bas, thode attitude sambhalna hoga. Baki sab teekh hai.

Aisha was shocked to hear it from Arjun. he had never praised her before. She was so happy.

Aisha: sir Nadiya nahi, waha Aisha kaam kar rahethe. Aap chaho tho Aisha ko bhi congratulate kar sakthe hai.    

Rathod: ok tho Riya aur Aisha dancers banke jayenge. Shree kuch fake ID banao. Rawte aur mien, businessmen banke chalenge. Chotu be ready with backup.

Arjun: are you sure about this? Riya ke waha jaana??

Riya: don't worry sir. I can do this. Aur mere naam hoge Sheen.

Arjun-Shree: WHAT??

Riya: aap sabke attention milne keliye isse behthar koi naam nahi hai (she winks at Shree)

Arjun was not at all convinced to send Riya for the mission. "don't worry Arjun. I'll be fine. Aap sab haina mere saath. Aur Aisha bhi. Don't worry"

It was 31st evening. The team was ready. Riya was in a red frock and Aisha in a black sexy dress. Shree also were joining the party as a teenager and the seniors as well known businessmen.

A man: are Nadiya!! Agaye tum? Kaha the ithne din?

Aisha: kya karu Sam, uss din jab boss ka death hue tho chupna hi pada. Par ab aur nahi, ab Nadiya aagaye hai na, sab sambhalungi.

Sam: ye kaun hai?

Aisha: ye Sheen hai, mere khas dost. Pune mien badi naam hai iski. Aajse mere saath hogi.

Sam: boss ke baad ab ek naya aaya hai. usse factory ka direct access bhi hai. usse milonge?

Aisha: kyu nahi? Unse tho milna hi hoga.

Sam: ok jaise hi countdown khatam hoga lets meet him. Ek naye saal, aur ek naye shuruath. For now lets enjoy.

All goes to dancefloor. Riya and Aisha burns the floor with their moves. "Dummaro dum…." But all the words were heard by the team through the mics.

Arjun (in mic): Riya sambhalke. Concentrate. (Riya and Aisha smiles at his concern)

Aisha: relax sir, she is safe with me.

Rathod: Aisha its not a game. Focus. (now Aisha was blushing)

Arjun moves ahead. He hears a muffled voice. He listens to it.

Man: are Nadiya wapas aaya hai!

Man: Nadiya? Yaha? Wo Nadiya nahi ek ETF officer hai. agar wo hai tho team bhi yahi hoge!

Man: par uske ke saath sirf ek ladki hi hai.

Man: wo bhi ETF se hoge. Kuch honese pehle sab sambhalna hoga.

Man: matlab un donoko…?"

They move away. Arjun knows what they are planning. The countdown is about to begin. 20…19…18…

Arjun(in mic): Riya… Aisha.. listen move away from there. They know about us. Go away from there.

Aisha: nahi sir, we cant. Hum usse miilnewale hai jisse factory se contact hai. don't worry we'll be fine.

Arjun: Aisha please for once listen to me.its risky. Riya samjha isse.

Riya: its ok sir, we'll be fine. She's right. We are so close to it.we can't leave it now

Rathod: dammit Aisha come back now!!!!

Aisha: no sir, we are going for it (she and Riya moves ahead)

Arjun: dammit. Rathod I'm going to them. give backup.

Arjun moves into the crowd towards the girls. 10…9….8…7….

2 men spot the girls and aim their guns  them.  6….5….4…

Arjun moves ahead and see 2 guns pointed at them. he rushes to them and push them covering completely. 3….2…1…

A loud bang fill the air… Aisha and Riya falls with Arjun on top of them.  Rathod and team comes in handles the situation. They catch the men red-handed and also the large amount of drugs. Aisha was irritated. "sir,,, kya kar rahe the aap? I told you we could handle it!!"

Riya: shut up Aisha…(she holds onto Arjun) Arjun… aap taakh kaina?Arjun….

Her hand feel something wet. She looks at it. there were 2 shots on his shoulders. He fell unconscious to her hands. "ARJUN…." she screamed.

They rushed him to the hospital and took him to OT. Riya was numb. She couldn't cry or speak. Aisha was feeling so miserable. "Riya, I'm sorry. Ye sab merehi bewkoofi ke wajahse hui hai. I'm sorry."Riya was still silent.

Rathod comes near to Aisha and places his hands on her shoulder. She turns to him. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry.." she cried out. Rathod is feeling miserable watching her tears. He gently hugs Aisha. Aisha couldn't hold anymore. She hugged Rathod more tightly and broke down on his shoulder. Rathod was holding onto her.

After a while a doctor comes out and all rushes to him. "Doc, how's he?"

"kaafi unstable hai. bohot blood loss hua hai. he will be shifted to ICU now. Agle 24 hours is critical for him."

Riya slowly gets up from her chair and tries to go inside. Doc tries to stop her but Rathod pleads to the doc and allows her to go in.

Arjun was lying sideways. He had bandages all over his shoulder. She sits by his side on the bed and holds his hand.

"Arjun.. uthiye please. You promised ke aap iss new year special banaoge. Please Arjun, fulfill your promise. Please Arjun, please don't frighten me. You promised you will be there forever. Then what happened? Please get up."

She holds his hand and weeps bitterly. Outside the room, the team was watching the scene. Aisha was feeling more guilty now. She was continuously weeping on Rathod's shoulders.

"Sh.. Aisha.. usse kuch nahi hoga…"

Riya felt a slight pressure over her fingers. She looks up and sees Arjun slowly stirring up. "Arjun… aap uth gaye?" she tries to move ahead but Arjun dosen't allow her to ahead.

"Riya I'm fine. Relax" her eyes welled of her joy.

"Arjun, aapne tho mujhe dara hi diya. Kya zaroorath the ya sab karne mien? Agar aapko kuch hojatha tho?

"aur agar tumhe kuch ho jatha tho? Tho kya mien zinda reh patha?"

Riya is silent. he slowly takes her hands to his lips. By a slight motion, a pain shoots up his shoulders. "Arjun… sambhalke…" he looks keenly at her.

"Riya apne new year gift nahi deknhonge?" Riya nods her eyes. he took her hands and kiss her palm.

"Riya Mukharjee… will you marry me?"

Riya is shocked. She was waiting this for a long time, and yet it came today. Arjun misunderstood her silence.

"I know Riya, this is not the way. I should have gone to my knees and asked your hand. Apne hathon mien ek ring bhi dalna chahiye tha. Believe me I planned it. I am sorry."

She closes his mouth and nods negative.  She moved towards him and kissed his lips. He was shocked at her move and later he too responded. He knew her answer.

Rathod and team came and cleared his throat. Ariya was now embarrassed.

"kaise ho Rawte?"


Asha: I'm sorry sir… wo mien…

Arjun: Aisha… I told you to move. Kabhi tho mere baath suno!!

Chotu whisper to Shree: yaar!! Ye nahi sudrenge!!!



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Your Smile Is My Gift

It was a fresh morning at ETF...a new but fairly simple case was hovering over the entire ETF!

There was something more special regarding the day..It was ETF's darling Riya's b'day'..and of course, the day before Christmas ''

Shree and Chotu had special plans for her..of course, surprise ones...But they wished her with flowers the moment she entered the office...It hadn't gone unnoticed from the super cop...he gave one of his "what the hell" stares in their direction when they made noises'Immediately, she hushed them up'

Riya: [stealthily glancing at Arjun and then turning away before he could notice] shhh...woh ghurr rahe hai..

Shree: chill yaar Ri''unke aankhen aise hi hai...jab dekho aisa lagtha hai ke aankhon se goli maar denge..[grins]

Riya: [chuckling] tum bhi na Shree...kuch bhi bolthe rehthe ho unke baare mein

Chotu: nahi Riya'Shree bilkul teek keh raha hai'waise bhi, aaj tumaari b'day hai..toh tum kuch bhi kar satkthe ho...koyi kuch nahi kahega...[smiles sweetly at her..she smiles back and quickly adds]

Riya: yeh ETF office hai Chotu'yahaan yeh sab emotions ya feelings ka koyi value nahi hai...discipline aur work hi sab kuch hai!!

Shree: kya baat hai Ri, kahi tum ETF join karne ke decision ko rethink toh nahi kar rahi, huh???

Riya: nahi yaar..bas aise hi keh rahi thi''humaare dho dho senior officers hai..par kisi ne bhi abhi tak mujhe wish nahi kiya..isiliye bol rahi thi...unn dono ko toh yeh sab important hi nahi hai, right?

Chotu: Riya, Rathod sir se expect kar sakthe ho..woh tumhe zaroor wish karenge..par Arjun sir...woh kabhi nahi karenge..expect bhi matth karna..

Shree: aur nahi toh...Arjun sir keliye unke revolver aur criminals se hi matlab hai...

Riya knew that it wasn't true..She understood Arjun too well now that she could see him through...All these courtesies, emotions, feelings were all in him but lay dormant in the deepest corner and bringing them out required time, utmost patience and care...She had been trying to do it ever since she saw him, and started knowing him, understanding him as a person rather than a strict ruthless senior officer''He was a good person, in fact a great human being at heart but he never showed that side of him!

But at times like this, she also regretted a bit for having known him to that extent because it hurt her when he posed such indifference and distance'his cold vibes hurt her very much''A simple b'day wish was all that she wished for and he hadn't even passed a feel good glance to her direction''

All she could see was an ever fuming angry look on his stern face...what had she done to get this? She thought to herself and let out a deep sigh!

Shree sensed her silence and shook her up "kya hua? Tum teek tho ho na?"

Riya: haan main teek hoom'

Before they could talk further, Rathod stepped out of his cabin''"Team"

His loud call brought them all around the conference table'..Before the case briefing, Rathod looked at Riya "Happy B'day Riya!"

Riya: [smiling back sweetly] thanks sir...[she looked at Arjun in anticipation but he didn't seem to be bothered about looked as if he didn't even hear Rathod wishing her..she looked away the same instant regretting the very thought or the expectation of being wished by him!]

Rathod: ab case ke baare mein baat karthe hai..ek widow aur unke teen bacchon ke khatal hua hai'..yeh toh clear hai ke koyi pehchaan waala hi khooni hai par kaun?

Arjun: [putting the file in his hand on the table] murder planned nahi tha''lagtha hai kuch argument hui aur usi ghusse mein khoon bhi hua hai..

Rathod: haan shaayad bacchon ne unke maa ko maarthe hua usse dekha hoga..sapoot mitaane ke chakkhar mein sabko behrehmi se maar dhi ussne...

Riya: sir..aise cases mein khoon ka reason money hi hota hai...shaayad paison ke wajeh se hi yeh sab khoon bhi hua hai...

Rathod: ho saktha hai..aur nahi bhi ho saktha...anyways, humme ek baar phir se uss ghar ki talaashi leni hogi..aur unke advocate aur neighbours se baat karni hogi'..Shree, Riya tum dono unke kareebi rishtadhaaron aur advocate se baat karke dekho kya kuch patha chaltha hai! phir seedhe crime scene pe aa jaana..Chotu  Rawte tum dono mere saath chalo...crime scene aur wahaan ke baaki baatein cover karenge...

Arjun: [looks a bit lost but immediately shrugged out] haan chalo!

[The day passes slower than usual or it seemed to be slow for Riya...May be because in every passing moment, she expects a call, a message or the times when they came face to face, a simple smile which could just brighten up her whole day and make her the happiest girl in the world on her birthday but nothing of the sort happened''

At the end of the day, like Chotu and Shree said, she was disappointed after expecting it from him!... maybe she expected too much''

The case was almost solved except for a few glitches'..The team was returning after a long day..Shree suggested that the trio go for a dinner treat'...Riya was with Arjun..Shree and Chotu were with Rathod..

Riya wasn't excited much about Shree's plan but she didn't want to reject it and hurt him..Afterall he was her best friend and a source of moral support always'...

She was continuously on her phone typing away messages to Shree discussing about the plan'..Arjun was really annoyed by her behavior but he opted to remain in his own "I don't care a damn" attitude''

Reading a message, she giggled which irritated him out of bounds but his ego made him fume in silence...She ignored him completely and dialed Shree's number to talk "haan Shree, yeh kya yaar??? This is not done, huh? Mujhe change karni hai..obviously yaar...i cant go for dinner in these worn out clothes..subah se bhaag dhod karke'[she stopped mid way because Shree said something from the other side...Arjun couldn't help but smirk hearing that...]..i mean..come on Shree'mere b'day hai aur Christmas eve bhi''hum ETF office chalthe hai...change karthe hai'phir chalenge...thats ok'haan thoda late hoga'par koyi baat nahi...yeah ok..[smiling into the phone] chal..see ya...

Shree and Chotu had initially decided to get down on their way to ETF and head straight to the restaurant for dinner as it was already late..but Riya was stubborn that she changed before  going''She always kept spare clothes at fact formal, casual and even a party wear!]

Arjun was relieved for a moment that she stopped talking and was about to say something to her when her phone buzzed again much to his was some friend of hers and had called to wish her...their banter didn't cease till the SUV turned into the ETF complex...

She got down after voicing a faint bye and sprinted up into the building..she didn't even wait for the lift'She ran up the stairs to the 2nd floor where their office was'...By the time Arjun reached, she had already gone to change her clothes''She had promised Shree and Chotu to make it real quick'...

Arjun waited near the conference hall as if to catch hold of her as soon as she stepped out but to his ill luck, Shree, Chotu and Rathod walked in before that'..Arjun was pissed off and walked away into his cabin!

He saw them leaving shortly...She was dressed in a black party gown which reached till her knees...She looked absolutely gorgeous in black...but that sight did very little to cool him down..instead it blew his fuming self even more'..Was she doing all this on purpose? He couldn't help wonder!

 It was almost 2 hours and there was no sign of her...but something in him told that she would come back'So he waited..pacing down the room, swirling in his chair, but he waited!'

About an hour back, Rathod left...He had come to his cabin to give him some details regarding the case..Once done, he enquired "Rawte, main ghar jaa raha hoom'.." And looked at him for his response...

That look always meant "aur tum??" those were some common understood communications between the duo''no words, more of expressions and looks...which spoke more than the words between them!

Arjun replied "mujhe kuch aur kaam hai''thodi dher aur rukhunga!"

Rathod nodded "okay!" and left

The day was almost getting was 11:45 PM when he heard footsteps''and he could also hear their laugh..their jokes and nhok jhok sessions were never ending'..he sighed'"yeh teenon baat karthe karthe dhakthe nahi kya?"


As soon as he saw them stepping in, he strained his eyes to see her''there, he caught a glimpse of her''she was laughing uncontrollably''he wondered "aisa kya joke tha, ke hassthe hi jaa rahi hai!"

He stood mesmerized by her and her charming beauty for a long moment..and finally swore to himself firmly..its now or never...not a second more to be wasted!

He walked to her...The trio were quick to see him advance in their direction'..

Shree: [low voice] ab yeh Arjun sir ko kya chahiye??? Abhi tak gaye nahi..

Chotu: [low voice] haan mujhe lagaa office khaali hoga''shaayad humaara shorr sunn kar warn karne aa rahe hai!

Riya was silent and was intently looking at him..Something was different'his eyes and body language looked very different! What was he upto? She looked at him puzzled

He ignored Shree and Chotu and stood facing her "chalo mere saath..mujhe kuch kehna hai!"

Riya snubbed him "kahiye Sir...kuch kaam hai tho bathaayiye.."

Arjun: [looking at Shree and Chotu and then at her] nahi yahaan nahi''akele mein!

Riya wasn't willing to give up so easily "Shree aur Chotu hi hai Sir...aap unke saamne keh sakthe hai.."

Arjun nearly let out a fume "RIYAAA...iss waqt behas matth karo...chalo mere saath!"

Shree and Chotu decide to leave them alone...but Riya holds Shree back.."tum dono'yahi rukho..hilna bhi matth..[sarcastically].yeh khudko bohat superior samajhthe hai''humein unke ishaare pe nachaana chahthe hai'[turning to Arjun]'lekin Sir, that's only in official matters''humaara personal time bhi hai...uss waqt aap apna hukhum humaare uphar nahi chalaa sakthe'..[in an irritated tone, she turns to Shree and CHotu] chalo guys, hum nikhalthe hai [but Shree and Chotu could feel their senior officer's glare at them'so they didn't move one step with RIya'Riya noticed it and shrugged her shoulders] fine..main akele hi chali jaathi hoom...Bye!

Riya stomps off to the elevator and as she gets in and before the door closes, he keeps his foot in between and gets in too''She had pressed G...but he instantly stops the lift and presses 12..the top most floor which led to the terrace...She was really furious now'What was he doing? Was he in his senses?? She tried to switch it back but his grip on her hands was stronger for her to resist or do something against him...He was silent throughout the ascend and so was she''though she struggled a bit, she chose to be silent when he glared at her and signaled her to be quiet''

He didn't let go of her hand till they reached the far end of the terrace...

[The sky looked picture perfect like a beautiful painting with a crescent shaped moon and stars which gave them company! The cool breezy tranquil night was adding charisma to the entire scene too!]

He twirled her around to stand facing him and let go of her wrist..She rubbed her wrist and looked at him angrily " What are you doing Sir??? Mujhe aise yahaan laane ka kya matlab hai??"

Arjun: [looks at her intently for a few second and speaks out] tumhe nahi pathaa, huh???

Riya: [looking away from him posing an uninterested attitude] nahi..mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha''

[Her indifferent uninterested attitude of ignoring him angered him boundlessly]

Arjun: [stepping dangerously close to her, forcefully making her face him and looking directly into her eyes] don't ever do that to me Riya''main tumhe aakhri baar warn kar raha hoom...

Riya: [stepping back away from him] What the hell! Aap mujhse ladne ke liye yahaan laaye hain kya??? [muttering under her breath] ek toh mere b'day hai aur wish karna toh dhoor, ek smile tak nahi kiya..uphar se yeh bewajah dhaant!!!

Arjun: [his ears were sharp enough to catch that] tum maukha dhogi tab wish karunga na?? har waqt ek beedh mein ghoomti rehti ho..[a smirk visible on his face'she is amused by his reply'she couldn't believe if he really said that]

Riya: [taking a second to understand what he just said] What??? Shree aur Chotu aapko beedh hai??? waise bhi unn dono ke saamne wish kar sakthe teh na??

Arjun: [sarcastically] acchaa??...bohat mazaa aatha hai na unn dono ko humaare beech laane mein?? Tumhe kya lagtha hai, mujhe yeh sab nahi dikhtha??? yeh sab karke kya prove karna chahthi ho?

Riya: dekhiye sir'mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ke aap kya bole jaa rahe ho!! aur mujhe samajhna bhi nahi hai..[she tries to leave when he grabs her and pulls her to him''she falls into his arms with a jerk..their faces close to each other...his eyes locking hers as if forever]

Arjun: [as she struggles to free herself] don't you dare move Riya''[takes a deep breath and speaks in a husky yet mellowed voice]...tumaara harr waqt muskuraana, peeche mudhkar sharmaana...beedh mein bhi nazare chukhaakar chori chori mujhe dekhna.. tumhe lagtha hai  ke yeh sab mujhse chupi hai??

Riya: sir plss chodiye mujhe..[she struggles but he continues without any impact]

Arjun: [not giving up] Shree aur Chotu ke saath zyaadha time spend karna mujhe irritate karne keliye hai na?

Riya: [as if in a hypnotized state] nahi!

Arjun: [running his fingers over her cheek]tumaare pyare se smiles, [tucking the lock to the back of her ears with his fingers] yeh baalon ko aise chehre pe lehraanae keliye chodh dena, inn khoobsurat aankhon se sharaarat karna...sab kuch mujhe dikhaane keliye hai na??

Riya: nahi..

Arjun: mujhe dekhne ke, mujhse baatein karne ke, mere saath rehne ke bahaane dhoondna''...kaho yeh sab bhi mere wehem hai??

Riya: haan'sab aapke wehem hi hai!...waise bhi aap harr waqt mujhe galath hi samajhthe hai Sir!

[Their eyes were locked again and faces just inches away while they continue their cute bickering]

Arjun: toh tum mujhe sahi baat samjhaavo na Riya!

Riya: aap samajhna chahthe tho kab ka samajh jaathe Sir..

Arjun: main toh bohat pehle samajh gaya Riya...lekin shaayad tum mujhe abhi tak samjhi nahi!

[A wide cheeky grin crops up lightening up the entire scene''his hands find their rightful place around her waist and she is locked to him]

His grin relaxed her a bit'She was getting the whole point..he was just posing all this angry acts''It was something else that was in his mind'..She couldn't control further, she hit his chest in false anger and sobbed like a kid...

Arjun: Happy B'day Riya!  [just a minute was left for the day to get over..he realized that and wished her before it was late...She stopped her sob and looked up at him...]

 Riya: [not able to believe if its all really happening or just a dream, hesitantly gathers courage and speaks up] aur meri b'day gift???

Arjun: gift??? Inn sab tensions mein gift ke baare mein bhool hi gaya..

Riya: [smiling] aaap bas ek pyaari si smile deh dijiye..YOUR SMILE IS MY GIFT!!

Arjun smiles automatically hearing it and that smile was enough to fill her with joy and happiness...she had yearned the whole day to see it...

Arjun adds romantically "yeh mera smile tumaari hi diya hua gift hai Riya..tumne hi iss smile ko mujhe waapas kiya hai..."

She blushes and lowers her gaze from him

He speaks up naughtily "mere smile itna pasand hai tumhe???"

Riya: [nodding] hmmm''[then adds sarcastically] woh kya hai na? mujhe rare cheezen bohat pasand hai''jaise yeh aapka smile..

Arjun: [coming closer to her] aur kya kya cheezen pasand hai?

Riya: [blushing by his intimate closeness] bohat hai...fursat mein bathaavungi..par aap kuch bhool toh nahi rahe? [he looks up at her enquiringly] aapne abhi tak woh teen lafz nahi bathaaye'

Arjun: [giving a confused expression] teen lafz?? "I am Sorry", huh?? par kyun??? main kyun sorry kahunga??

Riya: ohhh no...aap bhi na...aapko mujhse "I love you" kehna hai na??

Arjun: ek baar phir se kaho..kya kehna hai mujhe??

Riya : [not understanding his prank, adds loudly] I LOVE YOU!

Arjun: [hugging her tightly and voices loudly as if a reply to her] I LOVE YOU TOO RIYA!

Paaya maine paaya tumhein
Rab ne milaya tumhein
Honthon pe sajaya tumhein
Nagmein sa gaya tumhein
Paaya maine paaya tumhein
Sab se chupaya tumhe
Sapna banaya tumhein
Neendon mein bulaya tumhein

Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab ishq meri zaat ban gayi

Arjun:[slightly parting from her and placing light kiss on her neck and whispering into her ears] this night is magical Riya...kaash yeh pal yahi rukh jaaye..

Riya: [a slight shiver goes down her spine as he did that'she blushes pink and holds him tightly and speaks in a mellowed voice, a shiver showing up in it] aapne banaaya hai iss raat ko magical!

Arjun: [smiles feeling her uneasiness and shiver] Sirf main nahi Riya..hum saath hai..isiliye yeh raat magical hai!  [Caressing her hair to make her comfortable to his touch and the intimacy]

It was the first time a man was touching her so intimately and in fact even standing so close to her and Arjun could feel it in her body language..But he knew well how to handle his RIYA with utmost care and boundless love!


Sapne teri chahaton ke
Sapne teri chahaton ke
Dekhta hoon ab gayi
Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

The magical night, the sky, the stars, and the moon stood silent witnesses to their romantic union''As they begin their beautiful happy, love filled life together!

As if to mark the day forever, something very unusual happened'It started snowing merrily'an angel from the heaven was showering all her blessings on them!




A Christmas Murder

It was a fine Sunday Morning but still the whole ETF gang was working. It was almost the end of year and they have to complete all the case files. But it seems that only Shree, Chotu and Riya were not happy about it. 

Shree : "Hadd ho gayi hai yar! ETF me hai iska matlab ye to nhi ki apni koi lyf hi nhi hai"
Riya : "Exactly! Meri sari frnds London ja rahi hai Christmas celebrate karne aur main yaha baith kar files bhar rahi hu.."
Shree : "Mujhe laga tha tum to nikal logi aur hum reh jayenge!"
Riya : "Laga to mujhe b yahi tha yar but jab main chutti k liye baat karne gayi aur maine Arjun sir ko waha dekha meri himmat hi nhi hui." 

Both Shree and Riya then looked at Chotu who was sitting all silent.

Shree : "Abe tujhe kya hua! Upset to hum sabhi hai."
Chotu : "Nhi yar mera case kuch aur hai."
Shree (jokingly) : "Kyu teri 11:30 wali bhaag gayi kya?"
Chotu (sad) : "Haan.."

Both Shree and Riya looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Riya (laughing) : "Sach me!"
Shree (laughing) : "Kisk sath?"

Chotu angry tries to open his hair but Shree stops him.

Shree : "Accha baba! Baal kholne ki kya zarurat hai!"
Chotu (angry) : "Wo kisik saath nhi bhaagi hai...holidays par gayi hai kahi.."
Shree : "Oh! Aur tu ye soch kar pareshan ho raha hai ki teri aankho ko usk deedaar ka daily doze kaisa milega!"
Rathor : "Kya ho raha hai? Kuch kaam kar b rahe ho ya deedaar aur ikraar ki hi baatein chal rahi hai. Hum yaha kaam karne aate hai. Plz dont forget that."

Rathor and Arjun enter the room. All three of them greets them and all sits around the table.

Shree : "Sir... wo bas... ek hi file reh gayi hai..Sir kya iske bad hume chutti.."
Rathor : "Its good then! Yaha ka kaam khatam ho chuka hai. All of you pack ur bags. Hume kal subah nikalna hai!"

Shree, Chotu and Riya looks at each other.

Riya : "Par kaha?"
Arjun : "Hum log Shimla ja rahe hai."

All three of them looks at each other. They were thinking that Rathor is taking them all to a holiday. Silly people.Tongue Arjun tried to clear their doubts.

Arjun : "Hum log waha ek case k liye ja rahe hai...Aur haan bhool kar b ise chutti mat samjhna. "

Both Rathor and Arjun leave the room. The trio looked at each other with sad faces. Next day they all were on a flight to Shimla. Riya looks for her seat and sits there.

Shree : "All the best Riya! *seeing a puzzled Riya he continues* Ye bagal wali seat Arjun sir ki hai. "

Riya looks at them open mouthed. Arjun came and sit near her. She greeted him but as usual Arjun doesnt replied. As the flight took off from the ground, Riya's hearbeat grew. Riya closed her eyes and tightly gripped Arjun's hand. Arjun surprised looks at a frightened Riya. Actually she was afraid to travel by air.  As she became normal she slowly opened her eyes and loosened the grip on Arjun's hand.

Riya : "Sorry sir! Wo main..I mean mujhe.."
Arjun : "It's ok! Ek baat kahu Riya…Darr se jitna darrogi wo tumhe utna hi darrayega. Darr ki aankon me dekho aur use bata do ki chahe kuch b ho jaye tum apne kadam peeche nhi hataogi tabhi tum use jeet sakti ho!"

Riya smiles and nods in 'yes'. Then for the rest of the flight there was utter silence between them. Soon they all landed safely at Shimla. It was freezing cold there. They sat in a car and move towards the Joseph Mansion. On the way, the trio was admiring the beauty of the place. The land was fully covered with snow. Children were playing with snow balls. It was all so beautiful. The trio looks at each other with smiling faces. While going to the mansion, Rathor instructed Riya to give them briefing about the case.

Riya : "Ms Mary Joseph ne hume call kar k bulaya hai. Unke father Mr. Antonio Joseph ko kuch dino se dhamki bhare khat mil rahe hai jinme kaha gaya hai ki kal yani Christmas ki raat ko unki maut ho jayegi."
Arjun : "Unki family me kaun-kaun hai?"
Riya : "Mary k alawa Mr Joseph ki mother Mrs. Maria Joseph aur brother Mr. Peter Joseph wahi rehte hai. Mr. Peter waha apni wife Rosy aur 12 saal k bte Kevin k sath rehte hai. "

Soon they reached the mansion. Mr Joseph welcomes them and introduces to everyone.

Mr Joseph : "Hello Mr. Rathor. Nice to meet u "
Rathor : "Hello. Ye meri team hai."
Mr Joseph : "Main to waise ETF ko isme involve nhi kana chahta tha kyuki mere khyal se kisine mazaak kiya hai but ab jab aap aa gaye hai to main aako sabse milwas deta hu. Baki sabke bare me to aapko pata hi hai, ye mere housekeepers hai Katherine aur John. Ye log aap logo ko aapke kamre dikha denge."
Rathor : "Isse pehle main wo letters dekhna chahunga jo aapko bheje gaye hai…"
Mr Joseph (handing over the letters) : "Sure! Ye lijiye."

Katherine was an old lady. She was in the mansion from Mr Joseph's childhood days. Everybody used to call her Granny. Both Granny and John took the whole team to show their rooms.

Shree (to Riya and Chotu) : "Kitna bada ghar hai. Itne bade ghar me log reh kaise lete hai yar."
Rathor : "Shhh. Focus."

After freshen up, all of them meet up at Rathor' room.  Arjun was carefully looking at those letters. 

Rathor : "Guys! Aaj Christmas eve hai. Ho sakta hai murderer kuch karne ki koshish kare, hum logo ko dhyan rakhna hoga. Har family member par nazar rakhna..koi b bachna nhi chahiye. Mujhe un sabki details chahiye , kaun kaha jata hai, kisse milta hai aur most importantly unke Mr. Joseph k sath kaise relations hai. Is that clear! Shaam ko hum fir yahi milenge."

Everybody was now off to work. Riya befriended Mary, Chotu was keeping an eye on the housekeepers, Shree was after Peter's family and both Rathor and Arjun were with Mr. Joseph. In the evening they all gathered  in Rathor's room once again. 

Riya : "Sir Mary to mujhe bahot hi simple lagi. Usk zyada frnds nhi hai aur na hi wo bahot logo se baat karti hai. Mujhe nhi lagta in sab me uska haath ho sakta hai. "
Arjun : "Jo dikhta hai hamesha wahi sach ho, ye zaruri nahi. Maine dopahar me Granny se pata kiya tha..karib 2 mahine pehle tak Mary ka ek boyfriend hua karta tha but uske father k dakhal ki wajah se Mary ko relationship se peecche hanta padha."
Shree : "Sir! Peter aur Mr. Joseph ki b zyada nhi banti. Bada bhai hone k naate Mr. Joseph ne Peter ko takreeban 1.5 crore diye the jo usne dubo diye. Dono bhaiyo me ise lekar kafi behas hui thi aur dono ko ek dusre ki shakal tak dekhna pasand nhi hai. Peter unk saath sirf is aisho-aaram ki zindagi k liye hi rehta hai. Haan agar Mr. Joseph ko kuch ho jaye to property ka iklauta maalik wo hoga."


The ETF meeting was disturbed by this sudden noise of breaking glass.  They all rushed outside.  All the family members came out of their rooms.

Rathor : "Kya hua? Ye aawaz kaha se aayi?"
John : "Sir shayd Joseph sir k room se aayi hai."
Rathor : "Wat?"

They rushed inside his room. Mr Joseph was standing at one end of the room frightened looking at the shattered pieces of glass holding the letter. Someone had thrown the letter tied to a stone. Arjun quickly takes the letter. The letter was full of cut-out of characters from magazines and newspapers pasted to form words.

Mr Joseph (angry, frightened) : "Aap log kar kya rahe hai? Aap logo k hote hue mujhpe attacks ho rahe hai."
Shree (whispered to Riya and Chotu) : "Kitna ajeeb hai ye aadmi. Subah to hum logo ko keh raha tha ki mujhe aap logo ki zarurat nahi hai aur ab.."
Rathor : "Shree!"
Arjun : "Nhi Rathor! Shree sahi keh raha hai. Ye sab to pichle 2-3 dino se ho hi raha hai to fir achanak se ye khauff kyu.."
Mr Joseph : "Are meri jaan khatre me hai aur aap.."
Arjun : "Exactly aapki jaan ab khatre me hai!"
Rathor : "Kya bakwas kar rahe ho! Ye to sabko pata hai ki unki jaan ko khatra hai tabhi to hum yaha aaye hai."
Arjun : "Unki jaan ko ab khatra hai Rathor, pehle nhi tha.."
Rator : "Kya matlab? Jo b kehna hai saaf-saaf kaho!"
Arjun : "Maine pichle sare letters dekhe, unme jo writing hai wo Mr Joseph ki hai. Wo khud hi apne aapko dhmaki wale letters bhej rahe the. Aur aaj jab kisine unko asli me ye letter bheja to wo darr gaye kyuki ab unki jaan ko sach me khatra hai."
Rathor : "Lekin tumhe kaisa pata ye sab?"
Mr Joseph : "Nhi ye sach hai. Main Peter se tang aa chuka tha aur usse badla lena chahta tha aur isiliye ye sab kar raha tha. Mujhe laga saara blame us par aa jayega aur is bahane property ka bada hissa main apne naam kar loonga. But Mary ne mujhe bina bataye aap logo ko bula liya"
Arjun : "Lekin ab sawaal ye uthta hai ki ye letter kisne bheja hai!"
Rathor : "Aap ko sharam nahi aati hai. Apne bhai k khilaf aap ye sab kar rahe hai."

Saying this he stormed out of the room followed  by rest of the team. 

Rathor : "Hum aaj hi nikalenge yaha se.."
Arjun : "Nhi Rathor! Case abhi khatam nhi hua hai. Is letter me likha hia ki kal raat 12 baje se pehle Christmas party me Mr. Joseph maare jayenge."
Rathor : "Ye b koi mazaak hua to.."
Arjun : "Ho b sakta hai aur nhi b! Kal tak ruk kar dekh lete hai ki kya hota hai."

Next day it was Christmas party night and all were dressed in their best of attires. Some were even dressesd as Santa, snowman, candyman etc. Some small children were dressed as reindeers. Whole hall was decorated with various Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas lights, garlands, wreaths and mistletoe. ETF boys were dressed in black suits and ETF lady was dressed in a red free flowing dress. The party started with popular modern customs of the holiday including Christmas music and caroling. Everything was just perfect.

Riya : "Chalo case k bahane hi sahi kam se kam hum Christmas to celebrate kar rahe hai."
Shree : "Wo to hai! Kya hua agar London ki snow na hui to...Shimla ki snow hi sahi..."
Riya : "Agar snow fall ho jati to ye beatiful festival aur b beautiful ho jata.."
Shree (smiles): "Shayad tum weather forcast nhi dekhti. Tumhari language me kahu to aankdo k hisab se is bar snow fall hone k chances 80% kam hai."

Rathor and Arjun comes. They all wish each other.

Rathor : "Aas-pas thodha dhyan rakhna waise to mujhe kam hi umeed hai ki kuch hoga but fir b.. Sab log apne microphones chk kar lo. Riya tum Mr. Antonio k sath hi rehna"
Riya : "Ok sir"
Rathor : "Guys spread out! Sab par nazar rakhna. Party me bahot se log aaye hai, koi bachna nhi chahiye."

The celebrations continued with gift giving and an exchange of Christmas cards. Guests were arriving and Mr Joseph was being presented with gifts. Riya was standing just beside him keeping a chk on the gift items. Arjun was keeping an eye on everything. His eyes stuck on a black figure above, near the ceilling. He was trying to cut a rope. Arjun followed the rope and found it to be connected to the chandelier. Riya and Mr. Joseph were standing just below it. Arjun realised that the chandelier was slowly moving and it seems that it was slowly coming down. He looked that Mr. Joseph had moved to a different corner but Riya was still standing there. 


He rushed to her calling her name. He jumped on her and quickly moved her away. Riya shocked was not able to believe wat just happened. The chandelier shattered into thousand of pieces. Arjun slowly lifted his head and looked at the pieces. He was just above her and looked at her.

Arjun : "Tum theek ho?"
Riya : "Hmmm"

He helped to get her up. Everyone was shocked with such an unexpected accident. By god's grace, there was no injuries.The ETF gang quickly rushed towards them.

Rathor : "Rawte! Riya! Tum dono theek ho?"
Arjun : "Haan! "
Rathor : "Per ye sab kiya kisne?"
Arjun : "Maine waha kisi ko dekha tha.."
Rathor : "Shree sare guests ko ek taraf lao. Quick!"

A man wearing a Snowman costume started running towards the exit door. Arjun took out his gun and run behind him. He reached a dark area of the mansion which was full of dirt and spider cobwebs. He heard a noise and hid behind a wall and saw a shadow holding a gun. The footsteps were getting louder and louder. He got ready to attack and as the gun holder came near him, he quickly snatched the gun and tightened his arm's grip around the gun holder's neck but found it to be Riya.

Arjun : "Riya! Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?"
Riya : "Sir maine yaha kisi ko dekha tha.."

Suddenly they both heard a noise coming out of a room.

Arjun : "Ye aawaz! Shayad us kamre se aa rahi hai"

As Riya opened the door a bucket full of freezing water fell on her.

Riya : "Hawww!!!!
Arjun : "Riya tum theek ho?"
Riya : "Hmmm"

Riya was fully drenched in this cold freezing weather of Shimla. It was a trap set up by someone so that if somebody opens the door the bucket fall on him/her. 

Arjun : "Ye aisa bachkana trap kaun set kar sakta hai. Tum yahi ruko main dekhta hu."

Arjun went inside the room and looks inside the room but found no one there. He turns to look at a drenched Riya who was struggling to cover up herself as much as she can. He goes near her, takes out his coat and covers her.

Riya : "Sir iski zarurat nhi thi.."
Arjun : "Nhi tumhare kapde geele hai. Le lo nhi to thand lag jayegi.. "
Riya : "Thanku.."

Suddenly Riya saw a snowman attacking Arjun with a big knife. 


As Arjun turned to see...he tried to move aside but in the process, the knife cut at Riya's arm. She cried in pain. Arjun hold the snowman's hand and took the knife from him. He takes out the mask to see the face.

Riya (shocked) : "Granny!!"
Arjun (shocked) : "Aap!"

All were in the hall with Granny.

Mr Joseph : "Magar ye aisa kyu karengi?"
Arjun : "Ye to ab ye hi batayengi. To bataiye kyu kiya aapne ye sab?"
Granny (crying) : "Mere pote k liye. Mary mere pote se pyar karti thi magar Antonio ki wajah se wo dono ek nhi ho paye. Ek din Antonio ne in dono ko saath me dekh liya aur gunde bulwa kar mere bete ko itna maara ki hospital le jate waqt raaste me hi usne damm todh diya. Badla to main bahot dino se lena chahti thi magar jab ye dhamki bhare khato ka silsila chala maine socha mujhe apna kaam abhi kar lena chahiye. Aise me mujh par shak b nhi jata. "
Mr Joseph : "Aap aisa kaise kar sakti hai! Main aapk beta jaisa tha."
Granny : "Theek usi tarah jaise tum apni beti k saath kar sakte the!"

Mary was crying remembering about his lover. A crying Granny is taken away by the Police. The party had finished but not on a happier note. Arjun was standing near the glass wall of the hall looking outside the celebrations in city. Church celebrations were still on. Riya comes near him.

Riya : "Kitne ajeeb log hai na Sir! Kehne k liye itni badi family hai but tab b koi kisi ka nhi hai..."
Arjun : "Jab log relations se zyada importance paiso, ego, reputaion aur revenge ko dene lagte hai na Riya, to wo kab galat raaste par chalne lagte hai ye shayad unhe khud b pata nhi chalta" 

Arjun looked at Riya's arm which was still bleeding. He was feeling guilty that it was because of him. He takes out his handkerchief and takes her hand in his hand.

"Ahhh!", Riya cried in pain.
Arjun : "Ummm... Sorry"
It was the first tym ever that Arjun apologised to her for something. He tied it around her arm. Both stared at each other. Suddenly it was falling snow. Riya smiled and excitedly ran to the window followed by Arjun. What they didn't noticed that they both were standing just below the mistletoe. 

Riya : "Snowfall!!"
Shree : "Magar weather forcast me to tha ki aaj snowfall nhi ho sakta. *looks above and sees the mistletoe* Are mistletoe!"
Riya : "Kya?"
Shree (smiles) : "Mistletoe! According to old traditions, jab ek ladka aur ladki mistletoe k neeche khade ho to they have to kiss each other"

Both Arjun and Riya looks mistletoe above their head and then at each other. Arjun glares at Shree who realizes wat he just said.

Shree : "Nhi sir..Riya.. mera wo matlab nhi tha.."

Riya immediately takes a leave from there.

Shree : "Riya!!"

Both Riya and Arjun leave in different direction but not before looking at each other for the last tym.


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Congrats Kunchu and pinkfairy
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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Congrats Kunchu, Vidya nd Pink FairyClap... loved reading ur work...
well done FizaThumbs Up kudoos to u for organising this contest...
Awesome Siggies...Great work Tani

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
congrats to Kunchu, Vidya and PinkfairyClap
awesome OSs dearWink

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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 7:51am | IP Logged
well deserved Kunchu

congratulations to VD and pink fairy tooSmile

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