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some Posts for my fellow fan girls Big smile

Ten Reasons To Drool Over Jared Padalecki

Supernatural promo
Supernatural promo

Oh, Jared, Jared, I have to confess I was a little slower to warm up to you than your co-star, but you have long since won me over.

Like Jensen, there are a lot of things we fans... appreciate about Jared Tristan Padalecki. This page is a tongue-in-cheek look at a few of them.

A Quick Lesson in Who-the-Heck-Is-This-Guy? For Those Who Aren't Sure

Jared Padalecki is best known as one of the stars of the CW's cult hitSupernatural, where he plays Sam, the younger of the two ghost-busting Winchester brothers.

He has also appeared in a recurring role as Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls, and in several movies, including House of Wax and Cry Wolf.

But enough of that. On to the Ten Reasons to Drool Over Jared Padalecki...

1. His Smile Lights Up a Room

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a corny thing to say, but sometimes it's true, and this is one of those times.

I wonder occasionally if it would be as true if I hadn't learned of Jared's existence from his role on Supernatural. Sam Winchester doesn't really get to smile that often, so when he does, it really is like the sun coming out from behind clouds.

After much difficult and painful *coughs* research, however, I've concluded that the same thing is true of Jared in real life. I've seen my share of pictures, posed and candid, and watched my share of episodes, interviews, and grainy cell videos from cons and other places, and the sunlight effect is just a natural gift of Jared's that carries over into his portrayal of Sam.

2. He's a Goofball

Jared's famous for his practical jokes on the set of Supernatural, and he's not afraid to make fun of himself either.

We like that in a guy.

More Evidence of Goofiness

3. He's a Manbeast

Even Sandra McCoy, his long-time girlfriend, once joked, "He's so tall, it's hard not to think he's confident. All he has to do is stand and you think 'Good God, this man is a beast and he could kill me.'"

Jared is at least 6'4" and correspondingly broad, especially in recent years. In fact it's kind of fun watching his evolution over the years from this:

to this:

4. He's a Dog Person

Jared with Sadie and Harley
Jared with Sadie and Harley

Jared's two rescue dogs, Sadie and Harley, are almost as famous among his fans as he is. He bought a house in Vancouver (where Supernatural is filmed) in order to give them a yard and talks about them often in interviews. He famously prepared for a crying scene on Supernatural by thinking about how horrible it would be if something happened to his dogs.

He has also participated in PETA's "If you wouldn't wear dog..." anti-fur ad campaign.

5. He's Mastered the Art of Puppy-Dog Eyes

Not only does he love dogs, he also apparently takes inspiration from them onscreen. Dean can't resist Sam's puppy dog eyes and neither can we.

(Thanks to Refur's hilarious picspams on this subject for assistance finding good caps.)

Puppy doesn't want to lose his brother
Puppy doesn't want to lose his brother
Puppy acknowledges your pain, you brave little soldier
Puppy acknowledges your pain, you brave little soldier
Puppy says, resistance is futile
Puppy says, resistance is futile

In fact, it's safe to say that the only expression MORE famous among fans than Sam's Puppy Dog Eyes of Doom is his spectacular Bitchface.

Ode to a Bitchface

6. He's Got Brains

Most Jared fans know that his character, Sam Winchester, is a smartypants. Not only did he get a full ride to Stanford and an LSAT of 174, he is also, in his brother Dean's famous phrase, "a walking encyclopedia of weirdness" who knows a little bit about a lot of things. In fact, a lot about a lot of things.

But Sam isn't the only smart person who looks like Jared Padalecki. Jared himself is the son of a high school English teacher. He likes to sit in on his mom's classes and geeks out about Joseph Campbell and literary archetypes in Supernatural. He is also, by all accounts, an excellent chess player and in high school won the National Forensic League national championship in Duo Interpretation with his partner Chris Cardenas.

7. He Makes Baseballs Look Like Golf Balls

Okay, maybe not literally. But close enough! Jared has beautiful, long-fingered hands of the sort that make you wonder what hands like that can do. If you get my drift. They'd be really excellent for piano playing, for example...

8. He gets sweaty and nervous just like the rest of us

In fact, it's become almost a running joke at conventions - especially when he playfully wipes his face on Jensen's shirt!

Of course, we fans might like it even better when he uses his own shirt to fan himself. ~coughs~

Photo by ShannenB
Photo by ShannenB
Photo by Gloria
Photo by Gloria

9. Gratuitous Towel Scene, Need I Say More?

We also really enjoyed the scene in Heart, and really, really appreciate the effort he put in to prepare...

10. He Can Actually Act

But all gratuitous shirtlessness aside, the nice thing is, he can actually act. I have to confess, I was initially less impressed by Jared's skills in that department than Jensen's, but to his credit, Jared worked very hard to improve, and if you compare early season one Supernatural with later episodes, it's already obvious how far he came. By season two, all doubts were removed. In the second episode, Everybody Loves a Clown, he did, in my opinion, his best work on the show to that point in a difficult and emotional scene that closed the episode. Later in the season, he demonstrated great prowess as a physical actor in the episode Born Under a Bad Sign. His character, Sam, was possessed by a demon known as Meg, who had been played in earlier episodes by an actress named Nicki Aycox. Jared not only nailed Nicki's mannerisms and speech patterns as Meg, he also changed his whole way of moving. Jared portrays Sam Winchester as a large man who is not always comfortable in his size, and usually tries to look smaller by slouching and other minimizing postures. His portrayal of Meg, in contrast, was that of a creature that's been trapped too long in the body of a diminuitive woman and is reveling in the stature and strength of her new "meat suit." Meg used "her" new body as a lethal weapon, yet at the same time moved with a distinctly feminine swing to her hips. It was a virtuoso performance, probably Jared's best single episode to date.

In the season three episode Bad Day at Black Rock, Jared also revealed a (not particularly surprising) gift for physical comedy. The episode made good use of background events in scenes, and an instant fan favorite featured Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the foreground, talking to friend and mentor Bobby Singer on the phone, while in the background Sam, who has been cursed with bad luck after losing an enchanted rabbit's foot, steps on a huge wad of bubblegum, tries to scrape it off on a street grate, and proceeds to lose his shoe down the sewer. Jared's delivery of the famous "I lost my shoe" line is classic.

With talent like his, we can't wait to watch Jared's career unfold, especially since it lets us enjoy his other assets as well!

And there we have it...

Do you agree my reasons? Disagree? Have anything to add?

A Few More Favorites I Couldn't Fit in Anywhere Else

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and this Big smile

Reasons why we love Sam Winchester

1 — Because He Tried To Save Dean No Matter What…
2 — Because He's Got Something Evil Inside Of Him and still looks sexy 
3 — Because He's Tough as nails 
4 — Because He Lived Without His Big Brother for 4 Months 
5 — Because He Knows That He's Heading Down A Dangerous Road and tries his best not to 
6 — Because He Uses His Evil-ish Powers 
7 — Because He Wants To Stop What He's Doing In The Dark But He Can't seem to 
8 — Because He Thinks He's Doing The Right Thing some of the time he is 
9 — Because His Girlfriend Died In The Pilot 
10 — Because He Wasn't Sure His Father Wanted To See Him after running away 
11 — Because His Brother Died In Front Of Him 
12 — Because His Big Brother Offered His Soul To Bring Him Back From The Dead 
13 — Because Even Though He's Stronger Now, He's Still Kinda Sensitive which we love 
14 — Because He Feels Guilty For Jessica's Death 
15 — Because He Felt Guilty For Dean's Death 
16 — Because He Always Thought His Father Didn't Love Him The Same Way That He Loved Dean but he did really 
17 — Because Azazel Had Plans For Him 
18 — Because He's Got Demon Blood Pumping Throught His Veins 
19 — Because Clowns Scare Him cute 
20 — Because He Flaunts His Height 
21 — Because In AHBL II, He Could (And Should) Have Killed Jake But He Didn't 
22 — Because He Evolved From Sammy The College-Guy To Sam The Badass 
23 — Because He Grew Up to the sammy we've grown to love 
24 — Because He Does All The Research While Dean Is Eating A Cheese Burger 
25— Because He Could Kick Ass Without A Sweat When He Was Little Kid 

Now you tell me… 

Why Do YOU Love Sam Winchester ?! 

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i found this...
who ever is it..they have loads of type out so much Shocked

One Hundred Things I Love About Sam Winchester

1. I love his smile. It's such a clich to say that a smile lights up the room, but Sammy's smile does. It lights up the room, and the whole house, and the neighborhood, and the city, and the continent, and possibly the solar system. I love that smile so much.

2. I love that he's such a good liar. 

3. I love that he's such a research dork. Sam was totally that kid who read the encyclopedia for fun. Probably still does.

4. I love his curiously focused sense of morality. That is, I love that he just stands by without a trace of guilt when bad things happen to bad people, such as when Sue Anne gets reapered or when Kathleen shoots Pa Bender.

5. "He's the only one that gets to call me that."

6. I love love love when he doesn't laugh at Dean's lame jokes.

7. I love that he's not afraid to admit when he's afraid or worried or anxious. 

8. I love that he's carrying around so much guilt for things that totally aren't his fault, just because he's tied to the demon somehow. It's illogical and troublesome and very, very emo, but it's so Sammy that I just love it. 

9. I love his whippet shirt! I might be a little bit in love with that shirt. SHUT UP U R 2 OMG LULZ.

10. I love those times he looks at his big brother like Dean is the most awesomest of awesome people ever to exist in the world anywhere...

11. ...but even more, I love Sammy's bitchfaces. I could write odes and epics and theses about Sam's bitchfaces. There are so many of them -- I believe they might, in fact, be infinite in number -- and they're all hilarious. The boy is a frickin' master at expressing various degrees of displeasure with his face. A MASTER, I say.

12. I love his wordless encounter with the midget clown. 

13. I love the way Sam kisses. Those huge hands holding the girl's head, hunched down to reach her, so completely focused like kissing is the only thing that matters in the world... guh. That boy can kiss. 

14. I love that he knew more or less immediately that the shapeshifter wasn't Dean.

15. I love how in "Devil's Trap," at the end, he steps right over the father he just shot to go to Dean, and I love how small and scared and unsteady his voice is when he says, "You've lost a lot of blood..."

16. I love that he had the courage and determination at eighteen years old to go into the world on his own, even though it meant leaving behind his family and everything he'd ever known, even though it meant going directly against his father's wishes, even though it meant he was completely alone with no home to return to and nobody to turn to when things got rough. Maybe he didn't know exactly what he wanted out of life, but he was brave enough to leave everything behind andgo find it. Eighteen years old, people, and he was doing what many people spend their entire lives too scared to do. I love that so much.

17. I love his hair. Shaggy, messy, swooshy, floppy, dirty, crazy, in any shape or form, I love that mop of hair. 

18. I love that after he had a vision of Dean dying he MOVED a piece of FURNITURE with his BRAIN. That, my friends, that's love. 

19. On that note: I love that Sam's superpowers pretty much suck. Sure, they come in handy sometimes, but he can't control the visions at all, they're excruciatingly painful, sometimes all they do is give him the opportunity to watch people die with no chance of saving them, and nothing but more misery and more questions have come of them so far. I love that.

20. "You smell like a toilet."

21. I love that despite the fact that he's ten feet tall and has shoulders six feet wide and could crush cars with his bare hands if he wanted to, there are times when Sam looks so very young and vulnerable that all I want to do is hug him and kiss him and give him cookies and tuck him into bed and tell him everything is going to be alright. A lot of times, actually. Like, you know, once an episode. 

22. I love every single thing Sam says and does during "Route 666." Every. Single. Thing. From his SHOCK at the very idea of Dean dating a girl to his "huh, that didn't occur to me" genius plan at the end, every single thing. Sam makes that otherwise awful episode watchable. 

23. I love how quiet and gentle he can be with the people they're trying to help. If I'm ever attacked by evil things, I'd welcome either or both boys to protect me, but Sam's the one I'd want sitting beside me and saying in that soft, calm, earnest way of his that they're going to figure it out and make everything okay. No contest. No idea where he learned to do that, 'cause Dean sucks at it big time and I doubt John is much better, but I love it a lot.

24. I love Sam's thinky face. Gosh, he sure does concentrate hard. Hee!

25. I love when he lounges on the hood of the Impala outside bars. Mmmyes.

26. I love his adorable mixture of pride and embarrassment while he's telling Dean he stole a car in "Scarecrow." 

27. I love watching him fight all violent and dirty and everywhere because he's so huge and I think I could watch that all day. Oh, yes. I do.

28. I love that he pulls the trigger. Four times. f**k. I love that. If I had to pick the one moment that made me realize this show owns my heart and soul, that would be it.

29. I love that he thinks gluing his brother's hand to a beer bottle is the funniest prank in, like, the history of forever and ever. 

30. I love his cute, silly face when he says, "The Mysterious Mister Fortinski." 

31. I love Sam when he's in a cage. SURPRISE. Bet you didn't know I liked that, did you?

32. I love his hands. People. Those hands. They're so huge and beautiful and when I start thinking about them I don't stop for a long time...


Um. Yes. I love his hands.

33. I love how amused he is to discover that Dean is afraid of flying. 

34. I love the way he says, "Still think I'm a catch?" to Sarah during the grave-digging in "Provenance." Yes, Sammy, we still think you're a catch. *musses his hair*

35. I love that he offered Dean the Lucky Charms toy right after conning him out of the Lucky Charms.

36. I love his laugh. Have I mentioned that already? I love the way he laughs when he's really laughing, cracking up like crazy, and I love it all the more because it's so rare. 

37. I love that Sam is capable of admitting when he's wrong about big, important things, like when he apologizes to Dean in "Something Wicked" for giving Dean a hard time about always following John's orders.

38. Similarly, I love that Sam always apologizes when he's been an ass. He can be a stubborn brat, he sometimes says things that cross the line, but he always apologizes for it, and he's always sincere in his apologies.

39. I love that he's so jealous that Dean is a wanted criminal in the FBI database and he's not.

40. I love that he loved Jessica so much he wanted to marry her, and when she died his reaction was, "We've got work to do."

41. I love his puppydog eyes.

42. I love his lecturing voice. I know, I know, most people in the world prefer to call that "badly-written, boring exposition," but I don't care, because I have fantasies in my mind of Sam being a professor and, uh, sharing exposition all over the place, so I love it. 

43. I love when he wakes up from his nightmare in "Bloody Mary" and he's lying on the bed in a sweatshirt looking all angsty and cuddly and pretending nothing's wrong and making me want to lie down next to him.

44. I love it when he yells at John, especially in "In My Time of Dying." I might have actually cheered a little bit when he yelled at John in that episode.

45. I love the way he speaks Latin. Sorry, y'all, but everybody who answered "Dean" on my Latin poll was WRONG. The correct answer is SAMMY'S LATIN FOR THE WIN and don't try to argue or else I shall make funny faces at you. 

46. I love his phone call to John in "Faith." 

47. Speaking of which: I love that Sam is completely, totally, utterly incapable of imagining that Dean might die. He doesn't have that extreme denial for anybody else, not for Jess or John, but when it comes to his big brother, Sam simply cannot accept a world in which there is no Dean. 

48. I love that he gets caught watching Latina lesbian po*n.

49. I love that he tells Dean, in "Shadow," that Dean has to let him go his own way and do his own thing. 

50. I love that he brings the Ouija board to the hospital and the first words out of his mouth are, "Don't make fun of me for this."

51. I love that he echoes his father's words when he's sending the kids out of the house in "Home."

52. I love his appalled expression when Dean is singing REO Speedwagon.

53. I love his other appalled expression when Dean says, "He picked the handsome one!" in the shapeshifter's lair. 

54. I love that he memorizes the route to the vampire's home when he's blindfolded and kidnapped in "Bloodlust."

55. I love that he sees Jessica at the end of "Bloody Mary," and I love the young, scared, hopeful, heartbroken, shocked look on his face when he does.

56. I love that he really doesn't seem to enjoy hanging out in bars or chatting with people. He's such a cute little introvert. 

57. Well, okay, not little. I love that he's so frickin' tall. 

58. I love it when he almost-but-not-quite cries. Every time it happens. 

59. I love that he refuses to let Bobby scrap the Impala.

60. I love that he says, "I love you, Mom," at Mary's grave, and he means it so much, even though he never knew her and probably has no memory of her at all that isn't associated with his father's bitterness and grief.

61. I love the way he keeps getting molested by the shapeshifter in "Skin." WHAT? Shut up. He totally does and you all love it too.

62. I love his dimples.

63. I love his self-deprecating little laugh when he meets the cat under the car right before the crazy hillbilly cannibals kidnap him.

64. I love the gentle, quiet way he gets Dean to talk to him about the striga, and I love that he says, "You were just a kid," to give Dean the absolution that Dean doesn't think he deserves. (But I hate spelling the word "striga." What a stupid word.)

65. I love that Sam completely loses it after they lose the demon in "Salvation." He is so f**king desperate and furious and out of control and I love it.

66. I love that Sam pretty obviously worships his big brother, but he tries so hard to hide it behind all kinds of patented little brother snark and eye rolls and pretending never to be impressed. He's such a little brother.

67. I love that Sam recognizes and jokes about just how f**ked up their lives are.

68. I love when he headbutts Meg when she has him tied up. 

69. I love that he pulls that totally lame eyelash line on Sarah... and it works

70. I love that he is so determined not to let Dean close up and vanish in a shell of guilt and grief after John dies. Navigating Dean's emotional landscape must be kinda like flying a single prop airplane through a sandstorm over hostile territory with no idea how much gas you have on board, and Sam clearly doesn't know what to do to help Dean, but damn it, he's trying, trying so hard and he's not going to stop, because he can't stand to see Dean suffering like that.

71. I love the menacing way he LOOMS over Andy when Andy's mind control doesn't work on him.

72. I love that after Dean punches him in the face, Sam just says, "Hit me all you want, it won't change anything."

73. Oh, speaking of that episode, two Sammy lines I adore: "You two want to get a room?" and "Wow, give you a severed head and a pile of dead cows and you're Mr. Sunshine." I love Sammy when he's snarky.

74. I also love it when he wears plaid shirts.

75. I love that when Dean admits he doesn't want to look for John alone, Sam totally melts and agrees to go with him. 

76. I love the way he shouts for his dad and brother after that demon semi smashes their car.

77. I love his scared little face when Dean is crashing in the hospital. 

78. I love that he asks if Dean considered making the deal with the demon even though everybody (including Dean) knows he already knows the answer.

79. I love how surprised he is every time he hears somebody say how proud John is of him.

80. I love that Sam is always saying all those chick-flick touchy-feely things Dean pretends he doesn't want to hear.

81. "And apparently clowns kill!"

82. I love Sam telling Dean that he looks like a seventh grader at his first dance.

83. I love Sam's fear that even if they do find John, he's not going to want to see him again. Oh, Sammy.

84. I love that everything in the supernatural world capable of choking a person has choked Sam, up to and including possessed lamp cords.

85. I love how fussy Sam is when Dean is sick in "Faith."

86. I love so much how Sam is always trying to figure out his brother, watching him and asking him and wondering, trying to learn what makes him tick and what's going on behind his walls and attitude and snark. I think that may actually be my favorite aspect of the whole show. 

87. I love how Sam smacks Dean for that "hotter psychic" comment. (Seriously, though, is there any question at all? Of course Sam is the hotter psychic. Jeez.)

88. I love the way Sam tries to talk Max down, so desperate and earnest and scared.

89. I love that Sam shoots the zombie chick in the face even after she begs him not to.

90. I love that John's death has made Sam reevaluate what he wants out of his life. Who knows what he'll do in the long run, but at least he's thinking about it -- and telling Dean that he's thinking about it.

91. "You got sidelined by a thirteen-year-old girl?"

92. Um. I love that scene when Sam. Sees his dad. And drops the coffee. And runs. Yeah, I love it, because it hurts so much.

93. "You're my brother, and I'd die for you." He would, too. I love that he means it.

94. I love that Sam totally geeks out over serial killer facts.

95. I love it when Sam tells John that killed the demon isn't more important than everything. 

96. I love the easy, convincing way he feeds Detective Linda Blair that bullshit story.

97. I love Sam wearing nothing but a towel. 

98. I love how easily Sam slips into the role of the big brother when Dean's falling apart. He makes such a wonderful supportive brother. (He did learn from the best, after all.)

99. I love his mad lock-picking skillz.

100. I love that boy. So damn much. He's a ginormous emo geek nearly crushed by shattering grief and the fear and darkness of being dragged into a life he never wanted, tried so hard to escape -- did escape -- but he's endlessly courageous and adorable and ruthless and gentle and cruel and silly and he hates his nickname and when he smiles, just for a moment, everything is okay in the world. I love Sammy, the big dork.
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Di thank you so much for posting the JP facts. Ohh loved just loved reading both posts. Aww you know one thing, I instantly fell for Sam at the first site but it took me some time to fall for Dean though I instantly liked him too.
hmm mmm maybe I simple love insanely tall people who also looks like Greek God n their tall things.. You kno tall limbs, long slender fingers, infinite legs... *coughs* can write a essay on it.

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Originally posted by Bamonforever

Di thank you so much for posting the JP facts. Ohh loved just loved reading both posts. Aww you know one thing, I instantly fell for Sam at the first site but it took me some time to fall for Dean though I instantly liked him too.
hmm mmm maybe I simple love insanely tall people who also looks like Greek God n their tall things.. You kno tall limbs, long slender fingers, infinite legs... *coughs* can write a essay on it.
welcome dear
and kaunsi site??LOL its SIGHT Ermm

woa woa ...hold on...relax..i guess i DON"t want an essay after allLOL

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