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FF LEARNING TO BREATH..updated pg 25 (Page 10)

Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by M0uNi

Brilliant Vinnie! Every single emotion is written so beautifully. Great job friend. Waiting with bated breath for the next part..

Thank you  Mouni, for your kind words.  You will get the next part soon don't worry  . Please keep reading and commenting.!!! SmileSmileSmile

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 9

Two days later  Vickram  made his way  into the  offices  building of TVS INDUSTRIES. He went unnoticed by the staff and was even stopped by the guard as asked the purpose of his visit. When he signed his name in the guest book, the expression the the guards face was priceless.

"It's OK  carry on , glad to see some body doing their job around here!"  he chuckled. He made his way up to Bhushan's Office,  somethings never changed he thought , as he found his brother  with his head buried   some documents. He smiled.

"I.."  Bhushan lifted his head, it had been almost a year since he saw his younger brother ...and  it took him a few minutes to recognize him

"Vick-Vickram!?"  He got up from his chair , crossed the distance and enveloped his brother in a hug that almost  stifled him.  Both men overcome by emotion  of seeing each other  face to face.

'Where have ...are you alright?"  He finally asked.

'I'm good I am good"  Vickram  answered, in a emotion filled voice.

"You  look good! Busy as usual I see" Vickram said after he  sat  down  on the sofa  in the corner of the room.

"What's this" his brother asked indicating  Vickram's appearance  "the beard , the kurta...Since when you  found the "Bhai" look appealing?'"

"It just sort of happened on its own."  He answered.

"Were the boys fine?, I did not know what kind of security  you wanted.'   

"Yes they were  fine, most of the trouble comes from some brainless bullies, but  after last week I have a feeling  something  big might happen, although after the police incident  things got quite again"

He finally told  Bhushan  the reason for wanting the security and Sugni's story.

" I can't believe that man would bully  some one like that,"

"So did you find out any thing more on this Jwala Singh?" 

"Ohh he is quite a character, apparently a land grabber, something hard to prove , but  he had  "Brought" alot of the old residents land in that area and the neighboring  town. Rumor has it he is striking a deal with some foreign company  to sell then the lands for a exorbitant amount...only problem is  it's not his land to sell!"

Well this is why he was so adamant. The story was getting clearer by the minute. Well that would not happen  If Vickram had a say in it.  "When will Mr. Dravid be here?"

"The afternoon after he finishes 'in court" That meant he had hours of nothing to do or so he thought, until his brother got up.

'Come on let's go'

"Go where?" Vickram Asked confuseed

"Home, where else?"

"Bhushan I told you"

"Not your home, my house. In fact you will be staying there for the duration of your stay"

" I am leaving in two days, and  I don't want to impose...I'll be Ok"

Suddenly  his brother had a  Thunderous look on his face.

'You'll be ok? That is great! I guess we should all be happy because MR VICKRAM SINGH will be OK!

His voice started rising.


"Do you even realize what you are putting this family through?  Your mother  has not laid eyes on her son for almost a year, each day worried about you, if you are  alright, eating ,sleeping . Crying her self to sleep, praying to god that you come back.  And you plan on coming all the way here and not even show her that you are alive!  There is not a day I don't struggle with sending a search party to look for you. "Closing his eyes and taking a breath to calm himself he stared at Vickram, who was at the moment staring at the floor.

Walking around the desk, he placed his hand on Vickrams shoulder His voice much more calm and softer now.

"Vickram I  know you have been through hell. And what happened to you I would not wish it on my worst enemy.  Vickram please, come back, what happened it was an accident, it was not your fault."

Vickram started shaking his head.

"Listen to me, no body blames you, we miss you , we need , we love you, please please come back!"

"I blame me"  He whispered.

He knew he would not refuse his brother. And no matter how painful the next two days will be, he did owe them that much.

Walking into his brothers  house after so long , Vickram felt like a total stranger, the place looked the same but  some how different.

He walked through the front door, apprehensive about what he would find. 

"Bhushan? You had us worried, what happened? He heard the voice of his sister 'in- law Suman long before he saw her.   "Oh my God!!!  Vickram!" She said. Obviously pregnant, she waddled her way across the room to meet him. It was a repeat performance of hugs and tears; as she looked at him.

"Thank God!  You had us so worried!" She said, tapping him on the head as though he was a child!'

"I'm sorry Bhabi!"  he said.   Soon she was waddling back up stairs no doubt to inform his mother of her prodigal son's return.

"Congratulations!"  Vickram told his brother, he know it had been years since they were trying for a baby. He was happy that it was finally happening for them.

"Thanks, its been difficult for her ...but we made it this far!"

"How  much along is she ?"

"Eight months!" They made their way into the living room.

"Vickram?" His mother said, she was much frailer looking than he remembered. She stared at him. Making his way to her he hugged her.


"Vickram, My son, Ohh God, thank you, thank you so much!'  She whispered softly reverently. 


So here he was surrounded by his family. Looking at them he could see and feel that each of them was also dealing with this tragedy.                         

During dinner, he got caught up in the happenings of the business. He was satisfied to see that his brother had indeed handled the business in the right direction. He was never worried about that. He was greatful that in his absence his brother took over both the responsibilities Vickram had left behind, and he expressed that much.

"Oh don't be ridiculous, "his brother said.  'You started this business from scratch, with out help from any one.  You helped and gave me this job after I was laid off and was on the verge of loosing it all. And she is not only your mother you know, you may be her pet but it is also my duty as her son to take care of her.!"

"Well I am just happy to know you are OK!" His mother interjected. 'But where were you all this time?."

"Oh all over, just wandering around, no place more than a few days, in fact this is the longest I have stayed in any particular place in the past eleven months!"  He said.

"Well it's good that you are helping this girl!, but Vickram when will you come back?"

That was a difficult question, he was not sure he could bring himself to.

"I don't know maa, but first I have to help Sugni free her business, then i can think about anything else."

His mother nodded silently. She knew that once he made up his mind about something, nothing would change it except himself.

It was almost midnight, and Vickram was standing   at his bedroom window , looking   outside. He tried sleeping but kept tossing and turning.  Today had been such an emotional day, the affection, love, and acceptance he got from his family was as unexpected as it was overwhelming.

He wanted so much to share this with Sugni. He realized that he was missing her, her laughter, their early morning breakfast, and her philosophy of life.  He reached for the phone countless of times to call her, but stopped himself.

The last time he trusted his heart to a woman, she stepped over it while laughing in his face.   He no longer trusted himself to make that decision. He also knew that he desperately wanted to be close to Sugni.

He knew deep down that the two women were as different as chalk and cheese. Where one was selfish, Sugni  was the most selfless person he came across. Where one had no problem lying and deceiving with a straight face, Sugni was the most open and honest person.

"Can't sleep?" his mother said.

Turning to look at her he smiled. She walked into the room sitting on his bed patting the space bedside her indicating he sit.

'You're still awake!" 

"I can't sleep either.  Come here  I  did not have a good chance to look at you!' She said.

He sat next to her.  Running a soothing hand over his head and face. Her eyes filling with tears.

"What is this?" she asked  caressing his beard. Her expression was  not a pleased one.

"I like it!"  he defended .

"Oh please the thing looks like a hotel for lice!"

Remembering Sugni's comment about lice, Vickram  laughed.

"What ?"

"Sugni said  almost the same thing!'

"So what has you worried?" She asked

"Hmm I am not!" She just stared at him. He just sighed. But his mother knew him better than he knew him self.

"I am sorry Vickram."  His mother said,

"What? For what? "he asked  confused.

"For Reva" She said, he opened his mouth to protest but she cut him off.

"For pressuring you into it, for seeing yet  ignoring how miserable you were, please forgive me, son." She said tearfully.

"Maa, noo you have nothing to apologize for, you may have introduced us, but I was the one who fell into her trap. It was not your fault." He assured her.

"Just as that accident was not your fault.!"  He looked at her.

"Look son,  we can spend the rest  of our lives  crying over the past. In the end  our lives would end but nothing won't change, or we could  accept the past forgive our wrong doers and  ourselves and move on." He nodded.

"It's late ...I am off to bed " She stood up...Turning to him , she again ran her fingers through his hair.

"Vickram ,it's OK for you to be happy again, it's OK to trust your heart again. You repented enough, son..."  He stared at her.  She smiled "You love her don't you?"


"Oh it's clear on your face, every time you mention her that smile of yours touches your eyes.. Just trust your heart." With that she left...




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octopie Senior Member

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I laughed at the part about Bhushan suddenly getting frustrated and saying ohh Vickram will be okay huh ! hehe, that tone's quite familiar to me LOL but am glad you put that in there about him returning home... it's like he doesn't want to but just as is written, he must feel bad about refusing his brother and guilt too the way Bhushan was describing how their mother is doing and all Disapprove it is sad, because people often taken for granted... especially when fighting, and then when the other person goes to harm themselves or runs away or such, then worry for him/her... and/or for self, without that person ... would far outweigh the anger... possibly.

also I love the lesson about lives would end but nothing would change if keep crying over the past...

and love that you wrote his smile touches his eyes when talking about Sugni ... SleepyEmbarrassednonverbal behavior can tell a lot...

it's also scary risky at the same time though... when our happiness ends up depending on somebody Disapprove ... as nobody is permanent and never can know if some situation were to rise and they can no longer be with us or it can't work out or some gap happens, etc. then our happiness too would be gone. Disapprove this is very risky trust I believe, so it's interesting to see it illuminated in your story.

Suman waddling and hugs & tears Big smile yaaay ! she's so sweet here Embarrassed

lovely chapter, as always ^-^ waiting for the next Embarrassed hehe.

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
SmileVinnie, absolutely brilliant. Chapter 7 and 8 are captivating and amazingClap. Thank you for entertaining us with your awesome story of Vickram and Sugni. Their romance is blossoming beautifullyHeart. Love it.
Looking forward for the next chapter. Thanks for the PM. Will read chapter 9 later on today.

 Likable Flowers

This gorgeous flowers is just for you, for your dedication, commitment and hard work in writing Fan Fiction.

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OmkaRaman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 4:26pm | IP Logged
WOW Vinnie. Such wonderful writing dear. Thnk u so much ofr bringing SUGVI back to life. 
Plz do continue. Hug

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Sandy66 Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2013 at 9:43am | IP Logged
SmileVinnie, chapter 9, absolutely awesome, Maa Saheb truly understand
Vickram's feeling for Sugni. Bhushan being blessed with child is so enlightening and endearing, and Suman such a loving and caring Sister-in-law, is so refreshing. Loving this Fan Fiction, it's totally different from the real storyline of the PSH.

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payal7 IF-Dazzler

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Sorry Vinnie
Just got around to reading chapter 9 - WOW.
A genuine family bondings. A mother who understands her son and apologies for what she sees as her mistake.
Fantastic. cannot wait for the next installment.

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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vinnie  this is fabulous writing  and I loved vikram  bonding with bushan  and how you are taking this story forward 

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