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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Second edition of Samjhe ya Samjhaun Weekly - the Newsletter for the Arjun Forum!

A huge thanks to all of the members who have volunteered! It wouldn't have been possible without you.

And before we continue, we want to also give a shout-out, a huge thanks, to Mahi for successfully running the NL!

And here it is!  We hope you all enjoy it!

NL Team


C R E D I T S :

Summary of the Two Episodes: S.Stephy
Scene of the Week: polly_03
Emotional Scene of the Week: polly_03
 Action Scene of the Week: -sree13-
 Dhaasu Moment of the Week: funkylicious
Bromance Moment of the Week: nikki08
Raute Moment of the Week:
Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz...
Picture of the Week: purecure
 Character of the Week: purecure
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina..
Surprise Package of the Week: ||-Shilpa-||
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: -sree13-

FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059
OS of the Week:tani23
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
 Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh
 VM of the Week: Aliya_begh
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]: ||-Shilpa-||

Link to our first edition of SYS weekly

Samjhae Ya Samjhaun first edition

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First Edition of Samjhe Ya Samjhaun Weekly
Jan 19, 2013-Jan 25, 2013


Saturday Jan 19th episode

Bomb blast in a ad agency

Episode 46

The ETF team investigates a bomb blast that happens in an office due to which 3 people were killed. The bomb was found to be planted in the wall of a cabin during the time when another company, Green World had occupied the office and the cabin had then belonged to Mr Khanna. The ETF team find out that the bomb was planted by Dhamini, an employee of Green World with the help of a bomb-maker, Satpaal. Satpaal's son, Brijesh has thalassaemia and requires regular blood transfusions. However, Brijesh has the rare Bombay (Oh) blood group type, and Dhamini who also has the same blood group is Brijesh's donor. Hence, Satpaal assisted in this crime due to his gratitude for Dhamini.
Mr Khanna had molested Dhamini 10 years ago and he has been trying to do the same to other female employees in the company. And hence Dhamini wanted to kill off Mr Khanna by getting the bomb planted. But before her plan could be carried out, she comes to know that one of the female employee was trapped in Mr Khanna's house. Dhamini goes there immediately to rescue the girl, during which, Dhamini accidently kills Mr Khanna. Satpaal hides Mr Khanna's dead body inside the wall in the house and he promises Dhamini that he would diffuse the bomb. But before he could do so, he dies. And Dhamini was under the impression that the bomb was removed. But unfortunately, months later, an employee named Avinaash uses the un-used switch that was the trigger for the bomb to charge his laptop, thereby leading to the death of the three people in the cabin.

 Sunday Jan 20th episode
Murder in the Prison
Episode 47

A football match takes place among the prisoners in a jail, during which a gun-shot was fired, causing a chaos to break out, which leads to the death of 8 prisoners and 2 jailers while three other prisoners, Sonu, Raja and Bala escape. Sonu gets caught while trying to steal a change of clothes from a nearby chawl. Raja goes to his sister-in-law's place to avenge her for testifying against him but the Chottu and Rathore catch him. Raja reveals that it was Bala's plan to escape and it was he who fired the gun-shot. Arjun deduces that Bala procured the gun through a tiffin sent by his wife.

The ETF then finds out that Bala stages this entire fiasco in order to kill one of the prisoners, Naresh who was jailed for running over a person, Wasim with a vehicle. But Naresh was due in court the next day since he claimed that Wasim's death was a murder committed by someone, for which he had evidence that he would submit in court. The murder was committed by Bala's ex-employer, the owner of Bangar Transport Company (BTC) because Wasim who initially worked in BTC started a rival company of his own.
Before killing Naresh, Bala finds out from him that the evidence, which was in the form of an audio recording in a mobile phone was kept at his home with his son, Ritt. Bala and Bangar try to get the evidence from Ritt and destroy it but the ETF team thwarts them and saves the evidence.


Credits: polly_03

The Scene of The Week is undoubtedly the last scene of the Sunday's episode i.e. the Prisoners Escape Case when Arjun passes the evidence of the murder as an MMS to Aisha's mobile and then she passes the same to the team. Bangar had taken Rith as captive and tried to burn the sim of his father's mobile thinking that he had just destroyed the only evidence to his crime only to know that he had been outwitted by team ETF. The scene was well directed and was truly awesome in every aspect.

Credits: polly_03

The Emotional Scene of The Week is from Ad-Agency Bomb Blast episode when Damini admits to have murdered Khanna in front of the ETF. Damini tells them how Khanna had drugged and abused her in the name of offering her a job in a good company and had also filmed it. 10 years later, when she had to work as a junior to him, she discovered that he hadn't changed a bit and tried to abuse other female staff of the office as well. She couldn't bear to see them abused and told her uncle Satpal about it, who helped her to plant a bomb in Khanna's office to kill him. Later on , that night he tried to molest his employee Dipti and she called Damini for help. Damini reached the place and managed to save the girl but ended up killing Khanna. She escaped from there after informing Satpal who decided to detonate the bomb in his office the next day but unfortunately died on the next day. The bomb was left undetonated that ended up killing three innocent people in the blast.

The scene as well as the episode goes on to show the sexual harassment women have to face in their professional world and also endure them in order to survive the struggle of the fittest in a male dominated society.


There was brain action rather than physical action in last two episode. though Ayesha has done a real good job in 20th January episode. in this episode when Bala was about to shoot Arjun & Rith the Ayesha's gun shot was perfect & on time in order to save them which reflected the superb shooting skill & strong personality of Ayesha. so a huge round of applause for Ayesha for this action scene in a not so action filled week.

Credits: funkylicious

This weeks Dhaasu moment was when Arjun in a sarcastic tone says "Kabhi kabhi galiya dubara suna acha hota hai" I particularly chose it because I felt it to be a weird yet smart way to know what was on the prisoners mind... Moreover the stunned face of superintendent was amazing he was a little bit clueless which made the scene even more funnier.. Though I cracked up at that scene I am sure few would at least agree with the out of the box dialogue by Arjun.

Credits: nikki08

Okay'this one can be none other than the scene where Arjun says, "Kahin kuch choot raha hai Rathod" followed by Rathod saying, "Baat to hai Rawte, kuch to choot raha hai."

ETF was interrogating the agent in the Ad Agency Bomb Blast Case and then Shree informs them that Satpal Chaudhary (Bomb Maker) was a nice man and people used to praise him a lot. Also that he died in an accident on 18th March. Our Arjun's mind starts thinking about the newspaper in which the bomb was wrapped being dated 17th March and Satpal's death on 18thMarch. A mere coincidence??? Not possible'. and then comes his "kuch to choot raha hai!"

Rathod agreeing to Arjun, now that's not quite frequent'and repeating his dialogue, wow'that's something really interesting' that's called a bromance moment!

Credits: funkylicious

This weeks Rawte of the week is very special as RATHORE couldn't understand how Arjun knew the man was buried on he wall. This was one of my favorite scenes from the episode ever because you could see Arjun's visualization to the limit, by limit I don't mean it in a bad way but a very good way.. It was surprising that no one questioned Arjun at start and later to solve Rathore's confusion he asked Arjun how he knew...

Rawte of he week is proudly awarded by me as the moment made history in my eyes. As it was a very level in the show with a new type of criminal mind. I just want to conclude when Arjun notices the difference in the picture on the wall and the small sign given out with the help of Red Ants. his explaination to the angles were amazing..

Moreover, Arjun reacted quicker than words he took the spade from the antique and broke the wall as the Ants indicated Arjun there's something wrong.

Please scroll down for more.Smile

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Credits: ll-Shilpa-ll

Lately we have had some great Rathore moments and this weekend was no less either, the one that stood out the most of course was when he confidently  answered the superintendent's doubtful question with "because we are ETF" this is a good sign of chief who has a full confidence in himself and his team, but one that I liked the most was when he put a gun to Bala's head and said jail's guards are waiting dinner for you; you have an invitation. That is our Rowdy Rathore at his best.


This week, We had No CHUPKE-CHUPKE [Arisha] Moments. Very sorry guys.

Because this time we had a BOOM-DHISKIAAO Arisha Moment. We need not need the guess this right, do we?

Of course, it was the time when Arjun was busy consoling Rith, and Bala was preparing his gun to shoot OUR ARJUN.

And then the gun shot, shook us to the roots.
But then when we saw Arjun safe and sound, we signed a sound of relief. And then the dis-closer of Ayesha killling BalaClapping Hands

It was a simple W.O.W! Ayesha tumne aaj humari JAAN bachali. Thank you so much.

I m sure Arjun ke dimaag mein yahi chala hoga

"Yeh ladki aur kitna shocks degi mujhe? Ek din tod lagta hai mera heartbeat hi band karwa degi. Ab thank you kese bolu?

Kya ACP Arjun Rawte, yeh tu kya soch raha hai? Woh toh bas apna duty kar rahi thi. Tu bhi nah! Control yourself and focus on the case, Arjun."

Anyway, hum hi Ayesha ko thank you khete hai. For saving our Arjun.
Bow Down
And guys, ab mere dialogues ko dimaag mein rekhte hue yeh avis dekho.!

Waiting for More Arisha Moments next week!!


This week the picture which came into light was the pic of Sana khan at calendar launch in assoc. with INIFD.The pic which amused the most was the pic of sana khan along with Behzaad Khan & Siddharth sen at the same event. It reminded of the past days of sana khan with the ETF along with that her dialogue "They too have personal life" & this pic clearly exhibited that & gave a glimpse of their behind screen life.& they all looked outrageous & fab.
This pic was brought in light by jenny100.Thanks to her.


This week the ETF officer whose smartness impressed or i must say , who have been impressing for long, it's the none other than are very own Arjun Suryakant Rawte. In Both the Episodes, or i must say from beginning of the show, he had been pointing out the main points which comes out to be basic key points in solving the case.In saturday episode, He founded something unusual with he wall and the photo frame, ammusing to be something hided behind it & he himself broke the wall with his own muscular efforts & found Khanna's burnt body behind it. In sunday episode, he himself making roti & underlining the concept of prisoners disguised in jailers uniform ran out of jail, which as usual, was correct.
So, Arjun with his perfect intuitions,outrageous theory on love & crime and his smartness,with spice of hotness, will always cherish us, as he did this week.

Credits: ..Naina..

Aur agar har ek insaan tumhare tarah kanoon haath mein lene laga, to iss tarah ke hadse hothe rahenge. - Rathod

Man, Rathod again with the Dialogue of the Week! Teaching everyone the very important lesson not to try to take things into your own hands. If you have an issue, take it to the police, let the law handle a situation, and don't try to fix issues by yourself, because it will probably only lead to more of a mess.

Credits: ll-Shilpa-ll

The surprise package of this week is our very own chief of ETF ACP Sameer Rathore. While it is not rare to see him disagree with Arjun but it is very rare to see him agree with Arjun and the most surprising thing about this particular scene is that for the first time Rathore answered to Arjun's "kuch toh chut raha hai Rathore", he not only replied to Arjun but agreed with him 100% too.
While the small nok jhok between the two indicate a past friendship gone sour moments like this hints at not only a great friendship but also a past partnership, may be?

Credits: -sree13-

Well the last two episode were quite well executed with comparatively less flaw but still in 19th January episodes which striked everyone's head is of course that how could it be possible that a switch of table fan has not been used since 6 month which was connected to bomb & as well as how could be the intensity of busting may so powerful after 6 month of implantation in a wall?? Quite weired na?? hence it is selected for the loophole/blooper of the week.

Please scroll down for more.Smile

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Credits: samiya.059

It was very difficult to choose one ff among such brilliant ff's.The ff i chose this week is 'SHAYAD YAHI TO PYAAR HAI' by Avantika Gupta.

The story started with entry of Ariya into etf and in the first case itself they had a near kiss .the story has reached at a point where etf chief sameer rathore had given a common cabin to ariya.The update was a treat especially the arjun roshni scenes where arjun is enjoying his married provided the insight to what part of life he had been living in past and we can relate to his pain of separation n loss.A new entry in the form of Dr Radhika rathore has made the story even more intresting and has given us a glimpse about rathore's back story.Moreover it has the ariya magic which has driven us all mad.All in all a perfect entertainment package with love emotions romance smiles tears mystries n hidden pasts


Congrats Avantika, here is your prize for the best FF of the week.

Last week a lot of OS s came, some were funny, some were emotional. It was difficult to chose d best out of d  best. The OS which I felt to be 'OS of the week' dealt with Arjun and Ria. It was about Arjun helping Ria in practicing her shooting skills and she instead goes and practices on a Game. It had the trio masti-which quickly reminded me of  show. The case was interesting as well. Ria and Arjun in disguise and Arjun flirting with don's Girl. Then a competition between Arjun and Don- whoever will have maximum number of bull's eye will be the winner. To know more, whether Arjun won  competition and how Ria helped him ...go and check out the chapter once again. The way she wrote was amazing. All characters were very realistically written , for once I thought I was watching the  story on Show itself. 
If any one has still not guessed  the name then here it is "Aftermath of Dart-Shooting"  by the sole funky writer of  forum. Yayy u have guessed it its Funkylicious aka Shru. 

Congrats Shru, here is your prize for the best OS of the week

Credits: ..Naina.

The siggy of the week this week was created by

Congratulations, here is you prize for the best siggie of the week

Credits: Aliya_begh
Itgoes to our multi-talented'saba-ramisa' for this awesome avi..:)

check out all her avis here..:)

Congratulations Saba, here is your prize for the best Avi of the week.

Credits: ||-Shilpa-||

This weeks discussion topic title that had the most likes and comments was made by Rathore's biggest fan on the forum, any guesses on who Rathore's biggest fan on the forum is? No, well it's our very own ankita2804. That's right her anger on behalf of our beloved ETF has made her the winner of the discussion topic of the week.

"Blood boiling moment"

Congratulations ankita, here is your prize for discussion topic of the week

Credits: Aliya_begh
any guess?
it's none other than "prava55663

Congratulations prava, here is your prize for making the most comments on all cast profiles.

No VMs this week, again I urge all our forum members who know how to make VMs please try and make a VM for our beloved show.

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There it is our Second edition of Samjhe Ya Samjhau weekly.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered for the NL on behalf of myself and Naina.

Special thanks to Naina for guiding me through this for all the banner of the NL, flashing headers, and the winner siggies. Thank you so much Naina.Hug

Posting these reminders again.

1. Our NL will be weekly, we will try our best to get it posted on Friday, starting next week.
2. Our week starts on Sat and ends on Thurs, or at the latest on Friday.
3. Please PM your parts to us by Thurs Evening or at the latest Friday morning.
4. If you can't do your parts then please contact the back up person for that category and give try to let them know ahead of time just in case they are also not available to do their parts.
5. If there is no back up for you please PM me or Naina so we can take care of it.
6. For the members responsible for the FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, and siggie parts please give us a brief write up on why you chose the particular FF/SS, OS, VM, Avi, or siggie, and also provide us with the links to post with your write up so we can post it in the NL.

Once again here is the list of the categories and the names of the person responsible for the particular category.

If your name appears in the blue then you are the main person assigned to that particular category and if your name appears in red then you are the back up for that category. I have updated this list

Summary of the Two Episodes: S.Stephy
 Avi of the Week: Aliya_begh

Arjun Star of the Week: Aliya_begh
 VM of the Week: Aliya_begh
FF/SS of the Week: samiya.059 Backup - shrutisweety
OS of the Week:
Rawte Moment of the Week:
arianaabyss; Backup - funkylicious
Bromance Moment of the Week:
 Scene of the Week:
polly_03 Backup - -sree13-
 Emotional Scene of the Week: polly_03; Backup - arianaabyss
Blooper/Loophole of the Week: -sree13- Backup - kgmu86
 Funniest Scene/Dhaasu Moment of the Week:
funkylicious; Backup - purecure
Picture of the Week:
purecure-Backup- Love_Arnie
 Character of the Week:
purecure; Backup- Love_Arnie
Dialogue of the Week: ..Naina.. Backup - polly_03
Signature of the Week: ..Naina..
Surprise Package of the Week: ||-Shilpa-|| Backup - polly_03
 Rowdy Rathod Moment of the Week:
arianaabyss Backup - ankita2804
Chupke Chupke [Arisha] Moment of the Week: ...Mithuz... Backup - Aliya_begh
 Action Scene of the Week: -sree13-
Backup- Love_Arnie
Discussion Topic of the Week [Only for threads related to discussing the show]: ||-Shilpa-||

Please excuse us if we made any mistakes and let us know so we can correct it for the next edition.
Just one last thing, please don't forget to hit the CM every time you log in and press the like button on all the posts you read and find interesting.

Thank you once again everyone most especially our awesome NL team.

We will be back again next week with the NL.

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H A P P Y   R E P U B L I C   D A Y..

Congrats to all the winners:)
Naina and Shilpa Fab job yaar...Loving the NL a lot...kudoos to all the volunteer's ...keep up good work guys!

Loved the Dishum Dishum again...That was a bang on by aisha!!
sree good pick!Smile

"Kabhi kabhi galiya dubara suna acha hota hai"...writers have nailed it...
Shru supeb one yaar!Clap

Loved the Rawte Moment of the week so much..Loved the way Arjun found the difference in the alignment of those frames!Clap

"Kuch to choot raha hai" sounds even more cool when the ETF Chief said it!  @Nikki great job..ClapClap

Akku we will have to wait for chupke chupke moments! There is a long way to go!Embarrassed I would continue to wait for the progress to happen. Atleast to begin with small gestures!

Jenny thank you so much for sharing the pic...Ria's pic means a lot now!
Miss her..Neeli it was a cool picture!Smile
Character of the week tho Arjun ko hi milna thaWink
Itna dedication jo hai!

Dialogue of the week...Awesome one Naina..
Kudoos to writers of Arjun...doing fab job!Embarrassed

sree tumne ek loop nikhal hi liya...but you are true...that was a bit wierd!LOL

Congrats for the winners of..
FF of the week..Avni..Smile
OS of the week..Shru..Smile

Siggy of the week..Ishkkzaadi..It was awesome..Embarrassed
Avi of the week..Rami..good one dear!Smile

Anki being popular ...cheers!SmileSmile

I should thank myself for winning Arjun Star of the week...Feels great being in atleast one edition of NL...Yeeehhh..that calls a party for me!

Takes a lot of Hard work...

Naina and Shilpa a heartful thanks to you both for coming up with the NL!!
Keep rocking!

Done with my comment..LOLLOLLOL

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 8:45pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Republic Day to every 1

Amazing work Stephy in providing a amazing Summary for d episodes

hey sree...amazing selection for Dhishum Dhishum scene

Polly awesum choice for Emotional scene

"kabhi kabhi Gaiyan dobara sunne ki zaroorat hoti hian" ...awesum work Shru

yeyyy i also liked d bromance moment of d week 

Neeli amazing picture...sana, BK, n SS were amazing 

very nice selection of Dialog of week by naina 

hey sree...u pointed out a very nice loophole 

Amazing work people ...liked d Siggy of the week ..gud work Ishaq-jaaddi n Rami congo for a amazing AVI

Amazing work every1 ...Congratulations on d 2nd NL 

Shilpa Di n Naina amazing Idea... 

waiting for d next NL

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