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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS: THE NIGHT to forget Pt 8

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Links to previous parts: Part1
THE NIGHT to forget
Part 8
Khushi came out of the bathroom finding Arnav stood there as still as a rock and Khushi's phone on the floor beside him. She ran to her phone saying ''why's my phone on the floor?!'' Arnav slightly broke from his shock and looked down at Khushi with teary eyes. ''The Doctor just called.'' Khushi stood up right infront on him. ''The Doctor called? What did she say?'' Arnav didn't know how to tell Khushi, his voice broke a little like he would cry. Croakily he said ''She...'' he coughed and cleared his throat to continue saying ''...She said...well, the thing is...'' Khushi was feeling uncomfortable, she got a negative vibe from him and said ''Arnav ji, kya hai?'' ''Khushi the Doctor said that there are some...there are complications with your pregnancy'' Khushi started getting scared ''What do you mean complications? What complications? What are you saying?'' Tears started falling from her eyes ''Khushi the bottom line is that if you give birth to this baby there's a big chance you could die!'' Khushi froze out of shock and fear unable to believe what she just heard. ''Khushi this only means one thing... You're going to have to...'' Khushi looked at Arnav and knew what he was trying to say ''No! No Arnav ji, I will NOT get rid of my baby!'' Arnav was afraid she'd say this and replied ''Khushi don't be stupid this is no time to be stubborn! Your life is at stake!'' ''Tho kya?! I don't care! I will not kill our... Uh-my child no matter what! I'd rather die!!!'' Arnav couldn't bare this thought and Khushi saying this made him really mad ''Khushi!...'' ''No Arnav ji! You don't have any feelings for this child so i wouldn't expect you to care! My decision is final! I don't understand why you're so worried, you should be happy right? Go on then smile..laugh, go on!'' Khushi was crying her eyes out and fell to the ground feeling defeated with pain. Arnav looked at Khushi with tears in his eyes, he felt like his heart was strangling his throat. He felt so helpless, like never before. He put his hands onto khushi's arms helping her up and said ''Khushi get up. Do you really believe i don't care? I'm not that shallow and selfish Khushi'' He found it difficult to say but went on ''It's going to be okay, i promise'' Khushi looked into his eyes and said ''really?'' ''Yes Khushi, just please consider an abortion. It's not worth it, please.'' Khushi immediately stepped back from him with anger and screamed ''I told you i won't do anything like that! You really don't care at all!'' Khushi ran into the bathroom crying her pain out and slammed the door shut. Arnav reached his hand out ''Khush...'' He heard the slam of the door and shut his eyes with anger. He was so angry with Khushi and couldn't understand her point of view. He went to the bathroom door and said ''Khushi don't be stupid! Have the abortion. You could die, do you know what that means?!'' He knocked on the door ''Khushi!'' Khushi opened the door and walked past him and gently said ''I'm not having an abortion and that's final.'' She got into bed and cried herself to sleep. Arnav didn't sleep at all that night. His frustration was disturbing him; he just lay on the green sofa chair looking into space thinking. He finally made a call somewhere and took a small nap before the sun rose.

Khushi's parents came over so excited with the news. ''Khushi beta, you're going to be a Mother soon, i can't believe it. You need to learn to be more mature and responsible now, hmm?'' saying this Khushi's Mum laughed with Khushi and gave her a smile stroking her head. Her Mum then went to Arnav and said ''You're going to be a Father, i know you'll be an amazing one. Take care of my Khushi, especially in this condition, okay?'' Arnav gave her a guilty agreeing smile then looked at Khushi who was as confident as any other day.
It was mid afternoon and Arnav walked in the room where he saw Khushi reading 'First time Motherhood-All about babies'. Arnav got mad seeing Khushi serious about having the baby. ''Khushi come, we're going somewhere.'' ''Where? I'm not in the mood to go anywhere'' ''Khushi come now'' Khushi was compelled to go with Arnav's bickering.
They arrived infront of some hospital leaving Khushi confused ''Arnav ji what are we doing here? This isn't even my hospital.'' Arnav got out the car and went to the other side to open Khushi's side of the door ''Come'' Khushi got out walking towards the hospital with him still confused ''Arnav ji what are we doing here? I think we've come to the wrong place'' as they walked towards the waiting room Arnav turned to Khushi and said ''Aman's arranged the appointment here.'' ''Appointment? What appointment? For what? I already have a doctor, i'm confused'' Khushi kept fussing him and Arnav eventually broke from his silence saying ''It's an appointment to arrange an abortion!'' Khushi froze and her eyes widened with anger ''KYA?! How dare you?! I told you..'' ''I don't care Khushi, you're going to have the abortion. I'm not letting you go through with this stupid pregnancy!'' ''Stupid pregnancy?! Arnav ji i am very VERY serious about this pregnancy! I don't care what YOU think, i'm going through with it!'' Khushi turned to walk away and out, but Arnav grabbed her hand before she slipped away and pulled her back round up against him ''I'm your husband Khushi, i have a say!'' ''You have a say now? What happened to this baby being Shyam's and not yours? So how can you have a say?'' Arnav fumed and slowly let her go hearing her take Shyam's name. Khushi started to walk away, then Arnav said ''I'm not gonna let you die Khushi!'' ''Oh really? As i recall you said i could go to hell. Wait and watch Arnav ji, you might just get your wish'' Khushi walked off and out of the hospital making her own way home. Arnav was left at the hospital gutted with guilt. He felt so guilty about what he said to Khushi and had an urge to go apologise to her, he couldn't bare the thought of Khushi thinking he wanted her dead. He went after Khushi and walked out of the hospital to see her gone.
Arnav speeded home and found Khushi in the kitchen making jalebis and eating them at the same time. He smiled at his beautiful view, then got serious and said ''Khushi i need to tell you something'' Khushi saw the unexpected innocence on his face so she looked at him to listen but didn't say anything. ''I wanted to say s-so-sor... I didn't mean what...I-I'm sor, I'm sorr...'' Arnav couldn't bring himself to say sorry and frustratedly walked out the kitchen. Khushi could tell what he was trying to say, but wasn't surprised he didn't. She just shook her head and continued making jalebis. Arnav, back in the room was angry with himself that he couldn't apologise, he was also angry with Khushi still for continuing with her pregnancy. ''Does she want Shyam's child so much that she's ready to risk her life for it? I don't believe it!''

2 more months passed and Khushi was heavily pregnant.
Khushi was driven by her mood swings; she'd turn from happy to sad in the slightest second or crying to anger in another second or vice versa. More than anything Khushi would be angry and that's why everyone knew not to bother her all the time.
Khushi was folding clothes in her room when Shyam walked in checking her out. ''Khushi ji, you look just as beautiful pregnant. Infact i didn't think it was possible but i'd say you look much cuter.'' He gave her his peverted smile trying to look innocent but really, embarassing himself. Khushi looked up seeing Shyam she got shocked and disgusted. Arnav who was stood just outside by the pool watering his plants was hearing this. ''What are you doing in here? Get out now!'' ''Khushi ji, don't get angry. I'm only here to see if you need anything'' ''Does it look like i need anything? And that too from you?! Get out before Arnav ji comes. He won't spare you i tell you!'' ''It's nice to see you care so much about me'' Shyam laughed, and hearing all this peeved Arnav. He was about to leave his plants to walk in before he heard Khushi say ''I care about YOU?! Shyam ji i couldn't care less whether Arnav ji beat you on the spot right in front of me or not. Just you being here will cause more problems between me and him, so i want you to leave NOW!'' Shyam got mad and walked out. Arnav was quite shocked with what Khushi replied with, he was vaguely confused but then figured, she was being angry at Shyam because of her hormones; though everything didn't make sense about his conclusion, he continued to believe it. Shyam on the other end was outside Khushi and Arnav's bedroom looking towards it saying to himself ''Khushi ji, i'm not okay with you having a baby still and that too with Arnav!'' Shyam widened his nostrils and clenched his teeth with anger, conspiring a new plan. ''I'm sorry if you'll endure a bit of pain Khushi ji; but you're going to meet with a small accident soon. We'll see how things tip in my favour then.'' saying this Shyam laughed to himself throwing his head back and brushing his hand through his hair, walking off.
Arnav finished off with his plants and came in the room where Khushi was watching junk tv and eating jalebis looking restless. Arnav got onto his bluetooth chatting away with clients and Aman, pacing back and forth infront of the tv. ''I don't want him handling this project, he hasn't got enough experience. Set Tarun to...'' Khushi's anger rose real high and she yelled ''Arnav ji just get out!'' ''what the!'' ''Don't 'What the!' me! Now i'm going to go to the bathroom to pee and when i get back i want you gone!'' Saying this Khushi walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Arnav didn't even want to react to her because he knew her hormonal anger was no match for him, and so he just left the room. As Arnav left and Khushi was in the bathroom, Shyam found his oppotunity to go ahead with his plan. He came in and got Khushi's shoes loosening the soles, then left. Khushi came out and saw Arnav was gone ''Aaah peace at last''. Khushi sat back down on the bed to watch tv then bent her hand over to the plate of jalebis to find the plate was empty. ''Oh. Now i've got to walk all the way downstairs in pain. I won't spare that Hari Prakash, taking his day off today!'' Khushi slipped on her sandals and made her way to the stairs. The sole of the sandals were slowly coming apart; and when she got to the middle of the stairs to step down, the soles came off completely. Khushi fell forwards screaming ''Arnav ji!''. Arnav was at the bottom, who turned around and to his dismay saw Khushi falling and immediately reached out his hands and caught Khushi in his arms. Khushi squeezed her eyes shut with her face buried in Arnav's chest and her arms around his neck. Everyone came running and Anjali said ''Oh my goodness, what happened? Khushi ji are you okay?'' Arnav put Khushi down but Khushi didn't let go of him; she begun to cry in his chest. Arnav answered for Khushi ''I don't know Di, i was right here when i heard Khushi scream. I turned around, seeing her fall i caught her.'' Arnav could feel her breathing on his neck with her firm hold around his neck. He enjoyed her tender touch, but gently made her let go, pushing her back at arms length to see her face. ''Khushi what happened? Are you okay?'' Arnav was genuinly concerned and was looking at her from top to bottom to see if she was injured. ''I-I-I don't kn-know what happened. M-my shoes...'' Arnav looked at her shoes and saw they had come apart. He bent down and took her sandals off seeing that the soles have come off. ''Khushi why the hell did you wear this when they've come apart?!'' Arnav yelled. Khushi begun to cry even more which made Arnav feel guilty and Anjali and Nani shouted at Arnav saying ''Chote why are you scolding Khushi ji, i'm sure she didn't know her shoes were like that!'' Arnav then said ''Okay Khushi, i'm...i'm...Just wear some other pair, alright?'' ''Lekin, i don't have any other pair that's comfortable for me in this state'' Khushi said this wiping her tears sniffing several times. Arnav just walked off and out of the house.
Later that afternoon Arnav walked back into the house with two other men bringing in boxes for him. Anjali asked ''Chote what is all this?'' Khushi came in amused by all the boxes ''Ye sab kya hai?'' Arnav said ''they're shoes'' ''Shoes? Khushi ji ke liye?'' ''...uh, yes'' Khushi's eyes opened wide and she blinked in surprise.
Precap: Arnav accidentally, during his moment of thoughts, lay his hand over Khushi's pregnant belly. Suddenly he felt the baby kick which made his thoughts jump; he was struck with a rush of feelings.
Hope you enjoyed, please leave your thoughts and hit the like button
**Updated: Part9
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Plz dear post next part soon

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Awesome update!

Continue soon!

Precap is adorable!

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She has complications?? Shocked
Shyam is so evil, trying to kill the babyAngry
Arnav, open your eyes.. the truth is staring in your eyes..
Cute precap.. Wink

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poor Khushi...n poor Arnav too...
firstly he's delusional to the baby n now the love of his will die as he knows n still he is unaware of the fact that he wants his own baby to do die to save her.
poor souls..

awesome update!!!!!!!!

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very nice part...
arnav still don't believe this baby is his...

plz try to post updates in same thread...

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Big smile nice update

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