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FF Nafrat Ki Ishq-Passion Of hatred ch15 p51

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 5:18am | IP Logged

This is a joint FF written by sree13 and Fiza 28 and Kunchu enjoy 


Arjun S Raute: 23 years old,son of business tycoon Suryakant Raute,the heart throb of st. thomas,devilishly handsome,smart,charmer of college. girls in college die to get attention from him. but he is in his own world, does not give attention to any girls. 

shreekant s raute: 21 years old. 
Arjun's younger bro. total oppsite to arjun. geeky type & padhakoo not so smart,does not talk much & very shy guy. hence Arjun is always protective for him. 


sameer Rathod: 23 years old. Famous lawyar Mr. rajdeep  dhamsingh Rathod's son. he is also very popular among girls in college but he choosen himself being in a relationship with Fiza,with many hearts broken.  he is lotoo foe her he loves how  even though girls love to be the woman of day and be western  tehri r still girls like fiz and he falls in love her each time... doesnt like arjun much  both doesnt have any true dushamni  with him  but hates viraat he feels he trying hit on  his girl

Aisha rathore: 21 years old. younger sister of Sameer & older sister of  Riya. very cute & chirpy type. best friend with her di riya & khush total party girl like her younger sister woman of today arrogant and bitchy 

Riya Rathore: 20 years old. the diva of st. thomas,everyone is mesmerized by her. all guys dreams to get her except Arjun who doesnt give attention even,which make Riya   feel insulted and fuming inside. She is younger sister of sameer and  Aisha  


Fiza Singhania:21 years old. older sister to sreepana and cousin sister to arjun and shree  She is a very humble,down to earth  and  beautiful & brilliant student  come from a rich family yet a very simple  small town girl  & is  madly in love with Rathod at first sight. she does not like Riya  or her sister aisha much for their I am the best attitude. 
 she is educated   and woman of today yet knows her limits but her  one n only dream is her shaadi bachpan se shaadi ki craze tha usko  , she is  traditional in the sense after her shaadi she wants to dedicate all her time to her family and be a house wife  . loves all the customs and ramsams  that go with getting married a typical desi girl prefers  anarkali dress to short skirts  but doesn't mind  glameing up in a short dress once in a while  best friends with adi loves to enjoy time with her friends and  she  loves to party   and dance night away but knows how to act in lady like manner  very close to her family arjun is her cousin yet  he has always been just like a real brother close to her baby sister choti

sreeparna singhania:20 years old. fiza's younger sister & arjun & shree's cousin. she is simple but smart girl. a good student with specs for which riya & her group of girl called chashmish but she realy does not care. she loves her di & bhai very much & always there to help them. she dont like her di with sam but thinks viraat is perfect for her di. even she was against ria shree marriage too.


chandrakanth patil a.k.a chotu: he is 21 years old & the only person who understands shree other than his bro arjun & cousins fiza & sreeparna. he is a strong well built person but yet with a softest heart inside. he always stays with shree & protects him from the ppl teases him. 

viraat Vadhera:23 years old..classmate with arjun & sameer. he is guy full of energy,fun & charm. he is a singer & poet too. girls are crazy for his voice. he is fiza's best friend & likes her too. but fiza consider him as a bestie so he never disclose his feeling but he is a great friend. whenever they are together they have a rocking funfilled time which make sameer jealous of virat. 

khusi gupta a.k.a chamkili: 20 years old. perfect definition of Cool college girl, she is  a desi girl  tomboy type,hence easily mixes with guy's group. best friend with Riya & aisha. 

comment n press like to be  pm list as well as add euther sree or me if you already havent  thanksEmbarrassed

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 5:20am | IP Logged
chapter 1 

He was walking while talking on hi cell phone  no  i said  roses red roses  ek baar tum sab ko  samhje nahi aata kya meri choti bhen ki shaadi hai everything has to be perfect got that roared the man  suddenly a young lady bumped into him  and all her shopping bags fell with out looking  he helped her  he handed her thr bag next to him  she fliped her hair he caughta glimps of her from the corner of his eye   thanks you she said twice as she was  getting up she turned away and walked toward the food court  he was coming from  .

that face and voice he was shocked  it had to be her all he could do was blink 

He watched her, as she went to a man's side, who was facing away from him and hugged him. He narrowed his eyes to see her profile better, as she turned sideways. His eyebrows rose in realisation. It was the same face, he had seen 2 years back. But now it held a kind of glow. He saw her break away from him and turn to let him drop a kiss on her cheek, and right then, he felt something prick him from within. He grit his teeth again, but he didn't know why.
He tried to focus again to get a good look on the man standing there. And as if on cue, the man turned a full 180 degree, revealing the face, he had long since tried to forget. It was him. 

He blinked to confirm, and was astonished to see a cute little kid in his arms, while the other wound around fiza's waist, as all of them looked to his right, discussing about something. Something within him pricked him again, scraping slightly at his insides. 
He gaped at the three, who were smiling with a carefree expression, worrying about nothing in the world. All he could do was reach out for his aviators, and pull them off of his nose, to look back at them.

Viraat : (turning to the baby  ) Do you want to go there? Hmm? (tickling her tummy)

fiza: (smiling at Muskaan's sweet nod and clapping) Hmm...She wants to go there right? (leaning forward and nudging her nose with her pug one)

In return, Muskaan giggled at the action, making fiza nudge her nose again to extract another one of her famous giggles that she loved to hear.

Viraat : Toh Chalo!! (ushering fiza and smiling)

The three walked off to the far end of the Food Court, loaded with shopping bags, but also with tons of giggles and laughter. 

Unaware of a pair of eyes watching them. 
Closely. Very closely.

Rathdod snapped out while felt someone's hand in his shoulder. it was Riya. OMG bhai that Fiza & viraat even got married & had a baby too & i am  so clueless about it. wow Arjun doesnt think me worthwhile to tell anything about it after all im his wife damn it . just  look how special i am for him bhai. the man has made my life hell & his sister too is like him. they accused usbro & sis but what they are?? bhai this is the time you let them pay for what they have done to us. 

rathod stared at her. they are for shopping of Aisha's marriage & were so happy since her marriage fix. but a glimpse of their past which crossed their path after that terrible day 3 years back ruins everything. 

sameer was in trance.. 


3 in half years before

aisha hurry up its your sister marriage,toh let her get ready first sam said 

aisha replied from her room: oh ho bhai take a chill everything will be fine. 

khushi: yaar dont you think Ri has proceed to far. i mean it was a bet & its ending with her marriage?? shree & her?? kya ho gaya hai usse?? 

aisha: i dont know what she is planning. but m sure she is not gonna marry a geek like him anyway. i mean he & riya..yeww. 

Riya came out from bathroom. 

chill girlies all going to be fine. ab tum log niche jao i ll get ready myself. 

they went away. 

riya smiled sarcasticaly. Mr. Arjun your bro will pay because of your ignorance. you have dare to ignore Ms. Riya rathod & now its revenge time. 

it was 7:30 when barati has come to rathod's house. shree with his cream coloured sherwani reached there along with Arjun,his cousin sisters Fiza & Sreeparna, Fiza's bestfriend & their family friend Viraat,shree's best friend chotu & others from their side

Sameer lost into Fiza while she came in wearing this she looked like a angel 

 he winked at her making her blush  her sister sreepana  was standing next her   in this and elbowing her di 

 Chotu coughed from behind when they broke eyelock & Fiza turned even more  red. 

kya Fiza aj toh tere bhai ki shadi hai usme concentrate kar,romance bad me kar lena winked chotu. 

shut up yaar lets go. they went inside. 

the hall is well decorated & full of traditional interiors. 

shree was having butterfly inside his stomach. he never even thaught in his dream that he could get married with her dream girl Riya. he remembered the day Riya asked him to be her partner in prom night. he thaught that fait is joking with him but riya was adamant to go with him. then they became good friend by day. dinner,outing & then started dating each other. he remembered the day when she proposed him. yes thats right riya only proposed him. he shocked at her dareness. he was like he got the heaven. he accepted. everybody was against them. specialy his bro Arjun,Fiza,sreeparna & chotu. but they were stubborn & everyone has to bend down. & now the most awaited day is here. 

pata nahi shree kar kya ra hai riya bimbo aur woh she isnt right for my innocent brother tought arjun

 muhje abhi yakeen nahi   hai ki riya and shree pata nahi choti muhje ajeb feeling ho re hai says fiza

haan di muhje bhi yeh ri pasand hi nahi  humare innocent bhai ko  paasaya hai  says shreepana

yup choti  you are  right just like uska bhai ne aap ki pyaari se bhen ko passaya hai says viraat

viraat chup please how many times i have tell both of you ki sam isnt like his sisters says fiza 

dulhan ko leke ayiye panditji told. 

aisha & khusi was about to go when riya comes down from upstair. 

koi jaroorat nehi,i am here. riya announced. 

she is wearing this  dress

 everyone is shocked seeing her like this way. shree stood up in shock. 
what is this riya said arjun & sam in chorus. 

she replied oh plz the game is over,khusi & aisha look i won the bet. 

everyone shocked. 

shree asked whats all this riya?? 

she replied in a bitchy tone toh Mr. shree are you out of your mind?? riya rathod the diva of st. thomas will marry you,the geek,bookworm like you?? not in my wildest nightmare pleaseee..get a life its a bet that i have to make the bookworm fall in love which i won & thats it & moreover your bro who thinks i am a bimbo right?? A bitch?? look what i could do Mr. Raute..oops sorry i am feeling bad for shree you know..your bro is paying for the mistake of your ignorance for me. 

shree freezed at his place couldn't even able to utter a word. 

Arjun shouted: thats it?? riya what the F are you saying?? dont create a scene here. 

riya: oh arjun its you creating a scene,just buzz off. you,your bro,your cousins,ek toh mere bro k piche hi padhi hai. 

sreeparna spoked up: dont you dare tell a single thing about my brothers & sister. riya replied oh realy now Ms chashmish will teach me how to talk. 

listening that Arjun grab her hand & twisted her hand fuming inside while she winced in pain leave me you jerk. 
sam bursted: enough arjun dont you forget she is my sister & i am here. i know she is wrong... 

wrong??...  fiza snapped out..its a mere mistake na for you bro & sis but you also dont forget riya has  cheated my bro, and its not just worng what she has done its a sin to play with ones feelings i cant believe this,what kind of girl she is.what kind of upbringing did she have  i bet sam aap hi aap pyaar  has spoiled your sisters  digusting chi says fiza  

sam:  Damn it  enough fiz just shut up ... shut up not another word . what do you think you can say anything to my sis,i know what she has done & i will punish her for that but tum  who are you too say such things liek this to her ? says sam

(meanwhile shree disappear & nobody has noticed) 

Fiza:  what the who am i  sam ?  who am i ? okay you want me to shut up na?? okay here i go. you be with your innocent sisters & keep punishing them & i know what i should do for  my family. from now you & me can't  be together no way. 

Viraat who was silent till now spoked up. 

dekha fiz i have told you bhai behen all are same.  what if sam does the same??   didnt you just see how he talked to you who are you he has the nerve to ask  you  you both have been together for  a year  and he asks you this ? me & sreeparna told you thousands time that he is not right for you but you never listened to us. 

viraat is right Fiza i agree rathod bhi yeh hi kar sak tha says  Arjun  in support. 

viraat looked at her and  added dont worry i would never leave you alone & take her palm in hand to squeeze in assuarance. 

Sam was terribly hurt by fiza's word but listening viraat's word & seeing this he bursted. 

 damn it ...just  wow Fiz you were telling na what kind of bro & sis we are?? so what are you?? just broke up with me & now romancing with your so called best friend huh?? hatho me haath..sam yelled. 

what  rubbish di kya  kiya says says shreepana

mind your tongue you jerk we dont need to explain what we are. lets go Fiza. viraat dragged her out there. she left the haal with out turning back once at rathod

chotu yelled meanwhile: Arjun bhaiya shree kahin nehi mil raha hai. 

what?? dhoondo kahan hai wo?? Arjun along with chotu & sreeparna started to search for him. but in vein. 

sreeparna had tears in her eyes for her bro & what Riya had done with him. 

in other side Sam realize that he has accused Fiza's character & felt terribly guilty 

shit main kya kiya ishouldnt have talen riyas gussa out on her she wasnt wrong  and i damn it 
he  ran behind her. but the scene out of there snatched land beneath his feet. Fiza is crying bitterly  viraat sam ne kaise how  she whispered  who am i she cried

 viraat wiped her tears & hugged her. 

hey pushpa i hate tears re  said viraat 
fiza gave a small smile while still hugging viraat but her teras still didnt seem to stop 
am clenched his jaw. thats it Fiza. aj ke baad we will never cross each others path. he promised to himself when he listened aisha & riya is yelling please chodo kya kar reh ho. 

sam quickly came inside to see Arjun is dragging riya aroung\d the sacred fire & riya is trying to free herself. 

leave me choro bhai kuch karo help pleasee  cried riya 

Arjun stop it sam shouted. 

why sameer?? your behen was needed my attention right?? here i am giving her more than attention. chance to become my wife. you people should be happy right?? 

saat pere hue, mubarak aap log pati patni ho aj se panditji narrated. 

Arjun filled her maang  with sindoor & put on mangalsutra  around her neck. 

aisha & sam were speechless but had to accept the marriage. 

Now the game is on Mrs Riya Raute he whispered in her ear. you want my bro to pay right now you will regret in your whole life for your done. 

riya looked nervously. what he wants to do with me she thought 

bhai id ont want go please she said 
my dear wife you have to come with me arjun said and pulled her away

Arjun with Riya & the barati went away. 

after that incident nobody has found shree. they have searched all the way,have done FIR but all in vain. 

Sam,Arjun & Viraat were at final year so they left college & as sam promised himself he never crossed Fiza's path. 

*flashback ends* 

bhaiii yelled riya

what are you thinking bhai?? we have spent  enough time in thinking & now its time for action. lets make the life of these bhai behen hell as they have done to us. riya said with rage in her eyes. while rathod still just looked on 

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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Sree Di and Fiz Di awesome start loving it Embarrassed

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 5:22am | IP Logged

Character sketch  and ch 1 pg 1
chapter 2 pg 4

CHAPTER 4 pg10







Chapter 12 pg 39

Chapter 13 part A&B pg 44 

Chapter 14 pg 48

Chapter 15 pg 51

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Moumimon IF-Stunnerz

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Greate start...Embarrassed

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Gurmeet4Drashti IF-Rockerz

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Hey ...
That was amazing :)
kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 6:47am | IP Logged
wow this is amazing ...first episode mein hi ariya ki shadi ho gayi...OMG

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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acha sree di and fiza di
i loved the name of ur ff
arre va cs seems very intersting Clap
it is totally new concept loved it
flackback is painful...Cry
arjun and riya marriage against herCry
it was a mind blowing update
continue soon

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