Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virika FF : I Need You...!!Extra chp partB- Pg-44 (Page 44)

MehakGera Goldie

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U r rite aaliya
Yammie update soon 

KtYammie13 Goldie

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This ones for all my Bestiepies!!

Especially for...

Aliya: Kaliya...Your Birthday gift!! Happy Birthday in Advance!!!!

Marriepie: Happy birthday in advance!! Missing you.. :D

Mehek: I love you Dear!! You made it reach 50 likes,,, really really love you!!


Note: This FF had been chosen as the FF of the Week twice!! Thought I didn't know it :P

Thnks to everyone!!



Extra Chapter Part B


Jeevika hugged Manvi and Virat and so did Viren.

"Viren Ji, lets go!" she held his hand and they made their way out of the Vadhera Massion.

A new world was waiting for them. A world were it was just them, and their little baby. The world where they now had to prove themselves. The world with so many challenges. They were together in this. They had promised each other to be together even after forever.

"Virenji? Where do we go now? I mean we need some place to live right? I didn't think about it!"

"No worries Jeevika! I had done all the arrangements yesterday night! My assistant, Mr. Sharma has also resigned the firm! He had booked an apartment for us for the time being. When I get settled her, I'll buy a big Ville for my beautiful wife!"

"Omg Viren! You are the best. You are my super-husband! By the way, Virenji, why did Mr. Sharma resign? I mean, he has a small family! What will he do?"

"Yeah! I told him the same think! But he didn't listen! He said that all he is, is just because of me and he cant leave me in my time of trouble! He said that he and his family are really grateful to me and so he's here to help us!"

"Oh! Ohk!! Virenji, so how much time to reach our new home?"

"Oh Jeevika! New home Mumbai me he! We now going to the airport and we'll meet Mr. Sharma there and we'll go to Mumbai with them!"

"Viren! Aapne pehle kyu nahi bataya?itna sab kar bhi diya? I mean common Virenji? Itni jaldi itna sab?"

"Jeevika! Kal raat jab tum so rahi thi na, tab kiya he sab! Aapko kese samjhega madam? Aap toh sapno me thi! God Jeevika, tumhe nind kese aa gayi itna sab hone ke bawajud?"

"Kya Virenji! That's not fair! Ek toh mene aapki side li! Aur app mujje hi bol rhe ho! I hate you!!!" She said with a puppy face.

"Ohk ohk ohk!!! Sorry dear! Oh look, there's a cat here!!"

"Kaha? Kaha?? Kaha??" She jumped up in excitement.

""Yaar! Tumhare saamne he itni cute billi! And tum har jaga dhundh rahi ho?"

"Virenji stop teasing me!! You know I love cats and you always m,ake fun out of it!"

"Sahab, pohonch gaye!" the cab driver turned back and said trying to hide his smile seeing the couples cuteness.

"Oh! Thank you Bhaiyya! Ye lijiye." He then gave the fare to the driver and helped Jeevika in getting down. Both of them went to the airport. They met the Sharma family, had some chats with them and finally boarded the plane.

In a few hours they reached Mumbai and took a taxi.

"Mr. Sharma, aapne humara apartment kaha book kiya he?"

"Sir, thoda time lagega pohonchne me. Sir actually, the apartment is a bit small! I mean aapke ghar se toh bahot chota he! Budget low tha humara isiliye"

"Oh, no, no, I have no issues! Actually I wanted to thank you for your help!"

"Sir aapke wajah se toh me yaha hu! Toh basically I should thank you!"

They kept on talking all the way as they got struck in the traffic. Soon Jeevika drifted off to sleep on Viren's shoulder. He took a newspaper and started waving it to her so that she won't feel hot. She was stuck to Viren like a small child. He was busy fanning her as the others kept watching the adorable couple.

They soon reached the newly constructed building. Mr. Sharma showed them the way to the apartment.

"Sir, we are your neighbors! Please call us if you want any help!"

"Oh no! Thank you so much! We'll cal you if we need some help!"

Viren took the keys and opened the door. Jeevika was still drowsy. She had a little idea what was going around.

"Virenji, I am so happy, now we will arrange all the things ourselves." She mumbled in sleep.

"Mrs. Vadhera, there is no need! You just rest! Everything is already done! Just a few thing, which I will do myself." He picked her up and closed the door with his foot.

He placed her on the bed and took all the bags from the outside. He placed all the things on their right places and did all the shifting work which was remaining. While doing this he kept on peeping in the bedroom to see if she was sleeping sound.

At last, in the evening, he finished all his work and thought to wake Jeevika up. He went to the bedroom and kneeled down to reach her face. He kissed her on the forehead and whispered.

"Jeevika! Wake up dear! Look, we are in our new house!"

"Virenji, just two minutes please!"

"Jeevika, by the way, I need to tell you something! You were snoring in sleep, like and old bad working train engine!"

Hearing this Jeevika shot up and stared at Viren for sometime.


"No re! I was just kidding!"

"God!!! Virenji! I hate you!" she got down from the bed and walked a few steps towards the washroom. She felt the floor extra-soft. She looked down to see all the rose petals on the ground. She looked up at him with her eyes welled up.

"Virenji? Did you?" before she could complete her sentence her swooped her off the ground, and up in his arms. He took her to the living room. And placed her on the chair. He lit a candle and took a seat.

"Happy first dinning in our new home, Mrs. Vadhera!"

She had no words to say. She indeed had the best husband ever.


2 months later:


It was their first sonography. Both of them were hell nervous. They clinched each others hands as they walked down the lobby of the hospital. They reached their destination and the doctor requested Jeevika to lay down on the hospital bed. Jeevika closed her eyes as the doctor did all the procedures. She was praying to god and hoping everything to turn out right.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Vadhera! They are twins!"

These lines made both of them cry of joy. Viren hugged Jeevika and helped her sit up and see the screen. She hardly knew, she was shedding tears and smiling at the same time.


3 months later:


"Virenji, I'm looking so so ugly! Here, see this, I've goined so much!"

"No, Jeevika, you look really pretty! Now please let me do my work and don't disturb me!"

"Haw!! Virenji, you've changed so much! You don't love me anymore!"

He got up from the bed, picked up a pillow and hid it under his grey t-shirt.

"Hey, Jeevs! I'm pregnant now!! I'm 6 months now! You 6 months too right?" he said waving his hand in the air like a girl.

"Virenji, what is this?"

"I'm pregnant Mrs.Vadhera! Cant you see it?"

Jeevika burst out laughing and Viren was smiling innocently.

"See, Jeevs, I'm so goodie! "

"Aww Virenji, you're such a cutie!!"

"Thank you Wifie!! Now can I get a kissie?"

"No! Not so soon!"

"Then a huggie?"

"Oh! Sure Virenji! But first you'll have to close your eyes!"

Viren closed his eyes and spread his arms with a big grin on his face. Jeevika slowly opened the door of the cupboard, took out a packet of diapers and handed it to Viren.

"Ye lijiye aapka huggie! Aur ek packet doon??" she said this and ran away.

"Jeevs!! You gonna pay for it!" He picked her up and placed her on the bed. She tried to protest but couldn't.

"What happened to my naughty wifie? All naughtiness done?" He placed his hand on her neck and brought her face near to his. She soon felt his lips on hers and they found themselves kissing each other wildly, but lovingly.


3 months later:


After hours of waiting and hearing abusive words full of hatred and agony, he finally heard two small cries. They were girls, the doctor informed. He rushed towards Jeevika and took one of the little angels in his arms. They looked so fragile and beautiful.

"My small angels look just like ou Jeevika!"

"No Virenji, their nose is like you!"

"Names decided?"

"Yeah! She is Aliya!"

"And this little cutie is Mariam!"

"I Love You!"

"I love you more!"


4 years later:


"Aliya, Maria! Come one beta, see Mamma brought gifts for you! Happy birthday!"

"Mommie!! Love you!! Which one is mine?" asked Aliya.

"Take whichever you want dear!"

"Mommie, give the best one to Aliya!" Mariam exclaimed.

"Dear, both the gifts are the same! Ohk, lets see who gets which one!"

"How mommie?"

"Wait, I'll tell you! See, when this rhyme ends, the gift which will be under my hands will go to Mariam! Ohk?"


"Inky Pinky Ponky. Father has a donkey.."

"Mommie? Dadie has a donkey?"Aliya asked as both of them looked innocently to Jeevika.

"No dear, this is just a Rhyme! So where was i? Oh yeah, Father has a donkey, donkey died, father cried,"

Both the girls suddenly started crying."Shh dear, what happened?"

"Mommie, Daddie crying!" Mariam said while she was sobbing.

Viren was standing in the door of the big Ville, he had promised Jeevika that would have someday. He was now a bigger and a more reputed Lawyer than before. He had opened his own firm now. They had moved on too far away and never looked back. He moved towards his small family and kneeled down to match the heights of his daughters.

"Oh! Who told you Daddie's crying? Daddie can never cry when he has sweet Aliya and Mariam. Common, give Daddie a hug!"

Both the girls hugged him and he winked at Jeevika.

"And me?" Jeevika said.

"Common Mommie, you too!"

She kneeled down anf hugged the three. They were now a small and happy family.


That's the ending of this story!

Love you guys!!


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i just woked up n saw d scrappp

meee sooo happpyyy uu updated

n yeahhh i m d first one to comment soo double party <3<3<3

the update was fantabulous mundblowing n d list goes on <3

aww viren such a sweetheart he did all the preparations beforr handed

jeevika loves cats n viren teasing her lol :-P

aww she slept on bis shoulder n everyone admiring dem no one cam rsiist dem

they stepped togather n viren did the work how sweet

rosepetals lifting in arms n d first dinner how romantic <3<3<3

the first sonography n its twins yayyy

viren intimating her lol how cute <3<3

finally d babies werr dere aliya n mariam omg

thank u sooo much yammipie my first bday gift n dats really specisl for me ily <3<3

aliya n mariam are sweethearts daddy crying lol

the foursome hug in d villa

viren is d best hubby n daddy

ince thanx for d dedicatiom n wish
seriously this is d best gift
thankkk uuu
me will miss u tooo.:-)

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yammie di, please update karo 50 like hogaye ...please please please please ... i love it please please please please i beg and its from china... please please please 
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di update karo please please china se beg hai gii... please aur jaldi end na ker na... werna mein mar jao gi...

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WOW! Wonderful update :D
Glad that J spoke up. It'll be wonderful to see them living a separate and independent life :D

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@Nishu...Dear...i've reserved for my update!! :D

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oh  my god...
i really love you mogambo Hug
first of all let me dance after getting this wonderful bday gitf...
i m so happy yamzy...Big smile
really the best gift ever!!!
i m virika's cute child!! Embarrassed
i m really speechless...Cry

first of all virika moved to a new apartment...Big smile
their romance...Embarrassed
viren fanning jeevika...Day Dreaming
how cute
viren is pregnant..LOL
the diaper bit was really awesome...ROFL
and the most favourite...
the twins are me amd marium...Embarrassed
thank you so much Hug
seriously have no words...Clap

i m really thankful to mr. sharma because of whom i reached close to my bestie my mogambo..Hug
thank you again sweetheart Heart
and congrats for winning..Hug
you deserve it  darling!!
love you loads Hug

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