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ARHI FF~Hierarchy~Th#1

-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:03pm | IP Logged


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-Zara- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 February 2011
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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

Hi guys This is the start to my new FF after Vines with Thorns. I hope you all love and enjoy this FF as its very different from Vines. There's a character sketch if you click the above blog link. 

Hope you all like it (especially my precious squirrelsEmbarrassed) and please do follow via BLOG or IF (or even both) :)


Chapter One: The Fast Lane




Outside the dim house, with curtains drawn at 3 pm, Arnav reached up to slide his rusty house key into the keyhole, before turning it to open the door. Dumping the white plastic bag of packed take-away food on the chipped kitchen table quickly, he pulled down his scruffy hood and rushed to sit down on the couch. Looking at the time quickly, he hastily clicked the remote to turn on the TV. Seeing the documentary had just started made him smile. But it didn't last long.

Kunal yelled from upstairs: " Put the f**king volume down boy!!!"

Arnav glanced at the volume. It was only on 7. He closed his eyes knowing the sign of a hangover. As usual he'd lie.

Arnav replied back: "Dad, I've put it down."

Kunal: " Well you don't have to bloody scream about it, do you!?!?! I'm only upstairs!!!"

Arnav rolled his eyes and looked back at the TV to concentrate on the documentary on his favorite sportsman. 

Even though he was only the age of 10, he looked slightly older for his age giving him a slight edge. With the neighbors and locals knowing his father's ways, very little came to their house. They all avoided Kunal Singh Raizada and his son like a plague. Arnav was labelled the troublesome boy, just because he was Kunal's son and hung around the streets in hoody's and jeans. Yes, he did get into fight's, but he's not the one looking for it. And yes he did hang around streets alone, but only so he didn't have to bare what was going on at his house. 

The only person who understood however was Arnav's school teacher Ms Mehra. She's the one who gave Arnav the odd weekend job at the garage she runs, knowing the financial situation at his home. Arnav liked talking to her. Usually it's about his dreams and aspirations, but which usually related to his favorite sport boxing. 

With his eyes glued to the TV screen, Arnav watched in awe as Shashi  Gupta on the screen played his footwork in the ring in the all famous Gupta Vs Malhotra fight. How he wished that he was born earlier so he could be old enough to go watch him live. He would have gone to every one of his matches. 

Arnav amazed by Gupta's last swing muttered: " Wow..."

Suddenly his dad's rough voice made his jump: "You're always watching that stupid man Arnav. You don't want to be him *snorts*. A Loser!?"

Arnav glares at his father's back as he staggers to the kitchen, probably looking for another bottle of vodka. He looked down to the tatty off colored carpet muttering to himself quietly: " Your the loser Dad."

He looked up at the TV again to see the end of Gupta's interview.

" If you want to go far have to want a goal. If you want it, you'll believe in it. If you believe in it, you'll work hard for it. And if you work hard for it...well...look at me now. *laughs*"



Akash shaking Arnav: " Hey Bhai! Have you fallen asleep? Hey!"

Arnav snapped out of his trance and looked at his best friend staring at him with a crooked smile. 

Arnav huskily: " What? What is it?"

Akash chuckled: "We're here now. Look. Level 4. Don't tell me now you've forgotten where we are. "

As Akash walked out of the elevator in his grey hoody and tracks, he swung his sports bag behind him and looked back at his mate. 

Akash: " Come on then!"

Arnav smirked and walked out the elevator too. He was wearing black hoody and tracks with his sports bag over his shoulder. 

Walking down the tiled corridor, they could hear the punches and training going on through the double swinging doors ahead. They couldn't help but slow down as they walked past the trophy glass cupboard. They were rows and rows of golds and silvers making Arnav and Akash smile softly.

Akash nudging Arnav: " Impressive right? Hopefully your name will be on one of them some day ey?"

Arnav smirked. It felt slightly surreal to him that he and Akash were now moving up to get a chance at professionals. His eyes also focused on a huge belt in the middle with Shashi Gupta's name on it. His eyes gleamed. He remembers watching his matches being a well known dark horse in the sport, coming from a small town. However he retired for some reason leaving the sport. It was splashed all over the news. 

Akash interrupted his thoughts: " How are you feeling bro? I mean us. Members of ULC?! *chuckles* Do you know how odd it sounds when the other guys at the office hear about this hobby of mine? *In a posh voice* 'You're supposed to be weaving through the laws loopholes, not dodging punches' *laughs* AND we are going to be watched over by Mr. Gupta himself."

Arnav started walking again towards the doors confidently: " I feel fine Akash. Can't wait to show him what I got. You?"

Akash smile slipped off immediately and sighed heavily: " I'm shitting myself."

Arnav chuckled. 


The atmosphere in the huge room was adrenaline pumping as nearly each boxing ring was utilized with boxers training with their coaches. There were guys in the gym next door too, which could be seen through the transparent glass doors ahead, with biceps and triceps at work. Arnav raised an eyebrow taking everything in as his competition. Akash was staring uncomfortably at this man with bulging sweaty muscles, who looked as if he should be in world's strongest men competition. He jumped a bit feeling Arnav lay a hand on his shoulder.

Arnav shook his head at him with a reassuring smile: " Relax Akash."

NK cheerily jumped in front of them: "HEY GUYS!!"

Akash nearly jumped again, but Arnav steadied him, not liking the look of this funny man with a happy-go-lucky grin on his face.

NK pointed at them both: "You two must be the new guys from outskirts of the city right? Mr Gupta has been waiting for you both. I'm NK. *holding a hand out to them*" 

Akash and Arnav shook his hand, appreciating the friendly welcome from him and said their names too. NK started to lead them to the office, while showing them round the boxing arenas and gyms along the way.

Akash curiously: " So are you a coach here?"

NK laughed out loud: " No way. I'm not that good. I box here though. Been a member here for a few of years. "

Arnav looked at him with a sharp eye: " You box? Really?"

NK grinned: " Yeahhh, don't be fooled by this pretty face. "

He started to show off some moves, however nearly taking out a huge man behind him. The man growled making NK smile at him apologetically and patted his chest where he hit him. Akash hid a laugh as the guy walked off slightly annoyed. 

Arnav looked at NK half convinced: " Of course."

Khushi called from afar: " Nanhe! Wait up!"

The three looked back at the young lady in her early 20's. Fair in skin and with her dark hair middle length hair in a high pony tail, she was dressed in a pale red jacket with a black under-top and black 3/4 skin tight leggings. Arnav watched as an annoyed, but cute, pout appeared on her lips as she weaved past the men, who were saying the goofy grinned hey and hi to her, while trying to impress her with their muscles. Being polite though, she briefly said hi back to them with a smile. Finally reaching the three, she turned her attention straight to NK.

Khushi: "Urm Nanhe. Are you ok coming down for the 3 pm session? Payal's doing the Noon one. "

NK grinned nodding: " Ok. I'm good with that. Oh yeah! Here are the two new guys. *indicating* Akash and Arnav. Guys, this is my best friend Khushi. "

Khushi's lips turned into an 'O' remembering. She nodded with a smile and shook their hands. Though she did take a little more longer shaking Arnav's hand.

Arnav raised an eyebrow at her: "You do boxing sessions here?"

Khushi letting go with a gorgeous smile: " No. I run the aerobic sessions on the 1st and 2nd floors below. Boxing classes for potential youngsters is the 3rd floor though. "

Arnav: " I didn't know they did aerobics here. If they did I wouldn't have asked."

Khushi curious: "Why?...You think girls can't box?"

Arnav smugly: " They give it a good try. "

Akash piping in, trying to make sure Arnav didn't hurt Khushi's feelings : " Bhaii... I think girls can do what boys can do and visa versa. "

Khushi eyed Arnav carefully with a teasing smile: " It's ok Akash. It's just very interesting that you think that Mr Arnav.."

Arnav: "-Singh Raizada. It's true."

Khushi looked down lightly shaking her head before changing the topic: "Er one of you two I heard also got the job to be a boxing trainer downstairs too..."

Akash pointed at Arnav, who nodded: " That's me. "

Khushi grins: "Congrats for that too. "

Aman swiftly walked behind with his mates, flashing Khushi a seducing side smile: " Looking fit there Duchess."

Khushi rolled her eyes with a smile, not looking at him: "Walk on Aman!"

Khushi glanced at Aman walking away, looking back at her with a cheeky smile.

Arnav watching him leave: " Who's he?"

Khushi grins: " Bloody Cheshire Cat...*shakes her head* You'll meet him yourself don't worry."

NK seeing Shashi wave a hand in the distance: " Hey guys Mr.Gupta's coming over right now so you can meet him and-"

Khushi leaned an arm against NK cutting him off: " And his daughter."

Khushi was actually interested to see Mr Arnav Singh Raizada's view on this, seeing how he thought of female boxers. NK looked at Khushi confused, while she hinted for him to keep quiet. 

Arnav surprised: " Shashi Gupta's has a daughter?? Who comes here? Wow. That's rare."

Akash rolled his eyes: " Bhai."

Arnav smirked at his friend: " Come on Akash. With how famous Gupta is, the daughter's bound to be spoilt eating daddy's cash. You know how girls are. I wonder what she's doing here?"

Khushi bit her lip into a smile to hold back both a punch and laughter at this guy who thinks he's on top of the world. NK on the other hand had his mouth open horrified that he was saying all this. His eyes uncomfortably flickered to Khushi to see if she was alright, but she seemed like she's enjoying it. He went to stop Arnav, but Khushi held him back listening intently as Arnav kept talking.

Akash: " Oi come on Bro. You don't even know the girl. Leave it."

Arnav chuckled: " Hey Khushi? Do you know Mr. Gupta's daughter?"

Khushi grinned: " Kinda... "

Shashi smiled warmly: "Ahhh there you are boys. Sorry for keeping you both on hold there. Just was finishing talking to Dhruv there. "

As he pointed at him in one of the rings training someone, Dhruv lifted a hand to say hi briefly.

Shashi: " He's one of the coaches to teaches here. Any problems go to him if I'm not here. But anyways Arnav Singh Raizada and Avni's son, Akash, right?"

Arnav and Akash in turn nodded and shakes Shashi's hand.

Akash: " Thanks for letting us-"

Shashi grinned: " Oh hush beta. I have heard a lot of good things about you both from your mother... and especially you Arnav. Very talented, very good potential, heard all the bragging from Avni. "

Arnav: "It's not worth anything unless I back it up though, right sir?"

Shashi laughed out loud liking his style: " ...Very true and me are going to be just fine. *chuckles* Ahhh I also heard you want to do the tournament next year. Hmmm? "

Arnav smirked: "Aiming high sir."

Shashi smiled patting his back: " Good. Good. But there are 4 simple rules if you want to get to the top. You listen to your head coach, i.e. me. Two, work hard, don't just play hard. Three, learn to be patient. Four, believe in yourself. Got that? You have a lot of competition son and it's not just out there in the other clubs. It's in here too. "

Arnav nodded firmly: " Got it sir."

Shashi noticed Khushi leaning against NK and grinned: " Ah! So I see you have met my daughter already. "

Arnav and Akash's expressions where as if they were just hit with a cold fish. Especially Arnav's. NK couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the new guy.

Khushi smiled prettily: " Actually Babuji I haven't."

Shashi: "Oh! Well! Arnav, Akash! This young lady here, *hugging her side* is my daughter Khushi Gupta. She runs her own aerobics classes downstairs on the first and second floor of this building. She's a very mischievous soul, with a very sweet heart. Don't get into her bad book though. You'll be there a while * chuckles*...So! I'll let Nanhe finish showing you both around and give you everything you need. And Oh Nanhe beta, give Arnav his training rota for downstairs. You can spend the rest of the day training, using the gym whatever you want, BUT I'll be wanting to see you boys in action tomorrow. To see what you got. Hmmm? "

With Shashi going off, Arnav felt his eyes close briefly feeling the word jackass be engraved across his head. Great. Good on your big mouth Arnav. 

Khushi teasingly walked in front of Arnav: "It's nice to know what men like you think. Nice to meet you Akash by the way. See you around Arnav."

Her sweet smile immediately turned into a killing evil, narrowed on Arnav, before walking past him. The three guys turned their heads watching her leave sexily. NK patted Arnav's shoulder.

NK: " I better warn you now. You're first few days will definitely be rough. Sorry mate"

Arnav sighed shaking his head. Great way to start things the bad book of your idol's daughter. 


Enjoy! Bt please do comment on your thoughtsEmbarrassed and give a little likeLOL

The next part's update will be determined after Vines with Thorns ends.Smile x

Chapter Two

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-chamkilli- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
OMG me first YAY Party 
Must say you are a phenomenal writer i just love your work
Looking forward to this ff

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kushipugly IF-Dazzler

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Dear Zara,
Congratualtions on starting a new ffClap
you are a brilliant writer & i hope this FF will be a rocking blockbuster one too just like
your other ffs.
thankyou so much for entertaining us with yr brilliant creativity in writing.

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sman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
Am on first page...great :)
This is an awesome start...bring it on :)

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rainyday3000 Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
WOW...Congrats for the new FF...soo loved the start...many many more chapters and Threads on the of luck...and i can already tell it is going to be an amazing FF...Happy Writing!!! :)

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Reader_Hobby Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
Very-well written.
Really like the concept.
Love the easy going relationship that is shared between Aakash and Arnav. Sweeet EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Bromance at its best LOL
As for NK, really like his nature.
Khushi. Well she is one really interesting character. She seems to have many layers to her. A positive.
She doesn't seem to think that the sun shines out of her arse because she's obviously beautiful and has men falling for her attention a lot. Well from what I've read here. As for getting on her wrong side, Arnav my boy better watch out LOLLOLLOL
This is sure going to be fun!

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LadyR Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Different settings and backgrounds, interesting beginning, look forward to more.

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