The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

RI#2: DoubleAgent-Part3/Page9 Dec5th'2013

RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Double Agent
A sequel to Royal Institute
Add Prachi_TBP for PM
Before you read this, please complete reading the first FF.[15 Chapters]

Chapter 1 - Below

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Aaahhh!! *Dances*
Look! We are on the sequel already! 
I can't believe this! I had originally decided to write after couple of weeks, or a month,
but look at this! LOL I have gone crazy!

Read, Like and Comment! :D
PS: The ending scene look very crappy. Please ignore my mistakes. I might be an okay intellectual writer, but I am a horrible action writer =/

And this is 1972 words, so no complains please :D


"Good afternoon madam." The driver said, opening the door of classy limousine. I nodded and smiled at him, stepping down. The air was chilly as monsoon started to fade and winter set in. The sun however, was high up in the sky. And as I walked down the path surrounded by green layers of grass at it's best performance after the heavy monsoon, I started to feel warmer. The chaperon of the day walked beside me with an umbrella, despite my constant objections to the service. A roar of cheer erupted on the other side of the building and once again I realized where I was.


The Elite Hotel at Delhi was nothing but elite. The building was classy and modern. The other side of the building was crowded with people, cheering for the business tycoon of India and his rock-star daughter. The door'even though it was a back door'was decorated with French sharpness and design. As soon as its wings opened, I inhaled the scent of jasmine. The chaperon put away the umbrella'finally.


Kiya hates jasmine.


As I looked around the interiors of hotel, I couldn't help but think about how any other girl would want this. Any other normal girl would want this luxurious lifestyle, the authority, the superiority, the safety and the fame. But we were Royal Girls. And we, as I have been reminded again and again, are not normal girls. For us, the lifestyle we prefer is adventurous, the authority is over our minds, the superiority on intelligence, the safety inside our walls and the fame is in being invisible.


The elevator took us to the third floor. As we walked down the corridor towards room 344B, I could hear faint voices in the hallway. I turned to look at the man walking besides me who was trying to keep a straight face. As we came closer, I could make out Kiya Gujral's shouts through the supposed to be soundproof hotel room's walls.


"It is my life! I wear what I want! I hate that color, and I will never wear that!" She shouted, glaring at her mother and who held a pretty pink dress in her hand.


"Watch how you talk to your mother young lady. Mujhse tameez se baat karo!" He mother said haughtily. But Kiya was already walking towards me with a glare. I raised my eyebrow. She took my hand and walked out of the room in a huff, dragging me along.


"That was a shade I never want to see!" I said as she dragged us into the metal elevator, making me bump into an man with thick dark eyebrows and beard. When the chaperon tried to step in, she put her palm up. A universal sign that mean "Stop right where you are." The man tried to say something, but the door was already closing. It was part of the clandestine service taught at our genius school.


"So!" She turned to me with a grin. "How was my cover?"


Being Kiya Gujral can be hard. You are never what you want to be, and so you act like nothing in the world really matters. In those few seconds I realized, that Kiya Gujral might have been living with a cover all her life, until she stepped into the gates of Royal Institute.


"Perfect." I smiled back.


"Okay, test me." She said, just as the elevator dinged and we came up to the fifteenth floor.


"You're good already Kiya!" I told her. She shrugged. The corridors here smelled of fresh linen and lavender. "What are we doing on the laundry floor?"


"We have a dress to pick up." She waved it away. "I joined in late, and I want to be sure that I am capable of being released in a year."


"And a half." I added. We were going to be official agents in a year and a half. "You're not a lion held by a ring master Kiya. You will be fine. You have managed to pass all the classes with A's and B's."


"And B's." She repeated. "I have seen your records, you guys were never below 94%!" She said. By 'you guys', she meant me, Genelia and Panchi. The four of us were roommates and best friends at Royal Institute: For Exceptional Young Women. The school that admits selected geniuses and turns them into super-geniuses.


"How did you get in our records?" I asked, hiding a smile. Kiya turned to me with a grin and opened a door on left.


"I hacked Panchi's laptop." She said. I looked at her surprised. We are surely admitted because we were daughters of other geniuses, but Kiya proved that she was the real gene of the founder of Royal Institute. Not that I will ever tell her that, we are bided by the rules'and friendship.


"Can you not see your capabilities?" I whispered. The room turned out to be a door way to another corridor. We walked down to find small windows lined up on our sides. All of them were closed except for the last one at the end of the room. "But don't you ever break into our records again!"


"As if you have done anything shameful--except for Kartik." My mouth fell. She makes it sound so bad. Which--I must clarify--it wasn't. Kartik had been a crush and an almost boyfriend. But before anything could happen between us, we were caught up in the spy spells. A cup of tea and a nice chat with my Headmistress of a mother however, wasn't enough for him to get rid of me.

A woman was sitting behind the large window glass. Rimmed glasses balanced on her nose. She was on phone, laughing. Kiya knocked on the glass with her knuckles and the women turned around with an annoyed face.


"Oh madam." The woman behind the window stood up, startled by the presence of their V.I.P guest. "You should have just called me at your stay madam."


"Yeah, I tried that." Kiya lied. "I guess you were too busy with your boyfriend." The woman's cheeks flushed as she fumbled with words.


"I-I am sorry madam. My husband'" Kiya waved her off.


"No worries. I ordered a dress on the name of Rai, I hope you have it here." The woman slid her finger down the list of names in her registrar and then nodded.


"Yes madam. Ms. Neesha Rai." She read my name. I looked at Kiya in confusion. I did tell her I won't be wearing any kind of dresses at her sister's concert.


"Good, send it to suite 180." With that, she dragged me back towards the elevator.


"I told you not to get me the dress." I said as we entered the elevator.


"We have a party after the concert, and there is no way I am enduring it without you." She said, pressing for eighteenth floor, where her room was located. I was about to argue to that when the elevator started moving. There was nothing wrong with its movement. It was moving smoothly at the rate it was suppose to be. The only problem was that instead of going up, it was going down. We silenced and exchanged a knowing look. When the door opened, we stepped out into a murky place. The cars were parked at a signified distance. The tube lights on the ceiling illuminated the underground parking lot.


"There must have been a technical fault in the elevator." I said, wanting to believe it myself. But something felt out of place. Jay Saxena, my favorite teacher at Royal, has taught us a lot of things. But one of the most important things are that when your mind is full of doubts and guesses, always look out for instincts. And that is what I did. My instincts told me that we shouldn't be here.


And sure enough, three bodies dressed in black emerged from the shadows of the parking lot.


"Shit!" I cursed. "Go for the elevator." I said just as Kiya started to move towards the elevator. She pressed the elevator's button, but it was on the 20th floor. It will take too long to get to the ground. "Shit!" I cursed again. The figures approached and I knew we had only way to get out of this. I lifted my arms and spread my legs, getting into the pose I have practiced so many times. She looked at Kiya who was mimicking her stance.


They have no weapon of any kind, and neither do we, so that seemed like an advantage. But as I kicked to aim at one of the man's stomach, he blocked my move and pushed my feet back, alerting me of his knowledge. They knew how to fight. Really fight. I took a deep breath as a man took his position behind me and jumped, pushing my feet into his and used my momentum to summersault in the air. The force pushed off the front guy to land on the ground just as my feet kicked the man behind me. But they were quick. Within a moment they were back up, and before I could register, the punch was in my face. I hissed at the pain, I could taste blood in my mouth. I punched him back, with all the force I could muster.


Kiya's hissed too, and I turned to look at her bent over. The bas***d had kicked her hard. I was about to kick again when a hand grabbed my neck and pushed me against the pillar, and I felt my head turn into a blur. Shit!


In that moment, I couldn't think. All I knew is we were trapped, and that we had no way to fight this people.

"Don't kill her!" A voice demanded. The accent was Russian and feminist. I watched as the men bent down to pick up Kiya who was on the ground, on her knees.


"Don't you dare touch her!" I shouted and lifted my foot to kick the man behind me. He was taken by the sudden attack and stepped back, holding onto his manhood. I ran to Kiya and kicked the man right in the face. The elevator dinged and I turn to look at it slide open. This was our only chance. I looked at the woman who was approaching us and grabbed Kiya to run toward the elevator. She got up with all the strength she could muster and dragged her limp self towards the elevator. I felt pain shoot acroos my ribs and hissed. Kiya was inside the elevator and the woman right on our toes. As I tried to enter the elevator, her hand grabbed mine. "Leave me!" I shouted, useless.


But she didn't. But then I felt something being pushed in my hand. It felt like an earring, and sure enough, it was. I pushed the hook straight with my finger at the same time as I kicked and struggled with this Russian woman. Then before she could know what I was going for, I pushed the pin on the arm that was holding me as hard as I could and watched as she backed away in a hiss. Before she can get over the surprise, I jumped into the elevator and Kiya took away the foot she had kept at door to keep the elevator open. The doors closed, and I fell back into it's safety. My head started to turn heavy. I turned to look at Kiya who had already passed out. And just before my eyes closed, I saw the door open and a familiar brown eyes step inside and lean over me.




But I guess I was just imagining things. After all, I was banged straight into a pillar.

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Updated! LOL

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Yay!!! *starts doing Daya style garba* ok! Omg!! Loved it!! Love how you described everything!!! And the ending was so funny and cute!! LOL Embarrassed

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Kameeni. I'm gonna fail IB because of you. 

*reserved* LOL
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^ Don't you know? That's kind of my purpose! LOL
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Reserved! :D 

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