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rosid ff we wnt be seperated(part-5 1st feb)

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Simar is preparing roli for her marriage to looking really beautiful with a beautiful lahenga while her neck is adorned with the most beautiful necklaces.she looked so pretty.but still there was no smile on her face.she looked like those beautiful lifeless doll.there was no smile on her face.her eyes were full of tear.she was like a complete.statue when simar was making her ready.simar looks at roli.she can see the pain in roli face.her eyes start to tear up as well.she removes her tear.and holds on roli shoulder and tells her.roli ur my.big girl.after today all ur trouble will be gone.u will get the papers and the whole family including.sid.will praise u for plz dnt lose hope dear and dnt be sad.this is.not the become is ur battle.u must win it dear.this is the fight for right and wrong and u need to keep ur heart strong.roli then looks upto simar and says ur right didi its just i cant forget the pain I am causing to siddhanthji.I can't forgive myself for making him go through this.pain.simar says dnt worry all ur trouble wil be over today.and then somebody calls simar so she has to go downstairs.roli then looks at the mirror she.starts to remember the time when she got ready in front of the mirror wearing the pink Saree with her hair open.she remembers the way sid was looking at her.she wants her sid to look at her.she wants to get ready for sid.she only wants sid to her and nobody else.she really wants to see sid right now.her heart is falling apart.she wants.sid to touch her hand.roli then closes her eyes.while tears fall off her eyes.and when she opens her eyes.she sees sid behind her in the mirror.she gets happy but then she thinks to herself she must be imagining him.she goes near sid.sid is smiling but his eyes are full of tear.roli then touches his face.its real she can feel his face on her hand.drops of tear start to fall from her eyes.she can't believe that its real sid is here.sid then holds her face with both his hands and says roli ur looking really pretty today a doll.roli smiles back at sid while tears starts to fall off her cheek.roli today is ur marriage with veru i want to congratulate u but I can't.i want u to be happy in ur married life but I can't.all I want to do is to hold ur hands.and another place.ur.looking so pretty today that my heart is aching.I don't want anyone to see ur beautiful face except me.I dnt want anyone to touch u except me.I just can't see u with.anybody else.i want to forget u but I cant.I want to stop loving u so that u can remain happy but I can't.roli I knw i am being selfish right now.but I just can't see u get married to someone else.I thought I decided.that i and everything I could do for ur happiness.but I guess i am not that strong.I.want to see u happy but at the same time I can't see u with anybody else.roli tears starts to flow more rapidly.sid removes her tear and says Eyy roli plz dnt cry hurts me when u cry plx just for mine sake plz show me ur beautiful smile.roli then smile but she can't.sid then shows with his fingers to give a.big smile.roli smiles and sid says there u go now.I can live the rest of my life with this smile.he then gives her back her mangalsutra back and says.roli I.dnt have anything to give u on but I.had to give u.domething.I knw.this does.not mean anything to u.but I dnt knw why kept telling me that this would mean alot to u.if u dnt want I can away.roli then stops his hand and.they then look at each other.sid then says to roli.roli I.want u to be happy so I am letting u free.I am going to leave forever.I can't.see my roli with anybody else but I also can't.stop loving.I am not brave enough to see.u with anybody else.roli looks at.sid in disbelievrment.sid then kisses roli on her forehead and says.I love u yar.and then leave roli then holds back his finger.roli and sid looks at each other.simar comes.and says its time roli for u to go downstairs but roli can't. let go of sid hand.she can't let sid go.sid then removes her hand gently and then softly whispers into.her ears saying good bye roli.roli then let go of sid hand while sid eyes tears up.
simar is walking roli down the stairs!as roli is walking down the stairs her saree gets tangled in the stairs!roli tries goes to untangle her saree when she sees sid in front of her!sid frees her saree!while roli stares at him!they share this moment between them!were the whole time freezes and there is only just him and her!simar then holds roli hand and walk her down the stairs while sid follows her down the stairs!roli feels like her feet is not moving!it feels like she is walking down thousand steps!while downstairs veru is looking at roli!he thinks to himself that his life is complete now!he is the owner of this house and now he is going to get married to the most prettiest woman in the world!he thinks to himself this is the best day for him!
naina enters the house!her eyes are only searching for siddhanth!she knows this is a tough time for sid so she wants to be near sid at this time!she wants to be close to sid!so she came to the wedding!
simar makes roli sit on the altar!the pandatji(preist) starts to churn ritualistic words!everybody is near the mandap!so nobody notices that sid went to his room and got hold of his luggage!rolis eyes start to search for sid!she is worried abt siddhanth!while simar eyes is at the door!its time for roli to do the 7 walks!roli notices sid amid the crowds!while she is walking around the fire!her eyes are only focused on sid!sid is also slowly walking towards the door!roli doesnt notice the luggage her eyes are only focused on sid!it seems like roli and sid are walking around the fire with both looking at each other!the 7 walks are complete!so simar makes roli sit!and when she looks sid is not there anymore!naina noticed that sid went out of the house so she followed him as well!its time for veru to putvermilion on roli head!when prem walks into the door!instantly simar shouts out noo stop!everybody shocked!they all stared at simar!roli breathes a sign of relief!veru shouts at simar like wht is the meaning of this!why did she stopped him from putting on thevermilion!simar then walks toward prem and shows veru the paper!veru is shell shocked!he cant believe what he is seeing in the paper!it seems he has unknowingly transferred the property under roli name!he looks at roli and says roli what is the meaning of this!why did u do this to me!i thought what was mine was yours!so why did u had to betray me like this why roli why!roli dnt u love me!how could u do this to the person u love!veru says this while he holds onto rolis arm!roli then throws off his hand and says love and that to u!how could u even think of that veru!veru is shocked!roli then goes on to say that she never loved him and that all of this was her idea!going to the bar!making him jealous!fooling him into believing him that everything is wrong between her and siddhanth and finally getting him to sign the property papers!she then goes on to say that the only reason she had to go through this wedding was for her to get back the final legal paper!and to see the reactions on his face when he sees the paper!roli says that veru i never loved u not even for a sec not even for a bit!the things that u made my family suffer!the things that u made me suffer while plotting with khushi!how could i ever even think abt loving u veru!u were just a trump card for me that i used to get back the property!u thought that signing on a mere divorce paper and giving back my mangalsutra would mean that i no longer loves my husband did u!no siddhantji is my husband!we are bound together for eternity nobody canseparatenot this paper or even u!i loved siddhantji and i will only love him for the rest of my life!nobody can take his place!and i mean nobody!veru is devastated!he then slowly walks into a corner!the whole family comes near roli and asks for her forgiveness!
while veru starts remembering all the times he spend with roli and like how each andevery moment was all fake!each and every line that roli said to him right now just kept going revolving around his head!he gets into his angry feat and throws off his turban!he then sees a knife in front of him!and goes toward roli!before anyone could understand anything veru puts knife around roli neck and shouts out to everyone!that nobody should come near him right now or else he will kill roli!he shouts that roli is only his and that he will take her with him right now!if anybody comes near him then rolis life will be in danger!
while all this is going on!naina was talking with sid at that point!sid asks naina what is she doing here!naina says that she came here to see him!she came here to console him and support him during this marriage!sid says to naina there is no need for that because he is going to leave this city forever!he cant be in this city were his roli is getting married to somebody else!and in order for roli to be happy he has decided to leave this city!and just as he was about to go naina gets hold of his hand and says!then i will go with u too!sid is shocked!sid says to naina look naina there is no need for u to go with me!i can live on my own i dont need anybodys help or support!naina then says yes u can live on ur own but i cant live without u!to me ur not only a boss!ur the person i love!siddhath sir i love u alot siddhanth sir!sid is shocked!
sid after he comes out of the shock gets angry at naina and says what the hell ru saying naina i am ur boss and ur my secretary!how could u even think of me like that!naina i am already marr..!and he stops!naina then replies yes sir i knw that u were married but now ur not!sir your wife has cheated on u!cheated on ur love!cheated on ur trust!then why sir!why do u still trust her!plz sir forget abt her!sir i promise u i will love u so much!and i will care for u so much that u will forget abt her love!sir plz let me go with u!i want to be with u!
scene changes to the bharadwaj house!simar tells veru to stop this or else she will call police then he says that if she does then he will kill roli!prem then sneeks up behind veru!his plan was to hit veru on his head so that veru falls down!just as he was about to hit his head!a lady wearing a veil on her face hits prem on his head and so he falls down!everybody starts to look at the lady!atlast that lady is none other then khushi!she was all along in the wedding!her plan was to kill roli and veru for betraying her!but when she saw veru like this all she wanted was to help veru with his plan to harm roli!simar shouts out khushi and everybody is shocked!khushi then shouts out shocked ru ha!then she went near roli and said wht did u think ha manipulating veru into getting the property under his name!u thought by creating misunderstanding between us u can get back the property!ur wrong!i will never let u get back this house!i will never let this house be happy!i will take away all their happiness just as they did take mine!all of u specially u roli will have to suffer and now that i have my veru back!i will take my sweet revenge!
roli shouts back ha u cant take away our happiness back khushi the property is now under my name!even if u kill me u still wnt get back the property!khushi shouts back yea roli i knw i wnt get back the property if i kill u right but dear dnt worry i have a huge bomb ready for u!but first let me tell me how did u plan all this i mean it must have been hard on u right planning all this stuff not even telling this stuff to the bharadwaj house or even to ur dear husband!i mean u must have trusted ur husband alot to go through this stuff right!but u knw wht this men u cant trust them for eg look at veru before he used to worship me but then when he found u he betrayed me!so wht if siddhanth cheated on u with someone!roli gave a sneering look to khushi and said wht rubbish are u talking abt!siddhantji will never cheat on me!he only loves me!i knw i have hurt him alot!but he would never ever cheat on me!khushi said oh really!then why dont u ask simar abt naina siddhanth so called office secretary!i mean instead of trusting my word why dont u ask ur sister wether its true or not!roli looks at simar!didi why dont u tell khushi the truth!tell her that siddhantji doesnt love anyone except me!simar then goes back to that scene were she saw sid and naina in the office!simar then recalls the time when she overheard sid talking to naina were he thanked naina for taking care of him so much during the conference thingy!simar eyes start to tears up she cant understand wether its true or not!wether wht she doubts and wht khushi is saying is truth or not!roli on looking at simar eyes and seeing her silent face can understand something is wrong!she then shouts back at simar didi plz for the love of god plz tell khushi that she is wrong plzz!my siddhantji can never love anyone except me plzz didi plzz tell he the truth!simar in a crying voice said roli...!khushi then says no need to cry simar dnt worry simar i will tell roli the truth!afterall she should also knw the pain wht it feels like to be betrayed by the person u love!khushi then says to roli did u knew roli that ur husband ohh sorry ur ex husband went to the conference with his secretary!ufff roli imagine the times they would have spent with each other!yes they did went for a office trip but yar wht fun time they had in each others company!ufff how romantic nah!tears start to drop from rolis eyes!even when she is crying she is shouting at roli!no nooo its not true my siddhantji did not went to a conference with another girl no!didi plzz tell her its wrong!plzz!she looks at simar!veru shouts haha roli did u feel that!did u also feel the pain wht it feels like to be cheated!now u have lost the person u love as well!and its all thanks to ur plan!go roli go to ur sister and ask her why is she silent through out while ur shouting abt how ur siddhantji will never betray u!veru then throws roli in front of simar!simar goes to help roli!but roli instead get hold of her hand and shouts at didi why are u remaining quite plzz didi plzz tell me the truth!plzz tell me my siddhantji idnt went to that conference with another girl!didi plz tell me u believe that siddhantji doesnt love anyone except me!simar is still silent she doesnt knw wht to say!didi plz stop torturing me with ur silence!plzz didi plz tell me the truth!simar then shouts back yes siddhantji did went to the conference with his secretary!roli then steps back!she is shell shocked!memories of her and siddhantji starts to flashback!memories were sid told him every shortcut has its sideeffect!she starts remembering the time they spend in mumbai all those memories starts to crack up one by one!khushi then holds onto rolis hand and say eyy roli ha ur already bulled out by my small explosion!areeyy yar i can just imagine how u will be totally destroyed after my next explosion!she then tells some people to come into the house!some goons bring back sid and naina hands all tied up!dnt worry sid and naina are seperately tied up!roli is shocked seeing sid tied up like that just as she was abt to go to sid!veru stops roli and again bring the knife against her neck!khushi then goes near her and says woow roli even after seeing ur husband with another women u still went upto ur husband to save him!woow now thats wht i call a loving wife!woow roli its amazing how u did all this planning to bring back happiness to ur family and ur husband!but now look at u!u have lost ur husband to another woman!did u knew that ur husband was about to leave for this city with this women!ohhh u poor soul i feel so bad for u!sid tries to shout to say that its not true but he cant!his hand is tied up and so is his mouth!he cant say anything!khushi then says although u have lost ur husband to another women roli there is still chance for u to save him!now tell me would u like to save ur cheating husband!or would u give ur happiness back to the family!now its upto u roli!roli its time for u to descide whts important ur husband or the happiness for ur happily for which u worked so hard!roli is in turmoil she doesnt knw which path to take!
roli is trembling she cant understand what to do!she cant even ask siddhant the truth!so doesnt knw wht to do!she then looks at siddhanth eyes!they both have a deep eye contact!through their eyes roli just ask one question du still love me!and sid replies through his eyes yes he does!she then closes her eyes and take a deep breathe she then says to khushi!bring me the pen i will sign it!khushi then brings her the pen!as khushi brings close the pen towards roli!roli throws away the pen!and tramps on khushis feet!khushi screams out in pen when roli shouts out how dare u try to manipulate me against my husband!how dare u try to threaten me!my husband is only mine!he cant love anyone else except me!roli and siddhanth is forever and they will be together for the rest of life!nobody cant seperate us not u or anybody!she then gives a stern look to naina!sid smiles!he is happy to see that his roli believes him!roli says to khushi i wnt sign this paper and i wnt let u harm siddhantji lets see wht u can do!veru then forcefully hold onto rolis hand and says how dare u try to hurt khushi!i will teach u a lesson which u wnt forget!khushi says yes veru go ahead and show her who is the boss!veru tries tocome near but roli only moves back!just as veru was about to slap roli!sid comes and hold onto veru hand!veru cant open his hand from sid hands!he holds on to verus hand like a tiger would hold onto its prey!sid shouts how dare u raise ur hand on my roli!i will cut ur hand for this!if u even raised a single finger on my roli!i would destroy u till there is no flesh on ur skin!our sid then throws veru out with a punch!a fight sequence start with veru and sid!while roli shouts out to sid yes siddhantji beat him more and more!veru tries to throw a punch but siddhanth ducks!sid starts to throw his punch and hit verus face hard!blood starts to come from verus face!khushi on seeing veru lose like this runs off inside the room!sid keeps on punching veru and he keeps shouting this one is for me touching my roli!this one is for trying to harm my roli!this one is for making my family suffer!veru then falls to the ground he then sees a knife on the floor he then grabs on the knife and keeps it hidden behind his back!roli sees that and shouts siddhantji!but before sid can react roli comes in front of the knife!thankgod nothing happens as it slighly goes through her hand!as she stops the knife with her hand!sid shouts at roli!and roli falls down due to her injury!sid then says why the hell did u had to stop the knife with ur hands!she says how can i let u get harm when i am right here!both of them look into each others eyes!sid then opens up his shirt and rips apart so that he can bind that piece of cloth against roli injury!he then says what kind of pleasure do u get roli by hurting me so much!roli smiles and says now what did i do!he says u knw that when u get hurt i get hurt and that too ten times the pain u feel!u knw what i will never forgive u for this!sid then tries to move when roli hugs onto sids back and says plzz dont leave me!plzz dont hate me!i can stand ur anger but i cant stand to lose u!plzz dont leave me!plzz dont stop loving me!plzzz dont fall for anyone!sid then removes roli hands and look at rolis eyes!he knows that roli is scared even when she said those lines she was still afraid that sid might not love her!sid might leave her!hethen looks at rolis eyes and says!i love u and i only love u for the rest of my life!nothing even god cant seperate us!roli and siddhanth will always be together no matter what!they both then hug each other!when khushi shouts at eyyy roli look up here!roli and sid then sees anjali inkhushis hand(simar baby)khushi then says look who i have in my arms!its ur favourate anjali awww look at her smile i guess she is happy to see her uncle and aunty happy together!awww but poor anjali doesnt knw that this happiness wnt last for longer!eyyy roli sign the papers or else she then shows off her gun!she gives one to veru and one for herself or else i will kill this baby while veru will kill ur husband!roli and simar shouts out nooo!roli then says plzz khushi plzz spare anjali and sids life look i would have been able to sign the papers but i cant my hand is injured and i cant move my fingers!khushi then says ohh u poor thing ok then let me make u a deal i will spare anjali life and ur husband life ifare willing to get married to veru!both roli and siddhanth are shocked!roli says what why isnt veru the person u love why do u want me to get married to him!yes i love veru but i also want to see u suffer getting married to veru would mean ur life getting destroyed and then for the rest of my life u will be my servant haha!roli then looks at sid!roli says i cant let them harm u and anjalis life!sid says i wnt let u get married to veru even if its mean i will lose my life!they know what they have to do!roli then says to sid i love u siddhantji!sid says to roli i love u roli!sid then kisses on rolis forehead and then they hug each other tightly!roli shouts eyyy u lovebirds stop ur love drama and just let roli get married to veru!roli and siddhanth then both hold onto each others hand and shouts out!roli eyyy khushi!sid shouts out eyyy veru!roli says i wnt let u harm my husband or anjali!sid says i wnt let u get married to my wife!together they shout if u have the guts then kill us both together!khushi then laughs and says ohh wowww i did not even thought abt that!haha u guyz are too good!thank u so much for the idea!well if u want to die so much then what can i do!its good even if u guyz were not able to live happily married to each other in this life atleast u will be together with each other in afterlife!both roli and siddhanth holds tightly onto each others hand and says we trust god!we trust that he will save us!because in the end good always wins!even if we dont live atleast we will die together but still we wnt be seperated not in this life or in afterlife!khushi and veru then comes down the stairs!khushi points out the gun at rolis head!qhile veru points out the gun at sids head!khushi shouts lets see dear who wins me or god!
part-5 the finale
so rosid strongly hold onto each others hand as they prepare to die with each other!just as both khushi and veru were about to pull out the trigger!naina shouts out stop!everybody looks at naina behind her is police!the police shouts out veru and khushi ur under arrest for trying to harm bharadwaj family!veru and khushi shouts out no we didnt do anything wrong they stole our property from us by forcefully!if u have to arrest arrest them!roli shouts out du have any evidence!veru and khushi faces become pale!roli says i have the whole bharadwaj family and the guests who will say that i have not forcefully taken the property away from u guyz!while u have nobody!veru and khushi then tries to sneek off when the great bharadwaj family circle surrounds them!the police then get ahold off them!khushi shouts out bharadwaj family this is not the end of us!we will come back u guyz will have to pay for ur sins!and this time u will have to pay with ur life!
everybody thanks matarani for this!sid then ask naina how did she call the police!naina said she cut the rope by the knife somehow!and when veru and khushi was busy trying to kill u guyz i went outside the house!so that i can call the police!sid then asks naina how does khushi knows her and about them!naina said when sid went to her house to drop her off khushi must have seen him!she then befriended naina and find out abt him from her!naina says sorry to the whole family that because of her stupidity the whole family had to pay for it like this!sid says its ok!roli gives a look to naina!naina notices that and she asks roli to met her in a corner!naina says to roli!mam at first i thought that as sid sir marriage was over maybe the love between u guyz were over too but i have realized that even if the world ends,even when both of u are seperated from each other,no matter wht misunderstanding comes between u guyz!.u guyz wnt ever stop loving each other!i was stupid that i got influenced by khushis word and tried to confess to sid sir!roli looks at naina with big eyes!roli says u confessed to my siddhantji!naina says yes i did but i was rejected!before the gang got hold of us sir told me that he only and only loves roli!even if roli gets married to somebody else!even if roli kills him!he wnt ever ever stop loving her!till his last breathe he will keep on loving roli!he then hold her hand and said to her naina ur a nice girl and one day u will find a guy who loves u alot but that guy is not me!i am sorry i have,i wll and i shall always love roli for my entire life!i can leave this life with just the beautiful memories we had!plzz forget about me and move on with ur life!i asked sir why does he loved u so much i ean u hurt him divorced him u even dared to get married to a guy who he hates the most!and he replied u cant love someone u just fall in love with them!u knw its love when u love someone even when u dont know why u do!and if its true love no matter what happens u just cant remove them from ur heart!u just know that someday or another the person u love will be back to u!even when the circumstance says it wont!i believe my roli will be back to me if our love is true my roli will come back to me!roli eyes started to tear!she realized how much sid loves her!rolisays to naina thank u so much for taking care of him when he was so weak!thank u so much!i hurt him so much but still he didnt stopped loving me!i am so glad that i found siddhantji in my life!naina says mam ur really lucky!that siddhantji loves u so much!roli says yes yes i am!roli removes her tears and says look naina thank u so much for looking after my siddhantji when he needed me the most but mind it if u dare come too close with my siddhantji now on i swear i will find ur house and i will bring my bharadwaj ladies to come and burn down ur house u get it!naina becomes scared and says mam wht ru saying roli laughs off and says just kidding yar and then she hugs her and says in her ear seriously i will do that if u come near my sid again lol!
the scene changes everybody was busy talking inside the house!when mataji said hey guyz its late already we need to go and sleep in our rooms!sid and roli was about to walk into the stairs when mataji shouted out stop!everybody shocked they looked back at mataji!mataji said roli and siddhanth u cant sleep together in the same room!sid replied but mataji why we are married right!mataji replied no you are not!u guyz are still unmarried remember that u guyz got divorced!both sid and roli face become pale!they were so looking forward to spoending tine with each other!mataji said for today roli will sleep with simar and sid will sleep with prem!now both prem and simar face become pale lol!because day after tomorrow roli and siddhanth u guyz are again going to get married!roli started to blush while sid face wasbeaming like a light bulb!he wa really happy he then looked at roli blushing face and then he started to blush as well!
night came off roli and simar were sleeping in the bed when roli heard a knock in the door!roli opens the door and she shouts siddhantji when sid holds her hand over her mouth!roli bites his hand says what the hell ru doing here siddhantji!sid says come with me roli says ru kidding me wht if simar didi wakes up!sid says for the love of god would u plz stop worrying abt simar and come with me i have a surprise for u!what sid then folds off roli eyes and says just follow my lead and i will take u somewere!sid then takes roli somewere and roli asks are we there yet siddhantji!sid says yes we are now just wait i will open the folding from ur eyes!sid opens the folding and roli sees the entire terrace filled with white and red flowers!water candels all over the place and a table for two placed in between the terrace!roli is surprised she then looks at siddhanth and says wowww siddhantji what is this when did u do that!sid says to roli here this is for you!sid gives a white rose to roli and roli says white rose so that peace and prosperity exists in our marriage!sid says yes so u do remember here this white rose is for u so that u dont ever hide anything from me!and that we can peacefully live with each other!roli then says ok ok i wnt hide anything from u i promise!roli says now give me my yellow rose!sid says ok baba wait ahhh here is our yellow rose!roli says this is for our friendship right!sid says right yes this flower is for our friendship so that whatever happens we will trust each other and always support each other even when we dont know the truth!roli looks at sid i promise i wnt ever distrust u and even u should not distrust me!i promise to be with u and support u when nobody does!i will always be ur best friend forever!sid smiles and says yes me too!i will always trust u and will never leave u alone!i will always be there to support u!roli says now were is my red rose!sid says red rose ha there is no red rose!roli says to sid what ur kiddig right give me my red rose!sid says no yar really there is no red rose if u dnt believe me search me!roli then searched for the red rose but she doesnt find any!roli then becomes angry at sid and then looks at another corner says i hate u siddhantji why do u always hurt me!sid says hurt u and wht abt the pain u caused me when u give me those divorce papers!what abouth the pain u caused me when i saw u at that dance bar with another guy!what about the pain u caused me by making me distrust u!roli looks at sid and just stares at him sid then looks aside at another corner!roli comes near sid and says i am sorry!sid makes a face and says just sorry!saying sorry wont do me anything good!roli then asks ok then wht do i have to do so that u will forgive me sid then comes near roli and corners roli he then whispers into rolis ear that i will only forgive u only when u give me a kiss!roli blushes and says wht now ru kidding me wht if anybody comes in the terrace!sid says nobody will!roli says how du know!sid says because i have put premar in front of the gate so that nobody can come in!roli blushes and says siddhantji ur na!roli then runs into the table she notices that there is a red rose hidden inthe table when she sees the card attatched to the rose she notices it says i love u roli now look back!roli looks back and sees sid standing on his knees with a black box!roli asks siddhantji what is this!sid says why dont u look at it and see!sid opens the box and roli sees a huge diamond ring!roli is surprised roli asks what is this for!sid says this is for u roli!so miss roli trivedi will u be mrs roli bharadwaj again!roli says yes yes i will!roli then hugs off to sid.sid then takes roli into his arm!and shouts out i love u roli!did u hear that i love roli!roli also shouts out i love u too siddhantji i love u alot!sid then makes roli stands!sid says to roli i dont believe u love me!roli says no i do!sid says ok if u do then weres my kiss!roli then says sid to close his eyes!roli then closes his eyes by her hand!and kisses on his forehead!roli then keeps his hand on his mouth and kisses on his eyes!and then roli takes sid hand and put it over his mouth and kisses on the hand over his mouth!she then whispers into sids ear and says there u go now du believe i love u!roli then walks off the terrace while sid is all flushed and happy lol!
scene changes to khushi and veru both of them bickering abt how because of veru stupidity they have landed in jail!khushi says its all because of u that we are in jail!now we wnt ever be able to take revenge against bharadwaj family and rot in this jail!some women shouts out no u wnt have to!khushi looks up and says u wht ru doing here! that lady says i am here to bail u guyz so that u can stop the marriage and destroy the bharadwaj family!the lady smiles and so does veru and khushi
who is this mysterious lady why does she want to destroy bharadwaj family and stop the marriage!
the end for this ff!next up my new ff rosid marriage track!hope u will love that too!

Edited by savkatika - 01 February 2013 at 2:44am

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AmreenBanoManso Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged
nice one savkatika Thumbs Up

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wamavasant IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
oh god at last u have started with ur ff really a nice idea i want to read the next just update it fast ha Smile
savkatika Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 11:45am | IP Logged
thank u so much amreen and shrija yea I will be uploading it soon.

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sky_fighter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
this is wonderful
update soon
savkatika Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Thank u will update soon by tomorrow i am glad u liked it
hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
ohhh my god, what is this dear??
at  first let me say that im sooo happy that you have start with an ff and it was a pleasure to read...
how you described it, it was awesome, cant wait for the next part..
anotheranfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Nice to see FF on this lovely pair.. Great place to start the story from, and you have written it nicely. Looking forward to reading next part

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