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Taarey OS Marriage Situation

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Guysss I had this idea for an i wrote itLOL plz read it! I m posting it in two parts!!!
Taarey OS Marriage Situation

The present day is December 23rd 2012...the day of Rey and Sharon's "marriage". There are many people gathered in the wedding hall decorated with beautiful roses, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

But a frustrated and teary Rey and a guilty Sharon are upstairs, in the bride's dressing area...with Swayam, Taani, and Vicky.

Rey: tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi???

Sharon: woh...*looks down*

Rey: woh KYA? Does this all seem like a bloody joke to u?

Sharon: *looks up* no!!! Rey...I m srry I didn't mean to hurt u!

Swayam: Rey-

Rey puts his hand out, making Swayam stop talking, and then he looks at Taani and Vicky with imense hurt on his face

Rey: tum dono ko pata thi in dono ke bare mein?

Vicky: dekh, yaar...hum tere hi side pe hain...lekin haan hum dono ko peel se pata tha

Rey looks at Taani

Rey: tumhe pata tha?

Taani looks down with tears in her eyes

Rey goes towards Taani and jerks her towards him, making her look up at him

Rey: *slowly with a deadly tone* and Swayam...beforehand?

Taani: um...

Rey: *jerks her again and yells at her* ANSWER ME DAMMIT!

Taani nods her heading indicating yes, while letting her tears fall on her face.

Rey let's go of her and falls to the ground

Rey: kyun? Y did u guys make a joke out of my life? Sharon...theek hai, u don't love me, but y did u agree to get married to me!?! Swayam! I thought u were like my brother! Y did u have to go and stab me in the back!?! Vicky, this is the first time u ever kept a secret from ur older brother, tumhe charm nahi aiya??? Taani, TUM? Tum toh meri best friend thi na? Tum toh hamesha mera saath deti thi! Toh fir ISS BAAR KYA HUA???

Taani: Rey...i m srry, par ab hum sabko kuch aur par focus karna hoga

Sharon looks at Taani

Sharon: kis par?

Taani: hum guests ko kya kahenge? Aur Rey...aapki mummy aur daddy se kya kahenge?

Swayam: uff! Taani tum chup raho! *bends down next to Rey* Rey, yaar I m srry...tujhe Jo bhi saza deni hain, de par yaar mujhe maaf kar de

Sharon also bends down next to them

Sharon: haan Rey, tum jo bhi kaho gi, we will do it...but plz forgive-

Rey holds up his hand telling everyone to shut up

After a couple mins of silence...

Rey: maafi ki liye kuch bhi karogi?

Swaron nod their head eagerly

Rey: theek hai, the both of u will have to do 2 things in order for me to forgive u

Swayam: theek hai toh, bata kya hain woh 2 things

Rey: patience, u will find out one at a manzoor hain?

Sharon: haan hain!

Rey: good! First thing, u guys have to convince Taani to marry me RIGHT now!

Swayam: KYA? Kyun?

Rey: do u want me to forgive u or not?

Swayam: haan par-

Taani: theek hai

Everyone looks at her

Swayam: kya theek hai???

Taani: me Rey se shaadi karne ki liye taiyar hoon

Swayam: but-

Rey: *gives Taani a menacing smile* now that's like a good girl! Now go get dressed for our wedding, baby!

Swayam: lekin, Rey-

Rey: just shut up! Ur first condition is almost done, now u have one more, I have to go to the hall and wait for my bride *winks at him*

Rey goes from there, and Taani goes to another room to change into a bridal wear

With Swaron and Vicky

Vicky: bhai is upto something, he isn't someone who would remain calm after all this

Sharon: this is the calm before the storm...I m so scared...,Rey ka motives kya hoga? Aur Taani ki liye mujhe bohot fikar ho raha hai

Taani comes out in the bridal dress:

Swayam has tears in his eyes

Swayam: I m srry Taani

Taani: bhai, it's ok...aur vai se bhi, this way, Sharon and Rey's family's reputation won't be effected

Vicky: I m so happy to be getting an understanding bhabi like u! And Swayam don't worry! I will make sure she is safe and happy

Everyone smiles at Vicky and then they all head towards the hall for Taarey's marriage ceremony.

All the guests were appalled, and the parents were in extreme shock, but nobody said anything, and Taarey got married. They all celebrated for hours dancing and trying to enjoy.

At the Singhgania Mansion

Taarey and Vicky tell their family about everything (not including the two things part, and how Rey got Taani to marry him)

RM(Rey's mom): Well, iss drama se ek baat toh acha hua!

Vicky: kya mom?

RM: mujhe Taani jaisi achi bahu mili *smiles widely and hugs Taarey*

RD(Rey's dad): haan! Uff ab toh bohot maze ayega!

Everyone, except Rey chuckles

Vicky: I m tired me sone ja raha hoon goodnight everyone! Aur haan, bhai?

Rey: hm?

Vicky: Bhabi ko zyada disturb mat karo!

Rey: Teri toh

Vicky chuckles and runs up the stairs

Taarey and the parents talk for a while, then they head to their respective rooms for their pyari sleep...

Taarey's room

Rey hands Taani one of his shirts and tells her to go and change.

After a while she comes back and sits on the bed scared looking downwards...

Rey bends down infront of her and takes her hands in his

Rey: dar lag raha hain aapne prince charming se?

Taani nods her head, and Rey feels tears on his hand. He puts one finger underneath her chin, and lifts up her face slightly.

Rey: baby, kya hua? Ro kyun rahi hoon?

Taani: Rey, u were so busy planning ur so called wedding with Sharon, u didn't even pay attention to me the last couple weeks! And today when bhai and Sharon told u that they love each other...u yelled at me! Kyun? U knew EVERYTHING y? *sobbing*

Rey gets up sits on the bed, and pulls Taani onto his lap. He rubs one hand up and down her back trying to soothe her

Rey: baby, I was busy planning our wedding, because I knew that Swaron were going to confess everything at the last it would be the perfect opportunity to for us to get married...and baby, yelling at u was just my way of showing Swayam that I was clueless about them, and that u didn't tell me anything...I m srry

Taani looks up at him

Taani: u really sorry?

Rey nods his head indicating yes

Taani smiles and pecks his lips

Taani: u r forgiven, and tumhara plan acha tha

Rey: *chuckles* thank u, baby

Taani: *gets off of his lap* ab tum jaake change karlo!

Rey: *pulls her back on his lap nuzzling his face into her neck* baby, today is our sughraat, so y don't u help me change? *winks suggestively*

Taani blushes and hides her face on his chest

Rey smiles and starts placing soft kisses on her head

Rey: I love u Taani

Taani: I love u 2

Rey: yea, right

Taani: *pulls out of the embrace* what do u mean by that???

Rey: baby, u say that u love me, but u have never shown it to me!

Taani: o really?

Rey: haan! I mean I always shower u with my love, but I have never had u expressing ur love to it makes me wonder, do u really love me?

Taani: so yeh baat hai? *Rey nods his head cutely* theek hai, let me show how much I love u!

Rey: okay! Toh fir dekhao!

Taani: first go and change! *pushes him towards the bathroom*

Rey chuckles and goes to change.

In the bathroom

Rey thinking to himself: *ufff! Taani ko challenge kiya! Great! Ab toh maza aiyega! Let's see how my baby will express her love for me*

In the room

Taani is smiling and thinking to herself: *Rey u challenged Taani Sheka- opps I mean Taani Singhgania! I don't show my love? Theek hai! Get ready to handle a wild Taani!*

After about 15 mins

Rey comes out of the bathroom in a shirt and boxers, he is searching for Taani, but he doesn't see her, then he feels a pair of hands embracing him from the back. He smiles and turns around, as soon as he turns around he is shocked...Taani is clad in nothing but her inner wear. He stands there in surprise for a little while, Taani gets closer to him and starts sucking on his earlobe. Rey starts groaning and pulls Taani closer to him by her waist. He tries to kiss her, but she put a finger on his lips

Taani: somebody's getting impatient...well I m srry but u r going to have to wait, because I haven't even expressed my love for u yet *she smiles at him evilly, while playing with his hair*

Rey glares at her, while she smiles and starts sucking on his neck

Rey: *carries Taani and places her on the bed and pulls himself away a bit* Taani

Taani lays down on the bed and pulls Rey on top of her and starts sucking on his neck again, while taking of his shirt, after succeeding with taking of his shirt she trailed a bunch of kissers down his chest.

Rey couldn't take it anymore so he turned them around, him being on top of her, and took her lips into a hot and urgent kiss. Taani deepens the kiss and runs her hands all over his chest.

Suddenly Rey stopped and laid down next to her

Taani: *confused, turns to look at Rey* what happened?

Rey: *smiles at her and gathers her in his arms* baby...I love u, and I don't want to rush into something u r not ready for, so let's continue this when u r ready, ok?

Taani smiles and nods her head. Rey places a kiss on her head...

Taani: Rey?

Rey: yes baby?

Taani: make me urs!

Rey: kya par-

Taani: uff! Just shut up and make love to me u idiot!

They smile and continue from where they left off


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DontAsk Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
Honestly, I was hoping no one would find this os (well I guess it's kinda a ts nowLOL) until I posted the next part...but as usual I had problems with my timingLOL
And...I have a favor to ask towards those lovely people who read my TR ff "2nd Chance" and my TR ss "First Dates"...COULD U PLEASE PM OR LEAVE COMMENTS (on the respective writings) ABOUT WHAT U WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD IN THE STORY? I might not use all the input...but it would be greatly appreciated if u could share ur expectations with me Smile
NOW...happy reading!LOL
The next morning

Taarey's room

Rey is sleeping, while Taani is sitting on the bed thinking over yesterday's drama

Taani thinking to herself: *Bhai aur bhabi dono bohot pareshan hogi...I feel so bad for lying to them! I think Rey and I should tell them everything, and bechara Vicky, he got roped into all this for no reason!*

Taani was so deep into her thoughts, that she didn't notice Rey staring up at her.

Rey: Taani?

Taani: *looks down at him* Rey? I thought u were still sleeping...

Rey: I was, but then I realized u weren't sleeping nxt to me, so I woke up *smiles cutely*

Taani: *smiles and leans down and pecks his lips* u r so cute!

Rey: *chuckles and sits up* u r cuter baby! *kisses her*

Taani smiles into the kiss and deepens it while allowing her fingers to run through his hair. Rey pulls her closer one hand squeezing her bare waist and the other tracing her curves.

Taani: *pulls away from the kiss, but keeps the same embrace* Rey?

Rey: hmm? *placing kisses on her neck*

Taani: I m worried

Rey: *looks up at her concerned, and cups her face* worried about what baby?

Taani: bhai and bhabi, they must be so worried na? Can we go tell everyone the truth? Plz?

Rey: *smiles* don't worry, we will tell them! But, honeymoon ke baad *winks at her*

Taani: Reeey! I m serious!

Rey: and I m also serious!

Taani: par-

Rey: come on baby, when they find out about all this, they r surely going to punish us! So y don't we just enjoy our honeymoon before everything becomes a mess?

Taani: but the longer we wait to tell them the more angry they will get!

Rey kisses her, and in the process makes her lay down, with him on top of her. Taani kisses him back, and wraps her arms around his neck. Rey let's his hands travel up and down her curves continuously, then he places his hand on her thighs and gently rubs her inner thighs as if giving her a massage. Taani mains loudly and begins biting his lips, and scratching his back.

Rey: *pulls away slightly*, um do u think we should go on a honeymoon now and enjoy it? Or go later, after everything is settled?

Taani: um...*feels Reys wet kisses near her thighs, and moans while trying her best to glare at him*

Rey: jawab do

Taani: gawd! Uff! Theek hai! We will tell them everything after we get back from our honeymoon!

Rey: *smiles* okay, as u say! *lays down next to her* and by the way, we have to be at the airport within 4 hours

Taani: *confused* kyun?

Rey: to leave for honeymoon!

Taani: we r going on our honeymoon TODAY?

Rey: *smiles*
Taani practically jumps off the bed and runs towards the bathroom
Rey frowns and yells after her
Rey: Taani!
Taani: *sticks her head out from the bathroom* haan?
Rey: come back na? I m bored!
Taani: r u crazy??? We have 4 hours to catch our flight and nothing is packed!
Rey: So? It would take 10 mintues to pack!
Taani: What??? 10 mintues? R u insane??? It will take me an hour!
Rey: but-
Taani: uff, I cant deal with u right now, i m going to take a shower! I'll deal with u later! *slams the door*
Rey smiles to himself and starts to begin packing for their honeymoon.
After an hour everyone is downstairs preparing for a family meeting
In the family room...
RD: *looking at Taarey* r u guys planning on going for a honeymoon?
Rey: actually we r supposed to be on our flight in 3 hours...
RD: 3 hours!?!
Taarey nod their heads looking down
Taani: papa, if u have a problem with it right now, Rey and I can go later
RD: *smiles* beta, I dont have a problem with u guys leaving for ur honeymoon today, but I do have a problem with u guys still being here!
Rey: *looks up* Kya!?!
RM: U guys r going to miss ur flight if u waste ur time here!
RD: EXACTLY! Now go! Vicky will drive u guys to the airport!...Right Vicky?
Vicky: Right dad
RM: Taani, beta sab packing ho gayi? 
Taani: jee ma
RD: Good now GO BOTH OF YOU!!!
Taarey chuckle as they begin to head out of the house
In the airport...
Vicky: Okay, bhai please take care of bhabi!
Rey: *smiles* I will
Vicky: And bhabi?
Taani: hm?
Vicky: plz take care of bhai
Taani: *giggles slightly* theek hai
Vicky: *wipes off fake sweat from his forehead* phew, ek tension toh gaya, now time to face tension number 2
Rey: *frowns in confusion* tension number 2? What do u mean?
Vicky: *points to something behind Taarey*
Taarey turn around and find Swaron standing there with grins on their faces, slowly walking towards the trio.
When Swaron reaches them...
Swayam: hmmm so, u thought u would take Taani for a honeymoon, while Sharon and I r worrying our brains out, haan?
Rey: um-
Sharon: What "um"???
Taani: Woh bhai...Rey actually
Swayam: Taani, u r defending him? After how he married u in that dramatic atmosphere? How?
Sharon: Uff...Swayam u silly guy, how can she not defend her love? The one who she had planned to get married with yesterday?
Taarey get alert
Vicky: *faking confusion* Faplanned?
Swayam: haan, did u know...they were planning to get married like that for couple months?
Vicky: *faking again* really???
Swaron: haan!
Taarey look at each, then look back at Swaron & Vicky
Rey: um...Swayam, Shar, u remember my two conditions thing that I had placed yesterday?
Swayam: Yes
Rey: well I know what my 2nd condition will be
Sharon: what?
Rey: *falls on the ground and hugs Swayam's feet* yaaar plz forgive us!!! We didnt mean to hurt anyone! We just wanted to get married!
Swayam: *looks at Sharon* hmmm should we forgive them?
Sharon: *bursts out laughing along with Vicky*
Taarey get confused and Rey stand up again
Swayam: *chuckles* guys, we already knew about ur plans MONTHS ago! IT'S OKAY! We r actually really happy for u two!
Taani: *with tears in her eyes* really?
Swayam: *hugs Taani* really baby sis!
Rey&Sharon&Vicky join the hug, making it a group hug...until an annoucment is made
Annoucement: Last call for passengers traveling to San Jose, Costa Rica
Rey: well, we have to go now
Everyone smiles and hug again, then Taarey run to go board their plane.
In the plane...
Taarey r looking out of the window enjoying the taking off atmosphere
Rey: Taani?
Taani: hm?
Rey: Thanks for coming into my life
Taani: *smiles* THANK YOU for coming into my life! *places her head on his houlders and interwines their fingers togetheir*
Rey: Taani, I love you and I m srry our marriage was done in a very scattered manner
Taani: *smiles* Rey I love u 2! Aur kya farak partha hain? Our MARRIAGE SITUATION was not very traditional, but it was unique, and I m sure it well be remembered by all! Right? *looks up at him*
Rey: *chuckles and looks down at her* right!
They look into each other's eyes and get lost into their own land, where only they exist...

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ish123 Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Hey, it's Awosome. Luved da way u describe whole marriage concept on taarey and I quite like da fact u added Vicky character is well, since Rey nd Vicky bondin is reali gud. Plz do update nxt part quickly nd dnt forgot to pm.
ajaved IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Awsumeupdate loved it plz upload fast n plz pm me :)

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Jiya omggg first I was totally shocked that Rey and Sbaron getting married and him telling Swaron to convince Taani to marry him and she agreeing was all too shocking. Love Taani wedding dress, wow it was Taarey plan all along lol am so happy. Taani wearing Rey shirt sitting on his lap and Rey challenging Taani. Wild Taani is a treat Jiya now u got me giggling and blushing like crazy. Taarey is too hot to handle Embarrassed love when Taani said uff shut up and make love to me u idiot ROFL wild Taani is so much fun. U did a super duper job I totally love it update the next part soon plz am eagerly waiting to read more

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adi.cutiepie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
wait ye tha kya? well jo bhi tha bahut accha thaLOL loved it dear

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raddhi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 9:28pm | IP Logged
awsm yaar 
i luv it vry much 
i luv d way u show vicky nice 
i luv d way taarey get married 
i luv taani wedding dress 
 now taarey couple wow yaar 
awsm i luv it vry much but it was not tht mature prt 
n waiting for nxt prt do put it soon n yes do PM me plzzz

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vaishali667 Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Wow really amazing awesome fantastic plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pm me when u update plz plz plz

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