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VIRMAN FF*ek mein aur ek tu*PART 14* NEW UPDATE (Page 9)

shabsem Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 10:57am | IP Logged
superb. .nice story its different. .cont soon

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mehaksanaya Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
obviously i will give u flowers for this awesome update Clap and thanks for pm

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shilpa09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
hey guys... hi:)Smile
i m really very happy today... i m really lucky to have such sweet friends who made my day special:)... i love u gang... (its my gang)...Hug
so... coming bak to update...  i m going to update new chapter in few minutes...Wink.. get ready to see some funny moments between virman.LOL... u r going to love virat in this chapter.Embarrassed...
hope i wont disappoint u...:)Embarrassed

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shilpa09 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 March 2012
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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
hey lovlies... GOOD MORNING!!!!
thanks alot guys for liking and giving ur valuable comments on first part:)...
i want to specially thanks my best buddies... aroosha, my two pretty preeti's, naina, uzma, inahaya, stella,...  its a long list... Wink
 without any further delay... i m posting the second part...

Part 2

Manvi came running towards her boss's cabin who was waiting for her. She peeped in, to see his mood first and seeing him she got more nervous. He didn't seem to be happy at all. She composed herself and entered in his cabin with a big smile….

Manvi:- good morning sir!!!!

Mr. khan:- I think miss manvi its good afternoon!!!

Manvi:- (looking towards her watch) oh ya …. I m sorry… good afternoon sir!!!

Mr. khan:- so u r late again due to ur personal work…

Manvi:- actually sir… I …

Mr. khan:- (cutting her sentence) look manvi from last one and a half year u work in our company and U r like star employ of this company. We grabbed so many projects due to Ur hard work and talent but lately I have seen Ur concentration is being diverting in other things and it is affecting our upcoming projects.

                 Manvi u r a head of your department and if u r being ignorant towards your work then it will adversely affect the company. So I m giving u the last chance, sort out all Ur personal issues and bring the star manvi back. K??

Manvi:- k sir!!!

Mr. khan:- that's like my girl. So get back to Ur work….

Manvi:- (smiling) yes sir!!!

Manvi turned around and walked towards her cabin…

Manvi:- hey Stacy… please get me a strong coffee….

Stacy:- already I kept it on ur table. I knew u would need after getting a lecture from K-BO….

Manvi:- thanks yaar…. (Taking a sip of coffee)

Stacy:- by the way how is ur brand new mini cooper???

Manvi:- don't ask me… u won't believe but today was the most unluckiest day of my life!!

                I met the person whom I hate the most…. and most fascinating thing is… he has given me another reason to hate him more. He damaged….no…not just damaged but crashed my brand new sweet little cooper and now it's in car repairing centre…..

manvi's cooper car

U don't know how much I want to kill him now….. I feel like blending him in blender and….

Stacy saw her anger reaching its heights. She stopped manvi shrugging her shoulders…

Stacy:- I can understand ur deep feelings for him manvi…. so what did u do with him? Did u let him go without asking for any compensation??

Manvi took a sip of coffee and tried composing herself and sat on her chair…

Manvi:- no….I asked him for money but that poor piece of scrap lost his all money and company because his partner cheated on him.

Stacy:- (making sorry face) poor guy…. So u let him go….right?!! (Suspiciously)

Manvi:- (giving evil smirk) do u think I will let him go so easily. I gave him offer to work for me as my housekeeper cum nanny!!!!!

Stacy:- WHAT!!!!...really!!! But I bet he must have said no, because no guy would do such job….

Manvi: - yes he turned out my offer but don't worry, he will call me back and take this job…. I m damn sure about it. I know that pervert vadhera very well. he will never take any favor from me.

Stacy:- (raising brows) tell me…is he HOT???...

MANVI:- hot?!!..(leaving a sarcastic laugh) ya….he is as hot as an ice!!!


Just then her mobile rang….

Manvi:- hello…

Virat:- I m ready to do that job…

Manvi:- very good!!! It was pretty fast decision. So u can join from tomorrow.

Virat:- but I have one condition…. I will live in ur house till I work for u….

Manvi: - k…. then u will have to work for 5 months. Half of Ur salary will be deducted every month and after that u r free from every debt…

Virat: - k then…. I'll shift today.

Manvi: - I'll come home by 9. U can bring Ur belongings with u…

And they both disconnect their phones without saying good bye to each other….

Manvi: - (smiling) see I told u he will work for me…. (Making a proud face)

                 Now let's get back to work… bring all the pending files… I want to get my awesomeness tag back….

Stacy: - k…



Manvi reached home to see Virat waiting for her out in porch.

Virat: - u r late. I m waiting for u since an hour….

Manvi: - I have a job to do…. I can't do my work according to Ur convenience….

               (Looking towards his bag) so is this Ur only stuff??

Virat:- no these r just my clothes my remaining stuff will be shifted tomorrow. Now can u investigate afterwards please let me go in. I m feeling cold here….

Manvi opened the door and they both entered in together….

Virat: - so where is Ur baby?? Did u leave her somewhere??

Manvi: - baby?!!

Virat: - yes baby… u told me u wanted a housekeeper cum nanny and I don't think u need a nanny for urself…. So how old is Ur child??

Manvi: - 16 years!!

Virat: - (getting shocked) what!!! U were pregnant when u were of nine years old!!!

Manvi: - no..its eight years…..and wait…she is my sister not my daughter.

Virat: - but u were only child then when did u get a sister??

Manvi: - that's none of ur business…

                And one more important thing….. U will have to do all household chores I mean cooking, dusting….

Virat:- but I will never do laundry….

Manvi:- k…

               (Thinking) welcome to hell Mr. Vadhera…

Virat:- (thinking) I will make sure Sharma that u feel like living in hell….!!!!!

 Aisha:- hey…who is this guy???

Aisha came near them looking at Virat suspiciously…..

Aisha:- is he ur new boyfriend? At last u got a better one…. Ur previous one was really ugly!!!

Virat giggled looking at Manvi's expression….

Manvi:- NO he is not my boyfriend….. not even in my nightmares and that guy was my date not a boyfriend……

Virat:- (giggling) u still haven't got a boyfriend….?

Manvi:- u r saying as if u used to had a proper girlfriend in college…. And I bet u still don't have one…

Virat:- in college I didn't had one because of u…. u always ruined my dates by ur useless pranks…

Manvi:- u too did the same with me…..

Virat:- (pointing finger on each other) but u started first…

Manvi:- no it was u…. remember on fresher's day what did u say me…. and because of that no any guy dared to ask me out…

Virat:- hey I told u before as well, it was just a dare given by my friends as they all saw u beating a crap out of a guy at bus stop. U beat that poor chap just because he offered u a ride till college…And secondly, guys didn't ask u out because they were scared of u not because they thought we were in relationship….

Aisha:- wait wait wait…….first tell me what did he say??

Virat:- I feel like puking remembering those words I said to her…. I remember I brushed my teeth like thousand times after getting back to hostel that day…

Manvi:- and I washed my face million times….

Virat:- u better have been washed ur unused brain…. It would have been very helpful to u.

Manvi opened her mouth to backfire him with her words… but Aisha stopped them both and shouted….

Aisha:- guys… u can continue ur fight after a short break. But for now will u tell me what the heck did he say to u???

Virat and Manvi:- (in union) "I love u!!"

They both looked at each other in disgusting look….and then turned around their faces in opposite directions…

Aisha started laughing loud seeing their faces…. Manvi felt good to see her laughing after she shifted back with her.

Aisha:- after shifting here, for the first time my life doesn't seem to be sucked. I m really gonna have some live entertainment here….

Manvi:- (again pointing finger at Virat) u better stay away from me…..

Virat:- don't worry I don't like to get close to the witches!!!!

 Manvi:- nor do I like perverts….

Aisha:-by the way if he isn't ur boyfriend then who is he???

Manvi:-  Aisha he is Ur new nanny and he will also look after the house….

Aisha:- but he is a guy….

Virat:- yes absolutely and there is no doubt in it svty. Hi I m Virat….!!!!

Aisha:- hi… I m Aisha…!!! (Shaking hands)

Manvi:- (getting serious) Aisha I want to talk with u now…. let's go upstairs….

Aisha:- (with stern face)I know what u want to talk…. I have already told u before, u don't have to bother about me. I can take care of myself…. please let me live my life and Stop acting like a mom….

Manvi:- but…

Neglecting manvi she stormed towards her room. manvi stood looking Aisha going upstairs… thinking about how she will tackle with her in future… when her chain of thoughts was broken by Virat

Virat:- can u show me my room…..??

Manvi:- it's there (pointing towards the room)

And she left upstairs silently…

Virat:- (thinking) I thought I was the only one who hated her but I think I have a company here …. it will be fun to live here…. Best luck witch Sharma!!!!



Next day morning….

Manvi came down towards kitchen running as she was late for office. Virat and Aisha were already having breakfast.

Manvi:- good morning guys…..

They both gave a slight smile not getting bothered to greet her back. Manvi knew it wasn't easy for her to stay with two people who hate her to core. She could tackle with Virat as she hated him too and but Aisha, she can't do the same with her. She somewhere liked her. The first time when they met, the way she hugged her for comfort it felt so heavenly. Even though they were half sisters she wanted to stay with her like a family.

Virat:- ur coffee is kept there (pointing towards kitchen slab)….

Manvi was about to open her mouth to ask him but before that Virat answered her….

Virat:- yes it's the strong black coffee….

Manvi looked at him unbelievingly…..

Manvi: - wow… u still remembered I liked black coffee?? (In teasing tone)

Virat:- hey get a grip on ur thoughts…. Actually u were the only student in whole college who used to order this stinking coffee in canteen specially for u….

Manvi:- that's because I have some classy tastes….. (Taking sip of coffee)

                K…. I m going for work… u both don't create any mess in my house. Virat drop her to school and keep dinner ready by 9 pm…. K???

Virat: - k boss….

Manvi took the last sip of coffee and ran out of house to office….

As soon as she stepped out of home Virat started laughing. Aisha wondered what's gotten in him to laugh suddenly like a mad!!!

Aisha:- r u nuts??

Virat:- no but ur di is totally lost her screws….

Aisha:- why??

Virat:- because today is Sunday… and she left for work on her holiday…

Aisha:- oh ya… I forgot it too…. (Making sad face) from the day I came here all the days were same for me…..

Virat:- hey Aisha do u have friends??

Virat tried making conversation with her…..

Aisha:- ya I have a lot but not here…. I have friends in London. I really miss them

Virat saw her getting sad… so he thought of cheering her….

Virat:- Aisha, do u like pizza??

Aisha:- I don't feel like eating anything. I will just stay in the room….. If u want, u can order for urself….

Virat:- chalo na Aisha we will go to the mall and have fun over there. I'll treat u with Ur favorite pizza… what say??

Aisha:- boring!!!!

Virat:- k… we can go to pizza hut and order ur fav pizza and along that I will tell u some Manvi's secrets of her college time and I promise they r really INTERESTING….

Aisha:- (smiling) this seems fun!!!! K… I will get ready in five minutes…

Virat:- come fast I m waiting for u here….


Aisha was enjoying her time with Virat. She was genuinely happy after long time.

At pizza hut….

Aisha:- seriously manvi used to beat guys!!!

Virat:- yes…and therefore no any guy dared to mess up with her…..

Aisha:- that means u too were scared of her…huh??

Virat:- no way…. I was the only one who stood up against her…. that's why she hates me…..

              We all used to call her "lady gabbar Singh"….. I really miss those days they were best days of my life….

Aisha:- I wish I would have been in London now… I too would have enjoyed life with my friends like u did….

Virat:- u can still enjoy it here. Only u have to make new friends here and for girl like u would not be that hard I guess….

Aisha:- but I don't like living here… I want to go back….

Virat:- listen Aisha, sometimes life don't give us options so that time beside cursing life we should make best of it….. 

     For example take me. I was a top notch businessman few days ago but now I m a nanny cum housekeeper. I didn't keep crying and getting angry on life. I m enjoying every shade of life… so I want u to do the same…..

Aisha:- but Virat….. People here r very different. We have nothing in common. I don't think I will be ever able to adjust here….

Virat:- give them a chance Aisha… maybe u will find more good friends than u had in London.

Aisha kept looking at him. She felt as if her dad was in front of her. She looked down and left a heavy sigh….

Aisha:- k…. I will try making friends here….

Virat:- that's like a good girl….

Aisha:- did u notice, ur lady gabbar Singh still didn't call anyone of us even though we were out whole day…..

Virat:- (grinning evilly) that's because she must be very busy in something important…. (Raising brows)

Aisha:- what did u do Virat… tell me na?? (Getting excited)

Virat:- the coffee she drank today morning….

Aisha:- u added something in it!!??

Virat:- (making a proud face)yes…. Now she might be running to bathroom every 10 minutes…. (Laughing)

Aisha:- did u really do that!! u r awesome man…(giving high five)

Virat:- she did same with me in college and I never got chance to do same with her and when I got one, how can I miss it….

They both again started laughing imagining Manvi's condition and high fived again….


Virat and Aisha entered in the house from main door laughing and giggling on jokes... When suddenly a pillow hit on Virat's face….

Virat: - what the f***!!!

Manvi: - (shouting) u did this to me?? Isn't it….. I m gonna kill u vadhera!!!!

Manvi again threw another pillow kept on couch towards him….

Virat ran around the living room and manvi chased to beat crap out of him….

Virat: - u did the same with me in college so I did this to settle the scores….

Manvi:- u know tomorrow I have a important boards meeting where I have to present a presentation on my upcoming project and because of ur score settling thing I m going to lose my job…. I really hate u Virat!!!!

And she stormed upstairs crying. First time Virat felt bad for what he did.

Aisha: - what r we gonna do now… she is really mad on u….

Virat: - actually that's a good thing… but all I m worried now is about her job…

              Hey can u do one thing for me…..

Virat told her to bring Manvi's project files from her desk without getting in her notice. After a while Aisha came back with files…..

Aisha: - she is sleeping. I sneaked out these files. So now get back to work….

Virat: - thanks Aisha… It's already late, u go to sleep. … Good night!!!

Aisha: - good night!!!

Virat worked whole night and complete her presentation and kept the file back on her desk before she wakes up…..


Next day in morning Virat was making breakfast for everyone when he heard manvi screaming upstairs. Virat and Aisha ran towards her room getting scared to see what happened to her, but as they opened door they were shocked to see manvi was jumping on her bed with file in her hand. Virat and Aisha smiled seeing Manvi's childishness.

Aisha:- (whispering) u were right Virat she is half mad…. Really dangerous for us!!!

Virat:- (looking towards manvi) enjoying Sharma??!!! I even made a presentation and saved it ur pen drive… now u can dance more…

 Manvi stopped jumping as she saw Virat and Aisha's weird expression. She got down from bed with straight face.  She kept file on her desk back and took towel with her and walked towards bathroom for shower….

Virat:- how rude of u… u didn't even say thanks to me.

Manvi:- u made a mistake and rectified it too. So accounts settled. Now please leave I want to get ready for work….

And she closed door on their faces leaving them stunned looking at door….

Virat:- I m regretting now Aisha… I should have let her suffer….

Aisha:- don't worry we will find another safer way to take ur revenge…. Now please Virat I m really hungry get my breakfast ready.

Virat:- k…. u get ready I'll keep ur breakfast on table…. Then I'll drop u to school…

Aisha:- k….


so did u like this part?
i hope it was up to mark...
i was actually saving this part for today... hope some of u know the reason..Wink
i want to request u all my lovely readers... please if possible try to press like button as i pm almost 140 buddies... and i expect atleast half of likes... i think i m not asking for much from u all:)...
and i want to THANKS all my besties and buddies who have given my ff such a warm welcome... love u all:)
*next part will be updated tommorow morning:)*

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virmanfan013 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
first of all a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" shilpa.Smile may god bless you and you achieve all which you desire forSmile so party toh banti hai bossParty
now coming to the update it was faboulas and mind blowing yaarClapClapClap
i have no words to describe it's beauty and u totally made me speechlessStarStar
i specially loved the bond between aysha and virat. and moreover virat is living in manvi's house wow it will be more fun to see their fights
all over it was dhamakedar update as it is your birthday today so obviously it would be fantastic
so happy birthday once again and thanks for the pmSmile

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Vaarya53 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
What should i sy girl...bang on!! Ur simply amazing...iv no words to explain how much i liked it n i was smiling like a fool reading the whole part was marvellous...ur simple style of writing...u just kind of force me to imagine all that scenario there!! Lovd it to the core ...keep updating fast its hard to wait for ur updates n sorry m not able to comment everytime as m on phone!!

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_Shru_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
luved the update shilpa!!!!!!!!!! this is awesomeBig smile all virman nok jhoks r jst gr8... waiting fr more nok jhoks nd sme romance. i knw its too early bt jst try.. continue soon nd thnx fr da pmSmile

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Vaarya53 Senior Member

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Is it ur birthday today?? Happy birthday dear god bless u!!

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