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VIRMAN FF*ek mein aur ek tu*PART 14* NEW UPDATE (Page 64)

.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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u                          u  
   p                    p
      d               d
         a          a
            t      t

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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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                                                   p            p   
                                           d                           d
                                     a                                       a
                               t                                                      t
                         e                                                               e
.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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                                                   p            p   
                                           d                           d
                                     a                                       a
                               t                                                      t
                         e                                                               e

                           u                          u  
                             p                    p
                                d               d
                                   a          a
                                      t      t
.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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                                        d               u
                                    t      e    u    p 
                                   ... e

.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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lol aur kasie likhu update

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uzma dear... yeh lo... updte kar diya... aab jaldi bhaag aur padh ke bata kaisa hai..WinkLOL...

Part 8

Next day morning…. Virat was as usual engrossed in his work and manvi came downstairs rubbing her eyes to get her regular coffee….

Manvi:- Virat….. Please coffee bana do na….

Virat smirks seeing manvi back from her diet plan. He prepared her coffee and kept in front of her on kitchen slab. Manvi took it and was about to take a sip when Ayesha took it from her hand and slammed it on slab….

Ayesha:- di… r u mad??? How can u drink this???

Virat was confused by sudden outburst from Ayesha. She behaved as if she was drinking any poison.

Virat:- I think angel….. She can drink it with her mouth…. (Giggling)

Ayesha:- (getting irritate) it's not funny Virat…. agar di ko….

Manvi looked at Ayesha in shock as she was about to spill the truth….. So she started coughing loudly to divert her attention…..

Virat:- manvi…. kya hua…..

Manvi:- nothing…… gale mein kuch atak gaya tha..

Virat:- (looking towards Ayesha) angel… tum itna kyu hyper ho rahi thi…. Tumhari di sirf coffee toh pi rahi thi…. Not a poisonous drink….

Ayesha:- (stammering) woh… Virat…. (Thinking of excuse)

Manvi:- kuch nahi Virat….. I told u na... that my dietician told me to avoid coffee so she is just worried about my diet and nothing else…..

Ayesha:- yes….. I m worried about her diet….. (Smiling)

Virat:- Ayesha u r right… ur di should do dieting. (Giggling) dekho toh kitni moti ho rahi hai……

Manvi:- (opening her mouth wide) what…. mein moti ho rahi hoon??!!!!! No way….. I have perfect figure. Mote toh tum ho rahe ho…. Kaddu kahin ke……

Virat:- oh really….. jao apne chashme ka number check karlo…. I have a perfect body…..

Manvi:- ha ha ha…. Don't make me laugh…..

Virat:- how can u be so sure….. Tumne thodi meri body dekhi hai…..

Manvi stood numb for a second thinking something and she moved upwards quietly giving a forced smile…..

Virat and Ayesha were hell shocked by her behavior. For first time she didn't argue back with Virat instead she moved out from there without saying anything…..

Virat:- tumhari di ko aaj kal ho kya gaya hai??? Itni ajeeb kyu behave kar rahi hai….??

Ayesha: - that's what I m thinking……

Virat:- ur di is very unpredictable…… I think she is hiding something from us…..

Ayesha:- (diverting the topic) hey Virat…. I m damn hungry… will u get me something yummy to eat….

Virat:- (smiling) as u wish angel….. Today u will get Sunday special breakfast….

Ayesha:- k…. I'll go and call di for breakfast…..



At Charles house…..

Charles mom:- honey….. Where u going???

Charles:- I have some work in the office mom ……..

Charles turned around to walk out when his mom stopped him holding his shoulder….

Charles's mom:-  but son its Sunday and I think u should take some rest….

He turned around and spoke with straight face….

Charles:- no mom…. I have a very important meeting and I can't avoid it….

Charles's mom was not convinced by her son's answer. She knew her son was still in love with that girl. She tried to talk with him but he always avoided talking about her. He was hiding the pain in his heart and was not even ready to show it to his mom. Now-a- days to avoid his mom's lecture he kept working late night and even on weekends. She was worried for her son…she wanted him move on with his life…..

Charles's mom:- Charles I think u should move on with ur life…..

Charles:- what do u mean mom..??

Charles's mom:- I know u r still have feelings for her.…but I think it's better to let her go and move on in ur life.

Charles:- don't worry mom… I have already moved on….

Charles's mom:- oh really!!! Then why do u have her photos in ur room, in ur phone as well as in ur laptop…. I even saw u crying yesterday on terrace…… it has been nearly two months she left u. I think u should forget her and find a better girl who will not only love u but trust u …… she is not worth of Ur love honey….

A lone tear came down from his eye…..

Charles's mom: - (Keeping hand on his cheek) don't do this to urself Charles.

Charles:- (hugging his mom) sorry mom…. But I can't forget her. I love her. She is my life…

Charles's mom:- (pulling him out from hug) but honey she left u…. she don't even trust u. it's useless to be in the memory of the girl who has thrown u out of her life.

Charles:- no mom…. It's not her fault. Anyone in her place would think that I was cheating on her….

Charles's mom:- but u wasn't!!! ... She was ur ex girlfriend Maria who came there to say u good bye for one last time because she was getting married…..and it wasn't like u were kissing her. It was Maria who kissed u.

Charles:- yes mom…..but manvi don't know the truth.

Charles's mom:- then go and tell her the truth son…

Charles:- I tried, but she is very upset on me. She don't even want to see my face…..

Charles's mom:- if this is what she wants, then u should leave her and move on with ur life ….. Like she did….

Charles:- no mom… my heart says that one day she will return back to me so I will wait for her….

Charles's mom:- but Charles….

Charles:- bye mom…..

And he stormed out wiping tears ……without looking back towards his mom….


Here Ayesha was sitting on couch thinking hard to find a way of getting the truth out of her di's mouth…..

Just them manvi came towards her……

Manvi:- angel….. (Shaking her shoulder)

Ayesha:- haan… bolo di….

Manvi:- kya bolo….. kab se tumhe bula rahi thi….. itna kya soch rahi ho??

                 Aur yeh ullu virat kahan hai???

(I was calling u from long time……..what were u thinking so deeply…. And where is this idiot Virat????)

Ayesha:- kuch kaam se bahar gaya hai….

(he went out for some work….)

Manvi:- k… atehi use mere room mein bhejna…. I want his help regarding my new project work….. He is really intelligent in such kind of work……. (In low voice) don't tell him that I said this…. (Giggling)

(k…. as he returns back send him to my room…)

Ayesha:- k….

Manvi turned to go upstairs towards her room when she stopped hearing Ayesha's voice…

Ayesha:- di…. don't u wanna know what I was thinking???

Manvi:- hmmm?? (Getting confused)

Ayesha:- di…. I know whose baby it is??

Manvi was terrifically shocked by her confrontation. She was hell scared to see her reaction, as it was not easy to accept the fact.

Manvi:- what!!!!!!

Ayesha:- yes….. I know everything…..

Manvi:- who told u????

Ayesha:- that's not important di…… but tell me what have u thought about telling him….

Manvi:- no…. first tell me who told u??... (After a pause….suspiciously) did Stacy tell u???

Ayesha:- (thinking a bit) yes…… yes Stacy told me…..

Manvi:- (cursing Stacy) I warned her to keep this thing in her stomach….. I m gonna fire her NOW …..

Manvi was fuming in anger. She picked her phone from coffee table and was about to call Stacy when Ayesha suddenly grabbed the phone from her hand and put it in her pocket….

Ayesha:- no di….. First tell me….. When r u going to tell him???

Manvi:- no angel I m not going to tell him at any cost and nor u will let him know about it….

Ayesha:- but why di…. it's his  child too. He should know that soon he is going to be dad….. I m going to tell him everything di…..

Manvi's eyes got wet….. She felt her whole body going numb….. She held her hand and pleaded….

Manvi:- no Ayesha… please… Virat ko mat batana ki yeh baccha uska hai…… please for me……

(No Ayesha….. please ….. don't tell Virat that I m pregnant with his child….. please for me….)

Ayesha stood shocked. She wasn't able to believe on words she just heard….. She shrugged her hand from Manvi's grip…..and moved back slowly…..

Ayesha: - di…. Virat….???

Ayesha was so shocked beyond limits.

Manvi was confused by her behavior.

Manvi:- Ayesha….. Tumhe Stacy ne bataya tha na ….ki virat hi…..???

(Ayesha…. Didn't u say that Stacy told u about Virat being father of….)

Ayesha:- actually di… mujhe kisine kuch nahi bataya…. I lied to u to take the truth out of u…. and see the shocking truth is out….. U R PREGNANT WITH VIRAT'S CHILD!!!!!! God hell….how did this happen???

(Actually di… no one told me …. I lied to u to take out the truth of u…. and see the shocking truth is out….. U R PREGNANT WITH VIRAT'S CHILD!!!!!! God hell….how did this happen???)

Manvi:- didn't u get  s*x education in ur school….. i even signed a premission note at ur school...

Ayesha slapped her forehead….

Ayesha:- stop it di…. u don't need to tell me how u got that there… (Pointing towards her midsection) I want to know when did this happen???

 Manvi:- (sighing) it was just one night stand….. Wait…. why I m telling u this….

                 By the way angel…. Why did u lie about knowing everything??? How could u do this???

Ayesha:- (fuming in anger) and the thing u both did was right??? Virat too kept me in dark. He used to share everything with me. How can he hide such big thing from me???

Manvi:-  it's because he don't remember anything….

Ayesha:- what do u mean???

Manvi:- that night we were highly drunk and now this is the result of our one mistake….. (Keeping hand on her stomach)

Ayesha:- wow!!!  U both left me speechless…… I m actually confused di… should I be happy or sad for u both…..???

Manvi:- angel please don't let Virat know about my pregnancy… I don't want to spoil…..

Manvi stopped in middle of sentence as she heard the sound of a mobile falling down on ground. They looked towards the door and it was none other than Virat looking all baffled with news he just heard…..

He moved near manvi…. and held her arms tightly and shrugged her…

Virat:- manvi…… r u pregnant???? Whatever I heard now… is it true????

Manvi looked down as she was unable to face him….. Tears roll down on her cheeks…..

Manvi nodded in assurance…. Virat saw her changing expression. His tight grip on her arms was hurting her. He loosened his grip a bit and keeping himself calm…..he spoke

Virat:- its Charles….. Isn't it?? (He said firmly….)

Manvi immediately lifted her head up and saw at him with wide open eyes as she registered that he heard only about her pregnancy and not about him being a father of child….

Virat:- (trying hard to maintain cool) tell me manvi…. its him… right???

Manvi was still speechless. She felt as if she lost her sense of thinking. But Virat was losing his patience. Her silence was killing him….. He again tightened his grip on her arm…..

Virat:- (in loud voice) don't stand like a statue manvi….. Tell me…. is it Charles's baby???

Manvi winced in pain …..

Manvi:- aaah….

Virat:- so…. It's him….. Now he is dead…. I will not let that bas***d alive….

Virat misunderstood thinking Charles was one and he stormed out towards car….. Ayesha and manvi followed him to stop… but it was too late…

Manvi:- Ayesha get my car keys…. We have to stop him…. or else he will kill Charles….

Ayesha:- k..Di….


Manvi and Ayesha drove towards Charles house. They called Virat on his phone numerous times but he disconnected their every call. Manvi was scared thinking of Virat's anger. She saw him that angry on the day when he got to know about Charles cheating her. That time manvi stopped him by binding him in a promise….. But today he looked totally out of control. Manvi knew he surely meant what he said. He would kill Charles today.

Ayesha:- di…. jaldi karo….. I m really worried……

Manvi:- don't worry angel….. Virat ko kuch nahi hoga….

Ayesha:- di… mein Virat ke liye worried nahi hoon…. I m worried for that poor chap Charles. Virat uski sari haddiyo ka visarjan kar dega aaj….

A sudden giggle came out of Manvi's mouth even in such tense situation….

They reached Charles home and saw his vehicle parked. Manvi literally jumped out of her car and started running towards door…

Ayesha:- (shouting) di…. bhaago mat……

(di…. don't run…)

Manvi:- yeh waqt bhagne ka hai angel warna aaj kisiki jaan jayegi….

(it's time to run angel….or else today Charles will die for sure…. )

They both entered through the open door towards living room and they saw the scene which they expected …. Virat was beating Charles red and blue…..

Virat:- u bas***d …… I will kill u today…..

Charles was trying to defend himself from Virat.

Charles:-  don't u dare touch me again….  will u tell me what did I do???

Virat moved near him and caught his collar…..

Virat:- I warned u before…. that don't u ever break her heart…..but still u did…. I was going to kick Ur as* on vary day but manvi stopped me ….

                  but the thing u did with her now is not at all forgivable…… u…..

Virat lifted his hand upwards making a tight fist ready to punch Charles on his face……

Manvi:- STOP IT VIRAT!!!!!

They both saw manvi standing near door…. She walked near them and pulled Virat back…

Manvi:- what the hell r u doing Virat???

Virat:- u r saying this manvi…?!!!!! Because of him u r going to suffer whole life…. He not just broke Ur heart, but even spoiled Ur life…. (Looking towards Charles) I'll not leave him today….

And Virat again pounded on Charles and they both started fighting again. It was getting hard for manvi to control Virat. Suddenly she felt a pain in her stomach and she cried….

Manvi:- Ahh…. (Holding her stomach)

Virat stopped and turned back to see manvi wincing in pain… Ayesha ran towards her first and held her…. Virat and Charles came running towards her getting worried..…. Virat made her sit on couch and Charles gave her water to drink…..

Charles:- (folding his hands)now will u both tell me what's going on????

Virat's anger again started rising. Manvi held his hand and nodded him denying…..

Manvi:- no Virat……

Virat: - but manvi…. he…..

Manvi:- (shutting her eyes tightly) it's not him Virat…..!!!!

Virat:- WHAT!!!!!

Charles was hell confused. He felt his head spinning seeing their weird behavior….

Charles:- will u both try n' explain me what's going on here?? (Looking towards Virat) why did u beat me??? And what is she talking about???

Manvi :- (angrily) u lost rights of questioning me the day u thought of cheating me Charles…

A tear came down from her eye…

Manvi got up and turned around to walk out….. Ayesha helped her walk holding her around shoulder…

Charles:- manvi… let me explain. It's not what u r thinking. That day u misunderstood me….

Manvi stopped and without turning back she replied him….

Manvi:- no Charles….. Not anymore. I don't want to hear anything about that day. Ur one mistake has turned my life upside down…..

Manvi walked out silently leaving Charles and Virat alone……

Charles sat down on couch holding his head in his hands……

Virat:- Charles…. Did u and manvi…. I mean…. U both…. (Hesitating)

Charles looked above towards Virat in confusion….

Charles:- what the hell u want to say???  Just spit it out and get the hell out of here…..

Virat:- (clenching fist) k.. fine…. Did u both ever slept together…???

Virat said it a single breathe.

Charles looked at him with a slight smile…..

Charles:- r u a kid???? don't u know we were in relationship… not only in  relationship but we were in love with each other…… so it's obvious that something must have happened between us…..

Virat's anger was again rising to its heights seeing his smile…

Virat:- that means its u r child….. u bas***d… u have ruined her life….. Virat again caught his collar…

Charles: - leave me….. (Removing his grip from his shoulder) what are u blabbering?? Which child???

Virat:- ur child…. Manvi is pregnant u idiot…..!!!!!

Charles:- (getting shocked) what!!!! No… this can't happen… I mean… how can this happen???

Virat:- why….. U have doubt on urself???

Charles:- NO!!!...  What I meant was we were close with each other but not that much that she would get pregnant by it……   

Virat:- (pointing finger towards him) look Charles… don't lie….. If it's not u than who can it be??...

Charles:- I swear….. It's not my child. I never crossed my line…… please trust me…..

Virat thought for a second… and remembered her words she said few minutes before. She too confessed that it wasn't Charles's child…

Virat: - if it is not u then who the hell is he???

Charles: - now... It's not just u… but I will too, not leave that a****le stay alive…….

Virat moved out thinking harder and cursing that person who was responsible for her condition…… but least he knew that actually he was cursing himself!!!!!


how was it guys???

was it good??...bad?? or worse????

u can tell me frankly if story is getting boring... critisicm is most welcomed!!!!!


now one important announcement... the new readers who want pm for this story... kindly send me buddy request... as it will be more easy for me to send u pm's... and please if possible try to press like button dearies...

thanks for reading...Big smile

good night... sleep tight.. dont let bed bugs bite...LOL


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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2013 at 9:51am | IP Logged
i knew it i knew it it was viraat lol i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol now i guess mujhe uss raat ki puri detail miljayegi mi right or m i rightWinkLOL when viraat will get to know about hi child tab i guess warna i m gonna start spaming with different texture ''DETAIL''LOL
lol shilpa i m so happy i knew it was viraat LOL and i m going crazy LOL 
i loved it abb viraat ko kab pata chalega ki he is the father of maanvi's child 

i have one question re lol when viraat got up in the morning so don't he saw his state i mean u know what i mean toh how can he didn't knew LOL clear this i m confused not joking really confused reConfused

finally ab mai kbc jitgayi it was viraat and i knew it

i want next update soon EmbarrassedLOL
mere question ka ans karna is must warna spamming LOL


chalo jaldi jaldi update the next now with detail

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