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VIRMAN FF*ek mein aur ek tu*PART 14* NEW UPDATE (Page 2)

Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Nice..! waiting for ur 1st update!

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sapphhire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:03am | IP Logged
wow new ff. cont soon.

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shilpa09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:04am | IP Logged
thanks uzma... at last i succeded in making my first bannerLOL:):):)
hi guys... i m back with the new ff...
this time i m not going to say anything because i m going leave that work for u guys... please let me know how is it:)

Part 1

Manvi :- (talking on mobile) hey Stacy…. Tell me why were u calling me as if whole city got on fire!!!!

Stacy:- actually manvi…. it's very important Mr. Khan is waiting for u from more than an hour…. Where r u???

Manvi:- what!!!! Khan is waiting for me!!!…

Why u didn't tell me before…. wait I m flying there in 5 minutes….

Stacy:- I think I tried calling u like whole city got on fire but u were busy somewhere in more important work….. Where were u all time???

Manvi:- don't ask me… as always….

Stacy:- u mean Aisha's school….

Manvi:- u r absolutely right my intelligent secretary….. Its fifth time in these three months…and this time she messed up with her new chemistry teacher…… she added some chemicals in test tube which got exploded in front of her teacher's face…..

Stacy: - why don't u just be strict with her…. or appoint a strict nanny for her…

Manvi: - I m trying to look for a good housekeeper cum nanny for us, but u know how hard it is to get them…… besides I can't be strict with her and u know the reason, but this time I m going to scold her….

Stacy :- (laughing) ya… u did try the same before too…..

Manvi:- stop laughing Stacy…..k….please take care of my boss… I mean Mr. Khan till I reach there….

Stacy: - k boss!!!!

Manvi started crossing the road to reach near her car which was parked on other side of road…. When suddenly she screamed loud watching the scene in front of her…. her car was crashed by some idiot. She was dumbstruck for a second to see her brand new car turning into total trash…. She ran towards her car and was about to cry out loud when someone tapped on her shoulder saying "sorry"…..

"I m very sorry mam'm…."

Manvi turned around fuming in anger to blast on that person who did this to her car…. But as she saw that person she felt like thunders stroked her at a time…..

Manvi:- YOU!!... Pervert vadhera!!!!

Virat's condition and reaction was not different from her. He too was shocked to see his all time favorite enemy from his college manvi Sharma…

Virat:- YOU…. Witch Sharma!!!!

Manvi:- (pointing finger on him) hey …. I told u numerous times… don't u dare call me witch!!!!!

Virat:- I did tell u same about not calling me pervert but you called me again…

Manvi:- did u come here to new York from all along India to annoy me or people there kicked u out??!!!

Virat:- hey mind ur tongue witch….. I m a reputed businessman here…

Manvi:- yes…a rotten businessman who just crashed my brand new car…….

Virat:- (making sorry face looking towards her damaged car) oh that.. actually I was on my important call and by mistake ur car came in front of mine and it got few damages here and there….. I hope u have insurance….

Manvi's anger was increasing by every second and looking him being so ignorant her anger reached to its peak….

Manvi:- what!!!! My car came in front of Ur car?!!! R u blind vadhera… u crashed my parked car… and don't act innocent …. I m now going to call cops if u don't pay for damages u caused NOW!!!

Virat's expressions changed with worry lines over his forehead….. He stood there silent looking at cars and then towards manvi helplessly and then a laugh came out of his mouth….

Virat:- seriously I can't believe life can be that cruel to me…..

Manvi:- r u happy or sad about that… I mean u r now looking like crazy….

Virat:- (joining hands) I never in my nightmares did dream saying this to u but…(leaving a big sigh) I m sorry!!!!!

Manvi:- if u r sorry for ur existence on earth than I can understand u… but if u r saying this for my car damage then I can say only one thing….

Virat:- what???

Manvi:- no freaking chance!!!!!!

U have to pay me all the money here right now…. and u can't run away…..

Virat:- but I can't…. (With puppy face)

Manvi:- I thought u said u were a businessman…. What happen to Ur loaded bank accounts??

Virat:- I can't pay u now….. I… m…. (Unable to say a word more)

Manvi:- u r what??... Did Ur Company break down and u r situation is not any different from a beggar!!!! (Laughing)

Virat:- actually… yes!!!!… My company is shut down… my partner cheated on me and ran away taking all money and all that he left for me were debts…. So bank has taken my house, back accounts, and even this car belongs to them now….. So for now I can't pay u….

Manvi:- what!!! I can't believe this…. Virat vadhera, a pinheaded, stubborn, and spoilt rich brat have no money….. Do u think I m fool to believe all ur crap.

Virat:- actually no one can believe not even myself…. But its truth Sharma.. I m totally broke…(sighing)

Manvi started laughing.

Manvi:- u know one day in college u said me…..Virat vadhera will die before taking any favor from me… now today I will do u a favor… u don't have to pay any money… I forgive u…. (Smirking)

Virat's anger was at its peak. He never liked to take any favor from anyone. Even after he was going through such crisis he didn't ask a penny from his family. His family in India owned a big music company but he was always interested in marketing and financial sectors so he did MBA from a renowned college where he met manvi. From very first day they hated each other as they both were stubborn, pinheaded, rich children and they didn't like to bend in front of anyone.

Virat:- NO!!! I don't want any favor from u. I will pay u back….

Manvi:- how r u going to pay??... (After a pause) oh ha…. I forgot Ur family is very rich so u r going to pay with help of them….

Virat:- Virat vadhera had never taken any help from anyone and this time too I will pay u back, by my own….

Manvi:- ok… then give me the money…. (Placing her hand forward)

Virat stood there silent thinking to find way from this new crisis….

Virat:- k…I will work for u….

Manvi:- (getting surprised) what!!! U will work for me….!!!!

Virat:- hmm.. Seeing u I think u must be doing job in a finance or marketing company so I will do all Ur work worth the money I have to give u for this damage… what say???

Manvi thought for a second and suddenly an evil smile crept on her lips….

Manvi:- if u really want to work for me than I have a better job for u…. u can work as a house keeper cum nanny for me….

Virat:- (getting shocked) WHAT!!!! No... Never… I will never do that….

Manvi:- ok then.. Leave it…. I forgive u.

But if u ever think of changing Ur mind… here's my card. Call me!!! (Handing over her card)

Virat:- but… I…

Manvi:- think deeply vadhera…. No need to hurry.

Now I'll leave for my work. Bye!!!

Manvi leave from there smiling. But Virat stood there looking at the card with sad face….


From last three months her life was turned out upside down due to her step sister Aisha. Manvi used to live in India with her mother and her uncle aunty. But the day her mother got expired she thought of living on her, without depending on anyone. Her uncle aunty loved her like their own child, but she wanted to be independent. So as she got an offer for a job in New York and she took it.

Manvi was never able to get any love from her dad as he married Aisha's mom when she was young and settled back in London with his new wife. He never once bothered to come back to see her daughter in India. But that thing never bothered her so much as she thought it was best for her and her mom to live away from him. She knew he never loved his mom and getting separated is better than living together in a dead relationship.

Three months before when she was in her office, she got a call from a person telling her that her dad and his wife met with an accident and their condition is critical and he wants to see her for last time. She thought of meeting him as when her mother died two years ago he came to fulfill his duties as her mom's husband and after all he was her father even though he never fulfilled any duty of being her dad.

She entered the emergency room where her father and his wife that is her step mother were admitted. They were badly injured. An unknown tear came down from her eye seeing her father in such devistated state. She moved near him…

Manvi:- dad!!...

She called him in low voice. It was her first time calling him dad after he left them. She didn't knew why but she felt like calling him by that name….

Madan… Manvi's father opened his eyes slowly flinching in pain.

Madan:- manvi… beta u came….

Tears came down rolling his eyes looking his daughter near him. He was so ashamed of himself. Guilt was written all over his face…

Madan:- I m really sorry beta. I was never a good father for u. please forgive me ….

Manvi's heart was crying for her father's condition… she knew he did so many mistakes in his life but watching her father so helpless made her weak.

Manvi:- (holding hands) dad please don't say that. I know u was never a father for me but I didn't hate u ever.

Madan looked at his daughter shockingly…

Manvi:- u never loved my mom. U married her just because u were forced by Dadu and when u fell in love with Aarti aunty u dared to marry her even though u had a family behind. I used to be very angry on u before for leaving us, but when I saw my friend's parents fighting with each other, it seemed very ugly. I never wanted to see u both fighting and living in forced relation. Me and my mom were very happy with each other and so do u were with Aarti aunty. So I think u did a right decision.

Madan kept looking at his matured daughter in awe. He felt so proud to be her father.

Madan:- manvi…. I m… (Stammering)

Manvi:- it's ok dad. U don't have to ask for forgiveness more…

Just then she heard someone calling her name in pain…. She turned around and saw her step mom lying on bed. Her condition was not any different from her dad. She moved near her and sat beside her.

Manvi:- don't worry aunty everything will be fine. U both will get better soon.

Aarti:- manvi… I m sorry beta. I always wanted to say u this. I was the sole reason for u and Ur mother's miseries. I m very sorry manvi… (Crying)

Manvi:- it's ok aunty. U don't have to feel guilty anymore because dad mom and me were never a family so u didn't break any family. My mom and I were never angry on u both. U both were in real love so u got married…..

Aarti:- manvi I want to ask u a favor before I die…. I want u to look after my daughter… Ur sister Aisha. I know I m being selfish but please I beg in front of u.

Manvi was taken aback by her request. She never met her and besides taking responsibility of a teenage girl was big deal.

Manvi:- aunty.. How can I….I mean…

Aarti:- (joining hands) I know u will look after her more better than us. I know it's a big responsibility but she has no one beside u now and I want my daughter to be like u.

Madan:- yes manvi…. please beta it's our last wish.

Manvi moved out of room without looking back to them to think about it. She sat on the chair and thought hard.

Manvi:- (thinking) mom what should I do? Please help me. I know it's my duty to look after her as an elder sister but we never met each other. And most importantly she is daughter from my father's second marriage. Can I be ever able to love her?

She covered her face with her hands. Her chain of thoughts broke as she heard someone sobbing. She removed her hands from her face and saw a teenager girl was crying standing at corner. She felt unknown urge to console her. She moved near her and placed a hand on her shoulder…

Manvi: - hey dear what happen??

Girl: - my parents are about to die…. Doctor was saying that he can't do anything to make them survive….

And suddenly she hugged manvi tightly crying out loud. Manvi rubbed her back making her comfortable.

Girl:- I really don't want to lose them. I can't live without them… (Between her sobs)

Nurse:- excuse me…. U both have been called inside by Ur parents…

Manvi and Aisha moved back from each other suddenly and looked at each other surprisingly. They both moved their eyes off each other as they realized that they were sisters. Atmosphere there got bit awkward as they met for first time. Manvi moved in first to avoid further awkwardness and then Aisha followed her.

Madan:- so what did u both decide???

Aisha:- (getting angry) no dad…I m not going anywhere with anybody. I will live here in London.

Aarti:- please angel don't say that she is ur di….

Aisha:- I told u before as well mom, I won't leave u both and go anywhere…

Madan:- manvi… Aisha…come here…

Madan called them both near them in weak voice….

Madan:- ( holding their hands….) I know u both r not comfortable with each other but I u will be pillars of strength for each other someday. I want to see my angels happy. Please consider as our last wish….

Aarti: - please beta don't say no….. or else we will never be able to rest in peace. Please Aisha...Manvi…

Madan: - yes beta, please do it for us….

Manvi and Aisha: -(sighing) k... Dad….

They both looked at each other with no expressions and emotions on their faces.

After two days Madan and Aarti died. Manvi brought Aisha to Newyork with her. Aisha always avoided manvi. She always carried an angry face around her. Manvi wasn't able to understand why she was angry on her. She tried talking with her but nothing worked. They both lived with each other to just fulfill Madan and Aarti's last wish.


hey guys... so how was it???
was it worth reading???... i know i made many grammatical mistakes... please forgive me for that:(...
chappals... flowers... whatever u wanna give are most welcomed:):):) Hug

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shaimah Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Loved it
Continue soon
Do pm me!!

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__Aarti__ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 September 2011
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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
wow !!!
superb start yr ,really looking forward as to how it will proceed .
virat as a homekeeper...
this is going to be so much fun yr .
thanks for the pm yr .

Edited by __Aarti__ - 22 January 2013 at 10:27am

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.Anastasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Omg omg omg
This is bst bst yaar it vl be so interesting to read further
Virman in same house Wink
Coz i think viraat is gonna xcept the proposal and hope aisha don't get crush on viraat
Aww the banner is cute and rocking
This reminds me mujhe bhi banner bannana hai lol

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Huma0301 Goldie

Joined: 09 September 2012
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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:27am | IP Logged
yayyeee ur bak with another ff
really luv ur storys n im really lukin forward to this one 2
first part was jus awesome loolz virat as nanny bt im sure he's gonna be the one to bring manvi n aisha together
it'll be really gud to see hw they r brought together n wat part virat plays in this
awesome storyline ... update soon plzSmile

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.Yamin. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2013 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Wow shilpa...another ff...i was waiting for it..i m so happy...
N coming to the was awesome...
Virman are enemies...interesting...n virat as nanny..LOL
I like the manvi character here...she is kind and at the same time independent...
The banner is very nice too...
Continue soon...looking forward for next update...thank u so much for the pm... Smile

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