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^As always, thanks so much for reading and commenting, Sayanti! :)

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I'll post two parts because 1) I haven't updated in awhile 2) Part 6 is kinda short Embarrassed

Part 6 – And the Hostility Continues

Dean entered the motel room and saw Sam and Emery looking over a white board.  There were a bunch of pictures of the symbols on the board as well as some arrows and words connecting them.

Trying his best to hide the guilty expression from his face with sarcasm, he said, "A white board? Seriously! This is what we've come to?!"

Without turning to look at him, Emery shrugged, "Visualization makes it easier for me to make connections… especially when we're working so extensively with symbols." Then she turned around and added, "Which if you haven't noticed are all visuals."

"So one thing is clear - these symbols are all from many different ancient cultures.  People belonging to those cultures really believed in the power of these symbols.  Whoever, I should say, whatever's doing the killings is obviously trying to exponentially add to the power.  We still don't know what it's trying to accomplish though." Sam filled Dean in with all he and Emery were able to deduce, which honestly was not enough. "I'm gonna hit the local library and see if I can dig more on this. Meet you back here in a couple of hours."  Sam grabbed his laptop and left.  What Sam hadn't noticed was how suspiciously Emery was watching Dean.  In fact, her eyes hadn't left him the entire time.

"What did you do?"

"Wh.. what.. What do you mean?"

"Dean, you're feeling guilty about something. And you weren't when you left. So what did you do?"

"Oh, gimme a break! Stop making assumptions! You don't know me that well," Dean almost yelled feeling guilty at the same time.

"Yes, I don't know you that well, but I read auras, genius, and yours is screaming guilty. So talk!!" Emery deadpanned.

"I... I met Benny.  You don't know him.  But Sammy, he doesn't want me.."

"Talking to him." Emery completed his sentence.  "You've argued about this before." And right there Emery saw what was eating at him.  He was not just guilty but also torn about having to choose between Sam and Benny.  His energies clearly revealed his feelings.  There was no one more important to him than Sammy.  Sammy was the only family he had, and he would do anything for him.  But you don't go through hell, or purgatory in this case, fighting side by side and then forget about it.  It created a certain bond of honor, which is hard to just let go of, especially if the other person really needs your help to stay on track.  Of course, Emery didn't know the details but she sensed enough to see that Benny was important.  Dean didn't feel guilty about meeting him but he did about lying to Sam.

"Dean, you should talk to Sam about it.  If you just tell him that Benny needed your help, I'm sure he'd understand."

Dean gave Emery a suspicious look.  "How did you know...?"  But he realized how Emery knew before even finishing the question.  "Oh, right, the psychic crap."  Emery glared at him and he felt a little bad about the last word he used.  He knew by now that her psychic abilities, whatever they were, were real.  However, the guilt was quickly overcome by anger.  "You are no one to tell me what I should do."

"I know and I'm not trying to.  All I'm saying is..."

"It's none of your business," Dean was serious about this.  It was typical of him to shut himself off like that when he didn't want to have certain conversations.

"Dean, I..." And she was interrupted again before she could finish.

"I said, drop it.  And don't ever mention any of this to Sam."  Dean's tone was cruel and eyes full of a warning against saying even a word to Sam.  Emery mentally yelled at herself to snap out of it.  Where was all the concern coming from?  Why did she care if the boys had an argument or a misunderstanding?  It was their problem, not hers. Then why did she have to remind herself of that over and over again?

"It's not my story to tell." Emery hardened her resolve to stay away from the boys' matters.  Glaring at Dean for a few silent moments, she left the room, shutting the door behind her. 

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Part 7 - A Lead or Another Dead End?

There was another death in the town.  The victim was Johnny Gonsalvez.  Except the way they were killed, Gonsalvez and Collins had nothing in common.  While Collins was a big shot, Gonsalvez was a drug addict who spent most nights on the streets sleeping by the grates to stay warm.  They belonged to two opposite ends of the social spectrum.  A few hours ago, Gonsalvez was found dead on Main Street in a circle with the same exact symbols as were in the circle Collins was found in.  Cause of death?  The heart was missing.  The body had already been transported when Dean, Sam, and Emery arrived on the crime scene.  The police were still there so Dean made his inquiries while Sam and Emery headed towards the circle with symbols.  It looked exactly the same as the one Collins was found in.  Wait, it was exactly the same except...


"It's Sam!" Sam's tone was rather rude, which made Emery uneasy.  Sam never behaved like that; this was his brother's style.  "Sorry... I... I just don't like anyone calling me Sammy."  Sam was truly sorry for snapping at her like that.  Emery could see on his face that it was more of an instinctive response. 

"Anyone but Dean."  This wasn't a question but merely a statement.  Sam simply nodded and got back to observing the symbols.  This might've seemed rude to someone else but Emery actually smiled.  These brothers would do anything for each other.  They weren't very vocal about it but Emery knew that if the time came, they would go to the ends of the earth for each other.  Hell, they had.  No matter how much she hated Dean's attitude towards her, this was one thing she loved about him.  He was a true big brother, always looking out for his little brother.  Always protecting him.  She could identify with that.  Sam almost reminded her of' Get back to work.  Get back to work.  She had to focus on work before her thoughts wandered to dangerous places.

"So Sam, notice that?" Emery pointed at a few symbols right in the middle of the circle. 

"Is that Greek?"

Emery nodded.  "It means final."

"For Collins, it said first." Sam picked up on what had intrigued Emery.

"Exactly."  This was their first critical clue, but what did it mean?  Final, as in final, final? No more deaths?  What did this all mean? More importantly, what the hell was behind all this?

And so Emery immersed herself in the job.  This had been her strategy for years.  She would never sit still.  It was always one job after the other to get her mind off the things she shouldn't be thinking about.  The thoughts that would take her years ago to a time when she lost everything.

"So the police say that the victim was Johnny Gonsalvez, the town scum," Dean said joining Sam and Emery next the circle.

"Hey, the guy's dead. Show some respect." Emery deadpanned.

"Darling, the facts don't change just because you're dead."  Dean and Emery continued their staring match and as usual, Sam had to butt in.

"Uhh Dean? Anything else?"

"No, not much.  Seems like his heart was ripped out also when he was alive, though forensics has yet to confirm it. Other than what's right in front of you, the two victims had nothing in common."

While walking back to the Impala, Sam continued, "So two guys who are complete opposites, killed the exact same way, found in a circle with all sorts of symbols, while the first victim gets Greek "first" and the second "final." I'm more and more inclined to go with ritualistic killings."

"That's my best guess, unless it's something totally unusual that we've never seen before. Which, Sammy, going by our track record is more than possible." Dean stated.  Sam gave him a tell-me-about-it look.

"Emery...? Emery, is that you?"  Three heads turned in the direction of the voice to face a petite aged woman.  Emery smiled.  Mrs. Arnold was one of the very few people from her past that she remembered with a smile.  "It is you.  God, child, it's been so long."  Mrs. Arnold took Emery in a big hug.

"Mrs. Arnold, it's so nice to see you."  Emery genuinely smiled after ages.  Sam and Dean shared an amused look.

"You too, child.  Where have you been?  Not that I blame you for leaving this place after all you went through.  This town never did have any good memories for you."  Before Mrs. Arnold revealed anything critical about her past, Emery had to distract her.

"Mrs. Arnold, please meet my partners' Sam and Dean Winchester.  We're working a case here."

"Must be Collins and Gonsalvez.  Collins was a great man.  May his soul rest in peace. Wish I could say the same about Gonsalvez.  But still, I hope he finds some peace finally."  Apparently, Gonsalvez was really the town scum if even the kind-hearted Mrs. Arnold didn't have anything nice to say about him. "Oh, where are my manners?!  I'm sorry' Sam and'?" Mrs. Arnold shook Sam's hand.

"Dean, ma'am."  Dean was very politely shaking her hand.  Emery almost smiled noticing the kind manner with which he was addressing Mrs. Arnold.  So the rough-and-tough Dean Winchester did have a kind heart.

"Emery, why don't you and your partners have dinner at my place tomorrow?"

"Ahh' thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Arnold, but you really shouldn't go to the trouble."  Emery was fidgeting.  Dinner would mean being casual with the boys and who knows what Mrs. Arnold might end up disclosing about her.  She couldn't take the chance.

"Nonsense, child!  You know I love cooking.  And I'd love some company at dinner.  After Charlie passed away, I've been mostly by myself." Well, put this way, how could Emery refuse an old lady?  Especially one who had been kind to her at more occasions than one.

"Of course, Mrs. Arnold, we would love to dine with you tomorrow."  This was Dean.  How could he pass a chance of eating homemade meal?  That would be disrespectful, not to mention simply unethical.  Plus, he knew there was something Emery was trying very hard to conceal, which was all the reason he really needed to find out.

Giving Dean a pointed look, Emery accepted, "Yes, we'll be there.  Thank you, Mrs. Arnold."

"Oh, nonsense, child.  It's my pleasure.  You do remember where I live, don't you?" 

Smiling, Emery responded, "Of course, I do."

"I'll see you all tomorrow then."  Mrs. Arnold smiled most kindly at the three of them, the kind of a smile that only mothers know.  Then directly looking at Sam and Dean, she added, "You boys, be nice to Emery."  Her kind eyes shifted back to Emery, "She always was a special child."

With moist eyes, Emery watched Mrs. Arnold walk down the street.  So much had changed but not the way Mrs. Arnold's kindness comforted to her.  After Emery's mom died, Mrs. Arnold was the only source of kindness and love for Emery, besides...

"Emery!"  Sam's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.  "You coming?"

Emery hadn't even noticed when Sam and Dean got in the car, so quickly wiping her eyes, she got in the backseat.  "Obviously Mrs. Arnold doesn't know you as well as she thinks."  Dean was trying different technique to see if Emery would reveal more about herself.

"What do you mean?" Emery asked, still a little unsettled by the memories that were rushing back to her.

"You lied to her about us being government officials."

"I didn't lie.  I told her we are partners, which in this case we are.  I just withheld some information about what kind of partners."

"And that's not lying?"

"I don't know what it is, Dean!  And I don't care.  She's gone through so many ups and down in life and now you want me to disrupt her peace by telling her all about the horrors we deal with?  Why the hell would I do that?"  Emery was irritated.  Dean understood her point very well, but she still hadn't revealed much about herself.  Sam gave him a sharp look, suggesting not to aggravate her further while Dean simply shrugged in response.   

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PM List for New Updates

As I said before, I will only send you a PM for new updates if you ask me to.  Following are the people who asked me to include them on the PM list.  
  •  -najmeen-
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part 6... oohhh...Cool  do we notice a soft corner here?? emery caring abt the brothers... and dean feeling guilty abt calling her psychic powers, crap... i am loving this part of their convo... mahi Clap emery asking or rather requesting dean to talk to sam and dean shutting her off from the matter...

part 7... wow... Day Dreaming emery's statement on hearing *anyone but dean*... these brothers wud do anything for each other... dean's big brother role

She had to focus on work before her thoughts wandered to dangerous places. what dangerous places may i ask Evil Smile Evil Smile Day Dreaming

So the rough-and-tough Dean Winchester did have a kind heart. Tongue oh so emery is noticing all these tiny details of dean's character and mentally making a note... Evil Smile and in the end... she was recalling her old painful memories... poor thing.. Ouch

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mahi am really tight on time ...:(
so i will be back soon and write the Feedback
but on a glance it looks more interesting than previous updates...specifically emery's behaviourEmbarrassed

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Awesum chapter:D

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going through your ff is lyk watching a new spn episodeTongue you are truly a gifted writer, mahiHug awesome update as always ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap and i agree with flutter, how emery is taking a mental note of all the minor details of dean's characterBig smile the apparently uncouth and rough boy does have en emotional side to revealEmbarrassed and i loved how sam responded to emery's calling him' sammy'BlushingDay Dreaming awww, the two brothers do not have chick flick moments with each other very often, but any one will understand what do they mean to each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed continue soonBig smile

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