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Part 16 – What Makes Sense and What Doesn't

Sam and Dean were working in their room, connecting the dots and researching supernatural things that were capable of waging a personal vendetta when Emery walked in.  She looked tired, so completely drained, and the boys could tell she was holding a lot inside.  However, she did look a little better than the previous day.  That must be a good sign, right?

"Hey, hi, Emery... how you are you feeling... today?" This was Sam, unsure how to ask her how she was doing.  She was not okay, the boys knew that now, but they could also see that she was steeling her resolve and trying to be very strong.  They couldn't embarrass her.

"I'm fine," She responded confidently.  "Did you learn anything about the..." She hesitated a little, as if saying the next word hurt, "death?"

Dean answered her question cautiously, his eyes constantly on her trying to make sure she was okay, "Same mo.  The circle had final written in it, which means that there probably won't be another death here, but..."

"We have very little time to stop whatever it is before it moves on to the next town," Emery completed the thought.

"But this time we do have something to work with.  We know where it's going next," Sam continued, trying to come up with a plan of action.  Just like Dean, he too was carefully observing Emery, ready to get up and provide her support in case she needed it.

"Well, we got work to do."  Emery moved towards the display board with all the information.  She started to work on it but she could feel the boys' eyes on her.  When they didn't move a muscle for a few moments and continued to stare at her back, she couldn't take it anymore.  Turning around, she snapped, "What?"

"Uhh.. nothing, we... uh... just wanted to make sure you are okay," Sam took a stab at it.

"I'm fine, Sam!" That came out a little harsher than she intended.  She knew that the boys were genuinely concerned about her and that was why they were acting this way.  However, she hated appearing vulnerable, even in front of boys she had began to trust immensely.  With a more calm, matter-of-factly voice, she continued, "Guys, I'm not some china doll that's going to fall over and break.  I'm fine."  Then she added with a weak smile, "Trust me."  The boys nodded.  Though they still had their doubts, they thought it best to let it go for now while they got to work.

~*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~*~

Dean went to the police department because of a call he had received earlier.  The police wanted to consult with the FBI.  That should be fun.  Sam and Emery were canvassing the area looking for any signs of suspicious Supernatural activity.  The three of them were supposed to meet at a bar in a few hours to discuss any new findings.

Sam had always been the intuitive one.  He could see that the entire case was taking a toll on Emery.  It was affecting her big time, whether or not she wanted to admit it.  Trying to distract her, even if just momentarily, he said, "I'm telling you, Em, Dean's different now."

"Please, Sam, not again! We just canvassed the entire frickin' city and didn't find anything of value. And I'm tired as hell.  Can we just meet up with Dean at the bar, discuss everything we didn't find and get back to the motel?"  Emery's voice was laced with sarcasm.  Being too exhausted to argue, she so didn't want to have this conversation right now.

"Yeah, but you're the one who sees everything.  And I mean everything.  How can you not see this?"  Sam insisted.  Sam's plan was working.  She did seem a little distracted and he could swear he saw a little color getting back on her face.

"Really? How so?" Emery questioned while they entered the bar.

"Well, for one, he really cares about you.  He reacts this way for family, and that is saying something.  Plus, he doesn't even hit on women anymore. I mean the Dean I knew would..." Before he could finish the sentence, Emery halted in her steps. 

She was staring at something ahead of them with a pained expression.  Before Sam could follow her gaze, she turned her heard slightly towards him and pointed at something in front of them. "You were saying?" Sam looked up and was too shocked to say anything.  Leaving the stunned Sam standing at the entrance, Emery walked in while staring at Dean, who was sitting at the bar with a blonde falling all over him.  As soon as he spotted them, Dean got up leaving the blonde behind and walked towards Emery.

"Hey, you guys. Were you out canvassing Boston or the entire New England area?"  Dean seemed a little uncomfortable, which is something that almost never happened.

"Some of us actually believe in working, Dean, but don't let us keep you from more important things," Emery said sarcastically with a lot of venom in her voice, her eyes following the blonde keenly watching them.  She turned to find a seat at the bar, away from Dean and his little girlfriend.  Dean gave Sam a questioning look and Sam just shrugged in response before following Emery into the bar.  Dean was about to join them when the blonde came up behind him, and grabbing him by the shoulders, pushed him back on the chair he was sitting on earlier.

"So what can I get ya?" A very friendly and good looking bartender asked Emery.

Emery knew it was a bad move; nevertheless, she glanced towards Dean and found the blonde practically sitting in his lap. Yeah, bad move. "Vodka, straight."

"Emery, are you sure? Remember last time..." Before Sam could finish, Emery sent him an if-you-say-another-word-I'll-kill-you glare, and he just raised his hands in surrender.

"A vodka straight, coming up. Anything I can get ya?" The bartender asked Sam.

"Uh... no, I'm good."  Sam expected a lot of drama in very near future, based on Emery's last encounter with alcohol, so he had to stay completely sober.

Emery downed her drink in 5 seconds while Sam and the bartender stared at her, openmouthed.  She looked at Dean again and this time saw the blonde shoving her tongue down his throat. 

"Okay, I think I've had enough.  I'm going back to the motel," Emery said while getting up and throwing a $10 bill towards the bartender.  Sam went after her.

"Emery, could've been a..." Emery didn't let him finish.

"Mistake? Were you seriously going to say that, Sam?"

"I.. uhh.."

"Don't.  Just don't.  Look, Sam, I get it.  He's your brother and you believe in the best he can be.  But he only believes in one-night stands, and nothing's gonna change that," Emery said almost heartbroken.  Why the hell did she even want to believe that he could change? Why did it matter to her so much?  And why did seeing Dean with that blonde hurt so damn much? WHY?!

"But, Emery, I still think..."

"Don't, Sam, just don't."  Angrily moving her hands in the air indicating she has had enough, Emery started to walk away from Sam.


Emery turned around angrily and practically screamed back, "WHAT?" He gestured with his hands that it wasn't him and pointed at someone on the other side.  With furrowed eyebrows, Emery looked at the direction Sam was pointing at and was pretty darn surprised to see Dean sprinting towards them.

"Emery, Sam.. what the hell are you two up to?  I've been chasing you," Dean said coming to a stop right in front of them.

"Why? Couldn't get a room with your friend?" Emery spat angrily.

"Who said I wanted to? Been trying to get her off my back.. or my lap actually," Dean said with his trademark-thinking-seriously expression and continued, "since a long time. Then you guys show up and I thought good, I can finally get away from her and then you just leave… without me.  What the hell's wrong with you?"  Dean looked accusingly at Sam first and then at Emery.  When neither replied, he added, "Yeah, now you lose your tongues.  Anyway, I'm hungry.  Let's grab some takeout." Dean walked past the two of them towards the Impala that was parked about twenty feet ahead of them.  Emery stared at his back as if trying to make sense of it all.  Then the sides of her mouth quirked up a little, a smile almost breaking, when Sam cleared his throat. Emery glared at him, indicating this was so not a time for I-told-you-so.  Sam raised his hands in surrender, smiled and followed Dean.  A second later, Emery followed, still trying to understand what just happened.  Dean shot down a pretty blonde.  Just to grab dinner with her and Sam? Did that really just happen?

~*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~*~

Dean was taking a nap while Sam was trying to figure out what and why would anything follow a hunter like that.  With a familiar flapping of the wings, Cas appeared right by the couch Dean was sleeping on.  For a few seconds, Cas was just staring at him.  Sam felt a presence and turned to find Cas there.

"Woah!" Sam's voice came out surprised and jostled Dean out of his sleep.

"Ahh... What the hell, man?! You've got to stop doing this, Cas!!"  Dean was equally nerved as he sat up.  Cas sudden appearances and disappearances had been happening for quite some time now but the boys were still not used to it. 

"My apologies.  It's just that the human sleep cycle is so intriguing.  You know there are actually two cycles... non-REM and REM and the most interesting thing..."  Before Cas could finish, Dean snapped his fingers in front of him.

"Cas?! Focus, buddy, focus! Where have you been?"

"Yes, well, I believe I have something important on the case."

"Cas, we found something too.  This thing is..." Before Sam could finish, Cas interrupted.

"Following Emery's hunting history.  It's going everywhere she ever hunted, starting with her hometown."  Sam and Dean's jaws were hanging open and he continued.  "I believe someone, something, has been following Emery around since years, possibly since her birth."

"Wha... What?! How do you know that?" Dean inquired, confused.

"I've been finding clues, Dean.  Her mother died, then her father, and then her brother.  Whatever it is, it's been trying to isolate her all along."

"But her brother was killed by a ghost.  Emery saw it herself," Sam added.  This mystery seemed to be getting more and more entangled.

"Did she?  She passed out, Sam. She only saw him dead.  How many ghosts do you know of who kill people by draining their blood out?"  Sam and Dean exchanged a look.  Uh... none.  "And how do you think Emery escaped unharmed?  She was the first one to enter the house.  Why, then, did the ghost let her go?"

Dean released a breath, "I don't know, man.  This case keeps getting more and more complicated and we still don't know what we're hunting."

"Whatever this thing is, it's far too powerful.  And it knows some ancient symbols," Cas added.

"But all those symbols are from different cultures... some of them I haven't even found anywhere in the literature," Sam explained.

"That's because some of those symbols are so ancient that they were lost over time.  All of these symbols are from many different cultures, but they have one thing in common."  Both Sam and Dean were listening closely and leaned in, urging Cas to go on.  "They're all very powerful symbols.  The people believed, and in some parts of the world still do, in the power of these symbols.  I think that this thing has a very specific agenda for killing the way it is and it wants the effect to be as strong as possible.  Hence, it's using all these powerful symbols.  Kind of like leaving no stone unturned."

"So this thing is not only powerful but smart too, just freakin' perfect." Dean was as frustrated as ever.  Everyone was quiet for a few moments, each lost in his own thoughts, trying to make sense of all the mess.  All of a sudden it occurred to Dean that this all probably means that Emery is in danger.  "Does this mean that Emery's in danger?"  Dean's question was directed towards Cas.

 "I'm not sure but I don't think so."

"But you said it's been following her around.  And people are dying, Cas!"

"Dean! You're not listening to me.  It's been following her around since years!  If it wanted to kill her, it would have!  I'm more concerned about both of you."  Cas did look very concerned.

"Are you kidding me?!"  Dean tried to dismiss the thought in his usual carefree style. 

"Dean, think about it.  It's been isolating Emery for years.  It wants her alone.  She is not in any immediate danger but you two are.  You are practically her shadow these days."  It wasn't that Cas was not concerned about Emery, he just was more concerned about really the only two friends he had.

"So what are you saying?  We just leave her alone?"  Dean was upset.  How could Cas even suggest that?

"All I am saying is that you need to be careful."

"We are, Cas, but Emery needs us... now more than ever," Sam understood Cas's point but he agreed with Dean.  They were the Winchesters, after all, they never left anyone behind because they were in danger.  They put themselves in danger all the time for strangers.  How could they leave someone they had begun to love in their own way on her own?  Not possible.

"But...You are not understanding the gravity of the situation..."Cas continued but was interrupted by Dean.

"No, Cas, you don't understand... we are..." Dean stopped in the middle of his sentence when he noticed Emery standing by the door, which was half open.  "Emery..." Sam noticed her right away as well. 

"Emery... uh... we were just discussing the case..." Sam tried in a futile attempt, hoping Emery hadn't most of the conversation but her expression clearly conveyed that she had.

"I know," This was Emery's reply.

"So... you heard everything?"

"I heard enough."  A few moments of awkward silence followed in which Cas seemed a little guilty.  He didn't want Emery to think that he just wasn't concerned about her.  Sam had not expected Emery to take all the information so calmly.  After what she had been going through, he had thought it would be hard on her.  She seemed to be taking it rather calmly.  He didn't know, though, how much she was hurting inside.  If it wasn't for the Winchesters that she had come to care so much about, she would probably be a complete mess.  But no, she had to keep herself together.  Not for herself, but for them.  "I think Cas is right."  Emery's voice was very calm and assured.

"What?" Dean seemed to be at his limit.

"This thing is after me, Dean.  I have to deal with it. Enough people have been hurt already."

"Oh, listen to this, Sammy, what we do now is going to be decided by everyone but us!"  Dean was angry, really angry.

"Dean, I just..."

"You just what?! We've been doing this... oh let's see," Dean took a moment to pretend to think before adding in an irritated voice, "OUR ENTIRE LIVES!"  Dean was definitely at his limit and Sam had to step in before he said  something he would definitely regret afterwards.

"Emery, we know you are concerned. So is Cas" Sam said calmly.  He had to throw some logic in to cool every down.  "But we've dealt with pretty much every evil thing out there.  Whatever it is, it's nothing we can't handle."  It was true.  There was nothing evil out there that the Winchesters couldn't handle.

"I know, Sam.  I know.  But..."  Before Emery could finish, Dean interrupted.

"There is no but, Emery.  We started this together.  And we're gonna finish it together.  End of discussion."  Dean looked at Emery first and then Cas, making sure that they both clearly understood him and then quietly walked out the room.  Emery sighed and gave Sam a concerned look which he returned with calm, reassuring smile.

~*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~*~

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i just love the bond that emery shares with the boys... Clap with dean... its a bit more serious... although both arent ready to admit it yet... and with sam... its a bit platonic...   i wish to see some more of such a sam in spn... Ouch after the 3 trials r over of course... Stern Smile  i was very hurt that sam hadnt bothered to look for dean, when he was in purgatory... but coming back to ur chp...

ROFL dean and a blonde at the bar... inseparable... arent they?? LOL oh god... the blonde practically sat on his lap... Shocked  poor emery Broken Heart  dean acting like it wasnt such a big deal... "Yeah, now you lose your tongues.  Anyway, I'm hungry.  Let's grab some takeout." Wacko Embarrassed

casss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day Dreaming Blushing i missed him, even in your FF... and it doesnt help that he is in ur DP... Ouch makes me miss him more... Unhappy   ok... finally some more clues as to the thing... thats been causing the deaths... i love cass's concern towards sam and dean... its just so nice to know that someone apart from ur parents, relatives, cares about you...
i loved these lines...

They were the Winchesters, after all, they never left anyone behind because they were in danger.  They put themselves in danger all the time for strangers.  How could they leave someone they had begun to love in their own way on her own?  Not possible.

i loved the ending... Clap this makes me very anxious to read ur next chp

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all i can SPEECHLESS...Shocked
i can't proper words..what i felt...Confused

you know mahi...this ...this style of you writing...i don't know...i feel small...Embarrassed
are you sure am eligible to REVIEW and Comment on it Ermm ???

i imagined Dean winchester . enacted . by . Jensen . fleshed out .  by Erik Kripke all through the argument with cas and emery...
the whole pattern..the the..i don't know..the whole treatment?? PERFECT BANG ON..with SPN we are used to see..Shocked

i am a descriptive person..i need descriptive words to make myself imagine how a person looks...and TBH i couldn't imagine 1] there wasn't enough descriptive words about her..2] i din't have preset facial templates in my mind to figure emery out...but THIS Chapter...knocked some sense into me..said to me that even being "faceless" to me..she pretty much gave her description...
I BOW to you fair lady
i am not even worthy of commenting on such a FINE product of hard work!!Embarrassed

P.S i may have gone overboard...but excuse me on the context of You know what condition am in...going through... 

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G8 update
finally the boys are coming close to solve the case...
always luv the way cass care abt dean & sam

of course there is nothing dat evil which winchester's cannot handle & especially when they hav to save their frnds & luvd ones...

thnx 4 pm dear <3

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awesum job again dear...
update soon..

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Oh wow! Just lovd d way mystery is much suspense! The trio is so cool...,

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Flutter, L, Ruchi, Jyo, and Juliet - Thank you so much! You've no idea how much I appreciate your comments on my updates.  Makes me want to continue writing.  So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and taking some time out of your busy schedules to read and comment every single time.  I write because  I love writing but also because I know I have some awesome readers! Thank you!

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