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adorable... LOL i am using this word far too many times these days... Embarrassed
i love the level to which dean and emery's relation has progressed to, these days... Cool they have gone beyond that silly bickering- i give a damn attitude now... and gone to a more mature, understanding each other relation... dean's not giving emery a hard time over her fear of darkness is full evidence of that..

Sam too enjoys his big bro's hesitation.. awkwardness... loved their meeting each other moment.. Embarrassed mahi.. i would like some more hints on the case... what has been causing the deaths...

liked ur last para... Clap it is a big change in the personality of dean

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Gud to see dis dean...n sam ws also gr8
fab update

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@Ruchi - Thank you! If you have a second, please read the end part... I totally missed it last night and just added it.  Glad you're enjoying the story.

@L - Just don't apologize for anything and remember that there are no thank you's and sorry's in friendship :)  Love ya.

@Flutter - Thanks for reading and enjoying the story! And thank you for asking about more hints.  I can't believe I missed posting the end part of the update.  I'm typing up the entire story in one big Word document and copy and past the parts as I edit them.  This update was supposed to include the last bit where a big connection is revealed.  I have added it now.  Sorry about that! And please read the last bit if you have the time, you might find it interesting :)

@juliet7dead - Thanks hun

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flutterby IF-Rockerz

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the last part... emery's nightmare is being relived by her all over again... but this time... she has dean on her side... Star  good !! then they can overcome just about anything... that life throws at them.. Day Dreaming

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Wow..awesum upd. I mean chapter:-P

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@Flutter - Loved what you said about overcoming anything that life throws at them as long as my boys are together and now Emery has both of them with her.  You're definitely on track, though things are going to get more intense here.

@Jyo - Thanks! Keep reading :)

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Part 15 - Old Wounds Reopened

"We are not going out."

"Oh, come on! We need to eat," Dean complained.

"And we can do that here," Emery said matter-of-factly.

"But..." Dean was about to continue his protest when Sam interrupted.

"Em's right, Dean, we gotta continue our research."

"Yeah, like the "research" has taken us anywhere so far.  We need to go out there and... and..." when Dean didn't know what exactly to say, he simply added, "Do something!"

"Do what, Dean?  There's not a single connection between our vics.  The only thing we know is that this thing is somehow connected to Emery.  So we need to go over her journal again... and research supernatural things that are capable of waging a personal vendetta," Sam explained.

"Yeah, okay, Professor.  But we're not gonna order room service, their food sucks.  I'll go grab some takeout nearby."  Sam nodded and sat down with Emery's journal at the table across the beds.  Emery, on the other hand, continued to suspiciously stare at Dean.  "What?!" Dean complained.  "I'll be back in a jiff, you weirdos."  Rolling his eyes and muttering something under his breath, he walked out the room. Emery stared after him and her lips curved slightly upward in a smile.  She grabbed a chair across Sam and was surprised seeing Sam smiling at her.

"What?" Emery asked not understanding the reason of his amusement. When Sam continued to smile at her without saying anything, she repeated, "Sam?  Why are you smiling like that?"

"You're good for him," Sam said as if he was simply telling her the capital of England, a mere fact.

"Wha... What??" Emery asked, totally surprised by the random admission.

"Dean's a great guy but most people only see the act that he puts up.  We've lost a lot of people we cared about, Emery, and he has learned to protect himself.  But you... you are one of the very few people who see beyond that."

Emery smiled as if dismissing what Sam was implying, "I see auras, Sam.  Remember? I can't really help seeing even what people want to hide."

"But it's not just that you can... you want to.  And you have no problem telling him off when he's being an ass. You're good for him," Sam explained with a wink.

Emery was really confused. She couldn't believe that Sam actually thought that she was involved with Dean somehow.  Could that happen? Could the two of them be together like that? It wouldn't be too bad, would it? Suddenly she snapped out of it. No way! They barely tolerated each other. Well, she might more than tolerate him, even like him a little, but she was sure Dean barely tolerated her.

"Sam, you're mistaken. We're just friends. Barely even that. Partners. Yeah, that's more like it. He barely tolerates me."

Shaking his head, Sam replied with a smile, "Em, I'm not sure whether you really haven't realized yet or if you're just in denial, but the guy more than tolerates you. He may huff and puff to put on a show but he does everything you ask him to. He doesn't even do everything I tell him to, and I'm his little brother." When Emery continued to give him the You-Are-Nuts look, he continued with a conspicuous smile, "I'll let you two work it out."

Emery doubted that she was not in denial.  Yes, Dean's aura had changed over time.  It wasn't burning red anymore, which meant that he didn't despise her anymore.  But that was about it.  Right?  Her thoughts were interrupted when Sam's phone rang.

"Hello," Sam answered.  "What?! Yeah, we'll be right there."  Sam got up hurriedly.

"What happened?"

"What we were afraid of.  There's been another death... two blocks from here."  Emery closed her eyes and tried to take a deep breath, as if she was hurting very bad.  It wasn't a physical pain but a guilt like that on the conscience is much worse than any physical wound.  "Dean saw the police outside a house and stopped to investigate.  We have to go, Emery. Now!"  Emery took another deep breath to snap herself out of it.  How many more people would have to die because of her? She wasn't sure how much more she could take.  But Sam was right.  They had to go right away.  And so steeling her resolve, she got up.  Sam was already at the door when she followed.

~*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~*~

When Sam and Emery had arrived at the scene, Dean had realized right away that he should have asked Sam to come alone.  This won't be easy on Emery.  She seemed very distracted and there was almost no color on her face.  It got especially bad when she saw the dead body being carried to the ambulance parked right outside the house.  It was an eleven year old boy.  She had pretty collapsed on the yard next to the circle the little boy was found in.  This one, as conjectured, did say 'Final.'   Seeing the boy had broken something in her.  Dean had taken her back to the motel right away while Sam worked with the police to get the details.  He had spent a few minutes explaining away Emery's behavior.  Dean and Sam had not seen anyone so lifeless before.

Back at the motel the following morning, Sam and Dean were working on building a theory.  Everything at the crime scene was exactly the same as the previous deaths.  Both Sam and Dean were more furious than ever, he was just a little boy! But the most frustrating thing was that whatever they were hunting was probably going to move on now.  They had to catch it this time, before it was too late again.

"You know, this morning Emery was frantic in her sleep," Sam said to Dean. He had heard her screams when he was doing his research and Dean was out canvassing. "I knocked a couple times but that didn't seem to wake her. I let myself in, and I had to shake her a couple times to wake her.  She just opened her eyes, looked at me, apologized, turned around and hid her face under the sheets. I'm telling you, man, there's something going on with her. I've never seen anyone's eyes so totally blank."

Dean had a hunch what was bothering her so much. "Did you make out anything she was saying in her sleep?"

"Uh.. Not much.. I did hear her mumble 'sorry' and 'Adrian' a few times."

"Adrian was her baby brother," Dean stated. He had told Sam about Adrian a little after Emery had confided in him. She wanted Sam to know, too. Dean had seen how much she was hurting while telling him everything so he had offered to be the one to tell Sam and Emery hadn't objected. She was hurting enough without having to put those memories into words again, not that she ever forgot anything. No, the pain, the memories, the loss were a constant part of her existence.

"I know, but what's made such a mess of her now?" Sam asked.

"I have a theory." Sam looked at Dean as if urging him to go on. "She said that the only thing that kept her going was saving lives. What if not being able to save the little boy let go of something she was holding inside?"

"Possibly. But she has been hunting for years, Dean. She must know by now that hard as we try, we can't save everyone." Dean shrugged in response.  "But you're right... Wasn't Adrian about the same age when he died?"  Dean nodded.

Just a few seconds passed in silence when the boys heard Emery's screams from next door. It took Dean a second to reach her. Sam was only a step behind.

Emery was hysterical, still lying in bed, her eyes scrunched tightly as if she was having a nightmare.  "I'm so sorry, Adrian. I'm so so sorry!" She kept repeating frantically.

Dean sat down on the bed next to her, gently pulled her up and held her in his arms. While rubbing her back gently, he whispered in her ears, "Shhh.. Emery, relax. Calm down. I got ya.  I got ya..." After a few seconds, she wrapped her arms around his neck and seemed to relax. She stopped screaming hysterically but Dean could still hear her quiet sobs.  The pain that he felt at that moment was inexplicable.  He didn't think he was capable of feeling that strongly for anyone but his family, yet here he was, holding the girl he had met just a few weeks ago, soothing her, trying to take her pain away.

 A few moments passed as Emery began to calm down.  When Dean was sure that she was back to a peaceful sleep, he gently lay her back down on the bed and tried to untangle her arms around his neck. That proved to be harder than he had expected because Emery was holding onto him tightly. Her fingers were interlocked and she wasn't letting go. After a few seconds, her grip loosened a little.  Gently placing her hands by her sides, Dean got up from the bed. He continued to gaze at her for a few moments to make sure she was fine. Then he turned to see Sam smiling at him.  There was no doubt in Sam's mind anymore that Dean felt something real for Emery.  Walking past Sam, Dean gestured him to follow. They stepped out of the room while Dean closed the door.

"What?" Dean asked Sam, a little annoyed.

"Nothing. It's just nice to see you taking care of someone other than me."

"Seriously, Sam, if there was a Sissy of the Year award, you'd definitely get it." Dean replied, his voice laced with sarcasm.

"Turn it into one of your infamous punch lines but you know it's true," Sam replied calmly and went back to his laptop. Dean just stood there thinking. Sam was right. It had been awhile he had thought about anyone other his little brother Sammy and his friend Cas... and it felt nice.  Slowly, Emery was unknowingly getting his walls down.  As scary as it was, Dean also felt a jolt of excitement. He had been with a lot of women before, might even have been in love, but this felt different, something strong, something so very strong and pure within him and it only seemed to be getting stronger. Could this be it? Was this how it felt like when you were truly falling in love?

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PM List for New Updates

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