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Hey Hunters,
So here's the Fanfiction I've been working on lately... actually since weeks.  It's still a work in progress so there'll probably be many changes.  Please let me know what you think. And please be honest. If you don't think it's worth continuing, just say so. I promise I won't mind :)

The first thing you should know about the writer in me is that she sucks at coming up with titles. Really.. it's so awful that it's not even funny.  Hence, this FF is still untitled.  So if I do end up continuing it here, I'll ask you all to help me with the title Embarrassed

Secondly, I have used some swear words but only the ones that have been already used by the characters in the show. It's not to offend anyone. The whole purpose is to maintain consistency with the characters. So I hope no one will mind.


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Part 1 - The New Girl

"Who are you?" Sam asked suspiciously eyeing the gun in the hands of the girl who appeared in front of them out of nowhere.  Sam and Dean Winchester were great, no, not just great.  They were two of the best hunters around.  They were very observant and always stayed on their toes, the very reason that made them invincible. 

After reading about a very strange death in a newspaper, Sam and Dean drove five hours to check out the victim's house.  Sam had read all about Greg Collins and from all that he could dig up on him, the guy was unmarried and didn't have any close relatives. After his death, the place was declared a crime scene and locked up.  The boys ducked under the crime scene tape and were about to enter the house when the girl had appeared out of nowhere pointing the gun at them.  She seemed to be pretty comfortable with it, and Sam didn't know if he should be relieved or concerned about that.  The very fact that she was able to sneak up on them was enough to suggest that the girl was like them in some ways, professional and brilliant.

"Who are you?" She asked in return pointing the gun at Dean, as if sensing the particular hostility emanating from him.  She had a round face and her eyes were the most beautiful shade of hazel.  Her long black hair was loosely tied in the back and the side bangs were resting just above her left eyebrow.

Considering he asked the question first, Sam should have waited for her to answer first, but she didn't seem harmful, even with the gun in her hand, and so Sam replied. "I'm Sam," then pointing next to him, "and this is Dean."

"Sam and Dean? You're the Winchesters!" Her voice came out a little sharp, as if not believing that she was talking to the legendary Winchesters, though she got over the shock rather quickly and lowered the gun.  It made sense.  The Winchesters would turn up at something like this, and she could read people pretty well.  The boys weren't lying.  Unsure of what to say next, she blurted out the first question that had come to her mind the second she discovered that she had company.  "Why are two you upset?"

"Upset? How' how do you know we are upset?" Dean asked suspiciously, wrinkles increasing on his forehead.  The girl seemed strange, not in a threatening way, but there was definitely something weird about her.  The frustrating part for Dean was not being able to tell right away what exactly it was.

"Your auras are bright red," She sounded like she was simply telling them a fact like they have two eyes.  The truth was that the boys did have an argument on the road again.  They were carrying loaded baggage around, neither of them trying to get rid of it.  The simplest thing would have been to talk about everything and put it behind them.  However, their refusal to do so was turning every question into an accusation and even a light sarcastic joke into a loaded blame.

"Auras? You're a psychic?"  Dean had a mocking disbelief in his voice.

"No...not exactly. I can just read auras."  The girl's reply was calm, as if she was used to of people treating her with doubt.

"Ahan... And who are you exactly?"


"Emery who?"

"Just Emery.  I'm a hunter, like you two."

"Oh, a hunter?! Wow, see Sammy, this superwoman here is a hunter like us." Dean obviously didn't believe her and continued to mock her, "So Ms. Hunter, how do you kill a ghost?"

"You don't kill a ghost. Not exactly. You can just force it to move on by salting and burning its remains," Emery replied in a cool and calm tone while Sam and Dean exchanged impressed looks.  The girl knew what she was talking about.

"And how much sunlight can kill a vampire?" Dean wouldn't give up so easily and Sam just shook his head in exasperation.

"Sunlight's not deadly for vampires, as I'm sure you know. It just gives them nasty sunburn. You have to decapitate a vampire to kill it."  Sam gave another impressed look while Dean just didn't look too happy. "Now if you're done grilling me, please leave. I have a job to work on," by now Emery was also getting frustrated by Dean's demeaning attitude towards her.

"We arrived here first. This is our case so you can leave," Dean said rather rudely, shifting from one foot to the other. He was clearly uncomfortable around her.  The fact that she could read auras obviously didn't help.

"Excuse me? This is my hometown. So let me make one thing very clear to you. No one, and I mean no one, but me gets to call dibs on any case here. Doesn't matter whether you arrived an hour before me or a month," Emery retorted angrily, not appreciating Dean's tone one bit.

"Oh, darling, it might take you a month to work a job. It only takes us a fraction of it. So let the professionals handle it," Dean's voice came out a little too smug & Emery wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face.  Literally. Sensing the growing hostility, Sam stepped in between them before somebody got hurt.  The way Emery was glaring darts at Dean, Sam wouldn't be surprised if she really knew how to fight.

"I've an idea," Sam offered but neither Dean nor Emery looked at him. Instead they continued their staring match with as much resentment as each could muster. Shaking his head, Sam continued, "We can all work together on this case."

Both Dean and Emery's heads shot up precisely at the same moment and both yelled, "No!" on Sam's face.

Sam smirked and quipped, "Well, at least you two agree on something."

Dean stared at Sam, trying to figure out if he was kidding and realized in a moment that he was not.  "Sam, you're out of your mind."  Dean used his hands to motion between him and Emery, and added, "We can never work together."

"And why is that?" Sam was getting tired of this little egotistical match between Dean and Emery.  They were acting like they were in the first grade and were just punished to work together for talking in class. 

"Because we'd kill each other in less than an hour." Emery's voice was a little impatient.  Surely, by now, anyone could tell that she and Dean would spend the whole time arguing instead of working the job.  "Besides, I don't work well with humans."

"You hear that, Sammy? She doesn't work well with humans.  She'd rather work with ghosts," Dean added sarcastically with a mocking grin on his face.

"Actually, that's exactly what I do.  At least ghosts are predictable. And if they want to attack, they just do it.  They don't manipulate.  Unlike people."  Dean agreed with her on that, but he wasn't about to say that out loud.  Ghosts were predictable, humans weren't, which made them a lot more dangerous.

"Sammy, we can't work with her."  Sam almost smiled at his brother's choice of words.  So now he was addressing her like she wasn't even there.  What next?  Sammy, ask her to leave? Sam rolled his eyes at that thought.  This was ridiculous, not to mention, childish.

A frustrated "Ya" was all Sam could say.  He just wanted to get the job done and get the hell out of the wretched town.  The time they were spending arguing could've been enough to find out what was going on, or at least to get some clues on what they were hunting.  "Dean, look, we're not gonna leave town until we kill whatever it is we're hunting.  You know that.  And it looks like Emery here won't leave either.  As she said, it's her hometown.  So the best thing we can do is work together on this one, get the job done, and then be on our separate ways."  This was Sam's last attempt at reasoning with the two grownups acting like kids.

"But, Sammy, she reads minds!!" This came out in a frustrated tone.  It wasn't fun to be around someone who could read your thoughts.  Hell, he didn't want anyone looking in his mind. Dean's words hit Emery & her head snapped back up.

"I don't read minds. I can see auras," Emery's reply was matter-of-factly.

"And how's that any different, Ms. Smarty Pants?" Dean just wouldn't let go of his trademark sarcasm.

"Completely different, you idiot," Emery's eyes met his with a chilling rage and her voice was packed with as much venom as possible. "I can see auras or life energies. I can tell what you're feeling. Not the why.  So I don't 'read thoughts.'" Emery added the imaginary quotations with her fingers just to be slightly more dramatic. "I can just see the energy your emotions release."  

"Whatever. I still don't want her around me." Dean said to Sam as if she wasn't standing right in front of him.  Emery didn't care about anyone or what anyone thought about her, but for some reason Dean's accusatory tone bothered her.  The way he looked at her as if she was some sort of a freak was unnerving. So what if she didn't like people? She could make an exception, especially if that would irk Dean.

"Too bad it's not your choice to make," Emery retorted. Then turning to face Sam, she said, "Shall we get started, Sam?" Sam nodded and they both turned in the direction of the main door just a couple feet away.

"You'd pick her over me?" Dean spat half-angrily. Part of him was telling him that he was being unreasonable, but all of his instincts were telling him to be as far away from Emery as possible. There was something too strange about her. 

Sam turned around to face Dean while walking backwards towards the door. "Sorry, man, a word's a word."


"Jerk." With a lopsided smile, Sam turned around and walked away.

"Son of a bitch," Dean angrily cursed under his breath and stared after them.  When neither Sam nor Emery turned around to see if he was following, he let out another string of expletives and followed them in. Something told him that this case was going to be a pain.

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Reserved.  Embarrassed

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Aha, you've finally posted it! :D Well, like I said, when you get to the end of it, you definitely want to know more about what happens... also, you've maintained the authencity of the characters very well... I liked the whole 'Bitch, jerk" exchange it took me right back to the first few episodes. (And am I finally going crazy or was that part not in the PM you sent me? Hm.)And of course, a good OC is always appreciated. :)

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plz update soon n PM me
n i better update mine as well Cry

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@Chhilt - Thank you! And no, you're not going crazy. I added that part and a lot more after I sent you that PM.  Remember all the holes I was talking about? Of course, the biggest one was why they were actually there. So I added some explanation on the case they're on and there'll be more in the next part.  Thanks for re-reading and commenting :D

@Mally - Thanks a lot! I'll update soon.  You have written an FF too?  That's great.. Did  you post it here? I'd like to read it :)

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Its seems nyc!

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@Chhilt - Thank you! And no, you're not going crazy. I added that part and a lot more after I sent you that PM.  Remember all the holes I was talking about? Of course, the biggest one was why they were actually there. So I added some explanation on the case they're on and there'll be more in the next part.  Thanks for re-reading and commenting :D

Thank goodness! I thought I'd finally lost it. LOL But yeah, I thought that there was something slightly different about it.. in a good way definitely, so keep at it. ;) Send me a PM once you update, please?

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