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Dekha Ek Khwaab - Their Dream Continues -BK 2-UPDATED Chap 35 - Pg 138

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Hi All.Wink

Muuaahh just wanted to say a very big thank you to each and everyone of you for liking and supporting the story so much that it has reached the second thread. Muuaahh,lots of love.Hug
To all those who are unfamiliar with the first book, please click on link below
The Dream Continues...

Manyata stared at her reflection in the mirror '' If not me who else will challenge you Yuvraj Udayveer'' she smiled to herself as she got ready  and made way her downstairs. She knew she was very late for breakfast'and uday was right, she really did need to eat, he had famished her earlier and now she needed food' She wondered if anyone would know the difference.. After last night? Do I look different? I certainly feel different'. More alive than I have ever been. I hope jai does not bombard me with a million questions.
 Chapter 23 -

''Unnathi we wont get a better opportunity than this,lets do this. Finally jiju, dad aur baki sab are out of the city''

''Yes you are right jai, but how do we escape security? You know naa dada has practically the whole army outside''

''Don't you worry about that unnathi, voh sab muj per chor''


''Ria I told you' in fact I asked you you to leave manyata and her family alone' WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?''

 Ria was shocked and scared at karans anger. She stammered before finally speaking.

 'Voh kya hain naa karan, I '

 'I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT RIA AND IF I EVER FIND OUT YOU ARE DOING THINGS BEHIND MY BACK AGAIN'' YOU DON'T WANT TO GO THERE.  Now you will listen to me and get this mess sorted out as soon as possible. Get on the phone and talk to your man down there NOW'

 Ria hated seeing karan so angry with her, what annoyed her further was seeing his concern for manyata. How she wished she could express her feelings  to him and pour her heart out. Everything that she has done and will ever do is for him and NEHA'. She missed her so much. Missed having someone to talk to.. she was so alone. She did as karan said and dialed'..

 'Hello'its me


Unnathi and Jai were looking around sneakily and where about to walk out when'.

 ''Where are you 2 going?''

Both stop dead in their tracks and turned to see manyata who was trying to sound as serious as possible.

 'Voh kya hai naa bhabhi, we were just'. You know'.. '' Unnathi rambled on not really making sense while jai smacked her forehead listening unnathi.

 'Jiji we just wanted to go out, you know its been so long since we have been out and we need this, its suffocating in here and today is the perfect day as jiju is not here, tume meh tho patah hai keh voh kaise hai especially about security and everything'

 In her mind' (haan jai mujhe patha' trust me nobody knows  MR ALL POSSESSIVE' MIND READER AND ALL CONTROLLING YUVRAJ UDAYVEER better than me '. After all I am married to the man)

 Manyata looked at both unnathi and jai'. She sighed and took a deep breathe feeling their anguish at being kept at bay all the time.

 '' Theek hai tum dono ja sakte hoon.. waise aaj daadisaab is going back to Mumbai so you can go with her''

 Both jai and unnathi were so happy hearing that as it would make their little venture so much easier.

 'Thank you jiji' but arent you coming with ma and dadisaab?'

 'No jai, I have something to take care off but I will see you guys later'

 'Bhabhi are you sure? We can come with you and then leave back to Mumbai together kyu jai?'

 'Waise jiji you face has a different glow today? Kya baath hain'  She winked at  unnathi who smiled.

' Haan bhabhi and you never sleep in until so late? You know jai even dada had the biggest smile on his face, in fact he was so busy in that daze that he did not even notice me when he left'

 Manyata's face was all flushed, which was well noticed by the 2. They highfived and ran towards manyata.

 'Bhabhi you and dada'. Finally became one' '

 Manyata fumbled and tried to be as serious and firm as possible ' Dekho just'

 'So how was it jiji? I have heard that the first time is horrible and painful?' but looking at you jiji' must have been something else' she winked at manyata

 'Jai what nonsense are you talking about? And how do you know about first time ? Who has been talking to you about stuff like that?

 'Oh ho jiji, there is no need to feel so embarrassed and akward' waise your face expressions give it all away. You know that's the problem here in india' everyone does not talk about 'STUFF' as you put it jiji. As a women and a girl growing up its very important to know and discuss it and jiji it's a fact of life, you are married and its pure love with your husband' some of the girls I know are not married and have not had good first experience'

 'I agree with you jai, we are women of the 21st century. Waise from the look in bhabhi's eyes and face I can tell you' it was perfect for her. After all my dada is the King of Romance and Love, I am sure he gave bhabi an unforgettable memory'

 Manyata smiled hearing that'  Oh unnathi if you only knew' your dada is so amazing, so sensual, so mindblowingly breathtaking' he has given me the best experience.

 She snaps out her thoughts and looks at them both ' All I am saying is that it was beautiful'  JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND'

'Kya baath hai jiji' she hugged her tightly

 Unnathi laughed ' Thank God bhabhi  you didn't give us details' I don't want to picture you or dada in compromising positions, nightmares'

 Jai and Manyata laughed

'Ok ab bohot hogaya is topic ke bare mein'

 Komal came down with rajmata in the wheel chair who looked so frail and weak.

'Kaunsi  topic? Hume bhi toh batao'

 Manyata was speechless while unnathi and jai were holding back their laughter looking at manyata's face. Jai cleared her throat and spoke

 ' Voh kya hai naa ma' I was forcing jiji to come back to Mumbai with us now but she has plans' She winked at manyata

 'Haan beta, we can wait for you. Let us all leave together?'

 'Nahi ma, tum sab log jao. I need to do this alone'

 Manyata looked at a pale and very weak rajmata and she kissed her forehead and whispered

 'Everything is going to be just fine dadisaab, don't you worry'

 Soon they all left leaving manyata alone in the mahal.  She walked to the prayer place and closed her eyes ..( Please give me and my family the strength to overcome this hurdle)



 Mahasaaba were all in shock with the information presented to them by vijay banna finally putting his years of law school to mahasaaba members were fully acknowledging that they were wrong in their approach and for disowning the 2 most powerful states. Rajput Lala and Chandra Pal were unbelievably supportive and vowed to clear out the misunderstandings and apologized profusely to Giriraj and Brijraj, even called on a press conference to resolve the matter and most importantly clear the name of Mrinalini Devi the peoples beloved Rajmata.

 'Uday banna whatever you have on Lala and Pal must be damned good, I still cant believe how they are sucking up to us' look at them'

 Uday smirked thinking about his private meeting with both Lala and Pal'. 'Lets just say I can be a very persuasive man' his eyes blazing.

 Giriraj and Brijaraj were so a happy, it felt like a big weight had been taken off their shoulders and now they had one thing less to worry about. They couldn't wait to head home and tell ma saheb that they were back on mahasaaba board and her name will soon be cleared.

 Uday looked at his watch,it was quiet late and he knew all would be back home in Mumbai, decided to head straight there. He tried manyata's cell to let her know'. It just rings.. no answer.

 He types out a text msg to her.

Princess why aren't you picking up?

Where are you still in jaigarh?

Has Choti and Jai's phones stopped working?

Let Balsingh know I am still awaiting his call'

 Manyata hears her phone beep and reads her message ( eh bhagwan' this man) and he thinks jai and unnathi are with me. I cant let him know they are not with me' he will have a heart attack''kharoos.

 She looked at Balsingh'knowing full well he will inform uday that neither jai nor unnathi is with them when he speaks to him

 'Dekho Balsingh ji, I need to ask you to switch off your phone and tell the others as well. I don't want any disturbances when I speak to the villagers'

'Par Yuvraj has told me'.

'Yuvraj ji is not here and he would not like anyone undermining my authority'

She used her most assertive tone, she could see the surprise in Balsinghs face, he never expected her to be so firm. He nodded agreeing with her before switching off his phone.

 She looked at her mobile and started to type out a msg in reply to his.

Mere pyare pathi parmeshwar, meh theek hoon. Sab theek hain.

I am actually speaking to the villagers at the moment, therefore can not take your call.

I should be done soon, then I will call you.

I hope all went well with mahasaaba'

Aur haan please don't trouble Balsingh and call on his phone because I wont take the call' Theek hai' Smile

 She sends the msg and smiles to herself before looking back at the villagers in front of her. She needs to speak to jai and unnathi before him also.

 Her phone beeps again'

 Your smiley facesSmile is not going to stop me from checking in on Balsingh.

Everything went more than well with Mahasaaba, will FILL you in later'

Happy days ahead my love' cant wait... FOR


Flight in an hours time. Will reach Mumbai at 7:30. 

Will be waiting for your call, see you soon.. love you.

 She read the message FILL ME IN and flushed BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND SUPPER. She was about to type a message back to him but then realized once this man starts there is no end and if by slip he finds out the girls are not with her' No I don't want him to get angry. Rather I switch off my phone and deal with matter i came to resolve.


She never expected the villagers to be so calm and as she spoke they listened and held on to her every word. She looked at them with all the respect and understanding and they could see her true genuine compassion and feel it in her words.

'I am hear standing before you not as your Yuvrani but as a your wellwisher. We have always maintained a good relationship yet somehow things went astray. Your Rajmata Mrinalini Devi who has made so many sacrifices for you and the better future of your families was treated like a traitor? What did she do? What was her crime? That she cared and wanted the best for her people. Is this the thanks she gets?Our homes, our families or reputation violated' WHY? IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW? I need answers and I am not leaving until I get them.'



Meanwhile Jai and Unnathi reached Mumbai. Whilst komal was busy attending to Dadisaab they left and jai diverted security.

'Jai are you sure this is the right address?' Unnathi fidgeted with her fake hair and get up.

'Yes it is now relax and remember the plan, and stop touching your hair or it will fall off '

 Jai's looked at her phone and saw the miscalls from Uday. ' Sorry jiju, we can talk later'

She took a deep breathe  and looked at Unnathi '' Ready Tina'.

Unnathi smiled nervously ' Lets do this Priya'



Giriraj and Briraj were on a high from the good news and as soon as their flight landed. They were rambling away to each other about how they are going expand the development programme. Vijay was exhausted from such a long day which had a very early start for him headed straight to his room when he reached home. Rajmata was resting and uday decided not disturb her, he looked around for manyata.  Komal smiled looking at his restless eyes.

'Manyata is not here know how stubborn she can be, I am sure she is on her way.She told jai she would meet us here as soon as she is done'

 Uday creased his forehead, his temper already flaring'. ' Told jai, Isnt Unnathi and Jai with her?'

 'Nahi beta they came with maa saheb and I this morning and I don't know where they disappeared to' probably shopping you know jai'

Uday faked smiled as he turned away. PRINCESS THAT WAS NOT A SMART THING YOU DID

He looked at his watch and was now reaching boiling point as he could not get through any of them. He tried Jai and  Unnathi and their mobiles just rang. Manyata's phone was on voicemail. Worry and anxiety settling in and those were emotions he was not comfortable with. He tried Balsinghs phone'

Why the F**k is your phone off Balsingh'

He typed out a message'

Manyata I think you fail to understand that I am STILL waiting for your call

You off all people should know I AM NOT A PATIENT MAN and right now


And one more thing ' do me the honours of telling Balsingh




Ok Guys.. Thats Chapter 23. Especially for Saira and Iqra who have turned my ff into a chat threadConfused Dont Forget to check out Chapter 24. Please let me know what you think of both, Thanks muuaahh.


Lots of Love



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abb new thread per congo songo aur jaldi update karo ahi nahi toh warna chikki and majnu pics on ways to pm ROFLROFL

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congrats on ur second thread dea...!!
So happy 4r u...Hug

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thanks for the new thread and congo Party

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Congo on 2nd thread
plzz...jaldi update karo ab aur wait nahi hota

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 On the new thread sis !

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Originally posted by angelina6

abb new thread per congo songo aur jaldi update karo ahi nahi toh warna chikki and majnu pics on ways to pm ROFLROFL
LOL ab toh atleast mujhe chor do iqrooo. Meine thread banaya ab please tora waqt lagega update karne ke liye... AND PLEASE NO MAJNU PICSConfused

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