Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

~:Nautanki Times#30: I hate you like I love you:~

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         NAUTANKI TIMES # 30

Dimple - Ye ishq nahi asan... bas itna samajh lijiye... ek aag ka dariya hai..aur Dub ke jana hai ...

Anchal - *shocked* Fire... Shocked where when .. how .. why ?? Shall i call the hunky err.. fire fighters?

Dimple - Duh ...its a Shayari.. ok.. that my RK janu said today... *bats eyelids*

Anchal - Oh but.. why does ur janu want u to DUBOFY???

Dimple - Oh well m ready to dubofy in my janus dole-sholayed arms Heart*blushes*

Anchal - Hmm ..guess... Sarforoshi ki tamanna aab Dimple ke mann mein hai..dekhna hai zor kitna .. iske.. RK janu ke.. Biceps me hain Wink

Nyways.. we shall talk about the doleys n sholays once we are back after posting the NL LOL
 *drags Dimpu along*

Introduction: Armu4eva
Sub-Headers: -Stutz-
NL Heads: -Dimple- , SilentPromises and --Shivu--

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(By M.Hurr  )


RK comes home back to tell Madhu how much he loves her but madhu stops him saying she hates him but still she was thinking about him all the night crazily because as much she hates him ,she loves him more.she hugs RK and RK hugs her back,she says I am trying to restore your faith and trust in all the relations and if you will keep suspecting everyone like this how will she succeed?she asks him how many more tests he will take when she will come with him leaving behind everything?she asks him to trust people and try and RK promises he will try ,he wipes madhu's tears and they hug.RK says to madhu that she is his oxygen cylinder when she was angry with him he felt like his heart  has stopped beating like someone has close the oxygen valve,he asks her to say one more time that she will come with him she says wherever he will take her.


RK takes Madhu to a place with some broken long pillars like a ruin on a lakeside with his hand on madhu's eyes and than make madhu see the scene,madhu is elated and when she turns to face RK she almost slips but RK holds her in time and says she though he would let her trip?they share an eyelock,RK and Madhu walks and RK tells Madhu that this is the place where he gave his first shot,and here he will complete what is incomplete b/w 'em he pulls madhu to him by her waist and madhu blushes but RK tells her that here they will get married by taking all 7 rounds,and fire,air,earth,sky and water will be the witness of their love,Madhu and RK rehearse the 4 pheras and tells each other the meaning of each phera RK than stops madhu and says to madhu that he has given her a lot of pain but now he will marry her with all the rituals after shammopaddo wedding.


At home Madhu is thinking how shamin's sangeet can take place at RK mansion and RK tells MAdhu its her home too,he says he look stone like from outside but he's not that bad from inside she calls him sweet and RK forbids her not to call him sweet.Madhu feels like teasing RK by calling him sweet.

Madhu shows RK all her saris for sangeet but he rejects them all,Madhu says to RK that now that he has rejected all her saris will she come in blouse and petticoat he says if he wouldn't have invited guests he never would have mind holding madhu by her waist they share a sensual eyelock,RK gives Madhu a sari of his choice and says it deserves you and you should wear the the clothes of the choice of one in whose eyes no one is more beautiful than you,Mashu calls him sweet again and RK warns her not to call him sweet Madhu rues and goes than comes back hugs RK form the back and calls him sweet RK runs after madhu and they both fall on bed and have an eyelock,RK says if she calls him sweet again than tonight in sangeet he will embarrass her by telling everyone his feelings about her,Madhu says she can too do the same and that also before him,RK says  fine if she will do it than she will win and if he does than he will,Madhu says if she will win than he will have to do what she wants and vice versa.

(By jnawaz   )

Well...for me there isnt really a "scene of the week" as much as there is a scene compliation of the week that led to one thing...RK discovering his true self and his life taking on a brand new path Big dont get me wrong...we had AMAZING scenes this week and then one can deny the chemistry that sizzles on screen when DD and VD take on the avtars of their counter parts RK and Madhubala...Embarrassed...we got our fair share of the romance...the nok jhok...but more so we got the drama...the raw, open and beating heart that is RishBala...starting us off was Madhu in her tyrade against RK...boy did she give it to him...but of course he had it coming...he tested the love of a woman who stood up to his insults and abuses yet gave him her all in his time of need...and she told him as much...the best part in that entire squence wasnt even the make up after the fact...the best part was when Madhu showed him the mirror...that he doubted and tested the woman who loves him for the woman who betrayed was damn good dialogue...and she totally hit the right nerve because you can see the change in RK as soon as she says it...few moments (that are far between) have rendered RK speechless...but this was one such moment...ClapClapClap...this then leads to his drunk driving which eventually leads to the Mandir scene between Radha and RK...that...that was a heart melting scene...the love and concern she has for her injured son but the hesitation she feels due to his hate towards all washed away when he uttered that one word..."Maa"...then his dialogues that went on to say he was tired of it all and finally let her explain why she married soon after his fathers death...him laying with his head on her lap...oh...priceless!!! Star...all of that combined made RK realize it was time to take real control of his life...just saying he's RK and throwing his attitude around doesnt make him in control of his life...professional yes...personal no...but he has moved past his hurt and pain...he has moved past his hate...he is now able to openly accept the love that the women in his life shower upon him...he doesnt have to second guess it...i know im talking a lot of mush but i cant help it...i truly believe that these scenes collectively led to an amazing sequence on the show and a turning point in RK's life...Embarrassed

(By   M.Hurr  )

Without a second thought its Madhu because she confronted RK about his suspicion and poison within and make him realize the importance of those who loves him but he doesn't care and blame them she also make him realize thathow much he's hurting his mother by saying janam denay wali aurat,Madhu breaksdown.Than she forgives RK too and than tells him she cant live without him.For calling RK sweet and for making RK a better man all in one week.

(by _Rashmi )

Well the worst scene wud defo be MB heartbreak when she came to know that R.K was testing her lovOuch, woh alag baat hai that they patched up in a jiffyShockedLOLEmbarrassed. The next worst scene wud be Ballu strangling the tailorDead

(By  Phoenix.Xeelan   )

For this title we actually have several peoples this week but lets give it for the first ever to BSC - Balrajj Saitan Chowdhory LOL. and why? everyone is aware of his sadistic nature and the sickening pleasure he gets in torturing people. he is out of his mind now seeing his long dead wife and daughters in pure health and too very much alive. but how cruel and sadistic he could be that he actually  killed a poor tailor simply because he said wives are headache of anyone's life. the poor tailor who was fitting his sherwani didn't even know Balraj and was already scared of him, he neither did knew the man infront of his is sick in his head but he opened his mouth try to woo him and poor soul lost his life. 

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(By  _Rashmi )

All cute moments between RK & MB. His getting irritated when she called him sweetEmbarrassedLOL, her showing him various sarees & RK refusing everything left right & centerLOL& finally MB remarks 'Shall I come in blouse & peticoat then?'EmbarrassedROFL & R.K's naughty answer to that!IsshBlushingLOLLOL

(By  Armu4eva   )

I guess.. its permanently going to any scene that has TRISH trash in it... i mean.. like seriously? Angry First u sign the project knowing who the devil is..then u start spending the money...without blinking an eyelid that its only gonna get u trapped more? Angry SERIOUSLY ...Trish... what da..

Just dreading thinking of what trouble awaits the Maleeks..thanks to Trish's stupidity! Ouch

(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )

Trishna is ALWAYS badly dresses Confused except the mauve colored patiwala she wore on padmini's mehendi ceremony rest all her dresses were less said the better. the t shirt and jeans is simple and fine but whats with the knot over that? it doesnt look good on her. she has a pretty face but only needs to dress a little bit better. 

(By  Armu4eva   )

Hai rabba.. mai te mar gai... what a week ...Rishbala.. te jhappiya se bhara...killer week.. with some awesome mother-son bonding ..!! Here we go.. the pic of the week are..

>> Main thak gaya hun...

Aww my poor janu Cry so ...lost... heart broken... .shattered and helpless... as he came to the temple .. n found his mother there! Ouch He vented out his pain.. and anguish... n rested his head on his mothers lap, if to say... too tired to fight.. too tired to hate... n want to come back...n renew my fate..!! 

>> Girne nahi dunga... tujhe...

^^ As RK took his Biwi to a place...from where his journey to superstardom began...he gave a guided tour to the whole place n when Madhu almost accidentally slipped .. he caught her.just in time like a knight in shining armour..!! ClapClap

>> Come on TOP ..

^^ ooiii iisshhh Embarrassed our janus r so naughty.. hai na! LOL Miya needs a reason to leap.. n Biwi needs a reason to fall Embarrassed Loved loved this moment..when RK and Madhu topple on the BED ..n give each other.. those.. 'I WANT U' looks Wink

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(By jnawaz  )

Visha_Dhami with 33 Votes (pg 26)

(By bubblygal1711 )

(By -Dimple-)

1. Ki jitna he mein tumhe hate karti hoon, utna he tumse pyar bhi karti hoonHeartDay Dreaming

2. Agar logon ko invite nahi kiya hota, to honestly mein tumhe aise he bula leta. Mujhe koi problem nahi hotiROFLBlushingSilly

(By Armu4eva)

'Sarfaroshi ki tamanna aab hamare SUR me hai...

Dekhna hai zor kitna .. MALLIKA-E-GHAR me hai...!!' 


Total rockstar lines by the RocKstar RK himself... for his Biwi..Madhubala... AHAN!!! Wink Culdn stop grinning.. as he addressed his.. BIWI Mallika-e-ghar...! After all ... she is the Queen of his.. home and heart!Embarrassed

( By deboleena.manna)

hey guys m back with new Updater Of The Week...this week we have 2 post..just thore se upar niche hue hai numbars...n we got our this weeks winner...n the winner tweet is...

Rithvik Dhanjani

Hey everyone I have
great news for you all
your fav vampire abhay
is finally on twitter as @
VivianDsena04 follow him
as much as u can :)))

n the post is... RD's TWEET VIVIAN BK ON TWITTER  n the winner is.. Rocking9vivian

this post got 38 likes,26 replies n 1434 congrts dear...n now m going..will b back next week with the new updtr of the week...byeee..Big smile

(By Jyo_Ksg)

Major fight to amid Balraj and RK

Source: Metromasti; Views: 350+ ; Comments: 19+ ; Likes: 12+

The article this week savdhaan's the viewers to get ready to witness a World War in MB-EIEJ very soon!! Dead Madhu's biological father will catch hold of Madhu on Padmini and Shamsher's marriage day spoling their happiness once again! Angry But no sooner RK will come to rescue his biwi in a heroic style! Cool RK will then catch hold of Balraj giving him left right dhishumm!! *bang* LOL He will be so angry that he would almost kill Balraj but would be stopped by his Biwi Madhubala..Embarrassed
Sounds interesting na!! Tongue To watch more stay tuned!! Big smile 

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By : SilentPromises




BY : Deepali88

By:  Armu4eva

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Non Sticky

BY : Deepali88

Episode 171 Discussion: 16th Jan 2013


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Our gorgeous couple are so adorable together and they are fashionistas together ... Madhu n RK look great together and what they wear just add to it ... Both of them looked great in White and yellow ... Fashion ne bana di Jodi

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Great NT'~...First One to Comment eh!!!!!!...

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Congratulations on the #30!!
Lovely Layout!!!

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Congratz NL #30Hug

great work :)

where is nautanki's award?

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