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Hey guys this is my first ever attempt to write an os on Virika. Have written only 2 of them previously on arshi and gohem. So I would be expecting both chappals and roses

The story begins where it has ended on the maha epi.So here it goes...

Viren looks at his badi ma,swamini falling down holding her heart. He rushes by her side. Both manvi and jeevika are in a shock not understanding what happened. Viren yells " Badi ma uto" On hearing no reply he panics and then realizes he should take her to the hospital. He looks around and finds jeevika and manvi looking in shock. He shouts "Jeevika manvi help me we need to take her to the hospital" The sisters then realize and jeevika rushes to help viren while manvi rushes to call virat. She shouts "Virat! Virat jaldi upar ao" In mean while manvi rushes to swamini. The family comes there and are shocked to see swamini lying unconscious on the floor. They rush to the hospital and get her admitted.

The doctor comes there and says to dadaji "Look Mr.Vadhera your daughter is out of danger.She had a mild heart attack. She is in a lot of pressure and my advice is to keep her away out of any sort of pressures.She is sleeping right now.She will gain conscious soon."
Dadaji breathes a sigh of relief and says "Thank you doctor. We will keep her away from any stress"

Viren comes forward towards jeevika and manvi and asks "Jeevika tum doo vahi the,kya hua buaji ko? kahin tum ne.."
He was cut by nurse saying that swamini gained conscious. The family rushes inside and dadaji caress her hair and ask "How are you feeling swamini beta?"
Swamini looks around at her family and she spots jeevika standing beside viren. She yells at her saying "How dare you stand here after speaking crap about my son" Viren looks shocked and he says "badi ma.." Swamini cuts him saying "Viren you might fool the court and our family but not me" and then her chest ache starts while yelling"jeevika leave this place" The family members ask viren and jeevika to leave the place and they do so.

After coming out viren asks jeevika "Jeevika what was badi ma speaking about"
Jeevika-"woh virenji.."
Viren-"kya jeevika"
Jeevika- "Virenji mein galti sei buaji ko sach batadiya"
Jeevika-" Par virenji jaan boch ke nahi kiya.."
Viren-"Bas jeevika,you wanted to hell her the truth from yesterday and you did but please dont make any excuse noe just leave me alone
J-"Lekin virenji Im sorry."
V-"Sorry blne ka phayda nahi hai jeevika,you do know how much badi ma means to me and inspite of warning you not to do so you told her,why jeevika?"
J-"Virenji i didnt do it wantedly,i was provoked,she was speaking very rudely and harshly and accusing me.."
V-"Dekho jeevika you broke my trust,and before I say something i shouldnt leave the place please"
J-"Virenji,where should I go now?I wont go anywhere I will stay here with you."

Jeevika is shocked and the family comes out listening to virens shouts. Jeevika still under shock stares at viren and manvi comes and asks"Di kya hua?" Jeevika doesnt answer her and starts walking away. Then maanvi catches her and asks her again. Jeevika says "I am going home Mannu" Manvi says ok di even Il come. But jeevika stops her saying she is needed here and I can manage. Manvi agrees thinking jeevika meant vadhera house but she actually meant rishikesh.

Virat- "Manvi kya hua bhabi kaha ja rahi hai?"
Manvi- "Vo virat Di ghar ja rahi hai"
V-"Ghar abhi akele kyun?
M-"Nahi pata,shayad uske aur jiju ke bich jagda hua"

Virat goes to viren and asks what happened but viren doesnt answer him.

The whole night vadheras stay at hospital and jeevika packs her bag and leaves for rishikesh. The next morning everyone excluding viren come home saying they will fresh up and come back.Mani goes to her di's room and gets the shock of her life. Jeevika left the house!
She rushes out to Virat and starts crying.Virat gets scared and asks her "Manvi what happened why are you crying" "Di...(Crying)" "Bhabi ko kya hua..""DI left the house virat". Virat becomes shocked and asks why.Manvi tells the whole story to Virat and he feels bad for jeevika.
The doctors tell viren that swamini can be taken home but they must see she doesnt take any stress. Viren completes the formalities and take swamini. He calls up home and tell they are coming. Manvi cries and cries and after a while she gets a call from beeji asking her "why jeevika came home. She is silent and not answering any question.kya hua manvi" MAnvi starts crying again and tells beeji everything. Beeji says okay and puts the phone. she decides to support jeevika and keep her out of stress as she somewhere had faith in viren that he will realize his mistake.
Viren brings swamini back home and she directly goes to her room and says she will rest.

Viren goes to his room and still is very angry with jeevika. He decides not to talk to her.After opening the door since he doesn't find jeevika he becomes happy coz he is no mood to face her. All the family members come for breakfast and viren goes to bring swamini and dadaji asks where is jeevika?
Viren doesn't answer.Manvi and virat look at eachother. They see swamini walking along with viren.She settles in her seat as she didn't want to stay in her room for long,she decided to come down. She sees jeevika's chair empty and feels satisfied.
Dadaji-"Where is jeevika viren?"
Though viren is clueless and angry at jeevika he decides not to show and calmly tells he doesn't know.
Virat yells "Obviously he will not know. Does he care for her? Bhabi left the house dadaji"
Manvi starts crying and leaves the table virat gets up to follow her.
Swamini shouts"Its good she left virat,a criminal shouldn't stay in a lawyers house"
Virat says "Buaki bas,yesterday night you accused bhabi and now you are doing the same don't you know she didn't kill your son"
Viren asks him to calm down but he doesn't listen,"What were you saying Bhabi killed Karan?" No she didn't and even if she would its alright he deserves it"
Swamini "Bas virat,I know you love your bhabi,I thought she spolit one son of mine but no she spoilt both of them. Neither of you have any concern for me"
Viren gets shocked and asks"Badi ma what are you talking? I do have concern for you"
Swamini says"If you really did,then you wouldn't have lied in the court to save your wife Mr.Viren Vadhera" Viren has a confused and shocked look,and swamini continues don't look at me like that viren even you know what am I speaking right? Didn't you lie to the court that Jaiswal was the murderer and Jeevika is innocent.Didnt you get an innocent man arrested to save your wife? Why viren,because you love your wife who does nothing except spoiling this family's honor.Wish you never married her. I know the truth Viren I met jaiswal today and he told me the truth. I thought you considered me as your own mother but no you fell for a stupid girls charms and got against me.She is such a shameless.."
Viren "Bas Badi ma, you have no clue about what you are taling.Why would I lie in the court,jaiswal killed karan and we have proof of a cam In which it showed that jaiswal is the killer. Don't you dare to speak anything against jeevika as she never wanted to tell the truth as it would hurt you what your son did. I thought you considered me as your son but no,you believed a criminal and suspected me"
Viren gets badly hurt and goes to his room.Though irat was actually angry with viren he realizes he left and goes behind his brother. Viren sits on the floor near the bed and is in tears thinking about jeevika. Virat goes near Viren and pats him.He gets up and asks Virat,"Where did jeevika go virat?" Please tell me.
Virat-Bhai she left to rishikesh
Virat-What else can she do when her husband has no care for her
Viren-No Virat I was angry at her for telling the truth I didn't mean to hurt her
Virat-Bhai do you have any clue what bua spoke to bhabi that she was forced to utter the truth
Viren-No Virat What happened what did badi ma say?
Virat tells the whole story and viren collapses on the bed. Manvi who was at the door listening to the conversation rushes to virens side,Jiju aap theek ho?
Viren-Manvi Im sorry I promised you that Il take care of your di and keep her happy but today I failed to do so. And he starts crying.Manvi hugs Viren and says"Its okay jiju lets go to rishikesh and get di back,.Im sure she will forgive you" Viren says"Will she?" Manvi who knows her di well tell him pakka.

Viren,Virat and Manvi leave for rishikesh and swamini sits on the chair geeting angry and hurt. Dadaji asks her"Swamini beta what happened? What were you speaking about jeevika and viren? "
Swamini"Sach bauji,they lied to us,jeevika was blaming karan and accusing him for many things bauji.She said he tried to molest her and kill manvi.And this viren instead of supporting the truth he went behind that shameless girl"
Dadaji "Bas swamini beta,I know you can't accept karan doing such things but that's the truth,I have seen the video aswell.
Swamini realizes her mistake and starts crying that she hurt viren and jeevika who did so much for her.She rushes to viren's room but doesn't find them.She calls Viren but he doesn't life the call though he saw her calling.The three of them reach rishikesh. They enter the house and viren directly asks beeji "where is jeevika beeji?" Beeji says she is in her room. Viren rushes to her room followed by virat and manvi. There they see jeevika sitting in a corner eyes closed and sleeping with a photo in her hand. She brought knees close to her body and rested her head on her knees. Viren rushes to jeevikas side and wakes her up. On seeing viren she hugs him and starts crying and later she realizes what she is doing and stand up.While standing,her parent s photo which she was holding and crying falls down. Viren looks at it and feels very bad for hurting jeevika and not being there for her. He speaks"Mujhe maaf karo jeevika,I didn't know you were forced to say the truth and badi ma spoke bad things to you" he says that and starts crying,jeevika is shocked to see viren crying and hugs him tight and say "Its okay virenji I knew you were angry,its okay"
Viren doesn't listen to her and continues apologizing and after some time they become normal. Viren holds jeevika's parents photo and saya"Mujhe maaf karo mummy papa,I have hurt your daughter but I promise aaj ke baad I will never hurt her" Listening to this manvi rushes to hug viren and all three of them start crying.Virat witnessing all of that have tears in his eyes,jeevika looks at virat and goes to him and hugs him,virat hugs her back. All four of them calm each other and go outside and viren apologizes beeji and she forgives him. They take leave and return to Chandigarh.
Jeevika becomes hesitant to enter the house and viren assures her that he will not accept anyone talking against her. Both of them smile and enter the house along with virman.The moment they enter swamini rushes to jeevika nd hugs her and starts crying,jeevika little shocked hugs her back.Swamini speaks Im sorry jeevika I shouldn't have spoken such things to you,Im very sorry.Jeevika forgives swamini and so does viren.She also apologizes manvi and all of them are back together. Virika and Virman go their rooms to fresh up.Once they reach their room,viren holds jeevikas hand and says
"Jeevika if you get angry scold me beat me but please don't leave me,I love you I cant live without you" Jeevika smiles and say "No virenji,next time I will leave you only when I die" "Jeevika next time you speak that way you will find me dead""Virenji..""Kya virenji,don't speak that way,I cant live without you""I love you virenji,I knew you would come and Im sorry"Its okay"
They hug each other and the scene closes

So that's it guys,I hope atleast few of you liked it. Please do comment.As its my first OS pl give me suggestions..Thank you friends for taking time to read it..

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This was  just soo good.

Can't believe this is the first time you have written on virika.
i liked the way you showed swamini apologizing to jeevika.
she's a bitch i tell you.
awww virika's scene in the end was so good.
atleast beeji, virat and manvi supported her.
i hope someting similar happens in humbum.Smile

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awww lovely, hoprfully this will happen in the show. x


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Originally posted by ktloversera

This was just soo good.

Can't believe this is the first time you have written on virika.
i liked the way you showed swamini apologizing to jeevika.
she's a bitch i tell you.
awww virika's scene in the end was so good.
atleast beeji, virat and manvi supported her.
i hope someting similar happens in humbum.Smile

Thanks a lot. Means a lot to me..and yea I hate swamini thats why I put up this apology Smile

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Originally posted by aasma1

awww lovely, hoprfully this will happen in the show. x

Thank you...im very happy you liked it

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i didnt like it... but i luved it yr..it was fab n aweosme..i just luved  dway u expressed d emotions..wow superbb

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Originally posted by rocksravya11

i didnt like it... but i luved it yr..it was fab n aweosme..i just luved dway u expressed d emotions..wow superbb

Aww thanks a ton dear..ur first statement made me go blank..m soo happy you liked it...thnk youuu Hug
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awsome update
loved hw u portrayed virika's grief 
glad swamini apologized 2 virika n manvi...i hope this happens in show

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